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20 September 2019

The debate surrounding Justin Trudeau’s brown-facing as a 29-year-old continues on CBC news channel. This is a non-issue but for the politicians and media, but naturally, what they report on acquires substance in the minds of readers. Now, at least, CBC is reporting on the attitudes of folks who were actually at the gala where Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin. None of them were upset at the time, and had not thought it an issue today, until the media and opposing politicians brought it up.

Apparently, the PM is not the first to be tasked over this. Our favourite family theatre company, Disney, was also recently challenged over brown-facing Aladdin and other characters. They did not find it necessary to apologize. You can read about that right here:

This is all ‘much ado about nothing,’ to quote the great English bard.

It appears necessary to remind the media and politicians, and everyone else, that ‘white’ folks are people of colour too. Moreover, there is not a single human living today whose ancestors were not at some time brown/black in skin tone. It is a matter of adaptation to the environment that folks live in, which is responsible for the variation in skin tone among us. That’s it. OUR OUTWARD APPEARANCE is only a matter of the epidermal response to the environment we live in over a very long time. We are all of one family. The same family. Period.

With respect to migration and immigration: But for the Indigenous, who came to Canada first, there are none living here today who are not immigrants or descended from immigrants. I do not recall ever having heard any of the Indigenous folks telling others to get out or stay out of Canada. They were here first and still they do not lower themselves to the level that some of us are doing these days. The Indigenous continue to respect peoples’ right to make a living for themselves in safety and optimism for the future of their families.

Let the dialogue be around that. Let’s learn from the spirit our Indigenous brothers and sisters have been blessed with.

19 September 2019

An article today on CBC: the PM appeared in brown face costume for a gala event as a young person. The article quotes the PM as being ‘deeply sorry’ for doing a ‘racist’ thing. Another article on the same page asks, ‘Who is the real Trudeau?’ putting the PM’s entire character to the question on the basis of how he chose to dress for a costume gala, at a time when the costume was offensive to no one.

Really. We are now going so far back into a person’s history to throw dirt on them, the expectation we voters and the media have of our leaders is that to be a leader, one must be, à la Jesus, of divine birth—for how else can a would-be leader, as a child, young adult, or even a 30-something young person, existing on the lee of life experience, be expected to anticipate the permutations of everything they say and do at an earlier time, for all time? They do not even think like adults yet. How can they be expected to behave like adults, or Prime Ministerial? Come on, man!

That is what parents, friends, and teachers are for: to assist the children in growing up tall and true. They cannot do this on their own, anymore than a tomato plant can. They both require support, as they mature, in order to produce their particular fruits.

The way things are going, we will soon be holding our leaders accountable if it is discovered that, as children, they messed their pants after graduating from toilet-training; that is, if the media gets a whiff of it . The PM is sorry for messing his pants in Kindergarten—when someone decides to pen an article with this headline, I am done with MSN; likely also with the National Post, the Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail—all just as likely to produce an article with a comparable smell to it, only the subject could be one of the PM’s rivals, depending on the reporter’s political inclination…

If it affects the PM’s standing in the polls, I am done with Canadian politics.

I wonder if JWR ever pulled the wings off of a housefly when she was a kid, just to watch it flounder? If she did, woe unto her and her chances of being re-elected in 2019 if any media folks get a hold of that piece of news.

In the right newspaper, her version and role with respect to SNC-Lavalin would be called into question and utterly discredited, if she actually had pulled the wings off of a fly; all the more if she had messed and then tried to cover it up before mom saw! When she was 4 or 5, she likely would not have thought of how her decisions could impact her chances of re-election. And why not? Furthermore, why isn’t the PM responding to her in kind?

Before any media folks decide to stoop to this kind of reporting, they would do well to answer the last question, first.

I am thinking that the PM has better sense than to treat people like that.

That’s why he is Prime Minister, Stephen Harper no longer is, and Andrew Scheer should not be.

Something of arguably greater significance to Canadians and the World than Trudeau’s ‘brown face’: Pompeo Inadvertently Admitted the Iran crisis is a ‘direct result’ of Trump’s Actions

Really? Wasn’t that the point all along? Since the election of Trump in the U.S. and the dismissal of Harper by Canadian voters, I had oftentimes remarked over developments on the global scene that right-wing elements on our side (aka the war hawks we all learn about in high school history class) appeared to be provoking war with Iran. Trump’s withdrawal from the JPOAC followed so hard upon his election that I wonder if he skipped a washroom visit in order to sign off to cancel the agreement, such was his enthusiasm. His justification for doing so supports the possibility: he shows himself to be full of poo up to his eyeballs , and the other signatories would all agree. The expectation that this would encourage Iran to come back to the table and negotiate a worse deal for themselves—a deal they forged with Obama et al. is bogus, but that is exactly what Secretary of State Pompeo is saying today. Come on, man!

Then there’s Canada’s erstwhile PM, Stephen Harper. He had signed off on a full page ad in the New York Times proclaiming support for Trump’s decision to unilaterally withdraw from JPOAC. Harper’s Foreign Affairs bulldog Baird is also a signatory.

And so the world verges on war. It might begin with the U.S. and Iran, but it will not end there. You can bet, given the ascendancy of China, the bitterness of Russia, and another hawkish Republican in the Oval Office, that all of the bruhaha will soon morph into global conflict. The thing that is keeping the world from outright conflict is public support for such a war.

And the public may not. After all, it is the young people of nations that are maimed and killed in wars; not the finely attired war hawks on the right who start them.

17 September 2019

The headline on today’s webpage (Narcity article) reads: Canadians Canadians Are Arguing Whether Justin Trudeau Is “Creepy” After Bianca Andreescu’s Rally[i]

The substance of this article hardly recommends it for comment. If adult Canadians (media and voters) presume in a such a manner, which is both base and baseless, to judge our public servants and their roles in high office, why then, shame on us adults…

The fact that anyone would think it good to publish this material, and that some readers actually take the material seriously, is revealing of the mindset of writer and reader. The reality holds little value for them: they know what they would like to write or read about; imagine it, and then pass it off or accept it as news. They do not recognize that what they want to write or read about is a reflection of their own dysfunctional perspectives and has nothing at all to do with the PM.

Those who wilfully publish such patently LIBELOUS material just to make a buck, or to engage in character assassination of the PM for partisan reasons, deserve the kind of government/society/world they will get should they realize their intentions. The trouble is, those who take our democracy seriously, and those who died in the Wars to preserve democracy at home and abroad, do not deserve such a world. To them, that world is found on the far side of the Styx.

As for the folks who would reshape the world into what it is not, the greater detriment these folks do is to themselves:

‘…it is not what goes into your mouth, but what comes out of it, that defiles you.’

Come on, man!

[i] You can read about it here:

Yet another article appearing today on CBC’s website:

Federal Parties Being Warned of Efforts by Six Foreign Countries to Influence Election: Sources

Foreigners should respect the elections of other nations. That’s a no-brainer. Having said that, how different is it from the way our political parties and their 3rd party affiliates attempt to influence our votes?

Books like Issenberg’s The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns and Lakoff’s The Political Mind: A Cognitive Psychologist’s Guide to Your Brain and its Politics illustrate exactly how this is done.

Voters are not encouraged to think but rather conditioned to react in a certain, predetermined way. Think subliminal advertising, and you get the idea.

But democracy can exist only in form but not in substance if voters are being manipulated to vote in a certain way.

Although foreign attempts to manipulate our electoral outcomes are egregiously distasteful, unethical, and immoral, just exactly how much are we voters responsible if we allow our own politicians and media to do try to manipulate our votes with dubious claims and reporting with ‘weighted’ facts and innuendo? None of it is outright lying, mind you, but it is the type of approach which does the damage of the truth without being true. And it is manipulative.

Just like the car salesman may try to manipulate you into a purchase. They maximize their profits at your expense. That is how one might run a business.

It is certainly NOT how one should run a nation-society.

Canadian voters have the power, however, to vote according to their true desires. We must listen to what the parties are saying. We must evaluate and compare. But that’s not all…

We need to look around. We need to give at least a little thought to what the party stands will mean for our neighbours and fellow Canadians. Make no mistake: a society of self interested individuals is not a cohesive or long term viable society.

Canada can only stand if it stands united.

If we proceed according only to self interest, we stop listening as soon as we hear what we want to hear. We will not ask questions.

Questions like, “If the Cons are going to reduce income taxes so that ‘people can get ahead and not just get by…’ where will that leave 3M plus Canadians who require social assistance to even get by? Hello? Anybody home?

And so, we render ourselves vulnerable to the manipulative agendas of others, at home and abroad.

Unless we see beyond our self-interest and view our nation and its place in the world as Canadians.

As Canadians.


2 September 2019

First, wishing all folks a very Happy Labour Day! All the best to teachers and kids in the new school year!

Quebec’s secular law is the subject of many news articles, and rightly so. I have not studied the legislation- I have only encountered a few headlines and glossed over a few articles- however I do have a comment to make about any legislative attempts to separate ‘church’ from state, including the one recently passed in the Quebec Legislature:

The separation of church and state is simply another motif operating within the system of checks and balances all societies require in order to maintain cohesion. It allows for reason -the product of the mind-to act as a check upon faith-the desire of the heart. This implies a separation alright, but not from god: all humans proceed from god, and if anyone is separated from god, they are insane with their own ego. Any society which acts to separate  citizens from their god is equally insane and cannot stand for long.

The separation Canadian society requires is that of the individual from their egos. Banning folks from wearing religious symbols at work is to force some legislature’s ego upon the citizenry. It’s simply replacing one ego with another.

What individuals do, if done out of ego, will benefit them but could be harmful to others. What individuals do, if their egos are ‘checked’ will be of benefit to themselves and others. A society of egos is not a cohesive society; the ‘elements’ of such societies are constantly on the prowl for ways to do end runs around the rule of law in order to advantage themselves.

A society of ‘checked’ egos; why that is a society both happy and indomitable. It is a society where religious beliefs are shared; where no one feels inferior or feels they need to defend their beliefs (with the exception of atheism, which is simply denial); where every citizen is guided by god/the Universe and seeks in their personal lives to live by the highest standards they can manage. In such a society, the aspiration to know god better inspires everything citizens do. The Faiths can help each other to that end.

The Quebec Legislature should, rather than ban religious symbols, engage in a silent prayer at the beginning of every session, according to their own religious custom, and god will be sure to guide them in their solemn duty to serve their nation and their citizens. But they did not; instead, they want to remove any trace of god from their offices and  institutions.

This is taking things in the wrong direction. You cannot ask folks to check their beliefs at the door, but you can ask them to leave their egos at the door before they go in. This happens to be what EVERY RELIGION ASKS OF ITS ADHERENTS when one enters their establishments. The Faiths also teach you how to leave your ego behind in your daily interactions with other souls: your community, your neighbours, your partner, your kids…yada – yada.

For my beliefs, I am answerable to god, not to the government. For what they do, everyone in government is as answerable to god as they are to the voter, even more so,  because god has the expectation that governments will take care of the folks god made and help them to properly raise their children, who will one day grow up to become god’s stewards and the next generation of Canadians.

You can separate church from state, but you cannot separate god from the individual. You cannot separate the individual from their ego, but you can teach them to check it at the door- after all, all the Faiths teach it.

Visitors are invited to read more on this topic here:


15 August 2019

Canada’s Ethics Commissioner finds the PM guilty of inappropriately attempting to influence the Justice Minister – AG JWR to leverage a Deferred Prosecution Agreement upon SNC-Lavalin. Ethics Commissioner Dion found that the PM violated conflict of interest rules by using his position to pressure the Minister to seek a DPA to the ‘benefit of a third party.’ Yes, the Commissioner is correct: the PM did try to guide the government’s response to SNC-Lavalin on behalf of a THIRD PARTY. The ‘Third Party’ the PM was acting on behalf of: workers in Quebec. I do not believe the intent of the law was to include, in the definition of ‘third party,’ the Canadian voter. Thousands of jobs would be lost if SNC-Lavalin is prosecuted and found guilty; and I wonder if another CANADIAN company is going to take up the slack created by barring the firm from government contracts for 10 years? Canadian jobs lost/more foreign workers and companies being paid Canadian tax dollars as a result— for Canadian workers and tax payers, this is the substantive outcome of JWR’s ‘heroism’ in ‘defense’ of democracy. For the vulnerable and disenfranchised of Canadian society; for women, children, minorities, the sick, the poor and the homeless, and for future generations in the way of the environment we leave to them, the outcome will be as deleterious as it is existential.

We know what Messieurs Scheer and Singh would be tasking the PM with in QP if he had done nothing:

Will the Prime Minister explain to this House why he did not seek a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with SNC-Lavalin, in order to avoid the 10-year ban on contracts with the Canadian government and to save thousands of jobs in the Province of Quebec?’ (followed by catcalls and raucous ignorance while the PM is answering the question).

Microplastics detected in the ice sheets of Lancaster Sound—An arctic research team is finding microplastics concentrating in the ice of our northernmost region, a region everyone had still regarded as pristine. Microplastics belong to a group of pollutants known as Bio-accumulative and Persistent Toxins (BPTs). The problem can only exacerbate because the ice sheet is acting as a filter and retains the microplastics, which themselves will take generations to breakdown into harmless components. The microplastics will accumulate much faster than they are breaking down and we may be well on our way to having killed the North.

But that’s not all: microplastics are not only being found in the northern extremes of our planet, but even on the Swiss Alps. The researchers believe microplastics are airborne as well as seaborne, which means they will reach everywhere and that we are breathing them to boot. Microplastics are thought to cause cancers. We’ve polluted our water to the extent that every drink we take is increasing our cancer risk; now add to that what microplastics are doing with every breath we take.


We have a government which takes the environmental situation seriously. We have a government which is trying to balance the needs of the employers and puppet masters in Canada with building and maintaining social cohesion. We had a Justice Minister who was given a once-in-a-century opportunity to help Canada resolve longstanding issues with its Indigenous brothers and sisters but who instead used her position to torpedo HER OWN GOVERNMENT’S CHANCES OF REELECTION. The timing of JWR’s ‘disclosures’ with respect to SNC-Lavalin, plus the way she went about doing things: surreptitious recordings during meetings without the knowledge or consent of the other parties – and she is crying foul on the government’s openness? hello? – is very suspect. JWR has an honest face. It is a face you want to believe. If the voter refuses to delve deeper than the surface, they will get prima facia honesty—but it is what is underneath the surface which is going to rise up and bite them in the @r*se. And by then, it will be too late for many of Canada’s and the world’s people-children whose wealthy classes have disenfranchised them by their pursuit of profit and competitiveness to the exclusion of all else.

There is only one place I have ever heard of, where the innocent are exploited, the liar is exonerated, and the do-gooder is vituperated and condemned by those he wanted to help, and I am NOT talking about 30 C.E. Judea.

The world and Canada verge upon a choice of existential proportions. It is a choice of vision between a two-tiered world of haves and have-nots (with at least half of the world’s folks living in misery while the other half enjoys wintering on white sandy beaches; a world where some live in condominiums high above the squalor of the streets where their fellow citizens are living), and a world in which resources are developed and distributed naturally; in the way the human body distributes its resources naturally: from where there is excess, to where there is deficiency.

14 August 2019

Wondering why mental illness is so pervasive these days, particularly among young people? Here’s the culprit: just look at the morning headlines:

  • Protests in Hong Kong – violence à la Tiananmen Square?
  • How Trump’s allies in the M.E. are turning against each other: Wars within wars/factions within factions- the politics of the region is impossible to unravel. Factor in the attitudes most middle eastern governments show toward human rights, inclusive of the Israeli government’s attitude toward the Palestinians: Any human rights-respecting country seeking relations with these governments is effectively ‘shaking hands with the devil.’
  • Concerns that Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been released from deer farms into human food supplies
  • Canada’s spy agency has staffing issues
  • The superpowers: the U.S.A., Russia, China, directly confront each other economically and geopolitically as the play Supremacy.

The litany of bad news is endless – and that is just one day’s feeding—what a way for anyone, in particular our young, to begin their day.

Of course, there’s the ubiquitous threat to young people from sexual predators, hyper-violence, classmates with guns, cyber-bullying, hearing leaders of nations threaten the leaders of other nations with nuclear annihilation, and murder-suicides wherein the parent murders the other parent and the children too.

One should easily imagine how it might resonate in the minds of children that there are parents out there who murder their own kids. You just can’t keep kids from finding out these things.

What a change from when I was growing up: I used to stay up late and watch the spooky show Friday night, and that caused me to wonder if the scar on my mom’s neck was from a vampire bite? Can you imagine what kids are manufacturing in their imaginations these days, given what they are exposed to every day?

The litany of unsettling news we encounter as we begin our day sets the pattern for the day: we are either responding to stress(current situation); if not, we are anticipating stress(a future situation); if not, we are processing residual stress(from past situations). In today’s world, there is simply not enough time for us to get the drop on stress.

No one can maintain a positive attitude; no one lacking a positive attitude can remain properly focused on the task at hand because of the distractions of worry: we make more mistakes, our self-confidence decreases, and the weight upon the psyche is increased.

There is no time, especially for the young folks among us, to process all of the stress-evocative news we face every day, and so there are things we leave unprocessed.

What is left unprocessed, accumulates and eventually we find ourselves feeling anxious, worried, irritated…and we can’t even put our finger on ‘why?’

These negative emotional energies become our ‘natural’ state.

Welcome to the world of mental illness.

Chronic anxiety is soul-killing and leads to depression as we withdraw consciousness-wise, into ourselves. Withdrawal is our mind’s defense mechanism. The further in we go, the harder it is for us and/or for mental health professionals to bring us out of it.

Life, however, is something best lived outside of the head. No one can produce a loaf of bread from the oven of their imagination. We must remain somewhat open to the real world because we need some of its inputs—food, security, and human company topping the list of human needs.

But the elements of daily life that kill us emotionally/spiritually gain entry along with the things we need and actively pursue in order to survive.

We need water to survive. Our water is poisoned. The water we drink to survive is also killing us.

Two generations ago, when I was little, there was no Internet or 24/7 news channels. There were no smartphones. And there weren’t monitors placed wherever people are known to gather, a bus station or doctor’s office, say, that are displaying violence from around the world. Even if the degree of malfeasance in the world has not changed from the levels of my childhood generation, we were permitted to remain ignorant of most of it because there was no way for us to hear about it.

That has all changed.

24/7 exposure to the world’s troubles has increases our reliance on the government to keep us safe even as it decreases our trust in one another, in particular people we do not know. There was a time when strangers could generally be trusted. Now, there are too many people around to get to know everyone.

Many of us do not even take the time to get to know our own neighbours-something which is quite unnatural because knowing your neighbour contributes to your sense of security. We are too distrustful of one another.

We are too divided.

‘United we stand. Divided we fall.’ That is the wisdom from a generation before ours. Division could be levered as a tool of social control by folks seeking to normalize society, according to the interests of the ruling classes, but if that is true, the strategy is plainly not working. It is only shifting the stress away from government to the individual, and kids growing up today are afraid to grow up. How is that preparing them for adulthood and to become the leaders and backbone of Canadian society?

The are afraid to step outside on a Saturday morning, because they’re no longer watching the Three Stooges and having a good laugh to start their day, they way I did when I was little.


25 July 2019

Amber Alerts: CBC reported on a recent petition, with thousands of signatories, to fine folks who complain about 3 a.m. amber alerts? Ah, come on, man! YES, amber alerts are important. EVERYONE knows this, including the complainers- hello? The issue IS NOT the ‘amber alerts,’ IT IS HOW THEY ARE BEING DONE…
At that time of the night, one is either asleep, having to get up for work in a few hours and with kids having to wake up for school in a more few hours, or at work already on the nightshift. They are very unlikely to do anything but continue working or try getting themselves and their children back to sleep—UNLESS they hear strange noises coming from outside their bedroom window, or perhaps notice strangers in their workplace parking lots-IN EITHER CASE, they would call the police as a matter of course.
I recommend that a time-of-day window be established for amber alerts outside of which, amber alerts are not permitted, or alternatively, cellphone companies and internet providers offer their customers the option to ‘opt out’ for max 8-hour period each day.
One last question:
How many of the folks who signed the petition got dressed and went out to search their neighbourhoods after the alerts? god bless anyone who actually did. I’m certain EVERY Canadian prayed for the child’s safe return, and were vigilant from the moment they awoke to begin their day.

22 July 2019

Things appear to be heating up in the Strait of Hormuz, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Jerusalem—just about anywhere one can imagine, people are looking for an excuse to fight and to hurt other folks; or a place to hide from it all…

As hard as it is for adults to ‘keep the chin up’ awash as we are in threats of war—nuclear war—can you imagine what it is like for children to be growing up in such a world, a world one can never really ‘escape’ from because we are besieged by reports and threats of misery on all sides, all-day, thanks to the ‘advances’ in communications technologies?

Social media is heavily weighted toward personal sniping, misinformation, and manipulation. We’ve always had folks who learn to be comfortable with lying, but now ‘lying’ seems to have become for some interests, an accepted mode of communication on the Internet; a ‘buyer beware’ sort of thing. Lying is never acceptable for readers: they want the truth and they will form the reasonable expectation of getting it from their favourite news sources. Some writers, however, à la those who have only enough imagination to ‘snipe’ at the ideas of others but lack the imagination to come up with effective alternatives, wilfully exploit the innocence of the reader in order to promote their own hidden agendas.

Misinformation with the goal of manipulation is become more blatant and universal, to the point that the ‘information’ existing on the Internet, for the reader, ultimately becomes a matter of ‘faith.’ One cannot easily or readily check the ‘facts’ a given writer is presenting in their article.

Should misinformation incline the world yet again into global confrontation, the war after that, according to Albert Einstein, will be ‘fought with sticks and stones,’—if there is anyone around to fight it. In the past, ‘information’ was streamed by governments through their respective media to prepare their citizenry for war and all of the misery, sacrifice, and loss of personal liberty war entails. If the current global penchant for gunboat diplomacy does not reverse itself, no one, especially the young people and the poor people who invariably end up in the front lines fighting in defense of their nations, will emerge from it for the better.

Governments, nations, individuals are all required by god, Nature, and the Universe, to speak the truth, or speak nothing at all. The Universe is WYSIWYG; people are dysfunctional if they are not. There can be no airs, no hidden agendas, no lies spoken, because young people die as a result. The degree of connectivity in today’s world, made possible by technology and facilitated by the Internet, demands that ‘information’ be carefully regulated. Freedom of speech is not carte blanche to lie, to spread hatred, to incite violence, or to suborn a decision to go to war, because young people die as a result.

In words attributed to Jesus: What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them. [Mathew 15:11].

And in the words of the Great Canadian Bard, Gordon Lightfoot:

In a word it is said that at times we must fall
But the worst of it all was the lies…[I]

Are we, after 75 years, standing at the precipice of war? Have we forgotten what it is we take the time to remember and reflect upon every 11th of November? If the various world ‘players’ plunge the world into the abyss, then what exactly do our world’s leaders think about on Remembrance Day? Looking at the news today, it appears that several of the world’s leaders (but thankfully and notably, Canada’s next-gen PM is not among them ) will not listen to Canada’s bard, nor to the importunity from the Great War generation on the St. James Cathedral Cross:

 This cross commemorates the glorious sacrifice of those who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918 and appeals to those for whom they died to lay aside hatred and strife and to seek brotherhood and peace under the banner of Christ.

These are words of truth. No matter which faith one belongs to, who can say god wants war? Who can say the heart of god is not broken each time we do violence to one another and to children?


What if all of us humans were to vow to NOT be the first to do violence?


[i] Too Many Clues In This Room, from the album Summertime Dream by Gordon Lightfoot.


21 July 2019

From Yahoo Answers:

The Question: Why does the refugee welcoming, feminist, pro-abortion, Islam loving prime minister of Canada have a lower approval rating than Trump?


Ratings are more revealing of the mindset of the electorate than they are of the performance of the individual in question. The PM et al are trying to ‘do right’ by ALL of Canadians, whose interests and needs can vary greatly, rather than focus upon serving one particular segment of society to the exclusion/detriment of others. The Liberals support inclusion, diversity, tolerance-they recognize that we must be able to work together and work together well, in order to meet the challenges that are coming, if we are to have a chance at all.

1-Refugees: My mom taught us well by her example: During a major snow storm, she welcomed a group of men who were snowmobiling in the area (rural) and got stranded, into her home. They overnighted and were able to get unstuck a few days later, after the ploughs got through. They showed up one more time at her door with armfuls of the best homemade Italian sausage…my mom simply could not shut her door in their faces. Could anyone reading this have shut the door in their faces? How is any migrant, be it as they are in desperate flight from wars and famines, different from the hapless snowmobiler? How is the PM behaving any differently (or humanely) than my dear mom?
2-Feminist: Again, it is about inclusiveness. In order to progress as a society we cannot exclude what nominally represents one half of the human race…hello? Equality of opportunity, along all of its dimensions, translates into maximal advantage for the society, along all of its dimensions. In Nature, the female is often the ‘Queen Bee.’ The male’s raison d’être is to defend the Queen and the nest. If humanity were to be true to itself and to Nature, not a single human female would be treated with anything less than the greatest love and respect.
3-‘Pro-abortion’ -is a misnomer. The PM is not ‘pro-abortion’ but rather PRO CHOICE. Choice over your body is a ‘self-evident’ and ‘inalienable right.’ This is only half the story. The unborn also have the inalienable right to life. I have posted a more complete answer (and point to a resolution) here:

To Be or Not to Be – It Depends on Who You Ask

4-‘Islam-loving’ The practitioners of Islam are men, women, and children created by god. I do not capitalize ‘god’ out of disrespect for the Big Guy/Gal but rather out of the profoundest respect for all Faiths. There is not a single reason to exclude a follower of Islam-Muhammed Ali practiced Islam, and, albeit he was not perfect, in my book he was the greatest human being I have ever heard of, and I’m certain he made our Creator proud in his service to humanity, despite breaking a nose or two. There is every reason to include practitioners of Islam because they increase rather than decrease humanity’s capabilities and chances for success in overcoming the many existential challenges humanity faces.
I’m not certain whose approval rating is lower and neither do I care. When I compare Trump to Trudeau I get the sense of a collision between the old order and the new order, or more precisely, the old order now finds itself face-to-face with the progressive vision of a generation poised to takeover the reigns…‘Young people speaking their minds, are getting so much resistance, from behind.’ Do you remember the song? For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield. The lyric is as pertinent today as it was to the decade it was written in. The ‘resistance’ to the upcoming generation is coming from the right. The right emphasizes tradition and the old ways, at least that is what they would like us to think. The truth is, they emphasize only those aspects of tradition that will help them to aggrandize their wealth and control. My mother was ‘forever young.’ She never lost her light, even though she grew up poor and had to grow up early. She never lost her love for children or her compassion for those who could use her help. Her help she never refused ANYONE.
I suppose she could not outgrow being a child in her heart, though she had to grow up and inherit the cares of the adult world. Her heart was her vision.
Her vision is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vision as well. Contrast this with Trump’s. If Justin is trailing Donald, ask yourself:
‘What do approval ratings say about us ‘approvers?’

20 July 2019

Tweet by @qualifyfor: Cons have done their utmost to divide the country. Constant attacks instead of policies. Their only hope is to make Canadians hate other Canadians. Harper started the divisiveness and now all Cons are following suit.


You are right. For the cons to make it into govt, they have to divide Canada; they must bamboozle the folks who can’t or won’t take the time to understand the party offerings and instead just knee-jerk react. Harper splayed his hands, saying, ‘Let me be clear,’ then says nothing.

Ford did the same to get elected. Now, Scheer is doing it. they understand most voters are too busy to get too deep into politics, and that it is more effective to uncover and push the right buttons than to attempt to reason with them on the basis of policy alternatives, so they spout off about chocolate milk. (I heard the same claims when I was a little kid, and tried it on my mom, but unfortunately, she was adept at ‘policy’ and knew a scam when she heard one …)

Canadians need to talk to one another, openly and honestly, neighbour to neighbour. We should not be allowing attack ads or any other attempts to influence our vote, and we should mothball polls because they influence how people vote and the cons will use them to gauge the effectiveness of their attack ads.

We should not allow governments to tell us what we want, how we are feeling, unless it is a reflection of what ‘the people’ really want, and ‘the people’ can only know that if they talk to one another, discovering their commonalities (and discovering the ‘poll results’) themselves. These days, the ‘will of the people’ is being downloaded from ‘above,’ even though it often sounds like it is coming from the sewer.

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The Rise of the Satanic Temple in Canada …


‘It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody…’ Bob Dylan. You cannot conflate ‘Satanism’ with ‘individualism.’ According to the American bard, if you choose ‘Satan,’ that’s your master.

Tweet by Alvin Tedjo @AlvinTedjo: Doug’s latest cut takes $100M from families who need housing and rent support. He keeps making life more unaffordable, and his childcare plan helps no one. Let’s start helping families with universal childcare:


True wrt Mr. Ford. However I don’t think universal child care, albeit a good babysitter, is helping children. They are leaving the nest too soon nowadays. Many of the social skills they require are learned in a constructive family setting. Put money toward making adults better parents and toward keeping one parent at home(GAI – Guaranteed Annual Income – plus advanced/vocational education) until children reach kindergarten age. Allow children the time for unstructured play and to just be kids…it is the most magical time of our lives.

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