The Alt-Right


If the ancestors of the ALT-Right people had met with a similar welcome to that which they are prepared to offer new arrivals, then Canada would be coast-to-coast Aboriginal, as would the U.S.A. and Mexico; as well as Central and South America, right on down to the tip of Patagonia. The Jews would have been barred from entering Canaan by the Canaanites (and several other *.ites J). Sapiens, with all of its colours, cultures and convictions, might have remained crammed into the fertile deltas of the Tigris-Euphrates and the Indus, and the world would look a whole lot different than it does today.

But it did not turn out that way. Instead, adventurous humans, each of them, à la Abram-and-the-Gang-out-of-Ur, struck off in search of a better life for themselves, to wit: to live without want of the basic necessities of Life. Of course, none of them saw what they were doing as ‘evil.’ Most of them hadn’t a thought or care as to how their setting up shop in a new place was going to affect the species for whom that place was already home; how their search for a better life put them in direct competition with the indigenous peoples/species who were naturally just as motivated to live without want for the basic necessities as the newcomers were, and would protect their territory with as much enthusiasm as the newcomers meant to make it theirs….and so things usually came down to ‘the survival of the fittest.’

The processes of expansion and home-building are part of the fabric of Life -ongoing since the very beginning. All living things are driven BY THEIR NATURE to satisfy Life’s basic requirements for food, shelter, and security – these provisions being the defining attributes of ‘home,’ regardless of which species builds it.

Now, invariably, the eternal search results in one species coming into direct conflict with at least one other species, or, in the case of us humans, with all other species, and even with one another.

When there are no new frontiers, as is the case today, the impetus to expand is met with a wall beyond which society cannot draw material sustenance, and so, it is forced to turn inward upon itself. Like the human body, the social unit begins to consume itself. When we are talking about human societies, this is only possible when the society has already fractionated into ‘us’ and ‘them’ – ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots.’ Otherwise, those who   have extra would redeploy it in order to address the social dysfunction which the polarizing of wealth always precipitates – the way ants in the ant hill would, without ever having to think about it.

Societies tend to fractionate along the dimensions of homebuilding – food, shelter, and security – since we are programmed, first and foremost, to be about building homes for ourselves. All species in Nature are programmed to behave the same way. Even the fetus in the womb follows this principle, attempting to exit via the birth canal when it runs out of room, to continue building itself (growing) elsewhere – if given the opportunity.

Once the economy fails to provide returns on a level to which the strong of society are accustomed, this demographic will look to the weak within their societies for ‘growth’ opportunities. Given that what a region provides is in its measure finite per unit of time, the expansion of the slice available to one group implies a commensurate reduction in what remains to be shared among all of the other groups.

Bad enough, but it gets worse: what accompanies and compounds the effect of a skewed wealth distribution is the skewing of opportunity in the same direction. Worse still:

It is natural process.

The skewing of opportunity to generate wealth will eventually concretize Canada into a bifurcated society of haves and have-nots -with very nearly all of the wealth concentrated among the haves. This will happen each and every time a society runs out of ‘greenfield’ expansion opportunities, because it is natural process.

Given that wealth is society’s lifeblood, it must flow without impediment or disruption. We know what happens to our bodies if the flow of blood becomes disrupted, sporadic, or if blood is allowed to pool anywhere, leaving other areas of the body bloodless. Neither the pooling of blood or of wealth can be interpreted as immoral; but the pooling of wealth is certain to result in society’s collapse, as surely as the individual whose blood inventory is largely in their head is bound to collapse.

Canadians might be forgiven for wondering if Canada’s best days are behind; if that is true, it is not because of immigration. It is due to the pervasiveness of self-interest in today’s society. When we identify a political shift to the left or to the right, we really mean society’s spiritual shift toward or away from self-interest, among its members and with respect to other nations.

The social model we pursue is based upon the belief that the values of the ‘left’ or the ‘right’ will create a better life and a stronger, safer, more viable society. Up to a point, both are true; however  any social model predicated upon self-interest is bound to crash once material scarcity manifests – and the ‘turning inward’ begins.

Because the impetus to search for food, shelter, and safety has its origins in the core makeup of all species, these things must be satisfied before human individual and social fulfillment may be substantively realized. No society with a skewed wealth distribution can provide any of these at the necessary level to all of its demographic strata. The more society’s wealth is skewed, the greater grows the hunger to expand – but it manifests among those with the economic wherewithal to expand. This is no longer describable as ‘expansion’ from the social perspective; it is consumption.’ The more it consumes itself, the deeper and more prevalent the lines of fractionation become, and the nearer the society is to collapse. The greater the tragedy -Canada is to me the front runner in becoming the world’s first truly multicultural society. And that is modelling a wonderful future for the world. 150 years ago, a seed was planted.

The rise of the Alt-Right is a warning to all of us that the societies in which these movements exist could well be into decline. Immigration is identified by Alt-Right people as being partly the cause of their current malaise – it isn’t, and treating it as if it were is only going to compound the processes contributing to the dissolution of good society. They blame immigration because, wherever the Alt-Right is acquiring traction, the ruling class has already so skewed the distribution of national wealth that there are few opportunities left for citizens of the labour-class to replace or expand their income, and the loss of even one of those opportunities to an immigrant, since there are so few, becomes amplified exponentially.

It is each nation’s ruling class who are ultimately responsible; but perhaps they aren’t aware just how: in their search for cheaper labour, they discredit the real advantages of immigration by using it to exert downward pressure upon every labour-class Canadian’s expectations with respect to pay and working conditions. There is less money to pay out in wages, as the emphasis in the division of national income shifts further towards investment returns. This happens when GDP growth is lower than returns on investment for a protracted period of time –Thomas Piketty explains the process. These days, the ideal prospective employee is someone prepared to: work more hours for less money and for little or no benefits, tolerate poor working conditions and perhaps even long term toxic exposure -and already trained to boot!

Immigrants, for their part, are true to human nature in emigrating from a place where there is no opportunity for their families, to a place where they think that there is. This is what brought every single one of our ancestors here. It is a bona fide Canadian tradition. Immigration and the welcoming of newcomers is part of the Canadian fibre –all Canadians have benefited from it, because, save for the Aboriginals, no one else calling Canada ‘home’ can say they were the first to arrive here. According to the Webster’s definition, then, save for our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, we Canadians are all immigrants.

The world’s immigrants are being bamboozled just like Alt-Right people are, by their own ruling classes. The ruling class of the source nation obliges their citizens to emigrate by allowing the existence of untenable conditions for them at home; the ruling class of the receiving nation obliges their citizens to be happy with less, by hiring workers from outside and putting domestic and foreign workers in direct competition for too few jobs.

It is natural for anyone to be resentful of the situation, but we must be careful where we place the blame -if we do not properly identify the root causes, we cannot fix the problem, we can only toss a covering layer of dirt over it. The problem is not immigration, it’s how wealth is distributed within and among nations.




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