Life is but a dream


Row-Row-Row your boat…The song we children learned to sing in Grade One (and we did with all the gusto 6-year-olds can muster!) warmed my little soul. Life is but a dream…I never understood that part; but, just this morning, on my walkabout with my doggie, a ‘lightbulb’ lit.

Sometime ago, I mentioned to my new-age spirituality sister the recurrent dream I had had as a child: I dreamt that I was swimming, through a tunnel, for a long time, but without ever struggling for air…

Sister replied, matter-of-factly, that I was ‘remembering’ my transit up the birth canal and out of mom.


I had not understood the significance of that either, until this morning.

It occurs to me the two are related.

My questions are these:

How could I have dreamt of an event that happened to me BEFORE I WAS SEPERATED FROM MOM if I WAS NOT ALREADY  ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS?

How can I BE CONSCIOUS OF MY TRANSIT THROUGH THE BIRTH CANAL, to the point even that it is retained in my subconscious, if I were not already alive?

How do our jurisprudence people and media, apparently waging their own ‘information war’ (on the unborn) explain the dream? Given the preponderance of reporting on the outrage of the State telling woman what to do with their bodies, juxtaposed with a dearth of reporting on the fact that the ‘fetus’ is a LIVING HUMAN BEING, the media is quite engaged with the issue of abortion, so, what do they have to say about my dream?

How do they explain the memory? How do they reconcile the capability to dream within the womb with the jurisprudential notion that the baby in the womb is not a LIVING, CONSCIOUS  HUMAN BEING?

How can they conclude that ABORTION IS NOT MURDER?

Oh, if Herod had only the benefit of our social engineers, he would not have been demonized in the Bible for the slaughter of every male child under two years of age; RATHER HE WOULD BE PRAISED FOR IT. Whether or not that story has any truth at all (no evidence to prove Herod ordered this), THE FACT IS,

NOWADAYS, THE GOVERNMENT AND MUCH OF THE POPULATION ALLOW to be done to the baby in the womb WHAT HEROD WAS DEMONIZED FOR DOING TO BABIES NEWLY EMERGED FROM THE WOMB. Of course, not EVEN Herod, whose son helped to crucify Jesus, was demonized for going after the UNBORN. IMO, the entire story is a fabrication intended to demonize Herod, but for the scriptural ‘authors’ of those days, to bereave the infant of life WHILE STILL IN THE WOMB was beyond the capacity of even the most murderous butcher to imagine…

Prayers for the Unborn. Prayers for moms.

They say that, ‘if men were to be the ones having babies, THERE’D BE A LOT OF SINGLE-CHILD FAMILIES. Given the pains of labour and the anxiety associated with being responsible for a young life, it is too easy these days to just say, ‘Okay, let’s go to the clinic.’ We know not what we do.

If they knew before hand that they were ending the young life inside of them, when that young life is already trying to get out of there, and with all its might (but needs for mom to accord them a little time to do it), would so many moms opt for abortion?

Moms are, along with children, god’s best creations.

I believe media, government, and our corrupted neoLiberal ruling class, are remiss with respect to the popular stand on abortion (as they are in deflecting blame for the Residential Schools upon the Church). They thrive on playing up issues that divide people, and with respect to abortion, it is nearly a 50:50 split. They could do something. The media could present both sides…

Our government lamely declares that ‘a baby is not a human being until it is separated from the mother’. This is a matter of ‘ideology’ and quite arbitrary, because it has no basis in fact. No one in their right mind can buy into this, unless it is convenient for them to do so; simply because they don’t want a baby, AND THAT’S THEIR EGO DOING THE THINKING FOR THEM. They accord no consideration for the baby inside.

The myriad existential problems faced by our modern World, IS ALL BECAUSE OF EGO.

Ego is the problem of the World.

$$$ trumps ‘right’, even when it comes to the unborn. If they manage to escape the womb unharmed, why, our neoLiberals are right there to whisk them off to Daycare and to begin social conditioning ASAP.

I don’t know if Herod thoughts were so maleficent toward the unborn as our neoLiberals in Ottawa appear to be.

The spirit in which Herod was forever demonized is alive and well in today’s modern, ‘progressive’ world.