China: First the ‘Amazon’, then Taiwan, and then the World…


Here’s my sad tale:

I am Canadian. I have no car. I need to buy things, and so, Amazon is my go-to option. They have been good to me, over the years…the trouble is, it is extraordinarily difficult to find something on Amazon that isn’t MADE IN CHINA.

But now, the news out of China is profoundly disgruntling to anyone with a functional heart in their chest; especially now, given its lame silence over it’s buddy’s shelling the shit out of Ukraine. It is difficult for me to know that my $$$ are ending up in China.

China’s Xi  fancies itself to be a regime that has SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE TO CHINA AND THE WORLD, when in fact it is the SPOILED CHILD OF A FAILED ‘PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION’, that now has its hands on the wheel of the car…without having a clue how to drive. This child only knows how to press on the gas. The People’s Revolution has not yet figured out how to take the transmission out of Reverse. THEY ARE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Xi is driving China right over the cliff.

Today, after several attempts to find doggie pee pads that are not made in China, but are comparable in price, I finally come upon a product on by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

I think to myself, ‘Eureka!’. They were twice the cost of what I had been buying locally from Dollarama (they get theirs from China too), but, this was way better than what Glad or some German outfit or a British outfit were charging on Amazon, so I bit my lip and made to click on <Add to Cart>.

But wait! On a lark I <Page Down> to the Place of Origin/Mfr…


Alright, that’s it. I GIVE!

[I hope they change this…their website shopping page says, Peace For Ukraine. The AKC is donating their profits to the Ukraine! WONDERFUL. But I wonder if they remember the pee pads sold under their brand are coming from China? China could stop the rape of Ukraine WITH ONE PHONE CALL, but will not pick up the phone, just like they wouldn’t when they got the first whiff of COVID-19.]

I’m back to Amazon now, looking into washable pee pads. Good for the environment. I am thinking that if I can find one at a reasonable price, and NOT made in China, I’m going to do that, BECAUSE THAT IS GOOD FOR UKRAINE, CANADA, AND THE WORLD. China is already buzzing with too much ‘sugar’ in its system…I am loathe to feed it more.

China is interested in Western $$$ and uses Western $$$ to fatten its military to expand its territorial reach. Amazon seems to have become a Chinese Manufacturer’s version of a Hollywood Western Façade. There is nothing of substance to Amazon: nothing ‘American’ or ‘Canadian’ or ‘European’ or ‘Ukrainian’ about it; it is all about $$$/profit in the absence of common sense and honour, and for that reason, I will soon cancel my Prime membership and limit my business with Amazon to CANADIAN, AMERICAN, AND (maybe) EUROPEAN PRODUCTS…the ‘maybe’ depends on how much Germany and others are committed to NATO and respectful of America’s sacrifice to them in the Past and supportive of America in its response to Russia and China right now. [btw, country of manufacture should be clearly displayed ON ALL PRODUCTS we buy, online or instore]

The AKC should reconsider who it does ‘business’ with, like I must. I waste a lot of time making sure stuff I get from Amazon is NOT made in China, BECAUSE OF WHAT CHINA IS DOING WITH THE $$$. hello?

If $$$ remains the rule, nothing will change.

See here if you want to know why China is all over Amazon.