Of Black holes and of Ego


Black holes are very dense celestial phenomena – so dense, in fact, that the gravity emanating from them is strong enough to keep even light from escaping, hence their ‘colour.’ I do not know what the culmination of the evolution of black holes will look like, but I liken the process to that of the growing ‘Emptiness’ that was threatening to swallow up all of Fantasia.[i] I imagine the evolution of black holes to be something like that, with respect to galaxies and universes.

A universal operative of creation is the fractionation/conversion of light into its component mass and motive force. By way of example: the leaves on a tree use the sun’s light to make sugars and ATP (adenosine triphosphate – ‘cell fuel’). Within the context of the Krebs-cycle and the electron transport chain, they produce oxygen as a by-product, while they consume Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The production of sugars, ATP and oxygen, together with the regulation of CO2 levels, supports and sustains virtually every form of life on Earth.

Unlike trees, which behave according to their natural programming with respect to this universal operative of creation, we humans were given the choice to act in accordance with Nature, or in accordance with our urges. Trees are, in my book, Mother Nature’s analog to the tarot Magician, the archetype to which the likes of Jesus (PBUH), Mohamed (PBUH), and Gandhi (I wish him peace also J) belong, because they received the light of the Word, and converted that light into god’s/the universe’s communication to their respective peoples and times.

The aforementioned personalities each chose to be open to and receive the light of creation, and then to create something with it for others; however, many humans have chosen to do the exact opposite with respect to the universal creative operative. In these cases, we use the light of creation to suit our ourselves. We work to eat better and become richer, own a bigger house – or two or three- take more vacations to exotic places, wear a more expensive pair of underwear, own a more comfortable way to get from A to B, spend more time enjoying life’s perks and less time working for them, yada-yada.

In high school or university physics, we learned about the wave-particle theory of light. Light is both material (light’s particle quality) and energy (light’s wave quality). The non-ego conscious, socio-centric person receives the light of the Sun. Motivated by love, they separate the light into a kind of love – the ‘wave’ quality – and its material expression –the ‘particle’ quality. That person’s reception of the light does not entail the end or denaturing of the light received. Anything but. What they are creating with it feeds into the creative processes of other souls. Operating in this way, all things are sustained by their integration within the whole. It is the perfect setup.

Conversely, the ego-centric, ego-bound person, receives the light of the Sun, and it is perhaps the last any other living soul will see of it. Ego-bound souls, à la black holes, receive the light of creation from the Sun and through other souls the same way non-egoic souls do; but they take what they can from it to satisfy their own personal needs. Even when they’ve taken more than they have any possible use for, they rather either let sit idle, or destroy it, than share it with others who have nothing of value to exchange. Do you know of a single animal species, save for us humans, who has ever destroyed what is left of what they could not eat so that no one else could eat it?

There is no way for the light of the ego-bound to re-emerge, even in modified form, because the love which makes that possible  is being neutralized as a motive force by their ego. It was this love that made it possible for us to be receiving light in the first place. Black holes, the ego-bound soul – both of them keep to themselves the light of creation –effectively removing it  from the universal inventory.[iii] They grow larger- rendering an ever-widening area incapable of modifying and transmitting the light of creation.

How will the Universe, the body of god, evolve in the future?  Will black holes continue to expand, taking up an ever-increasing share of the universe? Never mind black-holes…will we humans continue to expand, taking up an ever-increasing share of the Earth Mother as we leave less and less for all other species? Can ANYONE, even the ego-bound, not know how that narrative is going to end?



[i] If these terms don’t mean anything to you, you likely haven’t seen Never Ending Story II. It’s a great family movie with a meaningful message. Check it out.

[ii] I base this on my sorry recollection of what my I think my high school physics teacher, Mr. Quinn, taught us on the wave-particle theory of light…J

[iii] A reference to the laws of conservation of mass and of energy.

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