On Government, Community, and Family


Government is not a substitute for family and community. Government is doing a terrible job of being mom and dad to the children (daycare – taking children out of their home nest way too early in life, and neutering parents as disciplinarians, etc.). Children, these days, are being conditioned to be individualist, weak as parents, subservient to social regulations -which would be all right if the government loved you the way your parents do by nature and would fully manifest if they weren’t so busy keeping up with the rent. [This observation is particularly true among the lower socio-economic demographic]. But governments don’t love you the way your parents would. How can they? They are responsible for managing the state. Parents and children, from the governing perspective, are elements of the state; elements of socio-economic processes. ‘Elements’ are not loveable; children are. Governments cannot love you  the way your parents love you; or the way you love your parents.

This is because of the relation. Let’s talk once again of trees. J Each new sprig that springs from the family tree is special to the branch from which it springs and there exists locally a special relationship in which the parent node channels all that it possibly can of its resources to the child nodes, so that the child nodes produce leaves vibrant and green. [That is why, as you get older, you require less in order to be satisfied, even as you possess the means to acquire more]. The child is happily receiving, the parent is happily giving, the tree is happy with all of the giving and receiving– all because they are fulfilling Nature’s programming –their natural programming – without having to struggle; the tree, representing our family unit, our community, society, nation or world, is growing tall and true. All of this is natural process.

What we have going on nowadays is patently unnatural. Modern parents’ time and energy is largely consumed at the workplace. Their children are packaged off to daycare before the workday starts, at a time when we as children were still snug in our beds; then picked-up, after their workday ends. Then comes supper, homework, baths, bedtime stories. Do it all over again, day after day.

Where, in the above scenario, is the socialization proper to all children for them to grow gracefully into the bricks comprising the next generation of Canadian society? Our children are tied together and marched along the street for outings, they are kept cloistered and growing up in constant fear of strangers and are being reminded that if you don’t know someone, you should fear them. Fear them. In some cases, sadly, this is true; however to visit this attitude upon our children toward strangers, who, second to being human beings just like everyone else, are Canadian citizens just like everyone who calls Canada ‘home,’ is in effect cultivating in our children a patently antisocial attitude.

You cannot trust someone until you get to know them? How many of us 35 million Canadians do you personally know? And of the ones you know, how well can you trust them, given the modern phenomenon of sick people venting at the world by murdering their families or blowing up malls and commuter trains?

Paranoia directed at your fellow community members is a dubious state of mind and not conducive to social cohesion. Not only that, but when you paint everybody with the same brush, you will likely miss some obvious clues highlighting someone that you should fear; such as that creep who has just been caught here in Toronto. Given  that the ways and means of inundating us with fear-conducive news bites are now ubiquitous, I am given to wondering  if we are not witnessing the culmination of some lunatic brand of social engineering? Very likely our chosen model of social control has been in the making for a very long time. From this we are obliged to conclude that the societies of the human race have produced one heck of a lot of idiots for leaders. It seems today, moreover, that our leaders are not afraid to show their ego. In watching and listening to them, one can only conclude that they are insane (the more you fall into ego, the more insane you become, since ego and consciousness of it is confined to the space between your ears and is not couched in the objectivity beyond your ears – but do not worry:

it appears, if the history of sapiens is any indication, that our own species of human has been equipped with a lot of space in that exact area – and it may be impossible to run out of.

To allow yourself to believe that paranoia and social division represent socially legitimate options for the promotion of social cohesion is plain nuts. We are citizens, aka the building blocks of our nation’s societies. Not a single brick will remain strong if it is continually being chipped away at – eroded by – its neighbouring bricks. Not a single brick can  start out strong if it is not setting under the most propitious of conditions.

[Aside]: Can you imagine the leaves on the maple tree in your front yard repulsive of one another, going out of their way to run interference with one another’s business, or hoarding nutritive compounds so that they can grow greener, even during the leaner times when they deny sufficiency to the neighbouring leaves and watch them turn brown and shrivel? Why the entire maple tree would wither, brown, and then disintegrate. Do you suppose our Canadian society is going to evolve any differently, given the way government has crept into areas wherein it is ill-equipped to operate; where it is actually deepening the fractures it claims to be fixing?

Years ago, for example, our Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said that the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. With the Pride movement, the business of the nation’s bedrooms is now on ‘Main street.’ It is proper societies do not persecute same-sex couples; all personal relationships are PERSONAL J. All remain the purview of the respective individuals and god, and no one else has anything useful to say about it. In my opinion, all displays of sexuality (apart from a kiss or holding hands, say, since these are expressions of affection) should remain in the bedroom. Who the heck wants to watch two people attempting to gobble each other anyways? J Who the heck feels their sexuality is their most defining feature and something for which they need acknowledgement from others, as if it were their business too? I have news for those types if there are any: you will end up spending 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of your life thinking about and doing everything else but sex, so how can you even suppose sex is what defines you? Sex is pleasant; but it is that way to keep us doing it at a certain stage in our lives, in order to keep our species going. It is important only for a short while during our life-journeys; after that it is a distraction from what we should be properly occupied with; a deflection from our life path. It has no other effect.

[another aside:] High-schoolers ride the ttc for free. It is wonderful that our municipal government is chipping in on getting kids back and forth to school. But kids at that age are full of life and not at all tired from being in school all day. They are oftentimes loud and swearing a blue streak. If it were only them on the bus, fine. But it isn’t only them. There are young moms with their toddlers sitting at the front of the bus, and you can bet the toddlers are soaking up everything that’s emanating from the back. That’s wrong. But I have not seen a single bus driver, ttc sign, or for that matter, fellow passenger – anything or anyone -reminding people to have proper respect for their fellow passengers. Instead, we have signs advertising the new ttc app which allows you to surreptitiously film and record other passengers without their knowledge. Despite the raison d’être of this app, trust me, it will also result in the ‘virtual framing’ of innocent passengers, given the preponderance of paranoia in these days.

All of this points to rents in our social fabric, which will worsen and result in the utter collapse of Canadian society and what it stands for (at least, what I grew up believing it stands for, thanks to Lester and Pierre; the latter just happening to be the dad of our current PM J).

And here the discussion points back to the original issue: the entrenchment of divisions along every dimension by which one Canadian citizen may be differentiated from another: children v. adults, women v. men, immigrants v. non-immigrants, gays v. straights, every non-white skinned ethnic group (save for our First Nations People, who were here first but are treated as being last) Canadian v. white-Canadians, millennials v. gen X or whatever !!! J

– true, we are, à la snowflakes, not identical; but, à la snowflakes, we are significantly more alike than different, or the white stuff would not all be snowflakes and we would not all be humans. It is that we allow ourselves to focus on our differences while we ignore our commonality – which snowflakes don’t ignore, if you catch my drift.

It is easy to see how we have come to be so divided, even at the very time where the lines of division, with respect to our own species, the species we share the Earth with – and to Mother Earth herself – are morphing from petty callousness on humanity’s part into the most immediate threat to our existence.

It appears that the ruling classes of the world have ascribed to the fear-based model of social control – in ancient times, the fear of god and the devil; in modern times, the fear of one another and some foreign dictator or other – backed up by scarcity of opportunity of means; in order to keep the citizen occupied and in line…to keep the blocks of society from uniting when necessary -whenever society’s leaders have failed to keep their society on the rails; and society needs to find its soul and direction once again.


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