On Being – Chapter VIII – The End of Ego’s Primacy


…and the tail no longer wags the dog.

All people have had challenges in their lives. Some of them turn out cranky and miserable, others turn out caring and loving – the sort Gordon Lightfoot is singing about in Rainy-Day People. My mother was one soul that had very little as a child – by random chance she did not experience the love that is every child’s God-given right to receive and every parent’s God-prescribed duty to provide. What she lacked as a child, she made sure her own children got, times ten. Others, having grown up in an environment similar to hers, might have turned out mean, selfish, abusive, and opportunistic. If both types can be the product of the same sort of environment, what could explain such diametric outcomes? I think you already know what I am about to say…

There are but two roads provided for you to tread in life – the egoic road or the non-egoic road. The universal dichotomy forms the basis of all existence. You must choose for yourself which path. On the non-egoic road, you will sometimes encounter potholes or steep hills; however the direction in which it is leading is toward joy.

Blessed are the poor, the long-suffering – Jesus once said.

This project began with an unassailable belief in God, humankind, and a positive outcome for humanity and God’s Creation. I had not yet figured out how all that was going to be achieved. I just knew that it would be. And so, I began to write this book, in hopes of finding a solution I could believe in. I developed the Emanations model as an aid to help explain and organize the world I live in, into something I could understand and hopefully share with others.

I began at the beginning, or rather, a beginning – describing the origins of our universe, our planet, and of ourselves. I did this to establish context. I wanted to ask questions and explore possible solutions. Finally, I wanted to be able to propose solutions to some of our most pressing social problems.

What I ended up with was a great surprise – I had acquired a profound awareness of the interconnectedness of all things – that the fate, or rather, the direction of God, the universe, and of humankind, are one and the same. The future path of humankind, will be determined, in part or in whole, by us; by virtue of free will. The future is truly in our hands.

Karma describes a universal communications and delivery system which is, conceptually, very similar to the human circulatory system; except that it is energy making the rounds, rather than blood cells and plasma. This energy is called Chi, and this is the lifeblood of the universe. Humankind must recognize that any expression of negativity is returned in like measure and that the only viable operative strategy, on the individual and collective levels, is to think and act in a way that will engender positive energies: Love, Goodwill, Honesty, Trust, Tolerance – that sort of thing. We must learn to appreciate that the cumulative effect of the energy exchanges among and between humans and their world, shapes the world, and by extension, the universe.

We stand at the threshold of the Aquarian Age. The “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” is contemporary with the Advent of God’s Kingdom. What will determine the timing of either event will not be God per se; rather, it will be us. The Advent will occur when we are generating enough positive energy so as to neutralize the accumulation of negative energies in our world. We will have set aside all destructive modes of behaviour – even those in response to the negativity of others – when we no longer permit ego-consciousness to frame our thoughts, actions, and connections to the world – and to each other.

The choice confronting humans is not whether to do good or evil, but whether to remain beholden to ego, or to be free from it.


God’s Kingdom on Earth

Everything which is, is of God. Jesus is part of God; no less so, Mohammed. When either of these great souls spoke the truth, they were proceeding from a state of reconciliation with the Christ, permitting the Christ to communicate through them, to us. Jesus and Mohammed may have existed as spiritual entities in their Holy Triad forms before they were born into the 3rd Emanation world – I do not know; neither is it really all that important. What is important, is that  they were here. The Christ-Spirit I am referring to, however, has always existed.

The extraordinary capacity for courage and love which these individuals cultivated toward others is a definitive attribute of leadership; whether it be Jesus, Mohamed, Gandhi, or Lennon, or others of like “soul-stature,” I am confident they will appear, with the Advent of God’s Kingdom, simultaneously at the pinnacle (providing leadership) and base (providing service), of the kingdom hierarchy. God’s Kingdom will not be ruled by Christians (because they follow Jesus), or by Jews (because the Jewish God told Abraham his offspring would be the rulers of many nations), or by Muslims, because Mohammed was the “last prophet of God”, or by Hindus, because Gandhi was Hindu. For these great Souls, it will be business as usual; they will continue to lead by example. They will not sit on thrones and lord it over all Creation, for all eternity– that would be the ego’s interpretation. Such leaders do not see themselves as “lords;” but rather, servants and stewards. Has what we know about their lives not sufficed to make this plain to us?

The true Masters are those who Serve.

Jesus was killed at the behest of his own people even though the Romans pulled the trigger. He must have felt great shame ever since then, over the actions of churches, sovereigns, and rank-in-file adherents who oppressed, murdered, lied, and did violence in his name. Jesus only preached “turn the other cheek.” He took what he preached so seriously that he silently endured the cruelest abuse without hitting back. He stood toe-to-toe with Satan, who threw everything he had at Jesus – still, Jesus stood his ground and did not back down. He had so fully incorporated non-egoic consciousness into his nature, that he spent his last breaths asking God to forgive the very people who were hurting him. Jesus is a great soul; however this was not the only reason he asked God to forgive them. I believe he recognized that anyone capable of wanting him crucified and ridiculed was in hell already and not likely to emerge from it without Divine Intervention.

Although Good trumps evil, neither can ever completely annihilate the other. God’s Kingdom on Earth may be expected to show a little bad together with all that Good. Science will attest that disparity and potential are what keeps things moving. It is important to reduce disparities, say, the gap between rich and poor, as much as possible; however uniformity, even uniform Goodness, is an egoic aspiration and would result in the utter dissolution of Creation. Whichever spiritual/consciousness mode is predominant in the universe, its opposite serves to keep things glued together, and to keep things evolving. Yin and Yang describes that existential process which prevents the universe from ending in random-scatter and permits the universe to renew Itself with another Big Bang.

We need not be perfect, nor can we, nor would we want to be; in this world, or any other. There is only stasis in perfection; which, among individuals, means never being “out of character,” and among groups, means “everyone the same.” Life is the process of evolving toward perfection, on the one hand, while resisting uniformity, on the other.

Life is really about “living;” there is no goal or final outcome; only ego “thinks” there needs to be; the rest of you is happy to just be.

In God’s Kingdom we will have put away our weapons along with our mutual mistrust. We will have turned away from hoarding our wealth and resources, so that others around the World and in our own communities might escape poverty and have viable opportunities to improve their circumstances, and those of their children. In God’s Kingdom we will no longer engage in activities that endanger the viability of future generations.

We have framed our world in ego since the very beginning of organized societies – after we left the Garden – and it should be clear to us, after the passage of so many millennia, that the egoic approach simply isn’t working.

We have, after all, one choice remaining. How will we choose?

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