Unconditional Love – Part II


Humankind is at a watershed in its history. We have bourn witness to millennia of male-sponsored societal malfeasance, wherein the ‘strong’ within and among societies made the determination as to whether a particular individual is of more value (to them) being dead or alive.

Such is the world of ego. Ego is both author and master of a transactional world, a world wherein ‘might’ trumps ‘right.’

The World, our world, is now at an inflection point. From here, humankind, the societies and institutions it creates, its dreams and aspirations, its vision -will either evolve or cease to exist.

But, unbeknownst to us, the ego of humankind is now experiencing an inversion. Whereas the masculine component of the human spirit has dominated the scene for as long as humans have, it is assuredly the feminine side that is emerging from the muck of ego in these days and assuming leadership roles.

This is not something strange or new. It implies, however, that humanity is undergoing a reversal of its collective consciousness: we had previously turned away from the Light of the creator, and now we are turning back toward the Light. We are coming full-circle.

Today we bear witness to the onset of an era of reconciliation between the human spirit and the spirit of the creator. In Nature, it is the feminine spirit that rules over the home, tribe, society; the male operates within society in a service role –not one of authority. These societies operate in the way the creator intended.

Long ago, the male spirit usurped authority over society from the human female, by using its strength (as opposed to its wits and heart) to dominate her and to elevate his interests over hers.

That is all changing.

With the election of Kamala Harris as VP-elect of the United States of America, a nation soon to reassert itself as the bastion and beacon of liberal democracy, and reassume the role of building an equitable, universally-inclusive, participative world-order after a four-year hiatus, we may, post-Biden, see America install its first woman as president and her partner as ‘First Man.’

Here in Canada, following the term of PM Justin Trudeau, we might see Canada’s ‘Minister of Everything,’ Chrystia Freeland, assume the Office of the Prime Minister. Perhaps it will be JWR, if  she, the PM, and the party, can reconcile and let ‘bygones be bygones.’

The World, our world, is so entrenched in ego after centuries of European expansion, colonialization,  industrialization, and a century of globalized warfare, that to continue along the trajectory of ‘maleness’ now will only serve to push humankind over the edge and into the abyss in only a few years.

It is the likes of women like Kate Raworth and young Greta Thunberg, and before them, the likes of Mother Teresa and, in my life, my own mother, who lead us forward to the place we left many, many years ago.

What these women hold in common, and which is, in fact, part of the fabric of womanhood, is that their approach is universal and non-transactional:

They are motivated to address any shortfall their fellow citizens may experience by mobilizing those in society (domestic or global) who have more than they need and can give of their excess; NOT by the value members of society represent to those who already have and would take more. These women perceive a need, and they address the need.

And then they move on to address other needs.

This is the difference between the operatives of ‘conditional’ vs. ‘unconditional’ love. It is the difference between a world dominated by the male spirit or served by the female spirit. The male-spirited world is transactional and conditional; whereas the female-spirited world is nurturing, supportive, and unconditional in service.

A mother’s love is unconditional. She is happy ONLY when her children are happy.

But, the mother’s love has been operating within the constrictions imposed by humanity’s male ego component, ever since we left the Garden. Rather than humans developing nurturing, equitable societies and a sustainable social model to face off against emergent challenges, they have trended  toward the controlling, authoritarian, Fascist intolerance suborned by Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, MBS, Netanyahu, and many others.

I am male in form. I am spirited somewhat ‘male,’ somewhat ‘female.’ I grew up in a family with a wonderful mom and a dad who was a great provider. Because of the paternal format of the world we found ourselves in, my mother had to employ ‘politics’ to get things done with respect to the household, inclusive of her husband, her children, the family pet and herself. She had to exercise diplomacy with respect to spending money…it didn’t matter on whom or what. Were it not for her diplomacy, she would have been spending according to what dad thought was most important. But dad, god bless him, and despite his best intentions, was not equipped to know what was ultimately best for our family-community. The creator determined that woman should be so-equipped.

Our mother did the right things by her family, always. No one doubted her love.

But I hadn’t, until my old age, realized her true legacy.

Like Jesus, she pointed the way forward for us, her partner and her children, toward the Light. The Light of our creator.

She did not coerce us into her way of thinking, nor could she have, because ego was the force majeure in the world she was born into. To avoid evoking ego’s entrenchment, she did the only thing she could do to pierce our ego’s shell and appeal to the light within us:

She led by her example, and her example was service.

The fact I write this today is because my mother raised me. Pure and simple. Otherwise I would have been misled into thinking the paternal world was ‘natural.’ The paternal world is patently un-natural.

The paternal world is a construct of ego. We came to think too much of physical strength and material acquisition. The adopted mores of ego are wholly responsible for the miserable, perilous state of the World, our world, today.

When humankind says ‘no’ to human ego with one voice, our creator is going to hear us.

He/she might then send his ‘prophet,’ ‘messiah,’ ‘chosen-one,’ – whatever- for to lead us back to the Garden, to a life in the Light, because we will have shown ourselves to be ready for it, at last.

To be led away from ego’s prison, and out of the heart of darkness.


Thanks, mom, for being our mom, and for living and teaching us the Golden Rule!

…and for helping to open the door to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.