On Being – Chapter V – Humanity (Part II)


Signs of Which Way Your Soul is Spinning and What To Do About It

If, without conscious effort, you are generally considerate of others, of the effect your actions might have on them, in either the commission or omission, then you are blessed with a right-wise soul-spin. If you are slow to anger and quick to please, your soul has a positive momentum; a resistance to negativity, cultivated by the steady diet of goodness which you have been feeding it over the long term. As your soul’s matrix becomes stronger, it develops greater inertial mass, and it becomes harder for an external source to reverse, or even slow, your soul’s positive, energy-generating, right-wise spin. The mind’s vigilance over itself, over the thoughts it chooses to be conscious of (and the energies associated with those thoughts), is related to its function as gatekeeper. If the mind is not committed to monitoring itself 24/7, it cannot properly perform its root function, and this creates a serious deficit for the individual in terms of their prospects for a positive life journey. The energies associated with your thoughts directly impact your soul’s quality, the health of your spirit – soul, soul body, and mind -and your physical body.

The mind is Aristotle’s Prime Mover in each of us.


Unconditional Giving

It is fairly straightforward to generalize about the way your soul is spinning. Unconditional giving is a feature of non-egoic consciousness; it benefits both the giver and receiver. The moment we add conditions, however, the ego is in command, and we put up resistance to the Divine Energy that is trying to fill the ‘space’ in our souls that our giving has created. We know the mind which operates outside of ego-space is truly conscious, truly mindful. Such mindful individuals, by nature, exemplify a service-oriented approach to life – all life. With respect to soul-spin, therefore:

Positive Soul-spin supports and is indicative of:

  • Giving without conditions
  • Receiving without conditions
  • Forgiving without conditions


Negative Soul-spin supports and is indicative of:

  • Giving with conditions
  • Receiving with conditions
  • Forgiving with conditions


Giving and receiving generate negative energy if conditional, and positive energy if unconditional. You may infer your soul’s direction of rotation and soul sheath modality from the quality and ease of your giving and receiving. The giver’s motivation for the act derives from the soul’s direction of rotation. The receiver’s response to the act is, in like manner, indicative of their soul’s direction of rotation.

The giver’s response is determined by their state of mind, and the modality of their soul; it has nothing to do with your gift. If you are giving purely for giving’s sake, and if you form no expectations as to how the gift should be accepted, then your mind and soul are weighted toward non-ego. If however, you become disappointed, perhaps even angry, because your gift is misused or unappreciated, then your soul sheath modality is biased toward ego.

Any act of giving is greatly diminished when you attach conditions on how your gift is received. No act of Love, if truly unconditional, can result in anger or disappointment, because you will have formed no egoic attachments. The functionality of the soul sheath helps protect you from forming attachments and buffers you from any egoic reaction on the receiver’s part. For that matter, the non-egoic quality of your soul-sheath will help to deflect any sort of negative energies which others might direct toward you. Your soul sheath is your shield.


Unconditional Receiving

Unconditional giving requires detachment from the outcome. Unconditional receiving requires detachment from the intent.

In the case of someone whose giving is motivated by a sense of obligation, consider only that this person has just reached out to you. Show genuine gratitude for their gift. Genuine is easy, because you have nothing in mind regarding the giver’s intent. Your genuine appreciation permits the light within you to be visible to the obligated giver. This may momentarily disarm their ego, because the outcome is far more positive than expected, and your souls may directly connect. This brief, honest interaction can be very powerful. This could be the first step in the obligated giver’s recovery of positive soul-spin – and you have played a role in this.

The Obligated Giver

When you are the obligated giver,  the sadness you feel if your gift is underappreciated,  is the drag of ego upon your soul’s rotational momentum. The “heaviness” is the sensation of your soul being slowed down; but it is also indicative that your soul is spinning positively. If your mind transitions quickly into figuring out how to get them something which would give them joy, you are doing well. The short-lived duration of your  sadness indicates your soul is spinning in the right direction; though the reaction itself is egoic.


Other Indicators of Soul Spin:

The Thoughts You Dwell Upon Are Generally Either Positive or Negative: When you do not consciously direct your thoughts, ego takes over the job for you; one for which it is as qualified as a five year-old would be to captain the Maple Leafs.


The thoughts which enter in during periods of mental passivity are indicative of your state of soul-spin. Acknowledge them; classify them as positive or negative, speculation or fact, regret (about the past) or anxiety (about the future),then direct your attention elsewhere – consciously – even if it is the simple action of your putting one foot in front of the other, in order to help you release these thoughts and the negative energies associated with them.

A thought can create an emotion; and emotions can predispose you to a certain way of thinking. Energy is the motive of life, and we provide our thoughts with ‘life’ when we hold onto them. Dwelling on sad events makes you sad; the more you think about them, the unhappier you feel. Thinking about future outcomes may make you anxious -the more you fret about outcomes, the more anxious you feel. Given this, why would you choose to engage in modes of thinking that have no basis in reality and can only cause you to feel miserable? Why would you not summarily reject such modes of thinking and replace them with the peace of the here and now?


One of the mind’s most important functions is that of a gatekeeper. If we are not actively and consciously opening and closing the gate, then we risk allowing all sorts of unwanted, unwarranted, and unproductive thinking to take us over. Whether we decide to be active or passive gatekeepers, we are responsible for the emotional and spiritual suffering that results.

…think only happy thoughts, and you’ll fly like me. – Peter Pan

Need I explain the metaphor?


Feelings of Lack

Trust this if nothing else:

When you are feeling as though you are missing something, your soul is being de-energized. To compensate, provide service to someone who both wants and needs it. While you are providing them assistance, you are not at the same time conscious of the lack you were feeling earlier. How do you feel now? Your circumstances have not changed. Only your mental focus has. See how simple it is?


Interpreting the Acts of Others:

It is not particularly fruitful to apply a subjective interpretation to a particular person or event, whether it be positive or negative. One must take care to approach every situation objectively -the objectivity afforded by non-ego. You will know that you are operating outside of ego-space when you hold no hopes or expectations –no emotions -positive or negative, with respect to what you may discover or the outcome.

Impartiality ranks first among considerations to get at the truth of something. Putting a positive interpretation on something which is in fact negative, is inappropriate and egoic, even if well-intended. One must never forget that the purpose of existence is to find our way to that state of lasting joy. Since nothing permanent can have its basis in falsehood, any time spent spin-doctoring is a total waste. Truth trumps anything that is untrue.

Whatever we aspire to be, we must always begin and end with the truth. We must never depart from it. Truth often gets in the way of ego; ego often gets in the way of the truth. Whereas non-ego is motivated by the desire to know more about this or that, and is rewarded every time by the acquisition of new knowledge, ego is motivated by the need to affirm what it ‘thinks’ it already knows.


Feelings of Fear:

“I spent most of my life worrying about things which never happened,” Mark Twain once said. There is no place for unreality in reality. All that we need do is stop worrying about things that are not real. Since no event or situation in the future can be real today, we have no business being preoccupied with them. While we are pondering personally (or globally) catastrophic future possibilities, we give them energy, and therefore, life. With enough energy applied, our fears acquire substance, in the form of emotional and physical disease. Just as ‘the lie, repeated often enough, becomes the truth,’ our fears, thought upon often enough, become our reality.


Feelings of Loss:

Sadness is an emotion associated with the past. ‘Loss’ is related to something which has already occurred in the past. Neither the past nor the future, in and of themselves, are able to offer anything substantial to us in the present. The only substance either can take on, is what we give them. If we choose to carry the past around with us, we put upon ourselves a tremendous burden; one of our own making. Would you go to the grocery store and purchase what you think you may need a year from now, in addition to your immediate needs? Why would you pay for and carry all of that extra weight, for things that will certainly be rotten and long since discarded before the time you actually need them? No one would do this. Why then, do we burden ourselves with worries about the future?

But thinking about events of the past gives them new energy as well -and new life. We feel their weight all over again. Why would we do that to ourselves? Wasn’t the pain of the original loss, and the time it took to get over it, enough for us? The extra burden of worry and regret which we oblige ourselves to work under as we struggle to make a better life for ourselves and our loved ones gets heavier as each day passes. It is ridiculous to do this, so why do we?

Whenever we focus our attention on past events, they are ‘reincarnated’ into the present. The past becomes the moment once again, but only for as long as we allow.


Consciousness is life; whatever we are conscious of, we give life to.


The tenor and intensity of a particular thought will either energize or de-energize the soul; this dependent on the type of energy and the state of the soul . Positive thoughts and positive acts energize the soul positively. Positive energy will decrease the rotational speed of the negative spinning soul and increase the rotational speed of the positive spinning soul. The end of the negatively energized soul is at worst, non-existence; at best, another opportunity to advance this soul’s progress by reincarnating it. The end of the positively-energized soul on the other hand is, ultimately….well, there really can be no end, can there?

Making Light of Someone’s Misfortune:

I was walking down Queen St. East when I came upon an accident scene. Some poor young man had walked in front of a truck, tripped while crossing, and was struck. The ambulance had already left, but a blood smear at least 2 feet long remained in front of the truck – it did not look good for the victim. As I was waiting to cross a connecting street, two teenage boys came up behind me, talking about the accident. I heard one quip “Hey we get to see some real blood.” A moment later, I heard an elderly passerby comment, “Well that’s what you get for J-walking.” I was in shock. I wondered if either of them would be thinking the same thing if this had happened to them, or to someone they cared about. Of course they would not. These people were so disconnected from the human tragedy they were witness to they could only express judgement or joke about it. Clearly, these individuals were in a condition of negative soul-spin.

Other Signs of Negative Soul Spin:

  1. You are more interested in speaking (telling others what you already know) than in listening (learning from others, thereby expanding what you know).
  2. You are given to desiring this or that specific outcome, before you have enough facts to know if it would even be good for you. Getting too serious, too quickly, about a romantic interest would be one example…


You cannot be on the negative side of things if you are not on the ego side of things. Negative soul-spin is the direct result of allowing one’s consciousness to be dominated by ego. The more you indulge your ego, the more you let it operate your mind’s gate, the more negative energy you will receive and generate, and the more miserable you will be.


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