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26 January 2022

Wherever you live in the World, our world, best wishes to you for a great day! In these perilous times, you don’t know what or who to believe, especially what is coming out of the mouths of politicians, ‘experts’, and many media outlets.

Chaos reigns supreme.

There is only one place where ‘chaos’ is a social management operative: that place is called ‘Hell’. We have made a ‘Hell’ out of the ‘Garden’.

Actually, it was our ruling classes that did this, having been corrupted by Wealth. WE ‘THE PEOPLE’ lamely allowed them to do so.

They will not tell us what they are up to, because what they are up to is not something we are going to like (duh).

Our society has changed since I was a youngster. The changes have been presented to us as, responses to crises, or crises in the making. The crises come and go in an unrelenting, interminable, unbroken chain…we are being rained upon by bad news, anxiety-causing headlines…we shield ourselves with our egos…everywhere we turn, we are pulverized by the news on those ubiquitous tv monitors. All of this goes to environmental conditioning; opportunism on behalf of our ‘social engineers’…with our egos always so close to the surface, we soon fall into reaction without thinking first; that’s when our ‘rulers’ have us by the proverbial…um…well, you-know-whats. WE CANNOT FORFEIT OUR FREE WILL. That came to us from god, not the ‘rulers’.

There can be no ‘rulers’ in a democracy. IN DEMOCRACY, IT IS THE PROCESS THAT RULES. Yet, we have an entire class of ‘rulers’ existing in Canada and in every other nation of the World. Even so, it is the ones at the very apex of the pyramid driving things. FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE, but for when I was a child, I  never saw a day where violence is not being threatened by someone, somewhere. THIS IS WRONG AS A GROUND STATE. Institutions such as the Executive with the Whip and the PMO are antidemocratic. They stymy rather than support democratic process.

It is ‘The State’ that is responsible for our malaise. The State is responsible because it is run by the ‘rulers’. There is too much money in misery to end weapon sales to countries who will use them to oppress others. There is too much money in ‘GDP Growth’ to worry too much over: 1- environmental degradation and climate change, 2 – human rights under autocratic regimes (like China’s), 3 – a nation devoting the proceeds of trade with the West to grow its military to bully the West, 4 – to worry about the division and exclusion that moving operations to places like China created by leaving an employment-vacuum here in the West…our politicians from Stevey Harper through Justin Trudeau have all chirped about how their trade and immigration policies benefit ‘consumers’, but, if consumers are unemployed, how can they consume? The trend toward Private-Public partnerships is also patently undemocratic. It is a Wealth-suborned initiative to garner more social control. (um, thanks for helping with all of that, Justin, Chrystia, and Gerald).

The game’s afoot‘, as the great sleuth would say. Wealth wants us to consume, consume, consume. Wealth wants us to be a ‘throw-away’ society. The more we consume, the more money Wealth generates, the more it can keep for itself, and the more control over society Wealth is able to garner and purchase. That is why as time goes ‘forward’, less and less can happen without money changing hands.


You exist at the pleasure of the State (the ‘rulers’, not your local elected MPs). They will keep you in line by giving you just less than the bare minimum to survive. You will therefore be spending your waking hours trying to survive and you will be no problem to anyone else. IF YOU BECOME PROBLEM, the police will haul you away into the System, and, à la Ashley Smith, you won’t get out again.

The World, our world, is in the mess it is in today BECAUSE OF EGO. The ego of Wealth. Our leaders determine our direction and must accept that they’ve sort of f’d things up royally. The Europeans were the latest to metastasize its cancerous DNA upon the World, but EVERYONE IS DOING IT OR HAS DONE IT AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER. We are all guilty.

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong‘.

Every nation has a military. Given that our leaders don’t seem to know what they are doing, having been rendered ‘blind as well as stupid’ by their ego and their wealth, the militaries may be required to step up and fight for theirs and our democracy, even against their own leaders.

I speak of one situation only: IF/WHEN THEIR LEADERS TELL THEIR MILITARY TO FIRE THE FIRST SHOT. Without a first shot being fired, there can be no war (duh).

If a situation like that ever arises, the military would stand-in for as long as it took to create a constitution that would engage the citizen, share power, and protect democracy from Wealth, and then stand-down. If those folks are selfless enough to put themselves between us and the bullets of those who would hurt us, I feel our democracy and nation will be safe under their wing until we are once again able to stand.

God will backstop this all the way, IMO.

Headline 1: How Russia’s pipeline politics could split the alliance around the Ukraine – without mentioning any names, especially not Germany (or France), if any of the ‘Western-allied’ European nations presume now to ditch America over $$$, after Americans and Canadians went overseas and died by the bushel in WWI and WWII, so that Europe could enjoy the freedoms they enjoy today, well…

THOSE WHO VALUE $ OVER HONOUR, have put a price on ‘honour’, and in so doing, show unequivocally THAT THEY HAVE NO HONOUR AT ALL.

I refer to Europe’s ‘leaders’,  not to Europeans…and these ‘leaders’ are the bezos -whoops, I mean, ‘bozos’, who are running the World…

Anyone suggesting anything other than digging a trench around Russia, until they withdraw from the Crimea, etc., is crazy for $ or crazy from $. Same goes in regards to China’s belligerence. Appeasement is not going to result in security. Appeasement will only establish a higher ground for the Russian and Chinese regimes when they push the envelope the next time, according to their schedule. They will keep pushing until they have vanquished the West.

How is it that Macron and Scholtz can be so smart to get themselves elected, yet be so STUPID (not to mention, dishonourable) as to engage Russia to the detriment of the U.S.?

Shame on those two. They are, what we used to call, ‘fair weather friends’. Next time the clouds gather over Europe, does anyone actually believe Russia and China will come to their aid? Of course not. But their wealthy will continue to blinded from their common sense by the allure of Russian and Chinese ‘gold’.

I believe their mothers would have advised them to be different than this.

25 January 2022

Headline 1: Liberals thwart badly needed skilled immigrants with mendacious political meddling – reporter Ivison’s choice of headlines is, well, ‘mendacious’…gosh, I’m not lying, I did have to look up what ‘mendacious’ actually meant.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

‘For a variety of reasons, not least of which is that more immigration means more economic growth, the Liberals have committed to bringing in more than 400,000 permanent residents a year for the next three years.’

No. 1 concern with respect to immigration, ‘economic growth’. Who benefits from economic growth most? Wealth. Who benefits least? Unemployed folks; Canadian job candidates looking to earn a living who will need training/education. As we import and use more skilled labour, we relegate Canadian job seekers to the sidelines and chronic penury. The State will only rescue people from this to the point of convenience. When it begins to cost too much, that is when the State cuts the umbilical cord to its vulnerable.

While Wealth’s get-richer-quicker schemes are doing their thing, we continue to label individuals as being this or that with ever increasing granularity, to the point that no one among any of us will be united in anything at all, EXCEPT FOR MONEY or the lack of .

Two camps: those with money – those without money. Those with money have power over those who do not. As time goes on, these two groups will become more materially separate. The wealthy ones and those who are employed by them to ‘grow GDP’ (aka fatten their wallets) will soon not have to step over folks sleeping on subway gratings. They will lose their rights even to even that ‘liberty’, which they accepted for themselves after the State took away their right to earn a living.

That right is extended to people who have the right training but live somewhere else. But their children will not have that same right. They will be Canadians. If they are not trained to walk in to jobs the Wealth class needs filled immediately, if they need to be trained (incurring an expense that might not reward the employer with commensurately greater profit), why, they’ll be on the sidelines too, just like current unskilled Canadian job seekers are today.




I could go on and on…

I haven’t read Mr. Ivison’s article beyond the first paragraph. What would be the point? He writes to earn his living and he writes very well; whereas I write because I have something to add to what I am reading in the mainstream media.

Mr. Ivison has a boss. He can’t just write whatever he feels in his holy of holies, not necessarily; whereas I can. I do not aver I am right and he is wrong on that basis; but I can say that I am 100% sincere, even if mistaken, because I am accountable to no one but myself for what I write; whereas reporter Ivison is accountable to an editor who signs his paycheck; that editor to the media’s outlet’s owners/INVESTORS, where the ‘buck’ literally stops, likely in an offshore account, until it can be used to exploit another opportunity for ‘GDP Growth’.

Now, I recognize that I am perhaps just an old ‘crackpot’. This site has no readers (but there are a few Russian and Chinese bots that appear to be fans of my ‘work’.) But, in the words of the Travelling Wilbury’s, It’s Alright, I’ve still got something to say

I put things out there. We have an existential problem. That problem is THE EXISTENCE OF A WEALTH CLASS AND ITS USE OF CORPORATIONS TO ACHIEVE ITS ENDS. Wealth exists for itself. POVERTY IS ITS INEVITABLE OUTCOME.

Yes, we have enemies in Putin/Xi et al. But we have their types on this side of the ‘East-West’ divide also.

Right now, the denizens of the Wealth classes on both sides of the line could be trying to figure out whether it is ‘cost-effective’ to go to War now, or to wait. They already know that many of us vulnerable of the under class will disappear during war and no longer represent an expense.

The way the World is set up now, by Wealth, is bound to culminate in war and destruction on all sides. M.A.D. is mad-ness. While we ‘peacefully’ try to undermine each other economically in order to become ‘top dog’, we are also trying to one-up each other militarily.

THE MOMENT ONE SIDE PERCEIVES A DECIDED MILITARY ADVANTAGE OVER THE OTHER SIDE, they will launch a preemptive strike while telling their own peoples’ that the other side fired first.

True or not, the result will likely lead to billions of deaths and nothing resolved.

24 January 2022

It’s a ‘cold day in Hell’, or so goes the saying…it was -7F when I got up this morning.

You might wonder how it can be ‘cold’ in ‘Hell’ when that place is purported to have all of those fire places, but, a snowball really does have a  chance in hell, and right now, hell is what the Ukrainians (AND THEIR CHILDREN) are living in…

…this, thanks to Putin.

Headline 1: NATO beefs up eastern flank, Russia denounces Western ‘hysteria’

The Russian ‘leader’ says the buildup is to PROTECT RUSSIA but it’s meant to PROJECT RUSSIA’s DNA into its neighbours. It is meant to project power and make Russia even more powerful, all at once. [Same as what China is now doing, RIGHT NOW].

BOTH OF THOSE NATIONS ARE FACILITATING THE SOCIAL UNREST IN THE WEST as another prong in their multi-pronged attack on us. When the missiles begin to fly, some of them will land. We must be strong and careful to maintain social order during the chaos. We can’t be fighting among ourselves (even if some of us are from Russia or China -those folks came here a little after we arrived, and for the same reason. To make a better life in a nation that ‘trusts in god’. THEY ARE THEREFORE NO DIFFERENT THAN ANYONE ELSE. All are Americans. All are Canadians. All are EU…etc.

Putin does not defend Russia, but rather Russia’s latest class of tsars, those with all of the $. Same goes for Xi.

Same goes for our own wealth class. ‘Wealth’ corrupts because wealth can purchase power, and no moral compass is needed; no democratic process if required to act. ‘Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.‘ DEMOCRACY IS, IF TRULY DEMOCRATIC, THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE CHECKS AND BALANCES IN PLACE, operating to ensure no single group obtains hegemony over all of the others. IF A WEALTH CLASS EXISTS, IT IS BECAUSE DEMOCRACY DOES NOT.


Poverty is the greatest excluder. YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY? YOU’RE OUT!

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW A WAY FORWARD, one that will lead, post-pandemic and post-WWIII, to the World our creator intends for  ALL OF US to live in, why listen to the words of Buffalo Springfield, not what passes for news (for the most part) in the media.

And start going to churches, mosques, temples…whatever, to seek the god that made YOU.

I want to aside: I listened to one of my favourite ‘preachers’ on YouTube interpret the Book of Revelation. The Bishop is very, very good, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get things wrong, now and then. He was saying how the U.N. is the last kingdom of Satan, deriving from the American-British Empire, which was, I dunno,  #7?

Here’s my thing: It isn’t only Americans and Brits who vote in the U.N. Each country is represented and has a vote. Get rid of the Security Council veto crap and IF EVERYONE VOTES ON THE BASIS OF THEIR NATION’S TRUE CONSENSUS VIEW, and not on the basis of what their Wealth class wants for itself, why then, the consensus emerging out of the U.N. should be of blessing to everyone and our creator will likely be very pleased with that.

BUT, IF WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW DEMOCRACY TO BE PERVERTED BY WEALTH (or by any one nation), if we do not tax the Wealth class back into the fold and restore the middle class, and render the ‘high’ and ‘low’ to the level of statistical outliers, to restore social cohesion and democracy, IT WILL NOT MATTER TO MOST OF US WHO WINS the war. We will all live under the thumb of a repressive, oppressive regime, Wealth, one whose breadth of control extends across the globe and rewrites the Past as it moves the goalposts of the Future around to serve its sordid purpose.

Yes, the Bishop could be right. The U.N. could end up the way he believes. BUT I  BELIEVE IT DOES NOT HAVE TO.

It starts with the display of symbols of all of the World’s Faiths, beneath a sign that reads: ‘If you/ trust in god, you are a citizen of the World, our world, created by god, and you are welcome here.‘ It ends with, ‘Let no one be the first to do violence or to deny livelihood to another being created by the creator.’

The U.N. policy: The Golden Rule.


Podcast: The ethical failures in Canada’s pandemic response. On the National Post’s Full Comment with Anthony Furey. Here’s the text introducing the podcast:

The COVID-19 crisis has presented a minefield of bioethical questions, which Canadian policymakers have largely stomped all over. It’s not just the damage of lockdowns, the treatment of children, demonizing the unvaxxed and the privacy invasions. It’s also the callous disregard for anything happening beyond Canada’s borders. Bioethicist Dr. Kerry Bowman joins Anthony Furey this week to discuss the problems created by neglecting bioethical considerations during the pandemic, and why he’s worried that doing so may have changed the very fabric of Canadian society for the worse. (Recorded Jan. 20, 2022.)

Now, it seems, we have two flavours of politician: those who would take our freedom away but pay us something in exchange, and those who would safeguard our freedom, but not our stomachs, if it costs them money.

These two political ilks resolve into one at the level of the ruling class, whom both parties appear to serve: the rc wants our freedom, for as little cost to them as possible, to keep the wheels of profit turning and a level of peace the police can manage with. They do not aspire to include others in their wealth. The NDP talks better, but, when push comes to shove, aren’t any better than the other guy on the left.

Canada and the World needs us to start talking to one another, and not through the news media. We need to engage one another in open, respectful, honest social policy debate. We also need to start going to Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple…whatever, to hear what god might have to say.

It will be, ‘Practice the Golden Rule. Observe it in everything you do, in every word you utter.’

That’s my opinion.

23 January 2022

No headlines today. Just a wish for people, of all stripes, cultures, and colours, to turn off the news,  turn away from our ‘democratic’ institutions, and start looking for an institution of Faith to attend. It does not matter to god which Faith you choose; all paths lead to the centre, where the centre of god is.

It is not HOW WE WORSHIP but the FACT THAT WE WORSHIP, is what will save us from our ruling classes and from ourselves. Remember, many members of today’s ruling classes are the spoiled brat/inheritors of the ruling class stewards that helped us to rebuild after WWII. They appear to believe that they are ‘entitled’.

Welcome back to the future. We are once again in the Gilded Age. Because the ruling classes of the powerful nations of the World (our world) are competing directly for dwindling resources, with nothing left in between to keep them separate, they will make war on one another over what’s left.


All are ruled by their ruling classes. None of these ruling classes appear to care about the carnage that will come, so long as they and their loved ones are safe.

The pandemic has taught me many things. Topping the list, is that pandemics, like warfare, selectively cull the vulnerable among us, particularly the poor, the elderly, and the sick.

Jesus spent a lot of his ministry going around healing the sick, feeding the poor, and giving all people hope, while encouraging the rich to use their wealth for its intended purpose: TO STEWARD THE SOCIETIES EMERGING UNDER GOD. I believe it was the same for all of the other prophets and leaders of the Faiths of the World (our world).

I put my trust in god. America does too, at least, that’s what the coins say.

War separates the good from the bad; the heroes from the cowards. It is cowardly to attack the Ukraine when Ukraine does not want to be under Russia’s thumb. It is just as cowardly to stand back and watch and say, ‘Oh, we won’t sell them Twinkies any more.’

If a Russian soldier plants one foot on Ukraine’s soil, the West must dutifully come along and lift that foot and put it back on the right side of the border. While they are at it, they must remove the boots that wandered into the Crimea, and not say, okay, you can keep the Crimea now that you stole it.

No one in the West is going to attack Russia, or China, or Iran, UNLESS THEY ATTACK the West and those who want to be in that group. But you cannot trust China and Russia to be the same way as us.

Now, we here in Canada have peed off the Americans now and then; we were once a haven for American conscientious objectors to the War in Vietnam. Withal, I have yet to hear them rattle their sabres against Canada. They remember that we stood and died  with them in WWI and WWII, TO SAVE EUROPE. [Aside: Will Europe remember America’s and Canada’s sacrifice in their cause?]. People who remember what you did for them in the past, despite it perhaps being convenient to forget in the present, why those folks are lifelong friends and hard to find. AN AMERICA TRUE TO ITSELF WILL BE TRUE TO CANADA AND TO THE WORLD.

Again, you cannot hope for China and Russia to be this way; their regimes lack any semblance of honour; they only want to bulldoze us out of their way. [America helped rebuild Germany and Japan after vanquishing their regimes. Russia and China will rebuild with bulldozers]. THE WORLD NEEDS TO STAND WITH AMERICA, AND AMERICA NEEDS TO GET RIGHT WITH ITSELF. Otherwise, it isn’t going to matter who vanquishes who.

Will Israel remember, or will they continue as the oppressor of the Palestinians? No one knows oppression better than the Jewish people, but there are two ways one oppressed will react to their hard won liberty: they will vow to do everything in their power to make sure it never happens to anyone else, OR, out they will treat others the way others treated them…not quite the Golden Rule:

Treat others THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, not the way you were treated.

The Golden Rule is of god, the Light, the creator. What Israel is doing now to the Palestinians, opposes the Golden Rule. If Israel is a nation under god, which god is that?

It isn’t the god who authored the Golden Rule (for all of humanity).

Same goes for Iran. It appears to be a ‘theocracy’ of hypocrisy.

The only nation that appears true to itself, these days, is China, and that’s because they don’t bother to try and hide their regime’s insidious ways (they must have taken down all of their mirrors). They boldface lie and cheat with respect to their competitors. They’ve been doing it for decades. Russia too.

We need folks who don’t lie, who aren’t hypocrites, who don’t feel so entitled as to condemn those with less in their communities with even less than that, to be in government.

We need folks in government who serve the public and are not slaves to Wealth and to the ‘one percenters’. ‘Wealth’ and ‘one percenters’ are social constructs. They don’t naturally exist. They exist because society created them.

A simple taxation policy change would be enough to neuter the ‘one percent’ and ‘Wealth’ class effect and restore the middle class around the World.

We need folks in government to respect god. Our American friends need only respect their constitution and they will be respectful of their own citizens and of the World.

22 January 2022

If war breaks out, I stand with my American brothers and sisters, against any and all threats to their way of life, from without and from within; as much as I would my own country.

I stand with my police folks against any and all threats to the innocent and vulnerable, from within my country’s borders.

I stand with my country’s military, against any external threat.

I stand WITH MY COMMUNITY while we weather the tsunami that is coming, one which will likely culminate in an extinction-level reset of humanity’s structures and numbers. We must be strong, TOGETHER. I do not say this in the ‘leftist’ neoliberal manner, those being only the latest version of politician to ‘strut and fret his hour upon the stage,  And then is heard no more…

On this note, it is a good idea to maintain a reserve of staples and non-perishables, while things play out internationally.

On this note, it is a good idea to ‘come to Jesus’, as it were. IMO, this means, ‘come to the creator’. Jesus, IMO, dedicated his life to his creator, went toe-to-toe with Satan and beat him. For the most part, he channeled the creator, the Light. He was able to discern between the machinations of his ego/the darkness and the revelations from the Light piercing the bone into the place between his ears, where ego-consciousness ‘lives’.

Consequently, Satan became very afraid of Jesus; but also very unsettled by what Jesus revealed about the human spirit: that humans could do the right thing, even to the cost of their own lives.

IMO, this is one of the life lessons Jesus wanted to teach us: if you do not allow your fear of death to make your choices for you, you are free. IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW YOUR FEAR OF DEATH TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO SPEAK YOUR TRUTH OR TO DEFEND YOUR FAMILY, YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR NATION, YOUR WORLD, from any and all threats, from without and from within, YOU ARE FREE IN PARADISE.

I have an ego. Anytime my ego becomes the focus of my thinking (active or passive), the ‘place’ of consciousness, I am experiencing all kinds of mixed emotions and their physical consequences. Depending on the day, the time of day, or some random, inconsequential event, I may feel ‘down’ or I may feel ‘good’.

My soul is my ‘battery’ and it sustains my spirit. The spirit-renewing, soul-sustaining Light of the creator is all around us. Our ego is in between our soul and the creator’s Light. While we focus on ego, we cannot receive the creator’s Light – it just gets reflected back out into ‘Space’. It is the human form of the ‘albedo effect‘.

I do not want to live out my life in deference to something as flaky as my ego. Jesus didn’t either. His fear of death came of his ego. He fought and won that battle with himself in Gethsemane. He had ‘won on points’ against Satan in the desert, then knocked him out in their rematch at Cavalry. Jesus’ way was leadership by example.

It was also Gandhi’s way, Mandela’s way; the way of every truly great leader. It is the only way a leader can be truly great: not one who exploits their ‘power’ to their perceived personal advantage, but rather one who lives according to their own word and that word happens to benefit the nation and its citizens. IN SUCH A NATION, POVERTY AND HOMELESSNESS WOULD NOT EXIST.

Neither would gated communities.

Neither would the distribution of wealth and income, when plotted, take on the appearance of a trough rather than a bell.

It is natural for this to take on the shape of a bell. WHEN IT DOES NOT, it is because of the existence of pathology that will, in time, extinguish the population per se.

That pathology is the distribution of income and wealth in Canada (and everywhere else). The cure is through taxation, to redistribute wealth, so that a bell shape (and the erstwhile ‘middle class’) characterizes it.

Headline 1: U.S. opposes plans to strengthen World Health Organization – the way I understand it, the WHO wants more independence from specific donors, and more money, while the U.S. wants to maintain the private donor format, wherein the likes of Bill Gates have some say about how their money gets spent.

Despite the shortcomings identified by the WHO in their capability to respond to outbreaks, the U.S. is resistant to the changes supported by Europe and others:

‘…the U.S. government is opposing the reform because it has concerns about the WHO’s ability to confront future threats, including from China, U.S. officials told Reuters’

‘…including from China.’ That’s significant. The WHO, or anyone else for that matter, has not identified the origin of COVID-19, and China has not been forthcoming. I am, like a lot of folks, very much concerned if the pandemic was the result of a lab technician’s mistake (Wuhan Lab leak theory). WE SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING WITH FIRE, and we are playing with fire when we convince ourselves to do gain-of-function experiments.

There is a wonderful dissertation here which explores whether or not the per se virus features evidence of human manipulation (or not).

But it could be more insidious, were ‘the leak’ in fact a bio-attack. Besides common sense, there are a lot of good arguments against this being a deliberate act on the part of China’s government, yet, with all of the underhanded, seedy stuff China’s current regime has already shown  itself capable of, together with their buddy behind the bleachers, Russia (hatred for the West makes strange bedfellows, yes?), I cannot completely exclude the possibility that COVID was engineered as a bioweapon and actually launched. The delay in China’s acknowledgement that a new virus was on the scene is VERY SUSPICIOUS.

The delay was irresponsible, to say THE LEAST. China, on that basis alone, should pony up an pay for the damage it has done in the World, our world, RATHER THAN CONTINUE TO BUILD A BIGGER ARMY TO CLOBBER US OVER THE HEAD WITH.

Personally, I don’t need science to tell me that SOMETHING JUST ISN’T ADDING UP WITH CHINA.

But, I don’t know exactly what. I only know that China’s Xi is nobody’s friend; not even to the Chinese. Xi and that ‘government’ of Orwellian Pigs needs to be replaced by Taiwan’s democratic government. They at least are more accessible and accountable than Orwell’s pigs can ever be. They were the government in China before a bunch of  bozos, à la the pigs of Animal Farm, ran the ‘farmers’ off the property.

China and Russia want to divide the World, our world, so that it is more easily conquered. Whatever we do now, if we allow them to continue to expand their lands and their militaries, we only increase the price we pay down the road. China and Russia will one day attempt to vanquish the West. They want it all.

They don’t want god, or citizens, to interfere with the desires of the ruling class. Here in the West, our governments are more passive-aggressively aspiring to the same thing, only, in a ‘kinder, gentler, way’. WE NEED TO PUT THE BRAKES TO THE AGENDAS OF RULING CLASSES EVERYWHERE and not just China’s and Russia’s.

We need to be vigilant with respect to our own democracy and its institutions, because the ruling class is in fact the ‘stewarding class’ gone koo-koo over wealth. The change is of a spiritual nature. No policy is going to change this.

Respect for creation and for a creator whose breadth and scope and scale exist beyond our capability to comprehend IS GOING TO CHANGE THIS.

21 January 2022

First, I repeat, find some time to hear Father Chris Alar’s explain the Church’s position on abortion. He broadens and abstracts the implications of ending the life of the voiceless unborn into something most insidious, broadly social, affecting everyone.

Let’s face it, the World (our world) of today is in a despicably horrible anxiety-causing state…the ‘separation of church and state’ has helped to entrench Wealth’s control over societies. Democratic and authoritarian alike; China and Canada alike. The separation of church and state was intended to protect the church from the state by its originators (who were serious about democracy) but, was perverted and inverted by Wealth to ATTACK THE CHURCH as a step ‘forward’ in the state’s assault on FAITH; on believing in anything better or above ‘government’ by the Mount Olympian class – you know, the folks that inexplicably come to believe it is a good idea to fly off into low orbit for 5B and gloat over their ‘creation’ below: where kids are drowning or freezing to death in the search for safety and a livelihood.

Headline 2: No national security issue in Chinese takeover of Canadian lithium company – what? hello? Minister Champagne might have enjoyed a little too much of his namesake beverage to have come up with a conclusion like this. The Canadian Press article states:

While the mine in question is in Argentina, Fast argued that it is incumbent on Canada and other “free-trading, rules-following allies” to ensure the global critical minerals industry is not monopolized by one country, especially one whose interests “are sometimes hostile toward ours.”

Fast is right. And, China very nearly monopolizes the global electric battery industry supply-chain and market already. China’s regime does not aspire to be a ‘partner’ in the International Order, but rather desires to rule it, to ‘monopolize’ it might be a more appropriate term. IN THE END, it’s all about hegemony/control over everyone and everything. We must hang to everything we didn’t previously hand over to China’s regime, because every interaction with China nowadays, is either non-productive, or only productive of more wealth for China’s regime, which it then converts into the military resources used to threaten Taiwan and the World, our world.


Taiwan is the place where the Chinese loyal to the Chinese culture and way of life fled to, in the aftermath of the ‘Peoples’ Revolution, in order to keep China’s greatness and its cultural memory alive, for THE RETURN. The time for that is approaching fast. We must act to preserve Taiwan so that the ‘Taiwanese’, who are China’s last hope, can act to restore China’s soul and sanity to the Chinese people and to the World. The World needs China, but the China Xi is manufacturing is a cancer upon China and upon the World.

But, we cannot be acting in ‘good faith’ with respect to China and the Taiwanese, if we simultaneously support the Israeli regime’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. We are hypocrite at the very least while we do.

As for the isolation of Iran, I am a wee bit dubious when the likes of Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. regimes are suddenly onboard with Israel’s regime. It is a fracture along religious lines which accounts for this and not aspiration to build an equitable World Order: Iran is predominantly Shia Muslim, while Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. are predominantly Sunni. Muslims have been fighting one another over doctrinal differences for over a millennia: a dispute over who was the first Caliph, among other things. IMO, they have been fighting with each other for as little cause as followers of my Christian Faith have, for more than two millennia. Neither Faith condones killing at all. Both Faiths forbid it. Both have a Golden Rule.

This all smacks too much of coercion. Of ego.

Going forward, the World, our world needs to ditch ego in all of its forms. We can’t make Iran ‘behave’ any more than we can make Saudi Arabia ‘behave’ or Israel ‘behave’. They will only ‘behave’ for as long as it is convenient FOR THEM TO DO SO. When the time is right, they will turn on ‘the West’ and on Israel, if the World does nothing. WHAT WE NEED TO DO NOW is reduce the avenues of transmission of wealth to China (we doing that with Russia already), in order to slow their military development/expansion. We need to maintain a strong presence in the region, to preserve the status quo, but, we monitor and guard the line. WE CANNOT BE THE FIRST TO FIRE OUR WEAPONS, or we lose our position on the moral ‘high ground’; however, if the Chinese military crosses that line, it must be met with overwhelming force, hopefully enough to convince Xi that he should ditch the idea of metastasizing his politics into Taiwan and rather go to Taiwan, cap in hand, and ask the Taiwanese for forgiveness, and, ‘Would you like to take over the government on the mainland?’

Have we not learned anything from the lesson China now teaches? Pretty soon, China may provide us with a ‘pop-quiz’. Will we be ready?

But make no mistake. The cancer afflicting China right now is already threatening to take us and our glorious nation down. The cancer is ego. This cancer has afflicted the ruling classes of the World and of our nation. The evidence is that people of Wealth no longer function as Stewards of society but rather as masters over it. They see our nation and society through the lens of their ego: as ongoing opportunity for wealth acquisition. They do not see things as a parent or a god would: as opportunity for their children or their Creation, not to strive to survive but to live and to thrive. TO BE HAPPY as a general state (and not fearful, like we are now).

Whom is Minister Champagne fooling, beside himself? I can only hope he comes around. As it appears now, our government does not appear to sense how seriously the New World Order is being threatened and how the urgency for concrete action.

This could be misinterpreting the Minister. Perhaps the approach being taken is to avoid contributing to the escalation toward war, even as the other side continues to escalate, but, what isn’t being said is that the gun is loaded and aimed, only to be fired if the other side fires/invades first.

As it stands right now, there is still opportunity for Russia and China to deescalate, but very little.

But I wonder about the World’s ‘one percenters’…they might be happy reducing the global population through war, rather than by attrition…attrition will invoke declining GDP/negative GDP for many years and this will mean the end of their wealth and hegemony over the rest of the World, whereas, war will change the economy’s focus, but not its operatives: wealth and power will continue to concentrate into their hands…

…the difference this time around, is that with AI, they won’t need nearly so many of us to help with the post-war rebuild. Given the current state of the World and the obvious fact that Wealth is responsible for it, unwittingly perhaps, it is not unreasonable to worry that the most powerful of the few might actually welcome a catastrophic reduction of population, because they will only need to share their wealth with the people required to keep AI going, and the destruction and ensuing misery will be opportunities to further acquisition and control.

Headline 3: Indian Ocean: Iran, Russia, and China begin joint naval drill – alright already. Have our ruling classes of the West been caught with their britches down because of their blinding by the allure of Eastern gold? Didn’t Ponce de Leon, Pizzaro and the conquistadores at least leave us a little positive in their murderous legacy? Or is it that out of our greed, we refuse to learn?

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our ruling class wants all of our young people to believe that there is a rainbow for each and everyone of them, when there is not, and they know it.

On the other hand, our ruling class wants us to believe there is no god, when there is.

Our ruling class is serving and channeling Satan, according to Bob Dylan. It sure looks that way. It is now time for the Stewards among them to step up to the plate.

Interesting Website: – with regards to their rankings of military power, their methodology interesting in and of itself, here’s what they have to say about China:

China (No.3) continues its climb to the No.2 spot owned for some time by regional powerhouse Russia (No.2). The nation owns a distinct advantage economically and by way of sheer manpower and has placed a decided focus on increasing (primarily through local means) naval, airpower, and land warfare capabilities. If the trend continues, it will become the primary global military adversary to the United States (No.1) – which still commands the top spot for the current year. [excerpted from 2022 China Military Strength (].

If they are right, then our guys already know, and are already preparing for war with Russia, China, Iran.

But there is something even more egregious than the notion of war; it is that, after the dust settles, and if anyone is left standing, nothing will have changed and one day, we will be right back here again, like we are again mimicking the times that led to the Great War, which, IMO, is ongoing and was never settled properly. What Wilson, Clemenceau, and Lloyd-George ‘achieved’ at the Paris Peace Conference, in exchange for satisfying their egos by negotiation with one another, was the continuance of global conflict. IF YOU HAVE TO COERCE THE PEACE, YOU ARE STILL AT WAR (duh).

We must address the cancers afflicting us also. There is no democracy when choices are limited and thinking processes are ‘guided’. God the creator god gave us free will and the right to choose and for that to happen, god stays out of the head. BUT our ruling classes are getting in our heads, therefore the ubiquitous television monitors everywhere people gather to wait…

UNTIL THE FIRST SHOT IS FIRED, there is still hope. AFTER WAR begins, I don’t believe there will be any hope for peace, that is, if anyone is left. How could victor and vanquished embrace, when both sides would have been responsible for inflicting the other with unimaginable misery?

p.s.s. I’ve just witnessed a video wherein France’s President Macron is urging the EU to establish its own path and relations with Moscow. Before he was born, it was Americans giving over their lives in defence of la liberté to the French of France in the Great Wars. THE AMERICANS WERE HONOUR-BOUND because it was the French of France who came to their aid against the British and the monopoly of the East India Company. But France’s leader, what’s his name again? ‘Mackerel’? ‘ Moron’? Oh! ‘Macr-on’. Sorry. That guy has no honour. If he did, he would not be behaving like Trump and destabilizing the very arrangement that saved France. If Macron does this with Russia, there may come a time when Russia comes knocking at France’s front door and, guess what?, the Americans won’t be around to help them.

If they were still around, I know that the Americans would help, even those with no honour, PRECISELY BECAUSE AMERICA STILL HAS HONOUR. Wait and see.

To President Macron, Vous êtes fou. Trés, trés fou. Vous êtes aussi pauvre en l’espirit. Je vais prier pour vous, maintenant, et pour la liberté de France, maintenant et eternement. 

20 January 2022

I am watching a video by Father Chris Alar – Explaining the Faith – Why the Church is Pro-Life: Understanding and Explaining It – I love his take on this. It is also very informative with respect to Roe v. Wade and other jurisprudential considerations and developments.

Please make time to watch Father Chris’ presentation. You can read my own take in To Be or Not To Be – It Depends on Who You Ask.

19 January 2022

I have been beating up the Wealth ‘classes’ around the World of late. I recognize that Wealth is a spiritual burden, as much as poverty is a material burden. The spiritual burden is ego.

Ego is a feature of all souls. Ego is a pathology of the soul. It causes the being it animates to act very much like a cancer does with respect to its environment: in the race to expand its presence and power, it kills the very host upon which its existence is wholly dependent.

All humans have ego. Some humans use this fact to control others: ego seeks to protect itself as much as to aggrandize its possessions and control over its environment. One secret to keeping folks from rebelling as you press them down further under your thumb is to keep them in a constant state of fear. Hello 24 hour news channels and ubiquitous display monitors. The other is to spy on them with and without their knowledge. That’s where the ubiquitous smartphones, satellites, and, one day, smart televisions will come in to play.

At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t matter who is among the ‘one percent’ because any one of us, were we of the ‘one percent’ rather than the class of the working poor, would be exactly the same and the World, our world, would be in exactly the same state we have brought it to today. That is how powerful ego is. As powerful as it is capable of misleading.


Headline 1: 102 millionaires, including Abigail Disney, have signed another letter asking governments around the world to raise their taxes – god bless the Disneys, who not only blessed the World, our world, and all of its children with The Magical World of Disney…I grew up with that program. God bless anyone who has money to spare or room to spare in ponderously large estates and who still believe their overarching responsibility is to the society, the land, and the people whom THEY ORGANIZED and who made them richer, AND NOT TO THEMSELVES. Beyond what the ‘lowest’ class (in our modern world, ‘low’ conflates with impoverishment).

Headline 2: Blinken vows ‘relentless’ diplomacy to avert Russian attack on the Ukraine –  Things appear to be heating up in the Ukraine. It does not appear that there is any latitude to insert a peacekeeping contingent between Russia and Ukraine, as I had hoped. Having said that, I pray our soldiers will stand beside the Ukrainians, shoulder-to-shoulder, and not only at ‘arm’s-length’.

Having said that, I wonder, ‘Is it the right thing to be praying for?’ If we stand directly against Russia, we will be in for quite a ride. If we do not, we only buy ourselves a little more time, at the price of watching the carnage unfold in Ukraine; and we will be facing off with Russia again at some point in the future, according to that regime’s schedule and convenience. It will go very badly for us and the World if we wait.

If we stand firm, NOW, Russia may, based on what they perceive the cost to their military and their nation would be, decide to save their nation from the catastrophe of war. If they believe the cost is too great even in victory, they will back off. But, the price Russia must pay for the malfeasances of its regime over the years, is to officially agree to never threaten the Ukraine again AND TO GET THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF THE CRIMEA.

Ukraine can agree, in return, to come to Russia’s aid, if some other country illegally makes war on Russia, even if it is coming from a resurrected Donald Trump presidency. No one, not even the new world order’s police force and patron, good ol’ Uncle Sam, is allowed to, on the basis of a temporary electoral insanity, shelve the international order whenever convenient.

AS FOR CHINA, that regime exemplifies the old ways as much as the modern neoliberal left exemplifies the new way, currently in vogue. China’s regime makes no attempt to come up with a ‘kinder, gentler, machinegun hand‘ as we do in the ‘free’ world. China makes no attempt to cover up the glorification of the state, its ongoing cultivation among its citizenry of blindness to god and culture, its neutering of the the racial unconscious, the key to its own future (and also the reason for its current success); its multipronged efforts to contain a young person’s dreams…

We of the West have invested  $ in order to distance ourselves from regimes such as China’s or Russia’s. But that is branding. A return on the expense is expected BY THE INVESTOR. Canadian Tire, for example, camouflages the fact they underpay  and overwork their employees (by making progressively fewer and fewer employees do progressively more and more work; as all corporations do on an ongoing basis) with their Jumpstart program (again, as all corporations are doing: they are stylizing themselves as the ‘good guys’, while the weight of their operations presses downward upon the livings of regular folks (meaning almost all of us), their children and communities, crushing them underfoot.

A Special Treat: Check out  ‘Honouring the Grandmother Moon’. For me, I feel vindicated in my assessment that those who were put last by others (the World’s Indigenous/Canada’s Indigenous by the investors behind the colonizers) will soon be looked to first for direction, by everyone in all the World, our world), to lead us back to the Light of god’s creation; away from the deepening darkness of human ego.

You can find out more about Grandmother Moon here.

18 January 2022

With respect to what is in the news today:

  1.  An ‘arms-length’ commitment from NATO to support Ukraine if Russia invades is unconscionable. We have seen how well things worked out for the Poland, Czechoslovakia, France…when we dithered against Hitler. Had we not back then, a young lady by the name of Anne Frank might have had the opportunity to see and live the good in the World, our world; but the World she was born into would not allow this young brave girl, who during the concealment from the Nazis managed somehow to dream and to play and imagine as children will, under the worst of circumstances…NATO needs to stand firm. NOW. Otherwise, Russia will continue to stage for invasion, one that will launch when at Russia’s convenience, according to Russia’s timing. What will we tell our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who fall during the initial onslaught, one that we should have been on site to prevent, as peacekeepers?
  2.  As for the COVID pandemic. Precisely because no one was willing to take strong political action, we remain in this mess after two years of trying. Our national government should have said, ‘This is what we are going to do:’
    1.  Replace global supply chain with domestic supply including substitutions, so that foods and medical supplies are secure.
    2.  Have the entire nation go into lockdown until enough folks are vaccinated to ensure hospitals are not overwhelmed (they should have been increasing capacity after the SARS outbreak, but did not when they had the chance and direction to do just that).
    3.  Screening for cancers, say, should not have been ordered or allowed to shutdown during lockdowns. Yes you are worried about healthcare workers, but, my Lord!, if someone has to wait until their cancer becomes a death sentence before they can treatment, well, hello?
    4.  Allow no travel in or out of the country. Period. Not until enough folks are vaccinated globally. Here is where a vaccination passport would be necessary. For international travel, not for domestic travel or going in and out of places, say, the local mall or restaurant. In those cases, it should not be necessary if we locked down long enough at home to give as many people as possible the time to get vaccinated.
    5.  As for keeping the economy in readiness for post-pandemic economic opportunity, the money that was doled out should not have gone to corporations at all, small businesses somewhat, to every working-aged man, woman, teen…why, totally…to the tune of a livable support.
    6.  Organize at the community/neighbourhood level the provision of services that the municipality provides, say, car rides for seniors, grocery shopping, snow shovelling, grass cutting, training locals in the arts of gerontology to help local elders stay at home for as long as they can…the list of opportunities for involvement and engagement at the community/neighbourhood level are as boundless as a child’s imagination!
  3.  Of course, there’s news China is blaming Canada for their getting Omicron. Hmmm. I’m still waiting for China to open up Wuhan Laboratory to investigators into the origin of COVID-19…tell you what, President Xi, we’ll investigate your charge that a letter from Canada had Omicron on it (NOT!) in exchange for an open and honest international investigation of the origin.

That’s it for ‘news’. My interest today is to point out a YouTube video featuring David Adair. I had never heard of him before either. Only 2 minutes into the video entitled David Adair: The Twelve Sites on the Moon That NASA Told Us Not To Go To – he begins talking about offers he’s receiving to do what he does, and that one of them is from a Middle Eastern group, another, Indonesian, with $Trillions available…the folks talking to him ‘one-percenters’. He also believes the one-percenters of the World (our world, not theirs) are divided into two groups in competition with one another: one group aspiring to keep all of the money and power to themselves and those who want to use their leverage their money to build an equitable and sustainable world. We would recognize these two groups as perhaps the Wealth backing the Chinese and Russian regimes vs. the Wealth backing the ‘West’.

I’ve only begun to watch but I felt obliged to press pause because what he says, IMO, must be the truth. We clearly see what China and Russia are capable of -our news media report on their activities ‘ religiously’. WHAT WE DON’T SEE IS WHAT OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS ARE DOING/PLANNING FOR THEIR OWN CITIZENS.

I fear that, in Fabian-like fashion, our governments could be ostentatiously leading us away from the totalitarianism/authoritarianism exemplified by China and Russia, purportedly in the direction of human rights, free speech, and equality, but that, in the end we will find ourselves face-to-face with China and Russia; BECAUSE without money in your pocket, you have no rights, you have no freedoms, and if you try to nap in a nice warm empty corporate building lobby, you will get kicked out by someone earning minimum wage and if you give that poor person too much grief, you could end up splayed on the cold sidewalk outside with an officer’s knee on your neck.

More and more of us will join the ranks of the poor and the working-poor. This will never work. Most of our Mount Olympians are too remote consciousness-wise to know what is needed by Canadian society today; they can only relate to money and profit.

But I know: Equality breeds cohesion and collaboration. Inequality breeds disunity and confrontation between groups over dwindling resources. Looking around my block yesterday during a major snowstorm clearly showed that COMMUNITY, boots on the ground as it were (not only in Canadian neighbourhoods but also in between a rapacious Russia and a Ukraine aspiring to self-determination), and just the kindness to offer a helping hand to your neighbour when you can see they might need it).

The Fabian objective is achieved by gradualism rather than a frontal assault. Clearly, in the U.S. and Canada and everywhere else, as time goes forward, more and more of what we say and do is open to monitoring. More and more of our liberties are threatened because everything we say and do is being funnelled through government ‘filters’. This is Wealth-class abetted erosion of liberty and democratic freedom. It will end up like workplace fascism: we pay your salary, we own your soul.

How is that any different than what Xi and Putin are offering? I would die in the defense of my country, Canada, my town, my community and neighbours against threat, BUT I WOULD NOT WANT TO DIE SO THAT A WEALTHY PERSON CAN BUY A FERRARI EVERY YEAR OR FLY AROUND THE EARTH FOR THAT MATTER!

Please give Canada back to the people who will die to defend her whenever she is threatened. Please end the demographic fracture, the divide along the dimension of income and wealth, by leveraging a tax regime that will produce a bell curve with respect to the distribution of incomes and wealth.

By removing THE GREATEST BARRIER TO INCLUSION KNOWN TO DEMOCRATIC MAN, Canadian will be reunited with Canadian (there is only one kind of ‘Canadian’), Canada reunited with her spirit of diversity and progressive nature (toward liberty and true democracy).

It was our First Nations folks who first welcomed the ‘white man’ to this land. They began a great tradition. A tradition of renewal.

As for the competing ‘one percenters’, they are not helping things.

17 January 2022

Given our news media appears to lack imagination for anything but to report fear-mongering news headlines, the latest COVID-19 standings (although remiss in reporting on when and how the ‘league’ got started in the first place, the sabre-rattling going on all over the World, our world)…I am changing things up a wee bit to report some spiritual headlines in lieu of the ones coming out of CBC, Reuters…[Aside: But, for a happy diversion, we are able to read about the Bezos and Bozos of the World squandering billions on a lark while we have families so desperate to escape warzones, they are loading up in leaky boats and drowning or ending up stranded in makeshift camps between national borders…but, stoically, the likes of Bezos build higher towers, bigger rockets, and buy more remote islands in order to remain above the squalor their lifestyles and mores are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR plunging everyone else into. If not now, your turn is coming.

As it is near now accomplished, the citizen’s quality of life, even the citizen’s life per se, will be wholly determined by Wealth.

Spiritual Headline 1: Acquisition is of the ego and ego is the side of the human spirit wherein Satan and Darkness reside – to ‘know’ one thing, one must know its opposite.

Spiritual Headline 2: Do not seek ‘god’ in your thoughts – god is not there – only Satan goes there. Whereas god respects the individual’s free will which god gave the individual, Satan only wants you to choose if you choose what Satan wants you to choose, and Satan is all about chaos.

Spiritual Headline 3: Wealth is a social institution, just like poverty is – both are social constructs. Neither exist in Nature. You only need look at the distribution of Wealth and Income within and among nations to discover that the Normal Distribution – the bell curve shape populations tend to take on in consideration of a particular characteristic – is being turned inside-out. The apex of the bell curve, is reversing into a trough. Soon, there will be no middle class at all, only a Wealth class and a Poor class. Patently un-Natural. Wholly Wealth-suborned.

Spiritual Headline 4: God is not dying. Satan is – what is happening in the World right now is Satan’s last desperate attempt to wrest control over Creation away from the creator. Wealth serves Satan these days. The Wealth-class does not steward as Nature/god intended for those who have extra, it is rather behaving like a cancer. Most un-Natural. Satan is eternally miffed at only being able to extend Creation in the creative act’s original spirit, which is love. Nothing can be created that is not created out of love because why would anyone want to create something which would cause them misery or pain? SATAN CANNOT FEEL LOVE. Satan can only feel desire. Ego. Because Satan cannot feel love, Satan cannot create, anymore than a fish can fly. He can only desire and Satan desires to be boss over everything. He cannot be ‘boss’ over anything he did not create and so he is destroying what god created and replacing it with something more to his personal taste and his ‘personal taste’ is to contradict the creator and Creation in every possible way.

When asked by John Milton, a contemporary of Shakespeare’s, why he is being such a bad-ass, Satan replied: ‘I’d rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.’

Apparently, in order to maintain his position of authority over the world he could not create himself, he would destroy it, in the end destroying what supports his own existence. Cancers do that. What thinking being would do that? And herein lies the rub:

Satan knows in his holy of holies that he will die. That death for him is inevitable, because SATAN IS EGO, more precisely, the Consciousness of Ego and the end of ego is death (but for that little bit which suffices to differentiate you from me and me from my dog, say). The weight of his own ego will prevent him from attaining presence (consciousness) in the beam of Light which is god the creator. His ego is that which binds him to the realm of forms and a feature of  this level of existence is constant change. All things taking on form are doomed to ‘die’ – but death needs to be redefined as a change, a doorway with something on the other side, and not the end of consciousness.

Satan wants to take consciousness of god away and replace it with consciousness of self. Satan wants to ‘elevate’ the ‘rights’ of the individual, but only in the MIND OF THE INDIVIDUAL. That way, if you are failing yourself, you will ‘think’ that you have nowhere and no one to turn to in your times of need. You will accept whatever Satan/Wealth offers you. Then he’s got you. Under his thumb. For all time maybe.

Does this sound familiar? Wealth in every nation of the World, in every culture, whatever, creates dependency among the poor by first creating poverty and then feeding their creation with more and more bodies, to increase consumption-to increase profits-to garner an artificially-elevated  lifestyle for themselves, in exchange for more police (to keep us safe) and more talk about how hard our politicians are working to address homelessness, poverty, and climate change.

As it is with Satan’s Hell, Wealth’s ‘society’ will perpetuate and deepen misery and we will look to our upper class more and more for help, as if they were the Stewards the creator intended for them to be.

If anyone of Wealth wonders what it is they are channeling, why it’s the devil, of course.

Spiritual Headline 5: We are one body in the creator. The creator asks for us to trust her – leave it all to mom. When has mom ever not been able to ‘kiss away’ our bo-bos?

16 January 2022

It’s Sunday! It’s a very, very cold Sunday here. Sunday mornings, of late, I have been tuning into the YouTube hosted videos uploaded by the Bishop, the Marionite Father, and the Cardinal.

Today, I gleaned a disturbing fact from one of these:

  1.   That anti-depressants use over the last few decades ramped up alarmingly, even among children. While I searched to verify this statement, I came across this Headline: Many Antidepressant Studies Found Tainted by Pharma Company Influence: Scientific American – doesn’t anyone see a problem when the Investor, operating from ‘behind the curtain’ as it were, dictates policy to society? I say this because no way in the realm of reason does any society permit a demographic (Wealth) to unilaterally create problems and market solutions to those problems in order to profit from them. The media and tv is enough to scare the bejeezus out of us and our kids: tv monitors are everywhere for all to see the daily ‘news’. Everywhere people wait (i.e. doctor’s office, subway platforms…) there is a monitor displaying the ‘news’. We can’t help but to be depressed by what we see. Our children can’t help but to be anxious.

Wealth cannot help it. For as long as wealth is an individual’s superordinate goal in life, the problems we face now can only deepen and compound. Wealth exists to profit itself. Wealth was intended to steward society.

If the head is dysfunctional, how will the body survive? AS IT IS, THE ‘HEAD’ IS GATHERING SOCIETY’S LIFEBLOOD, ‘MONEY’, UNTO ITSELF, RENDERING THE BODY AENEMIC AS ITS LIFEBLOOD POOLS WITHIN THE HEAD, RENDERING THE HEAD PATHOLOGICALLY INSANE. It cannot be otherwise. If Wealth does not willingly hand back power to the people (democracy = Parliament without the Whip, so that the Executive answers to Parliament and not to Wealth), we will soon arrive at another Guilded Age, and Thomas Piketty can tell you what comes next, and what comes next will not be pretty.

P.S. The movement against First-Past-The-Post is a deliberate ruse by Wealth to distract us from the real problem with our Parliament’s configuration. Proportional Representation will only mean more chaos at the people level, allowing Wealth, through the Executive-Whip configuration, to continue  to have its way by sewing division among the ‘lower’ class, setting lower class individuals against lower class individual, and watching it all happen at arms length. A Parliament united against the Executive/Whip will neuter Wealth’s control. A backbencher could table  a Private Member’s Bill to mothball the Whip, so that individual MPs can vote according to their conscience from now on. This will invite profound debate (and engagement) at the riding level; this being necessary to ensure the MP is properly reconciled with the riding they serve, and that the will of the people receives proper expression in Parliament. THIS IS BEGINNING TO SOUND QUITE SWISS. But not exactly!

With PR, governments can say, ‘okay, but so what?’. Be rid of the Whip, and if the government’s policy is not supported by enough MPs on whichever side, that government is done. We could end up electing a new government every other week, I suppose, but at some point, ego must defer to the greater good, and if we humans cannot find it within ourselves to put ourselves aside whenever what we want as individuals conflicts with the greater good, then we are lost anyways, and we can pass the days remaining to us and our Canada and our World by going to the polls, then home to watch the results, and to celebrate or drown your partisan sorrows; then do it all over and over and over again, until our final denouement.

When it comes down to ego, there is no set of rules apart from the Golden Rule to navigate such times and situations successfully.

2. That sports programs attracted 91% of us last year (time not exact). Father Chris Alar expressed his dismay in seeing what we find popular nowadays, and what we do not. He’s right.

But, our attraction to distraction, whether it be tv or drugs (or sex) or ‘rock-and-roll’ religion, is a deliberate motif on behalf of the ruling class/Wealth: Divide the people. Distract the people. Keep the people afraid and on the edge of their seats, focused on the chaos in the government, overtop of which our wealth Mount Olympians live out their own personal dramas…

…but do not worry…there will be the scraps from the masters’ tables….and we know what form those scraps will take…President Regan’s notion of ‘trickledown’ economics…what a sense of humour he had: we all know what tends to flows downhill…

p.s.s. Have a read of 5 Signs We are in the End Times.

I’ve just heard Father Chris say something really, really good: ‘When you honour the art, you honour the artist’. Perfect.

Now I put to you, when we honour the World, we honour its creator; when we elevate peace above war, we honour our military whose heroes put themselves between our enemies and ourselves, who die in defense of our liberty and values; but when we plunder the environment, reduce habitats, destroy the Commons or what’s left of it and privatize the rest, do we not DISHONOUR our creator, our paradise, our war heroes (not just ‘heroic’ but also young and, while laying sleepless in the muck and trenches, passing the time hoping to return home, but never did…), and the generations to come?

The militaries of the nations of the World, our world, may have a role to play now, BUT NOT to expand or defend their nation’s territory, but to defend the World, our world, AGAINST A PATENTLY CORRUPT AND PATHOLOGAL MINDSET AMONG ITS NATIONAL LEADERS, this, because Wealth  is our leadership (the folks operating from behind ‘the curtain’) and Wealth is calling the shots, now, as always. Only now, they do not behave at all like the Steward their wealth mandates. They only seek more wealth. Anything to do with social justice is simply lip service, or are Canadian Tire and Tim’s suddenly going to start paying a living  wage?

The militaries of the World are bound in service to their respective nations; not to a corrupted leadership, bound and determined to mine the bejeezus out of land, water, air, and society, just to be able to launch themselves into low orbit, say.

On this basis, if any one military receives the order ‘to attack’ anyone else, that military’s leadership should simply refuse the order and stand down. When the leader goes after the military’s commanders, the soldiers should rally in defense of their commanders. This amounts to  a coup, but, a civilian benevolent dictator would quickly replace the military’s umbrage over society to progress the job of steering the nation back toward sanity in leadership. A sunset clause on the institution of the ‘benevolent dictator’ will ensure progress to the last leg, true democracy of the people, by the people, and NOT BY WEALTH.

If no one is FIRST TO FIRE THEIR WEAPON, then there can be no killing. There can be no wars. It is up to us.

Free Will. Free to choose. Wealth has chosen. The ego of Wealth rules. For as long as Wealth rules, we will continue on the spiralling downward to the end of the Anthropocene.

Wealth is very powerful. It is powerful because it has been working, over the millennia, to garner wealth! hello? Because everyone knows that wealth is power. It’s a no-brainer. Only a response in equal proportion to the pressure Wealth exerts upon the nation and its citizens will suffice in turning the tide and generating flow in a sustainable and humanly proper direction.


And that is on the domestic front. On the global front, because the militaries of the World conspired together and refused to launch an attack upon a neighbouring nation, neither neighbour is harming the other because their militaries refuse to make war upon each other – too much killing and destruction and scaring little kids for them – instead, these militaries would stand together, facing each other along the borders, playing cards together, trading jokes, showing pictures of their sweethearts and their kids…what folks everywhere, of every ilk, tend to do…

…but mainly functioning to keep their insane leaders from one another’s throats…now we’re talking Peacekeepers, the role our Nobel Laureate Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson, imagined for the Canadian military, many years ago.

There is nothing new under the Sun. Militaries around the World, our world, throughout all history, were never intended to do murder, only to defend the innocent from the strong. That’s it. ‘Mike’ simply recognized/heard the creator’s wisdom when he invented a new role for the Canadian military, in Canada’s and the World’s service. That’s for militaries everywhere.

Ukraine-Russia. Israel-Iran. The U.S. – China. China – India. These are the loci of potential outbreaks around the World, certain to evolve to conflagration in very short order. TO THE SOLDIERS ALONG THESE FRONTS: If you receive the command to attack, sit down where you are, lay your weapon down across your lap, then wave to the soldiers on the other side and give them the thumbs up. You will be tested, challenged, and jailed. So will your replacements. BY YOUR OWN POLITICIANS/RULERS.

SO LONG AS WE REFUSE TO DO VIOLENCE TO OTHERS, THERE CAN BE NO MORE KILLING. ANYWHERE. The people will stand with their military and their military will act in accordance to its nature: to defend democracy and liberty against threat from without and from within.

The Great Soul of India, the Mahatma, showed us the way forward. Satyagraha.

The Great Beatle, John Lennon showed us the way forward in All’s You Need Is Love;  in Working Class Hero; in Give Peace a Chance.

In the abstraction, it is god’s love for creation and humankind, Agape.

15 January 2022

Headline 1: GE suspends COVID-19 vaccine or test requirement after U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling – the bench is predominantly conservative. I lean left, but I see the wisdom in the court’s decision. Given that we cannot contain the spread of COVID-19 anymore than we can the common cold (a virus is a virus), the requirement for employees to submit against their will or lose their livelihood, is both draconian, stupid, ineffective, likely to create more problems than it will solve…and wrong!

However, the court’s notion to support keeping unvaccinated folks away hospitals, LTCs, shelters, etc. because of the vulnerability of folks working/living in these settings, I completely agree with.

Headline 2: Canadian foreign minister to visit Ukraine, vows to deter Russian aggression – Wow! That’s the way to step up to the plate! But wait! The article goes on to  threaten Russia, that ‘any military incursion into the Ukraine would have serious consequences, including coordinated sanctions‘. Really? ‘Coordinated sanctions?’ That serious? You plan to defend the Ukrainian people by ‘fining’  Russia? The Russians already took the Crimea from the Ukraine. How well has ‘fining’ Russia worked for the Ukraine there? Stop the talk and start the walk. Alright, already.

Put our soldiers, our Peacekeepers, between the Russian line and the Ukrainian line as it now stands. If Russia still wants to move on the Ukraine, they will know, without any equivocation, that they will invite total war upon Russia and total annihilation. NO ONE WANTS ANYTHING LIKE THAT OF COURSE.

14 January 2022

Before delving into today’s rant, I want to make mention of a series on Amazon Prime (and no, I don’t earn a commission for saying this): Dystopia. I’ve only just begun to watch. After 5 minutes, I’ve twice exclaimed: ‘That’s exactly what’s happening right now’. See if you agree. Either way, here’s an Atlantic piece on how Amazon Prime is contributing to our dystopic future (Isn’t it ironic?).

I think I’m cancelling Prime now. I have no vehicle and so I cannot cancel Amazon altogether, but I will have to use it (sparingly) if I do not have Prime and its ‘free shipping’. I am a mile from the grocery store but an hour’s walk from the nearest ‘we’ve got everything mall’ or hardware store. I am also on a limited budget and I cannot pay several dollars more for things local for the sake of buying local.

It would be nice tho, if someone local would hire me, part time…for three years I have tried to find work here and no one, not Walmart, not Dollarama or DollarTree or Rexall or Canada Post or Food Basics…wanted to hire me…I would remind local retailers that ‘community’ works both ways, and even if hiring one or two extra people would result in lesser profit, it would also mean more purchasing power for folks like me and less stress on the job for those who now do the work of two or more hires.

Headline 1: This Ontario high school teacher mailed handwritten letters to each of her 80 students. Here’s why – this is heart-warming.

Is there any honour left in the World, our world? The ‘great’ and ‘powerful’ rulers of the world do not have it within themselves to spare innocent people the misery of war:

Headline 2: ‘Be afraid’: Ukraine hit by cyberattack, Russia moves more troops – the Russians blanket-bombed Ukrainian government employees. They want to scare the bejeezus out of them. They act as if  the Ukrainians are the invaders. They act like Xi’s China is acting: like wolves pretending to be sheep in a B-movie. There is no honour in this.

Observation: With respect to lack of honour, ‘the scraps from the master’s table’ have made it all the way down to the family level. This is why Wealth must act as society’s stewards, setting a good example for citizens, rather than decreeing one value-system for citizens while they act according to a different, self-serving set of principles: we will inherit Wealth’s values by their example, but not any wealth.

When the division of inheritance is at issue, note the difference in approach among the siblings who earn at a higher level, compared to those whose incomes can support a more ‘ ascetic’ lifestyle.

When it comes down to money, that is when our ‘true colours’ emerge. Let us pick up the baton, given us by the war generations, in the cause of liberty. In this case, our cause is against the cause of our misery: the existence of a Wealth class (a feature of democracy is a middle class). There can be wealthy people but not a whole class of them, with a big ditch between them and everyone else. We have evolved beyond the necessity of having a ruling class. China has too. In both cases, Wealth does not want to let go of power. But it must, otherwise the World, our world, will continue to spiral downwards to the close of the Anthropocene.

‘Blessed are the poor…and the peacemakers…’ Jesus was purported to have said (and the Jesus I believe in would have said this). I understand now what that really means. If money is the overarching objective, there will never be peace in the World. Only misery.

Suborned by the elevation of appearance over reality, this at the behest of the Wealth class, in order to maintain its hegemony over ‘democratic’ society. Should we Canadians rid ourselves of the Executive/Whip so that Parliament directs the Executive, rather than the Executive and PMO directing Parliament, why, we will have our democracy back again. Should the U.N. rid itself of the Security Council Veto, it too will become democratic.

IT IS ONLY BECAUSE IN BOTH SYSTEMS CERTAIN ELEMENTS HAVE POWER OVER THE GOVERNING BODY PER SE that the Wealth classes around the globe have power over democracies and over autocracies for that matter. In either case, it’s the same ilk of individuals who simply prefer to ‘see’ a different kind of monster in the mirror; a matter of taste. These individuals do not aspire to serve in the Mandelaian sense: ‘Some leaders think the nation exists to serve them, but the leader’s position exists to serve their people.‘ or something to that effect is what that great soul, Nelson Mandela once said.

Question: How is it possible to have democracy if any one group or individual has hegemony over it?

Answer: Make people think they have democracy when actually they don’t. Appearance and Reality. For more information on the theme, consult with the Great Bard. That’s how little the World has changed in over 400 years.

13 January 2022

No headlines for now. A brief scan was enough cause for me to put that off and just move on to something more rational, like taking apart a four-post bedframe for my dad.

The headlines are full of misery and threats of all-out war. The constant inundation of bad news keeps our egos close to the surface. Consequently, we are kept in a constant state of hyper-reactivity; prone to making every situation we are involved in worse. We are not ‘listening’ to one another. We are not ‘speaking’ to one another.

Challenge of the day (and of the times): Find a way to detach from ego, for long enough so that your ego doesn’t add more negative to situations and events, whatever they may be. One of my sisters told me recently that thanking folks for ‘peeing you off’ is one way. At the time, I didn’t believe her. I admit this morning to thanking her for peeing me off only yesterday. I found myself doing so in all sincerity because I found a way out of a situation which, although not of my making, was troubling me by the way in which it was evolving; involving me and our siblings.

I had found a way to be at peace with the situation and to move on.

p.s. If anyone has a method of detachment from ego that works ‘in the heat’ as it were, please write in.

Observation: Has anyone noticed the modern way of speaking? Wherein the labels of ‘love’ are applied to the operatives of someone’s self-serving, egoic agenda? example: Canadian Tire’s and Tim’s kids programs [but the government is doing it too, beginning with the Residential Schools business and their insistence on demonizing the Church(falsely) rather than miscreant individuals (truly)]. IMO, this is to elevate the maintenance of appearance over reality. for example: Canadian Tire and Tim’s could pay their employees more so that they are no longer ‘the working-poor’ and can actually afford to put their kids into hockey on their own, rather than having to experience the demeaning process of asking for the money from someone else.

Appearance and Reality was a major theme in Shakespeare. The Great Bard wrote when Queen Elizabeth was Queen…the first Elizabeth, more than 400 years ago. Wealth was the reason then (albeit Shakespeare would be out of a job had he said so directly); wealth is the reason now.

Our wealthy folks are shameless. Their ego is so intellectually and spiritually blinding that they do not know what they are doing. When one of them is chosen to lead us and they mess up along the way, why, they are summarily replaced, without due process, but guess what? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

Even within families it can be so. Our nation’s social problems could be fixed in an instant if Wealth wanted to pony up. Our nation’s environmental problems will take quite a lot longer. Same for the World, our world.

Jesus had to have existed because the scene with Pilate before the crowd was too insane to be made up. The crowd wanted blood. But Barabbas was more like ‘one of the crowd’ than Jesus. Jesus was some weirdo who went around healing and caring for people he didn’t even know before he helped them…he had no personal agenda, save for his motivation to help others and his nation and the World out of its profound and ubiquitous misery. His motivation was to serve god. That’s it. Because that’s all he wanted, he channeled god to us without his ego getting in the way or corrupting god’s message to humans. Because Jesus channeled god purely and truly, god was able to heal through Jesus.

IMO, what the world needs now (besides ‘love sweet love’ that is, is the guidance of the Golden Rule (all religions have it) and someone with the balls to go to bat for god and humans and this beautiful world Wealth is continuing to trash while paying us just enough to do it for them.

Another Observation: Ego is NOT all that we are. We can be ego-conscious; this is being aware of what’s going on inside our noodles. We can also be conscious of what is going on outside of our noodles; the place where god really is…and that’s everywhere EXCEPT in the noodle/between the ears.

God is not there because that’s where we make decisions, on the basis of the free will god gave us all. Because god gave us free will, god would recuse her/himself from being in the place where choice is being executed. She/he would respect our personal space, even when it gets used to hurt others (and god will feel all the hurt).

Satan will not. Satan operates under the cover of darkness, under the cover of ego-consciousness. You cannot tell who is speaking in the darkness of your head. Your thoughts are not you and you are not your thoughts. What comes out of your words and deeds are the fruits of your choices, of your free will, and that is what characterizes you. That is what the creator sees and feels in his/her heart.

The ruling class won’t either. They want us to be reactive as our ground state. In particular, they want us to react in a certain way to certain events. To do that, they must get inside our heads and keep our attention directed toward the inside. This is their preferred way to maintain control without having to involve our police folks and/or military to ‘keep the peace.’ Have a gander at George Lakoff’s The Political Mind.

As for those who react in a way our ruling class will not tolerate, why, that’s when the police/military will become involved.

But – there may be some light yet. Now, I began by saying ‘no headlines’ but, now I see one that I need to cite because it may vet my opinion with respect to how our democracy has been usurped by Wealth in Canada…

Headline 1: The tragedy of the (House of) Commons – ‘What Canada needs is a term that makes it clear the elected will of the people is not in any way subsidiary to the Senate, the Privy Council, or the executive.’ says the author of this opinion piece.

I agree wholly with him with respect to the executive. I disagree, just as strongly, that this applies to the Senate. We need the Senate to remain unelected, or it too will be rendered susceptible to politicization. We just need to put decent folks, like Hugh Segal was, in those positions. He likely has money, but he seems more the wealthy steward of society type and not the smug, socially rapacious, cow pies we have for ‘first citizens’ now; enamoured with their own smell, hoping to be admired by the folks their lifestyles crush underfoot. Hey Jeff, there must have been a child somewhere in Florida or wherever you launched from, happy to see his mom take a break from rummaging through the garbage for food and toys to point up excitedly at the sky as your $5B space ride began…

I hope you waved back.

12 January 2022

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with one of my children. She is an extraordinarily bright young woman and quite representative of a whole generation of young people who are likewise quite discerning for their  years; as much as our generation appears to lack discernment with respect to what is happening in the World.

Somehow, we appear to have fractionated into two groups: wealth (and what they want for themselves) and everyone else. Those who have more money and those who have less, and the hierarchical ‘us and them’ constellation the distribution of wealth implies. Opportunity becomes commensurate with wealth in a society wherein NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENS WITHOUT MONEY CHANGING HANDS.

When this is the case, and you do not have money, why, you do nothing and consequently are nothing of value to anyone.

Conversely, when this is the case and you do have money , why, you can use your money to make work for others IF THAT WORK WILL INCREASE YOUR HOLDINGS. Whether or not you remunerate properly with respect to the value of the work is immaterial to increasing your holdings. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Now, we have corporations, which are front piece investment vehicles. THEY DO NOT EXIST in order to allow kids to play hockey. CORPORATIONS EXIST TO ALLOW INVESTORS TO INCREASE THEIR WEALTH. duh! But Canadian Tire will remind you of their community ‘service’ and so will Tim’s.

NEITHER will admit that, for the corporation to be truly social , they would be integrated within the social weal rather than simply branding themselves that way in order to present a nicer, more palatable front to customers (Appearance and Reality). The fact is, the economic dynamic that suborns the existence of corporations is a construct of Wealth, designed to maintain and expand the Wealth class’s control over a nation’s resources and means of wealth creation and generation.

THIS ACROSS GENERATIONS. The long game began when an American railroad corporation, after several tries and with the help of a court reporter’s ‘typo’, gained personhood in the eyes of the law (as egregiously false as our jurisprudence was in declaring  a fetus non-human until he/she is separated from the mother). INVESTORS ARE THE PROBLEM AND CORPORATIONS FACILITATE THE IMPOVERISHMENT OF WORKERS AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT AS THEY PLAY ONE NATION’S DESPERATION FOR REVENUE AGAINST ANOTHER’S; AS THEY PLAY OFF ONE EMPLOYEE/JOB SEEKER’S DESPERATION TO FIND AND KEEP A JOB AGAINST ANOTHER’S.

Corporations abet the inversion of the Normal Distribution bell-curve. A Normal Distribution, wherein 95% of the population falls within 2 sigma of the mean value, is a feature of a population or society in good health along that particular dimension.

Respecting the distribution of wealth in society, if the nation’s wealth is not under the control of those citizens earning/holding between +2sigma and -2sigma of the nations mean income/wealth; if the distribution is depressed in the middle, it is showing a society that features inequality and division. As citizens fractionate toward either wealth or poverty, why the ends of the curve will rise, implying more wealth folks and more poor folks, the middle (OUR PM’S VAUNTED MIDDLE CLASS) will lower. Eventually, there will be no middle class.

But the MC is THE ECONOMIC FOUNDATION OF DEMOCRACY. Without a middle class, we cannot have democracy because Wealth will be calling the shots through our Parliament’s Executive, subjecting Parliament via the Whip, because MONEY is political POWER.

But money is NOT SOCIAL POWER. The citizen could simply boycott the government until the government gets back on its democratic rails, wherein, business and business people serve and steward society rather than rape the bejeezus out of it and out of citizens rather than grow a GDP which is growing their POWER OVER SOCIETY rather than serve.

I have read that the Federal NDP did NOT make Universal Basic Income a condition of supporting the Liberal government. I WILL NOT BE SUPPORTING THE NDP. Their vision is the Liberal’s neoliberal vision which is a modern departure from the original liberal vision, conflating equality of opportunity with democracy.

As for my child: her generation appears to have been sucked in by the neoliberal Brave New World agenda. I understand her to see corporations as an integral feature of a liberal and free society. She has grown up hearing this (but not from me! ); naturally, because her generation has not been around for as long as mine, she has no context for comparison, whereas ours does: I remember how things were and how things changed, moreover, how these changes was wrought by our social engineers, to wit: those who are serving Wealth’s objectives.

Conceptually, our young people ARE THE FUTURE. Conceptually, our generation is behind there’s, going forward. as a society even though in terms of individual progress, the young are behind. What we have learned during our generation’s tenure we want to leave as our legacy. WE CANNOT MAKE THEIR WORLD FOR THEM. It is for them to do. BUT WEALTH WANTS CONTROL OVER THAT WORLD TOO…

‘Battle lines being drawn, 

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.

Young people speaking their minds are getting so much resistance, 

From behind…’

I finally get it…

Remember Bobby Riggs? Here is a bona fide example of positive social progress (gender equality) usurped by Wealth to increase the competition FOR JOBS, thereby allowing Wealth to pay everyone less and keep more for themselves; not to mention, to force parents into handing their kids off to the State at an age much earlier than Kindergarten, well before their personalities are set, so that Wealth can set their personalities to suborn the continued existence of the Wealth class.

Starting early with daycare, they can be conditioned to accept the provisions of the Wealth class as if they were their own. Brave New World, because it is Wealth creating social policy, not their national governments. Once we complete all of the trade agreements, it will be tribunals determining the LEGALITY (from the perspective of these trade agreements) OF A NATION’S SOCIAL P0LICY.

Corporate societies CANNOT BE the form the society takes on if the society aspires to continue to exist. When the distribution of Wealth (and the distribution of power this implies) in society becomes a deepening trough as opposed to a rising hill, why, eventually the sides will become too steep for the trough to maintain itself and both sides will collapse into the middle, CATASTROPHICALLY.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Were Wealth to do what Wealth BY NATURE IS SUPPOSED TO DO, is to look to ways and means to redistribute their Wealth with one eye always toward the future.

Musk can have his day in Space, but he need not be the richest citizen in the World to do that. And Bezos need not squander 5B to take a 10 minute romp into low orbit, to show to the World that he had some great ideas (he also had some incredibly stupid ones, like the arrangement he had with China).

Money is about control. Ideas don’t cost money. Ideas are how societies are renewed and refreshed along with immigration (but not Wealth using immigration to advantage itself but rather to advantage our society: remember, Canada’s has a tradition of immigration, begun by our founding peoples: the Indigenous, and this is of the creator, because her/his operative is diversity.

Wealth has the money. Its goal is to have more. duh. In order to maintain its control over society while they enervate those below them by leaving less and less money for them, they need to control our ways of thinking, our reactions, OUR EGOS. This is where fear-based governing thru the media outlets (media folks answer to editors who answer to media owners who pay them) and the lack of real accountability to Parliament (because of the Executive and the Whip) and the citizen come into play. We react certain ways and we often don’t know why. [Aside: I would aver the reason for this is of a similar ilk to that for the Subliminal Advertising I heard of from one of my elementary school teachers back in the ’60s, wherein, because of a brief interpolation onscreen, you’d suddenly find yourself thirsty for a Coke, say].

Money facilitates control over society but is not, in and of itself, of any substance if the citizen collectively DOES NOT BUY INTO IT. For example, we could all just turn off our tvs and stay home from work and read a book, until our governments get it together with respect to who holds power. In a democracy, there can be no Executive because the tolerance of such an institution makes possible the fracture and control over society into ‘us and them’.

In a true democracy, a burgeoning middle class is a required feature. B.E.L.L. C.U.R.V.E.

p.s. Watch Bishop Emmanuel’s talk Journey With Christ Part 9. At the 1:11 minute mark, or thereabouts, he states clearly the relationship between god the creator and the Christ and Jesus. Here he says that we are part of the ‘body of Christ’, not the ‘body of Jesus’. I interpret his meaning here to be akin to my own take on Jesus: Jesus channeled the Christ fully and without his ego getting in the way for the most part (turning over the money tables was a reaction coming of Jesus’ ego; likewise his doubts in the Garden of Gethsemane). He did not perfectly channel the Christ but the Christ he did channel was perfect. This is why we can take what Jesus told us to the bank.

And do not kid yourself, Jesus did contravene the law of Moses given to Moses by the ‘God of the Old Testament’ whom, I am inclined to believe (and the Gnostics concur) was Satan posing as the creator.  The I AM is consciousness. Consciousness is of either the Light of Creation or the Darkness  and destruction of Ego.

In Genesis, the creator would not have ordered the Hebrews to slaughter every man, woman, and child denizen of Canaan in order to make room for the Hebrews (the creator had made them out of love, as she/he did the Hebrews). In fact, the movie Abraham, if true to the biblical account, would not have presented the outcome of the confrontation between Abraham and the Canaanites as being, ‘Your enemies are my enemies, and my enemies are your enemies’…

10 January 2022

Headline 1: U.S. – Russia Talks on Ukraine: Live Updates – Going to be reading this with great interest. I get that Ukraine is important in Putin’s mind but that is irrelevant. This is the Ukraine’s choice. I do not believe that promising not to allow other Russian neighbours into NATO is the way forward because nations must choose for themselves and NOT At GUNPOINT.

Russia’s Putin also has a choice. He can continue with his plan to continue to dominate others to advance Russian ‘interests’, provoke a war, and be responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents, OR, he can embrace the ‘West’ and annihilate the East-West divide by globalizing rather than trying to kill half of it off, à la Xi.

…and then the citizen, the human individual, need only concern themselves with the form globalization takes on.

Will it be the Eden our creator intended for us to live in, and extend Creation, each in our own way, guided by the Golden Rule, to the utter appreciation and joy in our creator’s Heart, or will we continue to deepen the human misery suborned by Wealth to the point where the lid will close on us and the Anthropocene ends?

Prayers in whatever way you pray, for our world and the World’s children.

9 January 2022

The headlines of late, taken together, are quite disquieting. War is threatening to erupt on several fronts.

Headline 1: No concessions: Russia takes hard line before vital talks with U.S. – someone will have to back off here. Who will it be? Russia? The U.S.? BOTH WRONG. It’s ego that has to back off, both Putin’s and Biden’s. IT IS UP TO THE UKRAINE. It’s their territory that is in question. If the Ukrainians are willing to fight and die for the Crimea etc., the U.S. and NATO will come to their aid as they are sworn to do. No ego in that.

And that’s Russia-Ukraine. There are also potential fronts between Israel-Iran (and those caught in between them), China-Taiwan (and their allies), and there are regional wars all over.

As concerning as it is to have sovereign nations threatening to duke it out (along with all of the personal liberties citizens on both sides will lose during and after, should any survive), it is of equal concern to know that, while this is all being threatened (and we are sure to hear about it in the media), we have our own ruling class/government trying to kill religion…the ‘other guy’…because they do not want our loyalties to be divided between the Wealth class and god, or our values, for that matter.

Earn! Earn! Earn! Consume! Consume! Consume! Always spend faster than you earn so that you are always in debt and under the thumb of the ones who pay your salary. Do this, and the mechanisms by which Wealth gets wealthier and builds societal control for itself are preserved and in maintained in good working order.

Headline 2: ‘Gone by 2040’: Why some religions are declining in Canada faster than ever – the headline text itself is enough to downgrade ‘Faith’ to the level of a passing phenomenon; a fad on its last leg. Another offering is a news video by ‘an expert’ who has studied the subject and concluded that the Anglican church will run out of members by then. How can anyone know this? Much less determine this ’empirically’? Hello?

We came from god. God’s been around a lot longer than we or Global Media (or their experts) have been. Enough already.

Headline 3: Canada working on new China strategy, Joly says, as PM calls out Beijing’s ‘coercive diplomacy’ – as much as the PM has peed me off over his neoliberalist attacks on the Church, and as much as he is complicit in progressing the neoliberal agenda of Wealth on his Watch (every PM/Government Executive since after Chrétien seems to have been on the neoliberal bandwagon), I like that our PM has enough ‘brass’ to face up to Xi. I’m waiting for him to whip out his F-16 to show Xi the perils of contracting China’s military hardware development to Tonka, rather than Lockheed Martin (for example). Seriously though, we need to stand firm against Xi’s China and stay the course.

A world divided between ‘East’ and ‘West’ is a perilous configuration; one that is, of its nature, as destabilizing as the subduction of tectonic plates. If only we were to be friends, collaborators. If only our own societies were cohesive, rather than divided and manipulated along the lines of wealth. Individual citizens are divided within themselves between ego and doing the right thing (the Golden Rule). Collections of individuals, communities and nations, are divided into ‘us and them’. Everything is divided.

WEALTH is the dividing line. You have or you don’t have. Inclusion or exclusion. ALL IS DETERMINED BY HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE. Without money, you do not have anything; not even what was given you by the creator: fresh air, clean water, shelter safe, warm, and dry, and a full belly…

On the other side of COVID-19, I fear there will be war. On the other side of war, I am not certain if there will be anything; but I am certain that, if Wealth survives intact, Satan’s attack upon the creator will have been fait d’accompli on the ‘humanity front’.  The closer one is to the top of Wealth’s pyramid of power over society, the closer one is to the ‘god’ that Wealth serves.

The World Wealth has created is a world of misery FOR EVERYONE without money. Money is the vehicle through which Wealth’s power is felt, its control exercised, at every level in society.

Bob Dylan sings, ‘You’re gonna have to serve somebody’. ‘it may be the devil or it may be the lord…’ Satan wants control over god, the way a cancer wants control over the body. Satan wants to kill god. I think cancers, like Wealth, are simply too stupid to realize that their growth is killing their respective hosts. Neither Wealth or cancers understand that for them to have control implies death for society (in Wealth’s case) and for the human body (in cancer’s case).

5 January 2022

Headline: The province and the pandemic: What to watch for in 2022 – A fine opinion piece. The Ontario government’s restriction on ‘non-urgent’ care is plainly callous and inhumane; serving no purpose apart from being illustrative of a deep pathology affecting our decision-makers.

IT IS TRUE that if I go for a colonoscopy exam to see if I have a pre-cancerous condition and fix it, I could potentially bring or catch the virus at the medical centre. IT IS ALSO TRUE that if I catch Omicron/COVID-19, I could potentially end up in the hospital. IT IS THEREFORE A REAL CONCERN that our hospitals will be overwhelmed.

[WE WERE WARNED of the inadequacies in our healthcare system with respect to pandemics  when SARS broke in ’97. We did very little. We had other things to spend our money on; in comparison to what the decision-makers saved back in those days, how much expense have we incurred after 2 years plus of COVID-19? How much of that money did you, a citizen see, and how much ended up in the pockets of investors in corporations? HOW MUCH?]

To decree that ‘non-urgent’ care be put on hold to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, telling citizens to cross their fingers and hope it isn’t cancer, or hope it doesn’t progress so far that it becomes untreatable, WHEN THE GOVERNMENT DECIDES to lift the moratorium, is like telling firefighters not to fight house fires but to save their water in case a  forest fire break out somewhere…think about this, what that says about the chances of those hapless homeowners are accorded, because of the chances of a forest fire.

In real life, our fire fighters would fight the home fires while at the same time monitor and proactively reduce heightening risks of forest fires to the best of their capability. IN REAL GOVERNMENT, the money would be provided so that our firefighters COULD ACT TO THE BEST OF THEIR CAPABILITY. But, that would mean a little less in the coffers of the wealthy.

If government were to actually lead, rather than act as facilitators for Wealth, the $ would be there already for building capacity, including hiring/training many more staff (I would have worked, and I am now retirement-aged).

The money should have been put on the table from the get-go, IMO. Instead we played games with a pandemic we didn’t know much about (“let’s see what happens when we go half-capacity in public venues”), which caught us with our pants down (though we were warned), caused us to overwhelm healthcare staff (putting them in a situation where they have to perform at 150% when they are themselves feeling 50%), and now, in order to ‘fix’ the hospital capacity problem in the offing, our government has determined IT IS BETTER TO LET PEOPLE DIE.

In the short term, it is better for Wealth/government to write us a blank cheque on hospital capacity. Build temporary. Then permanent. Hire. Hire. Hire. Train. Train. Train. (um, I’ll work. I need the money. CALL ME! ).

In parallel, restore all ‘non-urgent’ care that has a time factor. DO NOT DELAY procedures/screening for anything that, if it were allowed time, would kill. Then, as capacity is increased, bring back progressively more non-urgent services.

There is no way our government or its agencies in a democracy should be permitted to relegate citizens to Death Row, let them sit there for months, praying their sentence is commutated (the opening of a hospital space)  before what they might have kills them. What a way to have to live.

We don’t even know how COVID-19 began. AFTER TWO YEARS. But they managed to develop vaccines and pills in record-breaking time. I doubt if any generation before ours or after, will ever see such a quick turnaround between an outbreak and the development of a vaccine properly vetted TO ENSURE IT IS SAFE, especially for children, because THEY WILL BEAR ANY SIDE EFFECTS FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.

Remember thalidomide.

It appears we forgot that lesson too, right along with those learned from SARS.

IMO, our ‘leaders’ determined that, to properly respond, they would have to put people before profits, and that that policy could decimate a whole demographic: the Wealth class.

IMO, no problem. We have already manufactured a new class, the ‘working-poor’. We could shift everyone upwards to fill the vacuum. We could elevate the working-poor to middle class, the poor to lower middle class (dispensing with the poverty demographic, altogether), and bring the upper class closer to the middle group as the ‘upper middle class’.

Wealth is now faces the reality that they have to give much of their wealth back to the nation or the nation WILL COLLAPSE. This is tantamount to you being told to give back much of your savings to the ‘public purse’. We all know how our egos would react.

But working people, retired people, poor people are not being asked to give back. Wealth is.

Wealth’s coin purchases power FOR THEM over society and not just an extra mansion or snowbird excursion. That means, power over government Executives and policy.

3 January 2022

You just never know when the folks who are special to you are going to be called to go home. Today is a sad day for my family, save one; but for that one, it is a very happy day. Free from the shackles of form, he is one of the Angels now, and reunited with the love of his life, at long last.

Home at last.

1 January 2022

Wishing you the best throughout our new year. ‘God bless us, everyone’ – in the words of Tiny Tim. The last line of a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

The movie’s message, IMO, is the message of the Christ -the Word of the Creator- to humankind, expressing the Mind and the Heart of the Creator, to each of us, in a way each one of us can understand. The ‘person’  of the Creator, to wit: the Mind (Consciousness: the I AM), the Heart (the Holy Spirit), and the Word (being the material expression of the Mind and Heart of the Creator) is unbounded. It must be ‘tailored’ to the time, place, and culture in which the Creator expresses his/her self for his/her Word to be understood, IMO.

To kick off the New Year, I watched Bishop Mari Emmanuel give a talk on the End of Times Church – very near the end of yet another wonderful sermon, the Bishop became overwhelmed with emotion, dropped to his Knees and cried. Can anyone doubt his sincerity, or that he invests so much of himself into making the world a better place? Same goes for Cardinal Collins and for Father Chris Alar.

None of the above knows all about god and they will be the first to admit it. Whether you dispute the specifics or not (say, you are a questioner like myself or you follow a different Faith), IMO it’s irrelevant. Given the boundlessness of the creator, why, we could all be right!

WHAT IS RELEVANT is that they are all sincere. They are guileless. What you see is what you get. You don’t have to agree with them on every point. They will all remind you that god gave you FREE WILL to choose, AND, as the good Bishop states in his sermon, we choose whether to live in the light of Christ or under the foot of Satan; or, as Bob Dylan sings, ‘It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody…‘ In my manuscript, I characterize ego as being in the unwitting service of the devil.

With today’s politics and all of its self-aggrandizing hidden-agenda folks, what you see is, too often, precisely what you don’t get.

Headline 1: Taiwan leader urges China to curb ‘military adventurism’ – Chinese loyalists made their last stand in Taiwan, to save the great Chinese culture from its ‘ People’s Revolution’. Modern China, as amazingly resourceful as it is, has not given a whole lot to the World compared to how it has enriched the World, our world, since its inception, some millennia ago. The Great Wall is the only man made object visible from Orbit and when was that built!

IMO, what Xi aspires to, the reunification of the ‘motherland’ can go either way: China has ‘authority’  only of the ilk their military can ‘claim’, whereas the Taiwanese-Chinese have the ‘moral authority’ to demand that China submit to Taiwan’s democracy, which would then be China’s democracy, the Uighur democracy, the Falun democracy…

IMO, Xi has shown his heart. It bleeds for China, just as Putin’s bleeds for Russia.

Were they to drop the ego and Brave New World crap (that goes for us in the West too), our children will come to inherit from us a world of opportunity for joy as boundless as the entity that made it, instead of a pile of refuse and ashes.

p.s. There’s a great Opinion piece in today’s NYTimes: Climate Change’s Effects on 193 Countries. Among them, an actress from India, who eloquently pleads for the nations of the world to get it together and reduce emissions. India is the second most populous country in the World. Even the actress doesn’t call out the elephant in the room:

Overpopulation. Reduce our numbers and the effect of our presence is reduced commensurately. hello?

The actress doesn’t mention it because no one ever talks about it because the media doesn’t talk about it…the solution is simple, but it evades us because THERE’S NO MONEY TO BE MADE IN REDUCING POPULATION and our ruling classes would lose the lever ($$$) they use to maintain their hegemony over us.