Let Us Pray


Let  us pray…with these words, the Catholic tradition kicks-off its daily mass celebration. As I pray in the tradition of worship I grew up in, I often resort to the Our Father and the Hail Mary; more often of late, to the Prayer of St. Francis.

Today, while watching the daily mass from St. Michael’s on YouTube, I found myself praying along with the presiding priest. It struck me that, in ‘praying along’ I was adding my voice to those of all the others, and together, a melody of voices in prayer would rise up from the Earth to the hearing of the creator; that the hearing was resonating with joy in the heart of the creator in the way the songs of many birds combine to produce a beautiful chorus, lightening our spirits.

I found myself wondering, what if I should learn a special prayer of the Moslem faith, and join the voices of the Moslems, at the time of day they offer it to the creator, so that another voice is added to that melody rising up from the Earth. Would that not be pleasing to the creator?

Also, a Jewish prayer. A Hindu prayer. A Buddhist prayer. At the time when their faithful pray in unison.

All prayer is music to the creator. Music is the language and staple of the soul. The more souls participating, the louder the music, and the more the soul of the hearer is buoyed and rejuvenated. The louder the music, the more the soul of our creator rocks with joy.


The soul is the source of the Light. The Light is the ‘carrier wave’ we ‘photons’ exist in, whether we know it or not. It is only human ego that prevents us from ‘knowing.’

The Light goes on forever and so do we.


Let us pray…together.