The State of Liberal Democracy in neo-liberal times


It amounts to this:

The ruling class/wealth class in democracies stand before the electors and present the choice between what is hidden in their ‘left’ hand (clenched so we cannot see what is hidden, only what they tell us about what is hidden) and what they have hidden in their ‘right’ hand.

Apart from the obvious choice between ‘left’ and the ‘right’ (um, hands), no one knows, until well after the choice is made, and the fist opened, what we actually got (I mean, apart from a lot of bullshit).

The ruling class keeps their fist clenched and their actions, over the course of the mandate, come as such a surprise that we go back to the polls and try again…we give the ‘other hand’ a try…

…this, every four years, give or take…

Our problem, the world over, is the ruling class, the world over.

The world’s oligarchs live to profit. They want everyone else to live to profit, because that way, no one will ever do anything but pay lip service to human rights, UNLESS THERE IS PROFIT IN IT.

We can see how emboldened the wealth class is become nowadays: the world of the corporation and the world are resolving into one world. Where gold is the rule.

…and the Golden Rule becomes the stuff of Saturday morning cartoons.