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Jesus is quoted in an ancient gnostic text as saying: Recognize what is before you, and what is hidden from you will be revealed to you; for there is nothing hidden that will not be made manifest.[i]

But in order to recognize what is in front of you, you must be free of what is ‘inside’ of you; the things which are filtering and colourizing everything you see, feel, hear or intuit.

  1. The challenge each and every one of us must overcome is with our own ego – NOT with the egos of others. Said another way: it is not the behavior of others, but rather our reaction to the behavior of others which is our life-challenge. Each of us has our hands full keeping ego at bay; leave the management of other egos to the others – besides, when you try to brow-beat others into your way thinking, you only entrench them further into their own way of thinking, and you are wasting your time. Ask any parent of teenagers. Ask any teenager of parents.
  2. The spiritual hurdles blocking progress along the road every soul travels are ego’s.
  3. The trick is to maintain your mental focus on what is going on around you, right now. You are materially and metaphysically in the moment – how about your mind being there as well? How you are feeling at any given moment reflects your mind’s focus at, or at least up to, that moment. Your general state of mind is the cumulative fruit of your mind’s focus. Managing your focus is done by the mind’s gatekeeper, and is its most critical responsibility. It speaks directly to both quantity and quality of the opportunities gained or missed as we navigate through our life journeys. The gatekeeper is the I AM. The I AM is you.
  4. You won’t react, if there is nothing going on to react to, and you can only react to what happens -what goes on -in only one of two places:
    • Outside your head – where the real action is, or
    • Inside your head – where the real action is not. The area between the ears rather functions as a ‘catch-basin’ for our active thinking (under the auspices of the gatekeeper), combined with our passive/random thinking (the gatekeeper is sleeping during these times, I think J). All of our awareness is comprised in part of what originates from the outside – the objective component – and in part originating from the inside – the subjective component.
  5. What originates from the inside are your reactions to:
    • What has already happened
    • What has not yet happened (and might never!)
  6. Your interpretations of, and reactions to, what is happening now are shaped through the lens of your past experience.
      1. The more you focus on what is going on inside your head, the less you can focus on what is occurring outside your head. The less present you are.
      2. The less present you are, the more of what you observe on the outside becomes coloured by the past. Increasingly, the world around you will simply reflect what is going on between your own ears. The further away from the truth you will be even as you feel you are getting closer. The ‘crazier’ you will seem to others. Read the Little Prince.
  7. The ego cannot create, at least, not directly; it can only react. In a backhanded sort of way, this could be misconstrued as creating; but because its output is reactive, its creations owe their entire existence to something else; something that the ego did not have a hand in creating. The ‘creations’ of the ego lack substance because they are reactions.
  8. Our feelings are reflections. Everything we are able to see is also a reflection.




Fallun dafa is based upon three principles:

  1. Truth
  2. Compassion
  3. Forbearance

Prerequisite to the successful application of all three is balancing between the objective and the subjective, the non-ego and the ego.

We have all experienced situations where our feelings were quite misguided. After a good night’s rest, we discovered things were feeling entirely different in the a.m. Plus, when you are not listening to the constant chatter emanating from your ego, you hear everything else going on.

It bears repeating,

Recognize what is before you, and what is hidden from you will be revealed to you; for there is nothing hidden that will not be made manifest, and 

paraphrasing a line from the prayer of St. Francis:

Seek to understand others, rather than to be understood.



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