Satan’s Stratagem


Whenever a new life is about to be conceived on Earth, a wee little Light descends softly down, from the Heavenly Realm, on its own wee wings.

Upon conception, the union of the spirit with the ‘flesh’, is accomplished and the young angel’s earthly gestation begins: first by building material independence from its mother, next by growing, maturing, producing offspring – this is the material component- in parallel learning ‘the ropes’ of Mother Earth’s Womb, becoming either part of the ‘problem’ or part of the ‘solution’ to the human world’s myriad problems; which spillover and make trouble for every other plant and animal species.

Satan watches for every new ‘flight of angels’, attaching himself to each and every innocent young life.

If he cannot destroy that life in the womb of the human mother, why, Satan will seek to truncate its spirtual awareness and entrap it, within in its own mind. This is what Eckart Tolle might call the ‘ego mind’.

At the same time, Satan has wrought plague, climate catastrophe, a rock from Outer Space, upon the god’s best creation in order to destroy Her; so that she can no longer be made ‘pregnant’ with new life…

why does Satan do that?

…because the creator creates life. Satan would create for himself a lifeless throne to sit upon and survey the darkness that abides evil because it is hidden from the Light; but the creator wouldn’t.

The creator created ‘life’ in the manner of a fractal: all life contains within itself the essence of the creator, therefore OF CREATION. The fractal is the creative process. Each living soul, regardless of species, is a port of the creative impetus. Each soul creates according to its kind.

Now, humans are THE SPECIES that has of its own accord, subdivided into at least two subspecies. At the extremes: wealthy folks and poor folks.

Wealthy folks become wealthier by producing and selling (and oftentimes, stealing: the Commons, for example). Everyone else exists to consume; the faster the better for the rich get richer faster.

Everyone else exists to consume, and then be relegated elsewhere (ideally to the grave, because that is cheapest, otherwise LTCs among strangers, since family has already been destroyed by Satan as human society’s atomic building block) when they no longer represent value to the folks at the very top of Satan’s Hierarch of Needs (not to be confused with Maslow’s version).

The culmination of positive GDP growth wrt our natural resources and agricultural sectors is nothing left to live on for anyone and any species. Wealth will not stop until there is no opportunity for profit remaining.

Can there be any doubt that ‘money is the root of all evil’?

Why yes!

Because EGO is the root of all evil. Satan’s ego compels him to destroy god. To do that, Satan knows he must destroy what god has wrought.

Wealth is Satan’s hand in that regard.

Look to the cliff; what inexorable GDP growth has brought us to.

Look to the world’s oceans, the poverty in advanced nations, desertification, climate change, war seemingly everywhere, and people getting so out of sorts they don’t know where to find respite, become desperate, then twisted, then lash out randomly and murderously.


Putin will become desperate and push the button on Ukraine, very likely Kyyv.

And there it is. Even one nuke could precipitate a nuclear all-out. The West will be vanquished, but then, so will the East, because the Earth Mother’s DNA will have been altered by radiation for a very, very long time.

Satan would win this battle against the creator. Not the war; the battle. Satan can never defeat god, but he can defeat those to whom god gave free will, on a case by case basis. Right now, it is the Anthropocene, the age of humans, on the table. WE HUMANS, ARE ON THE TABLE.

Putin attacks Ukraine for its W.E.A.L.T.H. potential. He sacrifices a hundred thousand plus of his own young Russians, before they have had a chance to live like he had, on Satan’s altar. Look how much $$$ matters to people like him.

Is there anyone else human who wants to be like him?

Like Satan?