Mr. Trump would lift sanctions imposed by the U.S. against Russia; a state that has now subverted his own nation’s most sacred institution- democracy. Most sacred because  it speaks to the American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; these values being at the heart and soul of their nation’s founding principles. Without free will, and the freedom to choose representatives in government, American citizens will have little influence with respect to the character their nation and home is assuming -the American ideals are lost. Apparently, Mr. Trump values business with Russia more than his country’s soul.

I understand that in Canada, job application background checks may include not only candidates’ record of criminal behavior for which they have been found guilty, but also of suspicion of criminal behavior – for which they have not even been charged, let alone tried and convicted. Is it the same way in the U.S.?

The individual now poised to be the American peoples’ next president has  a history  of morally base behavior which, if he were subject to the same process as the job applicant, would have kept him from getting a job on the nightshift crew at Walmart. How is it he even got into the running to be president? There is an alarming disconnect here which seems to happen when the aspirations of  free people (represented in the personality and vision of Obama) collide with unbridled ego and the pursuit of money and power, for their own sake (represented in Trump). In Mr. Trump’s vision, the nation becomes a business; but at least half of its citizens will end up members of society’s labour pool of the unemployed and working-poor. This class of people, in the sort of nation imagined by Trump and the like, will receive attention if and when needed to do work.When they aren’t needed, they will be ignored in the looming trumpian ‘utopia.’

But let’s end on a positive note:

God bless Barak Obama. God help the American people, when he is gone.

Bonus Pop Quiz:

What is “You’re fired!” going to mean, directed at Mexicans, Muslims, the poor, and every country/initiative receiving foreign aid from the U.S., whose citizens need help but whose nations do not offer enough profit-making potential for the denizens of the trumpian tea-party and like-minded global players?

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