The Devil’s Endgame


You may have heard the maxim, ‘Bad news travels faster than good news.’ I have heard it, ad nauseum; I’ve also seen it, over and over. Even the news on TV is mostly of the ‘downer’ kind.

Why does it have to be that way? Why should the ‘good’ kind propagate slower than the ‘bad?’

I believe it is because we live so much in fear of bad stuff happening that we can’t resist looking for it, anymore than we can ‘rubber necking’ as we drive past a motor accident along the highway.

This is our ego in action. When we open the mind’s door to our ego, when we let it grab our attention, it oftentimes Satan speaking to us, cloaked in the darkness of ego, posing as being ‘us,’ to wit: our thoughts. As in the tarot image by Pamela Coleman Smith, Satan appears to be waving at us, saying, ‘I’m right here. I’m always right here.’

Satan wants us to think about, focus upon, only the negatives, to the exclusion of everything else. This is because he desires for us to be miserable, to make others miserable, to only feel ‘happy’ as a Faustian prelude to the onset of profounder misery.

He wants everyone to go about their daily business depressed, anxious, and full of regret -all rolled up into one great big ball of emotional entanglement. One that is impossible to disentangle. Now you need a counsellor.

Bad enough, but the strategy in and of itself does not reveal the devil’s endgame.

The devil’s objective is the destruction of the human soul, not just to make us miserable while we are on this side of the River Styx. His attack is really on god, the creator. He wants to ‘kill’ god, move god out of the way, like a Trumpian coup d’état.

Then he can ‘be god,’ and preside over the only thing he and ego are able to create: a dunghill of misery.

The creator is not like Satan. The creator has ego but doesn’t appear to listen to it or to be absorbed in it. In his/her wisdom, the creator thought it good to rely on a ‘distributed network’ approach: instead of controlling life like a puppet master, he distributed life and gave each living thing a soul, a little piece of him/herself. To do that, he/she gave us free will.

This means Satan has an impossible job for himself. The creator has found a means of putting him/herself everywhere, and Satan must take us, one at a time, in order to kill god.

The soul is eternal of its nature. It is a little wee piece of the creator which is in everything living thing. It is what animates the individual. It is a little wee piece of Life itself.

The thicker the veil of ego upon our souls, the less the sustaining light of the creator is able to enter in to recharge the soul.

The veil thickens according to the time we spend allowing the ego to highjack our consciousness, away from its focus upon the now, where the light of the creator exists. It also thickens as we age.

The way to counter this is simple: cultivate the ability to ‘think only happy thoughts’ like Peter Pan and speak only ‘happiness’ to others, and, to, as the nonagenarian I met 40 years ago when I first landed in Red Rock advised, ‘to never hate anyone.’

Deepak Chopra’s Tuesdays revolve on the notion of Karma. He says: ‘Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. Choosing actions that bring happiness and success to others ensures the flow of happiness and success to you.’

That’s what the devil doesn’t want anyone to know. Project whatever joy you can. Share your joy. Let your light shine forth from under the cover ego has placed over your soul, your light-source.

The more happiness you muster, the thinner the veil of ego becomes, because to muster joy, you must be at the moment already beyond the consciousness of ego; receiving the creator’s light into your own soul.

It is the ego that ‘belongs’ to Satan. It is what he keeps of us when we ‘die.’ The rest of our spirit (the mind/soul/soul-body combo) moves onto a higher plane of existence. The ego is left behind, save for the little we require to maintain our identity in the Light Stream.

Satan will toss the  ‘memento’ you leave for him into the ‘fire’ along with all the other ones from those who have gone on already. He is left your corporeal body, because it will rot and become part of the matrix from which new life emerges. But he wants all of you, mind, body, and soul, for this will make the fire he maintains burn brighter, hotter, and longer.

He cares most for your soul. This he can obtain only if it becomes trapped under the scab which ego forms upon it. The weight of ego could render the soul unable to lift itself, and your spirit, to the next level after you ‘die’ and separate from your corporeal body.

No soul – no life -and so the individual spirit perishes. Bad for you, bad for me; painful to god.

No souls – no god -and so god perishes?

It is not possible for god to perish at Satan’s hand, or for any other reason. God is simultaneously the ‘Light’ and the ‘light-source.’ It is only when light becomes trapped as matter (E=mc2) that it loses its ‘lustre’; unable to dispel the darkness around it. Light can only be trapped by ego and its constant companion, Satan. The creator too has an ego, but the creator knows the light and will never listen to it. The soul of the Universe, of the creator, is truly forever.

It is only the ego of Satan that permits him to ‘think’ he can kill god. It is ego that motivates him to continue going after us, in the way of trying to get at god.

If we were to each set our ego aside, as the Prayer of St. Francis recommends, Satan will retain only a residue, a wisp of our being, our corporeal bodies, and those he must give back to the Earth- they aren’t the fuel for his fire.

There will be nothing for the fire, and so the fire he maintains will eventually die out, him along with it.

That is humankind’s destiny. Our return to the Garden. The soul and spirit’s emergence from under the internment of ego and into the Light of the creator. This has already been broadcast. So few of us seem to have heard.

Bad news really does travel faster than good.


Have a listen to Be happy-don’t worry. And don’t forget the Golden Rule.

There is a song by the Great Canadian Bard, Gordon Lightfoot, wherein he draws the relation between the soul, the mind, and ego, at least that’s my interpretation .