High Etiquette


Come October 2018, it will be legal to smoke pot; it is very important that pot smokers don’t forget there all kinds of other folks with them out there—on the street and in the parks—among them children and other folks, the majority of whom, btw, do not smoke anything at all.

I for one would not smoke pot, cigarettes, cigars, or even fire up my BBQ anywhere in public unless in a spot specifically set aside for those purposes. I would also take pains to keep neighbours from having to smell it—just for the sake of being a good neighbour. There is no need to politicize the issue—just be ourselves; be Canconsideradian, eh? As for neighbours, it might be that it is very difficult for them to come to you and say anything about your smoking because they worry about how a complaint might be received. Above all else, most folks want to be good neighbours and they don’t want to jeopardize that. They want the kids to play together and have sleepovers while the adults play cribbage on Friday nights. We need to remember to be thoughtful and to watch where we set ourselves up to smoke; that it doesn’t make a beeline right up someone’s nostrils.

You could close your windows and smoke everything inside; but in a place ‘atmospherically isolated’ from the rest of your living quarters; particularly if you have kids. You might use a couple of electrostatic air cleaners with filters you can wash?

We shouldn’t have to legislate or regulate respect for other folks; I consider it to be something that, no matter what you are smoking, belongs within the purview of common courtesy – the courtesy of the commons—if you will.

The legislation of recreational use marijuana is a Trudeau government initiative—and you can bet your bottom dollar that Trudeau’s political opponents are ready to lap up and amplify to their ionization potential every little incident involving marijuana –post-legislation.

It is not just a matter of proper etiquette; every time you blow smoke in someone’s face or force them to pass through a cloud or make them smell pot or any other smoking material while they saunter along Queen Street or grab the chance to enjoy a good novel while their baby naps in the fresh air, you may be giving those folks the one thing they need, to be convinced to vote against the Trudeau government and against all of the good things coming from that side—the Child Tax Benefit increase, for example.

For certain you will be providing the Conservative machinery with little firecrackers which they will turn into A-bombs. Let’s face it, that’s pretty much the extent of their ‘industry’ potential. They know how to lower taxes for business and wealthier individuals, which is nice; but everything else they manage to screw up.

Bad manners could take down this government. Who’d have thought? In the past, no one. In the present, me at least J.

You don’t have to care about the Liberals; but that is no license to be rude to your fellow Canadians, so at least be considerate of others if you smoke anything. You might also want to put in your pipe that it was not the NDP (who would have decriminalized it, leaving you with the spectre of buying the happy herb on the street) or the Conservatives (who would have put you in jail) who have given pot smokers the opportunity for the first time in our nation’s history, to not be criminals J. YAY!

And if you care that the Liberals have formed a plan to promote 2 million plus Canadians out of poverty, remember that your bad manners could translate into the loss of that opportunity for those 2 million Canadians; among them, children, if legal pot use becomes the issue that brings down this government in 2019.

That loss of opportunity will translate into further stress upon legal, medical and other services; rather than provide our nation with the opportunity those 2 million folks represent as contributors to the common weal, by virtue of the social contract.

We would incur a minus instead of a plus—that is what we’ll get should Canadians return the Cons to power, and with those people, that’s just the tip of the iceberg—but do not worry, the things they forget to mention during the run up to the election would have spoiled  our angst and ruined the catharsis of casting our vote against having to smell ‘Trudeau’s pot smokers.’

With the mcons in power, Canada will be a country like it has never been before. It is going to become more and more divided within itself like never before. There is going to be more misery, anxiety, mental illness and crime—extreme crime—than ever before.

We are entering a period where we need to make a decision. The recent surge of populism is simply a political strategy of the movement conservatives, the culmination of nearly a century of their playing the long-game. It is also a last desperate attempt by proponents of a socioeconomic model which is based upon greed, pure and simple; a movement that is globalizing and, given its reach, I believe will result in catastrophic social (and environmental) collapse and misery beyond the scope  of human experience within a generation or maybe two.

All this can be avoided. It’s up to us. It is accomplished one person at a time, one day at a time, one kindness at a time, one considerate and respectful act at a time. And we need to decide between two visions of Canada: the one wherein every Canadian is included, because every Canadian, Canada sorely needs; or the one wherein there exists two groups of Canadians, with a gulf of opportunity existing between them.

The choice is still ours.

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