The Modern World in Three Acts


The World is poised to raise the curtain on ACT III of the Great War. The ‘Allies’ are doing their best  to keep this from happening, but, the tantruming children who lead Russia and China are out of control and, very sadly, are going to need corporeal punishment before they hurt themselves and others.

America is being the ‘good and responsible parent’ under President Biden. God bless them and him.

But it will not be enough. Putin has already damned himself to Hell and his Soviet dream right along with it. The question is, will Russians take him out before the World comes to call for him and Russia to account for what they have done to Ukraine?

Xi, IMO, has crossed the line too.

IMO, it is right and proper for the World to go after both regimes as soon as it feels ready. It won’t hit first, though, because we refuse to close the door on the possibility for a peaceful, rules-based world order-favouring, resolution, all the blather coming from Xi and Putin aside.

Very, very, commendable. But, clearly, Xi and Putin aren’t going to back off.

Both Russia and China have engaged in acts of war upon the West, only we call it cyber-espionage, cold war, economic war, whatever…

As it stands, IMO, ACT III is a done-deal and will soon be performed in three venues:

  1.  Western Stage – the U.K. (and Canada) and EU and Ukraine will be focused on Russia and it’s friendlies, which could include Turkey, unfortunately for us and for them, if Erdogan doesn’t smarten up.
  2. Eastern Stage – The Americans, Aussies, Canucks (both East and West stages), Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, et al. will be focused on China/N. Korea.
  3. Centre Stage – Israel, the Saudis, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, et al. will focus on Iran, ISIS, and friendlies.

Given the destructive power of today’s militaries, this will be the last Act of the Human tragedy.

We could have done much better, but somehow, we got it into our heads that killing for land and riches was okay…even our Church said it was okay, re: the Doctrine of Discovery.

That is not something of the world god created.

That’s ego’s / Satan’s creation.

But our world. And it is a world worth fighting for. We will no longer need remember the fallen because we will be among the fallen. We will be remembering our own loved ones who fall in battle, in droves.

We will be as the 90+ year old man whose home I went to to sell cookies in a fundraiser, a veteran of Act II, who wanted to tell me a story from the war but could only begin it, before he broke down in tears and could not continue. He bore the pain of what he experienced for nearly 60 years and it still felt like yesterday.

We will honour those generations and their sacrifice with our actions and our resolve.