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3 July 2022 – canadanua’s last post –

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday. There is even a ray of Sun-shine, from the Media:

Headline 1: The long, ongoing debate over ‘All men are created equal’ – the article begins by introducing a man on a mission, who believes we need to do much better. The article concludes:

‚ÄúTo be an anti-racist is to recognize that it‚Äôs not just that we are created equal, or biologically equal. It‚Äôs that all racial groups are equals. And if there are disparities between those equal racial groups, then it is the result of racist policy or structural racism and not the inferiority or superiority of a racial group.‚Ä̬†

Great reporting; the topic of choice, I mean. The media, if it is to be our ‘5th Estate’ must report on what we need to know, NOT ON WHAT THE RULING CLASS NEEDS US TO BELIEVE. Clear?

It is an egregious miscarriage of the institution of the 5th Estate to see the state of the Media today. It is as divided as our politics and for the same reason: Wealth. Wealth owns the media whole nowadays. Wealth is stoking division by overrepresenting the values and beliefs they want to predominate in society and underrepresenting other equally significant concerns.

The abortion ‘debate’ is one. The right to bear arms is another. The fact that we continue to blather about poverty, homelessness and do nothing; where even our elected governments pass legislation that favours corporate owners living in Mumbai over tenants living in Welland, say, is another.

If our own leaders are leading society on behalf of a particular demographic and not on behalf of society as a whole, why, THE SOCIETY THEY LEAD IS BY DEFINITION CORRUPT.

Headline 2: Chasser la France pour la Russie, pour le meillur et pour le pire – well, we have people in Mali who are protesting against France and in favour of close relations with Russia. Because of what the French have shown them, over the years.

If any nation supports Russia/China over a pax Americana, they do so in reaction to what they have seen. To explain this, my mother, who lived, in my esteem, closer to Jesus than anyone, closer than even the ‘Christians’ in my family, deplored religion. For her whole life, she hated it because her of her abusive father. It was the face of god/Jesus she was shown.

Likewise, NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS would choose China and Russia over a pax Americana or its future as a United Nations-administered pax mundi. No one would choose to be under the thumb of Russia and China when they could live in peace under a pax mundi.

But many are or are leaning toward Russia/China; choosing them over the World and OVER THEIR OWN CITIZENS.

Because America has shown the World its worst as well as its best. It is time for America to get its own act together and I mean ‘together’. The division in America is deep and threatens to destroy it.

Before America and the values America upholds during its saner times disappear into the neoliberal democratic Black Hole which is threatening to draw us in, forevermore, as surely as the Black Hole represented by China and Russia and their spiritually weak, valueless (but for $$$) supporters threatens to destroy the World and any hope for an equitable, VALUES-based/rules-based international order,

we need to come to terms with OURSELVES. We need to BE the Light of god, always, that we might shine together and light the path forward to a bountiful, worry-free future of unbridled opportunity for everyone living and for the other species too, rather than allow our current leaders and their mindset, driven by Wealth, to continue to create a dystopia for us to live in. Our final destination.

Be certain, Wealth seeks this for the ‘labour pool’ citizenry, as certain as the Grim Reaper seeks its due in the movie.

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.


You know, during my morning walkabout with the puppy, I got to thinking, ‘If¬† the ruling class here in Canada is typical of how ruling classes around the World esteem their own citizens, in particular, the economically vulnerable and what that entails for the quality life they and their children enjoy (and, IMO, it is); if the Canadian ruling class is content to let people ‘slip through the cracks’ into life in a park, under a bridge, or on a¬† downtown subway grating where they get stepped on, around, and over (and they are); and if ‘progress’ for the ruling classes of the World’s nations is defined by organizing with the ruling classes of other national societies, that they might together maintain hegemony over their own citizenry by inking international trade agreements (they are), then, perhaps ego, specifically the ego of Wealth, is what is wrong with the World, and given the pervasiveness of Wealth-suborned corruption (neoliberal democracy being the affliction of the West…in the East, government is business and they see no need to bs their citizens, who already know they exist at the pleasure of the ‘bosses’), things cannot get better. They will only get worse.

God, our god, our creator, whatever you call him/her, however you worship him/her, IS OUR LAST HOPE.

I’ve been writing ad nauseum, but this site attracts only bots, the odd wayward cyber-surfer who never returns, about what is wrong and what we need to do, FOR OUR SAKES AND THE SAKES OF THE NEXT GENERATIONS, but no one reads it. I cancelled Twitter yet again, for the same reason. Twitter has become mundane. It’s the same people pumping out the same nice little bits but nothing changes and anyone who tries to actually generate a real conversation gets ignored. If you don’t follow the party line, say, scream bloody-blue-murder that someone thinks to suggest to you that abortion is murder (and it is), then you¬† are ignored.

BUT, IF YOU RUN AROUND LIKE CHIKEN LITTLE¬† proclaiming, say, ‘There is no god’, you will get lots of followers and likes.

Now, if you were in Heaven, and saw this going on, you’d be sounding alarms everywhere.

No one is sounding alarms but folks like me. Of course, folks of all religious institutions are too, but their insistence on dogma is putting off reasoning folks who ask open and honest questions of them. For example, how can any man be ‘god’, whether Pharaoh, emperor, king/queen, or prophet, when god is as boundless as timeless, and, the body of god contains the whole Universe, the seen and unseen? All Faiths assert themselves as ‘closest’ to the truth about god the creator and in this, THEY ARE ALL WRONG. God, the creator of ALL, transcends ALL.

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong. We really need to get it right about god.

Which gives me cause to believe that, if what I am saying is true, then how I am saying it must be unattractive (it likely is and I’m sorry I don’t have the interest to expend the extra effort in making my site look ‘pretty’) and my message is also being lost in the noise of cyberspace, since I’m not attracting any readers.

We have monetized everything and so everything falls under the hegemony of those WITH THE MONEY. hello?

The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold. That is how things might work in ‘heaven’.

But when $$$ is the rule and we were warned by Jesus and others about serving ‘god’ OR ‘mammon’, then, we have created hell for ourselves to die and suffer in.

The history of the World, of/in the Old Testament, even of the nation which brought on the pax americana, is fraught with evidence of the rule of gold.

The ancient Hebrews had to land somewhere after being freed from Egypt, their ruling class knew it, that’s maybe why the prophet who led them there was not allowed in himself. Instead, the warrior Joshua led them and he told them that ‘God’ wanted them to slay every man, woman, and child to make room for them.

They are still trying today! Only now, the same rulers who ‘deplore’ the murder of Ukrainians but will not send troops to Ukraine (‘Not our war’ I heard the NATO Secretary saying only yesterday); the same ones who stand up for Indigenous kids, long dead; and who out of cowardice and by design seek to confer¬† blame upon the Church, when it was the government’s policy. Not only do they blame the church for THEIR SINS, they are silent with criticism of Israel’s regime and its ongoing eradication of the Palestinian presence.

All that being said, and given that no one comments or has any interest in reading what I am offering (I realize I’m no Hemingway, alright already?), there is no further point for me to keep howling at the moon, as it were.

Wishing everyone a great life but somehow, unless a miracle happens courtesy of the creator, I don’t think many folks will have a great life. Not because god doesn’t want it for them, BUT BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLOWED OURSELVES TO BECOME A SELFISH SPECIES AND OUR LEADERS LEAD US LEMMINGS OVER THE CLIFF, while they hope to pull-up just after we’re no longer a problem for them to have to deal with.

Prove me wrong. I want to be wrong on that. I’m not writing anymore to this site. When the hosting contract expires, canadanua is going down with it.

1 July 2022

A Happy Canada Day to Canada and Canadians. Past, Present, and Future generations. I was blessed personally by the grace of god, born in Canada in the mid-50s. It was a great time to be a kid. We lived without care. My greatest fear was the Boogie Man.

It is a different Canada today than the one I grew up in. Having said that, for some, the poor and the Indigenous, Canada has always been the Canada of today.

Today’s Canada, the blather notwithstanding, is ruled by a segment of the Canadian population (our ruling/wealthy class); while the rest of Canada is manipulated by them to help the rulers to further enrich themselves. Our oligarchs in the West are as problematic for the citizens of their own nations as the Russian variety are for Russia, Ukraine, and the World; as problematic as China’s.

Our ruling class garners more $$$ and the power $$$ buys for it. They prop-up their ‘institution’ (patently antisocial and undemocratic; an anathema to democracy by virtue of its very existence) by sowing division among us. The greatest divider is $$$. Those deemed ‘useful’ by the ruling class get more $$$ while they are of use; those who aren’t get little or NOTHING. Our Liberal government demonstrated quite clearly whom their policies are designed to serve with CERB. Yes, they did well to keep things in stasis, ready to come back to life the moment COVID becomes ‘manageable’; yes, they helped families who lost work to survive; NO they didn’t help anyone already in economically-vulnerable.

The good bishop in Australia provides an interesting talk on smartphones today within the context of his ongoing discourses on the Book of Revelation. I don’t agree with the more dogmatic stuff, but the bishop is very, very good (as brilliant as he is honest, in fact) and in the ‘abstraction’, you can take what he says to the bank, no matter which Faith you are born into.

Whether you live or outside of Canada, whether you are Canadian or not, we thank you for your prayers for our nation, our society, and for the peoples who live here. We extend our prayers to you and your family and community and Faith and nation as we celebrate our own.

…and our prayers are with Ukraine and Ukrainians and for those intrepid Baltic nations who support Ukraine and would not buckle to political pressure from Turkey and not do the right thing by the Kurds. If the Kurds were promised asylum in Sweden and Finland, then it is not propitious for them to sacrifice the Kurds upon Erdogan’s altar. Plus, ‘terrorism’ is a label in flux. Nowadays, even nations can be labelled ‘terrorist’. If Turkey, the US and others say the PKK is a ‘terrorist’ organization, if the PKK is motivated to be a ‘thorn in Turkey’s side’ rather than to reclaim from Turkey the territory Turkey was wrongly given by the folks who carved up Europe after the war, then, that is a different matter.

But I don’t know. I am going to research the PKK and the story behind Finland and Sweden’s support for the PKK if they actually do. Ignorance is condemnation without investigation and I myself am often guilty of this. But I’ll try not to, going forward.

There is simply too much at stake. Human life, born or unborn, seems to matter little to people already.

Because the media weights things heavily. They cover the outrage of the State telling women what they can do with their bodies while providing virtually no coverage of what abortion does to the baby inside, who is trying to get outside, and who never asked to be put in THAT WOMB in the first place.

Is that ‘democracy’ when people hear only ONE SIDE OF THE STORY?

Or is it manipulation?

If it is manipulation, the question becomes, ‘WHY?’

If you are honestly seeking the Light, you will come to the answer. Be prepared. Once you begin to realize, you will feel shame.

Shame over your attitudes. Over what you have done, and also what you failed to do. Just like the declaration in the Catholic Mass.

Shame that you allowed the ruling class to guide your democracy so that now it is divided between ‘left’ and ‘right’, a condition wherein YOU CANNOT HAVE IT ALL(but the ruling class still can)…where to choose less State intervention, say, means choosing less support for the vulnerable, because they are now PACKAGED TOGETHER (um, like a Harper omnibus bill);¬† or where more healthcare means you have to also favour abortion and the attacks on institutions of Faith.

29 June 2022

Humankind is at the ‘event horizon’ of Fantasia’s Black Hole. Arranged in diametric opposition along the periphery are the human geopolitical constructs of ‘East’ and ‘West’. The bipolarity of the world precipitated the black hole in the first place, as the two sides pulled away from each other, taking with them as much as they could of the rest of the world. Now, the black hole’s gravity has become so great that both sides verge on global war. When that happens, there will be much bloodshed and misery, followed hard upon by a profound and utter silence.

One would think that the ‘State’, eastern or western version, might ‘know better’, given all of its resources, to seek unity of purpose, to exist in collaboration, rather than in self-interest; to be ‘on the same side’ of the Black Hole which forms between any two ‘poles’ of self-interest, as it were.

But instead, both sides invest trillions in the ability to kill and to defend, while their people starve and suffer and lack all opportunity to work for anything better, and the World slowly succumbs to poisoning like Yasser Arafat had (god bless him – he was working toward a two-state solution, nearly got there, I understand, and was killed before he could cross the finish line).

The Black Hole forming between East and West is duplicated within eastern and western societies. Along their event horizons are situated the wealthy and the haves (a black hole exists between them also) and the haven’ts.

The immediate peril the corruption caused by the existence and pursuit of Wealth in democratic (or otherwise) society is the ‘size’ of the black hole that has formed between ‘left’ and ‘right’ and ‘the Executive’ and ‘Parliaments’. At one time, both philosophies could have existed within the same ‘head’, or parliament, and be a matter for debate and compromise. Now this is inconceivable…imagine Joe Biden and Donald Trump being one person? Or Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau/Jagmeet Singh? Imagine a QP where the Cons comport themselves according to Parliamentary decorum?

Self-interest is the World’s BIGGEST PROBLEM.

In a world so thoroughly monetized as neoliberalism/fascism has made it, it is the self-interest of Wealth that carries the day.


Still, there is a ray of Light, indomitable, indefatigable…we see it in Ukrainians. Our Alamo. Our example.

Very soon, IMO, things will break out. The NATO Summit will result in a staging of strength v. Russia, in the hopes it will be enough to convince Russia to back off from Ukraine voluntarily, and to drop any hint of a threat against Eastern and Northern European nations. Russia will react to this. But not by pulling out. Putin has gone too far in Ukraine. It has been ‘terror-tactics’ from the get-go. He has devalued the nation he is responsible for, TO TERRORISM AND GENOCIDE. That great nation and culture and people reduced to the sordidness of a Jihadi John…

…all can be resolved and the World saved from its pressing peril by a regime change in Russia. That is the only way.

Putin has placed a rope around his own neck. Rather than kill him, I recommend that he is placed inside a bunker and that it is buried and sealed with provision for food and water and air and the removal of excrement. Alone. Let him be master over the only world his heart and imagination is capable of creating and ruling over…until he dies naturally. What he does at that point, to make peace with his creator, is his affair.

Headline 1: Sweden, Finland on course to join NATO as Russia, China focus allies – going to be reading this one with great interest and trepidation…

…we are at the event horizon, after all. It will take a miracle from our creator to save us and this beautiful world the creator gifted us to live in and TO BE JOYFUL IN.

Remember, the Golden Rule trumps the Rule of Gold, every time. Not a single, lasting friendship, WAS EVER BOUGHT WITH $$$.


I watched Jen Stoltenberg’s press conference from Madrid. He was very good. The questions he was asked by the CNN and the reporter from Canada were very good questions. This is a very good development. If Putin begins another foul gambit, we’ll be ready, this time. Clearly, NATO is resolved to hope for the best BUT PLAN FOR THE WORST.

Ukraine already gets the worst. And, apart from material support (as opposed to troops) they face it alone. The DW expert commenting on Stoltenberg’s press conference characterizes Ukraine as NATO’s ‘buffer’. NATO had better do the proper thing and guarantee membership to Ukraine who, Alamo-like, now buys NATO time to prepare FOR THE WORST with THEIR OWN BLOOD.

Lastly, I see headlines that Turkey is already calling for 33 Kurdish ‘terrorists’ to be handed over to them. IF FINLAND/SWEDEN/NATO AGREES TO THIS, after granting these people political asylum, then they are hypocrites, NATO is hypocritical, and I have no more respect for any of them. I had thought yesterday that Turkey had moved, but, it was Finland and Sweden who promised to address Turkey’s extradition request. Turkey was threatening to veto their candidacy.

It isn’t just a matter of winning, it isn’t a matter of the ‘end justifies the means’, it is a matter of HONOUR. Without honour, what do we have left to us? [special message to Sweden and Finland].

OH YEAH! What the World has become. [Turkey has just reminded me].

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.

Welcome to the Brave New World, crafted by Wealth.

Who could have imagined we humans could sell something so valuable as our honour (and human life/quality of human life) for so cheap? Whom do you suppose is benefitting from the sale, like India is doing with Russia’s oil? China too, but China is also on the wrong side of the right path going forward.

Message to Turkey: Why don’t you either shut the front door or quit NATO yourself? Your willingness to trade on NATO security to advantage your own politics signifies you aren’t worthy of NATO. Neither is Sweden and Finland, if they would so dishonour themselves, their word, by handing over people they promised protection to, out of fear of Russia.

If NATO accedes to Turkey’s blackmail, they are no better. Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.

28 June 2022

We are in an existential mess. Our ruling class is bs-ing the bejeezus out of us through our politicians and media. Very nearly everything we do now involves $$$. This is a ploy by the ruling class to exert control over society. Because $$$ is involved in everything and the ruling class has the most $$$, the ruling class has the means to control everything.

We have become a world where ‘love’, ‘life’, and the ‘pursuit of happiness’ are matters of convenience:

  1.  Pregnant but not ready to have a child? Murder the child inside before it can grow legs to get outside. After that, the law says it is murder.
  2. ¬†Married but the thrill is gone? Wife/husband not the best deal in town anymore? Get a divorce. Don’t try or see what you can do to make your wife or husband happier, make a lawyer happier instead!
  3. ¬†Children getting shot at school? Wait for the cavalry to arrive. Whatever you do, don’t go in there and risk your life to stop the murder of children who are unable to defend themselves.
  4. ¬†Encounter a homeless person? Step around or over him/her or pass him/her by. Don’t talk to them though, and risk finding out they are you and you, but for a stroke of good luck, are they.

Best to do what you do every day. Earn a wage. Go home. Eat. Do something around the house. Watch some tv. Go to bed. Die when you are 65 because no one really needs around anyways after that and you’ll just get in the way; sickly and waiting to die anyhow. But you keep the doctors busy and earning a good wage.

In this way, you can do your part to help the globalizing wealthy plunge us irrevocably and forever into a business-oriented fascist nightmare that serves…um, Wealth.

I’m praying for Ukraine, and for the World’s children, born and unborn. I’m praying that we become as my dad and mom’s generation was. As brave, heroic, hardworking and selfless as they were. They¬† would fight and die for their children. They fought and died for Europe, Africa, and Asia in WWI and WWII…do you suppose it was convenient for them?

They gave their all, their everything, BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO FOR ANOTHER HUMAN SOUL.

Ours may not be the generation that makes it en masse to heaven. We have become much too selfish. We have cultivated a very different mindset from the WWII generation. Our leaders are very different from the likes of Ike Eisenhower, a true leader with an important warning for future generations.

Wealth has put its hand on society’s rudder and is steering us toward an abyss. God had wanted us to steward with our wealth. Very social. Very sustainable.

The problem the world has is that it is ruled by Wealth and Wealth is not spirited toward stewardship. It has become, in its very nature, anti-social. If they lead society, what does that imply for the societies they lead?

That’s why the modern attacks on Faith institutions. Wealth doesn’t want us to hear any narrative other than theirs. Theirs is designed to help them get richer, faster; likewise more power to do more, FOR THEMSELVES.

Religion, conversely, seeks knowledge of god, in particular, the knowledge of why god created in the first place. The answers we uncover help to shape our societies. These societies would be quite different from the ‘answers’ our politicians provide.

Religion interferes with Wealth’s modern agenda. Religion, if true to god, would regard poverty as the disease that it is, and immediately eradicate it, for example.

As for Wealth: If ‘you’ or ‘it’ can help wealthy folks to get richer, faster, ‘you’ are in and ‘it’ is a ‘done-deal’.

Wealth has Faith in its crosshairs. This is one reason religion is on the way out. The other is dogma.


Just read with much happiness that Turkey has withdrawn its objections to Sweden and Finland joining NATO. So long as the agreement between the three nations does not result in the Kurds getting tossed under the bus…The World moves one quantum closer to Peace by becoming that much stronger in unity…you know, that thing President Biden likes to go on about…

I also heard that a Turkish Defense contractor is donating 3 Bayraktar drones to Ukraine, after a Lithuanian GoFundMe had raised 6.1 M USD to purchase them.

This  is great news and I am happy to withdraw my criticism and playful-disrespect of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

27 June 2022

The world survives into another day…

Today, the G7 meets Germany; on the agenda, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the global economic fallout, and a westernized global infrastructure program to counter China’s Belt and Road initiative in developing countries.

Meanwhile, the BRICS countries have concluded their own meetings. On the agenda: increased cooperation to countervail Western hegemony.

It doesn’t appear that nations like India, South Africa, and Brazil are listening to the peril the rise of THIS CHINA AND THE RESURGENCE OF THIS RUSSIA represents to the World, our world.

War is the last refuge of desperation and war is precisely where the leaders of India, South Africa, and China are taking the people for whom they are responsible BEFORE GOD.[Aside: There is a wonderful war movie with a wonderful message free to watch on YouTube].

Unity, as President Biden maintains, is the key, going forward. For unity to happen, some nations will have to sacrifice more of their GDP than others perhaps. Some will have to put aside long standing grievances. ALL WILL HAVE TO PUT ASIDE DOMESTIC POLITICS.

But national regimes like India’s, South Africa’s, and Brazil put the existing gravy trains of their wealthy ahead of their own citizens. $$$ first. Even if it means war? I am of the opinion our creator might not be happy about this.

I don’t know if the creator is happy to hear President Biden say it is a sad day for America, regarding the Supreme Court decision to ban abortion rights. It is a per se terrible decision, however to ban abortion rights…THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE IS INVIOLATE. The Supreme Court decision simply rights one terrible wrong (killing babies) by suborning another.

It is not acceptable to deny anyone their inviolate right. You cannot deny woman the right to choose. You cannot deny baby the right to live.

I am of the opinion of the Catholic Church. They understand that at times, motherhood imperils the mother. I could be misinterpreting their stand, but I think they aspire for us to discover ALTERNATIVES TO ABORTING BABIES, so that the rights of both are protected.

Prayers for intrepid Ukraine and thanks for buying time for the West to understand the stakes and to get its legs underneath it and stand against Russian (and soon, possibly) Chinese aggression.

If nations like India, South Africa, and Brazil would only set the self-interest of their Wealth classes aside, millions if not billions, of lives need not be sacrificed upon Satan’s altar, the one attended to by neoliberals and fascist alike. Same goes for NATO members France and Turkey.


If President Biden would only apply his ‘Unity’ theme for NATO to the reemergence of the abortion crisis…see how it will float with the American public…who knows, such a divisive issue could be turned on its head into an issue of unification, just as Putin’s attempts to fracture and weaken NATO have actually strengthened it. Perhaps President Biden could have said: ‘It’s a sad day in America for BOTH women and the unborn. Let us unite and find the way going forward that upholds both the right of women to choose AND the right of babies to live. Let us unite and fight for the rights of both woman and baby, because both were put here by god, IN WHOM AMERICA TRUSTS.’¬†¬†

Perhaps President Biden could do a JFK, and vow to end the murder of unwanted babies without banning the right to choose, ‘by the end of this decade’ kind of thing. JFK’s resolve outlived him, but the seed he planted will be our future. Let the good president do something as monumental as this and provide honour and respectability to how humans treat their unborn.

Besides, if our capable healthcare researchers can come with a vaccine against COVID, safe even for little children, in such short order, they should be able to figure out how to save the unwanted baby from the garbage pail.

Prayers for woman and baby. Prayers for Ukraine. Prayers for sane people to become wealthy and for Wealth to no longer predispose our ruling classes to insanity.

President Biden: You preside over the most influential nation-society in the World. What you do will affect us all, whether we admit it or not, and for a long, long time. This is a great responsibility, as I am certain you are aware.

This is your time to let the Sun shine, just as it was Trump’s time to darken the skies. Trump showed us the lines and means of fractionation; where we are weak and need to grow and evolve toward something better and sustainable. The time is upon us to do just that.

Show us the way forward. Show us that we need not violate anyone’s rights to progress and we need not violate progress, nay, we can rely on it, so long as we focus on finding the WIN-WIN on all issues, and that no bandaid solution is acceptable if it involves tromping on the rights of folks who rely on their nation-societies to protect them.

As for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this is like woman being raped. There is no win-win here. A negotiated settlement which does not include complete withdrawal of Russian troops from occupied Ukrainian territory, complete atonement for the carnage Russia inflicted upon its neighbour, and for holding Putin and his inner circle to full account for their roles in the war, and of course, the war crimes committed on a massive, pervasive scale, is not acceptable.

None of those lives lost can be restored. Remember the man shot in the head after submitting to Russian troops and the woman who went into hospital to have her baby emerged in a coffin along with her unborn child? They are lost to their loved ones forever; loved ones who thought to do no harm to Russia.


If anyone needs further proof, after Robb Elementary and the deaths of 21 teens at a local South African tavern who celebrating their graduations (and the way in which Russia is attacking Ukraine), that some kind of terrible Evil presence has been let loose upon the World, Kracken-style, then, they should go back to sleep…perhaps to keep dreaming.

The media should take some responsibility for propagating the violence against children by reporting it and giving so much airtime to ‘why’? There can be no reason involved in an attack upon children. Evil has simply found purchase in the psyches of those who do these things, by infecting the soul; in the same way the soul of wealth has been infected to cause our rulers to become exploiters and story-tellers (primarily, that they are working for the people, the vulnerable, to make things better for them).

I’ve been listening to our leaders talk for decades. If they really are doing something, why is it taking so long? Why are things worse now than ever? Why are there more poor people than ever? Why are more women and children suffering now than ever? Why are single white males neglected and demonized more than ever? Why does my government help business and people who were working but had nothing for me at a time when I was looking for work, but, could not get myself hired during the pandemic, when even corporations and investors received a share of our tax dollars?

25 June 2022

Today the media is plastered with reporting on the post-Roe v. Wade America. ARE YOU [expletive deleted] KIDDING ME?

Whatever will we do if we do not have the right to murder the little baby inside of us?

And, we have France’s PM Borne saying that the right to murder the baby inside of you should be enshrined in the constitution…oh yes, bien s√Ľr!

Lemme see now,

  • We take care of the monsters who go into schools, bars, caf√©s, etc. to wholesale murder innocent people.
  • We keep those who kidnap, rape, and murder children, safe in their cells for all time, with a roof over their heads and three meals a day (plus dental and healthcare)… that is, until we deem them ready to be released back into society (because everyone deserves a ‘second chance’…hello?)
  • BUT We won’t STAND IN THE WAY OF THE MURDER OF THE INNOCENT UNBORN!¬† p.s. is it not the darkest irony ever that the French Prime Minister’s moniker is ‘Borne’? omg. Why does everything in the World today insist on being labelled so perversely? And I thought the idea of corporations running charity-sidelines and posing themselves as bastions in the community was as perverse as hell…and that I thought I’d seen everything…

Woman has the right to choose what to do. God gave woman that right when god gave woman the responsibility of being the life-giver. Without woman, there can be no life for humans, there can be no humans.

Life will go on in America, post Roe v. Wade, despite the media alarm…The American Supreme Court overturned the ‘mistake’. But, the mistake giving corporations ‘personhood’ gave corporations a huge advantage in the courts over actual persons…because of a court reporter’s typo…can you believe it?¬† A BIG MISTAKE. Never rectified.

How big a mistake? Remember it was the doings of corporations that Americans were reacting to when they revolted against Britain. At least America can now say that it hasn’t thrown innocent little babies under the bus in order to garner votes for the left.

But neither left nor right can say they haven’t thrown the vulnerable and poor under the bus when they finessed personhood for corporations, meaning, THEY FOCUSED THE POWER OF MANY RICH PEOPLE/INVESTORS INTO ONE MONOCHROMATIC LASER DIVIDING HAVES AND HAVE-NOTS INTO TWO AMERICAS. Anyone tolerating such fractionation of their nations as leader is no leader…

Still, withal, if that is what woman would do with the new life she has been made responsible for, then, that is between her, her baby, and the god who created them both. The State has nothing to do with this.

If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex; and if you do, protect yourself from the possibility of getting pregnant.



The State has as much business with the abortion clinic as with the bedroom. It is almost never not the end of the World for woman to be pregnant but it is the end of the world for the baby inside of her to be aborted.

As for the bedroom, if two men or two women find love together, if they find in one another the honour and respect and nurture that god hopes for EVERY MARRIED COUPLE TO HAVE, what can anyone have to say against it? No one is saying you have to be same-sex. And you have no more business than the government has someone else’s bedroom.

Let us not condemn LGBTQ by our ignorance or the voiceless-unborn by their silence.


To the media: making a living is important. But you should be giving at least equal weight to both sides of the abortion issue. Yesterday was a start. Today it seems we fell again.


Satan knows how to play politics. ‘Every way you look at it, you lose…’

‘Left’¬† or ‘right’? The souls of nations have become fractionated. Divided. But Wealth continues to GLOBALIZE, up above us, while we, each in our own nation, swim in the ordure they leave for us.

30 years ago, were I to read what I have written here, I wouldn’t buy it.

But I remember what Canada and my community and the world was like back then; in fact, all the way back to childhood (um SIXTY YEARS AGO! ugh)…

…and so today I’ve written what I would myself not believe back then…

It is not too late for the world of humans, but we have to ditch the current trajectory we are on and embrace one another as equals under god. Wealth is meant to steward (not acquire more Wealth for themselves) and leaders are meant to serve society (not just Wealth). Citizens were meant to be happy, free, and equal…(these things we (not just Thomas Paine) should hold to be self-evident).

p.s. Have a look and a listen to this version of Rockin’ in the Free World…see if you can find the Great Canadian Bard in among the ‘group’…

The Golden Rule will lead us out and away from the mess the Rule of Gold has created for god’s peoples and the Earth Mother.


If you wondering why we read so much these days about abortion, sex, and religion, it is because these are extraordinarily DIVISIVE issues, JUST LIKE POLITICS.

Someone upstairs must have made the connection and so now what reasonable people heretofore would come together to discuss and find a win-win going forward, has now been polarized into extremes and the one main party takes the one pole, while the othere main party takes the other pole…that’s why we can’t agree on abortion and why, even after Robb Elementary School, we still can’t abolish guns from everywhere but the forest and the rifle range.

What we have achieved is division. Bipolarity among the people to keep them divided and ineffective. That way, the Trumps and Gates and Musks and oh yes, those Russian Oligarchs, can just continue along on their merry way, passing patently antisocial policies designed to further enrich themselves and shore up their power structures.

24 June 2022

It’s Friday! Wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend.

I’m watching The truth about mobile phones and wireless radiation – courtesy of the University of Melbourne. It was produced in 2015. It is as informative as it is frightening…

Prayers for Ukraine and for the World to find sanity before ‘the window of opportunity’ closes and it is too late.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. [attributed to Edmund Burke]

Let the Golden Rule ‘usurp’ the rule of gold as the World’s guiding principle.

Do this, and we will have turned 180 degrees toward the Light and the light of the creator and Creation. We will have reconciled ourselves with Creation: our struggles, coming of our heading in the direction to the ‘flow of Creation’, swimming upstream, as it were, will abruptly cease. It is only human ego that blinds us. We have only one thing to address, one thing to change in ourselves: to rein-in the ‘child’ inside of us, the ego, and let our minds do what they exist for: to discern between the Light and the Darkness, to be the ‘decision-maker’. Not our ego.

To allow ego to rule is tantamount to letting the child make the family decisions. Ego is simply not equipped to decide anything because it is motivated by immediate gratification and pandemic control of its surroundings…we must let the mind do its job, what it was intended for: to ‘parent’ the ‘child’.

The rule of gold IS the rule of ego. This is why the World, our world, is in the perilous, murderous, inequitable state it is in.

WE begin the long road to reconciliation of humankind with the creator and Creation. This implies (duh!) the reconciliation of humankind with itself (of family, community, and nation-societies) and with the Earth Mother and with Creation and the creator’s ultimate purpose.

IMO, the ‘purpose’ is life, for life’s sake. We are everywhere impairing the capacity of the Earth Mother to function according to her god-given purpose as a LIFE FACTORY.

But her womb is not yet made barren. We all still have a chance. We simply need to stop fighting/resisting what the Light is communicating. To do that, we need to be facing in the directionof the ‘speaker’; we need to be ruled by an AUTHORITY HIGHER than our self-interest, that is, the way our egos perceive is in our interest. Maslow points us to self-actualization, which is several ‘degrees’ higher than our material needs. [Aside: our wealth class cultivates a scarcity of material needs among ‘the people’, who are not ‘of Wealth’. We are kept in competition with one another for the dwindling ‘scraps from the master’s table’, and we will never get to the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…IMO, at the highest levels of Wealth, THIS IS DELIBERATE].

Ego cannot understand, because of its limitations, that the condition of ultimate ‘selfishness’ is altruism, because altruism, the act of giving without any attachment to personal reward is the ultimate in self-interest. Think about it.

Check out On Being for a fuller discourse on this.

23 June 2022

Happy Thursday, and Happy Birthday if the 23 of June is your special day and that of the family you were born into.

This morning on my walkabout with the dog, I encountered an elderly woman, well into her 80s, gamely walking the bicycle path with a bit of limp. She smiled at the dog and told me she was on her way to the Medical Centre (I had just passed) and she pointed in the other direction to the plaza parking lot (a couple hundred metres away at the least) where she had parked her car. She smiled again and told me, ‘Oh well, I’ll just take my time…’ We wished one another a good day as we continued on our way.

It took a moment, but I wondered at why she didn’t park AT THE MEDICAL CENTRE? They have a big parking lot with plenty of room…then I remember the toll gate. I don’t drive and I am uncertain what the cost is, but it seems to me, THE REASON THAT 80-SOMETHING YEARS-OLD WOMAN WAS WALKING ALL THAT WAY AND UNDER SOME DURESS OVER IT, WAS BECAUSE THE COST OF PARKING WAS TOO BIG A HIT ON HER FIXED INCOME.

Now, it is only because I am newly on a fixed income that this sunk in. I think we can do much better for our elders…NOT ONLY RESERVE PARKING SPACES CLOSEST TO THE BUILDING, BUT FREE FOR SENIORS. And, while I am it, local/regional bus AND veterinary services free to seniors also. IF WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT ACCORDING OUR SENIORS AND OUR VETERANS THE RESPECT AND DIGNITY THEY DESERVE, THEN WE WOULD NOT FUNNEL THEM INTO LTCs¬† OR OTHERWISE ABANDON THEM SO READILY, after we don’t need them anymore…not that LTC workers are bad or that at some point it isn’t necessary due to the level and intensity of care that could be needed, it is just that EVERYONE VALUES THEIR INDEPENDENCE.

As it is now, I thank god we have such wonderful elder ladies in Canada who, despite the infirmities that come with age, can share a smile and a kind word with me.

Headline 1: The experiences that led these U.S. abortion opponents to activism – well, well, well! My heart is about to burst with joy at the sight of this headline. I have been beating up the media over its alacrity in presenting the side of pro-choice (a fundamental human right) while appearing¬† anemic, nay, ‘bloodless’, in its reporting of the pro-life side. I just love Reuters, right now, for doing what I haven’t seen ANY OTHER NEWS SOURCE DOING, including CBC. [I am happy to be wrong about this. If you know of articles, please send the links]Today is a special day in my family,¬† and¬† on this day, I too got a present. This reporting renews my faith…let’s see more of this kind of reporting. It is a matter of balance, yes? My personal take on the abortion debate is here.

Headline 2: Germany triggers gas alarm stage, accuses Russia of ‘economic attack’ – Germans knew that to support Ukraine, to interfere with Russia’s ongoing rape of that intrepid nation, would cause them great hardship. After much soul-searching, THEY DID IT ANYWAYS. They show themselves to be an upstanding and honourable nation/society. SEE HERE: we and they were once at war. Now, we are best-buds. In our darkest hour (the darkness yet to come) the Germans will stand with the World against the evils which beset it. Thank god the Allies were not of the same murderous mindset and spirit of the Putin-led Russian regime.

Headline 3: Ukraine takes step toward EU membership as Russian forces tighten vise on Donbas cities – outside of the building in Brussels where EU officials met to accept Ukraine as EU-candidate, a young Ukrainian women had this to say:

“It’s a very symbolic move on the side of the European Union…it’s not only the war against Ukraine, Russia waged this war also against Europe,” she told Reuters.

“Ukrainians today are a shield to the European Union, we are protecting Europe from the Russian aggression, so it’s so, so important to see this solidarity in action.” [excerpted from the Reuters article]

And we all need to band together. We need America to be, firstly, the beacon of human progress (and not a ‘profit centre’) that it has within itself to be, and the World needs to rally TO THAT AMERICA (not the America of Elon, Bill, Jeff, Trump… Only in this way will the World survive and survive well – well enough to provide a good start for our children when they takeover the reins from our generation.

Well enough for them to have a fighting chance.

God bless America (okay, I borrowed that line from somewhere…) and the World, our world, the world our children will inherit.

Prayers for Ukraine, for Germany, for all of the World’s nations who value their honour above their $$$ and geopolitical clout.

Headline 4: Russian oil tankers get India safety cover via Dubai company – here then is the opposite to ‘honour’: when $$$ trumps doing the right thing. India shows its true colours, IMO. Backing Russian shipping permits them to sell their oil abroad, this at a time when the Russians are blockading Odessa and Ukraine’s grain shipments to Africa and the world. This is NOT the same nation which was able to produce the Mahatma. It is become a nation capable of producing the likes of WION…the ‘World Is One Network’…um…

I wonder what the Great Soul would think of his India as it is being run today? I pray that India will follow Germany’s brave example AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

IMO, the World should build an economic moat around India, as around China, Russia, N. Korea, Israel (for its apartheid, shameless, given how the World treated them for a millennia after Christianity took root, and before that even) and Iran (equally shameless, they are a theocracy conspiring with an atheistic regime! hello?)

As for things looking up between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, after enough years elapsed from the cowardly assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, this is a mixed bag. The Crown Prince appears to be getting away with murder. I am not in the head of MBS, nor do I want to be, and so, despite how it looks, I must allow for the fact that MBS could actually be innocent. I don’t think so, but I can’t know with 100% certainty. But, with 100% certainty, I know that god knows. God cannot help but know because we all exist in god like the leave exist in the tree. And the tree will jettison that which is making it sick.

If anyone is lacking in honour, they are sick, spiritually. Mortally spiritually? Only god knows.

I am of the mind that god our creator, our mother and father, does not want to leave ANY of his/her children behind when the ‘family’ moves to a new home.

The Garden.

The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold.

Headline 5: China’s Xi criticizes sanctions at meeting of BRICS nations AND Headline 6: China says Ukraine crisis has sounded alarm for humanity – alright, already. Xi has at least read Machiavelli. He knows to accuse the West of THE EXACT THINGS HE IS DOING. Any national regime given to falling for this deserves what is coming…the trouble is, THE PEOPLE THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR, THE CHILDREN THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE TO FOR THE FUTURE, DO NOT DESERVE WHAT IS COMING.

It pains me to criticize anyone, but Xi is a L.I.A.R. He is in service of Satan, NOT THE WORLD, NOT THE GREAT CHINESE NATION and culture, AND CERTAINLY NOT UKRAINIANS. Look at what that man suborns – he doesn’t appear to experience any discomfort with supporting Russia’s murderous and bloody campaign in Ukraine. What do you think his China will do to you, if you were to piss him off or, as is the case with Ukraine, you live too close to him and you are in his way?

AS FOR ‘DEVELOPING COUNTRIES’, yes, Xi will ‘develop’ you, in the way a fisherman ‘develops’ his barbed hook (so that, once it bites, the fish can’t get away)…wait and see.

The trouble is, Xi could be right about us. General Eisenhower warned us.

Let Xi be as wrong about us as he is about god. That’s directed at President Biden. Let all nations rally to America and to the UN.

Once China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran, et al. are rendered democratic, the World, our world, not Xi’s and Putin’s (though they want it) will return to sanity and forward progress). Once the World, our world is returned to its rightful owners (its denizens, not Bill’s and Elon’s and Jeff’s and the global rich…(though they now near completely own it), we can begin to reverse the effects of climate change, environmental degradation, and the size of the human footprint.

Oh, we’ll still make it to the Stars, only, not soon enough to enrich the rich soon enough to suit them.

But the World, our world, the world our creator gifted to us and to all life, will survive and thrive.


21 June 2022

On yesterday’s P&P (CBC), VK interviews a VP from Scotiabank. The VP had recently published a paper on controlling inflation, which is now over 7% (although, going by the grocery store increases, it seems much higher). He said either the private sector absorbs the burden of inflationary controls or the government does. He recommends that the government and the private sector ‘share’ the burden.

To bring inflation down to the 2% sweet-spot, the BoC should raise interest rates (making it harder for business to borrow) while the government spends less.

‘In a few years, we should be back in range’.

The VP had failed to mention, and, sadly, VK failed to ask, ‘is there anything else that can be done, so that the government is not obliged to curtail or rollback supports for Canadian individuals, families, and small business, or delay important programs, like modernizing NORAD and the equipment with which our young people are expected to defend our nation?

Well, we have already been given another option. American President Joe Biden has asked American energy producers to content themselves with ‘lower margins’.

That’s it.

It is what, our PM’s papa forced upon the private sector with the NEP and wage & price controls, for which he was demonized…by everyone…because no one wants to pony-up in the private sector, not even individual taxpayers.

And yet, this is the only proper and fair way to rein-in inflation; just as raising taxes is the only proper and fair way to redistribute wealth throughout society, so that no sectors of society are permitted to become anemic.

But there was no mention of that from the VP or from VK.

Inflation is the result of greed. Inflation is due to the maintenance of ‘acceptable’ profit margins. It is not the government or some mysterious economic force little understood that are responsible for a price going up. THE SUPPLIER IS RESPONSIBLE, operating at each step in the supply chain. If a given supplier would maintain the current price, THERE WOULD BE NO INFLATION.

But, in a neoliberal market system, suppliers always push the envelope; they are continuously seeking to raise the price on their goods for sale to increase PROFIT, without  a care to the effects of increase, further on down the supply chain.

Ultimately, it is simply SELF-INTEREST that is responsible for rising prices. Those responsible want the government to absorb the hit (to preserve private sector profit and wealth = more Sunbird trips, Ferraris, and bigger sprawling estates to hold private galas on, say), and that is perhaps why no one seems to have thought of simply NOT RAISING THEIR [expletive deleted] PRICES…


Headline 1: Moscow fumes over EU blockade of Baltic outpost – it appears things are heating up. Moscow and NATO are now nose-to-nose over Lithuania’s interruption of rail traffic (and goods) between Russia and the EU. More sanctions on Russia. [maybe our private sector folks will be inspired to do the social responsible thing, rather than continue doing the socially-rapacious thing, and simply resist raising their prices?]

Likely more to come. Wishing everyone a great Tuesday. Take some time today to reflect on life, yours and those who FOR NEARLY 5 MONTHS HAVE BEEN LIVING MOMENT-TO-MOMENT WITH THE THREAT OF DEATH AND INJURY FROM THE INCESSANT RUSSIAN BOMBING.

Reflect on the millions displaced from the comforts and safety and familiarity of home…try to imagine what that would be like for you and your children, while knowing their dad is left behind to fight and who they will likely never see again…what a world this world is become.

All because of greed. Because we have allowed self-interest, EGO, to rule for so long, when we know EGO is not equipped to rule because ego is all about self-interest WHEREAS SURVIVAL AND SOCIAL PROGRESS IS ALL ABOUT COLLABORATION

to wit: everything beyond the ego, beyond self-interest,


Such a condition would make the heart of our creator filled with joy. Joy is what our creator wants for all of us. Like the good mother/father he/she is, the creator wants this for his/her children.

Can it be otherwise? Is there a single mom or dad who wants to see their children suffer?

But we can be certain that quibbling children will be reined-in by the parents, BEFORE THEY MANAGE TO KILL EACH OTHER OR BURN THE HOUSE DOWN.

But we can avoid, ‘the great and terrible day of the lord’ by putting our egos back where they belong, deep within our consciousness, never in the light day…the starting point of our consciousness.

It is because ego/self-interest occupies so much of our consciousness nowadays that we, the World, have come to such an impasse as we now verge upon.

Prayer is the beginning of our reconciliation with our creator and with Creation. The darkest hour comes just before the dawn and I believe and pray that, when the Sun rises upon the New Day, an era of reconciliation and collaboration will commence.

We approach ‘the darkest hour’. What we do now, how we comport ourselves now, in our creator’s greatest time of need (he/she needs to see us A.L.L. H.A.P.P.Y.)

will echo throughout eternity (apologies for the hackneyism, but it is the truth).

Prayers for Ukraine.

Once governments and the ruling classes ditch the rule of gold in favour of the Golden Rule (this would require us individuals to show by example and to hold governments/ruling class to account in our jurisprudence), we’ll get back on Gord’s rails and so too the World.

We will all be ‘indigenous’ because we will all share in the values of the Indigenous, linking them to the land and to their creator…

After all, it is only ego which blinds us to the creator’s existence and presence in the HERE AND NOW.

20 June 2022

An observation: With all of the chaos in the World and the challenges to democracy and a rules-based world-order, these made worse by opportunistic individuals and groups in search of more power and $$$, I find encouragement in the fact that democracy and the rules-based order still stands, and still has a chance to be the World’s, our world’s guiding principle.

My optimism finds purchase in the awareness that the institutions of democracy and of faith, easily corrupted in the wrong hands, is vibrant and indomitable, in the right hands.

For as long as we have police and public servants spirited like those who defended the American Capitol on January 6 (an attack on democracy), Faith-leaders like Pope Francis, who would come to Canada to express his anger, his shame, and his profound heartbreak over the role members of the Church played in the Residential Schools (an egregious attack upon generations of Native families, parents, and kids), and leaders of nations, who, despite the great cost and perturbation and threat of retaliation, rally to Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked and murderous campaign of annihilation (or, in Putin-parlance, a ‘special military operation’, we have a chance to build a sustainable and universally-equitable world).

It wasn’t the Elons, Bills, and Jeffs who defended the Capitol. It was one of their ilk who at the very least threw gasoline on the flames. Neither did the wealthy folks interfere with the Canadian government’s policy of assimilation.

As far as Ukraine goes, why, given that Wealth is making money off of Western arms support, and at the same time, careful enough not to poke the Bear direct and risk an attack on their own nations (and assets), it isn’t so much the arms support, it was the decision to begin the process of Ukraine’s entry into the EU/NATO that is significant. Wealth is willing to sell arms to anyone with $$$. The fact that our leaders are giving weapons to Ukraine at no charge does not mean Wealth is donating…they just write things down and continue to charge taxpayers of nations interest on the loans…a never-ending cash-cow for investors. It means ‘the people’ are donating.

The strength and cohesion of the societies humans are able to form is clearly dependent upon the resolve and clarity of the human spirit. Were it not for the right people being in the right place at the right time, the attacks upon our democracy, our democratic institutions, and upon North America’s Indigenous might have succeeded in their evil intent. And we might today be looking more like Xi’s China than yesterday.

It comes down to the rule of ego; the ego of the powerful, the ego of Wealth -because power is available at a price- v. the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is from god the creator and is the guide for every living soul.

If every human is guided by the Golden Rule, such as the intrepid defenders of the Capital, or of those who sought to protect the children of the Residential Schools (check out Indian Horse), or those who give of their time, lives, and money to defend Ukraine, then the societies humans create will be the culmination of the Golden Rule…

and we will spontaneously find ourselves on the way back to the Garden.

Wait and see.

Now, wrt to Russia and China (and ‘partners’), these are cancerous tumours as threatening as the existence of Wealth is to the World and to an equitable, sustainable rules-based world order. This is because Wealth’s structures and institutions are spirited in the same way as totalitarian, fascist regimes:

one focuses on control of citizens, the other on control of the market. Both having the goal of establishing and maintaining a never-ending stream of profit and power to prop-up their elevated lifestyles…that’s it.

What else could the reason be?

Creating a better, equitable, fairer, world, universally respectful of human rights? Take a look at the news. After TWO WORLD WARS AND THREE OR SO MILLENNIA of humans killing humans, can anyone really say Wealth and the Wealthy are actually doing us and the World any good at all?

Sorry Elon, Putin, Xi, whomever…you are just not helpful, or useful.

Best you go away and pass the time with Faustus, counting your little piles of gold, for all Eternity…

…and leave the world’s progress in the ol’ Abe’s ‘the people’s’ capable hands, and not in the hands of the likes of those American President Ike had warned our generation about.


Cardinal Collins leads the Father’s Day mass at St. Michael’s Basilica. Now, I have heard many good Catholic priests sermonize on the Eucharist. What the good cardinal says in his sermon will resonate in your soul. He has the gift. He is a breath of fresh air in a liturgy that is heavily –stiflingly- structured. [I understand ritual has its place, but what moves me to the core is the honesty and depth of someone who is educating folks and speaking straight from the heart. There can be no better teacher, no better guide than this, and CARDINAL COLLINS IS AT THE TOP OF THE CLASS.]

What he says is bringing tears to my eyes. It is as timely as it is true. You know, I can really see the Good Cardinal taking over for Pope Frances one day…and despite what he says, the good cardinal has a wonderful singing voice too.

19 June 2022


Wherever you are. Today is my first Father’s Day without my dad. He crossed over to the other side of the Styx at the beginning of the year. Today, I’m burning a candle for him. He was a good, noble man. I miss him.

I am concerned by the headlines today. They predict a long, years-long war in Ukraine. In other news, President Biden is planning to engage China in dialogue.

I worry that our ‘ruling class’ plans to replace Russia with China in a pseudo-binary world order; ‘unipolar’ in terms of a ‘rules-based, world-order’, but bipolar wrt to the internal fractionation¬† of national societies into ‘haves and have-nots’.

We shipped manufacturing capacity and jobs over to China (Elon and Jeff and Steve and Bill yada yada), with the goal of making commodity prices cheaper and more available, WITHOUT A CARE FOR FOLKS WHO RELIED ON THOSE JOBS FOR THEIR LIVING. Now, we must rely on the government to pay us…YOU CAN SEE FROM THE COVID RESPONSE JUST HOW MUCH GOVERNMENTS, neoliberal democratic governments, care about the vulnerable viz-a-vis those able to contribute to GDP.

We could be bound for the Brave New World Order – one that will benefit the ruling class by increasing the gap between rich and poor, and condemn the lumpenproletariat to a bare-bones existence with all of the freedoms one might enjoy from living in eldercare home…as well meaning as the workers are, they work within a system and you must follow along. If you don’t, you can whine, but no one is really listening to you. What elders value most is their independence. Their liberty.

That is what everyone values most.

Why is it then, that everywhere, governments think of ways to take it away? The common tactic is to play one group off against another, especially minority groups against ‘poor white trash’…and to use the Human Rights Code to divide us right down to the community level. If we are not complaining AT ONE ANOTHER we are trying to avoid talking to one another. And it is the government doing it. For example, employers are supposed to hire such that their workforce profile approximates the ethnic profile of the community they operate in. I was told by a local farmer that she hires folks from Mexico to work the farm. I was told by a Convenience store owner of Indian extraction that ‘he couldn’t afford to hire me’…I only saw people of India working there…but that was in Toronto.

I understand why the storeowner does that. Totally. What I don’t understand is how our government callously insists on leaving people of a certain demographic, the impoverished, to twist in the wind while it does backflips helping others and for which it has deep pockets.

The reason I am alive with a roof over my head today is not because of my government, BUT BECAUSE OF MY FATHER, who was able to help me by giving me ‘a job’ supporting his independent living. I couldn’t find work before the pandemic hit and was even more vulnerable than those who had been working and lost their jobs…WHEN I WROTE TWO LIBERAL MPs ON THIS, I DIDN’T GET A REPLY FROM MY RIDING MP and the reply I got from the office of an MP in Toronto whom I¬† greatly respected was to contact my local MP.

And so, I am left more disaffected with government and more appreciative of my dad.


If we are not ever permitted by circumstance to navigate past the lower two echelons of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs(Food and Shelter/Safety and Security), WE WILL NEVER GET TO THE TOP…to ‘self-actualization’…to wit: to be all the creator had intended for us to be. ALL OF US.

The way things are structured now, only wealthy people have a shot at making it and they will not, because materialism/consumption, in part meant to keep us always busy with gathering ‘the scraps from the master’s table’ (and distracted from the dystopia the ‘masters’ are building for us to live in), ALSO WEIGHS THEM DOWN consciousness-wise. They are too busy ‘counting’…perhaps NO ONE OF OUR GENERATION WILL EVER MAKE IT TO SELF-ACTUALIZATION/TRANSCENDENCE. Where the creator is.

Does anyone really need further proof that our tolerance of Wealth is as self-defeating as our tolerance of poverty? The widening gap between the two is become so wide, so deep, that it is taking on the nature of a societal ‘black hole’ from which the light of human kindness and progress will never escape and all is lost…for us humans.

Prayer for fathers everywhere, especially the young fathers in the Ukraine who are fighting for their homes and losing their lives, never to see their youngsters grow up and make them proud.

To the intrepid Ukrainian Fathers: Your children, when they have children, will be wishing you a Happy Father’s Day and with a daughter/son’s gratitude and pride. Your sacrifice today will be legendary tomorrow, as the Alamo and its heroes.

Today, I’m dedicating my rosary-prayers to my dad, your dad, Jesus’s dad, and to all of Ukraine’s dads and to our Indigenous dads and to the dads of folks, rich and poor, around the World.


In the spirit of the day, have a peek at Father and Son, here on this site.

18 June 2022 

This morning I watched an al Jazeera panel talking about President Biden’s upcoming visit to the Middle East. The question was raised whether the American President would call out Israel on the shooting of al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by the IDF?

One panelist said, ‘The president’s plane will fly over Shireen’s grave on the way into Israel and that will be the closest he ever gets to the issue.’ [paraphrasing]

I pray that he’s wrong.

He might not be wrong. Either he or one of the other panelist said that to hold Israel accountable would lead to a plethora of unsavoury revelations regarding Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians. Shireen’s murder will likely get back-burnered (as we are bs-ed) by the world until it is forgotten…

…as was the case with Jamal Khashoggi,

…as is the case regarding the source of COVID-19…

and we still don’t know who ordered the assassination of JFK.

Withal, I retain the hopes that President Biden will exert great pressure on Israel to come clean, atone, put the brakes on apartheid and the illegal settlements, and build a two-state solution – to treat the Palestinians the way they themselves would want to be treated. The Golden Rule.


If we tolerate this sort of behavior among our ‘allies’ (America funds 20% of Israel’s military budget, I have heard), then how can we distinguish ourselves from the likes of Xi, who sees nothing wrong with professing is undying love for Putin.


Offer  your prayers today for Ukraine, in whatever way you pray, and for the Palestinians, and for Canadian and American Indigenous and their lost children/lost generations, and for the vulnerable.

‘The true measure of society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members’. The quote is often attributed to the great soul, the Mahatma Gandhi.

What then must ‘society’ do when it is responsible for the condition of vulnerability; when it created the situation in the first place? Obviously, Step 1 is to stop doing whatever it is that is making people vulnerable. Step 2 is to undo the damage already done…action and atonement. Simple.

We verge upon an Age of Reconciliation; between colonizers and indigenous, between Arab and Israeli, between Muslim, Christian, and Jew, between wealth and poverty, between males and females, parents and children, the right to choose with the right to live…humans and the Earth Mother. I say this in Truth, because, we cannot grow any further apart in these dimensions WITHOUT FALLING INTO THE ABYSS OF THE GAP WE HAVE ALLOWED TO FORM AND WIDEN BETWEEN THE POLES. We are stretched to the max these days, keeping our foot on one side, the other on the other side, barely able now to span the widening chasm below us. PERILOUSLY WIDENED, NOWADAYS.

The division of politics into ‘left’ and ‘right’ has gone to the ridiculous extreme of dividing nations internally, when, in fact, the two likely existed within the head of the SAME POLITICIAN/the same voter, minus the extremes, of course. One party, in an effort to distinguish itself from the other in order to garner votes, will become more starkly ‘left’ while the other becomes more starkly ‘right’. We need to ditch the power-grabs and simply go back to the way we were, at the community level at least, and then we’ll see the way forward from there, much more clearly, domestically and globally.

The greatest reconciliation will happen when humankind begins to adopt the Golden Rule as its superordinate guiding principle, and acknowledges our creator, and not Elon, Bill, Jeff, et al., as ITS HIGHEST AND FOUNDATIONAL AUTHORITY.

17 June 2022

Prayed the Rosary.

Headline 1: EU backs Ukraine’s membership bid as war brings huge shift – Ukraine must undertake reforms with respect to ‘oligarchs, human rights, tackling corruption, and the rule of law’, according to today’s reporting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine by the BBC.

Ukraine is ‘in’/Russia has nowhere to go but back home. My prayers are being answered. I’m going to pray it again today, and see what happens over there.

UNITY is the key, as President Biden avers, to keeping the fledgling, rules-based international order,  intact and evolving as the universal canon of human governance. Depending on the form it takes, a rules-based international order will promote and safeguard opportunity and quality of life for all humans and all other living species. The Golden Rule is the highest form of governance. It comes from the creator. If the rules-based international order is based upon the Golden Rule, HUMANKIND WILL EXPERIENCE A WONDERFULLY JOYFUL FUTURE, here and among the Stars, going forward.

Wait and see.

Headline 2: Watergate 50th meets Jan. 6 – Common thread: Thirst for power – I am going to read the AP article with great interest today. I’ve been following some of the proceedings to the south, primarily on the PBS YouTube channel.

American ‘democracy’ is on shakier ground than most folks realize; withal, Americans are waking up to this. What Trump did was deplorable. What he represents will not go away: he is the culmination of a mindset which seeks to manipulate voters rather than present voters with clear choices. It has been operating in the politics of democracies for decades; becoming more prevalent and invasive, over the years.

The video from January 6 is unnerving. The performance of those beleauguered law enforcement  people was heroic.

And, plainly, America’s democratic institutions are not yet dead. Perhaps, just as Russia’s invasion to push back NATO and enervate EU unity has strengthened EU/NATO unity and will expand NATO/the EU, the Trump-abetted ‘insurrection’ will catalyzed the renewal of American Democracy and the positive engagement of Americans in the government of their great nation, taking it back from the movement conservative types.


I saw a picture of President Macron hugging President Zelenskyy. I teared-up. It will not be the end of Ukraine. That poor young Ukrainian girl who stared down at her bowl of porridge while sitting at her little desk during the Stalin-forced famine, then lowered her head and died (now I’m really teared-up…how can one not be?), why, today, she is dancing with her angel-friends, for joy, that maybe her country’s children will finally come to know peace, compassion, tolerance…the happiness of just being…just being a kid. Unity. Set aside our differences in favour of the infinite and greater good.

The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold. Always has/always will.

We need only follow where it guides us.

16 June 2022

It is with great joy I read this:

Headline 1: European trio in Kyiv as Ukraine pushes for more weapons – I do wish France’s Macron would ditch the NATO membership business, however. Is there anyone watching the news for the last 4 to 5 months who WOULD NOT WANT UKRAINE ON THEIR TEAM? Today?

Still, withal, I am very happy to see the leaders of France, Germany, and Italy IN UKRAINE, seeing for themselves the choice which NEEDS TO BE MADE.

We must force the rapacious Russian Bear off of its Ukrainian victim. 

Today I am going to pray the Rosary again. I didn’t yesterday. I thought perhaps it wasn’t doing any good after all.

But this morning, I was so happy to see France there in Ukraine. And Germany. And Italy. Maybe praying works.

Headline 2: Taiwan shows off latest home-made armoured vehicle – have a look at this beastie. I wonder if it can climb mountains? Perhaps not , but with a 30mm chain gun armament, and 300 or more of them, Taiwan is letting China know their island is a wasp’s nest. If China disturbs the wasp’s nest, watch out! (as any fool, not mentioning any names, who wanders onto a wasp’s nest while looking for shore access to fish a pond, will tell you ).

Wishing everyone a great day. Prayers for the intrepid Ukrainians. Today’s generation of Ukrainians will be forever revered, just like the defenders of the Alamo, just like David’s stand against Goliath. The Ukrainians are prepared to fight to the end, even after living through so much death and destruction. They are a beacon to the World: they point the way forward toward HONOUR.

If we all act with honour, our creator is certain to take us the rest of the way.

To give the whole world, our world, a shot at a joyful future. Is that not what every parent wants for their children? Why would anyone think that god our creator, our parent, would want ANYTHING ELSE for his/her children?

God has already made his/her plan clear.

The world god created, must, today, with one voice, tell Putin and his murderous military to get out of Ukraine and to invite any of the ‘separatists’ to leave with them or to reconcile with Ukraine.

The world, our world, must do the same wrt to China and N. Korea. Don’t wait for them to get all of their ducks in a row. Tell China, today, to stop and to rollback their territorial agendas and for N. Korea to stop letting off firecrackers before someone loses an eye or a finger.

Lastly, the World, our world, must rein-in the wealth classes and their corporate fronts and become part of society once again; embracing their role as stewards rather than masters (or more accurately, spoiled little children).

The Golden Rule has power over the rule of gold; it is a gift of the creator. The Golden Rule will¬† lead us back to the Garden we vacated. We’ll still be able to go to Mars and the Stars, only, it will be on god’s schedule; not Jeff’s and Elon’s and Bill’s.

Headline 3: Ukraine: les leaders français, allemand et italien en visite à Kiev Рthe article sheds light for me on the EU membership business:

‘Les Vingt-Sept doivent d’abord d√©cider, √† un sommet les 23-24 juin, s’ils accordent dans un premier temps √† l’Ukraine le statut officiel de candidat √† une adh√©sion, d√©but d’un processus de n√©gociations qui peut durer des ann√©es. La Commission europ√©enne doit faire conna√ģtre sa recommandation vendredi.’

The EU will meet June 23-24 to decide whether to accord the status of ‘membership candidate’ to the Ukraine. This will begin a long process of negotiations. I admit I was ignorant of the process while I was hammering away at Macron. I did not want to hear anything but UKRAINE IS WELCOME INTO THE EU/NATO.

My apologies to the French President.

A reminder to the leaders of EU nations, NATO nations…ALL NATIONS…

if you want to avoid destruction on the scale Russia rains down upon Ukraine, THEN WE MUST ALL OF US, TOGETHER, PRESENT A UNITED FRONT TO RUSSIA AND CHINA. ONE VOICE.

Yes, we have differences. Deep-seated differences. BUT, we will have time later to work things out, if we facedown Russian and Chinese aggression now.

Ukraine has no time. Ukrainians are dying. Ukrainian elder and children, moms and dads, are suffering in bombed-out basements, under constant barrage, for nearly half a year, with no respite.

15 June 2022

The choice before us today is to be ruled by $$$ or by honour. The rule of $$$ requires politicians and media ‘advertising’ to support the wealth class narrative.

Honour has the strength of our creator (whatever you call him/her/however you worship-esteem him/her) behind everything honour does.

$$$, or honour. Misery and division, or unity guided by our common creator and his/her Golden Rule.

We are at a point of inflection in human history. Things can only get better or worse. What we decide now, today, will colour the lives of billions for many, many generations.

The fate of those generations, and of Ukraine, is in the hands of this generation.


Headline 1: Malnutrition infantile: un drame silencieux se joue en Afghanistan – first, the Russians. Then, the Americans. Now, the Taliban. See what is happening to those poor little souls, and weep.

See how the rule of $$$ will not spare even the most innocent among us. In fact, it’s $$$ being used to silence those who lobby on behalf of the silent-unborn.

Hear American President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, and ask yourself how it is that none of our leaders today sound anything like ‘Ike’. And then marvel at how anyone who is anything like Donald Trump can get elected to run that great nation? Houston, there’s a problem.

Ike warned things could get away on us if we are not vigilant. We let things get out of control. We have created a monster while we are rockin’ in the free world, toward darkness for all but a few.

An excerpt of President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, reproduced from the article from PBS.org:

Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations.

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

And after 6 intervening decades of movement conservatism and the dubious juxtaposition of terms in ‘neoliberal democracy’, HERE WE ARE.

…at the precipice.

The World must rally to America and America must stand beside (not behind at a safe distance) with Ukraine against Russia, and against China too, if need be.

We are almost at the point of geopolitical homogeneity. We need only recalibrate the ‘ruling class’ into Stewardship rather than ‘business people’.

As it is, the minds and vision of our leaders seem to be obstructed by the sugar plums of profit.

The most pressing choice before the world today, right now, is not ‘democracy v. autocracy’, or, collaboration v. coercion (in foreign policy), it is the pursuit and preservation of power and $$$ v. honour and right action.

HONOUR has nothing to with profit; if it did, there would be no poverty, no pollution, no theft of our children by the State in order to begin the conditioning (and streaming) process of the Brave New World order at an ever earlier age…

…and Ukraine would not be fighting for Europe and the World, against Goliath, with only their ‘David’, the intrepid President Zelenskyy and Ukrainian military standing between life and death for the Ukrainian nation and culture.

If America, the U.K.,  Australia and Japan, are the only ones willing to POKE BACK AT THE BEAR, and risk a response from the Panda, then so be it.

If the World will not unite against the rape which is going on in Ukraine for nearly 5 months, if the best we can come up with is to try to sneak a knife into the hand of the victim being raped and/or to suggest that the victim make concessions to the rapist in order to end the rape, RATHER THAN PULL THAT MONSTER OFF OF ITS VICTIM AND SEND IT STRAIGHT TO HELL, then what sort of ‘human’ can we be? The way we have responded to Russia’s aggression is just not natural; not to us, not to any species.

The pursuit of profit juxtaposed with the tolerance of poverty is just as UN-natural. The existence of gated communities is just as unnatural. Humans are the only species under god to create societies which feature these.

$$$ v. honour.

There is no honour in profit. There is no honour in wealth acquisition. There is no honour (or common sense) in putting GDP growth ahead of all other concerns. Even war and climate and the environment are beholden to $$$. Anything which can provide the opportunity for profit is pursued. Everything else is only paid lip service.

Corporations are inserting themselves into all aspects of life. Corporations are vehicles to grow wealth for investors. The investors own the World. This is how someone like Elon can build in China while America and China are at odds and could come to blows. It was idiots like Elon who built in China and helped to enable that evil regime to arm itself and become a threat.

Until common sense rules, until the Golden Rule establishes hegemony over the societies humans create and maintain, there will be widespread and compounding misery. And there will be war.

Oh, but politicians will keep talking, right up to the very last moment…

Headline 2: Israeli court finds Gaza aid worker guilty on terror charges – you know, Israel was once a holy and valiant nation. That was before. We cannot conflate the ‘people of one god’ with a regime that pushes Palestinians out of their own homes. That’s what Putin is doing to Ukrainians and what Xi means to do to the Taiwanese.

If we do not come to the aid of Ukraine, of Palestinians, of Uighurs, of Kurds, of the Taiwanese, of distinct societies and cultures existing under the thumbs and at the pleasure of the more powerful, then we are playing right into the hands of the very folks Ike warned us about. He fought a World War and yet, inexplicably, we ignore his warning.

Headline 3: Ukraine parades new French Caesar howitzer – alright. I’ve been beating up France’s President Macron. Here is some very redemptive news, for Macron. The French President may even go to Ukraine for a pow wow with Zelenskyy et al. Keep the front door closed with respect to outstanding issues and divisions, and focus on the most pressing and current issue. We must all do this.

Withal, the support remains woeful. Ukraine needs us to stand right there in the trenches with them.

If anyone still believes that by not poking the Bear we will keep the Panda out of things, well, just keep on talking and see where we are in a few months ( or when China feels ready enough to go after Taiwan). In the meantime, Ukrainians are fighting and dying. I swear I don’t know what is keeping them going. Can you imagine being stuck in a factory basement, among the dead and dying, the ground beneath your feet, the ceiling above your head, shaking from the incessant bombing, with little food, no bathrooms, children crying out of fear, starvation, and sickness…adults too…and for all these months?

We need to go in now.


I came across a video presentation by the Schiller Institute: The Illusion of Russian and Chinese Aggression Around the World – it was listening to Colonel Black this morning that led me to review Ike’s Farewell Address. I could not believe what I was hearing from Colonel Black. Just now, I revisited his video. I remain of the same opinion as before.

This time, I had a look at the comments. I looked at the latest, and they were all praising Colonel Black’s candour. AND YET, I ask myself, how would Colonel Black or the commenters to his video account for China’s ‘Education Camps’, China’s persecution of Uighur Muslims and Falun Gong practitioners, China’s reticence over the origins of the pandemic…OR ITS SUPPORT ‘WITHOUT LIMITS’ FOR THE MURDEROUS CAMPAIGN RUSSIA IS RUNNING IN UKRAINE? Is that ‘just wanting to do business?’ hello?

I want to know.

14 June 2022

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I prayed the Rosary. I’ve been Catholic my whole life but managed somehow not to have prayed the Rosary before yesterday.

I prayed the Rosary because I was desperate. I blog here. I tweet a little. I’m talking into the black hole of cyberspace…

…so I figured I’ll try talking to god. Perhaps, I’m talking to Mary, because ‘Hail Mary’s’ predominate as you proceed through the Rosary. I don’t know about any of that. I only know being able to quantify and characterize god the infinite and omnipotent is so far beyond my and any human’s capability that I don’t take even my own ‘take’ too seriously…

So I asked god to intervene in Ukraine after tweeting and posting that NATO/EU has fallen woefully short of doing the right and proper thing. I would have had troops on the ground already. What Russia is doing simply cannot be tolerated in a world that has a future. Going forward, the World, our world, needs a rule set in place, to which all the world’s nations adhere, with respect to international and domestic order, although on the latter, we must be careful not to depart from the sphere of the universal into social fashion / the contemporary…

I have heard no good news this morning, like, EU/NATO telling Putin to withdraw now or face NATO/EU troops and the utter dismantling of his regime (which must happen anyway, now or later…so why not now? At least offer hope to Ukraine for all the time they bought us with their lives…whether we take advantage of the time or not is another matter…

On this point, THE MORE NATIONS THAT SET POLITICS ASIDE WHILE WE FACE THE TSUNAMI OF RUSSIAN AGGRESSION (and possibly Chinese), the better chance we have that the World can fix this before things go ‘viral’.

But we cannot just sit and watch, either way. Honour demands that the honourable act, yes? If other nations do not esteem honour among the highest of human virtues, let them deal with the consequences of that.

I’m going to pray the Rosary again today. Then tomorrow…tomorrow…until the World recovers its sanity and vows no more of this. Not to Ukraine or to any other nation or people who get the bejeezus bombed out of them by the folks who can.

We cannot do nothing just because Putin and Xi hold a nuclear pistol to our head. Their nations and their ‘rule’ will not survive a nuke-out either. Before ANYONE develops the upperhand to the point where they can anihilate the other side without their side being anihilated, WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AGAINST RUSSIA AND CHINA…

FOR THE SAKE OF RUSSIAN AND CHINESE CHILDREN who will one day take over the reins of their nations and cultures, as well as our own.

We must liberate Russia and China and their ‘buddies’. The future generations of those nations will be forever thankful and, just like Germany and Japan, whom we were once at enmity with, Russians and Chinese will be our forever-friends. NO MORE WARS.

Our generation has the opportunity, if we are brave enough, to build a world of brotherhood and sisterhood out of the pervasive and dubious constellation of ‘friend’ and ‘foe’.

But be warned. Neoliberalism also implies no more wars, but in the way totalitarianism does. A great ride for those at the top ($$$ -> power and power -> $$$)

but dystopia for everyone below them.

The new world order must account for wealth inequality and power inequality within nations as well.

13 June 2022

It was with consternation that I reacted to the headline this morning about the NATO general agreeing that Turkey has a point regarding the expansion of NATO to include Finland and Sweden. The general’s comments are exceeding unhelpful in the present context. We need to, above all else, present a united front to Russia and China.

Any nation/regime that would stoop to play politics upon the lives of Ukrainians, IMO, is not a regime I would esteem ‘honourable’ and therefore, it can be no friend to the World, this at¬† a time when 100% lockstep reliability is what is in order to stem the World’s lurch into global war.

The World must UNITE AGAINST RUSSIA’S AGGRESSION. For anyone to call for the two sides to negotiate a settlement is TANTAMOUNT TO ASKING THE RAPIST AND THE VICTIM TO NEGOTIATE.

hello?¬†The rape of Ukraine is ongoing. The Russian Bear is all over Her, and we are calling for it to stop FROM A SAFE DISTANCE? We threaten the Bear with ‘consequences’, but, the Bear is fully engaged with the rape and is not listening…it has already made its demands clear: it will stop the rape, when the victim submits to the rape….(fingers drumming…IS THERE ANYONE AT HOME IN THE HEAD OF THOSE WHO WOULD SUGGEST ‘NEGOTIATION’?)

The only way to make the Bear stop is to push the Bear off of its victim. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY LEFT TO US WHEN IT HAS GONE THIS FAR. The rape is happening. The rapist must be held to account FOR RAPE. Does anyone not get this? How so?

If NATO loses its balls, then it is left to America and the U.K. and Canada and Australia and their allies Japan, Taiwan, and others to push Russia off of Ukraine and to hold Russia to full account. This will very likely mean their taking on China at the same time…better now than wait for Iran and N. Korea to come up with a bomb too. But for the World, such an encounter would mean the end of the pax americana, and, should America et al. experience severe geopolitical downgrade or defeat, then the World OF HUMANS will never recover, BECAUSE THE AMERICANS et al. ARE NO LONGER AROUND TO FIGHT FOR US, for humankind, for a RULES-BASED INTERNATIONAL ORDER.

A note to the media folks: It is better that you do not try to rationalize what these bozos (France, Turkey, India…) are doing/not doing/saying. Keep Elon (and his Mount Olympian pals) and the bs he is doing with Tesla in China out of the news too. You suborn the onset of WWIII by giving these people and their opportunistic attitudes toward the wholesale destruction and murder ongoing in Ukraine ANY AIRTIME AT ALL. Engaging Russia and China is a slap in the face for Ukraine and it is immoral, unethical, inhuman, besides.

The media already gives airtime to folks who clamour for abortion rights and gun rights; but appears to have little or no interest in providing, at the same time, the POV of the unborn or of those who give a voice to the voiceless…

…or for doing the only thing that will prevent AR gun violence…to wit: a complete and utter ban on AR guns, and a life sentence to anyone caught owning one. Same goes for handguns. The right to bear hunting-rifles only, AND ONLY WHERE IT IS LEGAL TO HUNT OR PRACTICE. [I had asked, in an earlier post, if it is possible to retrofit / add a GPS security system to firearms so that they cannot fire when the gun is outside a prescribed area?]

This would require leadership, however. Whether they realize it or not, the media of today appears more interested in keeping people glued to their television sets than in keeping people properly informed. [To repeat the bs coming out of someone’s mouth when you know it is bs and they know it is bs, WHEN YOU PUBLISH IT YOU GIVE CREDENCE TO THE BS, which, in and of itself, has no credence whatsoever…so how is that informative?]

The media simply acts to promote and maintain the narrative Wealth (the owners of most media outlets) wants us to believe in [that’s why Faith is now in the media’s sights] and we ‘the people’ are conditioned to think a certain way about something or other without ever questioning why we think that way…


When the Golden Rule resumes its place as humankind’s highest organizing principle, when the Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold, we can be certain we are on THE PATH and on our way back to the Garden we abandoned, long, long ago.

Without gold, Wealth will lose its power over human societies, and the creator’s perspective will return to us…the mote in our eye will have been cleared away…we will see the Path we walk…we will see we walk the Path together and with all other living species…we will see that the Earth Mother IS OUR NOAH’S ARK and that we are sailing along under the creator’s guidance and loving hand.

If we don’t kill ourselves off enroute, we will arrive at the Garden.

Wait and see.


It is time to give Russia and China a punch in the nose, hard enough to make it bleed and give them the opportunity to see if they really want to go to war with us just so they can rule the roost for a while.

The more united we are, the less likely the bozos running Russia and China will choose war.

Macron, Erdogan (just his last name, if it’s okay), Modi – you three amigos really need to shut the front door. I did read that Macron said ‘no concessions for Russia’. That is the first good thing I have heard. I will sleep better tonight if I hear Modi and Erdogan talking like Macron.

War will not stop if we have a binary world order. War will not stop if we have a coerced homogeneous world order.


Russia and China use their power to benefit Russia and China. America et al. would use their power to benefit the World. And they will, if they can rein-in their own Mount Olympian class. Elon is building in China right now, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

To America’s Democrats: wtf can you be thinking by not standing 111% with your president, Joe Biden? To America’s Republicans: wtf do you think your heads are for? To think with, or as a placeholder for your hat?

God bless and have a great day, wherever in the World you live. Your world and mine, NOT PUTIN’s, NOT XI’s… AND, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, NOT ELON’S or JEFF’S or BILL’s.

12 June 2022

Every morning of late, I get up and remind myself NOT to look at the  news. Each morning, I fail.

Headline 1: Ukraine’s leader says his troops keep defying predictions – for the life of me, I cannot understand how it is Zelenskyy and his Ukrainians are able to remain so defiant, so resolute, after having so much misery rained down upon them by an evil aggressor. Well, actually, I can:

it is the light of the creator coming from the souls of these people

Likewise, I cannot understand how it is we continue to dither and blather and politicize things…

it is the darkness of ego spreading within our souls, namely, our fear of death (for our ruling classes,¬† that, plus their fear of losing GDP and their wealth -we’ll lose all of ours too, I’m afraid! – if the financial system ‘collapses’).

We cannot fall victim to that.

Whether we like it or not, Putin and Xi offer the World no choice but to raise the curtain on Act III of the Great War.

The Russians claim to have destroyed a depot full of incoming Western arms/supplies. The Ukrainians are desperate for weapons and manpower. They are heavily outnumbered and outgunned in the East and the walls are closing in on those valiant soldiers and civilians. THEY NEED US.

Meanwhile, Putin threatens Poland over a buildup of NATO troops.

Meanwhile, China ‘continues to support peace talks between Russia and Ukraine’. Peace talks? um, next time you are accosted by a mugger with a gun and his/her finger on the trigger, try to negotiate! hello?¬†I am given to wonder if there is anything but cheese in the heads of those bozos running that great nation? Besides, apart from rattling their own sabres at their neighbours, what else are they doing? Anything constructive?

There is no way around it. We have to confront Russia now and China also. Russia has to pay for all of its sins against Ukraine. If we do not enforce this, we do nothing to stem the spread of evil from its current locus in Eurasia.

We cannot play politics. There is no time left to us to play at anything. We need to get our troops into Ukraine and alongside of their valiant troops. No more dither. No more blather.

The regimes of Russia and China and of those who would fall to the temptation of political/economic¬† (ruling class profit) opportunism in these perilous times exist contrary to god (whether you follow the teachings of Jesus, Mohammed (PBUH), the Buddha…).

For the World to move on, along its own ‘hero’s journey’, it must continue to step forward. The next step for the World is to confront Russia, RIGHT NOW, as one [um, not in the way India’s WION network understands ‘oneness’, which appears to be the world from one viewpoint. Theirs].

If China is stupid enough to try to take advantage of the situation as the World reins in Russia, then so be it. IMO, until China accepts Taiwan’s democracy for itself, if it remains of the same mind as Putin’s Russia and means to, amoeba-like, surround and absorb other territories, without a care for the misery and destruction they would be the cause of, then they are the enemy of all the West should stand for, and appears to, albeit oftentimes in word only.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy and Ukrainians are well on their way along the hero’s journey. Putin gave them no choice. The World would do well to follow Zelenskyy and Ukraine’s lead. They are on the right path, the one our creator’s light shines down upon to help guide us along.

Putin and Xi et al. mean to get between us and that light; to cast their shadow upon that path; to take us down the opposite path, to perdition, where those two bozos foolishly believe they can rule (even though ego allows only one, and that ‘one’ is Lucifer).

It is time now for us to act, to PROACT, and shut these two regimes down.

11 June 2022

Headline 1: Biden: Zelenskyy didn’t want to hear US info – The AP article reports that Zelenskyy kept his head in the sand despite American warnings of an impending invasion. Well, wasn’t the Ukrainian President guilty of the exact same crime as NATO/EU et al.? Unlike Zelenskyy, however, NATO/EU et al. continue to politicize and dither AND BLATHER. Zelenskyy has taken the ‘bull by the horns’.

The President of the EU went to confer with the Pope. Afterwards she tweeted the outcome of the meeting: ‘This war must end.’

Yes, indeed. Ukrainian men, women, and children continue to be molested and murdered by Russia’s insane onslaught.

Our leaders continue to talk. Russia continues to shell. More of Ukraine is laid waste. Fewer intrepid Ukrainians remain to rebuild. And the media continues to keep us awash in ruling class propaganda, for our ‘entertainment’. They want us to believe they are in control.

I don’t believe they are. But I do believe ‘the people’ in the US and around the World, are rooting for Ukraine and are not content with a daily litany of bad news, more death and devastation, AND MORE BLATHER FROM OUR POLITICIANS AND THE MEDIA MOUTHPIECES FOR THE WEALTHY FOLKS.

Going up against Russia now will cost Wealth greatly. It will cost ‘the people’ more than that, more than $$$. But it is necessary and it will characterize us, our species, for all time.

If the choice before us is to live in fear or stand against the aggressor and with the vulnerable; to be ditherers and blatherers or to act, which is more honourable?

$$$ denies honour.

The EU President and our Pope say, ‘This war must end.’

It will only end when Ukraine surrenders or Russia is completely vanquished.

Ukraine is going to lose, eventually, if left to its own devices. Everyone knows this. The ditherers and blatherers know this.

China sides with Russia. Were we to directly intervene in the war, we will fight China too.

It is time for everyone to stop lying, to one another, and to ‘the people’.

War is inevitable, that is, unless we all stop playing politics and money-games, we set aside our ‘differences’ and present an indivisible front to these rogue nations RIGHT NOW.

Let Russia and China decide if it is in their best interest to go to war, today. Don’t give them anymore time and opportunity to prepare. Don’t continue to enable China. Let this generation show history that humanity has not lost the integrity it showed when it rose up against the Kaiser’s and then Hitler’s Germany in defense of Europe. When push comes to shove, we are prepared to defend our honour with our lives.

Right now, it is our honour that is in question. Ukraine needs the World’s help. The World must answer to the call or account to the creator for not answering.

10 June 2022

Headline 1: European Parliament “firmly behind” Ukraine’s EU candidate bid -President Metsola – the¬† article is small, but the statement is huge. What is happening in Ukraine at the hands of Russia should not ever happen. Russia should have been pushed out when they invaded Crimea. Instead, Russia established itself in the East of Ukraine. We didn’t react with troops. We reacted with sanctions. We still react with sanctions, and Russia is pushing the envelope further.

As is the case most often, short term gain implies long term pain. For the short term, not facing off directly against Russia is the most attractive option. No one wants to poke the panda. No one wants to deal with an angry bear.

The trouble is, the panda means to grow a larger ‘family’ and will continue to expand its turf.

Ukrainians will continue to die while opportunistic fools like France’s Macron, Erdogan, Modi, et al. continue to enervate the unity of the EU, of NATO, of the West, against Russian (and soon, imo) Chinese imperialist aggression.

Macron appears unable to understand that UNITY, strength in numbers, is the best deterrent. He, Erdogan, Modi…these dough heads would play politics at a time when UNITARY RESOLVE is THE ONLY WAY FORWARD, OUT OF THE PERIL WHICH NOW THREATENS THE WORLD.

Bishop Mari is convinced that his Australia is going to be hit BY CHINA with a nuclear attack. Bishop Mari is not afraid to speak what he believes to be the truth, whether it is acceptable to the New World Order or not.

I pray that China is better than that. They are, I know. But they are led by a regime as murderous and¬† hell-bent as Putin’s, not to mention, as much foul-mouthed liars, cheats, and buffoons.

We have enriched and enabled China. China has betrayed the World and sided with Russia’s murderous regime…likely because they are of kindred spirit and both want to take the West down.


We (democracies) are led by folks whose vision is, after nearly a century of movement conservative infection, so filled with the sugar plumbs of neoliberalism they cannot see and are rendered completely, utterly idiotic in a leadership role: they simply cannot or will not see where it is they are actually going, and leading the rest of us.

We are headed over a cliff.

If we can avoid war, that is, if China and Russia can be convinced to join us rather than insisting on bombing the bejeezus out of their neighbours, we still have ourselves to deal with.

We are not ‘lemmings’.

Prayers for Ukraine and for some really good news from the Eastern Front. Stalin once engineered a famine in Ukraine because Ukrainians would not cooperate. Years ago, I recall listening to a CBC Radio program, where a teacher from Ukraine recalled how his school would set out breakfast for the kids in the morning, how a 10-year-old girl, sitting at her desk, looked down at her bowl of porridge, then lowered her head and died right in front of him. I am crying now writing this…[read about those days here, and see what Russia has done and now does to Ukrainians…]

the horror! the horror! what is it humans are capable of?

Children are dying today in Ukraine, because of Putin.

And we are not defending them…

Dogs comport themselves better than humans when it comes to children who are not their own, not even of the same species…we stand back while children are being murdered, we defend our right to ‘bear arms’ even as children are being gunned down by ARs while at school, we defend the rights of women (as we should) but are silent about the baby inside the womb (both sides of the issue should be given equal ‘weight’ given that the baby is also clamouring, albeit silently, for enough time to build its own independence)…and now, we dither and blather about Putin…as a second Russian leader rains hell down upon innocent kids.


I rarely reproduce article images, but I hope the folks at CBC are okay with this one, taken from the CBC article: Ukraine tension has roots in ‘hunger extermination’ of 1930s

See how little the relationship between Ukraine and its monstrous neighbour, Goliath, has changed? It wasn’t very long after this that the World convulsed into the second act of the Great War. We verge today on Act III.

What Putin has begun will not stop in the Donbas. He and Xi mean to take the World down with them or, alternatively, masters over it, even if ‘it’ is a pile of offal. Putin and Xi don’t care anymore than Milton’s Lucifer, and for the same reason: they do not mean to build, they mean to destroy what god has built, if that is what it takes to be master over what they themselves cannot build.

Conversely, neoliberal Wealthy folks mean to enrich themselves and live even better and build even greater monuments TO THEIR OWN EGOS.

Neither Wealth, Putin, or Xi, gives a hoot about people, but to the extent to which people can be exploited to advantage Wealth, Putin, and Xi and their cronies.


I’ve heard tell that Patrick Brown won’t run for the Cons if Poilievre is leader…I’m starting to like Patrick Brown…

9 June 2022

More and more of the same in the news. More and more insanity. Humankind could very easily be approaching, nay, bringing about, its own catastrophe. It appears the World has fallen into chaos.

Of conflicting values.

On the one hand, we jealously guard our liberty, privacy, and free will; with the other hand, we actively deny these to our neighbours, those we live among. With our left hand, we invest our money in other nations; with the right hand, we deny opportunity for our own to make a living, and our politicians of ‘the right’ have the nerve to say, this is a good thing, and we go right along with that. Clearly, in today’s World, the left hand and the right hand move independently of one another, but one is firmly in the pocket of ‘the people’, while the other firmly grasps us by the neck, choking the soul’s life out of us.

  1.  Elon Musk is building a factory in China. Elon Musk also contracts with NASA. Is Houston not aware we have a problem?
  2. ¬†Leaders of various European nations talk about ‘negotiating peace’ between Ukraine and Russia…(fingers drumming…) the situation is that Putin (Russia) decided to take over his neighbour’s house (Ukraine). To do that, he kills his neighbour and blows up the neighbour’s house. FOR HIM TO GET AWAY WITH THAT, the other neighbours have to stay indoors, ignore the cries of the afflicted neighbour while the assault is ongoing, and, oh yes!, give the newspaper boy a little extra when he comes to collect. When the bombs stop falling, the missiles stop coming, and the murderous Russian army has had its fill of murder and unbridled carnage, then our business suits in Brussels and around the World can come out and congratulate themselves over the bodies of the dead and displaced, for maintaining world-peace, and a job well-done.
  3. Really? What they have managed to accomplish is to further darken our fortunes as we lurch closer to the China way, the Xi-way of doing things…no god, no way to ‘fight city hall’, no chance of the World ever emerging out from under the SHADOW OF THE EGO OF WEALTHY PEOPLE…what Elon Musk is doing for himself and his rich friends in China is a crime against America. President Biden calls for UNITY, and members of his own nation are pulling the rug out from under him…YOU CANNOT DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. CHINA AND RUSSIA ARE RULED BY THE DEVIL. ELON MUSK ET AL APPEAR RULED BY THE DEVIL…because all of them are ruled by


4. And if we need further proof of the worship of $$$, of power, the hegemony of ego (and ego is the devil’s turf), in today’s societies, why, there’s a battle going on about gun control in the U.S., in reaction to the slaughter of the innocents at Robb Elementary School. I understand that ARs are not being eliminated in the bill that was passed by the House of Representatives, but rather restricted to folks over 21 years of age? This is not going to make a difference. And, even as is, it won’t make it through the Senate. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL WORK IS A COMPLETE BAN ON ARs.

When we humans are of the mind and spirit to protect THE LIVES AND LIVELIHOODS of others only if the cost to ourselves is acceptable (meaning it doesn’t hurt us too much, even as we see the human cost of our inaction to others), then we are lost.

If we fear death, than those who seek hegemony over us for their own ends, WILL USE OUR FEAR OF DEATH TO CONTROL US.

Putin is doing this to Ukraine right now, and we dither and blather, when we really need to confront Putin directly and put an end to this insanity.

Stymying this, however, is the self-serving spirit of ingrate nations like India, France, Turkey…it is as if none of these nations ever benefited from the actions of America in the past, and now, now that America needs us all to stand with America and the ‘rules-based international order’ against the tyrannical regimes operating in China and Russia, their ‘gratitude’ evaporates quicker than Peter’s support for Jesus had before the rooster crew…UNITY.

Unity applies not only to things geopolitical, but to things domestic also. For a society of households to have its act together, each household must have its act together. The household simply cannot tolerate one member giving away bits and pieces of it to folks with $$$ in order to buy a nicer bedroom suite for him/her self…eventually there will be nothing left of the house, except for the bedroom? WHO DOES THAT?

Elon? Bill? Jeff?

Bill gave me the Internet. Bill gave everyone Internet. Now, everyone is online, yacking back and forth, not with their neighbours, but so many removes from personal that, at the personal level, it all resolves into ‘white noise’. Chaos reins. The personal connection, ultimately soul-to-soul, is neutralized. We know we have a problem but no one is capable of acting, proactively, to fix the problem everyone knows we have.

The problem is we are ruled by Wealth. Wealthy people rule over us and prop up their rule by attaching a $$$ value to everything. The Commons is disappearing. That way EVERYONE IS RENDERED BEHOLDEN TO SOMEONE…the government,¬† an employer, a group of investors…whomever has the money has the power. This way, we are always living under the thumbs of those who have more money than us, and control from the very top (the Elons and Bills and Jeffs of the World, god help us!) is assured.

Wealth’s operative is to encourage us to pursue wealth above all else. ABOVE ALL ELSE we want power. Everyone does. That’s all Wealth is about. They aren’t visionaries, but they can buy themselves enough airtime to keep up with the fictional narrative so that we believe they are visionaries…they are selfish and well-heeled, that’s it…so are we all. Wealth knows how to manipulate us because THEY ARE US. It is only that, they became rich or come from rich families, and that is how they differ from us. The poor are as fallible as the rich.

That is the nature of ego and of a humankind given to ego. As John the Baptist says in Jesus of Nazareth, ‘Before kingdoms can change, people must change.’

This isn’t ‘scriptural’, but it should have been.


There are headlines indicating that President Biden is considering Executive Order to fight the overturning of Roe v. Wade. THIS IS WRONG. This is why I say conflicting values is going to be our end. The President decries Russia’s wanton attack on the innocent Ukraine, but at the same time, would support the attacks on the unborn?

This is the hypocrisy of today’s World. This ‘hypocrisy’ is intentional. We have divided our left hand from our right hand. We cannot simply focus on the good side of something without acknowledging the bad side.

But that’s how things are set up. We have no chance to make things ethically and morally right; no opportunity to do it all because the ‘all’ has been divided between the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ of our politics.

This is a deliberate ruse by Wealth. The media they own gives us the sense that the government is trying; but then not enough happens, we get bored and disaffected and vote for the other side…then we get bored and disaffected and vote some more….and so on and so forth…but nothing has changed. Meanwhile, Wealth gets wealthier, social inequality progresses, more and more young souls are born into the hell of poverty with no opportunity…and more and more souls die in Ukraine while we stand back and watch.

Make no mistake. When anyone gets money ‘for nothing’ IT IS NEVER FOR NOTHING, unless it comes from a good Samaritan, like you might find at church or mosque or temple or synagogue. Everyone else will want something in return, stated or unstated.

There are those among the ruling classes who believe the key to peace within society is to guarantee a certain minimum standard of living, this being the maximum necessary to purchase peace and prevent social unrest. That’s the ‘left’. But this is an ‘investment’ in social control. I fear that things like Basic Income and Public Housing will incorporate elements of control that exist purely for the sake of maintaining and expanding wealth’s control over society. The left will support you, but at a price. The price is your soul. Your liberty. Brave New World.

The ‘right’, conversely, promotes ‘individuality’ among a whole class of people. If you are of the class which can pay, you can do what you like. If not…well, it sucks to be you…their rules apply to everyone, but let’s face it, if there is a tax cut, how many Canadians actually benefit? Which ones benefit most? Why, the ones who are making the rules: the ruling class.

Neither left or right will let go of your kids, because they want to begin the social conditioning process, A.S.A.P….they want the children to be ‘good citizens’ when they grow up. Don’t break the rules. Don’t complain about your lot in life (and don’t try to improve it by any means other than what the ruling class provides). Oh, and admire these ditherers and blatherers for all of their dithering and blathering…and for the fine blue business suits…I mean, Jeff needs someone to wave back at him as he waves at the Earth from low orbit…affectionately known by Jeff’s ilk as the ‘5 billion dollar zone’.

It is important to recognize that the pathology of ego affects all. The effect is greater with increasing income/wealth and with decreasing income and wealth. Society becomes one characterized by ‘those who can v. those who cannot’. Poverty is the greatest excluder to ‘social inclusion’, a term much bandied about by the left these days, but by ‘inclusion’ the left means it in the way an amoeba might…included, then absorbed…

8 June 2022

Prayers for Ukraine. Dennis Davydov of Ukraine has been providing regular updates on the war. He has been very good. He is temporarily out of work as an airline pilot. Please support his efforts if you can.

Prayers for the World and the world’s children. UNITY among all nations is all we need do to keep from slipping into the abyss of global war.

Most of us living today have no memory of the horror of the Second Act of the Great War. It must have been terrible. If the World, our world, the one our children are going to inherit from us, falls once again into war, it is going to be a hell of a lot worse.

It will be Hell.

Putin and Xi and their supporters appear to be okay with that.

Are you?

The Golden Rule implies unity. Collaboration. Standing up for (and with) the underdog against murderous, imperialistic aggression.

The Golden Rule is of god. We are all of god.

We cannot be true to god if we are not true to ourselves and we are not true to ourselves when we exist apart from the Golden Rule. When we depart from the Golden Rule, the god who created us cannot get through to us. We are no longer listening. We are no longer engaged. We are ‘parentless’, without the loving guidance of the parent who has ‘been there-done that’ and on that basis, is able to guide and support us as we navigate our own ‘Hero’s Journey’.

We are in a different place. Because of the rule of gold. Read my earlier posts for explanation, but, I maintain it is the rule of gold over us all that has brought the human world to this perilous condition, to verging upon the ‘event horizon’ of Hell. From which the light of the human soul cannot escape.

But the Golden Rule is stronger than the rule of gold.

We need only engage the Golden Rule and¬† the World will spontaneously decouple from ego. There will be no more war…Maslow will take us up ‘the ladder’.

No one left behind.

7 June 2022

First, prayers for Ukraine.

I begin today by scanning the news. More of the same. I opt for Father Alar’s Explaining the Faith: Catholic view of the end times, on YouTube.

Father Alar’s heart, mind, and soul is with god. Just as the Good Bishop, Mari Emmanuel (Christ the Good Shepherd Church-Australia), and the Good Cardinal, Thom Collins (St. Michael’s Basilica – Toronto). There is no guile in any of these men.

Invariably, each of these great souls says something about god, Jesus, and the other Faiths (other Christian denominations, Jew, Muslim, generally) which to me is going too far into judgement; wherein they pronounce god’s judgement upon other Faiths.

Invariably, my reaction is to switch to something else.

I always come back, nevertheless…

My problem with any social system, whether it be religious or national, is that EVERY SYSTEM HUMANS PRODUCE WILL INHERIT AN EGOIC COMPONENT. This is because humans made god in their image, and all humans have ego. Humanity has made ‘god’ in its image. god is limited by our perspective, our understanding, our ability to get our minds around something that defies encompassment.

God is beyond all measure. THEREFORE GOD IS BEYOND ALL FORMS.

No single form, ‘human’, say, can be properly esteemed to be the form taken by god.

And so, when someone says, ‘Jesus is god’, I have a deep problem with that. IMHO, all things existing and bounded by form, are analogous to the leaves of a tree. The tree in this case, is LIFE. The leaves of this ‘tree’ are the individual living souls we encounter during our Season. Come the Fall, our form drops to the ground and is received by the Earth Mother which produced it. But the tree persists and the souls of each passing generation become the twigs that produce the next generation of leaves.


WE JOURNEY BACK TO THE SOURCE, as all things with souls do.

Jesus channeled god as near to perfect as anyone could, precisely because he checked his ego at the door. When the soul expresses, and if the expression is not tainted by the ego of the person, what then can that person express?


Jesus was so selfless, and so wanting to be in tune with god, that when he spoke and acted, he showed¬† god’s hand. For all intents and purposes, he and god were indistinguishable, as everyone who selflessly seeks knowledge of god, and, therefore, god’s loving guidance.

Therein lay the source of the confusion. IMO, someone, perhaps Constantine’s crew, interpolated the provision in the Gospel of John where Jesus says, ‘I am the way…’ Back in those days, the best way to get people to do what you wanted was to tell them it is what god wants. Pharaohs and Caesars styled themselves as gods. Maybe they were insane enough to think they were, but IMO, this was intended to create a narrative to support their positions and policies.

Divine authority. Absolutism.  Even the Elizabethans believed that when England had a bad ruler, it was divine punishment.

Now, all of this is my belief.

I have not been to church for a long time, because I cannot accept some of the church’s teachings. I cannot believe that any of us is qualified to JUDGE OTHERS FOR THEIR BELIEFS.

IMO, the fact that we worship trumps how we worship, every time.

For my part, I want to reengage in the church community. I want to do this because the Golden Rule is still the highest virtue among communities OF EVERY FAITH, despite the fact that EVERY FAITH HAS AN EGO and will interpret god’s will in ways I CANNOT ACCEPT. Some of these ways come from people who have been dead for millennia and haven’t kept up with the messaging from the creator.

The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold.


How long will we tolerate the fractionation of our leadership into ‘left’ and ‘right’? What the fractionation accomplishes is THAT WE WILL NEVER HAVE IT ALL. ‘Conservatives’ will not ‘raise taxes’ because not taxing you means not taxing them. THEY HAVE MOST OF THE MONEY. Not taxing those who have more than they need means there is no money to provide to those who have less than what they need…how ‘social’ is that society? Even the ants know better.

MEANWHILE, ‘the left’ will tax, enough to barely keep the vulnerables’ noses above water, but they believe in ‘evidence-based’ policy and seem to want to promote the State to the level of godhood. The State will provide our shelter, raise our children, and see to our healthcare, so long as we haven’t got COVID. But the State is a construct of Wealth. Neoliberal democracy IS A CONSTRUCT OF WEALTH. Therefore the citizen is in service of the State that is owned by Wealth.

Whether ‘left’ or ‘right’, we are rendered beholden to Wealth. They either keep it all and allow us ‘religion’ and ‘values’ (although the cons are split because more people think ‘left’) OR they will give us a little, just enough to keep ‘the peace’ and no more, but steal our children, our futures, OUR SOULS, in ‘payment’. And, as time goes on, everything will have a dollar value attached to it and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE MONEY CHANGING HANDS. Because of this, everything is measurable and monitorable, BY WEALTH, and Wealth’s hegemony over society is assured in progressing granularity in this regard. Little by little, the citizen will become less free and more beholden to $$$ and those who have the $$$.

COVID has taught us that, in the absence of the fullness of knowledge, the pronouncements of the ‘experts’, as capable as they are, can often be wrong. We routinely encountered ‘surprises’, enacted questionable initiatives in reaction, and we certainly didn’t accord help to the most economically-vulnerable when the pandemic struck).

Evidence-based policy has not completely escaped the subjectivity of interpretation that comes in the absence of TOTAL KNOWLEDGE/epistemological truth. Therefore, the ‘left’ merely usurps our faith in god, the most knowledgeable of beings; attempting to replace him/her by cultivating our faith in Wealthy folks, who are simply greedy, and far from all-knowing. Hello?


Personally, I love Jesus and admire him more as human channeling god so perfectly despite being human and therefore fearful for his life.

Personally, I believe there is no social system that is all-encompassing, and that, rather than look for one, my time is better spent learning to live with folks whose aspirations differ from my own; better spent learning TOLERANCE.

We cannot have trust without honesty. We cannot have tolerance without trust. We cannot have diversity without tolerance, and without diversity, as Robert Ardrey would aver, we will not have A FUTURE.

Think well upon it. Have a great day!

6 June 2022

Question: How is a country like China able to build a space station, a presence on the Moon, and a military with (according to the media) better technology than the Americans/Quad? How is it the Russians have also managed to so keep-up with, even outpace the militaries of the West, despite having been economically-sanctioned for almost a decade?

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. I cannot explain it. I can only speculate. My speculation is so far: it all comes down to $$$ (alright, if you have been reading, you might have guessed!). Because humanity’s current leadership esteems $$$¬† above ALL OTHER CONCERNS in today’s world, the opportunity to profit leads us to decouple our ‘left hand’ from our ‘right hand’ and both hands from our god-given sense of honour and the GOLDEN RULE.

China is a textbook example of what resourcefulness, intelligence, willfulness, AND A PERVERSE LACK OF HONOUR is able to accomplish.[p.s. likewise the EU/NATO members who play politics on the backs of dying Ukrainians]. This followed closely by the likes of India, Turkey, and other nations who are opportunists, nothing more. They appear unwilling to contribute anything of value to the cause of humanity. Those nations and those mindsets are anachronisms in today’s world. If we do not reconcile with one another via the Golden Rule, and with our common creator, we will ALL perish.

But not all will be lost. My doggie, for example, has remained true to herself and to her species and to her creator – EVERYTHING RECONCILES THE MOMENT ONE RECONCILES WITH ONESELF.

This above all: to thine own self be true
And it must follow, as the night the day
Thou canst not then be false to any man…¬†[Literarydevices.net]

This is exactly what we humans seem to have put back on the shelf. We need to come to terms with ourselves, now more than ever before, else our species might not survive the coming ‘Tribulation’.

My doggie will. Yours will too. So will the other animals and flora. The Earth Mother will heal without us around. But do humans not also want to return to Eden?

The Entrance to the Garden has been obscured by humanity’s affliction: the blindness suborned by ego. We are fallible to greed, the trouble is, with neoliberalist ruling classes, they are not only greedy as the rest of us, they have, unlike the rest of us, manufactured a system of profit generation/direction; and taking these $$$ from circulation until they have something to spend it on FOR THEMSELVES or they perceive opportunity to make more profit. They vampirize society’s lifeblood, rendering society anemic. Eventually societies will fail.

We can avoid the traps, Thucydides’ Trap and others. The road is going to be tough, but on everyone, not just the most vulnerable.


Strength and Honour.

The Golden Rule, not the rule of gold.

Headline 1: Can journalists and grieving communities coexist in tragedy? – um, what?

Here is the situation in a nutshell: 19 young souls lost and two intrepid teachers’ souls lost.

TO GET THE FACTS FOR THEIR STORY, the MEDIA need only talk to the police/other public officials. They need not talk to grievers, especially after the fact. Why do they feel ‘they have to get it out there?’

True, I cannot know what those parents who lost a child at Robb Elementary School are feeling. I CAN SAY, WITH ALL MY HEART, I’D RATHER BE DEAD THAN SEE THIS HAPPEN TO MY CHILD. I am certain this is how EVERY PARENT WOULD FEEL.

I don’t believe any higher purpose is served by the reporters (or their bosses) who think it okay to invade on such grief as this. And I find it outrageous to think to pen an article as this, so honestly¬† and sensitively enquiring on something that a stone living on the bottom of the Marianas Trench would be able to answer for itself. When the media goes after parents/bystanders, they are going for something else…they want to write down the horror those people experience. Because horror sells. That’s it. Stop and think about it…Monsignor Weiss.

5 June 2022

Just in: Headline 1: Ukraine slams Macron for Russia remarks, saying ‘he can only humiliate France’ – um, as it happens, read my post and you will see I have already accorded this mackerel dis-honourable mention. I haven’t read the article and I will. But, clearly, when someone, anyone, can find anything to say in support of a rapist and murderer and child-killer, while that person is continuing to rape, murder, and kill innocent children, IS AN F-ING MORON. Period. Just look at the picture of the leader of France as he listens to Putin speak. It is as if someone who IS NOT A RAPIST, MURDERER, AND CHILD-KILLER IS SPEAKING. Yes, Ukraine, Macron does bring shame down upon the great nation which is France. Worse, he speaks for France and is not helping the chance of Peace, while he thinks he is…Romeo Dallaire will tell you from his experience that you ‘cannot shake hands with the devil’. Whenever the devil pops up, folks must UNITE against the devil. Anyone who thinks they know better than god will try to reason with the devil. That has as much chance of success as a snowball will in Hell. As I said, Macron is a moron. He has about as much honour as WION and is just as stupid.

Sadly, just like Ontarians, the French will have to endure him and his moronisms for 4 more years,¬† unless, of course, moronism wins the day, and there is Armeggeddon and ubiquitous social collapse.¬† [wrt Ford’s electoral win, now we have to suffer through the media pundits explaining how he did it, as if it were a successful master plan. CBC will explain all of this to us, AND WILL FORGET TO MENTION THAT THE ONTARIO ELECTORATE WAS GIVEN NO CHOICE AT ALL. That’s how Doug Ford and his Cons got re-elected…hello?]

Now, what I wrote earlier:

The Ukraine. The Alamo. Right now, that nation’s stand against the murderous Russian invader is THE ONLY THING, imo, STANDING BETWEEN THE WORLD AND OPEN GLOBAL WARFARE.

Ukraine’s valiant and honourable defense is more than offset by the short-sighted, self-interest of India, Turkey, and other nations. I find WION’s (World Is One News, out of India) coverage of the news to be quite shameless. The nation of the Great Soul (and of Mother Teresa) has lost itself.

With friends like these, the saying goes, ‘who needs enemies?’ Self-interested parties are not friends to anyone.¬† $$$ rule. $$$ determine the standards of human value and morality. Who needs friends like that?

Rich people do. Like the ones who own WION. No one else benefits…um…there is no honour associated with the pursuit of wealth.

Rich people today are not interested in stewarding but rather in bs-ing the people (via the media they own) that they are supposed to steward with their wealth. They rather use their wealth to repress ‘the people’ AND TO MINE THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND THE EARTH ITSELF for all the value inherent.

Slava Ukraini. As for the nations who esteem economic advantage above human life, why, your type has held sway in the World, our world and god’s world, for 5 millennia or so and that is going to soon come to an end.

I say this because I believe WWIII is inevitable. If America is supplying weapons and Russia is then bombing them, if America and allies are providing long range missiles and Russia is threatening reprisals, how long will it be until the two nations come face-to-face?

On the other side of Asia, China’s belligerent Xi is threatening Taiwan and the region while America is saying it will fight with Taiwan against China.

China-Russia are now a black-hole with Europe, the Middle East, and the South China/East China sea regions on the event horizon.

THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID GLOBAL CATASTROPHE IS FOR INDIA, TURKEY, FRANCE…who am I forgetting?…to show solidarity AGAINST THE BLACK HOLE. Those morons running these countries do not seem to understand that UNITY OF PURPOSE is the only way to counter the nature of the Russia-China alliance. That alliance is based on ego purely. Ego draws everything into itself, like a black hole, UNTIL NOTHING REMAINS OUTSIDE OF ITS CONTROL SPHERE.

It will mean THE END OF India, France, and Turkey down the road…all because of the knee-jerk, short-sighted, ill-conceived policies of morons like Macron, Tie-up Whazzup Erdogan (or whatever his name is) and Modhi, who seek personal advantage, to keep themselves in power, even atop a murderous mess. Doesn’t that sound just like Milton’s Lucifer??????

Somehow, the allure of sugar plums renders otherwise intelligent people, dumb as a nail. Their ego permits them to see only the sugar plum. They do not see that nowadays, the sugar plums are perched so far beyond Reason’s reach that going any further to obtain it will invite certain death.

It will mean certain death for our children too, not just our generation.

Ego cares only for what it wants. It is ill-equipped to care about anything that matters BEYOND ITS COMPELLING IMMEDIATE NEED. In Psychology  101 we learned the deer will choose to consume a sugar water mixture over nutritious food to its own detriment.

The even horizon humanity faces is not only that coming out of the China-Russia alliance. Each of us faces a spiritual crisis of the exact same nature. Our ego clothes our soul in blackness. That blackness lives on the energy our souls generate/receive. Our souls can only generate and receive the sustaining energy of the creator. That energy, instead of  coming through our souls and into the World, sustaining it, guiding it FORWARD, is being consumed by ego. The layer thickens and in time, no light can enter in AND THE SOUL DIES.

The soul cannot die for as long as it is connected to its Source, the creator.

As individuals, we must turn back and open to the creator in unending dialogue, the operative of ongoing renewal. The leaf is never separate from the tree, but the body of the leaf does hit the ground at the end of the season, and the leaf reemerges.

Let this be the destiny of humankind and the future for our children, for us to return to the Garden we left so long ago. We have seen what ego is capable of. We have seen what we are capable of. WE HAVE SEEN WHAT GOOD WE CAN DO WHEN EGO IS NOT IN OUR WAY.

We see what ego can do to folks, including children, who get in the way. It was written in Judeo-Christian scripture that Herod murdered little children to prevent one born among them from taking his power away.

Well, he died. His power was taken away regardless. And he killed them all for nothing because he didn’t get the one with the Star…or so the story goes. There is no record, apart from what ‘scripture’ says, that Herod actually ordered the murder of the innocents, but we can see for ourselves that children are subject to the insanity of the adult world and that world today is producing leaders who out of self-interest and pursuit of power (um…ALL EGO), dither and blather while innocent children are murdered in the schools and bombed in their beds…ALL BECAUSE OF THE EGO OF OTHERS (like the NRA and Putin/Xi).

It is Sunday. Let Sunday be given to our creator as respite, like we once did. Prayers for Ukraine, the new Alamo. Those Ukrainians fight not to prevent WWIII but to give the rest of the World time to prepare itself and preserve hope for the best possible outcome.

The actions of India and Turkey (and others) incline the World toward war and death and destruction like the kind we are seeing right now in Ukraine….yet India has the nerve to ply the World with ‘news’ while calling its media outlet, ‘World Is One News’. What a sick joker the one who thought up that moniker is!

The hypocrisy of France, India, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Hungary, et al. is disgusting. The self-sacrifice of Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden et al. is encouraging.

Upon Britain, America, the Quad, and a new reinvigorated, democracy, wherein power and $$$ is distributed, through taxation, to produce a Normal Distribution, rests the World’s hopes.

Ukraine is buying us time to get our acts together. Everyday we delay, more Ukrainians die.


Can our leaders please just smarten the hell up before Hell is all that is left of the creator’s Earth?


3 June 2022

It’s Friday! Not just any Friday…it’s a special day in my family.

In all other respects, it’s the same ol’ – same ol’:

  1. ¬†One of our self-styled Mount Olympians, Elon, is in the news today. Apparently, he has a ‘bad feeling’ about the economy and needs to cut 10% of his staff. um, okay…but wasn’t it last week he was going to dump 40B onto Twitter? Here’s my fix: Keep Elon, Jeff, and Bill off of my web pages, please. SOMEONE, PLEASE SET UP A GOFUNDME TO RAISE THE CASH TO SEND THESE THREE BOZOS (and Bezos!) as far into Space as can be managed without affecting the Space-Time Continuum.
  2. There are rumours that Putin is dying…aren’t we all? But if this is true, then his legacy to Russia is a whole lot of bad karma in exchange for the senseless slaughter he presides over in Ukraine. In Putin’s ‘holy of holies’, the depths of his consciousness, where only he and the devil and god are present, he has decided to restore the Soviet Empire or take the World down with him. A ‘coalition of the un-willing’, such as the one China intends to ‘invite’ its neighbours to join, is a dream Xi shares with Putin. Putin seems willing to murder everyone and destroy everything in his way, to achieve his dream, √† la Milton’s Lucifer. Everyone knows ‘you can’t take it with you’. Putin appears bent on leaving nothing behind. IMO, Putin¬† is just ‘bent’. As in China, a major regime change is necessary to avoid a lot of bloodshed, the kind the World has never before seen and no one living today can even imagine.
  3. ¬†It is good news that Saudi Arabia and OPEC mean to open the taps to help stabilize the price of oil and offset the effect of the world’s weeing off of Russian sources. This will help MBS’s karma-account, although, he needs to fess¬† up and do penance for ordering the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. I believe he did order it. I could be wrong. None of this means anything to Jamal Khashoggi or his fianc√©e. He¬† is living in the Light and full knowledge and consciousness of Love and Creation. His fianc√©e will join him one day, only not yet. It would mean a whole lot to MBS and his future kingdom, to fess up, do his ‘penance’ as his people require, and then, if his people permit him to be their king, he will lead his people to glory under the creator, by following the Golden Rule.
  4. ¬†Alright, I’ve done my best to avoid politics, because of¬† its increasing irrelevance. Neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’ can lay any claim to leadership in today’s world. That’s because ‘left’ and ‘right’ are simply two-sides of one coin and now we are being conditioned to believe by our media that these are two distinct and separate items. They are constructs by wealth to provide to ol’ Abe’s ‘the people’ THE SEMBLANCE OF CHOICE during an election. Elections have become distractions. We are distracted and then told afterwards¬† that ‘the people have spoken’. The media then earns their paychecks by¬† spinning a rationale to make sense of how we voted….hello?…WE AREN’T BEING GIVEN A CHOICE IN THE FIRST PLACE.¬† We are being ‘guided’ to the choice from a set of options only the denizens of Wealth find palatable…could this be because Wealth owns democracy?¬† um, hint: does the term ‘neoliberal’ mean anything to you?

At the end of the day, we are all being fed a ‘story’. By Wealth. No matter where you live¬† in the World.

Your god, whatever you call him/her/it, made everyone else too. This god made your enemies as well as your friends. What god is so stupid and mindless as to make any of his/her/its children ‘enemy’ of any other of his/her/its children? Certainly such a ‘god’ couldn’t last for millennia, much less forever?

What god would be so shortsighted as to allow¬† us to create so many version of his/her/itself that we would kill and condemn¬† one another over our different views of ‘god’ who, by definition, is BOUNDLESS AND THEREFORE DEFIES DESCRIPTION?

What ‘god’ would leave us with such an epistemological mess, knowing he/she/it is beyond all, knowing that he/she/it includes all? Not the ‘god’that created us and the Universe.

This was the ‘god’ humans created, and we can’t agree on which ‘god’ that is.

This ‘god’ is a construct and as much a story-telling product of ‘the media’ as democracy is.


One tree, many leaves.

One principle.

For all living things it  is the same  principle. St. Thomas Aquinas identified the principle.

One rule.

Not the rule of gold, but the Golden Rule.


I’ve just read that Israel is not allowing it’s proprietary missile systems to be shipped to Ukraine, as America requested. Israel, like India, like France, does not want to ‘upset’ the relationship they have with Russia. Israel says it will only ship non-lethal support to Ukraine, to prevent Israeli equipment from being used to kill Russian soldiers….um…it doesn’t seem to bother Israel about Ukrainians being killed…and this just for existing?

Really? The Jewish people know better than anyone the horror and abject criminality of being targeted  FOR WHO THEY ARE. But Israel does that, albeit in a passive-aggressive sort of way, to the Palestinians. Now, the State of ISRAEL COMPOUNDS ITS OFFENCE BY LOOKING THE OTHER WAY OUT OF CONVENIENCE, in the opposite direction to Ukraine???

The World Wealth is manufacturing for us to live in as it manufactures profit for itself and misery for everyone else is not a sustainable world. The dystopia they are creating now could be the ‘Tribulation’ the Bible talks about…I dunno…BUT I DO KNOW IT WILL BE NO EDEN, except for the rich, and that will be for only a short time…

A university pal once told me, ‘The World is based on bullshit.’ The narrative Wealth/neoliberal-democratic governments/the Media regales us with daily, minute by minute, is a fictional construct of Wealth.

The existence of ‘left’ and ‘right’ is a fiction. These are elements of the narrative of social control that ruling classes everywhere leverage upon citizens. They simply represent the gamut of choice the ruling classes are prepared to extend to the citizenry. BUT, anything so insubstantial as something that exists only notionally is bound to collapse with the first unfavourable wind.

Putin knows this because he’s a denizen of the ruling class. He and Xi are leveraging what they know upon the West to weaken and divide it.

Our ruling classes know that unity is the way forward for the World to survive Putin and Xi.

But they fail to apply this knowledge to their own societies, because THAT WOULD INTEREFERE WITH THEIR PROFITS…they would have to share. They don’t want to share. They’d rather bs…

…and hide behind legislation, police forces, THE MEDIA…just like the Wizard of Oz was given to doing when Dorothy, Toto, et al. arrived…

…and for precisely the same reason.


Turkey, France, Israel, India, China…you are not helping the World’s chances. Neither are folks on the ‘left’ and ‘right’. What the World needs now is, yes, ‘love sweet love’, but also respect for the T.R.U.T.H.¬† No one appears to respect the truth anymore; rather, they respect only the believable; whether it is true or not is irrelevant (therefore my comment that politics is become irrelevant).

In business, if the employee lies to the boss, direct or in the omission, the business relationship is broken and no one ever backs up the liar. The liar loses his/her job. That’s it.

But employers often lie, direct and in omission, to their employees. Can anyone say this is not so?

Politicians mislead and lie all the time and we don’t even question anymore. With the internet and 24/7 news, we are kept awash in facts and would-be facts: with time to read but no time to vet¬† what we are being told. And so, we are reduced, in our personal search for truth, to PICKING OUR ‘POISON’. We can now make the truth whatever we want it to be and subscribe to the media channel who will deliver ‘the truth’ to us, non-stop.

That must have been what Stephen Harper had in mind when he said consumers will have more choice and control over what they want to watch (and believe)… but it is the ruling class folks providing everyone the choices.

We need government, not politics. We need leaders, not politicians. We need¬† the truth, not more fairy tales with sad endings for everyone but wealthy folks. There are more Cinderellas being born every day…but the wicked stepmother and her wicked daughters are still around…

To Ukraine and its truly selfless supporters:

Strength and honour.

To the others (Iran, China, Russia, Turkey, France, Israel, India, N. Korea): you are soon out of time. IMO, there’s a Big Rain coming. Unity will save us.

Let’s gather under god’s umbrella.

31 May 2022

U.N.I.T.Y. is the way forward, for the EU, for NATO, for anyone and EVERYONE. There can be no ‘unity’ without ‘tolerance’, no tolerance without ‘trust’; no trust without ‘honesty’, and no honesty without H.O.N.O.U.R.

What the World’s leadership lacks is honour’. Honour has been displaced by gold. If ‘honour’ has a price, it is nothing. It is something bounded in time and by convenience.

But this is only because of what we have wrought.

Honour, like life itself, comes from god. We can ‘fix’ the World’s existential troubles by simply turning away from gold’s rule (and the worship of humans – the Mount Olympian class – who have the most¬† $$$ and able to get their faces in the headlines of the media either they, or their ‘friends’, own),

and turning ourselves back toward our creator.

Each morning, I see the flowers awaken and open themselves toward the rising Sun. The trees grow closer to it. The crows sit in the magnificent pine across the street and watch the Sun come up. Everything is growing. Everything is growing toward the Sun, the source of everything on the Earth.

Everything, from the moment it begins in this ‘realm’ appears to be trying to reach its Source.

We pave over everything; rendering it sterile; unable to produce anything living anymore.

We toxify the water and aquifers, rendering them poisonous and unable to purify and to sustain a healthy biota profile.

We kill the life inside of us BECAUSE IT IS OUR RIGHT TO DO SO, and without any consideration for what the new life inside of us wants for itself. WE DENY ITS RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

Given all of this, is it hard for anyone to see that what Putin is doing and our reluctance to do THE RIGHT THING is because HUMANITY HAS TACKED THE WRONG WAY?

Is it hard to understand we are ruled by ego; that the social contradictions we entertain are the result of seeing the world through ego’s lens?

We pursue wealth because we are already rendered beholden to Wealth, by Wealth. Neoliberalism is a closed loop wherein the citizen is exploited and ruined in its service to Wealth in order to make a living and for Wealth to make a profit.

When the citizen is of no further use, the government offers some support but not enough to elevate anyone even to the base of Maslow’s Pyramid.

The money the government does provide, it borrows from Wealth. Wealth tells the government how much it is prepared to lend. Wealth then sits back and collects the interest on a debt the government CAN NEVER PAY BACK.

‘THE DEBT’, therefore, becomes a lever by which Wealth controls the nations of the World, our world, but one gradually being denied us, so that the wealthy have something exclusive to them.

OUR TROUBLE AS A SPECIES COMES OF OUR TOLERANCE OF THE EXISTENCE OF A WEALTH CLASS. Even the ants on the sidewalk are a smarter species.

Corollary to this: WE TOLERATE THE EXISTENCE OF A¬† CLASS OF ECONOMIC-RAPISTS but we will not tolerate diversity within our neighbourhoods and especially among our neighbours…


30 May 2022

The rule of gold divides because not everyone has enough to get by. This is purely because others have more than they need but rather than distribute the excess, they employ the excess to get even more gold, leaving less for EVERYONE ELSE.

The malaise of the World is because of gold is our god. Those with the most gold are our prophets. Those who regale us with tales of heroes like Bill, Elon, and Jeff Bezos…three bozos of Mount Olympus, but carefully leave out the stories of millions living in abject misery and under the clouds of famine and war, are our Media…the erstwhile 5th Estate. Fact defers to fiction and fiction is the official narrative.

Gold determines the moral code. That is why we have to listen to the EU dither over buying oil and gas from Russia. THE EU IS BANKROLLING RUSSIA’S MURDEROUS CAMPAIGN IN UKRAINE by buying Russian oil and gas. To the EU: If you cannot shut off the flow of gas and oil from Russia, AT LEAST SHUT OFF THE BULLSHIT YOU SPEW TO ONE ANOTHER TO RATIONALIZE YOUR MURDEROUSLY FALSE MORALITY.


This is because of the rule of $$$. For $$$ to rule, profit must be the highest operative, and acquisition the greatest virtue. Everything must have a value and a label attached to it (the culmination of neoliberal ‘democracy’). Once in place, such a system guarantees that ANYONE WITHOUT MONEY IS POWERLESS TO DO ANYTHING – except vote, which changes nothing, given the dearth of¬† actual choice.

Conversely, those with $$$ can do whatever they like. If a law gets in the way, why, they simply make a new law.

This is not a sustainable situation.

The selfish EU folks, the selfish NATO members, the self-interest of nations who choose to capitalize on cheap Russian oil and gas to benefit their own wealthy people (while ensuring enough scraps from their tables hit the ground for the peoples’ misery to be manageable), THESE ARE THE PEOPLE TO BLAME FOR WWIII.

Conversely, I have nothing but praise for the Quad, the U.K., The Three Wisemen of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, President Biden, Finland, Sweden…AND UKRAINE AND PRESIDENT ZELENSKYY.

IMO, the World is too wounded spiritually because WE HAVE BECOME TOO SPIRITUALLY CORRUPT. We have allowed the rule of gold to usurp the Golden Rule in our hearts and minds, IN OUR SOULS.

We simply need to reverse this and allow ourselves to be ruled by THE GOLDEN RULE.

…and our creator will take care of us.

You may call him/her ‘Allah’, you may call him/her ‘Jehova’, you may call him/her ‘Vishnu’, you may call him/her ‘Jesus’…

…but as Bob Dylan points out, ‘You gotta serve…(somebody)‘.

maybe, just maybe, we should stop arguing and fighting over what ‘god’ is, and just pay attention to what it is GOD WANTS?

The Rule of Gold divides us, each from the other. The Golden Rule unites.

As Biden pointed out, WE NEED TO UNITE.

Therefore, we need to ditch the Rule of Gold and the hegemony of corporations and those men behind the curtain, pulling the levers and manufacturing so much misery as they pave the path before THEM with gold.


I have been watching Denis Davydov’s reporting on the ebb and flow of the war in the East of Ukraine. He is very good. He says it is difficult to know without being right there but he is doing his best.

There is another YouTuber who reviews one of Davydov’s reports here. He talks of Russia using a ‘Mongolian’ strategy, ‘the cauldron’, to entrap Ukraine’s forces near Kharkhiv. He believes the ‘retreat’ of the Russian forces in that area is simply setting a trap; what I suggested in an earlier post the Ukrainians may be setting the Russian up for, once the heavy artillery and long range missile support is in place.

28 May 2022

  2. ¬†We stand, awaiting a ‘tactical squad’, outside of a children’s school, a madman inside with an AR shooting young kids, even as some call for help on 911.

This then is the culmination of the strategy of the State’s insertion into our daily lives: when right-action is required IMMEDIATELY, we are held back from doing WHAT IS NATURAL FOR US IN THE SITUATION:

wrt to the tragedy at Robb Elementary school: those intrepid selfless teachers and kids with smartphones did everything they could within their power to stop the carnage. THAT WAS AS HEROIC AS IT WAS NATURAL. For anyone, police or parent or onlooker, to stand outside for almost an hour while the carnage ensued on the inside, WAS UNNATURAL AS THE CARNAGE WAS SENSELESS.

Put it this way, if my child were in that school, the police waiting out front for ‘help’ from the tactical squad would have had to shoot me to keep me from going into that school to stop that freak from shooting my kid. Period. I might have died, however, that those children could keep on living. For me, that would be fair exchange.

As for Ukraine – Ukraine = the Alamo. It appears that America senses the comparison, because their President is doing everything he can to help. He may need more time. He calls out Russia and China for what they really are: a nation of murderous, thieving, HONOURLESS creeps in political drag(my words, not the President’s). Xi and Putin: They do not lead. They do not know how to lead. They know only how to steal, lie, cheat, and murder, and bully innocent people into submission. The Russian and Chinese people are Russia and China’s only hope. It is ‘the people’ of Abraham Lincoln, the soul/spirit of the nation, not their corrupted leaders, who are the soul of China and Russia. But, right now, the ‘head’ and ego have taken over the vision of China and Russia. Whenever that happens, the corruption is profound and the entity (China and Russia in this case) is near its end. Unless it can recover itself.

The Quad is preparing, IMO, for war with Russia and China. Nations like India and Turkey and France are playing their own stupidly self-serving geopolitical games that weaken our position and embolden Russia and China. I am as angry at our ‘brothers’ as I am in awe of the courage shown by Ukrainians and their supporters worldwide.

I cannot speak for god. But I will let myself believe that the creator responsible for all of the beauty in this world still takes the side of HONOUR and honour is what the nations of the Quad and all of the intrepid nations who swim against today’s geopolitical currents (and the dithering and blathering), to¬† come to the support of Ukraine, possess in abundance.

America: Just for what you do now to support Taiwan and Ukraine and the World, know that the I AM  is ON YOUR side. Always and forever. [with all of my heart, I believe this to be true].

Strength and Honour.


Check out Father Spyridon’s The Origin of All Evil – on YouTube. It’s wonderful.

I am NO military strategist, but from where I sit, given the intensity of the Russian assault in the East of Ukraine, and while the Russian military has Russia and separatists at their backs, it is for Ukraine’s valiant forces to bend in the middle of their lines, withdraw and allow a horseshoe to develop into which the Russians would march. Strengthen the arms of the horseshoe AND set up your new long range artillery/missiles at the ‘tip’ of the horseshoe…then¬† bend some more and allow the Russians to fill in the space between the arms of the horseshoe. Cut them off from resupply…THEN GIVE THEM PROPER HELL. [Aside: Ukraine has been levelled. No quarter given. Given what Russia is doing to them, Ukraine has every right to strike military targets in Russia.]

The more Ukraine can weaken Russia, the more America can concentrate on the other bad guys, over there in China.

China has betrayed the World. Russia continues to be the world’s ‘Loki’. N. Korea needs to embrace democracy and then watch how fast they ditch the old when the new is so much fairer to N. Koreans. And then there is Iran, whose hatred for the god of Israel has put them in bed with the devil in China.


Yes, China rose. Yes, America has not kept pace with China, because of the greed of their wealthy folks. But Americans know how to catch up in a hurry. Wait and see.

Look at what Russia is doing to Ukraine. Look at what China does to the Uighurs and Falun Dafa folks. HOW CAN ANYONE COGNIZANT IN THE SLIGHTEST CONCLUDE THAT PUTIN AND XI ARE ANYTHING BUT THUGS? How can a thinking leader seek to align his/her nation with either?

27 May 2022

Today, I will pray. I am fearful over what is coming. I am saddened by the news from valiant Ukraine. I am saddened by the news out of Texas. These events reveal how imperilled the World is.

Antony Blinken is calling for UNITY against China as well as Russia. The American Secretary of State says China has the will and the means to change the World Order. He should know, we enabled them.

Against this background, inexplicably, EU nations dither and discuss what to do. Still. AFTER ALL THE BLOODSHED IN UKRAINE. They continue to bankroll Russia’s murderous, unprovoked attack upon Ukraine by buying Russian oil and gas. HYPOCRITES ALL.

The nations of the World: You are abject fools for siding with China and Russia. YOU CAN SEE IN THEIR COMPORTMENT just what they have planned FOR YOU. First, they need you, to fight the Americans et al. They will smile. They will have deep pockets…

…and then, WHEN THEY NO LONGER HAVE NEED OF YOU,¬† have a look at how the Chinese treat their own citizens in Xinjiang. THIS WILL BE THE PRICE YOU AND YOUR CITIZENS AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL PAY TO THE CHINESE.

Contrast this with what America et al. are offering the World. Collaboration. A rules-based order. NO MORE WAR. NO MORE NATIONS WITH POWERFUL ECONOMIES AND MILITARIES RUNNING RUCKSHOD OVER WEAKER NATIONS.

No more.

This is all so unnecessary. There is a war on the horizon. But it is not so much a war against China and Russia and Iran et al. as it is a WAR AGAINST DARKNESS/EVIL.

That ‘Darkness’ is EVERYWHERE. It is ‘inside of us, and all around us’, just as Jesus had ‘fixed’ the position of the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is up to us to choose the Darkness or the Light.

Any person or nation choosing the Darkness will die, awash in the darkness they have chosen.

Anyone choosing the Light will have ‘hell to pay’ and ‘hell’ will be paid and then buried under its own ashes.

I CHOOSE THE LIGHT. I CHOOSE TO RALLY TO AMERICA AND U.K. AND AUSTRALIA, QUAD…everyone who is prepared to stand against the darkness of neoliberalism and fascism.


This is what is mandated by the Golden Rule:

the end of the rule of gold; of power. 

To be replaced by a Golden Rules-based international order.

WE made China strong. That was the fault of our wealthy folks and their greed. The darkness in their souls clouded their reason utterly.

WE WILL HAVE TO PONEY-UP for the sins of Wealth. Many of  us will die because, whichever side begins to lose, East or West, neither side will capitulate. THEY WILL LAUNCH THEIR NUKES.

IF WE DO NOT UNITE AS A WORLD AGAINST THIS DARKNESS, SUBORNED BY RUSSIA AND CHINA AND BY WEALTH EVERYWHERE, we invite misery upon ourselves to the depths and degree no one living can possibly imagine, that is, if you don’t live in Ukraine…

Every nation in the World which has any honour left to it at all, will rally today with the ‘West’ against Russia and China and N. Korea and Iran…and Israeli apartheid.

The head of NATO is on my tele explaining the challenge NATO faces: to supply Ukraine but not be drawn into direct conflict with Russia. I understand the logic, but it is wishful thinking.

Russia has already laid down its cards. It is going all-out. Where it stops in Ukraine today, it will pickup again, after it ‘catches its breath’ and is able to start afresh.

Call it what you want, but what the leader of NATO is describing is appeasement. Putin knows it. Blinken knows it. Xi knows it.

It is best to take your head out of your own arse, and see the situation that is building for what it is.

OUR LAST CHANCE. We must stand. Now. We must unite, now, and forever, going forward.

The Golden Rule is our guide back to the Light.


I was about to stop, but I heard Stoltenberg utter something else I take exception to: that Turkey is useful to NATO in the fight against ISIS, and NATO needs Turkey. Just like he’s talking out of both side of his face with respect to NATO-Russia and Ukraine, he’s indicating NATO should deal with Turkey’s blackmail rather than talk turkey with Turkey. Turkey is playing politics on the lives of Ukrainian children.

Stoltenberg et al. are not sending the right message. They show weakness, not resolve and that is emboldening for Putin and Xi. We are not satisfied with just enabling?

I’m with the U.S. and Quad. I have no use for the EU/NATO bs. America, Canada, the Brits, Australia…we all sent our young people to Europe to defend your right to exist as free nations.

Now, that you are called upon to do the exact same thing for Ukraine, you cower and you dither and you ‘discuss’…

Shame on you.

26 May 2022

Wishing everyone a blessed day. The World is a mess, but none of us need to be. Recognize and keep to your ‘insular Tahiti’,¬† where you can dwell in ‘verdancy’ though being tossed this way and that, by external forces/events beyond your control, and/or by selfish people closer to home.

I am glad to be on America’s side; however I am deeply concerned by the fact that American rich folks enabled China, handed them the farm( our jobs and manufacturing), as it were, and now we are threatened by China-Russia with nuclear Armageddon. There is a grand disconnect here which must be addressed for the World’s sake.

The departure of Wealth from its role as steward in society must be utterly undone. For this to happen without blood and upheaval, the rich must do it themselves.

Have they, like Putin, already gone too far?

China and Russia are not going to back off. America and allies are likely already staging for a direct encounter in the Pacific and along the EU-Russia front. IMO, it was in anticipation of the Sino-Russian belligerence that America withdrew from Afghanistan.

I’ve read it elsewhere, but I will repeat here, that America/Quad are preparing for a direct confrontation with Russia and China.

Russia is up first. By not confronting Russia directly, America hands Russia no ‘moral’ authority to escalate the war. There is time still for regime change in Russia and a precipitous end to Russia’s murderous campaign. Were this to happen in good time, China and its minime N. Korea and Iran would be essentially on their own.

To every nation putting their own self-interest, $$$, ahead of World Peace, YOU ARE BEING LED BY A COVEN OF ABJECT FOOLS.

UNITY will save the World, our world, and our world’s children and their dreams, from MISERY AND DEATH.

My ex father-in-law remembers the American GI’s breaking down his door at the end of the war. He was 5 year’s old. I remember selling Christmas cookies to an nonagenarian living in my little town who had served in the war and who could only speak about his experience for two minutes before he began to cry and grew silent, SIXTY YEARS LATER.

No one who survives war is ‘lucky’; they could be ‘luckier’ than those who do not survive, however the burden they carry around FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES is too much for anyone, especially a child, to shoulder…like the child ripped too early from the womb, the world they happened to be created by NEVER THOUGHT TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE to survive.

Jesus explained the Golden Rule. All Faiths have and revere it.


All’s we need to do is follow the Golden Rule, and our creator will take care of everything. There will be no tears of children who are frightened and don’t understand the violence happening around them, like the 19 who have fallen in Texas (their teachers tried to save them by putting themselves between the gunman and their kids).

Wait and see.


Prayers for Ukraine and for the World. Tears for the World’s children who see the violence and hatred of the human world and grow up thinking this is normal.

It is not ‘normal’. It is the continuation of the insanity of human ego. ‘Wealth’, ‘War’, ‘Poverty’…all are constructs of human ego.

The Golden Rule, above all else, shows clearly where the door to the ego is and the way out. If you ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, why, you would only want to help out. YOU WOULD NEVER WANT TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE MORE MISERABLE OR DO VIOLENCE TO THEM OR TAKE WHAT LITTLE THEY HAVE.

Rather, you would come to their aid whenever needed, and gladly. You would not take more than what you need before being 100% certain THAT YOUR NEIGHBOUR HAS everything he/she needs.

And you would NOT tell other people how to worship god or interpret god’s will to them as if you know better than they do what god’s will is.

God’s will is never unkind. To anyone. Please do not be unkind to god and tell folks god is a god of wrath, of settling scores, and transaction, the quid pro quo. The god of the Old Testament was a transactional god. That’s ego.

Jesus spoke of another god, or the side of god; not god’s ego, but rather god’s heart.

God is bi-polar too, just as humans are. The ego is a part of us, but if it is a relatively small part (consciousness-wise) humanity will prosper in the Light of the creator to the extent the shadow cast by our ego is insubstantial, BECAUSE THE CREATOR IS ALWAYS MESSAGING US AND GUIDING OUR STEPS.

If the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament is for real, then the creator recognized his/herself that ego was ruling him/her; that by reacting to the unintended consequences of according humans free will (their having egos too!) he/she was entrenching ego, hers/his and ours.

That’s a world of deep division. Exactly where we are right now. Precisely what the creator, IMO, DID NOT INTEND.

God found the doorway and escaped his/her ego before utterly destroying the world he/she created in reaction to our malfeasances. Had he/she not done so, we’d have no Jesus, no Mohamed (PBUH), no Vishnu…and we’d have a hell of a lot more Xis, Xi-minimes, and Putins.

Instead we are still here. We still have a chance.

If the nations of the World ditch the politics of self-interest and become stewards and citizens of the World, ALL OF THEM WILL LET RUSSIA AND CHINA KNOW IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that they will side against China and Russia unless both back off on belligerence and visions of imperial glory, forevermore.

WWIII could be ended before it even got started. U.N.I.T.Y.

Put unity before $$$, and the world is preserved for our children.

Headline: Americans prefer Democrats’ position on abortion to Republicans’ – based on polling data. All’s this proves is that there are more selfish people chiming in on the issue than unselfish people.

Or is it hypocrisy? We cry over the deaths of children. We wonder at HOW UNFAIR LIFE CAN BE. YET, FOR THE SHORT TIME A CHILD, unable to chime in on their own behalf, IS IN THE WOMB…

Whatever the reason, the Golden Rule would protect the unborn, that they may be born, just like the one who bears them was given the chance, BY THEIR MOTHER, to be.

25 May 2022

What do India, France, Italy, Cypress, Hungary, Turkey have in common? Well, the one-word answer is WHAT THEY DO NOT HAVE, and what they do not have in common.


These nations dither and dance on the graves of Ukrainian children for Putin’s oil and gas.

To NATO/EU – kick these nations out of NATO and the EU and fast track their replacements: Ukraine, Finland, Sweden.

I am sick at heart. There is nothing anyone can say or that I can write. The leaders of these nations, who play politics with peoples’ lives are no leader at all. They are smooth-talking thugs. Period.

Headline 1: EU cracks widen over Ukraine as Italy, Hungary urge truce – Italy and Hungary, go join Putin and leave the West alone. You are PA-thetic. Any of your citizens who support your stand are equally pathetic…there is a paucity of spirit here which only god can remedy. I can only shake my head in utter dismay…YOU KNOW UNITY IS KEY. wtf are you people thinking?

Headline 2: Gunman kills 19 children, 2 adults in Texas school rampage – here now is another open wound which will never ever heal. The worst thing anyone can experience is the death of your own child. IF WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA in popularizing these despicable acts and giving other troubled souls ideas. Television glamourizes them (one of Prime’s spinoff channels is advertising a show about the two animals who held captive, tortured, then murdered and defiled, the bodies of TWO YOUNG TEENAGED GIRLS (plus the younger sister of the ‘bride’), in St. Catharines, portraying them in their matrimonial garb and a fairy-tale style wedding…I WILL NOT GIVE THOSE TWO CREDIT BY EVEN SPEAKING THEIR NAMES…and yet, our private-owned corporate media does this…and then there’s the politics: NHRA stands up for the right to defend yourself, ALTHOUGH KIDS CAN GET AUTOMATIC RIFLES AND DO MUCH MURDER BEFORE ANYONE CAN STOP THEM.

That’s right up there with women jumping up and down screaming that the State has no right to tell them what do with their bodies, but has the obligation to provide services to women who make mistakes, WHEN THERE IS A YOUNG PERSON INSIDE WHO CANNOT SPEAK, WHO IS TRYING TO BUILD THEMSELVES UP JUST SO THEY CAN LEAVE MOM’S BELLY…they need mom to put up with the inconvenience rather than hand them a death sentence. Is that too much to ask of someone?

Just like Italy, Hungary, Cypress, Turkey, France…would scream blue murder over the inconvenience of the sacrifices they would have to make to stay the course against Russia’s murder of Ukrainians…Ukrainian CHILDREN. These nations talk ‘truce’ WITH A MURDERER, WITH A RAPIST, WITH A CHILD-KILLER…hello?

Now, I admit, I am upset right now, at the news. It could be so much a force for good in the World (the 5th Estate) but is often reduced to another purveyor of division and angst and disaffection. ALL IN THE NAME OF THE $$$.

I am going to do my best not to write. Even if I had readers coming here, it appears that no one is listening. The World has many, many existential problems. WE CAN REMEDY THESE.


Appearance v. Reality

Convenience v. Right Action

love of $$$ v. love of life

We have not always been the way we are. The takeover of¬† media/faith institutions/politics by movement conservatives began in the 30’s and corrupted the World’s rebound after WWII (Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex, etc.). The MCs are become so strong and so irrelevant (neoliberal democracy at the time when liberal democracy is the solution waiting to be grasped) they imperil the World, our world.

The pandemic of mental illness. Don’t worry, the State has someone who can help you waste the rest of your life identifying as something ‘special’, but this will keep you separate from other ‘special’ people, with all of you believing there is something wrong with you because you don’t understand the world you live in, when in fact, the world ‘given’ you to live in is not the real world¬† but rather a concoction, a narrative created and read to you by ruling class bozos who gallop off in search of ever more wealth, as they leave piles of their droppings behind them for everyone else to live off of.

I am pretty certain, if I go back years on this site, I will find that I have been saying the same things for many years, over and over, and things only get worse. I am just a broken record.

No worries. No one is listening anyways. We are all to busy getting on with getting on, while our leaders abet the ruling class’s gambit, and that is to keep on getting richer off of the nation, off of society, off of citizens. JUST LIKE BUSINESS OWNERS keep on with their businesses.

Exactly how much democracy do you have in the workplace?

That is what your nation has become. And for exactly the same reason.

You cannot have a democracy when you have an owner.

What neoliberal democracy gives us is THE RIGHT TO ELECT OUR FRONT LINE MANAGERS.

But those folks must kowtow to the upper management or they are summarily, without any due process, removed from their position.

They will be accused of some impropriety, usually of the sexual kind, since everyone has done sex, and nowadays, one need only accuse another of impropriety and that is enough to ruin the accused.

That’s Putin and Xi’s way. 1-No due process. 2-The onus is upon the accused to prove their innocence.

These two jurisprudential notions are what used to differentiate us and Western Liberal Democracy from¬† the autocracies we see crop up in the East…


Prayers for Ukraine. And thanks for nations like Germany, who are going to suffer greatly in order to do the right thing FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

But Germans, like Americans, like the Brits, like Canadians, HAVE ALWAYS MANAGED TO GATHER THEMSELVES IN THE FACE OF EVIL AND SELF-INTEREST to STAND AGAINST EVIL AND SELF-INTEREST, and do the right thing.

God is watching. We know the way forward. There can be no appeasement of Putin.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.


Notice anything about today’s headlines? IT TOOK THE MURDER OF 15 YOUNG CHILDREN to displace Russia’s assault on Ukraine. Something that, in a sane world, will not happen EVEN ONCE, just¬† happened ‘un fois de plus’…[but we discuss the idea of making peace with Russia over Ukraine and the merits of banning assault rifles? hello? Someone has to take the reins and lead…it appears Biden, Boris, Olaf, the 3 wisemen, Zelenskyy et al. are doing just that. What about the yahoos leading France, India, Italy, Turkey?]¬†

If you step back a little further, why the news is replete with misery.

Even the news coming from our politics, as useless as it is, serves the purpose of unnerving us and running in search of some distraction:

Headline 3: √Čric Duhaime et Pierre Poilievre, les deux sont <<pour le peuple>> – now, my French is only intermediate level reading, but I understand this to mean that Pierre Poilievre is for the people. He is a conservative. He is Pierre Poilievre. I saw him perform in QP under Stephen Harper and in Opposition. hello?

24 May2022

Headline 1: Biden: Leaders navigating ‘dark hour’ after Ukraine invasion – echoes of Churchill. The World should be happy that Biden is leading the U.S. I pray the World listens, FOR ALL OF OUR SAKES.


‘Opportunism’, however, is what brought the World, our world, our children’s inheritance, to the perilous, self-consuming mess that it is in.

It is with great consternation I see India Modi’s opportunistic silence and business-as-usual attitude toward Russia’s ongoing rape of Ukraine.


What happened to the nation that produced the likes of the Mahatma? That Light has been overwhelmed, it appears, by darkness. A great people. A great culture. A great history. A profound tradition of epistemological exploration…I pray the Light returns to shine upon India.

I pray it shines upon every nation. ‘Democracy’ of the Liberals sort is corrupted everywhere by neoliberalism.

Not only does the fracture between East and West threaten global war, but also the widening fracture between Wealth and the citizens of nations. This process is progressing, in parallel, within all of the World’s nations. The widening gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ will continue to deepen until ‘the sides’ become so steep that both ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ will slip into the abyss and society is lost.

Right now, the World’s leaders need to turn to the very thing neoliberalism has had us all turn our backs to:

the creator. the light. for an honest, open, heart-felt conversation.

We humans do not have to know it all to be very proud of our potential and of our accomplishments. We humans don’t always have to obey the numbers. But we must pay attention to the signs of the times and, rather than cave into fear and self-interest and ammorality, we can put our faith in our creator, who is our mom and dad.

We really can be as little children and leave our worries and our hopes with mom and dad, to wit: the two universal impetii which came together and produced the Universe, the body of the creator, from the Big Bang.

I am praying India’s PM has a change of heart. As more nations rally to the defense of the Ukraine, the more formidable the wall to Russian and Chinese expansion becomes.

If enough nations join the cause, THERE WILL BE NO WAR, because Russia and China will be able to see for themselves that war with NATO = war with the World = abject defeat. They cannot even hope to be master over a pile of rubble and blood, as Putin plans for Ukraine.

Russia has obviously gone too far already. There must be accountability and a comprehensive dismantling of the Russian regime.

China’s regime must also be dismantled. If America has a ‘one- China’ policy, then it must be a matter of¬† Taiwanese democracy’s spread to the Chinese mainland and not the way Xi wants it.

Headline 2: ‘This tears my soul apart’: A Ukrainian boy and a killing – read this and see if you can make it more than two paragraphs without tearing-up. It will tear your soul apart.

Headline 3: Analysis – Erdogan’s vow to expand Syria operations raises stakes in Turkey- NATO row – just like India’s Modi, the Turkish President seeks to leverage NATO’s desperation (to convince Russia to back-off on its murderous rampage in Ukraine), TO GAIN POLITICAL POINTS AT HOME.

Macron, Modi, Erdogan, MBS…these are precisely the sort of leaders the World, our world, DOES NOT NEED. Xi, Putin, the Ayatollahs…these ‘leaders’ are unabashed hypocrites. What distinguishes the aforementioned from humanity is only how far they would go with the Truth, with Honour, with people’s lives, JUST TO GET WHAT THEY WANT FOR THEMSELVES.

Power. Legacy. E.G.O.

Biden, the three wisemen of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, the intrepid president of Ukraine, the Chancellor of Germany, the Japanese PM and the Taiwanese President, the leaders of all nations who now rally to the cause of Ukraine, they show themselves to be the very sort of leaders the World needs; the leaders their nations need.

There can be no winners when so much misery and death is left upon the altar of the war gods. Only an SOB would play politics while Ukrainians die in valiant defense of their territory against the whims of a monster and while Xi and Putin ruminate over their chances of winning a nuke-out against the West.

Playing at politics is pretending at leadership. Domestic or global, this is divisive, at a time when U.N.I.T.Y.  is exactly what the doctor prescribes.

Prayers for Ukraine and the World.


Headline 4: The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps – have a look at what Xi is doing. See the faces for yourself. Then ask yourself, how can the World of humanity tolerate the existence of a regime that can do this?

Once again, the World is forced to choose. We must expunge the cancer that afflicts us and threatens to spread. If we do not, now, there will be hell to pay later.

23 May 2022

First, if you are interested in learning about foraging for local plants for nutrition and health, look here on YouTube.

Ukraine has tried and found the young Russian soldier who killed an unarmed civilian guilty. The Ukrainians meted out a life sentence.

Here’s my thing: Whereas the Russians¬† summarily and with cowardice execute unarmed civilians (this likely made easier for them by seeing so many of their own fall), the Ukrainians jailed the young Russian after they caught him, rather than murder him (this likely made harder for them, having seen so many of their friends and neighbours fall; so much of their homes and their homeland laid waste)…they even gave the Russian a soldier a trial.

The Ukrainians accorded to their Russian captive precisely what the Russians WOULD NOT accord to their Ukrainian captives.

The Ukrainians ACT WITH HONOUR. Even though the Russians do not. THIS IS TRULY HEROIC.

Macron, you can take France out of NATO and let Ukraine join in your place. Same goes for you, Erdogan, and Turkey. Both nations are heroic. But, both nations are led by politicians. Politicians specialize in selling Hollywood narratives to their citizens. WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS MORE UKRAINE AND LESS FRANCE/TURKEY, more precisely, less French and Turkish politics. What the world needs is fewer ‘politicians’/more leaders…like President Biden, who is letting China know, and in no uncertain terms, that there will be hell to pay should China invade Taiwan.

Canada is awash in the bs of politicians just like France and Turkey (and everywhere else), BUT, when it comes to the cowardly aggression Russia is perpetrating upon Ukraine, our government is in lockstep with geopolitical progress and supports drawing a line in the sand, despite the cost to GDP and the threats from Putin.

Sweden and Finland have said, ‘Enough!’ and ditch ‘neutrality’. They recognize that President Biden’s call for unity is the world’s best hope to prevent a global holocaust.

Poland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic broke trail and went to Ukraine early on in the conflict in defiance of Moscow and not only lobbied for NATO to send military supplies for Ukraine but put their money where their mouths are.

Germany had perhaps the most to lose and had to do much soul-searching, after Merkel led Germany to become so heavily reliant on Russian gas and oil, just like our leaders here led us to come heavily integrated with China’s manufacturing. Germany is rising to the challenge.

Then there’s France needing to proclaim you can’t just let Ukraine in; that it takes maybe a couple of decades AND Turkey saying NATO cannot allow countries to support terrorism. That’s not ‘talking turkey’¬† or Turk-ish, at all. Finland and Sweden supporting terrorism? hello? Is anybody home?

Erdogan, please stay home and watch a good soccer game and enjoy a glass of wine with your wife. Do the world a favour and shut the f-up. Both you and Macron ‘put your foot in your mouth’, as the saying goes.

PLEASE LEAVE IT THERE. It will help you to keep quiet. I don’t know what your game is, BUT IT IS NOT HELPING THE CURRENT PERILOUS GEOPOLITICAL CLIMATE.

If global war, the kind of war EVERYONE ELSE IN NATO IS TRYING TO PREVENT -even as Putin/Xi are eye-balling opportunity to begin one- does break-out, France and Turkey will be among the nations reduced to ashes. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT UKRAINE, RIGHT NOW. Is that your notion of how to serve the people of France and Turkey?

Just shut-up. That’s all it takes, and you will benefit your citizens. You two bozos can play your games later, when they cannot harm anyone, but right now, the adults of the World have to do business to protect the family and the neighbourhood.


To Ukraine, ‘strength and honour’, and from the Ukraine, with the support of America, the U.K., Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Japan, S. Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, and others, the World will soon be in a better place than what Xi and Putin et al. have planned for it.

France: We stood with you against Nazi Germany. How is it you can think to honour the sacrifice of that generation’s youth by siding in a passive-aggressive kind of way with Putin, while that murderous SOB is raining Armageddon down upon Ukrainians? How?

Headline 1: Compare the Ontario party platforms for yourself right here – a great headline to lead a great article from CBC. I confess that a combination of disaffection and the news out of Ukraine and China has kept me fully occupied. The CBC article is a great start to help one decide.

At the end of the day, what Ontario needs is leadership to do what needs to be done. The first priority is, quality of life and all of the things necessary to make life better for folks. All folks. All Ontarians.

The folks who already have $$$ can weather inflation, supply-chain disruptions…they can even go ‘snow-birding’. They will survive until ‘the economy’ gets back on track.

How about those on fixed incomes? How about those on very low incomes? How will they survive a day? Just as with Ukraine, it took a lot of dialogue and political will to get folks together and focused on WHAT IS IMPORTANT. Even with the pictures of the incessant bombing and the brutality…

Yes, infrastructure is important. Very important. Mostly to the economy. The economy mostly serves Wealth, unless the economically-marginalized have $$$ too.

I watched a piece yesterday about the deeply-rooted problems keeping the ‘right’ and ‘market capitalism’, aka neoliberalism, going in the opposite direction to liberalism (what the great thinkers of France, no less, have given to the World during the Age of Enlightenment, along with likes of America’s Thomas Paine). The video said there was no way to move resources around fast and focused enough to balance the economy and its ‘fruits’.

AU CONTRAIRE. There is a way. One way. THE ONLY WAY.

Taxation. From those who have extra, to those who do not have enough. Just as ‘the economy’ of a society or social unit is based upon THOSE WHO CAN ON BEHALF OF THOSE WHO CANNOT.

And we dicker and dither and are require to vote on the basis of specific elements and bandaid measures, when ROOT PROBLEMS ARE NOT PROPERLY PROMOTED IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE VOTER.

That is because of our media focus and their focus is what it is because the folks who own the media want it that way…it’s all about $$$…their $$$.

Folks rarely talk about raising taxes. They mostly talk about lowering taxes. What gets proposed are not effective measures. The only effective measure is statistical, in the way of restoring a NORMAL (NATURAL) DISTRIBUTION -the good ol’ BELL CURVE- and that would entail taxing incomes and wealth at 100%: those that exist beyond 2sigma of the mean across Canada. It would also mandate policy to regulate returns on investment to less than % GDP growth.

Headline 2: World faces a turning point, Ukraine’s Zelenskiy warns leaders at Davros –¬† the President looks, acts, and sounds ‘real’. LISTEN TO HIM.

But, is this a matter of the forces of Light v. the forces of Darkness, OR of the forces of darkness, ‘Western – style’ v. forces of darkness, ‘Putin/Xi’ – style? We need to see signs in our domestic politics that our ‘ruling class’ has closed the page on movement-conservatism’s neoliberal democracy and is ready to embrace it’s GOD-GIVEN DUTY TO HUMANITY to be stewards.

If they do not, we will simply end up living in a ‘Western-style’ dystopia as opposed to a ‘Putin/Xi-style’ dystopia, should the West vanquish those two and Iran’s hypocritic theocracy (‘hypocritical’¬† because they choose to get into bed with an atheist regime over their hatred of Israel and the West…when they do that, how can be, at the same time, respectful of the the god they worship?)

Headline 3: (although I am not sure if this is a joke?) U.N. official still hopes Musk will ‘step up’ to fight world hunger – [fingers drumming…] hmmm…um…HMMM….doesn’t the U.N. official realize that the existence of Elon Musk’s fortune is the REASON FOR WORLD HUNGER (not to mention Donald Trump’s tax-cuts for the wealthy)? The creation of a Mount Olympic class we’ve seen before, JUST BEFORE ACT I of the GREAT WAR. Thom Piketty believes it was a significant factor in that generation’s lurch into global war.

What the U.N. official suborns is the kind of tackiness exhibited by Canadian Tire (Jumpstart program) and Tim’s (Kid’s camps)…all nice but were parents paid better by these corporations, there’d be no need for their ‘charity’ which just an investment for corporations to get inside of our heads. They not only want us to work for less, while on ‘family-unfriendly’ schedules and ‘worker-unfriendly’ conditions, they want us to LOVE THEM. Like Winston ended up loving Big Brother.

22 May 2022

A question:

Is there any way, this side of the Styx, to get those idiots who lead the governments of Turkey and France to shut up?

When I read about what Poland has done, quietly, to help Ukraine and Ukrainians displaced by Russia’s aggression, and then the utterances of those yahoos leading France and Turkey…I am stricken over how bi-polar self-interest has made our world; even while children die and elders get bombed out of their homes.

Erdogan and Macron play at politics while innocents die. Xi and Putin conspire to expand their control…why? for the good of the World? hello?¬†

I am excited to see Poland’s PM’s support for Ukraine. I am excited to see Biden stand up to China. God bless the both of them.

Next, an observation: Say you smoke weed. You don’t drink. You don’t party late into the night. You rarely have guests. You never complain about your neighbours over noise, or smells…you have always had the attitude of ‘live and let live’. You feel sorry for elderly people and make it a point to talk to them just to exchange a friendly word when you encounter them, in case that’s the only human interaction they get that day

You have gone to great expense, on a limited budget, to eliminate your own ‘footprint’. You don’t want other people to be exposed to it or to even know you do it. You have a strong sense of accommodation, coupled with a strong sense of privacy.

But, some folks are fallen into being nasty, selfish people. They look for opportunity to chastise and judge others.

ALL. THE. TIME. This is because they have so little EXCITEMENT in their day to keep them occupied.

Look hard and long enough, and you can find something to criticize…our politicians taught us that!

What can you do if you aspire to be a good neighbour, you have good neighbours all around you, but you have a few very nasty neighbours who WANT TO MAKE LIFE HELL FOR YOU because they are mad at the owners of your building? To get back at the owners of the building, they complain to the authorities that ‘weed smells’ were ’emanating’ from apartments and identified three units in the building. How is it that anyone would think to do that, BEFORE TALKING TO THE NEIGHBOUR? Had they done so, a plan could have been worked out to achieve a win-win; WHERE THERE ARE NO LOSERS.

BUT, SADLY, THIS ILK DO NOT¬† APPEAR TO CARE A¬† HOOT FOR OTHERS: I have not slept well, wondering when they will complain again; when I don’t know what could have brought on the complaint in the first place…I am doing what I have done for 2 1/2 years with no complaints. No one else on my floor has ever smelled anything ’emanating’ from my unit, NOT EVEN MY HORRIBLE COOKING! I can’t know if the steps I take and the expense I incur to prevent any hint of any potentially offending smells are working or not. I check every day to see if there is another warning letter threatening possible eviction from my apartment. I DON’T KNOW WHERE ELSE I CAN GO. I CANNOT AFFORD THE EXPENSE OF MOVING. If I could, where can I go where you won’t have such people around you?

When I smoke on my patio, I make sure no one is out on their patio and that no one is coming up the street or sidewalk, or hanging out at the main entrance to my building. I cannot control the wind and there is potential for the smell to be carried into an open window or air conditioner, say. If one of those neighbours gets a whiff and complains, the owners can say, ‘it’s not allowed on our property’. So, they could try to evict, but they are primarily concerned with staying out of court. Neither they, nor the nasty neighbour, will offer a solution that is practical. THE NEIGHBOUR WILL ONLY THINK TO COMPLAIN AND THE BUILDING OWNER (CORPORATION) WILL ONLY THINK TO COVER THEIR ARSE.

Because pot-smokers are a minority, THEIR OWN NEIGHBOURS WOULD TAKE THEIR RIGHTS AWAY, EVICT THEM EVEN – but will not engage them toward finding a win-win solution.¬† So, if not on my patio, say, where can I go? Out on the sidewalk? Is that fair? Is it right? Is it safe? Are the folks living in houses on the street going to like the smell anymore than the hint if anything, than the ‘nasties’ do?

The ONLY SOLUTION IS TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO SMOKE IN THE APARTMENT, without offending other tenants, the purveyors of misery and of peace, alike. That would mean 1 – the owners would ensure the units are properly sealed at their door such that no smells, including my cooking smells! can escape into the hallway, 2 – that the forced-air ventilation (anemic in my building) is adequate to create a positive pressure in the hallways, keeping unit smells in the unit, 3 – that bathroom and kitchen vents are properly sealed so that what is taken up by them does not leak into the other units, 4 – the legislation is revisited and revised to accord proper respect to tenants, WHEN OTHER TENANTS HAVE NO HONOUR.

Nasty neighbours will entrench in their angst toward others the way Putin is entrenched toward Ukraine. Both go too far to back-off. THERE IS NO REASONING WITH EITHER.

Both are well beyond reason or they would at least FIRST RESORT TO THE REASONABLE, to wit: talk BEFORE you pull the trigger.

Even worse is a nasty who would attack their neighbour on a pretext, just because they were mad at the Resident Manager over something and quite abusive toward him, I am told.

Even worse, these nasties spy on their neighbours, for something to talk about. This makes them feel, for the moment, important, because their ego has a pair of ears listening to it. (I at least ‘write’. That way, you have to come to my blog if you want to ‘listen’. My ego is such that it at least tries to be respectful of the free will of others!¬†

Worse still, our governments enact legislation to render due process and the onus of proof, two fundamental tenets of the Westminster canon of law, anachronistic, to facilitate creation of a 1984-ish Orwellian dystopia.

What happened to our appreciation of the Golden Rule? To extend kindness to one another. For this I pray. I pray to be like this. I’m certain that’s what god wants from me and from us.

God never wanted us to spread venom, to channel venom. God wants us to create. Why choose to create venom when we can just as easily create joy?

Would that simple use of our FREE WILL not make a world of difference? Would it not spontaneously transform the Hell we are ‘alive’ in, into a Heaven we ‘thrive’ in?

Wouldn’t everyone choose this over Hell?

Well, Milton’s Lucifer would not.

The nasties build a prison for themselves, one they hope to draw us into, for their ongoing entertainment, until they croak.

Sorry, but I will not live in someone else’s prison.

I want to find the way out of my own. It is my ego that is responsible for my ‘prison’. God knows the way out because god found the way out of his/her own ego. God is the Light. The Golden Rule is the Guide. Peace is the Way. Humankind was fooled by the ‘God of the Old Testament’. Jesus came along and pointed out that god is Love, not a god of covenants/transactions…those are features of EGO, and, though Jesus referred to that ‘god’ as ‘Father’, that is only one facet of god. It takes two to tango and it was the confluence, the coming together of the male and the female impetus, that created Creation.

It is Sunday. In my faith tradition, today is a special day. I am going to look for nice things to do for others, to say to others.

I am going to pray that the nasties in our building (and apartment buildings everywhere), embrace the Golden Rule before they cause too much suffering in the lives of others.

Dylan sang, you gotta serve somebody. You can channel Satan ( √† la the nasties) OR you can channel god √† la my mom and my big sister and my next door neighbour -who loves her puppy……… as much as I love mine…

p.s. Prayers for Ukraine.

As for Erdogan/Macron, they are no leader. NATO should kick them the bejeezus out of NATO. NATO rescued the France along with de Gaulle’s Freedom Fighters from Nazi Germany. Look how that nation honours its own heroes and those of the other nations, who gave their lives to free France. Look at the games Erdogan plays on a people who were promised their own nation. Obviously these ‘leaders’ are corrupted by power/ego, at the deepest level, as are Xi and Putin…these folks cannot be reasoned with because they have allowed the Shadow of Ego to so completely encase and encompass their souls, where the creator puts his/her Light, that the Light of Creation can no longer get through to reenergize and revitalize their soul.

Then that Soul withers and dies?

I prefer to spend my time writing about how we can make a better world for everyone, than to waste time dealing with the angst of a few cantankerous old people who cannot deal with aging and insist on being on top of something…anything…even the misery they are irresponsibly creating for others with the gift god gave them…


p.s. I am so sickened at what passes for news that, after posting the above, I went searching for a substitute, for CBC News specifically.[Sadly, Vassy Kapelos is available by subscription only. She should be the CBC National anchor. She seems ‘real’, the way Walter Cronkite was real].

According to an article appearing on makeuseof.com, I had found two already. Reuters and BBC. But I also want something more ‘local’. I’m going to check the alternatives the article provides. [Aside: the article vets much of what I rue about the media of today.¬† For example: the article says that 5 corporate media giants control most of the American media market. It goes on to say: ‘…in 1983, 50 companies controlled 90 percent of US media. In 2011, just six companies controlled 90 percent. In 2020, that number was down to five, and it could become even less in the future.’ [excerpted from the article linked to].

Too bad. The Internet used to be great. Now Wealth has taken it over. Thank god for YouTube and Free Channels that offer libraries of old tv and movies. That’s where the good stories and human catharsis remain resident. Corporate television and movies have too much of the corporation in them.

Corporations are simply Hollywood Western downtown façades built by investors for investors to hide behind. Because of them, the Internet is becoming more corrupt and unsafe for folks, just as the World is.

Because of corporations and the neoLiberal thrust to organize globally, this to permanently institutionalize the waywardness and greediness of Wealth over people, over children, over the elderly, OVER EVERYONE under the SUN.

To everything, there is a season.

Now, it is time for us to choose, by virtue of our free will, what sort of World we will leave to our children.

Wishing everyone, and praying for everyone to have a blessed Sunday. To help pass the time, have a read of a Canadanua story,

Of Millipedes and Centipedes – the only spot I ever get human readers coming to! It is told in the tradition of a children’s story and it has an important social theme. See if you agree.

21 May 2022

Saturday. Saturday morning. What better way to kick-off the weekend than with a coffee, toast, and YouTube?


I happened upon a few Americans who were providing an alternate spin to how the mainstream media is characterizing Vladimir Putin and his ‘war’ on Ukraine.

I innocently began to have a listen, first to Thomas Graham, ‘a distinguished fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations’, hosted by the Watson Institute.

I admit I could only listen to him for a short while…I began to form the opinion that no one is really interested in peeling back the layers of the onion in order to suss out the truth of the matter; instead, folks begin with an OPINION ON THE MATTER, and then leverage their considerable knowledge and cognition to weave their own narrative; carefully selective of what facts they admit in support of their presuppositions, AND OF THOSE THEY CONVENIENTLY LEAVE OUT. Nowhere in this ‘fellow’s’ dissertation is an accounting/rationalization for the¬† murderous and pervasive Chevauch√©e Putin has waged upon Ukraine…the ‘fellow’ makes it all sound so deliberate and matter-of-fact, when in-fact, he gives some facts but mostly he tells a bedtime story…that is not news/I can get a much better bedtime story (one which will allow me to sleep afterwards) from Dr. Zeuss.

So, I flip back to the main YouTube and hunt for something else… Oh! Great! Here’s one by a retired colonel, senator…you name it, Colonel Black has done it. During the course of the ‘interview’ by Executive Intelligence Review magazine, I began to have some questions about the colonel’s opinions. Upon researching, I see that he is on the Trump-side of how to view the world.

Do not forget that Donald Trump was destabilizing NATO as he was supporting Putin, the guy who is pulling the levers of total destruction and bloodlust upon Ukraine from far away, where the Ukrainians cannot touch him.

Be very mindful of the fact that, these days, $$$ and power is everything. And that even the ‘news’ is subject to the whims and dictates of those who have the most $$$ and power. YouTube provides much misinformation, as the media does. Whatever information you get from YouTube, take it with a grain of salt. Same goes for this site, although, I am sincere, ‘sincerity’ does not necessarily conflate with truth.

Much of the misinformation is obvious, but not all of it. When you watch an erudite professor or colonel in the American army rationalizing Putin’s murderous campaign (while carefully avoiding to characterize it that way), you want to believe them, but in fact, they are revealing a profound division within America.

The division is twofold and compounding: First, division within the ruling classes among the neoliberal democracies of the West: ‘Left’ v. ‘Right’. Second, the division between ‘haves’ (ruling class/employer class and professional/managerial class) and ‘have-nots’ (everyone else).

Left or right, each creates its own narrative for citizens to ‘believe’ in. We have not progressed¬† by demonizing religion and turning our backs on ‘god’, WE HAVE SIMPLY EXCHANGED ONE CONTROL-NARRATIVE FOR ANOTHER. Both narratives are the creation of the ruling class/Wealth. Nowadays, Wealth finds that ‘god’ is getting in the way of profit, and so, Wealth seeks to replace ‘Allah’, ‘Jehovah’, ‘the Father’, the god of Jesus, the god of Mohammed (PBUH), Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva – the gods of the Hindus, etc. etc. etc., with Elon, Bill, Jeff…the folks most responsible for the World order we currently have.

Perhaps $$$ is what ultimately lay behind the Arab world’s reconciliation with Israel, despite Israel’s ongoing apartheid against the Palestinians…in that case, the misery will never end, but the wealthy will be wealthier and their positions protected from¬† Palestine or Israel annihilating one another. God would want peace between Palestinian and Israeli. The Wealthy simply aspire to more wealth.

To abet the creation of a new, neoliberal democratic world order (nothing democratic about it, except for the appearance of democracy) Wealth created a new god. Then, via the media they own, they created a new ‘priestly class’ to express the will of the new god to the ‘laity¬† That’s where a wealth-owned media becomes so critical. Wealth has created a new, Mount Olympian class of the World’s ultra-rich, and preaches A NEW RELIGION.

The NEW RELIGION OF WESTERN NEOLIBERAL DEMOCRACY, WHEREIN the more $$$s you possess, the closer you get to godhood…hmmm

We have enriched China and now we will be in a war with China and Russia et al. That’s a war no one can win. If someone does manage to keep it together after a nuclear free-for-all, it will take countless generations before humankind, and the World, recovers.

And you can bet, just like before, that among the ashes there will be those who aspire to control everyone and everything else; that they may enjoy the ‘good life’.

And history will repeat itself.

Are we humans incapable of offering our creator (and one another) something better?

Why must we go on hating, why can’t we live and let-live?

Prayers for Ukraine. Prayers that American President Biden proves positive for Peace and proves me wrong about the direction the ruling class is taking us.

The ruling class is supposed to steward. They set the tone for society very easily, BECAUSE THEY HAVE $$$ AND THE POWER $$$ purchases.

If they ruling classes of the World reconcile with god and steward, there will be no more war, no more poverty, no more abortions, no more unbridled violence and sex to have to wait out until the tv gets back to the actual story, AND NO MORE NEIGHBOURS WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH THEIR TIME THAN TO MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR THEIR NEIGHBOURS.

That is not a positive social development when our government enacts legislation that suborns any departure from 1 – due process and 2 – onus of proof…two fundamental tenets of Westminster jurisprudence. If anyone can say damaging thingsabout anyone else and never be held accountable, then we are creating a nation of ‘tattle-tales’. Perfect to get society to autoregulate. Citizens betray one another to the cause ot their wealthy ‘overlorders’. Remember how ‘tattle-talers’ were demonized as a child? We all begin life as children. How is it we allow ourselves to sour and to spread our venom to our neighbours? How is that we do not, like children would, say what it is to the offender? Honest. Honourable. Good Neighbours. Watching out for one another.

It does not bode well for society, community, and human relationships if humans first resort is to call the authorities on their own neighbours, even on a poor barking dog (can you believe it?) AND DON’T BOTHER DOING THE HUMAN THING AND JUST TALK TO THE NEIGHBOUR.

Yesterday, I saw an truck parked in front of my unit, no markings, aside of an Ontario Ministry logo on the door, with a Animal Protection enforcement officer inside, completing a report, before coming into my building. The residential manager told me someone might have complained about the barking of a neighbour’s dog. He said someone had complained about his dog when he first came to work here.


This is how our public employees are being used? This is where our tax-dollars go? Can you imagine the cost of the enforcement officer’s time plus expenses to come all the way to Welland to write up someone about something SO TRIVIAL?

Something which should have been BETWEEN GOOD NEIGHBOURS now left to the State to deal with because of cantankerous people with nothing else to do with their time?

Well, our PM is also making it very easy for us to hand over our kids to the State to raise them, so that we don’t have to invest much time in our kids and can give all of our time to our employers/ruling class. Why not ditch being good parents along with being good neighbours? Let the State be all of those things, that some of us can fully become the lumps of flesh we are…consumers; not citizens in collaboration to preserve our freedom and way of life…and certainly not observers of god’s Golden Rule.

And that’s what the ‘left’ and the ‘right’, out of their loyal service to the new god of neoLiberalism, hope to achieve: a world of division, fear…us and them…of ego. All accomplished by controlling the supply of $$$ (society’s lifeblood) through society. Nothing happens which does not involve $$$ changing hands.

$$$ = democratic ‘freedom’.

The lack of $$$ = servitude or death.

Taken together, they cancel out democracy, the will of the people, and replace it with the will of the wealthy.

Headline 1: Ukraine’s Zelenskiy proposes formal deal on compensation from Russia – yessirree! The intrepid Ukrainian president is not running out of good ideas. Unfortunately, it will not help to deter Russia’s aggression. NEITHER WILL IT COMPENSATE THOSE MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN BEREFT OF LIFE, LOVE, LIBERTY, THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR MOM AND DAD…how can any $$$ make up for that? Will it help to convince China not to go after Taiwan or any of the ‘low-hanging fruit’ in the area?

Headline 2: U.S., others walk out of APEC talks over Russia’s Ukraine invasion – YAY! The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has been given notice. Several member nations walked out on the Russian Minister’s speech, then took their seats again, once Russia was off the podium.

China will be watching. China has no moral-backbone. Theirs is a regime in possession of a¬† heart of darkness, as does Russia’s. They beg, borrow, steal, and threaten. They lack all imagination, though the cultures they displaced with their obtuse political moronisms had plenty of imagination and made great contributions to the World. Putin, Xi, and Carpenter’s ‘thing’ running N. Korea know only how to put a bulldozer into gear. Ironically, they don’t know how to take their mouths out of gear.

The World, our world, has no room, or time, for either regime.

We must carry-on. Carry forward. We must engage, all of us, because what our leaders do (or don’t do) affects us all.

20 May 2022

It’s Friday! Wishes for everyone to have a happy and safe long weekend. The weather may not fully cooperate, however, and neither will the gasoline prices…

Headline 1: Canada bans Chinese tech giant Huawei from 5G network – it appears we are finally catching on: one simply cannot ‘get into bed’ with the devil; such an arrangement leaves you too vulnerable. It will one day be the death of you.

I wonder if the government’s ‘dithering’ with respect to Huawei had anything to do with China’s detention of the ‘two Michaels’? They were detaind by China in a tit-for-tat reaction to Canada’s detainment of Meng Wanzhou for extradition to the US to face charges. Had China perceived hostility on Canada’s part to Huawei (because of its connections to the Chinese military and the potential for a Trojan Horse to exist and be exploited by the PLA), we might still waiting for the two to be freed from their illegal detention.

The timing of the announcement could also be indicative of a broken business relationship, another flag raised as the World, our world, tilts toward ACT III of the Great War. The Great War is ultimately between freedom and fascism…but, if ‘our side’ vanquishes the threat China and Russia et al. present to our freedom, we have yet another battle to face against (or with) our own ruling class:

Our ruling class leaders must reconcile themselves with their GOD-GIVEN DUTY TO STEWARD.

For as long as the ruling class esteems GDP and GDP Growth above our quality of life, why, their pursuit of gold will compound the ills we face together as a society…indeed, it is the rule of gold which has brought the World, our world, to the sorry condition it is in today…

The Golden Rule will undo what the rule of gold has wrought.

The Golden Rule is a feature of all the religions. Religion is the means mankind has contrived in order to  explore, understand, and express the Will and Intent of our creator.

We fight over religion, over the nature of god; something with breadth so large it can contain an entire Universe…we are in fact fighting over our own ignorance.

The Golden Rule will save us from our ignorance.

The ignorance that comes of ego…and doesn’t it make perfect sense? The Golden Rule is all about using YOUR EGO in order to understand THE EGO OF SOMEONE ELSE, and then USING YOUR UNDERSTANDING, not your ego, TO CHOOSE YOUR NEXT WORD/ACTION. You ‘act’. You do not ‘react’.

‘Reaction’ is a feature of ego. Ego is about control. When one ‘reacts’ to someone/something, one hands over control of their emotions/actions to someone/something else. When we allow ego to rule over us, our reactiveness pushes us further and further away from the quality of life we want for ourselves. We try to ‘correct’ the ego of the other(s), to reconcile them with our own, and only invite reaction from them. Both egos are further away from the ‘peace’ they both want, for themselves.

By being selfish.

Isn’t it ironic?


I saw a headline today, that the replacement for US Press Secretary is the first brown, lesbian, immigrant to hold the job. ??? This is news? I am totally interested in her credentials and in what she might bring to the table (informative and useful)…that she is ‘brown’ and ‘immigrant’ has nothing to do with her credentials; that she is ‘lesbian’ is none of my business. I liked the outgoing PS and I pray the new PS can keep the ball rolling. To her, All the best!

AS FOR THE MEDIA – be ashamed. Many of you don’t procede on the basis of what people should know, but rather on what the neoliberal ruling class (your employers) wants us ‘to know’ and what people will read because that is tied to advertising and to getting your paycheck on a regular basis…WHEN $$$ ARE ATTACHED TO REPORTING, then the reporting risks being advertising at the minimum and social manipulation at its worst. How does it benefit me, you, or society by making ‘news’ of something that is personal (and not of social import) or something that has nothing to do with the job?

WHEN I WATCH HER, I WILL NOT SEE A BROWN IMMIGRANT LESBIAN…I WILL BE LISTENING TO THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY, the most listened to individual in the entire World. IMO, she will be speaking as the WHPS. She will check her ego, what differentiates her from everyone else, at the door, whether the Media understands or not; before she takes the world stage and presents her nation’s stand on things.

At and on that stage, no one’s ego has any relevance.

She is become the voice of the American nation.

19 May 2022

First, prayers for Ukraine and the defenders of Ukraine’s Azovstal steel plant. Those heroic soldiers and civilians have purchased time for Ukraine to gather and muster a defense and counterassault in the East.

There are movies to watch, a site to visit, and songs to sing, to preserve for all time our memory of the courageous defenders of the Alamo and how they purchased the future for a young American nation with their own young blood.

The defenders and defense of the Azovstal steel plant will go down in history; proof, for all time, of the best there is in us, in our human nature, as surely as what Putin has done, and what Xi intends, will go down for all time as proof of Satan and Satan’s desperate, last-gasp attempt at turning the creator’s World on its head; inverting it, so that he who is the lowest in Creation might rule over the World…

Better to rein in Hell than to serve in Heaven…who but an abject fool could want this for themselves or for the world they live in, much less, preside over?

The World’s enemies right now are Russia and China and whomever gets into bed with them. But the ultimate enemy is ego. The ego of Wealth. Everyone has one, but, the ego of Wealth (an institution) is the ego of corporations and that is the ego of investors, AND INVESTORS DO NOT INVEST UNLESS THERE IS THE VERY REAL POTENTIAL TO MAKE PROFIT, otherwise, all bets are off.

We cannot allow the movement conservative mindset and the neoliberal corruption of democracy to continue to spread under our noses and around the Globe, via trade agreements, while we blow the bejeezus out of one another over China and Russia. At the end of the day, we will all end up subject to Wealth and our children, 100% the wards of the State; conditioned to contribute to GDP. Tinted in shades of red or of blue, we will still be living in Huxley’s Brave New World, either way.

We will still be living in fear of one another, of those in our own communities, of those whose jobs are to protect us, because of what we read everyday in the media and what we watch for news and entertainment during prime time.

For media to change the social narrative it rains down upon us 24/7, Wealth must change its aspirations. Wealth must seek to steward, not to enrich itself. The rule of ego is corrupt and a spiralling downward into darkness and finally death, taking the us and the¬† ‘ruled’ along with it into ego’s Black Hole. We are pushed ever closer to the ‘event horizon’ of ego because our social engineers stimulate us, continually, to be anxious, fearful, rueful; keeping our egos quite close to the surface. We are having to resist venting our ego’s reactions all the time, and the contancy of the internal battle is wearing¬† us out.

As we battle with our reactions (which are esteemed wrong by society, although what we react to is created by society’s engineers), we consider anything (like my writing these posts) A WASTE OF ONE’S TIME IF IT DOES NOT EARN ONE $$$.

To wit: if what you do has no dollar-value, then, what you do is worthless. If you can find nothing to do with your time (say, spend time with your kids and your siblings), then you are worthless.

And don’t forget, anyone you potentially give money to will be very friendly and welcoming RIGHT UP TO THE POINT WHERE THE MONEY IS EXPECTED TO BE GIVEN AND YOU DON’T HAVE IT to give…then you are NOTHING to them.

This is the society our neoLiberals are manufacturing for us to live in, and for them to preside over. EVERYTHING HAS A $$$ VALUE ATTACHED TO IT. Everything. THIS IS A FEATURE OF NEOLIBERAL DEMOCRACY. This facilitates CONTROL OVER DEMOCRACY. Therefore, ‘neoliberal democracy’ CANNOT BE ‘DEMOCRACY’, anymore than ‘neoLiberal Democracy’ is ‘Liberal’ democracy. There is a movement nowadays wherein the labels of democracy are being wholesale usurped by the enemies of democracy in order to facilitate Wealth’s tightening of its control over society…if it helps, consider that the Western Alliance, itself an import of the movement conservative social ‘vision’ from the US, took over the Progressive Conservative brand after that party’s standing in Parliament was decimated by two Mulroney majorities (he initiated Free Trade, which the LIBERALS AT THE TIME DENOUNCED WITH A¬† PASSION). They bought the brand, then killed it, this likely to prevent the progressive’s resurgence on the ‘right’, becoming competition for the new, more extreme right.

The Conservatives DROPPED THE ‘PROGRESSIVE’ part and went on to acquire the irrelevancy they now possess. Does this sound like a ‘governing party’ or more like a bunch of business-suited boardroom hens hatching Golden Eggs for themselves at society’s expense? Does this not sound like the situation in Boston, many years ago, which resulted in the American colonists having a ‘tea-party’?

$$$ is the lifeblood of society. As blood in the human body, $$$ in the body of the nation determines the health of the nation. Where there is too little, those areas become enervated, dysfunctional, pathological, and eventually drop from the tree, whithered into nothing. Where there is too much, the blood pools and pathology consumes. Neither scenario is good for GDP, but the ego can only appreciate increase, even if to the detriment of other egos.

Anyone can see that this scenario, if left unchecked, will undermine the base and that the $$$-generating structures which Wealth has built on the backs of the citizenry and everything will come crashing down, imploding within itself.

We can see the evidence of the pathology of Wealth among the wealthy already. They use the media they own to advertise their larks into Space in the face of war and abject poverty. What value is there in this to humankind? The media reporter, whose paychecks are signed by their boss who has a boss who has an owner who is THE BOSS), dutifully reports WHAT THE BIG BOSS THINKS WE SHOULD KNOW.

Prayers for Ukraine and for all those made to suffer because of Russia’s war, of Xi’s dreams of ‘glory’, and of Wealth’s greed.

Prayers for Ukraine’s peoples and President and for President Biden, whose hands hold the fate of the World, our world. He must resist the ego – his, Wealth’s – and act always with honour. The Four Agreements.** We all must. We must help one another and our leaders to be honourable and to do the right thing, always.

We have been remiss, as voters. Wealth has been remiss by not providing us with viable options. Any party these days who means to do the right thing will be blackmailed and demonized by investors through the media they own and never be elected.

Jesus went into the desert to get away from himself by confronting himself with no earthly distractions. He returned from ‘the desert’ with a clear message.

Ultimately, his message was THE GOLDEN RULE.


Our politics, however, is become histrionic and divisive. But it is the truth that sets one free, not the appearance of truth.

THE APPEARANCE OF TRUTH IS ALL OUR NEOLIBERAL RULING CLASS GOVERMENTS can muster anymore. They are investing in the creation of a World, 1984-like, where no one interacts at the community level beyond the level of guardedness (= psychological ‘social distancing’) AND EVERYONE GETS THEIR VISION OF THE WORLD AND THEIR COMMUNITY DOWNLOADED TO THEM THROUGH THEIR TELEVISION SETS.

Virtual reality will be the norm. How little has actually changed from the time of the Great English Bard, where appearance and reality was a recurrent theme.

** The Four Agreements:

  1.  Be impeccable with your word.
  2.  Never assume.
  3.  Never take things personal.
  4.  Never give up trying to do # 1-3 

God bless (whatever you call ‘god’, for as long as you call ‘god’ something, you acknowledge god, and you are already blessed, IMO, in the Light, for it is only the shadow cast by your own ego, which blinds you to god’s existence…)

Headline 1: Biden visits Japan, South Korea carrying warning to China – the warning amounts to: ‘mimic us, not Russia, or else…’

On another front, Turkey’s Whazzup? Tie-up! Whowuzthat? Yippee-ky-ay Erdogan (why is it the media insists on using his full name when ‘Erdogan’ is quite sufficient? ) is digging in with respect to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT, and not that of the Turkish people or NATO…he will be the death of Turkey, a great nation, but not a nation he made great. The Turkish people did that. Now he plays politics with the lives of Ukrainians, Fins, and Swedes, and everyone else who stands between Russian and/or Chinese aggression and the freedom of people (the Kurds included), who simply want to go about their lives in peace and prosperity.

p.s. I will extend Recep Tayyip Erdogan all of the proper respect he deserves the moment he begins to comport himself properly respectful of Turkish culture, Turkish history, and Turkish citizens, and the rights of the folks of other nations to protect themselves against aggression and the politics of others. GETTING INTO BED WITH THE DEVILS IN MOSCOW AND/OR BEIJING is not being properly respectful of anything, by any stretch.

I want to be able to, one day, apologize for my harsh assessment of Erdogan and leaders of other nations (and the ruling classes of all nations); this would mean that they have ALL TURNED TOWARD THEIR CREATOR, after having led their citizens and the World in the opposite direction for so long.

I just made a ‘limerick’, to poke a little fun at President Erdogan:

There once was a president of Turkey,

Who sought to make Turkey-Jerky,

He thought it no sin, to help Putin win,

Or to make jerky of turkey…

President Erdogan, you must¬† use beef to make jerky. Where is the ‘beef’ in your commitment to the Turkish people? You have to know that your position is getting in the way of strengthening NATO, to ensure that Turkey and all of the other NATO nations have ONE ANOTHER’S BACKS, against rogue nations, such as Russia and China.

UNITY is everyone’s best defense against everyone’s worst enemy: global war. Allowing your citizens to be sacrificed upon the altar of war, when you could have helped prevent war in the first place, is to neglect your sworn and sacred duty to your nation, your people, your culture, your history. Please do not do this. Accept Sweden and Finland. Do not politicize Putin’s murderous assault upon innocent Ukrainians in order to garner respect from others. Others WILL RESPECT YOU for contributing to the Peace.

18 May 2022

Headline 1: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine – alright, like you, the headline grabbed me. After reading, I’m left to wonder at¬† what qualifies these days as ‘print-worthy’ or ‘news’ or in this case, even ‘opinion’?

I had to look up many of the terms the author tossed in. I’m just not as erudite as this good professor. But that’s not my main grief.

The guy is talking about China’s ascendancy and America’s fall and of a ‘new’ world order over which China is boss. ALL BECAUSE OF $$$.

The author concludes, that more nuclear weapons/military investments and GDP growth, plus to maintain a competitive technological balance with China, is the only way the US can remain geopolitically influential, albeit in a shared binary power constellation that favours China.


Well, well, well. Bill Gates would have loved to sign the cheque for this piece of reporting. $$$. $$$. $$$…that’s what makes the World, our world, keep spinning, according to Bill.

As for honour? No mention of the fact that China begged, bullied, and stole from the West and builds and maintains its power structure upon the backs of others by coercion. Inexplicably, there is no mention of this. The author ends the piece by saying, he feels fine if China and America can get along in this new world configuration? Seriously? D’ya think?

I gamely ploughed through the article, wore out my dictionary, only to find out that the new, sustainable world order he feels ‘fine’ about is simply the old world order with a new name: China, and that the World would continue to lurch forward into the future under the shadow of global nuclear war d√©tente. That’s his vision.

That’s also the neoliberal vision. Don’t forget, it was our trading with China and exporting our production operations there that enabled China to expand its military. We must decouple from China and China will weaken; the opposite of our rulers getting into bed with China, profiting themselves as it strengthened China and as it enervated the working class here in the West.

Russia out/China in. Apart from that, all of the ‘isms’ this professor mentions amount to nothing. I PRAY THAT PRESIDENT BIDEN IS NOT OF THE SAME MIND AS THE NEOLIBERALS, for which the article functions as mouthpiece.

MSN appears to be a neoliberal news outlet. Bill et al. all benefit from our believing the bs privately-owned and corporately-owned ‘news’ outlets spew. Why, we’ll even pay for it on subscription!

But ‘news’ that someone wants you to believe is not ‘news’, it’s propaganda.

THERE CANNOT BE TWO OR MORE VERSIONS OF THE TRUTH. Only one version. Of the facts. The subjectivity comes around in the interpretation of ALL OF THE the available facts (comprehensive, not selective).

The ruling classes of the World want their ‘subjects’ to think WITHIN THE BOX (the one Wealth builds) and to react the way they need us to.

The erudite professor and our neoliberal ruling classes appear to want us to accept a dystopic future replete with misery and ongoing competition with the Chinese, for the World’s, our world’s wealth…and to be ready to make ANY SACRIFICE to keep GDP growth positive and their pockets filling with gold from the pots on the ends of the neoliberal rainbow.

Guys like this professor are very bright and are likely filling our bright young children’s minds with erudite bullroney the innocent kids accept as fact, WHEN IN FACT, this guy is writing for $$$ and suborning the theft of our democracy by corporations.

For the life of me, I cannot believe that someone as bright and educated as this author obviously is, can come up with an article that says absolutely nothing of value to the World;

and adds not a tittle to the truth.

But it adds to his wallet.

Is there anything more important to society? In his capacity as writer of this article, is he not a member of the 5th Estate?

What his article demonstrates is the elevation of ‘ego-mind’ over ‘matter. The idea that an idea has no value unless it directly generates $$$, and therefore the volume of gobbledygook he presents in support of a fallacious conclusion has value BECAUSE SOMEONE (msn/The Hill) WAS WILLING TO PAY HIM FOR IT. This is the end of ‘Art’ as well as democracy.

God help us when those who work in education have sold their souls to $$$.

When $$$ is the highest value, then anything in the way of profit is a detriment. Trees will fall, waters will be polluted, lands laid to waste as we grow GDP. Pipeline protests will be ‘broken up’ more quickly and more violently.

As the Earth Mother’s ability to provide us with food and clean air and water and to assimilate our waste is enervated by DEVELOPMENT (is what the neoliberals call it), we lurch toward humankind’s d√©nouement and the end of the Anthropocene.

This does not appear to bother the writer of the msn article. The author’s article exhibits a clear disconnect between mind and soul that can only be properly accounted for if viewed through ego’s perspective. Otherwise, IT IS WRONG AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE AND ANTI-SOCIAL (domestically and geopolitically).

√Ä la Milton’s Lucifer, this professor’s opinion is that the world Lucifer would preside over is the only one possible (and likely to work).

It is this professor’s ego that blinds him.

Ego is the problem of the World.

more to come…

17 May 2022

A warning to NATO: Don’t be ‘talking-turkey’ with Sweden and Finland. Do not acquiesce to Turkey’s politicization¬† of the murderous invasion of Ukraine by Russia for its own egoic ends.

If we acquiesce to Turkey’s blackmail, we give into ego. We deny Finland and Sweden the safety they seek AND we deny NATO the opportunity to grow stronger and present a more formidable deterrent to the ravenous desires of anachronistic imperialist regimes.


Make no mistake: To admit even a little darkness, this being the expedience of doing ‘a little wrong’ (demonizing the righteous cause (of the Kurds)¬† to serve a ‘higher’ purpose (expanding NATO without losing Turkey) will bite the World bigtime in the butt in due course. Witness the ‘peace’ wrought by Sykes-Picot…I rest my case…

When we are obliged to navigate perilous and uncertain times, we can be easily fooled by reaching for the low-hanging fruit (sort of how Adam and Eve got fooled).

It will be difficult to say ‘no’ TO TURKEY, but we must. There is no ‘I’ in T.E.A.M. and, if NATO is not a team, what is it?

President Biden needed to speak only one word: UNITY. There’s an ‘I’ buried in that word too, right smack in the¬† middle…and that for me symbolizes the American tenet e pluribus unum¬†-> OUT OF MANY, ONE…now, that’s the kind of ‘I’ that can reshape the World; purge the bad and build upon the good.

I don’t like to be critical of our leaders. I deplore the ‘political’. War is itself a crime. The existence of nuclear weapons/WMDs are a crime. The neoliberal movement toward globalizing the corporate-investor class is a crime.

If we are to be true to others, then, we must begin with being true to ourselves, or so says the Great Bard.

This begins at the beginning. We must be true to our children, as the Great Canadian Bard sings, for they are our future.

16 May 2022

Our last, GREAT Prime Minister (he took over the reins from Canada’s legendary ‘Mike’ Pearson) once quipped that, ‘the Government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation’. In truth that is so…and yet, inexplicably, unless you have the perspective of a social engineer bent on dividing the citizenry up into ‘manageable chunks’, WE HAVE BROUGHT THE BUSINESS OF THE¬† BEDROOM OUT INTO THE STREET, in broad daylight (where our children can see it, without possibly being able to understand). The State desires to ‘normalize’ all varieties of ‘sexuality’ among us and so even our Prime Minister marches in the Parades. At such a fundamental level, the level of ego, the sight is, for most people, being hetero(the way NATURE MAKES US MOST OF TIME), is unsettling. Therefore the Parades: to acclimatize folks to the new order. BUT IT IS UNSETTLING AT THE FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL. To accept this as ‘normal’, something which actually is ‘normal’ has to be jettisoned from that individual’s human value-set; else he/she is stifling/bottling-up their reaction and when that happens the stress is dissipated in the ‘tug-of-war’ going on in the human psyche between WHAT IT IS WE ‘KNOW IS RIGHT’ AND WHAT IT IS WE ARE BEING ‘TOLD IS RIGHT’.

That stress is widening the gap within our psyches between what we know/sense is right and what we are being told is right. IMO, the driver for the pandemic of mental dysfunction among today’s kids and adults IS PRECISELY DUE TO THIS PROCESS.

Humans are ‘bi-polar’ by Nature: we have a ‘good angel’ and a ‘bad angel’, as it were, on our shoulders. We choose between the two in our every word and action. BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF WE WANT TO HEED THE GOOD ANGEL, BUT THE LAW/SOCIETY TELLS YOU to listen to the bad angel…that if you don’t, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED, by society…FOR WANTING TO DO/SAY WHAT IS RIGHT, according to your heart, not your ‘biases’?

Nowadays, if¬† your child asks you, ‘Why do men marry men?’, you’d better google the answer, because if you answer from your heart, in the best interest of your child, AND IT IS NOT WHAT THE STATE WANTS YOUR CHILD TO BELIEVE, why then, you are talking to FACS and those uneducated, immoral buffoons will decide whether or not you can keep your children…

The pull exerted by society’s initiative to DIVIDE PEOPLE AT THE CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL is creating an abyss, a black hole of non-thought, OF PURE REACTION, between the two poles of our consciousness (outer v. inner/social v. self/good angel v. bad angel). It is creating and deepening the gulf between our capacities for OBJECTIVE REASON and SUBJECTIVE REACTION faster than our neoliberal government’s policies that favour GDP over the welfare of its own citizens can widenthe gap between rich and poor and devastating the Middle Class.

The pull is creating the pandemic of bi-polar disorders, IMO. I am not in any sense a medical or mental health professional. I am a rank-in-file citizen who remembers how things were in the 60’s, and, having lived through all of the changes wrought upon the nation and national society, democracy, and the world order, and, seeing how things are now, how close we citizens are to being plunged into a dystopic, fascist (founded upon business mores) world order, wrought by Wealth, to their ‘eternal merriment’¬† and our ongoing detriment, I am convinced that we are being played.

That democracy is long dead already…

…That Wealth has taken Canada and the World over (now being finalized and institutionalized by Trade Agreements) and that they mean to complete the job of turning democratic society and the Earth Mother into profit centres, complete with an owner class, served by a manager class, served by a professional class, served by a working class…all supported by a labour-pool class (one with no support from the State, save for jails and emergency rooms).

That is the future, if we do not address the problem today. The problem is ultimately our own ego, and this very human weakness IS BEING EXPLOITED OPPORTUNISTICALLY by ruling classes everywhere.

Our ruling classes own the media and through this channel they regale us daily, 24/7, with their own narrative DESIGNED TO PRODUCE A CERTAIN REACTION AMONG THE GENERAL POPULACE.

The trouble is, the human psyche combines the conscious with the subconscious with the spirit, and because of this tripartite nature of the human psyche, THAT NARRATIVE IS SIMPLY CANNOT¬† BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. We (and our imaginations) simply aren’t equipped to handle such a wild departure from reality. Were any of us to stop and take the time to think about it, honestly, we’d say, ‘hello? wtf?’

But, our egos can be SHAMED INTO APPARENT COMPLIANCE WITH WEALTH’S NARRATIVE…and therefore our ‘compliance’ is grudgingly given.

But internally, we are torn between what we know is right and what the State wants us to accept as right. The further Wealth’s narrative goes (Wealth OWNS the State, along with everything in it, after all), the more it will depart from what we know and god determines is right…and we will become more dysfunctional, increasingly bi-polar and bi-polarized, as time goes on…


Welcome to Huxley’s Brave New World.


Other examples of the deliberate war on the soul and spirit, the human psyche, of the individual coming…but right now, doggie needs a walk before the rain comes. IMO, opportunism to do something good, nice, honourable for someone else….the Golden Rule, why, that’s doing the ‘right thing’.

Prayers for Ukraine and for the World’s people.

Headline 1: Family shocked by daycare’s call to child protection without warning, question if discrimination is at play – THIS SHOULD BE A WARNING TO EVERYONE WITH CHILDREN. ‘Discrimination’ is always the card being played. But¬† it is a deliberate distraction from the real problem.

THE ATTACK IS BY THE NEOLIBERALIZED RULING CLASS WEALTH-CONTROLLED STATE/DEMOCRACY upon the INSTITUTION OF THE FAMILY…it is not yet, fait d’accompli but soon will be. Our disaffection is misdirected, and this deliberate, by our ruling class;

just as responsibility (and our focus) for the Residential Schools was deflected away from those responsible for the IDEA AND POLICY OF THE RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS, toward the Church, the one institution (be it synagogue, temple, mosque, or church…) that tries to express the intent of the creator and the creator’s values (which respect all the life the creator has wrought).

If you were given to thinking, as a parent, that you don’t know your own teens, and how unsettling that epiphany can be, IMAGINE NOT KNOWING YOUR OWN TODDLER. And then imagine, if you can, what is coming from them when they hit their teenaged years…and we are now handing our children over to the State (against their will), and happily to boot, because we HAVE NO TIME FOR THEM anymore…wait and see what happens…

THE FAMILY WAS INTENDED by god, to be socially-atomic. Neoliberalism has ‘split the atom’ so that families are disjunctive and at odds with one another…siblings, parents, neighbours, communities…

Neoliberalism is the rule of business. It has, like the modern Conservatives, stolen the brand and turned it into something quite opposite. Both Conservatism and neoLiberalism¬† are the offspring (out of wedlock with true democracy) OF THE MOVEMENT CONSERVATIVES of the US, imported into Canada via the Western Alliance, then taking over the Progressive Conservative brand, dropping the ‘Progressive’ part (the one honest act they have accomplished), and then electing Stephen Harper to lead the movement.


more to come, but for right now, a quote from the NDP’s inspiration, Tommy Douglas:

‘Fascism begins the moment a ruling class, fearing the people will use their political democracy TO GAIN ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, begins to destroy political democracy in order to retain its power of exploitation and special privilege.’quote taken from quotefancy.com

Perhaps the NDP are not ‘liberal in a hurry’? To Andrea and Jagmeet, please let yourselves be THE LIGHT of the creator in our politics and society. Let us turn our backs on the neoLiberal new world order¬† and embrace the family…

…and the Golden Rule.


Headline 2: Putin sees no threat from NATO expansion, warns against military build-up – not so long ago, ‘NATO expansion’ was the pretext for war in Ukraine. More recently, it was the reason Sweden and Finland were warned by Russia not to join NATO.

Plainly, President Biden’s ‘UNITY’ strategy is working.

Rally to America, the Brits, the Germans, et al. in unity against the self-interest of nations like France and Turkey and Israel and the rapaciousness and murderous quality featured by Russian and Chinese autocracies, but by no means limited to ‘autocracies’.

Rather than torpedo Ukraine’s joining the EU/NATO, or Finland’s and Sweden’s effort to protect themselves, Tieup-whazzup?-Yipikai-yay-Erdogan should simply shut THE FRONT DOOR. If he will not accept the expansion of NATO, then maybe he can quit and go side with Russia and China and see what that buys for the future of the Turkish people…right now his actions threaten a lot of bad karma for himself, because right now he imperils the good Turkish people whose welfare he is responsible for.

IF HE HAD ANY HONOUR AT ALL, he would not keep the Kurds under his thumb and call them ‘terrorists’ AND HE WOULD NOT QUALIFY HIS SUPPORT FOR FINLAND’S AND SWEDEN’S ENTRY INTO NATO to be dependent upon their withdrawal of their support for the Kurds (they say the Kurds ARE NOT terrorists).

If anyone has any honour left at all, we will stand up and confront the lunacy of Putin and Xi and their supporters. We would stand up against the neoliberal corruption of the democracy our leaders sold us on, as we lost our jobs and livelihoods to China, to enrich our own ruling class, and which compounded the sin (and the bad karma ruling classes are incurring for themselves and the politicians who serve the ruling classes).



I just saw Putin explaining himself on DW newscast. I DON’T CARE WHAT PUTIN SAYS (or Xi, or Erdogan or Macron). Anymore than I would care to hear out Satan with respect to why he challenged god in Heaven. √Ä la Milton’s Lucifer, these folks would rather rein over a pile of misery of their own manufacture, rather than serve in Heaven.

15 May 2022

I am a retiree. I have maintained for the last 30 years or so that the Toronto Maple Leafs’ winning the Stanley Cup must be one of the signs of the End-times.

The Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup since I was in Grade 5! That was 55 ‘f’n’ years ago! (ouch! –¬† and, sorry about the ‘f’ but you rarely get a chance at a triple alliteration!!!)

I prayed they would win last night, nevertheless…but the Hockey Gods thought otherwise.


It is the ‘Hogtown Curse’ which is responsible. It will take some powerful magic, the kind one might tether to end times prophecy, to lift the curse.


On another front, to read that an 18-year-old went into a Buffalo, N.Y. mall and shot dead 10 INNOCENT PEOPLE just going about their business, WHILE LIVESTREAMING IT, is most unnerving. DOES ANYONE NOT SEE WHAT WE ARE DOING IN THE MEDIA (plus 24-hour news channels) , ON THE TELEVISION, AND ONLINE (not to mention video games), with all of the violence, threats of violence, unbridled sexuality, lax morality, children being taken away from their parents’ loving protection and benefit of their life experience WELL BEFORE THEY ARE READY (not to mention the wonderful example of proper human comportment our politicians display, and the vulgar F*Trudeau signs ‘parents’ proudly display over the toys of young children left in the front yard)

and where it is leading to?

This WILL NOT EVER BE FIXED. (unless we do something about it)

IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE, unless we do. (‘All that is necessary for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing…’)

The pandemic misery we face in our societies around the World is cultivated by the ruling classes of the World. It is deliberate. Just another thing to keep us anxious, fearful, and divided. Russia/China are not the only enemy. They will need to be taken care of and reconciled with the World just as the ruling classes EVERYWHERE must reconcile with the citizens of their respective nations and WITH THEIR GOD-GIVEN DUTY TO STEWARD SOCIETY and the Earth Mother, rather than build dystopias for citizens as they plunder the Earth Mother for profit.

Our ruling class keeps us weak and socially disabled – incapable of resetting the wrongs their neoLiberal corruption wreaks upon us, even as they daily remind us of EVERYTHING THEY ARE DOING TO ‘MAKE THINGS BETTER’¬† for us.

I have been listening to politicians my whole life. THINGS ARE WORSE NOW THAN EVER BEFORE, despite all of their blathering.

Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer and more vulnerable. Public housing will be used to keep the Poor under the thumb of Wealth. Wait and see.

Headline 1: Ukraine war latest: Finland confirms NATO membership bid – lemme get this straight: Turkey would stymie expansion and unity of NATO, and undermine THE ENTIRE WORLD’S CHANCES FOR PEACE IN THE FACE OF GLOBALIZED DOOM,

BECAUSE OF DOMESTIC POLITICS? The Kurds are not ‘terrorists’. They were marginalized by the¬† post-WWI deals WE CRAFTED with nations like Turkey. Provision had been made for a Kurdish state in the Treaty of S√®vres (1920) and then were betrayed by the Treaty of Lausanne which established the boundaries of modern Turkey with Kurdistan being on the wrong side of the Turkish border. Kudos to Finland, Sweden, AND GERMANY (for promising to ‘fast track’ Finland and Sweden’s NATO applications).

We refused to follow Patton’s advice and are now being threatened by Russia with nuclear holocaust; now, we must deal with the problem of Turkey. TURKEY WOULD POLITICIZE FOR ITS OWN SELFISH PURPOSES and horse trade BEFORE IT WILL DO THE RIGHT THING.

Alright, already. If Turkey doesn’t like Finland and Sweden…LET TURKEY LEAVE NATO. Yes, Turkey is a valuable partner to whomever it calls ‘friend’; but FRIENDS WHO LEVERAGE PERSONAL ADVANTAGE BEFORE THEY DO WHAT IS RIGHT is no friend to anyone. um, are they?

Lastly, I read something about how pleased the US is that China appears to not be helping Russia. I DON’T CARE. China’s is a corrupt regime and once Putin is broken, Xi must be next.

There is no room in the World, our world, going forward, for autocracies like China’s and Russia’s. We have seen what they are capable of.

Neither is there any room, any more, for the rule of Wealth, facilitated by the neoliberal corruption of democracies around the World. We have seen NOTHING OF WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF…our own leader-class. The dystopia their rapacious, short-sighted, unethical and immoral pursuit of $$$ will end up creating for us, just before the final crash of humankind, will be comparable to the life Putin has rained-down upon the heroic Ukrainians.

Wait and see.

Ego is the World’s problem.

Ego is the problem of the World.


One thing I observed recently is that, with all of the surveillance going on -the obvious and the less-than-obvious, less-than-legal, in this World of NO DUE PROCESS and the shifting of the ONUS OF PROOF from the ACCUSER to the ACCUSED – is that we are given less and less chance to get away with anything…MEANING, WE HAVE LESS AND LESS CHANCE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN DOING GOOD AND DOING BAD. One day, in the Brave New World, we will not be able to get away with anything because surveillance will be 100% AND OUR FREE WILL will be taken from us.

That might not sound bad, but think about it – IF ONE HAS NO OPTIONS, ONE ENDS UP DOING NOTHING. And if one does nothing, our ruling class does everything and downloads it onto us, a receptive, divided and ineffectively reactive BLOB of citizenry…HELLO? DOES ANYONE NOT SEE THE PARALLEL BETWEEN WHAT OUR RULING CLASSES ARE DOING AND WHAT H.G. WELLS warned us about?

With respect to the disappearance of Due Process: Witness how our Ontario government says it is legal for landlords to deliver written threats of eviction to tenants accused of smoking weed in their apartments BY OTHER TENANTS and WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATION. The first hint I got that something was remiss was when I saw the letter…same goes for the other tenants who got the letter)…I even called the Residential Building Manager, whose signature is on the letter, and he happened to take the day off after delivering the letters and has not returned my call. NO OPPORTUNITY TO RESPOND TO THE THREAT THAT, ‘if any more complaints are received’ (my question, from whom? none of my neighbours seemed to know I smoke ANYTHING, but someone on the opposite side and end and on the top floor complained), ‘you could risk eviction’ [paraphrasing]…do something about it…to prevent further complaints, says the letter. There could be something of ‘corporate opportunism’ going on here plus of course the work of your typical apartment building busy-bodies who don’t have much opportunity otherwise to feel important. Depending what happens, going forward, this corporation, some of its employees, and the tenants of two particular units may be hauled into court on a variety of charges relating to the lack of due process, the anxiety the letter has caused, and, of course, LIBEL…to do this is a moral and social obligation (if it is being done to me and my neighbours, it is being done elsewhere to others…I’m not looking for a fight, only for the respect which comes of the Golden Rule.

All that is necessary for evildoing to triumph is to do nothing…

14 May 2022

Before the daily rant, a new post: Life is but a dream.

Today, I read that Mackerel, the President of France, is blocking Ukraine’s admission to the EU. I have not read his reasons, nor do I care to know what they are. The man sickens me. He is not being helpful in making this ‘point’. He is consumed with the power he wields because he simply cannot manage to think outside of his ego. He is no leader who plays at ‘leading’ just to make himself feel powerful. This is also the world’s problem…but there is something ‘fishy’¬† about Macron and I wish the media would just keep him and his antics off of my webpages.

I have also heard that Turkey’s Yeehaw-whazzup-Erdrogan says he’ll block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. Just like the mackerel running France. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They aren’t. All’s I can say to that is, KICK TURKEY AND FRANCE THE F OUT OF NATO…and bring on Sweden, Finland, and the heroes of Ukraine. Leave the sordid, obsequious power-mongering lesser lights to Russia and China’s fate. I see, as the World sees, the carnage in Ukraine. Come on, you two…really?

…and then, to top it all off, there are even politicians playing politics in the US with Ukrainian lives. The Donald Trump kind. The American Senate is holding up a 40B USD aid package. Ukraine has momentum. The funds are being held back. YOU STUPID, SELFISH BASTARDS.

The American president, god bless him, is showing the best of America to the World at the time when UNITY is most needed and could make the difference between global war and global peace. BUT WE HAVE MORONS LIKE MACKEREL and TYIP YIPPEE-KI-YAY coming out and trying to torpedo everything…WHEN WHAT WE NEED IS UNITY IN ORDER TO STOP THE CARNAGE IN UKRAINE AND TO PREVENT WWIII courtesy of Russia and/or China.

WE HAVE TWO MEMBERS OF NATO undermining everything President Biden and Prime Minister Boris and their European counterparts have wrought. I SAY, KICK THOSE TWO BOZOS – Macron and Erdogan – the bejeezus OUT OF NATO and bring on Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine. Then, when Russia attacks them, we need not sacrifice our young blood in their defense in their hour of need, like we did in WWI and WWII.

France is a great nation with a questionable sense of honour, as is Turkey. America and Britain, Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine KNOW AND EXEMPLIFY HONOUR.

Russia kills to get their way. Indiscriminately. Their military lacks honour because their leaders lack honour. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc.these NATO members are keepers. They remember. THEY HAVE HONOUR. Look how they have led the way, how they lit the path for us to follow. They follow the Star which leads to Ukraine, to heroism, courage, and a lasting and equitable peace for humankind. But first we must deal as a block, unified, against those who would spread their venom around the World.

Today, I don’t know what to do, what to say, what to write…

Today, I’m going to pray that our god, our creator, comes ‘in the flesh’, as it were, to take care of us.

I pray that he/she will come to the aid of good folks everywhere, around the World, our world, who SIMPLY LIVE AND LET LIVE, and who sense how to bend a little in order to make for a grand peace.

The Golden Rule.

I pray that he/she will gather up all of the folks who thrive on angst, misery, anxiety; spreading it with gleeful self-aggrandizement, of the most shameless kind, even to the point of having innocent folks evicted from their homes (playing right into the corporation-owner’s opportunistic hands)…

…or to the point of bombing innocent people out of their homes in Ukraine…

…or being such a bold-faced $#% as is France’s ‘president’, when UKRAINE IS BEING HEROIC AND WITH THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE. Sickens me to hear that Moron – sorry, I mean, Mackerel -sorry, it’s ‘Macron’ (I had to google it) – is saying Ukraine can’t join the EU for many years, if not decades,¬† in the present context of Russia’s murderous assault and Ukraine’s valiant and already legendary defense of their nation. I pray that France’s president and his ilk are silenced until they realize that ‘going it alone’, is exactly THE WRONG THING TO DO. (Rally to Biden and Boris and STFU, alright?). To think so much of their opinions on EU membership, given the current context, is utterly shameless and likely to tilt the World further toward war. THIS IS NOT EVEN HELPING FRANCE, much less the prospect for Global and Domestic Peace.

Perhaps the media can just filter Macron out of the headlines? I hope the article in the Daily Digest is false…it disappeared from the MSN Canada newsfeed already…I would be so happy to eat crow over Macron…and anyone else who I have maligned out of my ignorance…or, out of misrepresentation of the facts in the media.

Praying for the Golden Rule to be manifest in the World of humans. Watch what happens. Notice how much you are filled with joy. How little you dread others; others whom, having so much in common with you, being also human, watch your back as you watch theirs…

Good neighbours. Apartments or nations…within the context of the Golden Rule, what difference is there between them?

The Golden Rule lights the way forward for everyone.

There is no way to Peace. Peace is the Way.

Neighbours and Presidents must know this or we are all in for trouble.

Let us leave a happy and prosperous starting point for our children to build upon.


p.s. The Qu√©bec Premier and several Ontario Conservative candidates are not participating in the candidate debates. This is one powerful forum where the candidates can make or break themselves and voters can really get sense of what they are getting; rather than voting on the basis of news clips and sound bites. Politics is the art of seeming to promise results without saying anything committal. Four years later, give or take, we get to go through it all over again…on and on…ad nauseum…

…and yet, withal, we go to the polls to rubber stamp our fate (doesn’t really matter whom we elect anymore – even the NDP won’t¬† live up to their promises, were they to form a government). WE all know this – THAT’S WHY THE GOVERNMENT CAN GET RELECTED BY SAYING AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE;

AND BY TOSSING A BONE TO THE ELECTORATE majority (the working-poor) to have enough of them vote Con in order to carry the Cons back into power.


…and we just hand it over to them. Apart from those bozos who display vulgar political flags on their front porches, casting a shadow upon the children’s toys scattered around the front yard, in plain view of neighbours and passersby and THEIR CHILDREN, and then go driving around town honking their horns and flying Canadian flags on their vehicles…what are we doing about all of this? These guys/gals aren’t the way forward…they are simply creating division or deepening division AND PLAYING RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE ‘GOVERNMENT’ THEY PROTEST…division is the operative…if we do not set aside our differences, the morlocks will continue to have their way with the Eloi…

Think well upon it.

13 May 2022  РFriday the 13th!

I awoke this morning with dread. BUT, so far, so good! I managed to make my coffee and my toast without burning my toast or spilling the coffee grinds all over the place; I managed to get my doggie outside for her morning business and no skunk happened to be wandering around my patio; and, I managed to take my dog for her walk and she never got eaten by a bigger dog…and, no letters threatening me and other tenants (even older than I am!) with eviction over the smell of ‘burning marijuana’, when for 2 1/2 years, up until receipt of the letter last week, no one ever complained…so far, so good!

With respect to the ‘letters’ some of us received in our building last week, our buildings are up for sale. The current owners bought our buildings, put us tenants through a massive, ongoing, overhaul of the buildings (I have a busted up patio bricking and fence and a 1 1/2 inch thick pile of ‘unit entry’ orders, and countless contractors going in and out of your unit (many of us here are elderly) with COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and the vaccinations only beginning to get rolled out. As a reward, apart from ‘we thank you for your anticipated cooperation’, we received a notice that Homestead had applied to our provincial government for a ‘greater-than-guidelines’ rent increase – a rubberstamp,¬† I am told – there has been no follow-up reminder). They had held our rent stable when they bought the place because what they were planning to put us through would have caused a rebellion…and so, they strategically allowed us time to get over that (my frontage is still a mess, along with my patio where Homestead’s contractors tore everything up and then left it). Now they are catching up. (Homestead also benefited from government pandemic grants, whereas I didn’t get a dime from the government when I was looking for work).

But there is also potential here for opportunism. Us tenants from before the Homestead purchase are paying about $400 or so less than anyone coming into our building after was bought by Homestead. Also, our electricity, heat, water and parking were bundled in as amenities. With at least 4 of us tenants having been given letters OUT OF THE BLUE AND WITHOUT ANY FOREWARNING telling us that if Homestead gets any more complaints (they never mention who it is bothering or what we can do about it ), we risk EVICTION. That’s 4+ units that could come available at the new profitable rates for whomever buys it from Homestead…apparently our provincial government is okay with this.

I know that in a unionized environment, the Grievance Procedure specifies a graduated process wherein the FIRST STAGE IS VERBAL REQUEST. If no satisfaction, there is a written documented and witnessed meeting between the individual and his/her supervisor. If not resolved, the Grievance form goes to HR and if not resolved there, it goes to the mill manager. MY x-mill manager once said, in kindness to us union reps, ‘The higher the Grievance goes, the more political things get.’ This is the truth. That is why, when ONE TENANT COMPLAINED ABOUT AT LEAST 4 OTHER TENANTS, to the Building Manager’s corporate level boss, that boss immediately sent out letters, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATING OR FIRST ASKING THE ACCUSED TENANTS WHAT’S UP? In our jurisprudence, the accused has the right to confront the accuser directly. BUT THE CORPORATION KNOWS THAT THE GOVERNMENT FAVOURS SUCH SHENANIGANS and sent the letters, although quite improper and unethical, because THE LAW SAYS SHE CAN. Period.

Now, as it stands, I must ‘smoke’ on¬† my patio. I am careful to watch so that passerby, especially ones with children or being children themselves, do not walk through a ‘cloud’, because we are that close to the sidewalk and street. I am careful to wait until after the private daycare across the street has sent their last kid home.¬† I am careful not to ‘light up’ when there are folks sitting outside on their patios but I cannot see if the folks right above me are out on their patio from my vantage point below and the swirling winds could easily get into someone’s open window…not acceptable either…

SADLY THE WAY I WAS DOING IT AFFECTED NO ONE EXCEPT THIS ONE INDIVIDUAL WHO LIVES 3 FLOORS ABOVE AND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING. I am also told (via the grapevine) that Homestead messed up the roof vent turbines and that that is why we have a negative pressure in the building and smells from inside WILL BE DRAWN OUT INTO THE HALLWAYS.

RATHER THAN FIX THE PROBLEM THEY CAUSED, HOMESTEAD’S AREA (Not ‘Resident’) REGIONAL MANAGER thought it mete to send FOUR TENANTS (a few of them +70 years old) a stressful warning letter…OPPORTUNISM? By law the next step gets very serious…OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOWS THIS TO BE DONE TO US.

As much as the World must unite against Russia and China to avoid WWIII in the very near future, people who are renting and struggling to get by (in fact everyone who does not have a tonne of coin in the bank) must unite against Wealth. Our governments will not because most of the ones who end up being Ministers on the Executive ARE OF WEALTH AND HAVE A WEALTH PERSPECTIVE INBRED. As our government is currently configured, THE EXECUTIVE IS NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO THE MPs WE ELECT TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS but rather to Wealth. THE ‘INSTITUTION’ OF THE PARLIAMENTARY WHIP IS THE SOLE REASON WHY.

There is a point where a line is crossed. Once crossed one has no choice but to respond.

The line was crossed when the complainer went right to corporate WITHOUT FIRST SEEKING SATISFACTION FROM THE TENANTS. (hello?)¬†Now, we tenants have had the chance to work it out taken BEFORE WE EVEN KNEW THERE WAS A PROBLEM (and there might not be…we don’t know, DUE PROCESS WAS NEVER FOLLOWED).

Likewise, Putin crossed the line in Ukraine. Everything he says is bullroney. The Russian people MUST TAKE CARE OF PUTIN BEFORE WE DO. And we will, if they do not. VERY, VERY SOON.

Likewise, Xi. With Xi, I don’t know where to begin: 1 – withholding news of a potential outbreak for months, denying the World time to prepare, AND, 2 – threatening Taiwan and Taiwanese with flyovers and staging invasion ‘games’ in plain sight of the Taiwanese, AND, 3 – the constant hacking and theft of intellectual property, AND, 4 – what Xi is doing to the Uighur Muslims and the Falun Dafa folks.

DO NOT FORGET THAT IT WAS OUR OWN WEALTHY PEOPLE WHO HAVE ENABLED CHINA AND RUSSIA by doing business with them because China had no labour protection and environmental laws that cut into profits. OUR WEALTH PEOPLE even sent our jobs over there and enabled foreign temps to come here and relaxed immigration criteria TO GET AROUND THE EXPENSE OF RETRAINING US. Plus our government has all kinds of money to support the newcomers BUT HAD NOTHING FOR FOLKS WHO WERE TRYING TO FIND WORK BEFORE THE PANDEMIC STRUCK and were in an even more perilous state than the ones who got money in CERB because those folks worked right up until the pandemic affected them. Good they were helped. Bad the rest of us weren’t. We weren’t because we would need to be invested in by Wealth in order to be productive on Wealth’s behalf.

Wealth is the problem of the World. Ego of Wealth, to be precise. That is why wealthy people can be brilliant enough to come up with fabulous business propositions AND STILL BE STUPID ENOUGH TO GO ALL-IN WITH CHINA. Kind of what Amazon did. Do you know how hard it is to buy something on Amazon that isn’t made in China? But in all fairness, even the American Kennel Club’s pee-pads come from there.

If we go to war, we must now set the parameters of the Peace, across the World. There can be no more ‘us and them’. There can be no more ‘amorality’.

We have the Golden Rule.

My prayers for Ukraine and for the poor and disenfranchised. For the homeless. And for all those who suffer from the egos of others.

Those who seek confrontation and who use a club to get their way will have their due. KARMA IS A BITCH. Don’t ever forget this, whether you are Bill Gates or some lesser thing (like an ornery neighbour, say, who always shoots, but never asks, because that would be considerate…)

I am praying that Joe Biden et al. see the fallacy of Wealth and the existential precipice its denizens have brought our world to…

I am praying for the children of today.

12 May 2022

Headline 1: Conservative candidates spar over inflation, abortion – and TV shows – in an unusual leadership debate – well, well, well…the movement conservative thrust of Stephen Harper/Brian Mulroney has all come down to this: an utterly irrelevant party, whose significance to the Canadian political scene is purely a foil to the antics of the Liberals and NDP, who style themselves ‘Liberal Democratic’ but are, knowingly or not, suborning the usurpation of democracy by corporations and investors.

The big loser is the Canadian citizen; particularly those who lack $$$.

The worst is Pierre Poilievre – I’ve seen how he behaves himself in QP. Now, as he endeavours to climb upward, he says he will fire this guy or that guy…just like Donald Trump on his ‘reality’ tv shows.¬† [Aside, as human beings and voters, we should not favour anyone who is so eager to put heads on the block just to get elected to lead us. Do you really want leaders like that? What an example this guy provides to Canadians. hello?¬†Were it not for his getting the hair wrong, he would be indistinguishable from DT, save for being his ‘Minime’.]

Headline 2: Le S√©nat am√©ricain ferme la porte √† la l√©galisation de l’avortement – please, we know woman has authority over herself. The State cannot take that away. Her choice is between her and god. The fact we debate this at all is because of the legal definition of what constitutes a human. Murder is murder. BUT WE ALLOWED OUR LEADERS TO DEFINE LIFE AS BEING LIFE ONLY AFTER THE BABY IS SEPARATE FROM THE MOTHER. Bullshit. [Aside: at the same time, we allow corporations the right to personhood, to ‘life’, to tilt the jurisprudential playing field to favour investors].

From the moment of conception, without any external intervention at all, the ‘thing’ inside the womb is busy body-building. It is already doing something quite independent of the mother…it is not a parasite. It is, for nine months-ish, being carried around in the mom’s belly because it needs to learn to breathe and time to build its capacity for independence, just like toddler sits and is moved about in a stroller until toddler has built capacity to walk under his/her own power. True, woman’s choice cannot be taken away from her, if we truly value her rights. Also true that, as a consequence and in the process, another human has all of their rights taken away WITHOUT THEIR EVEN BEING ASKED.

It is a strange hypocrisy our government supports in ALLOWING WOMAN TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR BODY BUT AT THE SAME TIME DENY THE RIGHT TO THE BABY about what happens to their body/their life. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD…and our media supports this as well…look at the dearth of reporting on the pro-life side of the debate. They need to report both sides of this.

There is not a single baby in the womb who would choose death over life. The ‘left’ is not anymore ‘forward’ looking than the right…they have ego too…and ego seeks to have EVERYTHING ITS OWN WAY…that is how we come up with such off-the-rails notions as ‘the fetus is not a human’; making them seem ‘sane’¬† to us by constant repetition of the falsehood (Machiavelli 101, only, it is the people in opposition to the government’s intentions for the people).

Headline 3: Finland seeks NATO membership ‘without delay’ – I love it. Folks are rallying to the U.S. and U.K. in droves. UNITY. We might just save Ukraine without having to annihilate Russia; and Taiwan without annihilating China. WE OF THE WORLD LOVE THE CHINESE AND RUSSIAN PEOPLES. We deplore to the depths of our souls, the murderous rampage of the Russian military. PUTIN LACKS ALL HONOUR. Many of his troops, acting on their leader’s behalf, LACK ALL HONOUR.

Now, it may also be that Finland has determined that war in Europe is imminent. The closer Putin comes to defeat, the more desperate he will become. You can already see from Bucha, Mariupol…all over Ukraine, what Putin is already capable of. IMO, escalation to WMDs is a certainty IF PUTIN BECOMES DESPARATE.

He will become desperate. Those stubborn Ukrainians are still there and still putting up one hell of a fight. They will not be deterred. They will not be vanquished.


Finland probably knows this already. Everyone should. The Americans do, IMO. Thank god they have Biden leading them now. On behalf of the World, our world, its thanks to America.

If they continue to put their faith in god, that is all it will take. America will light our way to a safe, prosperous, equitable world order – one without corporate hegemony; only god’s love and sense of honour, THE GOLDEN RULE, presiding over us.

To our Russian and Chinese brothers and sisters – please stand with us and against your governing regimes. The Cons of Canada are no more representative of who we are than Xi is of the Chinese or Poutine is of Russians…or Donald Trump is of Americans (if they really knew him).

WE DO NOT HOPE FOR MISERY TO BEFALL YOU. We need you to stand with us against war, violence, oppression of peaceful folks by warlike folks. MOVE YOUR REGIMES OUT OF POWER OVER YOU and you will be revered forevermore by the World and especially by Chinese and Russian children who will live happily and peacefully alongside everyone else.

Prayers for Ukraine and for the World.

Headline 4: Ukraine invasion changed our minds on NATO – Finland – god bless the Fins. You are doing what is good and right for you and for our world. I’ve not known many Fins, but the ones I did know topped the list in humanity, humaneness, and their work ethic.

After enough folks join the ‘peace movement’ in reaction to Russian (and next, Chinese) imperialism (‘imperialism’ itself being an anachronism in our world), why then, Putin and Xi will have no targets for their hypersonic hypersensitivity because THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD HAVE TO BE TARGETED.

Do Poutine and Xi mean to fight AND TAKEOVER everbody? Look yous two(Poutine and Xis-head), if you need to start firing missiles, start with one yous two can ride on ALL THE WAY TO VENUS. It is only a short hop from here…WHY TURN THE EARTH INTO VENUS WHEN YOU CAN HAVE ONE THAT’S READY MADE AND CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU?

11 May 2022

Headline 1: Johnson pledges support if Sweden were to be attacked – I have been praising the Germans for their get things done attitude. I have been praising the French, not only for the Great Thinkers like Rousseau and Voltaire (and many others) but also for their ‘independence streak’. Although it sometimes gets in the way, WHEN YOU ARE UP AGAINST CITY HALL, you will be happy to have the French on your side. I have been praising America, who, phoenix-like, emerged from the ashes of Donald Trump’s ‘presidency’ to lead the World, our world, against the devil in Moscow. But, you’ve got to hand it to the Brits for taking the moral and ethical lead…where HONOUR DICTATES the response, and not the investors.

Slowly, but surely, the leadership of a few  western democracies is providing a rally-point for the other nations with respect to Russia and China. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT TO THE PEOPLE LIVING IN THOSE NATIONS, it is not for the West to have to suffer because of your wayward governments. IT IS FOR YOU, THE PEOPLE, TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR WAYWARD REGIMES.

Ukraine is giving an example to the World, our world. It is being pulverized by a technologically superior force. The Azov regiment faces certain death BUT WILL NOT LAY DOWN THEIR WEAPONS. The Ukrainian citizen and military are prepared to fight to the last man; holding up the middle finger in defiance.

THE UKRAINE IS THE WORLD’S ALAMO. Ukraine buys the World, our world, time to respond with deadly and overwhelming force to Putin and Xi’s dreams of glory for themselves – a totalitarian nightmare for everyone else, INCLUDING THEIR OWN CITIZENS.

Headline 2: Hong Kong police arrest Catholic cardinal, a democratic advocate – well, if a formerly Catholic-majority province’s government can try to ‘outlaw’ god in its own, peculiarly neoLiberal Democratic way, what can we expect from a regime that just boldfaced comes out and says, ‘Hey, there is no god!’ Xi also appears to believe that, since there is no god, there can’t be any Heaven for his cronies and no Hell for his citizens to live in; and so, he, √† la his Xi-see friend, Poutine,¬† figures the next logical step is to make one themselves. China appears to see no problem with their backdoor-buddy’s turning Ukraine into Hell on the creator’s Earth.


To media people: Is there any way to keep Elon Musk and his ‘doings’ out of the news? He and his ilk are not helping anyone. He undermines the position of HIS OWN NATION which, right now, may be our best chance against the murderous aggression of the Russian and soon the Chinese aggression against the World?

Just as Bezos grew Amazon by becoming a fence for Chinese products, despite that government’s mores (even in business, China cheats and steals and then lies about it all, apparently), Musk’s Tesla is now producing cars over there. It must be that Elon and Jeff and Steve Jobs before them, were so enamoured with the allure of profits coming of cheap labour, lax environmental and worker-protection laws, that they were blinded to the fact that China is at enmity with the West, and is building its military to undermine the World Order that the US has been trying to build since the curtain fell on ACT II of the Great War; that the World, our world, may one day turn the page on war forever.

But the lame little Elons and Jeffs of Mount Olympus do not seem to have a care for their own nation, the one which provided them with opportunity to fulfill their shares of the¬† ‘American Dream’. Instead,¬† they export our jobs and opportunity to China SO THAT ELON AND JEFF CAN BECOME RICHER AND DO THINGS FOR WHICH THEY WILL BE REMEMBERED AND REVERERED AND TALKED ABOUT OVER THE DINNER TABLE (that is, if we can afford ‘dinner’ or a ‘dinner table’) by all of us ‘little people’. THE MEDIA HELPS THEM DO THIS.

There is no value to us in Elon owning Twitter or Jeff’s flying off into low orbit. There is hell to pay¬† for Elon’s continuing to couple with China’s regime.

If Elon and Jeff cared about anything other than $$$ and power over others (very ego-stoking) and if THE MEDIA (you know, our 5th Estate) cared about how their work was being used by their employers to propagandize (to control the social narrative Wealth is regaling us all with as its denizens go about their merry way making money for themselves while they are screwing their own nation and its citizens.

DONALD TRUMP v. JOE BIDEN. Will President Biden do what Trump would not? Will POTUS rein-in the Wealth of America, decouple it from China, bring our jobs and opportunity to make a living back to North America (um, where we all live, even the Mount Olympians have homes here!), AND BRING BOTH RUSSIA AND CHINA TO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR MYRIAD MISDEEDS AND MALFEASANCES?

Will POTUS et al. reconcile Wealth with society (necessarily involving the END OF THE NEOLIBERAL EXPERIMENT) and Society with itself?

Make no mistake. Reconciliation of diverse elements and operatives is the key to social cohesion. Social cohesion makes for a strong and resilient society.

Musk and Bezos and investors (domestic and international) are the drivers of social disintegration. The strands of the rope which is society are becoming progressively more loosely woven together. The gap between haves and have-nots is widening and deepening. As time goes on, the society becomes less and less capable to stand up under load. Jan 6 showed America it still ‘has it’, but that what it has IS UNDER ATTACK. America may be down, but only because of its own Wealth class. America is not down and out. My prayers for President Biden. He has a big job to do.

What neoLiberalism has accomplished is the ascendancy of $$$ over common sense, common decency, Americanism, Liberalism (of the Great French and American Thinkers), and every other good thing we humans have managed to come up with.

Neoliberalism is going to accomplish what the murderous Poutine and Xi will be destroyed trying to accomplish: the utter end of democracy and the beginning of a completely fascist, totalitarian nightmare…THE FREEDOM WE ENJOY AS CITIZENS OUTSIDE OF THE WORKPLACE WILL DISAPPEAR FOREVER. Our societies will be ‘business societies’, COMPLETE WITH ONSIGHT UNIVERSAL DAYCARE so that not even your kids will interfere with your productivity in the ‘workplace’…in other words, we will be ‘at work’, 24/7.

That is the life for us, the citizens, determined FOR US, by Wealth. Meanwhile, the wealthy in America, Canada…wherever…move in circles well beyond the experience of the ‘proletariat’…high above the clouds, where they cannot be seen or their activities observed.

We see now what happens when we go about our lives with our eyes ‘wide shut’, mesmerized by the 24-hour omnipresent Media mouthpieces for Wealth (p.s. Vassy’s not one of those).

Now, rather than reconcile with one another in our communities, with real people, we are all, out of our own egos being offended, yelling and making life miserable for one another when it is our Wealth class creating the conditions that are making us miserable.

Are you looking for work?¬† Grocery stores are cutting out cashiers, while we are looking for work. The stores reduce the cashiers down to one or two, forcing people to wait long in line or do self-checkout…it is unbelievable how many people fall for that, ensuring the investors behind the self-checkout business earn more money FOR THEMSELVES as they reduce everyone else’s chances of finding a job, earning a living…WE ABET THEIR GREEDY AND ANTI-SOCIAL ASPIRATIONS, JUST TO SAVE A FEW MINUTES IN LINE AT CHECKOUT.

THEY SHOULD BE AVOIDING SELF-CHECKOUT LIKE THE PLAGUE FOR THEIR OWN GOOD, but instead, Eloi-like, whenever the investors (the morlocks) sound the siren, THESE SELF-CHECKOUT PEOPLE go into a trance and march according to the investors’ tune; to the detriment and ultimate demise of regular folks.

Think well upon it. If you want to protest what our governments are doing to us, on behalf of the investor class they are of and whom they serve, STOP USING SELF-CHECKOUTS. Wait in line for a live cashier. The business will respond eventually and cashiers will make a comeback. Cashiers, the good ones, manage to cheer up old people, like myself, who have no one else to talk to. A brief, happy exchange and ‘howdy-do-dy’ with the cashiers may be all that person gets during the day…this ‘minute’ of human to human contact, albeit in the store, GOES A VERY LONG WAY IN VALUE TO LONELY ELDERLY PEOPLE…

The grocery store in your community is owned by investors who don’t give a quid for you or your community (but they all say they do). Just listen to the blather from Tim’s and Canadian Tire! If their investors would deem to invest in exchange for a lower rate of return, why, those corporations could pay their employees better and not have to worry about running programs for poor kids…hello?) BUT, TIM’S AND CANADIAN TIRE WOULD LOSE ‘BRAGGING RIGHTS’ which they use to soften us into leaving our hard earned $$$ with them and their poor investors (who are trying to save up for a 10-minute trip into low-orbit, say…) The Kid’s programs these businesses run are the sheep’s clothing to make us see these corporations and their investors as anything but the wolfish predators upon democratic societies that they are. It is the same for most corporations. $$$ is the moral code.

Does anyone need be told where that value set is leading to?

Does anyone not see a connection between the ongoing murder, rape, plunder, the utter annihilation of a democratic nation by Russia and the World’s egregiously lethargic response? WE HAVE BEEN DITHERING ABOUT SANCTIONS ($$$) AND THE INCONVENENIENCE THESE SANCTIONS WOULD ENTAIL FOR US ($$$s), WHILE UKRAINIAN MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN ARE BEING MURDERED, BOMBED and waiting for us to come to their aid…my god! my god! my god!

I feel that President Biden and PM Boris and the Three Wisemen (the leaders of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia, god bless ’em) are doing all they can to help Ukraine and to avoid globalized war/conflagration.

I KNOW that what has been done (officially) and is being done (officially) is not enough.

I KNOW that President Biden is 111% correct when he says that UNITY is the key to getting out from under the shadow cast by Russia and soon, IMO, China. IF WE THE WORLD PRESENT A UNITED, SINGLE VOICE TO THESE TWO REGIMES,  a shot need not be fired to bring sanity back to the World, our world,  before we utterly destroy it.

But we are not. Nations like India dither. But Germany, greatly reliant upon Russian oil and gas, thanks to Merkel, now have a leader who despite the mess Merkel left for him in the present context, is getting things done in the way only Germans know how to do. THANK GOD THEY ARE ON OUR TEAM. I wish India et al. had a leader with similar decency and the resolve to stand up.

We will have to go to war, despite the nuclear ‘pistol’ Poutine, with Xi’s silent backing, points at us, because we are not sufficiently united against Russia (and China).

Let us not forget that while the geopolitical situation compounds and becomes more perilous, ELON MUSK AND AMAZON CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS WITH CHINA AS IF NONE OF THIS IS GOING ON…AS IF ITS BUSINESS AS USUAL.

The trouble is, this is business as usual in the neoLiberal Democratic scheme of things, where $$$,¬† not lives, Black Lives or any other, really matter…that is, beyond giving the media something to write about, and to give government folks the chance to blather at us about how bad things are, who is responsible (never them – this time, the war in Ukraine, which our rich folks permit in their inaction, is going to cause a global food shortage and guess who is going to pay for the price hikes? the same folks whom our investors will not provide jobs for, because that affects their profits), and what they are doing about it, um, next year…

I do want to make mention of all of the vehicles going around my city displaying the Canadian Flag. It is wonderful to see this, I had thought. But then, I realized that the home which proudly flies a F*CK TRUDEAU FLAG above the front porch and yard, where many children’s toys sit, why the owners’ truck was in the car parade…everyone flying Canadian Flags…one vehicle in the lead featuring a F*CK TRUDEAU insignia on its driver-side door. In plain sight of children, young people, old people…and everyone in¬† between.

Why, even our socially and geopolitically responsible AMAZON SELLS THESE FLAGS. All in the name of social justice….NOT! p.s. please don’t click the link and then buy one! PLEASE. Interestingly, THESE SIGNS ARE ‘IMPORTED’. but Amazon seems to have neglected to include the country of manufacture…just a guess, but do you suppose it is China?

Do you see now where the corporate run West is taking us? Think well upon it.

WWIII, the final ACT of the Great War, will either produce a Golden Age or the Age of Darkness for humankind.

The Golden Age will be ‘golden’ for everyone, not just Elon and Jeff and Vladimir and Jinping. It will be based on the rule of law that is based on the Golden Rule.

The alternative is already casting a shadow upon humankind and upon the World of the creator.

We can ignore our creator. We cannot, as neoLiberalism intends, destroy the creator. We can try, as neoLiberal governments (the Bloq/the Liberals/the NDP/ the Cons) are doing, shamelessly taking advantage of the opportunity the horror of the Residential School discoveries offers them, to destroy god in society, leaving us no one to ‘worship’ but Elon and Jeff and our PM.

Our PM is a poster. He and the government are not the puppet masters. THEY SERVE THE PUPPET MASTERS.

That is why we are now staring down banks of Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles aimed at the West, with Russian ones pummeling the bejeezus out of Ukraine.

That is why many of us are going to die. All so Jeff and Elon et al. can fly off into Space and continue to pee all over humanity from there.

Wishing hope to Ukraine and for UNITY across the board against autocracy in all of its forms, whether it be Russian, Chinese, or corporate.

That is the only way for the World, our world, to move forward and to emerge out from under the Shadow cast by Wealth and what Wealth serves…and into the Light of the creator’s Sun.

10 May 2022

Germany, France, Sweden, Finland…it seems NATO is growing more resolved with each day of Poutine’s murderous ‘war’ on Ukraine. I have no idea to what degree the citizens of these nations will be called upon to sacrifice, to endure…but I know Germans personally, and, together with what I have heard about the others, I entertain no doubt about their citizens’ honour and courage.

There is another war, however, being perpetrated by a globalizing ruling class, as the constituent nations of the ‘free world’ do their part to normalize this ‘new’ world order:

the war upon children and families. Our neoliberal social engineers (to wit: the Wealthy) have more in common with the values and dreams of the wealthy of other nations and cultures than they do with the citizens of their own nations and cultures.

THE PURSUIT OF PROFIT AND WEALTH on the backs of their citizens. This is why the impetus for globalizing Wealth exists in the first place. The Wealthy of each nation appear to believe they will garner more for themselves if they conspire with the rich folks of other nations and cultures AGAINST THEIR OWN CITIZENS.

The alacrity with which the NDP-Liberal Trudeau government is pushing daycare alarms me. Today, I read about and NDP MP who is tabling a bill to lower the voting age to 16, saying it will bring in a new set of voices.


Come on, man.

It should be apparent to anyone who truly is ‘LIBERAL’¬† and not a Trudeau or NDP NEO-liberal, that our government is happy to abet the ruling class’s tightening its grasp on power over the rest of society by serving the ruling class (not democracy) because of the Whip.

In addition, our governments resort to taking our children out of their nests at a progressively earlier age, in order to begin the conditioning process at such an early age, so that, by the time they mature in independence, they will react and act and think in the way the State (which is simply the curtain behind which the wealthy ‘wizards’ pull society’s levers) wants them to. AND THEY WILL NEVER KNOW THEY ARE BEING MANIUPLATED AND BEING DENIED QUALITY OF LIFE BY THEIR OWN LEADERS.

Our Liberal governments have become disconnected from the citizen, to the point, where, now, they tell us, ‘Canadians want…’ without ever knowing, or asking us, what Canadians want .They get away with this because most of us do not know or take the time to find out WHAT IS REALLY GOOD FOR US and then making our choices at election time answer.

Instead, we blather. We parade. We demonstrate our sexuality [Aside: Be whatever you choose, that is between you, your partner and your creator), but keep it to yourselves, and in the BEDROOM, for crying out loud! and not on the street. Alright already?

We have taken to flying vulgar signs in plain sight for our children to see (and to accept as if it were NORMAL  behaviour)!

Our social engineers have succeeded in removing the Family as an institution for everyone but the wealth class social engineers. Their ego only affords enough latitude to share $$$ and power with someone else (to wit, the wealthy of other nations), IF IT MEANS MORE $$$ AND POWER for themselves.

As for their existing wealth, they prefer to pass it on to their children and keep it ‘in the family‘. $$$ and power over others is their legacy to their children. Their children will begin their adult life with a huge, self-perpetuating material advantage of wealth and opportunity over poorer children. Wealth self-perpetuates. Poverty self-perpetuates.

As for the poor, why, their legacy to their children, whom they love as much as the rich love their children, is one of perpetual misery.

Make no mistake. The Liberals and NDP of today are nothing better than Orwell’s pigs or the ‘management team’ of the wealthy in Huxley’s Brave New World.

The Cons are so internally-divided they have become symptomatic of what is ailing our nation at the level of the human spirit: the good in them is held hostage by those in control. THOSE IN CONTROL WANT, well, CONTROL…the control which $$$ buys over others.

In the way of example, abortion rights is declared a non-issue. It cannot be tabled or promulgated as a policy. CANNOT. Is this ‘democratic?’

Conclusion: One thing history has taught us, and that is, that no matter how good, how honourable the cause, the Wealthy folks of the day will insert their RNA, virus-like, into the healthy social initiative, and take it over, guiding it to do Wealth’s Will. Take a look at the World of today and see for yourself how much good this has done humankind. We are at war EVERYWHERE.

EVERYWHERE THERE IS MISERY, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION…oh, but the budget contains millions for mental health…GREAT! How about addressing the ongoing social conditions and conditioning responsible for misery, anxiety, and depression? NO? Why? It will cost too much and we are making to much by MAKING THINGS THIS WAY, conducing misery, anxiety, and depressions…

To sell a product, you must created the need…is that what this is all about?

PM Trudeau is not the problem, as the vulgar flag-flyers would have it. THE RULING CLASS IS THE PROBLEM and we citizens, in our reactiveness, keeping our egos always so close to the surface, ARE ABETTING THE DESIGNS THE RULING CLASS HAS OVER US.

If we go to war with Russia and China, without addressing the sickness in our democratic society, what will emerge from WWIII, if anything, will be a profoundly totalitarian nightmare. It will be, figuratively if not literally, the world imagined by H.G. Wells in The Time Machine: ruling class Morlocks using the Eloi, whom THEY DOMESTICATED FOR FOOD, while continuing to live in the subterranean hovels the pre-nuclear holocaust wealthy had build for themselves to survive the war.


I read that Doug Ford is going to get another majority. ha. ha. ha. Has everyone in Ontario been asleep the last 4 years?

The fact that a government like that can get any votes at all is telling: first, the war on the soul of the citizen is nearly won by the ruling class. Most of those who vote for the Cons today are condemning their children to poverty and misery tomorrow. Not enough to hand over your kids to the State, but their futures as well. Thank god my parents are not like the parents of today. Yours weren’t either. How is it you are so ready to hand over your children whom YOU BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD to strangers???

This is the real ‘state of the union’, whether we are talking about cultures, societies, individuals. Even our Faith institutions are not immune to the corruption of the human spirit, abetted by ruling classes everywhere, in service of Satan. The Good Bishop, a wonderful man and preacher, is judging other faiths, all the time, while saying ‘I am not judging’. BUT HE IS JUDGING. He wants to confer responsibility on his Scriptures, saying they are god’s word, like those of the other Faiths.

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.

The creator is the Universe and more. The breadth of the Universe itself surpasses the capacity of the human imagination. How can anyone of us presume to speak the WORD OF THE CREATOR? How can any of us presume to KNOW THE CREATOR SO WELL THAT WE CAN SAY TO ANOTHER, ‘You don’t know god!’

This is the nature of the EXISTENTIAL problem we humans now face:


Ego is the problem of the World.


With respect to the Ontario election, and to elections in Canada in general, we no longer are given a choice, save for what our ruling class allows us.

Truly, the ruling class is now properly describable as¬† the ‘exploiting class’, rather than as the ‘Stewards’ they are supposed to be. Without a properly spirited ruling class, the society they hold hegemony over becomes sick, enervated (by the lack of $$$, the lifeblood of society), incohesive… This is why we are in decline, √† la Rome (and for many of the same reasons) and will soon collapse into chaos, √† la the realm of Milton’s Lucifer, and for the same reasons.

Prayers for Ukraine and for all of the nations of the World, our world, who are prepared to sacrifice themselves to counter the monstrous aggression of Russia (and, IMO, soon China’s).

Prayers that our ruling class embraces their role as Stewards.

Prayers that the ‘free world’ truly becomes free by featuring a vigorously participative democracy and no longer a semblance of Oz being orchestrated and perpetuated by the ‘man behind the curtain’.


Headline 1: Ukraine pushes Russian troops back in counter-offensive near Kharkiv – YAY! Pretty soon, I pray, the push will come to shove – and the Poutined-Russians will tuck tail and run back to Russia.

Headline 2: EU balance of power knocked by war in Ukraine – alright, already. The new German Chancellor might have fumbled the ball, but, hey, the ball was wet and slippery, made that way by Merkel. Come on, cut the new guy a little slack. He’s doing it now. Germany has already cut its reliance on Russian gas from 35% to 12%, according to the article. THIS IS GREAT NEWS. The Germans get things done, once they set their minds to it.

Headline 3: Lithuania joins Canada in recognizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide – it is, what it is.

Headline 4: MPs to debate Bloc motion to scrap reading of the daily prayer before House of Commons sits – all’s I can say is, you guys vote for that motion, be assured I will never VOTE FOR ANY OF YOU EVER AGAIN. Neither will I pray for any of you, ever again. Not that any of you really care, or you wouldn’t give such a motion a moment of your valuable time. Our government is not content with allowing unborn children to be murdered, or with stealing our children at the earliest age for conditioning, or with blaming the church and faith for the residential schools, which the government created…NOW THEY WANT TO DENY GOD A PLACE IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS…they allow MPs who don’t know how to pee off-camera in the House, BUT NOT GOD…ha ha ha…truth really is stranger than fiction…

Blather. ARE YOU MPs GOOD FOR ANYTHING ELSE? England has the Royal Family. The Americans have their ‘Hollywood stars’. All’s we have in Canada are lame politicians and salespeople. This motion comes at the behest of a party who pretends to represent the interests of the French-Canadian citizens, no less, when in truth, they represent Wealth. What these folks are after, is more power for the Qu√©bec ruling class OVER French-Canadian citizens. They aren’t at all interested in SERVING the French-Canadian citizen – except for serving lip. Only a generation ago, Qu√©bec was the cultural seat of the Catholic Church; but then again, only a generation ago, the Montreal Canadiens had French-Canadian players on their team…and, even for us Maple Leaf fans, they were a joy to watch…um, playing anyone else but us! Those Jacque Lemaire one-timers. Stephen Schutt flying down the wing and zipping one into the top corner. Guy Lafleur just owning the puck the whole time he’s out there on the ice, like Bobby Orr used to…

…as for my Leafs. I pray to the hockey gods that, if they aren’t going to win the series with Tampa, that they lose tonight and then game 6 SO THAT LEAF FANS DON’T HAVE TO SIT THROUGH ANOTHER GAME SEVEN LOSS that the team should have won.

Win in 6 or lose in 6. PLEASE.

Now, I recognize that there is a loser here. The corporation that owns the team, among other teams. They’ll lose money. But they are the reason the Leafs keep losing and for the despicable behaviour of Leaf fans in attendance at the game where they chanted, ‘Fire Ron Wilson’. Look how much things have improved for the Leafs since then…

I recall a time when Roger Neilson was fired by Harold Ballard over politics. Roger stuck up for his players and Ballard fired him. I remember the game after. Maple Leaf Gardens was full. Everyone with a place was there. Even the pigeons had their spots on the rafters staked out. But there was an eerie silence. There was an empty spot behind the Leaf bench. Roger Neilson’s spot…

The players, captained by Darryl Sittler, had said they would not play if Roger Neilson was not reinstated by Ballard and back behind the bench.

Well you should have been there. The place just lit up when good old Roger came walking out of the alley to assume his game position. I’ll never forget how the Leaf fans supported their coach against the team’s wayward owner.

The one’s in attendance during the Ron Wilson chant…why, they were just what the corporation ordered: Blame the coach, not the corporation.

It is a tactic and a strategy in play very nearly everywhere now. That is why the world seems to be getting worse and worse, despite the incessant blather of folks in power.

Those folks will talk ad nauseum, so long as we have ears to hear and minds which can be manipulated.

9 May 2022

Putin presides over¬† a parade of murder machines, in celebration of Russia’s victory over the Nazis. Any reasonable, thinking human being sees Putin and his murderous invasion of Ukraine for what he and it is. Enough said.

Headlines abound on the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The reporting is exclusively on woman’s reactions across the US and Canada and nearly everywhere else. Nothing about the other side of the coin.

What follows is the body of a letter to the editor, submitted this morning:

An Absolute:  the State has no authority over woman’s body.

Since the leak on overturning Roe v. Wade,  there has been a deluge of reporting and opinion pieces.

Among them, not a single news or opinion piece reporting on the coin’s flipside: the baby.

Babies are part of the human rights equation too; but our jurisprudence lamely deems them as something not human until physical separation from the mother.  


The baby is working day and night TO BECOME INDEPENDENT OF THE WOMB. The baby did not choose to begin the body-building process. The baby doesn‚Äôt ¬†intend to be an inconvenience to anyone. ¬†It only needs a little time ‚Äď 9 months,¬† more or less. ¬†Let it be.

If the inborn baby had the capacity to speak and if the baby could understand that its life is on the line, like all human beings, the baby would choose LIFE.

¬†I don‚Äôt believe there is a single woman born under the Sun who could look that baby in the eye and tell them, ‚ÄėNo.‚Äô

Any more than I believe it is proper for the State to tell the woman, ‚ÄėNo.‚Äô

Given that to uphold the right to choose, you deny the right to life (until someone figures out a way to transfer the voiceless unwanted elsewhere to complete the job of body-building to achieve independence), the very least the Media could do is to provide equal representation for both sides. The Media claims to be fair and impartial.

That being a summary of the arguments I present here.

If you are a human, and not a bot, I would love to hear what you have to say.

God bless and have a great day.

Prayers for Ukraine.

8 May 2022

First, a Happy Mothers’ Day to whom I esteem as the best of the creator’s Creations, along with children. THERE CAN BE NO TRUER EXPRESSION OF GODS LOVE FOR PEOPLE AND CREATION AS A MOTHER’S LOVE FOR HER OFFSPRING.

And yet:

1 -We have people screaming about rights to their bodies AS IF they can be drowned out by the silence of the Unborn. Yes, it is indeed EVERY WOMAN’S RIGHT TO MURDER THE CHILD INSIDE OF THEM. It is also the right of the unborn TO BE BORN. Whose right has precedence? NO ONE’s. You must either outlaw abortion (taking away the rights of woman) OR you find a way to transfer the baby that it may complete its term and get on WITH ITS LIFE.

2 – Poutine thinks to celebrate the day by bombing a Ukrainian school that was being used by dozens to shelter from the bombing. Those poor souls inside were probably trying to make the best of their dire situation by celebrating motherhood, even as protesters react to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. [Aside: no ‘peace’ can be made with the devil. If you want ‘peace’ you have to vanquish the devil. that’s it. Period.]

3 – I happened upon a ‘parade’ of vehicles driving around Welland, honking horns (I at first thought, wow! someone got married today and I felt happy to hear that after 3 years of wedding bell silence)…most were flying Canadian flags. One of the lead cars displayed the same F*CK TRUDEAU flag as I see on the home on my dog’s walkabout route. IT DOESN’T APPEAR THAT ANYONE, PARADERS AND HOMEOWNERS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN (judging by the number of kids’ toys in the yard) care any longer about what it is their children are exposed to. I SUPPOSE THIS IS A NATURAL DEVELOPMENT OF ADULTS WITH CHILDREN BEING SO BUSY WITH THEIR LIVES THEY ALREADY HAND OVER THEIR KIDS TO THE STATE TO RAISE THEM, while the parents take care of ‘more important business’, like letting everyone know how little they think of and are considerate of others. WE LACK HONOUR. WE IGNORE THE GOLDEN RULE, BUT DEMAND CONSIDERATION FROM OTHERS. We are now divided at the soul-level. Mental pathology is inevitable en masse DUE TO THE DISCONNECT BETWEEN WHAT WE KNOW IN OUR HEARTS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO and what the government/ruling class via the Media is telling us is the right thing to do. The right way to live. The right way to think. The right way to talk.

Prayers for Ukraine, America, U.K., EU, Israel-Palestine, and for the downtrodden everywhere in the World. Prayers for the people of Russia and China and that they will one day have good governments, free of ruling class BS, and I pray this for our side as well. When the World, our world, finds itself, its soul, ITS HONOUR, it will recover. And the Creator will ante-in.

But that is not a World under the hegemony of the ego of Wealth…

Headline 1: Ukraine latest news: Mariupol’s steelworks fighters vow ‘no surrender’ – a quote appearing in the BBC article, from the Azov regiment commander, Lt Samoilenko:.

“Surrender for us is unacceptable because we can‚Äôt grant such a big gift to the enemy,” he said. “We are basically dead men. Most of us know this. It‚Äôs why we fight so fearlessly.”

Well, is there no one among us who will stand against Putin’s murderous campaign? Talk is not going to save the Azov regiment. As ashamed as I am for neighbours and building managers who engage in malicious gossip and related malfeasance, I AM MORE ASHAMED BY THE LACK OF RESOLVE AND THE BLATHER COMING OUT OF OUR POLITICIANS ABOUT UKRAINE.

TODAY, ON MOTHER’S DAY, LET US GIVE THE MOTHERS OF UKRAINE a Mother’s Day gift by showing up and showing Putin’s murderous military the door back to Russia.

Prayers for Ukraine’s mothers and their brave citizens and soldiers.

p.s. I see that our guy is in Irpin, Ukraine to show support. PM Justin will be seeing the carnage first hand. I’ll bet his left fist is twitching….in eager anticipation of giving Putin the bloody nose he so deserves…

7 May 2022

Headline today indicating Ukraine’s president is calling only for Russian forces to withdraw to ‘pre-February 26th’ positions as a condition for peace talks. He did not mention the annexation of the Crimea from the invasion of 2014.


It’s a mistake if Ukraine believes Russia is done. Incrementalism is at play here. There should be no doubt that Russia will continue to garner more territory, as China will do in order to expand its sphere of ‘influence’. Russia will invade again, WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR RUSSIA TO DO SO.

If it is a ‘ploy’, one might think it is to buy time. Because the West was caught with its pants down. The fallaciousness of the neoLiberal World Order could not be more apparent: our wealthy ruling class is making money hand-over-fist by dealing with regimes like China’s; bank-rolling the Chinese military and exporting our jobs/livelihoods and manufacturing to China, to boot -see how little our Mount Olympian class actually cares for us citizens, I mean, apart from our being labour-fodder and consumers in the ‘free market’¬† in serf-like subjugation to our Mount Olympian class? Yes, we still have choice, but our ‘options/opportunities’ are determined by Wealth.

The antics and mores of our own ruling class is as much responsible for the destabilization and perilous of state of today’s World, our world, as Putin and Xi are…BECAUSE THEY HAVE, WILLY-NILLY, ENABLED THOSE BUFOONS BY TRADING WITH THEM, even though they knew Russia/China were building its militaries apace and stealing our technology. North America decoupled from Russia but got into bed wholesale with China. The EU allowed itself to become heavily integrated in the Russian energy economy…

A binary-world order suits our ruling classes because they can point to the ‘other guys’ whenever they enact policies that constrain opportunity for quality of life for our citizens. ‘Sacrifices must be made for security’s sake’, they tell us. The other guys, meanwhile do the same. And the ruling classes on both sides go on their merry way, stepping on the backs of citizens and over the homeless sleeping on subway gratings to keep warm.

It’s Saturday. Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Prayers for Ukraine, and for our World.

p.s. A binary world order is a dystopic world order. We simply cannot continue to allow our ruling class to get into bed with ‘the enemy’ while they use ‘the enemy’ as one item in the toolshed of social controls.

6 May 2022

The headlines coming out of Ukraine/Russia show clearly the moral and ethical decrepitude of Vladimir Putin. En Fran√ßais, it is spelled ‘Poutine’, same way as we spell the upgrade on our fries order…well, leave it to the French to nail it…as it turns out, there is indeed a ‘cheese-head’ running Russia…

And, the truth often being stranger than fiction, we have a ‘Xi’s head’ ruining China’s future prospects as surely as Putin is, Russia’s.

In this mixed-up, shook-up world, it is difficult to suss-out the intentions behind the actions and¬† verbiage. Is the ‘West’s’ reluctance to confront Putin directly with arms and planes and troops born out of fear, or restraint? I believe that with respect to U.K., Czechs, Poland, Slovenia, America, Japan, Australia, etc., etc., it is restraint. With the others I am not so sure. I believe (and my opinion is an uneducated one) therein is the problem: BEFORE THE AFOREMENTIONED GO AFTER PUTIN, they want to ‘shore up the peripheral players’, if you will, IN ORDER TO PRESENT A UNITED FRONT to Putin.

Were we to be fully united against Russia’s gambit already, Putin would have to back off. But we weren’t. We aren’t. Too many Ukrainian dead under our generation’s watch.

I KNOW AMERICA, CANADA, U.K. will stand tall to do the right thing. I pray for the sake of Ukraine and for the sake of the World and our honour, that this happens soon. I pray the World, our world, rallies to America et al. We simply cannot acquiesce to the insanity of Putin and Xi. There will be no future for our children and grandchildren, if we do.

It will mean great hardship for us; but if we stand together and help one another in our communities¬† during the hardships that inevitably accompany war, IF WE ACT WITH HONOUR, we’ll get through this and the children of the next generations will revere our generation in the way we revere our Great Wars generations, ACTS I and II. THE WORST THING WE CAN DO IS¬† fall into ‘Every man for himself’.

Putin and Xi play the nuke card because they know that we know it will mean the end of our way of life. They know that we, as a people, have been enjoying a peaceful, more affluent existence over the last few decades, always far from the wars being fought, even by our own armies.

Our Wealthy class: they too are ‘soft’ and their affluence renders them progressively softer, especially in the ‘head’. They gave our jobs and manufacturing know-how/capacity away to China, after all…and now, the Chinese could return the favour by threatening to fire hypersonic missiles our way, if we interfere with their invasion of Taiwan; as Poutine is doing, should we come and fight alongside Ukrainians and/or continue to provide support.



Americans: DO NOT FORGET THAT DONALD TRUMP WAS, perhaps STILL IS? bosom-buddies with the guy who is presiding over the vicious carnage being perpetrated upon innocent men, women, old people, and children…if DT can be ‘friendly’ with someone who can do that, WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE HE’LL DO TO HIS OWN PEOPLE IF ANY OF THEM GET IN HIS WAY, should he reach the Oval Office again? What might he do, with such a powerful military, emboldened by the example of Putin and Xi? America would no longer be able to recognize itself. It will not be the America that bravely fought the Brits and the East India Tea Company, and with the help of the heroic French, forged the World’s most influential nation.

Without Donald Trump, and under Biden, America will achieve a great destiny for which THE CREATOR OF THE EARTH will be, IMO, eternally grateful. President Biden is clear: UNITY is the way forward. Collaboration, equality, respect is America’s ideal going forward. Xi’s-head and Poutine’s way is ‘we say-you do’, ‘we say-you do’, ‘we say-if you don’t do-> KABOOM!’.

I don’t about you, but I’m with the old guy who talks unity with his hand extended in friendship, not the one who talks about fairness, with his finger on the button.

5 May 2022

Yesterday, a great Canadian personality was laid to rest. Guy Lafleur’s funeral was done in a manner as memorable as the way he played the game of hockey and the game of life. Larry Robinson’s oration ended leaving attendees in tears of laughter –¬†the former winger for the Montreal Canadiens, being¬† French-Canadian, would not have it any other way. He’ll be looking now for a¬† defenseman of your calibre, Larry, only, not yet…not yet.

Given the ongoing onslaught in Mariupol, and the suffering Russia visits upon innocent Ukrainians, who, ONLY A FEW MONTHS AGO, were out shopping, going to work, taking their kids to the park, are now hiding in the depths of the Mariupol steel district, in the darkness, dampness, and cold -the walls and ground shaking as shells, bombs, and missiles rain down upon them WITHOUT RESPITE -I wonder, will Canada’s ‘government’ and Canadians muster as much dedication to the LIVING (and the Dead) IN UKRAINE as to Canada’s dead (and forever revered) heroes?

Headline 1:¬†Canada, U.S. need to draw red line on nuclear, chemical attacks in Ukraine, says former president – Poroshenko is 111% correct, of course, when he says the Americans and Canadians must protect that red line AT ALL COSTS. Putin will escalate if he feels he’s losing; HE HAS GONE TOO FAR TO DO OTHERWISE. He will cross that line.

Once again, it comes down to honour and honour dictates that Canada and America act to end the war in Ukraine and drive the Russians out, along with their allies.

UNITY is the only way to respond to this. But, we appear to be divided, particularly along the dimension of $$$/GDP (by dithering around a total oil/gas embargo).

We are united over the notion of escalation into a pan-European/globalized war. But, Putin knows that, so long as he keeps pushing (and murdering children/elderly/folks going about their daily lives) and we keep bending, he’ll end up getting exactly what he wants, and the World will eventually forget the atrocities it permitted, and then congratulate itself on preserving A CORRUPT AND UNIVERSALLY DEMEANING (of humanity) WORLD ORDER THAT FAVOURS WEALTH GENERATION AND CONCENTRATION INTO THE HANDS OF THE FEW (like Bill, Ellie, and Bozos, um, sorry, Be-zos) – THE NEOLIBERAL DEMOCRATIC WORLD ORDER – which is patently UN-democratic, representing, in and of itself,¬†a usurpation of Liberal Democracy, the one developed by the Great French Thinkers of the Age of Reason: Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Montesquieu…and originated by the Brits’ John Locke.

WE must not fall into APPEASEMENT.

We must declare openly to Putin and the World that there will be an immediate and overwhelming response and the end of Russia as the World knows it…forevermore. China will get that message too, to factor into its machinations wrt Taiwan.



Our current Liberals in Ottawa act as neoLiberals. Perhaps not the MPs so much as the MPs who¬† go on to serve as Ministers in the Government and, because of the Whip, vote, not according to conscience or to the will of the House but rather according to the whims of the ruling class. Whether we are led by Cons or by NDP, it appears to not make that much difference: the rank-in-file will continue to be divided by playing ‘the human rights card’ (which functions to divide us and have us go round all the time with our guards up)…WHEN NOTHING GETS BETTER FOR ANYONE IF YOU ARE NOT WEALTHY…look at the news. SEE FOR YOURSELF.

ARE WE REALLY BETTER OFF TODAY, THAN WE WERE BACK IN THE 60s, when the neoliberal movement really got going?


Is anyone happier?

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good [people] to do nothing.

I want to think that there are still good people in the World, our world, IN GOVERNMENT AND IN THE RULING CLASS with whom this IS KNOWLEDGE of the highest order.

Neoliberalism is a cancer upon democracy. It is the shadow of Wealth’s ego cast upon society. Given time, the shadow will become so dark that it will blind the citizen (and humanity, since we are all ‘citizens’ of somewhere) and democracy dies. Autocracy is the shadow of the ego of Wealth cast upon government. There is no consideration of the voice of the citizens. There is only the voice of Wealth and the citizens acquiesce.

Neoliberalism is taking democracy, Fabian-like, into autocracy. WHEN YOU ANTICIPATE OPPOSITION TO YOUR INIATIVE, TAKE THE LONG WAY ROUND TO GETTING THERE…that’s Fabianism. The Roman General Fabius Maximus was noted for his great military successes while incurring few losses. He achieved his objectives in the way the waves of the seas reshape their ‘containers’. Autocracies achieve their objectives the fast way, by violent revolution followed by governing its¬† citizenry with an iron grip.

We are at war on two fronts already:

1 РUkraine: The war between autocracy and  Western Democracy.

2 – Western Democracy: The war between movement conservative suborned neoliberalism and its democracy of $$$ v. well, um, ‘democracy’.

WE CANNOT AFORD TO APPEASE EITHER. Prayers to President Joe, PM Boris and to others, to lead both the World and ‘the State’ to a BETTER PLACE AND A BETTER FUTURE FOR EVERYONE and not the dystopic world order imagined by Orwell, Huxley, H.G. Wells, et al.

p.s. On another front, a young doctor in Canada was suspended over advice and comments he had made with respect to COVID. HE’S A YOUNG DOCTOR, for crying out loud…talk to him, but don’t pummel him like that. Besides, how often have the professionals advising the government said what turned out not to be correct? Have they been correct on everything, or have they, despite their best efforts to get at the truth, misspoken, and then revised their opinions, many times during the course of the pandemic? See for yourself. THE PROBLEM HERE IS NOT ONLY FOR THE YOUNG DOCTOR OR EVEN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION.

The problem is inherent in the total reliance on ‘evidence-based’ policy…another neoLiberal development presented as ‘democratic’: those who interpret the data don’t always get it right, therefore the policy will not be the correct or proper response…but the government uses the advice of experts to sell us on policy as surely as the media relies on a labour pool of ‘experts’ on everything to¬† support the generation (sometimes creation) and dissemination of material.

WE MUST REVERSE OUR¬† RELIANCE ON THE RULE OF THE EGO OF WEALTH. Ego is too laden by SUBJECTIVITY, in particular, in the interpretation of its ‘data’.

All the World’s ills would end in a jiffy (as would the rape of Ukraine, being done in full sight) were we to embrace the Golden Rule and reject for all time, the rule of gold.

The Golden Rule comes of god – it appears in all religions. Neoliberalism includes a direct attack on Faith because Faith in a creator interferes with the machinations and mores of Wealth. But to allow Wealth to rule in society is akin to letting the proverbial bull in to manage the china-shop…it will destroy everything, leave nothing but ruin, and then go off to find another china-shop, because it had so much fun.

Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.

For UNITY, across the board, and, right now, for a total embargo upon, and decoupling from, Russia and China and any other nation supporting or suborning the assault upon Ukraine.

Ukraine is only the beginning of Act III of the Great War…

a war for the SOUL OF HUMANKIND…happening in our day. [The Last Temptation of Christ you can watch on Amazon Prime if you are a member…or rent it…]

The greater war, however, has for its arena, the human soul. We must embrace Faith, not allow Wealth to take that away too. God is our only hope. Always has been. Always will be.

Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.


A complaint: I had seen recently on Amazon Prime an advertisement of a documentary about B*rn*rdo and H*m*lka…the picture glamourizes them…I suppose for effect. This ‘glamourous’ pair did the most foul murder to two young, wonderful girls, who, like Ukrainians today, were just going about their lives and with their whole future before them, before being foully treated and then murdered, ALL OF THIS, FOR THEIR ENTERTAINMENT.

Are we not entertained? The existence of a movie about these two, WHOSE NAMES SHOULD NEVER, EVER, BE SPOKEN AGAIN, their foul deeds forever buried, rather than ‘exhumed’ by Amazon, is proof of both our sorry spiritual condition, our sorry spiritless ‘state’, and that among the Wealthy, there exists a severe deficit in HONOUR, that anyone would stoop to profit by making a movie about these two…

…god help us.


SUBJECTIVITY is a feature of ego. Subjectivity is the manufacture of facts in the absence of facts, BY DEFINITION, else it would be OBJECTIVITY.(hello?) Subjectivity is, ‘filling in the blanks’, as it were. ‘Faith’ recognizes the truth to be external; subjectivity doesn’t care, but its ‘data source’ is internal. IT NEED NOT CARE, no one need care, so long as the ‘conclusions’ it arrives at are kept internal and never see the light of the creator’s day.

AS THE ‘subjective’ takes up more and more of an individual person’s consciousness, that person moves closer to insanity, which, by definition, implies an utter abrogation of fact from consciousness.

Rather than LEARN the truth, ‘subjectivity’ MAKES THE TRUTH. This is why ‘crazy people don’t know they’re crazy’, as Harvey Keitel’s Judas tells Willem Dafoe’s Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ.

So, Society handles those ‘overly-given-to-subjectivity people with counselling, medicating, or jailing/shooting dead on the scene. The poor cop, poorly trained perhaps, is then hung out to dry. Neoliberal Society is abetting mass insanity by kicking god out and replacing him/her with, well, Elon, Bill, Jeff…our new Mount Olympian class. [Aside: Somehow I don’t think the children born millennia from now will appreciate the ‘myths’ about these jokers more than the myths I read as a child, courtesy of Classical Greece. And then there’s Aesop: can you imagine a neoliberal from today advising, ‘All that glitters is not gold’ or ‘Never cry wolf’?]

So, MY QUESTION TO YOU: What do we do when our governments MAKE THE TRUTH? Is that also not ‘insanity’? [Aside: We call it ‘propaganda’.]

Follow-up question: If we allow our governments/ruling classes to bury us under a mountain of subjectivity (aka the ruling class sociopolitical bs we are being inundated with every day), then


Hint: An egobound astronomer who no longer believes in asteroids will not see the big one coming,¬† even if it is heading right down the telescope; neither will the folks who believe in a neverending expansion year-over-year of GDP see the coming crash, even though they’re creating the conditions for it to happen…ever-increasing GDP is what the ego of Wealth wants because it means more $$$ and power over others FOR THEM. Despite the MOUNTAINS OF EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY, they persist in the fantastical notion that¬† their Olympian Mountain is above and immune to all of that; and it will be so…

…right up to the horrible, catastrophic denouement.


On my daily walkabout with the doggie, I pass a home that displays a huge flag out front, with the words ‘F*CK TRUDEAU. I have only just extended doggie’s walk the last few weeks, so I cannot say how for how long this flag has been flying. MY FIRST THOUGHT UPON SEEING IT WAS, ‘Doesn’t anyone with kids around here care?’ and then I noticed the little kids’ toys IN THE FRONT YARD. ???

um, hello?

4 May 2022

America, please stand up for the unborn and for Ukraine. Who cares if ‘China is watching’? What if Putin is threatening nuclear Armageddon if he doesn’t get his way?

America is not part of Europe, albeit part of NATO. Certainly America can jump in on behalf of Ukraine. And what about on behalf of the unborn?

The unborn are vulnerable but cannot mount an ‘information war’ against those who use women’s rights to attack children. It is fair that woman has the right to chose. IT IS UNFAIR the unborn child is not accorded the RIGHT TO LIVE. But our jurisprudence has been usurped by Wealth to ramp up their control over society while they divide us further so that we cannot mount a coordinated, collaborative defense on anything Wealth wants for itself.¬†To resolve the dilemma, Wealth need only dig into its pockets and come up with a means to preserve the life of an unborn child, if the mother cannot/will not carry the baby to term.

Consider how corporations garnered ‘personhood’ for themselves, giving them the status as an individual. Only individuals as wealthy as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, yada-yada, have the kind of loot a corporations possesses to argue on its behalf in a court of law. As for the rest of us…

To put this in perspective: O.J. Simpson had a lot of cash but nothing like the aforementioned. Do you suppose, on your retail-store salary, that you could also get away with murder, as it appears was the case with O.J.?

Note that on a second go-round¬† in civil court, O.J. was found guilty of murder and was ‘fined’. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COURT VENUES IS THAT THE CIVIL COURT HAS A LOWER THRESHOLD ON REASONABLE DOUBT THAN THE COURT THAT FOUND O.J. INNOCENT. O.J.’s lawyers made $$$ in the millions, if memory serves correct.

America has much soul-searching to do. America is still an honourable nation. It has much internal corruption to address, but IT HAS A CONSTITUTION that expresses the fundamental equality of ‘man’ (which would include woman and the unborn child (alive but voiceless)) and belief in, above all else, THE GOD IN WHICH THEY TRUST. I believe they will rise to the challenge Russia and its ‘silent partner’ China present to the World, our world, and that in the response, America will face itself and become in spirit what at least one of its founders, Thomas Paine, had hoped. America will ditch the internal division created by their ruling class and with one voice, or even better, one hand, show Putin and Xi the Middle Finger.

They will follow Ukraine’s heroic lead and show up before it is too late for Ukraine.

I cannot imagine the horror Ukraine’s men, women, children are HAVING TO LIVE THROUGH EACH AND EVERY MINUTE OF EACH AND EVERY DAY AND NIGHT.

I know President is doing everything he believes he can do. Kudos to him and to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

But Ukrainians are dying. Ukrainians are displaced from their homes and lives by the millions. ALL FOR THE DEVIL IN MOSCOW’S legacy. AND BECAUSE OF RICH PEOPLE EVERYWHERE whose zeal for more for themselves has enabled both Russia and¬† China to the point where the powerful West moves according to its own schedule, stymying Russia as best it can without confronting Russia and telling it, IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, to stop what it is doing. NOW.

What the World needs now, besides love, sweet love, that is, is HONOUR.

There is so little of it left. On this dimension, there is very little difference between, say, the obsequious, self-aggrandizing, tyrannical apartment building manager/property manager and the wealthy corporate investors they work for…anyone is capable of giving away their souls to those with the $$$ in exchange for a few of those $$$. It is a matter of how much? In the end, it will be enough, IMO, to weigh the soul/spirit down, when your time comes. Blessed are the poor, Jesus said. And those who would help the poor out of their poverty…the Golden Rule, not the rule of gold, is what will buy you a whole lot of good karma. As for the rule of gold, it buys only dishonour for the lowly would be ‘society’ climbers, like the aforementioned building manager class. [Aside: In my¬† erstwhile town, the apartment building managers seemed to have a lot of class/honour…I for one, never ever had a problem with them, or ever worried about things like CONSTRUCTIVE EVICTION. [this is the landlord-corporate owner analog to the employers’ Constructive Dismissal strategem]. In both cases, strategies resorted to by DISHONOURABLE PEOPLE who cannot get their way through above-board means.

The World lacks honour. Dogs possess it in abundance; much more of it than many people. This week, we will see the true colours of America, the nations of Europe, Israel…U.K. President Boris and U.S. President Joe are leading in the way the World now needs. I pray they do not balk.

Putin has gone too far already. The honour of the World is bleeding from the wounds Russia has inflicted upon Ukraine.


Ukraine leaves me proud to be ‘human’, but what of the West’s lack of unity and resolve to pull the plug on Putin? As I began yesterday’s rant, I will end today’s:

There are days I am ashamed to be ‘human’…

3 May 2022

There are days I am ashamed to be ‘human’…

Headline 1: Ukraine latest news: Hundreds still in Mariupol steelworks as Russia resumes attacks – and

Headline 2: Roe v Wade: US Supreme Court may overturn abortion rights, leak suggests – these two headlines, taken together reveal the darkness of the human condition.

In both cases, the existence of a vulnerable and innocent entity represents an inconvenience to another, much more powerful entity.

In both cases, the weaker entity is in the process of building its independence.

In both cases, the weaker entity cannot stand on its own. It must rely on the stronger entity to support its progress; or, at the very least, not to stymy its progress.

In both cases, were the stronger entity to simply leave the weaker entity alone, the weaker entity would take care of its own business and, in time, become totally independent; IN FACT,¬†the weaker entity may even come to support the existence of the stronger entity in the Future, should it weaken…


-the future be damned.

The miracle of lifegiving is dedicated by the creator to Woman. Truly, Woman is Woman and Woman is Human Being; to which the creator imparted FREE WILL. The Life inside of Woman is also Human, an inheritor of FREE WILL, and from the point of conception, BEGINS TO FULFILL ITS ‘CHOICE‘.

The Life inside of Woman does not consider Roe v. Wade; it simply gets on with the business of building its independence from Woman’s Womb.

With respect to Putin’s attack upon Ukraine, no one believes anything but that Ukraine HAS THE RIGHT TO EXIST. No one need be told this.

Only Putin, Xi, and their ‘business’ partners believe they are justifed to do/suborn murder purely on the basis of THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE:

  • it is inconvenient for Russia that Ukrainians do not hand over their territory (the life of Ukraine)¬† to Russians
  • it is inconvenient for China to ‘punish’ Russia with sanctions, which might compel Russia to cease its attack upon Ukraine

There is also the sad news that Slovakia will not support an immediate EU embargo on Russian oil and gas. SLOVAKIA’S GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF SHORT TERM PAIN FOR LONG TERM GAIN…if the World stands together wrt to sanctioning Russia, the murder of Ukrainians will be ended sooner than any other method available to us, short of a regime change. IF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD FRACTIONATE ALONG THE LINE OF SELF INTEREST (CONVENIENCE OF ENERGY SUPPLY in this case),

THE WORLD WILL DEVOLVE INTO ALL-OUT WAR AND the moment one of the ‘big guys’ begins to lose, they will fire their nukes and then ALL BETS ARE OFF FOR HUMANITY.

Other species will make a comeback, but perhaps not us…the only thing more horrifying to imagine is that we do survive and end up the way H. G. Wells imagined.

Is it all really worth it?  I mean, is it, really?

Yes, Woman has the right to ‘choose’ to carry a Life inside her womb. Yes, Putin has the right to defend his nation and culture.

But when it is a matter of convenience, AND NOT LIFE AND DEATH, then anyone who chooses death for someone whose life depends on them RUNS AFOUL OF THE BOUNDARIES OF WHAT IT IS TO BE HUMAN – A SOUL UNDER GOD.

IMO, humanity will soon be at a point of inflection, where the direction we take is either ‘up’ or ‘down’. Depending on how we choose.

We need only choose to follow the GOLDEN RULE. Doing this one thing will inaugurate the reconciliation of Russia with Ukraine and the EU, of China with THE NEW LIBERAL WORLD ORDER;

of Woman with the spirit of the Life-giver,

of this generation of hyper-self-interest (cultivated deliberately to divide and weaken the VOICE of the lower classes) with the War generations’ selflessness and unfettered sense of HONOUR.

My dad was an honourable man. My mom was an honourable woman. Both made mistakes. Both, in the end, IMO, fell asleep yesterday and awakened in Heaven today. Despite the many challenges they faced over the years, they stayed united and provided their children WITH THE BEST CHILDHOOD ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE and they did this with a lot of heart and soul and without a lot of $$$…

The Golden Rule.

Prayers for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Prayers for the unborn and for Woman. Prayers for the ruling classes to fully embrace their role as Stewards and ditch the advantage their position allows them for to overlord and rape their societies and their world while they live (and sometimes fly) high above the squalor; patting themselves on the back, √† la Milton’s Lucifer, admiring the lives they have created for themselves on a burgeoning pile of misery, anxiety, and despondency, which they style as ‘living’ for everyone else.

2 May 2022

You know, a parent died recently. A daughter asked me if I worried that the inheritance would not be divided ‘equally’? My answer was ‘No’. But, her question set me to pondering…and the product of my ruminating was that, ‘It is over matters of money, where one’s true colours come out.’ Why is this? IMO, because $$$ = power. The more money, the more power one possesses.

Everyone, of course, appreciates having power in their lives, over their lives. This in turn implies power over others, other egos. When it comes down to money, the matter is decided at the most fundamental level of our being: the level of Spirit.

It comes down to the difference between what the ego desires for itself, damn the consequences to everyone and everything else, versus what the Light reveals as ‘right action’ and respect for the Truth of the creator and Creation.

Matters of $$$ reveal one’s true colours.

Right now, Ukraine and Ukrainians are being pummelled by the Russian military, as the World watches, and supplies what weaponry it can to Ukraine for it to defend itself, and in a lame attempt to prevent the war escalating into WWIII.

Let’s be clear: IMO, once either side recognizes imminent defeat, it will escalate into WWIII, unless Ukraine folds and the World extends a grudging acceptance to Putin’s new world order. But that will mean the end for Ukraine and no redress for the carnage and murder.

The World could not accept that, if for no other reason than the war crimes Russia’s military is perpetrating upon Ukrainians. The World would continue to ‘isolate’ Russia economically, to no effect, because Russia is able to finance its aggression upon Ukraine by selling its oil and gas as it props up its currency by demanding to paid in Rubles. Mysteriously, the EU has uncovered a way to continue the flow of Russian oil and gas to the EU without violating their own sanctions against Russia OVER ITS INVASION OF UKRAINE.


Does no one see a problem with this? The ego of the EU is clearly in DIRECT CONFLICT WITH what it knows is the right thing to do. On the one hand, EU acknowledges the ‘right thing to do’, by sanctioning Russia. On the other hand, it DOES NOT WANT TO SUFFER HARDSHIP (to save Ukrainian lives) and so, it is struggling to find a way to avoid suffering while doing the right thing. IT CANNOT, of course.

Putin, the devil that he is become, knows this. To him, this is an opportunity to divide NATO. Clever. He knows that, like any human, organizations of humans will act like humans. He knows that some nations in NATO are only as true as the situation allows; that, the minute ‘push comes to shove’ these nations WILL SHOW THEIR TRUE COLOURS. Action guided by Convenience.

Whenever the truth or one’s resolve BECOMES A MATTER OF CONVENIENCE then you can be sure it is the ego that decides and that nations so-self-ruled will bail on their agreements the minute they are challenged in some way.

That is the limitation of ego.

Right now, the EU is in conflict with itself. The true colours of its individual nations are emerging. The most influential among them must act in the Light and not out of their own self interest. Germany, especially, must fully embargo Russian oil and gas. Do this, and the other nations will follow.

Germany was rescued from Nazism by America. Germany had inflicted egregious damage and bloodshed upon its neighbours and upon its valiant and innocent Jewish population. Germany is today a sovereign nation; a major culture and economy. BECAUSE AMERICA AND ITS ALLIES SOUGHT NOT TO PUT GERMANY UNDER THEIR THUMB BUT EMBRACE THE GERMAN PEOPLE (and the governments they elect) as EQUAL PARTNERS in a new post-WWII world order.

Herein is the lesson for today. We can see plainly what Russia and China are all about. We can see that the EU needs to engage in some SERIOUS SOUL-SEARCHING, right now, IN ORDER TO AVOID THE SPIRITUAL DESTABILIZATION COMING OF TRYING TO HAVE IT BOTH WAYS: what one desperately wants versus what one KNOWS TO BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

As for America, despite the Trump-phenomena and its own egregious misdeeds and faults, it appears to have retained enough of the spirit which sent young Americans to Europe to die in its defense against authoritarianism (a political philosophy that suborns murder and enslavement and the end of free will; features imparted by god to Creation, therefore inherited by all things created); TO RISE TO THE CHALLENGE PUTIN AND XI NOW PRESENT TO THE WORLD.

America, right now, is going a long way to neutralizing the bad karma it incurred by being the first and only nation in the World to use nuclear weapons in war, and for the nuclear tests in the Bikini Islands. Right now, Americans will not duck. They won’t put troops on the ground in Ukraine, at least, not openly, but they are doing backflips to supply and show Ukraine support. They are PUTTING THEMSELVES FIRST IN LINE FOR A RUSSIAN NUCLEAR STRIKE by shipping so much military tech over there. [Were Putin to strike at the U.S., I pray that America responds, not in kind, but in Faith, and, after vanquishing Russia’s regime by conventional means, sees to it that ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE DISMANTLED, forevermore. [A note to the NRA: If no one is allowed to have semi-automatics, NO ONE CAN BE SHOT WITH semi-automatics. hello?]

So what about the EU? Each of its constituents must decide for themselves whether to DO WHAT IS RIGHT or what is self-serving in the short term. Between supporting a full embargo on Russian oil and gas or finding ways to rationalize to itself how it can cite Russia for war crimes and genocide YET REMAIN BUSINESS PARTNERS in oil and gas.

This is a spiritual battle which the EU engages in right now. The fate of the World going forward, depends upon it.

UNITY, as President Biden says, is KEY.

IN ORDER TO AVOID GLOBALIZING THE WAR IN UKRAINE, the entire World, our world, must rally to America. This nation is poised to become, as it ended up being in WWII, a beacon for the World to light the path forward (except for its use of nuclear weapons).

No one quite got it right the last time; America should have listened to Patton and marched on Moscow before their murderous Stalinist-communist regime could entrench itself into the Russian psyche. Russia would be part of the EU today and none of this business would be happening.

This time, we will all need to get it right. Russia is Russia and its borders sacred. Same for Ukraine, with the regions Russia has annexed, returned to Ukraine.

Palestine would be granted statehood and Israel-Palestine would negotiate a standing treaty detailing who ‘owns’ what and swear to protect one another’s backs and make it a hate crime to lob rocks or grenades¬† at one another.

Shia Iran and Shiite Saudi Arabia and their respective allies would ditch the violence they do to one another over matters of Faith and accept that, their differences in matters of Faith notwithstanding, they worship the same god, Allah, and follow the teachings of the same prophet, Mohammed (PBUH), and, on this basis, peace, not violence, is the order of the day, and that it is only ego which sees one or the other’s POV as ‘evil’.

Falun Gong practitioners and Uighurs would be embraced and not demonized and forced into camps by Xi’s regime; its neighbours no longer threatened by a breach in the Great Wall, through which China’s military might let slip the dogs of war.

Regional ethnicities everywhere would become provinces in federated democracies in a World Order of Federated LIBERAL (not neoLiberal) democracies, enjoying equal status…all of this modelled upon the Canadian bicameral system, under the UN, with a body of ‘Senator-nations’, formerly the U.N. Security Council, only, with no nation having veto power. Would it be possible to create a set of basic guidelines/rules to which all of the World’s nations, from the least to the most powerful, can agree?

That is THE QUESTION, going forward.

Neoliberal democracy IS NOT THE ANSWER. NEITHER is letting Russia run ruck shod over Ukraine, or China over the South China Sea region.

The World has much soul-searching to do. The EU is simply obliged to do it first.

$$$ or honour. To be or not to be.

The two questions are inseparable; moreover, they are the same question.


Let us unite. Let us take up the slack and endure the hardships while the foundation of Russia’s war effort crumbles beneath it, forcing Russia to withdraw and to seek agreement on how it can make amends. It won’t be long and we can recover.

If it comes to war, it will be many generations before we can recover. It will be some generations before Ukraine has recovered from what Russia has already done to it.

Russia must be stopped. NOW.

The only way to do this is to EMBARGO RUSSIA COMPLETE. [Aside: China too]

Praying today, that Germany announces IT WILL SHUT OFF THE VALVE TO RUSSIA and not even give Putin the option.

Praying that the true colour of the human spirit is one and the same, ‘consubstantial’ with the Light and Heart of the creator.

Prayers for Ukraine and for the valiant Ukrainians, and thanks to America and Americans, who appear ready to set aside their own differences and present a united front against Russia (with the exception of Trump, but what is with that…???)

Prayers for the world we leave to our children.


An answer to my prayer? Headline 1: In shift, Germany could back immediate EU ban on Russian oil – this will hurt. Germany will earn for itself a jolt of good karma for doing this. Germany’s children will be greatly rewarded, tomorrow, for what Germany’s leaders and selflessly brave citizens do today. Ukraine’s children will be rewarded today for Germany’s sacrifice.

Kudos to Nacy Pelosi. She maintains a youthfulness of spirit which comes of keeping a child’s heart, always. Just like my mom. Even in her old age, she is hopping jets and flying far from home, because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. God bless her for doing that. She has our profoundest gratitude.

1 May 2022

It’s Sunday. Prayers for Ukraine and the World. Happy to read today that U.S. representatives Nancy Pelosi, the 3rd highest-ranking official in the U.S. government, and Adam Schiff, travelled to Ukraine to show America’s support for Ukraine in its fight for survival.

This is very, very good.

America shows itself to be one of those ‘good men’ who will not allow ‘evil to thrive’. And, they are the biggest game in town. But they know this cannot be forever. So do the Russians and Chinese. After all, CHANGE IS A FACT OF LIFE.

The difference between Russia-China and ‘the West’ is that, America appears to recognize this as a fact of life, whereas¬† Russia and China appear not to have kept up with things…their goal appears to be to restructure the geopolitical world into spheres of influence, FOR THEIR OWN GAIN, along the lines established post-WWII. But this Orwellian geopolitical constellation will not hold. The nations they currently extend a ‘friendly hand’ to now, will live under their thumb in due course. Any people not living in liberty will organize and overturn the status quo.

This, the World has seen over and over.

If we can avoid blowing ourselves to bits over Russia’s aggression upon Ukraine, Russia will soon be rid of Putin and a new day will dawn on the Russian people. It will take time, but perhaps, in time, they will perceive us as not being the enemy, that we are the enemy of imperialism.

If we can right our own listing ship and reverse the spread of the movement conservative cancer upon our societies in the West, neoliberal ‘democracy’, which is simply a euphemism for the subjugation of human societies to the mores of the business class -now become the ruling class in the West.

It was this change that permitted the government we elect to allow our business class to export our jobs and livelihoods to China and to import temporary foreign workers. Now, we may have to put ourselves between our nations and China’s military. Our rich created the problem. Our governments enabled Wealth to do what it wants. NOW WE ARE IN A PERILOUS SITUATION.

Whatever comes of the Russian aggression upon Ukraine, a New World Order inclusive of Russia as one of many/Ukraine as one of many, or, an all-out globalized war, we must take care of the cancer within our societies, else we’ll all end up at the place Xi and Putin are planning for us anyways, only, after much carnage.

Prayers for Ukraine and for the vulnerable around the World.

The rich have always f’d over the poor. I remember how hearing that while watching Platoon resonated within my soul, 36 years later! Personally, I have no issues with folks being rich; only with folks being poor.

30 April 2022

It’s Saturday. It’s the last day of April. It’s a sunny morning. It’s above freezing, again, but, perhaps too late for my plants…

…neither is it too late for Ukraine.

Sitting here, with my coffee and toast, in a warm and dry apartment (and without the constant fear that the ‘next one’ is going to drop on you and your family), it is impossible to know THE BURDEN THOSE UKRAINIANS BEAR, old and young, rich and poor, minute by minute, in the defense of their nation and culture.

THANK GOD that America, Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Israel, Germany et al. are doing all that they feel they can to bolster Ukraine’s defense against the Russian aggression, short of broadening the theatre of war.

IMO, NATO-Russia are at war already. NATO is going to include Finland, Sweden, and Ukraine. Russia used to ‘own’ some of these nations, and others, already a part of NATO. Now, it wants them back. Look what Russia is capable of. It will not stop.

WHAT I DREAD MORE THAN UKRAINE’S DEFEAT IS UKRAINE’S LOOMING VICTORY OVER RUSSIA…Given Putin’s desperation in that context, given how little honour Putin has, how little respect he possesses for human life, ALL LIFE – witness the carnage his troops are both inflicting and suffering – IMO, he is not a rational actor. He has been in power for so long he has no longer the perspective of one created by god. He has lost all of that, it appears. I FEAR THAT, coming to the precipice of utter defeat and in a moment of ‘passionate defiance’, Putin might just press ‘the button’. America and Europe will react. China will react…

And the free-for-all begins. One in which there will be only one winner:

Milton’s Lucifer.

Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven, says Putin.

I wonder if Russians would agree?

Headline 1: India seizes $725 million in Xiaomi assets over illegal remittances –¬† only yesterday, I was deploring India’s pursual of oil contracts with Russia, given the current state of affairs. I see here that $$$ and the war in Ukraine is not the primary issue for India, but that the integrity of the business world is.

This is not an attitude particular to India. This attitude is as strong here in Canada and America as it is anywhere. IT IS NEOLIBERAL DEMOCRACY that ENABLED CHINA and now, indirectly, Russia, because China has accorded Russia a sort of ‘blank-cheque’ backing against the Western response to its current aggression.

IMO, China and Russia are already scheming and staging for Act III. They incrementally stage for the final confrontation. The timing of the ‘denouement’ will be when Russia/China feel they have acquired the upper hand.

All of this made possible by the greed of our erstwhile ‘ruling class’; which is, thanks to the cancer of neoliberalism, now become a cannibalistic (um, money-wise!) ‘master class’ over society, recalling Wells’ morlocks. They no longer steward their societies. Humans do not steward the creator’s Creation.

President Biden and his Americans have the right idea. It must be extended to include China, however, and possibly Iran, although I remain hopeful that Iran will reconcile with its Spirit and ditch any and all relations with China’s godless regime and Putin’s pretense of Faith. I pray Iran will embrace Israel and the Sunni Muslim world as lifelong friends. [Aside: Only ego commands that we all be the same. God the creator has seen to it that we are all different (diversity) but that in the Light, operating beyond the constraints of the forms ego creates, we are capable to act as ONE, and to extend god’s Creation, fractal-like, and bear joyful witness to the wonderous directions and forms Creation, so-extended, will take on.]

I remain hopeful that Israel will do THE RIGHT THING¬† and give back the land they stole from the Palestinians. In the same vein, I pray that the Palestinians and Israelis jealously guard one another’s right to exist before and under god.

I pray that the Indigenous of Canada will be accorded their own Province with all of the rights of provinces in Canada. 

I pray that we recognize that overpopulation and overconsumption are the greatest perils to human existence. We will destroy ourselves quickly (if Putin has his way) or slowly (if neoliberalism continues to drive our priorities), BUT WE WILL DESTROY OURSELVES IF WE DO NOT ADDRESS THIS.

The ruling classes will not because there is too much money to be made from war, pestilence, climate change, pollution…human suffering. Pretty sad, isn’t it? Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex.


Human Ego is our biggest problem. The ego of Wealth is to acquire more wealth. It does not invest itself to the same degree in the consequences of its aspirations upon others in the society. THAT’S HOW SOCIETIES FRACTIONATE INTO US AND THEM. A rope whose strands are loosely bound together cannot stand under load; neither can a society so fractionated by wealth. Wealth seeks to¬† deepen the fractures among ‘the people’ of ol Abe by having us focus on our differences, ostensibly in support of human rights, while they promote division among us leveraging ‘reverse discrimination’, importing professionals and temporary workers apace and with gusto, the while inundating ‘white males’ with how despicable our social perspective is (continuing, I suppose, what I was exposed to from kindergarten, onwards:

‘What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy-dog’s tails, that’s what little boys are made of.’ )

We don’t hear the term, ‘poor white trash’ being bandied about anymore. Why is that? Are all ‘whites’ entitled? I am white. I am male. I have no money to ‘live’, only to ‘survive’. I could not find work and now I am retirement-age and even less likely to find paying work. My government will not increase my ‘disposable income’, nor will it make it possible for me to find work in my neighbourhood, but they will hand out money, hand over fist to businesses and those workers most likely to make the larger contribution to GDP. They didn’t bother to extend the protection to jobless people who had a harder time finding work; but they talked about it a little.

IMO, we are being socially engineered/conditioned by Wealth into keeping our egos near the surface, when we should keep our egos to OURSELVES as much as we should keep our hands to ourselves, hello? This is a strategy to keep us forever mindful of how we are different, how some groups are favoured over others [Aside: ‘white’ employers are expected to hire to diversify their workforce, but ‘people of colour’ employers appear to mostly hire ‘people of colour’, not ‘whites’ -this appears to be tolerated by government]. The strategy is effective. Given the subjectivity of ego, accusations of racism/sexism/whatever-ism are enough to get us into trouble with the Law, and, given that due process is set aside so easily, particularly through the Media, ANYONE CAN ACCUSE ANYONE WHO IS ‘WHITE’ AND/OR ‘MALE’ OF JUST ABOUT ANYTHING and it will be incumbent upon the accused, not the accusers, to prove innocence or guilt…this completely overturns the spirit of Westminster¬†jurisprudence. Our governments are responsible to protect our jurisprudence but they kowtow to Wealth; things like ‘due process’ are ignored and ‘the onus of proof’ is reversed. THE ABSENCE OF CHECKS AND BALANCES, without which jurisprudence and democracy cannot function (the absence being a feature of autocracies/the presence under assault by Wealth in neoliberal democracies) is carte blanche for the ruling class to have its way over the society it is supposed to steward.

I FOR ONE, AND I WARRANT MOST OF US, DON’T WANT TO TAKE FROM OTHERS WHAT OPPORTUNITY OTHERS WERE GIVEN, we simply want opportunity for ourselves. But this appears to run contrary to investors and corporations who want to get richer, quicker. Because of the ego of Wealth, it is in Wealth’s best interest to divide and conquer, UNTIL THEY NEED US TO EXTRICATE THEM FROM THE TROUBLE THEIR ZEAL FOR MORE WEALTH IS CAUSING THE REST OF THE WORLD…THIS THEN IS WHY NATIONS ARE AT WAR WITHIN THEMSELVES.

I DO NOT SEE PEOPLE OF COLOUR AS people of colour. I see them as PEOPLE. As HUMAN BEINGS, and, as human beings, are to be respected FULLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE GOLDEN RULE.


I DO NOT SEE CHILDREN AS CHATTELS, to be socially conditioned √† la Brave New World, or to be commercialized √† la neoliberal ruling class ‘mores’.

I DO NOT SEE THE EARTH MOTHER, GOD’S GIFT TO ALL, AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A MOTHER. She loves life and nothing gives her more joy than to see, feel, and hear the joy of the Life SHE BRINGS FORTH…life originating from the Light of Creation. Yet, we are everywhere giving her a makeover, one that is killing her ability to nurture and generate more Life, which is ALL SHE WANTS TO DO…this is Her raison d’√™tre. Motherhood is the SACRED FEMININE. Without her, there is NO LIFE possible. There can be only Darkness…Emptiness…Stillness…LIFELESSNESS…

Let us all resolve to be stewards. Let us reconcile with one another in our communities and our communities with our nations, societies, and cultures; and the world of humans with the World of the Creator.

Reconciliation follows separation, if we emerge out from under the Shadow of Ego into the fullness of the Light. We need only embrace the Golden Rule, a rule the creator had the Wisdom to impart to all of the World’s Faiths.

Prayers for Ukraine, and thanks…if there is a god, your heroism and resolve gladdens the Heart of god as much as Putin’s murderous aggression saddens It.¬†


It is in ego’s ignorance/blindness that the question of god’s existence has any validity at all…

…I recall, as a child of nearly 6, sitting at my desk in Grade One, looking at page one of my brand new catechism, and thinking, when my teacher, Miss Purser, read to us, ‘God always was,’

How could something ‘always be’?

Well, I’ve had many years to ponder this…and I would answer this question by asking another question(s),

Something cannot come of nothing, so where did everything come from? Something had to ‘always exist’. What is that something?

That ‘something’ is the Source of the Beam of Light, originated from the Source of the Big Bang. It is everything packed into that tiny pre-Big Bang ball of material…it is everything that exists today. It proceeds along the arc of space-time, dispelling the Darkness before, and all around it, as it expands in breadth of space; as it proceeds forward in time, back to the beginning. It creates and recreates,¬† as it proceeds, fractalizing along the way. The path the beam takes is slightly bent and in time the beam will reverse in direction. The expansionary impetus of the Big Bang will reverse in kind. In the end (of the current manifestation of¬† the creator) all will be gathered unto god, and reconciled within god… and then it all happens again…

All this exists…BEYOND THE WALL EGO PLACES BETWEEN THE HUMAN SOUL AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD…and Wealth plays on this by stimulating the thickening of the wall our egos build, dividing us one from the other, while Wealth conspires with Wealth around the World, to become wealthier. THIS THEN IS THE REASON THE WORLD IS AT WAR.


29 April 2022

It’s Friday! Remember to thank your god for your having made it to the weekend! Please take a moment to pray in the way of your Faith (or your parents’, if you feel you don’t have one), for the Ukraine, for its allies, and for the people of Ukraine, Russia, and their neighbours.

IT IS INSANITY for anyone to threaten to play the nuclear trump card, but Russia is doing that. China Xi’s refusal to rein-in his diabolical partner shows his true colours (like, we needed to be shown?) means that, post-Russia, the World has to take care of Xi and his ‘allies’ of murderous convenience.

As for the ‘neoliberal world order’: this is only viable in the minds/psyches of the rich, who directly benefit from it, albeit in the short term. Wealth, in concert with a socio-political philosophy which facilitates the enrichment of the wealth-class to the detriment of ol Abe’s ‘the people’ and the Earth Mother, creates a false narrative. There is no basis in reality (wealth even seeks to replace ‘reality’ with it’s own ‘virtual reality’, to guide the reactions and aspirations and dreams of the ‘masses’). Only in this sort of drama, where does it leave ‘the people’ when the curtain lowers on the final act?

‘The People’ are part of the show. ‘Wealth’ comes to watch. When ‘the play’, written by ‘Wealth’, ends, the playgoers go home, eat, make babies, go to sleep…and then awaken, the next ‘day’,¬† to attend¬† a play, written by them, but featuring a new set of ‘actors’.

IMO, the creator of the ‘stage’ is not pleased by the way in which humans use and abuse it.


The media thrives on crisis. Because it is our nature to be attracted by threats. The media looks and often ends up creating crises out of thin air, because it is in their interest to do so…if the day doesn’t provide a real crisis, what then, are the writers/anchors to do to, for to get us to watch, for to earn their salaries?

If that was my profession, I would be doing the very same thing. Because that’s what my boss demands, in exchange for my paycheck. Do you see what is wrong with our ‘way’, from a social point of view?

If you cannot, then, consider how mental illness is on the rise, everywhere.

Media is, on the other hand, doing a great human service by showing the World in such intimate detail, and for the first time, the horror that is being perpetrated by Putin (under the watchful eye of Xi) upon Ukraine.

This is responsible reporting. It will engage ‘the people’ to support our government in its response to this aggression, even to the point of war.

Regaling us daily with the antics, opinions (on things they are no more expert than we are), and business deals of Elon, Bill, Jeff…the 3 Bozos…why, THAT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE REPORTING, it is part of neoliberal social conditioning.


‘Liberal democracy’ IS NOT ‘NEOLIBERAL DEMOCRACY’. Know the difference.

Movement Conservatism is responsible for the usurpation of social progress by neoliberalism. √Ä la Putin, Xi, and all those who govern using¬†Machiavellian principles (even Machiavelli wouldn’t – he was writing about the methods and means of Caesar Borgia in the Prince), they mean to undermine every viable, valuable, social and geopolitical initiative, BUT PAY LIPSERVICE TO THEM ALL. They busily undermine them all, operating from behind ‘the curtain’, with all of the show and pomp of the Wizard of Oz(this abetted by the Media), but in fact, are a sorry little excuse of a man, hiding behind the Curtain which $$$ and Power purchase.

God bless Ukraine. God bless America and its allies against Russia (and China). God help the World, our world, to recover its Liberal Democratic mojo from rich people rendered insane by their own wealth/ego.

God, please remove the hand of Satan which is lain upon the good people of China and Russia by their governments who are lying to them. God, please send your Hosts to Ukraine, angel and/or human, and pry the grasp Satan exerts upon Ukraine…what they have been living through cannot go on for years or months…

…or even days.

This has gone on long enough.

I came across a headline today indicating that India is pursuing a 6-month oil¬† contract with Russia. Likely to acquire a special rate. Aren’t they wonderful? Russia is bombing the bejeezus out of a nation full of children who happen to be in Putin’s way. The government of India lacks honour. I had always believed that a nation which could produce the likes of the Mahatma would be a light in the world. THE INDIA THAT TRADES WITH RUSSIA ABETS THE SPREAD OF THE DARKNESS RUSSIA AND CHINA CAST UPON THE EARTH. All for the love of $$$. Foolish, foolish…

Make no mistake, nations who would trade $$$ for honour have passed their best days and they are in decline. HONOUR is a feature of folks and nations that OPERATE IN THE LIGHT OF DAY (duh!) rather than from behind a curtain.

We in the West have been guilty of this of late. I pray that the lesson is learned, and that we on this side of the East-West line ditch the neoliberal Brave New World once and for all.

Speaking of which:

Headline 1: How Doug Ford’s budget sets the tone for his Ontario PC election campaign – here we see HOW DYSFUNCTIONAL OUR POLITICS HAS BECOME. There is a reason for this. It begins with a lack of conviction, a lack of honour. It is covered over by half-truths and political legerdemain. No matter whom we elect, we don’t seem to be getting anywhere as a society (but the rich get richer, our communities less safe and more polluted and the Commons more restricted). I recently ‘penned’ a song, in which I say, good is neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’, just ‘f’ the politics and do what’s right…but who does that anymore?

As for Poilievre – I’ve watched his antics in Question Period. I can’t imagine him or his minions being the face of Canada to the World. I’m sorry.

28 April 2022

Well, I guess Putin’s ‘spy chief’ has read Machiavelli too:

Headline 1: Russian spy chief says U.S., Poland plotting division of UkraineMachiavelli 101: If you are planning something, AND you expect opposition to what you are planning, why, ACCUSE THE OTHER SIDE OF DOING WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING TO DO.

Headline 2: Biden to seek $33 billion for Ukraine, a massive jump in funding – IMO, and it took me a long time to get to this point, America is going about things in the right way. They will not confront Russia ‘directly’ because Putin is threatening everyone and with nukes, to boot!¬† How else can you handle someone who has both a death wish and a bomb in their hands, and is prepared to kill themselves along with their ‘hostages’ and anyone who tries to stop him?

Biden’s way is the only way; but he needs everyone to act in lockstep with respect to Russia. Russia must be isolated and enervated until its governing regime unites with the rest of the World as a democracy (um, not the neoliberal ilk, tho’). The confiscation of Russian oligarch property could help somewhat with Ukraine’s rebuild. IT WON’T REPLACE THE LIVES LOST AND FOR THAT PUTIN AND HIS TEAM WILL RENDER FULL ACCOUNT IN DUE TIME and with due process, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE STYX.

Russia’s twisted sister, China, has to be reined-in too.

27 April 2022

Things are ‘heating-up’ in the World. For the World to survive itself, IT MUST UNITE AGAINST THAT WHICH THREATENS ITS EXISTENCE. Putin is only the latest instance of an ancient curse upon humankind. The curse of ego.

The curse is so deeply spiritual, it denies the possibility of a ‘political’ or ‘geopolitical’ solution.

Before kingdoms change, men must change, observes Michael York playing John the Baptist in Jesus of Nazareth. Oddly enough, this is not scriptural…it absolutely should have made the grade.

We need to stop seeing the World, our place in it, THE REASON FOR OUR BEING IN IT, from the perspective of ‘self-interest’; because, our ego knows only what it wants; conflating this with the presumption of ‘good’. Ego is our gauge of what is ‘good’ but ego is not equipped to anticipate all of the ‘side effects’ of getting what it esteems as good. Addictions are one example of the ego phenomenon.

We cannot ‘fix’ ego, anymore than we can stop the Earth from tilting on its axis so that the Northern Hemisphere experiences perpetual Summer. Ego is what it is. We must learn to live with our ego.

Putin is right now playing the role of Milton’s Lucifer. He is ego-bound to acquire Ukraine, TO THE POINT WHERE HE WOULD INFLICT THE MOST EGREGIOUS BLOODSHED UPON KIDS AND ELDERS AND DISPLACE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Only ego is able to rationalize ‘Lucifer’s¬† formula’, where one would destroy something in order to be master over it. And he’s not even done with Ukraine, his FM is threatening to play the nuke card! When that happens, we’re all in Putin’s/Xi’s sights.

Contrast this with,

Headline 1: Rae condemns UN Security Council veto as Ukraine pushes Canadian sanction seizure law – the existence of a U.N. Security Council ‘Veto’ effectively decouples the executive body of the U.N. from the elective body of the U.N. (representing the nations of the World) by giving nations on the council the power to do whatever they want. The initiative to have the U.N. Security Council members explain their veto to the G.A. is a great half-step; however, a set of tenets must be established as a standard against which a UNSC veto may be evaluated AND THE VETO DENIED if no agreement can be reached with the GA. In other words, the UNSC / UNGA relationship would take on the character of Canada’s House of Commons – Senate relationship. In both cases, the executive body in both systems would be rendered accountable to the ‘people’ (voters in Canada/MPs) and decoupled from POWER: business/corporations/investors in Neoliberal ‘democracies’ /China-US-Russia-France-UK permanent member veto¬† ‘chokehold’ upon the UN. To Ambassador Rae, a big thumbs-up!

I do not entertain the same sympathies for the Conservative MP who makes headlines (whether it should have been a ‘headline’, why that’s the shoe of the ‘media’) deploring a study connecting resource development and violence against the Indigenous,

Headline 2: Tory MP calls study of link between resource development, violence ‘disgraceful’ – um, this is what I mean about ‘headlines’…this IS NOT NEWS. Workers leave their communities and gather here and there, far from the lives they know…they work hard, and, to pass the time, they will party-hard…most of them will simply wobble off to bed afterwards; but some will turn ugly, um, statistically-speaking. That is what the study is about…about something that has always been that way. It is not ‘disgusting’ as the MP says, it is morally obligatory to study these things to create awareness and from the awareness, build an informed solution. ‘Ignorance’, observed Einstein, ‘is condemnation without investigation.’ The MP is twice guilty.

There are many developments along the Ukraine front. We may soon see a quantum development, but for now, I am grateful to Germany for their tanks. Germany finds itself very much in a ‘damned-if-we-do/damned-if-we-don’t’ scenario wrt to Russian oil and gas. US/Canada is likewise immersed in the same sort of¬† scenario wrt to China. IT WAS A MISTAKE TO INTEGRATE OURSELVES ECONOMICALLY WITH THE REGIMES OF EITHER OF THESE NATIONS and we should have known better; but for the forked-tongue wiles of neoliberalism, used by greedy ruling class folks to facilitate their garnering of $$$ and increasing control over their societies.

If Elon Musk donates Twitter to the UN, I’ll apologize to him, but until that happens, the World should be wary of such things…

Oligarchy is the rule of wealth. Wealth-acquisition is a feature of ego. Ego,  always looking to please itself, is in the unwitting service of Satan and Darkness, because it is stupid and shortsighted.

Ego lives in the head and cannot see very well. It abides in darkness. Neither the light of the Sun nor f the creator ever gets into the head/the mind, unless we cultivate mindfulness of what is beyond the head…To see what is possible outside of the box we must ‘think outside the box’, oui?

Prayers for Ukraine, for Europe, and the World. Prayers for the Chinese and Russian people and for all of those who call Russia and China, ‘home’. Prayers that the evil which has its hand on both of these nations is removed forever, that their peoples may exist alongside of and in collaboration with all of the other peoples of the World, AND NEVER AGAIN DO WHAT THE WORLD SEES THEY ARE DOING TO UKRAINE.

Prayers for Ukraine and for the World we leave to our children. For that, today, I thank god, Ukraine’s valour, the exemplary leadership of their President Zelenskyy, and those leaders around the World who are rising in UNITY to the challenge Russia and China now present.


A new post, today: The Dependency on the State.

missing dates 16 March 2022 thru 26 April 2022


15 March 2022

Beware the Ides of March.

In this way, on this day, many years ago, Julius Caesar was warned of his imminent peril. He ignored the warning. Soon after, he was foully attacked and murdered; among the attackers, someone very dear and dear to him.

In some way, Europe is the Brutus of the Senate (NATO) which now seeks some common ground, WITH THE DEVIL/THE ENEMY, to keep the oil flowing, EACH BARREL BOUGHT BEING A KNIFE STUCK INTO THE BREAST OF THE ONLY NATION IN THE WORLD TASKED WITH POLICING BOTH THE WESTERN HALF OF THE WORLD (being its eastern flank) and the EASTERN HALF OF THE WORLD (being its western flank).

I realize shutting off the oil is going to cause hardship. The Blue Suits of Belgium (aka, the EU Parliament, and yes, I know they wear all colours not only blue ). Let us ship as much oil from here as we can to help Europe weather out the Winter – BUT LET US NOT SIT BACK, LIKE EUROPE, AND PROCLAIM OUR SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE, OUR BEING ‘with Ukraine’, um, from a safe distance.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has let China know it is prepared to stand up to them. The U.S. is pushing the envelope as far as it can on Ukraine without cornering Putin completely, that wild and ferile marshmallowhead with his finger twitching on ‘the Button’. [p.s. Elon, don’t fight Putin alone. Your fist will get stuck in the marshmallow, and then he’s got you!)¬† The Americans, led by Joe Biden, are as afraid of WWIII as the rest of us, but it appears they know¬† APPEASEMENT ONLY GIVES THE ENEMY MORE TIME TO ENTRENCH itself and the harder and more costly it will be to root them out of their hole.

And yet, withal, the EU, for fear of getting out of bed in the middle of the night in the middle of Winter, is prepared to lay next to the devil himself, exchanging its future soul for a few BTUs. They avoid a tough decision, one that would oblige their wealthy to dig deep into their pockets to supply the warmth to the citizens of Europe (p.s. that’s what wealth is supposed to be for, in the ‘stewardship’ model – it is only because we are under the thumb of Wealth already and their neoliberal ‘democracy’ that I am even talking about this – under the Stewardship model, the EU¬† would already be setting up ‘Plan B’ for its heat – not undermining the American’s ability to protect Europe. p.s. if our wealthy had not persisted in the oil business (calls and capabilities for electric vehicles/technology has been around for a long time), had the will been there to change at the first hint of petro-trouble, we’d all be driving Elon’s cars, long before Elon even graduated.

BUT, there was all this oil under the ground and seabed, waiting to be had (and despite the environmental risks/degradation, we continued to extract it; we chose the spiralling path downward, because it was easy, AND THERE WAS, ABOVE ALL ELSE, $$$ TO BE MADE…YAHOO!). Now look where we have arrived at: Hell’s Gate.

Or, the Curia of Pompey…

America is getting its ducks all lined up. It knows it will have to defend Taiwan and the South China Sea and all of those nations in the region (the ones friendly with China should change sides, NOW. We  need to overwhelm China and convince the regime it is better to be a participant in the region rather than to try to be their OVERLORDS. That would be the old way, the way Putin is trying to resurrect, with the blood of Ukrainian children.

America is also sending troops to Europe to bolster NATO. It promised to fight for Europe, like it did in WWI and WWII -even though it had no contract to defend Europe, its sense of HONOUR obliged it to come to Europe’s aid. TWICE ALREADY. And counting…

Europe denounced Trump for threatening to pull out of NATO, and for good reason.

NOW EUROPE SAYS IT WILL CONTINUE TO BUY OIL FROM PUTIN, even though it sees the same carnage being inflicted upon people whose only sin was being in Putin’s way; even though that money is sustaining Russia’s murderous foray into its neighbour’s home.

NOW, the rest of the World, our world, is aligning itself according to their immediate short term interests: Who is going to be the winning side? v. What is the right thing to do?

The right thing to do is to present a united front of all the World’s nations, right now, to China and Russia and, if Iran is with those two, then Iran also. I reserved a special place for MBS, along side of Putin, Xi, Hitler, Stalin…all of those murderous creeps, made so by $$$/Power.

The ‘mob’ awaits Caesar in the curia of Pompey (now situated in Brussels). It is caught between its fear of Caesar and its need to maintain its identity wrt to everyone on the ‘outside’. So it chooses to continue its own economic recovery from COVID by doing deals with the devil.

It may fear Caesar, and for good reason: if Wealth’s neoliberal ways continue to inform its values, America will lead us to hell as surely as Putin and Xi would. Wealth is a fabric and it is this fabric wealthy people are cut from (duh!), no matter where they live or their ‘surface aspect’, to wit: Western¬† neoliberal ‘democracy’ or Eastern ‘authoritarianism). But it is potentially more infected by Wealth than America is right now and cannot find the political will to do the right thing, RIGHT NOW.

NOW is the only opportunity we are given to make things right.

Wealth and its vehicles of control are what is wrong with the World and what is responsible for bringing us once again to the precipice of global war. It will, like the other two wars, accomplish nothing but massive bloodshed and misery and destruction, while it sets the stage for the next human-suborned holocaust.

Our only hope is that, this time, if global war breaks out, we destroy all vestiges of humanity so completely that only a few humans remain; essentially putting us back to a prediluvian footprint…we’d be starting all over again.

I am praying today that President Biden is successful in bringing about peace tomorrow in Rome. Our Pope will be close by if not in the same room and I know our Pope is praying with all his heart for Biden to find a way to get Putin to back off. Putin’s head may be marshmallow-soft, but his heart is become hardened as a missile silo – resistant even to the sanity of never threatening to use nukes.

But Biden will not appease Putin or Xi. That has never been the ‘American way’. They have always sought collaboration, even from folks who were born on the wrong side of the line but spirited for liberty.

America seeks the support of its allies. This will cost its allies. But it should be regarded as an ‘investment’ in humanity and human progress. It would not be regarded as an investment by neoliberals; but it is the neoliberals who have brought the World to the precipice of war, among and within nations.

When war is everywhere, guess what, you moved. You are no longer on god’s Earth. You have dug your way down to hell. Same goes when you live in a world of self-interest. That’s Satan’s gig…hello? And this is how we allowed Wealth, in its service of Satan, to corrupt the wonderfully enlightened institution the Athenian Greeks left as their legacy to the World. SELF-INTEREST.


Biden can be Caesar for the purpose of the metaphor. He goes to Rome. But the ‘curia of Pompey’ is the EU Parliament, where the BSBs are gathered. The BSBs raise their knives and attack Caesar in effigy by voting to continue to receive oil and provide Russia with $$$ for its war chest against Ukraine, while they stand atop the bodies of Ukrainian men, women, and children…bombed out of their homes and lives…even a baby only a day or two away from being born – now dead. Mother, now dead;¬†only a day or two earlier filled with life and hope…a new ‘bundle of joy’ as babies are…

Caesar, this time, listens. He is no fool. He is an elder himself, and has suffered the loss of a son, something no parent should ever have to experience. He is of Wealth, likely,¬† but may have cultivated the ability to be conscious outside of the shadow Wealth/ego casts upon the human soul – if so, he will be righting his own listing ship at the same time that he is trying to organize a new, universal, ‘coalition of the willing’ to free Russia and China and the World from the wiles of Satan and his earthly cronies.

The hopes of America and the World reside in President Joe Biden. The Republic TV anchor is saying now’s the time to end the proxy war business. He’s right. IMO, PJB already knows this and is preparing.

Here’s my thing: the Americans know they will get hammered by PuXi’s hypersonic missile systems. They have no defense against them. In two years, they may, but, that DOES NOT HELP UKRAINE.

Still, Biden is standing in the face of PuXi and is slowly inserting himself between PuXi and PuXi’s rapacious objectives. BECAUSE HE SEES CHILDREN DYING AT THE HANDS OF MALICIOUS POWER, and, despite the peril, he doesn’t see any other option.

Because THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. [and, to EU, this is precisely the point: there is no other option for you…you must close the oil faucet. [I heard one of the pundits on Vassy Kapelos’ P&P say yesterday that shutting down Russian oil ‘is not going to happen because…’ then he rattled off some numbers quantifying Europe’s reliance on Russian oil. AS IF IT WERE A NO-BRAINER TO CHOOSE OIL OVER THE LIVES OF CHILDREN…somehow, I didn’t find the pundit’s comments so elucidating.]

Biden has to get in between Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan, Iran and Israel (unless those two smarten up) and??? or give in to them.

It has never been the American way to give in or to give up.

They must unite after the Loki-Trump trip. They must rein-in their Wealth class.

Europe must also do this. NOW. Not all of Europe’s leaders /EU members of Parliament are self-serving, Wealth-serving opportunists and blatherers. Some are squirming under the decisions being made at the ‘curia’ just like there are Russians protesting what Putin is doing (on that file, I see the Russian police are being very gentle with the protesters…as if they are going through the motions, but will not harm the protesters and likely would turn around and protect them from Putin).

While Caesar lobbies on behalf of Ukraine, Brutus et al. need to rally around Caesar because a united front to Russia and China IS OUR BEST CHANCE TO AVOID GLOBAL WAR. We must convince them that war is BAD FOR THEM.

At the same time, they need to redouble their commitment to settle with Iran and for Iran to settle with Israel and for Israel to settle with the Palestinians.

As for Canada: Build the military. Encourage our northernmost indigenous to enlist because they know the North, they live in the North, they will be Canada’s ‘Ghurkas‘ and the stuff of legend.

Take this opportunity also to create a province of the Indigenous, with all of the rights accorded provinces in Canada. We have trumped their culture and opened the door to all of the social problems they experienced. They were first to arrive. They did not close the door to us when we came knocking. We owe them this.

We owe ourselves -we need to stop Russia/China right now.

Whatever the cost is to us today, if we do not act today, the cost will increase by many orders of magnitude and could be the end of the Anthropocene instead of human civilization’s nadir.

Biden has honour. How about the rest of us? How about the BSBs? How about the Ayatollah’s flirting with a godless regime rather than seeking peace with a regime whose nation is based upon F.A.I.T.H. in G.O.D. albeit under a different name? How about the Saudis and other nations who allow their government to do foul murder to its own citizens without ever having to account for it, but even compounding the evil by blaming and punishing those who followed their orders?

14 March 2022

First, if you haven’t seen it, here is the Ukrainian postal service’s new stamp, image taken from the WION article Russian warship ‘go f*ck yourself’: Ukraine reveals new postage stamp – the first words out of my mouth, ‘I want that‘. The whole world should want that.

Israel has already done what the World now tasks Ukraine with -against the Philistine Goliath. They know the secret to defeating the big bad bear, which is now become China’s ‘working girl’, to wit: ‘Faith’ and ‘Resolve’ / ‘Strength’ and ‘Honour’. Out of Putin’s desperation to leave a lasting legacy of his own ‘greatness’, this marshmallow-headed leader is prepared to roll over and give his nation’s backside to China’s Xi. China Xi is meanwhile showing his backside to Putin. China doesn’t care about Russia, not even a lick. Where is Putin’s ‘strength and honour’? China’s ruling class, LIKE RULING CLASSES EVERYWHERE, ONLY ‘CARES’ FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN EXPLOIT THE RELATIONSHIP. They don’t care about their own citizens once they join the poverty class, anymore than Apple or HP did when they exported so many manufacturing jobs, our jobs, to China. After China no longer needs Russia to accomplish its own ends, once the value in the sino-russian relationship is consumed, watch what happens…

…watch what happens here if our ruling classes refuse to change their predatory ways upon their own citizens; refusing to steward as god and all human decency demands.

p.s. Putin, here is a look at your legacy:

image from the CBC article Pregnant woman, baby die after last week’s bombing of Ukraine maternity ward

my god…


What the World needs now, IN ADDITION TO ‘LOVE, SWEET LOVE’ is honour. The kind Ukraine is showing the World.

Will Europe rally to America in the face of Russian (and soon, Chinese) aggression? HOW IN THE BEJEEZUS IS THIS EVEN QUESTION?

Russia and China stand for closure, the closure of the State’s iron fist over citizens. They want to peddle their insidious world view of uniformity and death; of endless repetition….welcome to Hell. Xi and Putin have sold their souls to Satan and would sacrifice their own citizens, every man, woman, and child, who look to their leaders to lead them, not as fodder of their war machines toward death, but as pillars of Peace and toward life.

America, IN EUROPE’S HOUR OF NEED, came to Europe’s defense with their own young blood. They were not obliged to do this by treaty; BUT BY HONOUR.

Now, Europe chooses to fund the Sino-soviet war machine with hard currency by vowing, with the same courage and resolve they proclaimed their standing ‘with Ukraine’, to move away from its reliance on Russian oil and gas ‘as soon as possible.’ $$$ over honour. Convenience and expediency over honour.

This not only lacks all semblance of honour and will incur a lot of bad karma going forward for Europe and the World, it weakens the united front the World needs to present to Russia and China right now, if for no other reason but to give them pause, IN THIS WAY, TO HONOUR THE HEROISM OF UKRAINIANS who are the first to face the latest round of barbarism to emerge from the cauldron of communism; ‘communism’ itself a corrupted euphemism for authoritarian control over society by Wealth. [In western ‘democracies’ the governing philosophy is neoliberalism].

I’ve flipped back and forth on Germany and France since the Ukraine invasion began. These governments are as self-serving now as ever.

I AM WITH AMERICA. Whereas America has honour inbred (in its constitution), the EU behaves as the latest port of Eurasian imperialism: begun in Rome, reemerged in Frankfurt as the Holy Roman Empire, experienced several transitions, before settling into the present conglomeration of mediocre self-interest.

No wonder the Brits divorced themselves from the EU. It appears that, yet again, America and its true allies will be called to spill their young blood once again TO SAVE EUROPE FROM ITSELF as it defends Europe and itself from Satan’s latest emissaries. [And it will be necessary. Russia means to take over Europe with China’s help while China means to take over Eastasia with Russia’s help. With MBS ‘leading’ the Saudis over to the Chinese side (China is an atheist regime…how is it possible for a nation of dedicated Sunni Muslims to associate with a godless regime?), and given the Sunni enmity toward Shiite Iran, if the Ayatollahs can smarten up and divorce themselves from ANY RELATIONS WITH A GODLESS REGIME, they might come over to America’s side. They will backstop rather than threaten Israel; IF ISRAEL SETTLES AMICABLY AND EQUITABLY WITH PALESTINE’S RIGHT TO EXIST.¬† If I had to choose, I’d rather try to work with Iran than with a regime who can think to do what MBS appears to have done to Jamal Khashoggi when he went to get permission to marry his sweetheart.

Speaking of¬† the devil: MBS is apparently not answering President Biden’s phone calls. Thank god. If you shake hands with the devil, Canada’s hero, Romeo Dallaire might tell you, you will never be able to wash the stain and stink of blood off of your hands. The support NATO showed Canada’s exemplary General in Rwanda amounted to passively bemoaning the wanton violence being done to defenseless people. NATO used America when it was convenient…and now?

The World has not improved since then. Europe is as lily-livered as ever. They invite pandemic violence because they will not stand together, first of all, in defiance of aggression (I suppose because of millennia spent killing one another). It is their governments. Their people are a different matter…full of courage and resolve…but they are divided by their neoliberal governments, which serve the ruling class. And the ruling class is gone insane with the pursuit of Wealth.

And, Europe’s governments appear to lack honour, if¬† they do not rally to America now, when America came to their aid in the Great Wars…WWIII would be ACT III of the Tragedy of the Great Wars. Shakespeare could have written it, it is that good a play in the finest Greek tragedic tradition, complete with heroes and villains, and all of the hubris humans can muster…

Putin and Xi seek to divide the West using the same technique neoliberal governments of the West use to divide their citizens into an ineffectual mass of opinion and counter-opinion, all screaming at one another proclaiming their ‘rights’ while their governments serve the ruling class which has enslaved itself to Wealth and to Satan:

Divide and conquer.

But, the solution is simple (thank god):


China and Russia want to share the World, our world, between them. Theirs is a ‘marriage of convenience’, and they are bound to turn on each other once their common enemy is vanquished. If you are a thinking, feeling, human being, you will not want what these two regimes are peddling. IF YOU CARE A LICK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN, you will not buy into it.

YOU WILL RALLY TO AMERICA. Their president is doing his best to avoid WWIII becoming overt while giving Ukraine a fighting chance…two initiatives working against one another at present, because it appears Putin and Xi feel ready enough to duke it out with the West that they actually threaten to if anyone gets in the way of the current venture; beginning with Russia’s murderous assault on Ukraine, but when China feels ready, Taiwan.

UNITY AND RESOLVE WILL SAVE THE WORLD AND THE WEST FROM THE DARKNESS THAT IS¬† COMING FROM THE EAST. For as long as the World of Humans has existed, the Sun always came from the East…but the cancer that was Rome (turning the enlightenment of the Greeks into an imperialist economic war machine) has expanded its conscious rapacity to such an extent that it now blocks the Light of the Sun from god’s Creation and people.

Our ruling classes have subjugated ‘the people’ of Abraham Lincoln just like they did in Rome when they replaced labour with slaves (we exported jobs to China and we allow our employers to bring in temporary foreign workers). This weakened the middle/lower classes to such an extent that the upper classes lost the foundation upon which their wealth was made and lost everything.

To that, Piketty and Raworth have the solution.

To our leaders of the West:

Please drop the narratives and SPEAK THE TRUTH TO US, or say nothing at all if the truth can be used against us by our enemies, BUT BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD, above all else. And, above all else, to thine own self be true.


Xi, Putin, ruling classes everywhere, care only about power and $$$. They have lost their perspective and their way. Their thinking and judgement is clouded by the same darkness that now casts it shadow upon us from the East. It is the Shadow of Ego. Human ego.

I cannot believe there exists any notion among Europe’s ‘leadership’ other than to cut Russia out NOW and work to weather out the cold of Winter by digging deep into Wealth’s reserves (of their ruling classes) to benefit their citizens in the short term; everyone, the World included, in the long term. [Appeasement will not work. It is only a prelude to global conflict.]

Europe must be in complete unity with America. America can’t beat Russia and China because Western Wealth was too busy making money hand-over-fist to bother itself about what China was doing with the $$$.

Now, we are at an apparent disadvantage with respect to missile attack and defense. China and Russia have hypersonic delivery systems to which we have no answer. We were way ahead of everyone…what happened to the lead?

Russia and China begged, borrowed and stole from us. We tolerated it and kept trading because of the money our wealthy folks made from doing business over there (but not our workers, they suffered lower wages, that is, if their job hadn’t been handed over to China, and replaced with Chinese slaves and serfs).

We must stand against China and Russia. The whole world must. We must rally to President Biden and America. RUSSIA AND CHINA AND REPUBLIC TELEVISION want us to think American hegemony is over and that Russia and China are going to move into the vacuum.

This is as false as it is dangerous. But the anchor on Republic Tv News will see this on his front porch very soon. There will be war and mayhem and murder everywhere, because anchors with loosened lips are helping to undermine the West, which, under Biden, if Biden is true to America and not in service of its ruling class, REMAINS WILLING TO SPILL ITS YOUNG BLOOD IN DEFENSE OF AN EQUITABLE (and truly democratic) NEW WORLD ORDER. I urge the anchor, whose reporting I admire even if he sometimes does too much of the talking during his Debate segment, to consider this: we must build unity with each other as citizens of the World, living under the auspices of a UN which protects cultures and regionalities from Wealth, power, and the rule of $$$.

Iran, mend fences with the West. You are a great and ancient culture. The creator has been watching. It is your time, to emerge once again on the World stage, this time as one of the pillars of progress toward a collaborative World structured upon the theories of Maslow, with the individual’s self-actualization (to wit: being all that you have it within yourself to be, as your creator imagined for you) and not upon Wealth’s operative of enslaving individuals to $$$ in order to facilitate the control of an ever-increasing portion of the World’s wealth for themselves (‘neoliberalism’).

Germany: Your vaunted position in the EU you have earned. There is only enough room in Europe for one boss. It will either be the EU supported and united by a selfless Germany(how ‘mothers and motherlands tend to be spirited), or end up deferring to Russian hegemony in Europe under the thumb of a self-serving regime like Putin’s, all because of oil. DECIDE.

To the rest of the World: Just at the moment when America has been weakened by a friend of Putin in the Oval Office and his minions of ruling class wealth (how is it that his working-class supporters do not see through him? oh yeah, I forgot, he stokes their hatred for others in order to blind them to what he is doing – that’s Machiavelli’s The Prince:101!),

just at the moment when America, through the fault of its own ruling class, got caught with its pants down and is unable to fully police the World (it shouldn’t have to anyways, but is obliged to because of the spiritual weakness of Europe’s leaders for example),]

just at the time when we need god the most,

the World turns away from both America and god?

America had turned away from god, long, long, ago. But it kept its valour. It came to the defense of the same Europe which rather does business with Putin than back up its resolve for Ukraine with anything other than words from blue-suited bullroney-ists. [‘Bull-roney’ being the true legacy of Canada’s Mull-roney, who mull-ed Canada’s way into being a facilitator of the neoliberal World Order rather than a purveyor of the Canadian Spirit, that which remains strong among our Indigenous, who first welcomed us to the land they had first discovered. Note that the Liberals in Ottawa back then deplored Free Trade, even with America with whom we have a watch each other’s backs relationship. Now the minister of everything can’t wait to ensnare us to China’s Wealthy (via CPTPP) and Europe’s (via CETA)…wtf?

Europe cannot stand against China and Russia alone. Europe must stand with America. It must kick Russia in the b@lls and leave Japan/Korea/Philippines/Singapore/America-Canada to deliver one to Xi and set the stage for Taiwan to liberate the Chinese mainland from the black hole threatening to absorb it all into black. Ditto with respect to Russia.

We cannot allow ourselves to fall into the appeasement trap. Russia has contravened the rule of law and must be held to account. Ukraine’s territory is sovereign. That can be clawed back.

THE LIVES TAKEN BY THIS PERNICIOUS VENTURE cannot be brought back. Those lives are in god’s hands now, and our blathering put them there.

The Soul of the World of humans is under full assault. We are arrived at a point of inflection. Humanity can only move up, or go down from here. Human society can only progress or spiral out of existence from here.

Our children have grown up in a godless world. They do not know. They cannot know. We must act on their behalf as our parents did on ours when we were children. BECAUSE WE HAVE NOT SOUGHT TO DEFEND OUR FAITH AND ITS PRECEPTS AGAINST OUR NEOLIBERALGOVERNMENTS, we have allowed this godlessness to insert itself between the human soul and god’s Light, even in our own nations; rendering us acquiescent to the most evil intiatives being passed for social progress, like Joshua rendered the Hebrews into believing god wanted them to slaughter every man, woman, and child they encountered in the ‘Promised Land’ in order to make room for ‘god’s chosen people’.

Hmmm…I am inclined to believe that, after what?, 3 millennia or so? spent being murdered and doing murder to acquire said ‘Promised Land’, this promised by ‘God’, and still not having achieved it, that Joshua might have been listening to something trying to pass itself off as god, but who wasn’t.

Our ruling classes have inserted themselves between ‘the people’ and the god who made us; the god who will always, being the mother she is, seek to love and nurture us. They want to be ‘god’; √† la the emperors of old, their ego is able to convince them of this. The emperors who thought this of themselves history has declared to be insane, yet our ruling classes act as if they are and want to kill god’s place in society, so that we will admire them, even as the scraps falling from their tables sour and reduce in quantity, AND WE PERMIT THIS.

There is a battle going on in Ukraine. The Ukrainians today wage a battle for the World’s soul They are the front today;

IF WE UNITE WITH AMERICA TODAY, and if America is true to itself and not to the greed of its ruling class, WE WILL OVERCOME.

We will overcome because we chose to side with god and not with Satan.


Headlines are peppered with ‘investor reactions’ to whatever is happening, even when children are being murdered, as they are RIGHT NOW in Ukraine. We have to suffer through how investors are reacting to the ‘war’ in Ukraine, in fact a ‘home invasion’ conducted by its neighbour. No matter what¬† is being done in Ukraine, we have to suffer through an endless litany of business sanctions.

In a world that worships $$$ and not its own creator, this is what happens. Human values are valuated into $$$. Proper conduct is esteemed to be what is most efficacious for the investor, those with more money than they need to survive, and use their excess to facilitate removing whatever money we have under our own control. The wealthiest investors become our gods and determine the quality of our lives. LOOK HOW WELL THEY’VE DONE SINCE THE TIME WE LEFT THE GARDEN.

Just look.

MONEY IS SOCIETY’S LIFEBLOOD. Our ruling class (PM Trudeau do something to prove me wrong, please) uses this to exert its control over society, right down to the capillary level.

IF WE DO NOT CHANGE THIS, WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE USED AS FODDER IN THE WAR BETWEEN WESTERN WEALTH AND EASTERN WEALTH, and nothing will ever change for the betterment of all god’s peoples. It is the same lot for the Chinese people, the Russian people, all peoples. The root-war we are fighting is with ego. Wealth’s ego, Satan’s ego (which Wealth serves), most especially our own individual egos.

A world of individuals with ego’s consciousness of self in balance with consciousness of god/Light/the Spirit can only produce good fruit.

Let us do the right thing. Let us let our leaders and our ruling classes know that ‘the people’ are not for sale or a commodity to be traded.

The institution of the corporation is a hollow, Hollywood Western-style, downtown fa√ßade. It is based upon the false notion of ‘personhood’. This tips the scale heavily in favour of corporations whenever there is a legal qualm raised with respect to their operations.

But that was only the beginning. Now our politicians pursue trade agreements with the governments of other nations; authoritarian or ‘democratic’, it doesn’t matter to them (which is why we now have China holding a gun to our collective heads, keeping us from doing the right thing by Ukraine).


If it adds to Wealth, it is acceptable. If it condemns folks to poverty or keeps them in poverty, that is acceptable too. It’s a part of ‘doing business’.

On the ‘seventh day’, our wealthy Mount Olympians will look down upon the mess they have made of the World, and, see that it is good…um, for them.

Today, I read that the pregnant woman pictured being taken from the bombed out hospital by paramedics on a stretcher has died. Her baby too.

SHE WENT INTO THE HOSPITAL TO HAVE A BABY. She ended up dead. Her baby ended up dead.

They did nothing wrong. Still, Putin delivered them the death sentence.

If we are going to salvage the World, our world, and then heal it, for the sakes of future generations, then we will have to stand now, against ego, whenever it shows itself among leaders. If you are in government, if you are wealthy, you are supposed to check your ego at the door because you are rendered servant to something greater: the nation, the people (the soul of the nation and the workplace)…BUT NOT A GREEDY BUNCH OF SELF-SERVING INVESTORS.

There is something diabolical about the promotion of investors to godhood, but that is what is being done everywhere. Everyone worships $$$. Investors have the most $$$.

The World we are living in has been usurped by Wealth. They were smart enough to use our egos to facilitate their amorality. But when you lie to the folks you present yourself to be in service to, why then you have crossed the red line between amorality and immorality and disqualify yourselves from leadership.

I don’t know what is really in Biden’s heart, but I do know if America does not lead the World in standing up against the likes of Putin and Xi, then America is no better than the rest and the World; and the world Thomas Paine imagined is forever lost, to the nightmare vision of PuXi.

It will be the nightmare Orwell and Huxley and Wells imagined.

I am praying that Biden is what Zelenskyy is what the world needs in its leaders. Resolve. Right action. Creating a World of distributed power/wealth/knowledge, that we may, hand-in-hand, reach the Stars in good standing with the creator; poised to extend creation rather than exploit it further.

Here’s another example of leadership, in defiance of the power of Wealth:

Headline 1: Russian Orthodox church announces split with Moscow over Ukraine invasion – what ‘the state’ all over the World is attempting to do with Faith (PM Trudeau, I am disappointed in you beyond words for this happening under your purview, in our ‘forward’-moving, progressive, post-2015 nation) those of true faith are immune to and remain undaunted as they continue to do the creator’s work, albeit imperfectly, since even our creator is imperfect.

The creator has ego. Where do you suppose ego came from? The difference is, our creator isn’t just focused on her/his ego. She/he learns. Satan, who is focused on ego, his and yours and mine, will never learn. He will repeat the same mistakes over and over because there is no way to make a heaven out of hell.¬† Satan’s domain, ego, is the stuff of which hells are made, and these are gilded.

It is the Golden Rule, not the rule of gold, which is going to save us.

Neoliberalism leads to Satan’s underworld as surely as whatever you want to call what Putin, Xi, MBS, on and on, are peddling. Democratic neoliberalism is not democracy; it is the fa√ßade of democracy the wealthy are content to offer us for entertainment purposes only…

It is, pure and simple, the enslavement and subjugation of human society to Wealth, to increase the means and power of Wealth.

The gutlessness of the EU leaders should give Finland and Sweden pause with respect to joining NATO. It sure should give Ukraine pause. At precisely the moment Europe should rally around the US, they buckle, and America is not part of Europe, at last look, but is willing to defend Europe. Wait until Putin moves on them. Then all of sudden, they’ll be crying out for America. America answered the call the last time and is being thanked today in a way most shameful.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.¬†I heard this off Bonanza, but find myself saying it a lot these days. I was hopeful PM Trudeau would put us back on the rails, and on one level he succeeded; but on a deeper level, neoliberalism is advancing and tightening its grip on democracy UNDER HIS WATCH. While this is ongoing, his response to COVID-19 abandoned the poor as much as it favoured the corporations. But he has continued the bs in QP, and so, I wonder if the new decorum the Liberals show when the other side has the floor is better than what the Cons did when in power, shouting down whomever had the floor from the other side? At least, when the Cons were in power, you couldn’t hear the bs coming out of the mouth of whomever has the floor over their raucous, raven-like cacophony that passed for displays of responsible government in Parliament.

I can’t support that kind of leadership anymore than the kind the cons offer. Even Steve Paikin The Honest, and gifted as he is, cannot write an article that is able to discount the fact that Patrick Brown is a Con. Though he got railroaded out of the Premiership of Ontario, a martyr to the cause of the ‘headline’, he will kowtow to Wealth like the others do/did as Prime Minister of Canada.

Come on, Steve, it was a nice try, but really? While I’m at it, what happened to Rex Murphy? Have you both suddenly become ‘old’? We cannot leave the world the young will inherit to old men…and you can see why.

Which brings me back to Putin and Xi and Biden.

I want to think Biden will prove to be like my mom, who got more beautiful on the outside as she aged and this because she was so beautiful on the inside. Biden too has a compassionate face. Like my mom.

I would trust him before those blue-suited bastards in the EU. When push comes to shove, America never backed away in the past. Right now, I believe Americans tarry wrt Russia/Ukraine because they aren’t ready to take on China and Russia at the same time. America needs time to catch up with their missile delivery and defense systems…catch up? no! exceed, because within a few years they will have rolled out the next generation of missile defense systems with laser technology and that will trump anything hypersonic. This is too late to help Ukraine, however.

That’s why I am so miffed with the EU. The EU must stand up to Russia now and isn’t. They only way to avoid war with a tyrant is to show strength. APPEASEMENT WILL NOT WORK. The EU will continue to buy Russian oil and pump $$$ into the Russian economy, to be used to prop up Putin’s regime and continue the murder of Ukrainians IN THEIR OWN HOMES. Ukrainians are dying now. IF THE EU DOESN’T RISE TO THE CHALLENGE, then they will be dying soon enough; this on PuXi’s schedule.

THIS CAN BE AVOIDED IF THE WORLD UNITES IN OPPOSITION TO CHINA/RUSSIA. These two ‘goliaths’ know they haven’t a chance against a united World. They are trying to lure nations into their web; they will wrap them in spider-goo and then drain their economies and their wealth and leave an empty husk behind. American corporations did this too and this must stop everywhere.

Unite – around the World, our world, and Russia/China will stand down. WE WILL NOT HAVE TO FIGHT WWIII.

Unite within your own nations, and the ruling classes will stand down, nay, they will finally get off of their bellies and crawling through the corporate ooze for a few $$$ more…AND THERE WILL BE NO CLASS WARS EITHER.

The ruling classes must steward. They are not meant to be personally wealthy but to create policy to facilitate a healthy wealth distribution. Only then will they become the stewards the creator meant for them to be.

ALL-RIGHT, do I have to eat crow?…

Headline 2: Elon Musk challenges Vladimir Putin to a fight for Ukraine and he is ‘absolutely serious’ – I have been saying that’s how we should do things, just like in the old days. I had put my money on my PM Justin v. Xi. I would put my money on Elon too, except for the fact that, if you punch a marshmallow, well…you will only earn yourself sticky knuckles. Still, withal, I appreciate the gesture. It sounds ‘real’ and not so ‘Mount Olympian’.

Well, if Elon ever offered me a ride in one of his spaceships, even if it is one way to Mars, if he’s willing to live on a frozen sand dune like that, IN THE HOPES TO RECONDITION THE PLANET AND MAKE IT NICE, then I’d go along…at least he’s willing to put himself on the line TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

And so, I apologize to Elon for some of the criticisms; but not the story I wrote with a reference to Elon: that his mom says he can’t play Space Invaders until he first cleans up the ‘backyard’.

13 March 2022

Apparently the World, our world, is locked in such a kerfluffle of geopolitical bullroney that every step taken toward a peaceful global coexistence confounds some other deal made somewhere with someone sometime ago…well, aside of my obvious attempt to clean up my metaphors and adjectives, this acknowledgement in and of itself is a step forward toward peace; um, with the bots, I don’t actually attract human readers…

A World of self-interest, whether within communities of citizens or communities of nations, is a world that condemns itself to hell.

The social and spiritual atomicity of the ‘individual’ is the fallacy of neoliberalism and the end of whatever remains to us of the sacrifice the war generations made with their blood to liberty of humankind.

The wretched business in Ukraine is the latest and most egregious example of this.

We have Putin, the leader of a great nation, using his nation to make war on Ukraine (cousins to the Russian people) and on its own citizens who have risen in protest against Putin’s murderous gambit.

We have China, who was in a position to end this attack before it ever got started, JUST LIKE IT WAS IN A POSITION TO WARN THE WORLD ABOUT COVID-19 YET DID NOTHING – this is most alarming if it was deliberate, don’t ya think? And it casts its ravenous eye upon Taiwan. [IMO, the US pulled out of Afghanistan in the way it did in order to focus on its NATO commitments AND on China, who now threatens the Pacific theatre. Even so, America may have been caught with its pants down, and given that the EU is being governed by a coven of self-serving, self-congratulating, blue-suited bulroney-ers,¬†America must feel itself very alone and anxious…especially right now, when Putin is threatening nuclear holocaust if America does the right thing by Ukraine. Putin and Xi have hypersonic missile delivery systems and missile defense systems. America is developing laser technology which, once deployed, will overwhelm Russian and Chinese missile attack and defense capability. UKRAINE √† la the ALAMO, is buying time for America to develop the capacity to save the New World Order from China and Russia and Orwell’s prediction.

We have Iran. Iran hates Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia hates Iran, over religious differences, though they are both Muslim and dedicated to one god. The ‘Holy’ Land? seriously? it has given the World nothing but bloodshed, and this despite the fruits of an enlightened cultural history throughout and, which, despite its fervour for faith, and in abject defiance of the creator’s Golden Rule; thanks to their leaders, who will one day have to account for what they bring down upon the creator’s children).

Iran wants the sanctions leveraged by the West to end; but many influential people in the West do not trust Iran. Obama did. Biden is trying to. Trump undermined everything TO HELP HIS FRIEND PUTIN. Look what his friend is doing now. Remember what Trump tried to do just a few weeks before Biden’s inauguration. THE STATUS QUO OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER THE WEST IS BUILDING was being dismantled by Trump-Putin. REMEMBER THAT TRUMP ACTIVELY SET THE STAGE FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. In a back-handed sort of way, he was right to go after China; but China is no different than Russia and America.

Trump simply exchanged one master-devil for another. We only weakened ourselves and the cohesion of the World and set the clock back on the World’s progress, but not the doomsday clock, which went the other way.

We of the West are in the last throes of an internal war between neoliberalism and movement conservatism, even though both impetii lead to the same sordid end as China’s and Russia’s ‘politics’: fascist, authoritarian rule…THE HEGEMONY THE BOSS HOLDS OVER YOU AT WORK, based on your desperation to make a living and keep up with the bills…IMAGINE YOUR NATION BEING A BUSINESS WITH A BOSS. That’s where we are now; but it is not too late to reverse course…simply get rid of the Whip in democracy and get rid of the veto at the UN. Let a body of ‘senators’ what our Indigenous call ‘Elders’ who are responsible for guiding the ‘majority’ not controlling it, and see what god’s ‘people’ are actually capable of. Let’s vindicate Abraham Lincoln’s faith in ‘the people’ and ourselves, by not letting old Abe die for nothing.

America, if properly guided, if true to itself, will not allow its Wealthy to run the show. Wealth is what enabled China. China’s regime is the World’s problem. Other nations, pissed at America because of the bulroney America has done and for which it incurred a lot of bad karma against all of the good karma it earned with its young blood in the Great Wars, are being drawn into China Xi’s web of deceit, having nowhere and no one else to turn to. IF WEALTH HADN’T SCREWED THINGS UP SO BADLY with Trump at the helm, perhaps Iran/Israel would already be friends, and WE WOULD NOT HAVE TO GET INTO BED WITH THAT MURDEROUS THUG running Saudi Arabia (or the UAE).

In a world of self-interest, who can anyone trust? THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD NEED TO BE ABLE TO TRUST SOMEONE or the creator will take things into her/his own hands. THE FAILURE TO PROTECT THE WORLD’S CHILDREN FROM THE WORLD is the worst possible betrayal and denial of our responsibility. But then, we allow the unborn to be murdered and make it a crime to interfere with the woman’s ‘choice’, which it is, but at the same time, what woman would do that to her unborn, if she looked upon it as murdering a human she was tasked by the creator to be the garden of Life? As she gifts the World, her world, with a new life? Children, no matter when or where they are born, or what they are born into, BRING LIFE WITH THEM…CHILDREN ARE FULL OF LIFE and this is because when they first enter the World, our world, they are CONSCIOUS as the creator fashioned them. Then our world takes them from their loving parents; their loving parents give them away, nay, clamour for it, that they may try to close the gap on their debt but never will…that’s deliberate because is is controlling. DEBT IS¬† A LEVER OF WEALTH which renders the citizen ineffective to bring about social change and has been successful in its attacks on innocence, the children of the World, all at the behest of Wealth, because Wealth is what rules over us all.

If we decommission Wealth’s authority over us and our world, a whole new future will open to humanity…one which has always been there for us but which the Shadow of the Ego of Wealth blinds us to -deliberately.

I don’t know our PM. But if he does not see what’s going on, then he has no business being leader anymore than any of the others. We need real leadership. I don’t know anyone in government today prepared to deliver the leadership we need because that will threaten Wealth’s (and therefore, Satan’s) hegemony over the World, our world. Anyone who seriously attempts the fix, true leaders, will first be demonized/Me-tooed or something outside of¬† DUE PROCESS by Wealth, and if that fails, they will receive a bullet from another Oswald-patsy – those yahoos are everywhere to be found, willing to ‘make history’ when all’s they accomplish is the tightening of Wealth’s grip over society…DEMOCRATIC society, ostensibly in the name of protecting us.

I don’t know what to believe because Wealth owns the media for the most part. I don’t know where to worship because all faiths claim the corner on the market when explaining the will of god to us, when the breadth of god’s world fully eclipses the capacity of humans to understand god; as much as the world of humans exceeds the comprehensive capacity of bacteria to understand.

The bacteria will survive because they live in the world of the creator. THEY DO NOT TRY TO CREATE A DIFFERENT WORLD FOR THEMSELVES. An artifice is an artifice…no matter how much you repeat that narrative, that lie cannot do the work of the truth…wait and see.

Wealth departs from the World and understanding of the creator. Wealth cannot destroy the creator, tho’ Satan has been trying since long before the Fall of Man; it can only distract us, the way magicians do, with legerdemain of hand. That’s where their ownership of the media comes in very handy.


I recently wrote a song. It’s called, ‘Ego is the problem of the¬† World’. With the profoundest respect and to honour the valour of Ukraine, I repeat the lyrics here. Once I figure out how to upload an mp3 file to YouTube (you have to convert it to video, that much I know), I might do that; but my musical talent is not quite the quality of public fare…my kids could do it but they have other interests besides singing songs written by a 65-year old :


Ego is the problem of the World

Ego is the problem of the World

Anytime you get bitten, you’ll retaliate

Sure as shittin’

Ego is the problem of the World.


Ego is the problem of the World,

Ego is the problem of the World,

Every time you are driven

To kill yourself just to make a livin’

Ego is the problem of the World.


Ego is the problem for Ukraine

Ego is the problem for Ukraine

Have a look at what Putin’s doin’

It’s his brothers and sisters, his ego’s screwin’

Ego is the problem of the World.


Ego is the problem of the World

Ego is the problem of the World

‘Good’ is neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’

Just ‘f’ the politics; DO WHAT’S RIGHT

Ego is the problem of the World.


Ego is the problem of the World

Ego is the problem of the World

We must choose with no confusion

To be the problem, or the solution

Ego is the problem of the World.


Prayers for Ukraine. Prayers for America. Prayers for the citizens of the World, those who aspire to raise and educate their children to take over the reins and continue with building an equitable World Order based upon the Golden Rule and,


p.s. You cannot deal in good faith with China anymore than you can with Russia anymore than you can with the ruling classes anymore than you can with the devil. It was our ruling classes who thought it a good idea to build trade with, and export our jobs to China. Yes we ended up with cheaper prices, but if we are not working, what do we have to take advantage of the cheaper prices? Our wealthy have shown clearly that their wealth they value more than their honour and so, the bulroney us (I’m getting better!) about better prices and more choice, while they rake in the dough for themselves; leaving with progressively less, until we have nothing and we are now the problem for the police as we try to survive on nothing.

Wealth clearly values the purse above god’s intent, for humanity. Being the highest species on the evolutionary ladder, we were intended BY GOD, to steward.

Given the state we have brought the World to (the US opened the door to nuclear war in WWII, now Putin is amplifying and directing that bad karma against all of us), it is clear that HUMANS ARE NOT THE MOST HIGHLY EVOLVED SPECIES. Who then?

WAIT. Perhaps I am wrong. Pope, in toughest comments yet, calls Ukraine invasion ‘armed aggression’ | Reuters, who, for caring more that folks worship, rather than the way in which they worship, is being demonized for his peaceful ways, just like well meaning clerics working in the Residential Schools were demonized along with the bad ones.

Perhaps Israel will settle with the Palestinians and do what the creator wants, instead of what $$$/Power wants.

Perhaps Israel and Iran, one being a nation under god but governed by a neoliberal ‘democracy’, the other existing under ‘god’ in the vestments of the Ayatollahs but governed by a neoliberal ‘democracy’ (wtf?)…perhaps both can reconcile with one another and in the process and as a happy side effect, find themselves reconciled with god and god’s ways?

Perhaps the Kurds can be left alone, finally. And the Yemenis and everyone else engaged in a war.

Perhaps the murderous regimes in the Middle East (not mentioning any names) can bravely contest one another and dissipate their venomous, amorphous hatred in a battle between the heads of state as in the old days, in lieu of sending citizens to the slaughter…I recommend a UFC setting – that sport is nearly as barbaric as what passed for entertainment in the Roman Colosseum.

Since the days of the Roman Empire, which had conscripted Christianity into its network of evil through Constantine’s manipulations and interpolations into Judaeo-Christian scripture, humans have enjoyed watching the authorities burn people alive at the stake; stood idly by as millions of Jewish men, women, and children were¬† loaded onto cattle-cars for Hitler’s Final Solution; watched as the US military made the determination to drop atomic bombs on Japan. This act, meant to save lives by shortening the war, opened the door to nuclear war AND also to indiscriminate terrorism, given the number of Japanese civilians who were just living their lives, BUT happened to be citizens of a nation at war with the US, and were vapourized to make a point. Today, we stand and do nothing to keep Russia’s military from bombing the bejeezus out of Ukrainian men, women, and children, EVEN AS THEY TRY TO GET OUT OF THE WAY…. and we are afraid to say anything bad about China.

Perhaps our leaders will let go the reins and leave it to democracy, real democracy, not the neoliberal virtual kind of democracy, which moves the goal posts around so much that everyone is feeling right when everyone is patently wrong, but the Athenian or Swiss kind, wherein citizens, not Wealth, make national and global policy.

Perhaps the creator will send humankind yet another voice to express the creator’s hopes for humankind. Male or female, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Jew, someone who has no personal agenda apart from channeling the creator; the way the leaf channels the tree it is attached to, WITHOUT EGO GETTING IN THE WAY BETWEEN GOD AND HUMANITY.

When ego is in the way, we react to and are held captive by the reflection of ourselves. But do not worry…SATAN IS ALWAYS WILLING TO GUIDE US ALONG THAT chaotic PATH…the one that spirals downward into perdition.

The one Wealth follows in its service of Satan, choosing this over being Stewards under the creator.

Jesus channeled the creator in his Beatitudes. Blessed are the poor, he said, for they shall inherit the Earth.

Blessed are the Ukrainians, I say, for they lead the World away from the Shadow of ego and toward the Light of the creator. It is their resolve, their defiance of certain death in the face of a ruthlessly carnivorous enemy who is backed by an equally ruthless but obsequious Xi who kneels before Satan in full view of the World, our world.

Ukraine’s is an example, the only example, for people WITH HOUNOUR to follow, because it is honourable. Wealth does not value honour. It possesses the spiritual capacity to value profit, even over human life. hello?

Our heroes, long dead, gave their young lives in the Great Wars for this World to have a chance. But Wealth killed that chance as certain as it provided for the conditions out of which WWI emerged and was continued by Hitler.

Now, PuXi replaces Hitler/Mussolini. Putin, in taking China into bed, has doomed Russia to servitude, to second rate status with respect to China. If they were to engage and vanquish the Western Order, at some point they would turn on one another. Guaranteed. If we don’t succeed in carrying out Satan’s ‘new world order’ this time around, we’ll be gone, and the next generation of Russian and Chinese will finish the job for Satan and destroy what’s left of the Garden our creator fashioned for us to live in.

Perhaps the nations of the World, our world, will resort to their people to lead them. But, we have not shown ourselves capable to wield such power responsibly; the ruling class/Wealth is us and we have failed the creator along every conceivable dimension. Satan didn’t create us. The creator created us. If we worship Satan, why, we’re cutting it…we’re on the way to eternal death, having killed everything of the creator in us and in our world.

The creator promised us eternal life…just sayin’.

this coming straight from the ‘Soggy Bottom Boys’, who, in the song, Man of Constant Sorrow, end the description of man’s sad condition with, ‘there is one promise that is given…I’ll see you on…God’s golden shore’…when

…the Golden Rule and not the rule of gold, becomes once again the highest global authority…

12 March 2022

Before beginning the rant of the day, an announcement:

Today Canadanua kicks off the Canadanua Book Club. All are welcome to join. The read of the week:

The Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy,  by Noreena Hertz.

Email to Canadanua@Canadanua.com if you are interested in reading along and discussing the books or to suggest titles (for which I am greatly appreciative). If there is sufficient interest in the book club, I’ll try to set up a forum here. Otherwise, I’ll comment in the Daily Blog. All the best to you and yours…

p.s. there is also a new post, Family Lore.

Now, the rant:

When $$$ trumps right-action; when truth is apportioned according to convenience¬† (‘convenience’ measured in $$$), why ‘Houston, we have a problem’.

Russia has already lost, that is, if the ‘war’ (actually, a home-invasion with tanks and missiles) were being fought rationally.

It is irrational that Europe, so ‘behind Ukraine’ to the man and woman in the EU Parliament, would let bureaucracy interfere with Ukraine’s entry into the EU. This is an excuse. Selfishly, Europe’s political agglomeration only wants Ukraine if it doesn’t cost Europeans. I’m sure they love Ukrainian wheat.

HOW ANYONE IN HUMAN FORM CAN SIT AND WATCH THE CARNAGE and not want to get in between the Ukrainian moms and tots and their murderous assailants?

Young moms holding their child and crying helplessly…there is no worse feeling than not being able to help and protect your child. My prayers you will never have to experience that. I have – you, the parent, would rather be dead than helpless when it comes to your children – this is Nature. p.s. In my case it was the police who came to my family’s aid, when Children’s ‘Aid’ was the assailant – for which I received no apology. It became clear that these ‘public servants’ were more interested in protecting their arses than my child and I am not the only one. Because of my experience and second, third hand knowledge, if it were up to me, that draconian institution would be erased from society and replaced with something that actually is an A.I.D. to C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N. and their parents – taking the ‘heart’ out of the child does the child no more good than ‘taking the Indian’ out of the child did those poor innocent souls taken up by the Residential School demons – the government and its agents – the ‘Church’ is in the business of fighting demons, and so, any of them who harmed children in the those days were channeling Satan and not god). p.s. I have known many social workers. I can think of several who would qualify as exemplary human beings. But there are others who, if spirited like Putin, will use their power for their own ends, i.e. to cover their arses after ruining this family or that family and this child and that child, this parent and that parent…FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.

Like the Ukrainians, if they survive, they will carry what they have seen and experienced for their entire lives, until it is buried with them.

We must not forget.

President Biden is doing his best. I believe the Europeans are all about themselves. Some really are standing up for Ukraine, and trying to expedite the process of Ukraine’s entry into the EU. The others will block this initiative, because it will cost them. THEY WILL THEN HAVE TO STAND UP TO RUSSIA. When I conjure the image of that poor mom with her baby or that masked nurse? whose expression of hopeless acquiescence IMO will become iconic, I am moved from the viscera and the first words over my lips are directed at anyone citing bureaucratic concerns wrt to the admission of Ukraine…you are all selfish cowards.

President Biden will not send troops because he conflates direct confrontation with Russia with World War III. That means he already knows that China is waiting for its own opportunity, and, it won’t be peaceful, especially if it sees opportunity to expand its turf. China’s is a regime whose existence the World cannot tolerate…we have seen the proof. We extend the olive branch of cooperation and freedom to China and they used their new prosperity to build weapons THEY LIKELY PLAN TO USE TO, LIKE PUTIN, HOLD THE WORLD TO RANSOM under the threat of nuclear war WHILE THEY DO THEIR DIRTY DEEDS.

The situation now is that the Americans are bolstering big time Ukraine’s air defenses in the only way they can, given Putin’s and China’s ways. Knowing the Ukrainians, if an 8-year-old could hold a MANPAD, that 8-year-old would volunteer to fight.

The Ukrainians, even if there is some corruption within their politics that worries the EU, that is nothing in comparison to their heroism – if Putin moves on the rest of Europe, Europeans would want a leader like Zelenskyy and neighbours like Ukrainians to stand BESIDE THEM and not ‘behind’ them like those blathering idiots proclaim (while they congratulate themselves) in the EU Parliament – very much mimicking the ones in our own Parliament. If I were Ukrainian, I would be beyond words proud to be Ukrainian; as much as I am ashamed to be of the West and sitting at home watching the carnage unfold.

Soon, I believe, things will resolve. I don’t believe they will resolve into peace. There is too damn much self-interest in the World of today and too little honour remains to it.

While we yet have a modicum of honour left, we should rally around the U.S. and encourage our governments to support our militaries and to invite every unemployed and able-bodied retired person to work for the military, part time or full time – from now on; first as domestic active reservists, then as part of the UN standing active Reserve.

While we have a modicum of honour left, we should send in the Red Cross/UN whatever to evacuate the war zones. IF ONE SINGLE BULLET IS FIRED, ONE SINGLE BOMB DROPPED, OR ONE MISSILE LAUNCHED AT THE EVACUATORS/EVACUATEES, then we drop the gloves and move on Russia and China. Straightaway. That’s for starters.

Next, given Putin’s threats and Xi’s silence over them, once the evacuees are moved, follow Biden and keep supplying, supplying, supplying…training, training, training…providing intel. Putin and Xi will know about it. Let’s see what they are prepared to do about it. Let’s see who flinches first in the latest round of East v. West chicken.

My faith is in god, humanity, the World. I have no faith in ego; my own or anyone else’s. Ego is the problem of the World. When one becomes leader, of a family or a national society, one must always endeavour to check one’s ego at the door. Ego belongs between the ears; when it comes between two or more people, PEOPLE ALWAYS LOSE. There has never been a conflict that was not ego √† ego.

I sicken at the blather coming from our side. I sicken at the site of Putin with his marshmallow head and intellect; as much as I am with Xi and his N. Korean minime (who just decided to light off another ballistic firecracker). Some times both Putin’s head and Xi’s minime appear so puffed up they threaten to spontaneously explode…god help anyone who is too close when that happens.

I sicken at the headline indicating the WHO is deciding when to declare the pandemic over when we still haven’t been told how it began or why China kept it under the covers for so long before warning the World.

IF THE WEST MAKES PEACE WITH EITHER OF THESE INSIDIOUS REGIMES, if our Wealth classes continue to enrich these regimes by trading them, then I will take the knowledge to my grave that I was again fooled. ‘Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me.’

I want to believe in our leaders. Our leaders are of Wealth and serve wealth. Democracy is ‘of the people’. Does anyone see a problem here?

When our leaders stop talking and do something substantive about poverty (public housing will likely become public prisons…just look at how the rights of tenants defer to the ‘rights’ of owners); when they stop talking about reconciliation and actually create an Indigenous of Canada province with the rights and powers as Qu√©bec, say, being a distinct society (what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, oui?); when our politicians stop yakking about proportional representation (PR will water down democracy even more than it is now because THAT ISN’T THE PROBLEM democracies face:

The problem is the existence of the WHIP. The WHIP permits the government Executive to divorce itself from its accountability to Parliament (MPs representing their constituencies) so that it ‘executes’ the will of the Wealthy. This is what is undermining our democracy.

PM Trudeau should at least announce a 2% of GDP minimum investment in our military. We should also get back into shipbuilding and planes in a big way. At the end of the day, we must be capable to protect our own borders…in that way, we can best protect the northern border of our American buddies. I am a big fan of submarines, especially the kind that can thrive under the polar icecap, because that is where the action will come from China and Russia and, if we cannot muster the numbers to beat them back, then, like the heroes of the Ukraine (and of the Alamo), we will make them pay so dearly that they will only limp forward and eventually be swallowed up by¬† our Indigenous Rainbow Warriors in hand-to-hand battle…the ways heroes fight.

p.s. PM Trudeau – I feel your DPM may be filling your head with a lot of nonsense, given what I read from her book about plutocrats. But, being of the class she so obviously and obsequiously adores, you may have total buy-in? Redeem your soul and hers; redeem your self-respect and hers:

  1. Bring on Universal Basic Income, √† la the Senator’s bill, now, and at a living wage.
  2. Create community hubs to organize community workers of all ages who receive UBI and are not employed and able to reimburse the nation the expense (via a ‘negative income tax’ system). Organize the way John McKnight recommends in his Community and Its Counterfeits.
  3. Open the Military and the Police to folks to enlist in Active Reserves.
  4.  Implement a 2% minimum to Military and get back into ship building/air planes.
  5.  Remove our dependence on China and buy back whatever companies China now operates in Canada, at least until Taiwan takes over its mainland from that insidious and stupid regime. (stupid because Xi will destroy China just to keep it under his ass).
  6.  Implement a progressive tax on wealth and keep a proper and productive gap between returns on investments and GDP growth.
  7.  Implement a progressive income tax regime that will facilitate a Normal Distribution of Incomes and Wealth; in this way, the middle class will have the most power because they will have the most numbers and $$$ (and therefore political clout).

None of us is perfect. But if we begin now to hold right action above $$$ and expedience, above the Wealth-suborned, neoliberal takeover of democracy, we have time yet to balance all of the bad karma we humans have created or allowed others to create while we stood back and cowered, afraid of the cost to ourselves to be TRUE TO OURSELVES.

We cannot be true to god or to one another, not even to our own children, if we are not first true to ourselves. And we certainly will not be true to the war generations of the Past if we sit and allow our lives to be taken over by Putin, Xi, or Wealth/Satan, when they marched off of boats into a sea of blood and bullets to free Europe from the very tyranny we watch being willfully perpetrated upon the Ukraine. They rose to the challenge. We are all here today because they did.

Where does this leave our own children if we do nothing?

p.s. To President Biden and our American brothers and sisters: I am with you. For what that’s worth, because I’m not a young man. But if you will go to Ukraine’s defense, and you would take me, I would volunteer, that is, unless Canada were to ask me, because I am Canadian. The only thing I ask in exchange is that you ensure for all time that we abrogate the rule of the rich in favour of a true and robust democracy, one that will renew itself with each new generation.

Democracy and god both favour participative policy–making. Both favour the Golden Rule. Neither suborns or supports a disjunctive, ‘us and them’ society or World.

The very things Russia’s¬† and China’s regimes peddle, godlessness and enslavement of their people to Wealth’s propaganda, are anathema to the World of humans and species; the World the creator gave us. The cancers of Putin and Xi must be expunged from the body of the World, our world.

The cancer of the ruling classes everywhere must  be expunged from the World.

We are headed in the wrong direction. Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex and these are simply the Western-style façades of Wealth.

President Biden, we owe this to our children. Rich or poor, governor or governed, we must stand together against Putin and Xi’s evil ways.


How is it we are still ‘friendly’ with a regime that not only commits foul murder of its own citizens on foreign territory and is also able to execute 81 citizens in one day? I don’t believe for a moment that I would want that guy anteing-in on World politics, anymore than Putin, Xi, or the Ayatollahs (who inexplicably align themselves with godless regimes in the name of god).

11 March 2022

WRT Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine, its ongoing occupation of the Crimea and interference in the Donbas and Luhansk regions, none of today’s ‘leaders’ seem to know how to stop the murder of men, women, and children in Ukraine by their Russian neighbour without having to take on Russia and (likely) China.

FOR DIRECTION, we need to resort to the guy who, after being hit in the head by a falling apple, dreamed up classical physics.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law states, To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

NATO’s response to the events in Ukraine is patently not ‘equal’ to Russia’s actions. Our legislatures stand around,¬† give Zelenskyy a hearing, then stand around and root for them like a bunch of high school kids cheering on a pair who decided to lock horns during recess. Furthermore, the sanctions are going to result in run away inflation; scarcity of everyday items -items everyone needs to survive but only the wealthy will be able to afford. If war breaks out (I believe that it will) I wonder if my savings will suddenly get swallowed up by the ‘capital market’ and I will be left out in the cold?

What I am seeing from my own government and media does not fill me with hope for the future.

THE ONLY LEADER BEING A LEADER TODAY IS ZELENSKY. But the World seems to not have changed since the time of Jesus – oh, we’ll cheer him on, but, when push comes to shove and we have to defend the truth with our blood, OUR LEADERS WOULD TALK…

…while Putin’s legions KILL.

It is only a matter of time before PuXi brings its act to our shores. WHEN THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF TO XI AND/OR PUTIN TO INCREASE THEIR GEOPOLITICAL CLOUT, they will take advantage of it.

WE OF THE WEST are put at another disadvantage: because we insist on wrist-slapping rather than countering aggression with equal and opposite force, we will not vanquish miscreant regimes…

…we will talk.

BUT, Xi and Putin, the spoiled brats which they are, know that we will not spank their butts, that we will only talk, so they, like the rogue children they are and wielding so much independence, fog us, and just carry on doing what they darn well feel like.

Their intent is clear. It is a matter of time.

We of the West need to get our act together. We need to rein-in our ruling class/Wealth. It is they who have brought the World, out of greed for $$$ and power, to such an impasse as Ukraine.

It is not going to get better. The situation is ‘West-wealth’ v. ‘East-wealth’. Wealth cannot get along with itself because while division exists at that level, why, they will have their hands in one another’s pockets. When either side obtains a clear advantage, WAR WILL RESULT. But the Wealthy won’t be the ones who are dying…it’ll be the rank-in-file¬† citizens and their families.

For the sakes of future generations and species and the Earth Mother, we must listen to what Newton has to say. Maybe we need to be hit in the head with an apple too…

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey…anyone with an air force…should police the sky over Ukraine and clear the ground away from around the nuclear facilities for starters. The U.N. should declare the war illegal and require Russia to rollback everything since 2014, give Russia a week to get out completely, and if any ‘stragglers’ remain, strafe their butts to help them move faster, but without killing unless they are still murdering Ukrainians.

I can understand how Ukraine is wondering now about NATO. I can understand why Finland is now clamouring for membership BEFORE PUTIN CASTS HIS LASCIVIOUS GAZE THAT WAY. [And don’t kid yourself about Xi either].

I believe the World, our world, the world of humans, is at a point of inflection: we must come out from under the shadow cast by the ego of Wealth/neoliberal democracies-authoritarian regimes over the societies humans create.

Given how corrupt our politics is become, IT MAY BE NECESSARY FOR THE MILITARIES OF THE WORLD, our world, TO COME TO HUMANITY’S DEFENSE, by setting aside the authority of their leaders who now pervert their nations’ constitutions, and agreeing among each other TO NEVER BE THE FIRST TO DO VIOLENCE TO ANOTHER, to decommission their weapons of mass destruction, to police, contain, and constrain wayward regimes that suborn ravenous geopolitical agendas.

It may be necessary to set aside what passes for democracy today in favour of a brief transitional period toward a truly participative democracy, true democracy, and not the bedtime-story version the media regales us with every day (not their fault, it’s the fault of the ones who own/control the media).

For real, substantive, and positive change to happen, we must be prepared to DO WHAT IT TAKES.

Newton discovered this principle as an operative of Nature.

There is another operative, equally rudimentary: To everything there is a season…

and there are the Beatitudes, given us by the Christ, through Jesus.

We need to get back to the Garden. We already know how. We must stand against evil in all of its forms, wherever and whenever evil manifests.

We must Stand.

p.s. I am watching WION’s Gravitas right now. What the anchor, Palki Sharma Upadhyay, says about the West and especially about the EU, and in particular the French guy and the German guy…’all of the trappings of power, none of the substance…’ Well, I wish the anchor of Gravitas was running things and not these blue-suited buffoons.

Ukraine is under assault because of a failed promise from NATO/the EU, according to my understanding of Gravitas.

Nothing has changed; not since we left the Garden.

When the West of which I am a part politicizes the f out of what is happening to Ukraine, at the same time trying to convince me they are doing something [I’m waiting for when the ‘hard times, sorry! we can’t keep up with your retirement benefits…very sorry!….good luck’ message from Mount Olympus to come], and given that, in the international response to the pandemic, our ‘leaders’ seem to have forgotten the poor (but they remembered the investors! especially the ones in Europe, China…), forgotten China and COVID-19 and its initial coverup, and now finding myself awash in the ‘leadership’ of blather, while Ukrainian men, women, and children are dying at the hands of Putin (and we are talking about negotiating? Putin just walked into Ukraine and started shooting and bombing everyone…would you negotiate with a home intruder, to see if there is a part of the home he might let the homeowner keep? Would the neighbours support such an agreement, when, if they have one brain cell between them, they will reason their homes are next?

Plainly, our ruling class folks see us as fodder, nothing more than that. People are dying and being misplaced in the millions. We are receiving them, yes, and that is something, but, what are they going to do away from their homes while their homes are being destroyed?

We have no leadership because our leadership serves Wealth and Wealth has brought our World to this state.

It is become a World of hypocrisy. The World is this way because we have been cultivated to worship $$$ and those who have the most.

We lack honour and success is determined by how little honour one has left and how well the hide the fact.

Appearance over reality.

Virtual reality for the masses, unless someone needs them for fodder to make a geopolitical point.

I sicken at the site of the PM and Deputy PM these days. I am trying not to. I want to believe in them but I see just too much evidence to the contrary and trying to pass off their weakness wrt the Ukraine as strength is just too much for me have to listen to. I’m watching WION because at least the Gravitas anchor is not afraid to say what she thinks. She doesn’t appear to be interested in wasting her time making sense of the insanity of the politicians in the EU, for i.e….

The neoliberals around the World seem busy with taking out the trash….the poor white trash. After that, they’ll get to all of the other colours. But for now, they need the other colours to help then demonize the poor white trash; to help separate themselves from their responsibility as stewards, and to facilitate the fractionation of Canadian and World society into ‘us and them’. Then all of the poor will be excluded from all opportunity in society, regardless of colour, race, creed, or gender…and we will have arrived at the culmination of neoliberal political and social philosophy: Dear Abbey, Dear Abbey, my feet are too long, my hair’s falling out, AND MY RIGHTS ARE ALL WRONG. Now I get what John Prine must have meant by that…owing to our position of being first in line, poor whites are first; but soon to be followed by everyone else who falls into poverty…duh!

At one time our government needed the Church to help with the ‘Indian problem’; now they condemn the whole Church, when it was miscreants working for or in the Church, at the behest and under the watch of government agents, who were responsible for the Residential Schools.

The World, our world, is organizing into two camps, Wealth and everyone else. When Wealth disagrees with itself (as it is right now between passive-aggressive neoliberal pseudo-democracy and naked authoritarianism) it will be the trash fighting and dying to save their respective nations, and, Wealth will eventually shake hands, swear ‘never again’ and then grease one another’s palms until one of them decides they want a bigger slice of the pie.

For my part, I so wanted to believe in the Liberals after Stephen Harper. They wear different clothes, they are comported differently (but this is cultivated), but behind the curtain it is business as usual.

We lack honour in our leadership. We exist to serve them; not the other way round, as Mandela would have it. Mandela spent a good part of his life in jail for his beliefs. He is in Heaven right now OR NO ONE IS, not even my mom.

I know my mom is in Heaven. She magnified the spirit of the god I believe in (not the god of the OT; and not Jesus, who channeled the Christ but could not himself have been the Christ, anymore than a needle on a Pine tree is the per se Pine tree…hello?).¬†[this is not to say Jesus won’t come again, that’s up to god and Jesus. But I’ll warrant when Jesus does show up, he won’t be alone…Mohammed, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Gandhi…they’ll be there right along with Jesus. All magnifying the creator of the Universe.]

Bringing with them the gift of the Golden Rule and the keys to the Garden.

10 March 2022

Headline 1: Russia may attack Ukraine with chemical weapons, claims White House

Very clearly, Russia’s regime has fallen off of the edge; reminiscent of the long night of Stalinism. That murderous coward invited a group of journalists to tour some ship of significance (I go by memory of what I had read); and then, once inside, the hatch was sealed and the ship sunk with all-journalists aboard. In those dark days, Russia’s peoples were made to tolerate Stalin’s ways out of fear.

Today, the ghost of Stalin has take over the mind of Russia’s newest dictator; visions of power-plumbs dancing in his head.

Today, unlike in the days before ‘social’ media, good news travels as fast as the bad, and Russian citizens, in particular young people, are seeing the carnage their leader is responsible for in Ukraine and telling Putin et al.¬† THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE.¬†

Clearly, the World, all around our world, now understands the abject perversity of war: The murder of innocent men, women, and children, in order to acquire a permanence that ONLY PEACE IS ABLE TO ACHIEVE.

The pursuit of Peace in non-peaceful ways (to wit, in coercive ways, even if they are non-violent) is certain to lead to more violence, if history has taught us anything at all. THE ROAD TO PEACE LAY  OPPOSITE THE DIRECTION TO WAR AND COERCION. See here.

Ukraine’s fight today is also our fight; today, tomorrow, and for always…against the darkness (of ego) that always threatens to overwhelm the Light of the human spirit but does not and cannot – that Light is an extension of the light of the Big Bang impetus…going forward, arching ever so slight, that the beam that emerged from the mind, heart, and soul of our creator in its time returns to the Source and completes yet another cycle.

AS FOR CHINA – why, it is the same as for Russia. China’s godless, Golden Dragon-ruled society is the result of the darkness of ego motivated by greed to achieve a level of insidiousness unmatched in human history…save for, maybe, Stalin and Hitler…but then PuXi is just getting started.

They feel their time is now. They are gauging the West’s resolve while squelching the resolve of their own citizens.


But the regimes who press the lid of coercion down hard, even upon their own (note that through poverty and the Whip we oppress our own citizens of democracy in other, less overtly violent ways) are between their citizens and democracy, just like our ruling class is in the way between ‘democracy’ and democracy in the West.

The ruling class MUST STEWARD. I don’t make the rules – GOD DOES!

The choice before the World today, is to continue on building a World Order corrupted by Wealth and the pursuit of hegemony over others OR TO CHANGE DIRECTION and build a New World Order, one of collaboration and cooperation; one where excess on any dimension is first redistributed to those who lack BEFORE IT IS ADDED TO ANYONE’S EXISTING WEALTH. In this way, the fortunes of the ‘individual’ will grow as the ‘society/family’ he/she is part of grows, as the Earth Mother’s¬† providence grows…

…then we can collectively gather and watch Elon and Jeff launch themselves off into Space, to find a planet for themselves which, one day, the Little Prince will come to visit to ask them ‘why did you do that?’

But we will be too busy stewarding our planet, for one another, and for our children and their children, to give those two much attention besides a shrug of the shoulders.

AS FOR PUTIN AND XI (PuXi) pronounced ‘poo-chee’ – what I used to call doggies when I was little; BUT, that is where the similarity ends…there is nothing ‘cute’ about these two.

There is only one fate for these two. If you have seen the film Little Nicky, why, you will recall the scenes featuring Hitler and his divine punishment. In Putin’s case, the demons of Hell won’t be using a watermelon, but one of Russia’s new Typhoon-class behemoths. For Xi, it will be his new supercarrier. The punishment must fit the crime.

I can’t wait for Little Nicky Part II.

p.s. Where is Israel? I had so hoped they would just come out of nowhere and turn Satan away from Ukraine. I had so hoped Iran would ditch Russia and China and try to find the way to reconcile with the West and with Israel. BOTH SIDES OF THE IRAN EQUATION HAVE DONE EVIL TO THE OTHER SIDE. I do not care anymore. If the Past is allowed to inform the Present, the World will never be able to free itself AND MOVE FORWARD.

The West, its great ruling class suborned faults notwithstanding, knows this. This is why we have the U.N. today. It is why we have NATO.

NATO is not the ‘tree’; it is only a sapling. It must grow to become a tree and the tree is the whole World. This is the way the World, our world, can abolish War.

But, the World must take great pains to ensure that no one group can take it over and that is the systemic danger associated with centralization.

Therefore, power wielded by the U.N. must be distributed internally in an equitable manner, in  collaboration. IT MUST BE A DEMOCRACY. No veto. A Security Council accountable to the General Assembly. A General Assembly accountable to the World, our world, and to its creator, whatever one wishes to call him/her.

Therefore, the truth, as it is, is what we watch on the tv, not the truth as our ruling classes want us to believe it is.

The ruling class narrative has become old. We the World have matured and their bedtime stories now give us nightmares.

We want to hear a better story from our ruling class. We want to hear the Stewards tell it the way our moms and dads told us when we were little…that we might fall asleep, fighting to stay awake because being awake is just so much fun…

…instead of becoming adults who opt to sleepwalk their way through life because the narrative is so scary and makes us all want to run and hide…


p.s. The news from WION about Ukraine and the World is disconcerting. WION makes it a point to point out that they cannot independently verify their sources and that both sides claim malfeasance on the part of the other side.

THAT BEING SAID, I like their reporting. I don’t agree with everything coming from Gravitas, but I like their anchor’s efforts to speak the truth. No one has a corner on the market of truth, but, we must always endeavour to be impeccable with our word and to never assume

On the potential use of chemical weapons and/or other weapons of mass or even indiscriminate destruction (such as these thermobaric rockets/vacuum bombs which suck up the surrounding oxygen in order to make a bigger/hotter blast, one capable of vapourizing human flesh), well, the World is already clear. And the U.S. is already talking about that…direct confrontation with Russian and China is becoming more and more inevitable with each day passing.

Are we being prepped for war at the same time we are being led to believe our side does not want war? This would not even be a question for me, if our ruling classes were stewards, WHICH THEY ARE NOT. They are opportunists.

Many of us are going to die; proportionality far fewer of the ruling class folks will die, if they can buy their way to shelter themselves and keep far from the fray, like the English Kings of old, whose contribution to the battle consisted of getting on and then off their ‘high horse’.

This is what wealth has brought the World, our world to.

If any of us survive what appears to be on the horizon, WE MUST NEVER ALLOW EGO/WEALTH/SATAN purchase in fashioning the society and world we live in.

In the meantime, we must stand united with our ruling class, with one another, WITH UKRAINE. We must face it WITH UKRAINE; it will come to our shores in time, and so, to achieve the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME going forward, WE NEED TO STAND AND STAND TOGETHER right now.

It is time. We must deliver PuXi an ultimatum. We must pushback against the Fantasian black hole’s spread. The Never Ending Story is not a story of death, darkness, and coercion or it would never have made it as family fare.

It was to encourage parents to get in touch with the child within, with their childlike imaginations, capable of imagining wonderful things, including a world without poverty and violence, so that the children of the World will not have to do without. It is a warning against the death of imagination.

It is a tale of our times. Be warned. Be afraid. But like Ukraine, be prepared for the battle of a lifetime, in fact, this time, a battle of the Ages.

God is watching. PuXi should be afraid. Very afraid. Not just in the short term, but afterwards, when they appear before the creator…naked and with their song on their lips and nothing else.

At this stage, what is of the ego is condemned to hell and what is of the Light returns to the Light from which the spirit emerged, and begins to navigate its way in the Light.

There may not be much left of PuXi after the accounting, unless they change NOW and cast off the shadow of their ego, that they may be healed and rejuvenated by the Light. The same for our own leaders in some respects, although they at least acknowledge that war profits no one except weapons manufacturers and their investors.

Observation: The self interest of neoliberal democracy, within and among nations, is patently not working. Our self-interest only served to enrich the most sordid, despicable, insidious regimes of PuXi and this is now coming back to haunt us. The culpability of our ruling classes our ruling classes will be held accountable for, one day.

But today, we must deal with PuXi and its unlikely Iranian cronies – ‘unlikely’ because Xi head a godless regime, which Iran’s ‘god-fearing’ Ayatollahs seem to have no problem making friends with.

H.E.L.L.O. ?

I find Xi to be nothing but a bottom-feeder. Putin is a bottom-feeder. They have much in common with one another BUT NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THE PEOPLE AND THE CULTURES they now lead by some insane twist – insane in any narrative OTHER THAN THE NARRATIVE WEALTH has been regaling the citizen with forever.

To the Chinese people: the World has benefited greatly from your history and culture. Your nation has built up a lot of good karma and the creator, IMO, is gladdened by this – if you turn back toward the Light, 180 degrees from where Xi is leading you, you will see the creator’s smiling face shining down upon you. Your greatness is already assured. Please don’t let Xi take all of that away from you. You have a President, one who will stand up for you on the mainland like she is doing for Taiwan, against a big bully. With a leader like her, a leader as brave as Ukraine’s Zelenskyy, the citizen cannot go wrong – you will be protected from the piranhas, whether they lead other countries or your own, because your Taiwanese leader will put herself between you and those who threaten you and your children. Right now, children are being bombed and murdered while they sleep in their hospital beds AND XI DOES NOTHING BUT ‘WATCH’.

God is watching and god knows your heart. China is a great nation led by a bastard who wants to leverage its greatness to create wealth and power for himself, using his own citizens as stepping stones.

To the Russian people: your nation was first to confront the tyranny of the autocratic rule of the Tsars. Bravely done. You turned back the Napoleonic France and after that, you beat back Nazi Germany. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT THAT YOUR TIMELESS BRAVERY AND HEART was usurped by the lasciviousness of leaders like Stalin, and now Putin. Gorbachev sought to bring you into the Light. You know he was right. Had he lived and stewarded longer, we might not be facing the threat of total annihilation Putin (and Xi) offer the World today; AND WE CERTAINLY WOULDN’T BE STANDING BACK AND WATCHING for fear that Putin would actually use nukes and start a process that will end in the annihilation of everything you (and us) love and know.

but it will destroy all of the evil under the Sun.

There’s a better way. We must acknowledge one another. You are us and we are you. The only thing that separates us from this truth is ego. THE EGO OF OUR LEADERS WHO SERVE THE EGO OF WEALTH.

Marx was not evil. He was demonized by those who are evil. If Jesus was writing when Marx was, he’d have likely said the same things.

To the World: Our fight is not with one another. Our fight is against EGO. Ego is the problem of the World. IF WE WANT TO SURVIVE WE MUST TURN OURSELVES AND THE WORLD INSIDE-OUT.

Ego belongs ‘under the bedsheets’ as it were and is not meant to be paraded about in the light of day. We shouldn’t have to deal with anyone’s ego. Ego is the purview of the individual who owns it. YOU DO NOT OWN MY EGO AND I DO NOT OWN YOURS.

Neither one of us owns PuXi’s egos. Satan does.

Keep your ego between your ears where it belongs. I will try to do the same. As long as we try, we are succeeding even when it doesn’t look like it.

The tree is know by its fruit. That suffices. Keep Satan trapped in the darkness between your ears and, while ignoring him you can get on with the business of extending god’s creation in new and wonderful ways that hurt no one and benefits everyone.

The World must turn its back on Russia and on China and on Iran and any other regime in the service of the darkness and on individuals who channel darkness.

But we cannot turn our backs on Ukraine’s fight. There is no other way left to us but to put ourselves between Putin’s insane war, propped up by China-Xi.

I am a disappointed with China and Russia as anyone can be. We can have a much better world right now if only we stop trying to own it. No one owns it. Even its creator left us the free will to do with it as we pleased; I suppose thinking we would want to better it rather than milk it for all its worth; leaving death and destruction in our wake. Like cancers.

9 March 2022

Before delving into today’s rant, I want to point out that, while watching the ‘experts’ blather on about how the World economy is going to be affected by the ‘war’ (not at all ‘war’ but burglary and home’s defense), and watching the background business-suited gallery listen on, I was suddenly struck by the frightening notion that our leaders are not only writing a fictional narrative of the World to regale the masses with, they have fallen into believing their own bullshit. THIS IS PATENT EGO. When ego comes to believe its own narrative, that’s when the psychiatrist or counsellor comes in, BECAUSE AT THAT STAGE OF PATHOLOGY, the patient is certifiably insane. THINK WELL UPON IT.

Yesterday morning, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy vowed to British Parliament that Ukraine will fight on until the end. Today, he is open to not having Ukraine join NATO (Putin Condition #1), and¬† to discussions over the status of the ‘break away regions of Luhansk and the Donbas (Putin Condition #2). I didn’t hear mention of Crimea…

Yesterday there was talk of shipping Polish MiGs to Germany and then from Germany to Ukraine. That was trumped by the Pentagon, very likely for the same reason it does not support a NATO-provisioned no-fly zone.

What changed overnight?

The West talked, dithered, applauded, vowed to stand ‘with Ukraine’ while keeping at arms-length, permitting Putin’s minions to murder innocent men, women, and children, ALL IN THE NAME OF THE STATE of Russia, but will not stand against Putin.

Neither will we stand against China, and guess what? Taiwan is next…and then the South China Sea…and then…?

Putin bulldozes his way across Ukraine, over men, women, and children -we stand by and observe and deplore. Putin bulldozes…when will he stop?

He wants ‘equality’ on the geopolitical stage with the West. So does China.

BOTH ARE WILLING TO KILL; BOTH ARE WILLING TO THREATEN TO USE NUKES, either overtly, as Putin is doing now, or passive-aggressively, as China is doing.

I understand that, despite the anti-war protests within Russia (IMO, this is not a war, it is a sordid invasion), Putin’s position is secure and that we cannot expect a regime change soon enough to matter for Ukraine.

AND SO…we come around, full-circle, once again, to Orwell’s nightmare. ALL OF THE KILLING WE WATCHED AND DEPLORED AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IS all for nothing.

Today, the headlines are about economic sanctions. The U.S. is cutting off Russian oil and gas, which is a largely symbolic gesture, given the amounts involved. Russia is threatening to stop the flowing natural gas to Europe. And now we are being threatened with empty grocery shelves and hyper-inflation (all which will marginalize the poor even more than they are already in their progressive, democratic nations), BECAUSE INVESTORS ARE SHAKEN.

Lions and tigers and bears…OH MY! … Lions and tigers and bears…oh my!

Rein-in the f-ing investors, please. We come now to the real reason why Putin is able to step on the faces of children with his army boots and no one does anything about it. We send money. We send guns. We stay at home and watch, except for the 16,000.

Investors could forgo their f-ing interest and ensure the World’s energy is being shipped to where it is needed.

THE WORLD THAT TOLERATES WHAT PUTIN IS DOING NOW is a cowardly world; given to obsequiousness toward whomever holds the biggest stick, because $$$ is what EVERYONE WORSHIPS, and the one with the biggest stick controls the most $$$.

The world which tolerates the elevation of one group above the other, which believes that virtual reality is a viable substitute for the real deal, whose democratic neoliberal governments knowingly undermine democratic and religious institutions as they pay lip-service to democracy…

…why, there is no honour left among our leaders whatsoever, if they suborn all that.

AND WE TOLERATE ALL THAT. We tolerate that even when we can see the effects of ruling class rule sleeping among garbage over downtown subway gratings. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO END UP LIKE THIS? Would you mind if if your children or grandchildren ended up like this? Can you guarantee they will not?

Thursday (tomorrow) the two ‘sides’ of the ‘conflict’ (‘conflict’¬† in the way that a bank robber and a hapless teller are embroiled in a ‘conflict’). I just heard the anchor on WION’s Gravitas program say, ‘Ultimately it is up to Ukraine and Russia to solve this crisis’.

Really? So, the police should stand back and let the bank robber and the teller resolve their ‘conflict’?

I don’t know which is more mind-boggling: that our leaders actually chose the path of bamboozling their public into believing their cowardly service to Wealth, protecting their investments rather than Ukrainian children and moms, is actually doing something responsible and proper; OR the public’s willingness to buy the b.s. of their leaders?

The ruling classes are separating themselves from the masses. The masses are become fodder in the geopolitical games of the ruling classes, which boil down to a game of Monopoly…only, with ongoing murder, styled as legitimate wars, occurring along the margins between three main power blocks: Orwell’s Oceania(America), Eurasia(Germany/EU or Russia’s), and Eastasia(China).

The folks living in the margins will see only poverty and war and death.

The folks living within the respective blocks will experience dystopia if of the masses; kowtowing to the egos of their wealthy masters if they are of the manager-professional class and liking the scraps they receive from their masters’ tables.

Some world for our generation to leave as its legacy to the next generation.

Today, my prayers are for Ukraine. Tomorrow, for the World, our world.

Clearly, my faith in our leaders was misplaced. They cannot care for someone like me if they can stand back and rationalize doing nothing while Putin pummels Ukrainian men, women, AND CHILDREN. Worse than this, they cannot care about my children and their prospects.

But they want my children and at an ever-earlier age.

We still haven’t been told the truth about COVID’s origins. There has been no accounting for the insidious, despicable murder of Jamal Khashoggi by a state actor. Our Liberals in Ottawa thought it m√™te to stoke and focus blame for the Residential Schools upon the Catholic Church, for crimes against children and their families, perpetrated by wayward Catholic clerics, oftentimes, prevented by others of the Church,¬† all of those deaths of the innocents overseen by government agents, because they, and not the church, WERE TASKED WITH ENSURING THE GOVERNMENT’S OBJECTIVES WERE CARRIED OUT.

The World lacks honour. Our neoliberal, ruling-class-creation, ‘democratic’ governments are leading¬† humankind first to a dystopic future (for most humans) while they live above the squalor they oblige the rest to live in.

But it will not end in a status quo which favours the World’s wealthy. A World of ‘us and them’ is an untenable condition. This is why the Normal Distribution ‘Bell – Curve’ is a bell-curve; the social environment Wealth is creating for the unwealthy to roil in is UN-NATURAL and therefore requires FORCE (police folks as zookeepers) in order to keep it together.

This is the inevitable culmination of the World Order which is emerging today. The tripartite, honourless world, where we can sit in our living rooms, in front of our televisions, deplore the misfortunes of others as a distraction from our own, AND NOTHING EVER CHANGES.

Things only get worse.

Be warned.

I am sick at heart. I can see ego rear its ugliness everywhere, even in my own family and myself. The callousness of ego is extraordinary.

Especially when it comes down to $$$, why, you don’t even know your own. When a choice is before you involving $$$, why, that is when your true colours are revealed.

We are being setup, encouraged, to believe in ego, in the individual, not because it will do us any good at all (just ask the Little Prince), but because it will do the egos of Wealth good for a little while longer, before this attitude brings the sky down upon us all.

And then, when us folks, duped by our own leaders, in whom democracies place their trust, go before the creator to account for what we did on Earth…how will any of us justify to god that we permitted the slaughter in Ukraine, not to mention those countless Indigenous children of the Residential Schools and missing women?

What about the Palestinians?

We must act. We must act responsibly. The ruling classes will lose much wealth; that is their pain. They will become more like us as society becomes more equitable. They will serve society as stewards, not as self-glorifying space-truckers or whatever.

And we won’t have to listen to them talk! talk! talk! to make us believe their are crises and that these crises are being resolved. Like a cheap novel, we are being led through a narrative of Wealth’s construction: for every event, there is a ‘yes-but’ or ‘no-and’ associated. We go from incident to incident, we vote in elections, and feel positive for a little while, and then the plot is advanced…we become diaffected with whomever is in government at the time and vote for the opposite side…

…around and around we go, where we stop, why, the ruling class doesn’t even know…

God  knows.

God is watching Putin, Xi, and Biden/the West.

Oh Israel! Israel! come to the aid of the World, our world. Be once again, the people of the One God, and lead the World god has given humankind toward everlasting Peace and Joy. Settle with the Palestinians first, today. Then move on Russia. Send your pilots and planes to Ukraine. Protect the innocent when no one else is able or lacks the honour to.

There is honour left in Israel. JVP has been fighting its own government on behalf of their Palestinian brothers and sisters and their children. Let the Sun of Israel come to Ukraine’s valiant defense.

I have seen no greater faith and courage in all of the World, our world, than what I have seen coming from Ukraine. The images of President Zelenskyy’s pleas to America’s Congress and to the British Parliament, juxtaposed with all of those speakers in those institutions of ‘democracy’ spitting their lungs out while vowing to ‘stand with Ukraine’ as they do nothing but leverage sanctions…

China and Russia and partners have a gun to our heads and we do what they tell us.

We are afraid to die for right. We are afraid to die in the service of our creator. If we are afraid to die, Satan has leverage over us and can get us to do anything, even watch others murder children and do nothing about it. I recall soldiers falling on live grenades to protect children who happened to be in harm’s way…I don’t ever recall hearing about a politician doing that.

But all is not lost. Not yet. I see a young woman, Batool,¬† on WION addressing the¬† Youth 2030 conference, in 2021, expressing her generations hopes and dreams for the future. I’m not sure how many of the adults in the room accorded her the courtesy of listening, given all of the milling about and side conversations one sees going on behind her (or they are into their smartphones), BUT I HOPE HER MESSAGE WAS RECEIVED.


Watching WION. I just heard the anchor say that the IAEC condemns Russia’s assaults on Ukraine’s nuclear facilities and is telling them to stand down. She goes on to say, ‘Russia doesn’t have to listen’, ‘but’, she points out, ‘this is another diplomatic blow against Russia’.


The very moment a Russian soldier killed a Ukrainian child, why, for me, anything else, ESPECIALLY DIPLOMATIC ‘BLOWS’ pale in the comparison. What passes for news is the bullshit our ruling classes want us to believe; but it does not change the fact that innocent men, women, and children are being sacrificed to the God of GDP and geopolitics, right before our eyes, and we blather.

Hello? Is there anyone home with at least a modicum of honour left?

The World is in an existential crisis today because humanity has been suffering from spiritual dysfunction for millennia. It is coming to a head in our times because there are so many of us. That’s why climate change is becoming a problem. We are too many. That’s why ocean stocks are depleted. We are too many. That’s why the forests/trees, those magicians of the creator who purify and generate the air we breathe, who purify and circulate the water we drink, all the while providing shelter and food and habitats for the birds and the critters, are disappearing apace.

But, we talk. Our leaders talk. The media reports. Wealth rules. Satan rules Wealth.


I often beat up the media, not because they are not incredibly gifted people, but because they are beholden to the folks who pay their wages, just like teachers and doctors are beholden to the folks who pay their wages; but some of them are now in harm’s way to give us the story from Ukraine.

These media folks are heroes too. Not so their employers, who send them there, but remain safe at home. Who will deplore the violence, tell their intrepid reporters what a great service they do for the World (and they are), but, if that reporter is killed or maimed in the line of duty, why, they’ll just send another, and another…

…while the World watches the television and the media owners make money hand-over-fist.

Very nearly forgot this Headline 1: Warning from Wuhan: Chinese scientists say new COVID variant ‘NeoCov’ has high mortality rate – um, thanks for letting us know, THIS TIME. How long have you known? What have you done to contain this one?

The only reason I am watching the news and not the good Bishop, the good Father, or the good Cardinal is because I already know where the folks who live in the Light of the Creator and not in the Shadow of Satan/human ego are bound.

I believe what is OF THE EGO, is bound to the Earth, and will die along with it.

Putin has gone too far to stop. The World of humans has permitted too much already to be sure it can save itself from damnation, were it to act NOW.

But now we must act. All of the blather accomplished nothing, anymore than an hour long talk will correct the child’s behaviour. Every now and then, a firm but measured slap in the rear is what is necessary and does the situation and the child the most good. The energy is changed. The situation is over. The child has learned its lesson.

The World, our world, must act today, as the responsible parent, who will do the measured response for the sake of the recalcitrant ‘child’, for the sake of the ‘family’, and for the ‘neighbourhood’.

Headline 2: Europe paying $285M every day in oil payments to fund Putin’s war in Ukraine – our ruling classes/leaders did not anticipate their enriching themselves on the backs of their poorer citizens was going to lead to the situation we have today.

We are no better off, the World is no better off, than if we had left China alone behind its Wall and simply ignored it. Instead, our ruling classes got wealthier by trading with China and exporting our jobs and livelihoods to China. But we are better off for it, our ruling classes tell us.

They also tell us that Toronto is a ‘great city’. Okay. It depends on where you are looking from. From the perspective of the business folks looking down on the streets from on high, yep, it’s a great city.

I wonder if the folks sleeping on those Toronto streets feel the same way?

This is the world we live in. oh-oh-oh.

N.B. Signing off for the day. I’ve listened to Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy say he’s giving up on NATO since NATO is afraid to fight the Russians. Even with all of the atrocities being committed, in full view. But NATO is punishing Putin with fines and blather. They are letting China off the hook for everything, including COVID.

I am sick at heart. The Ukrainians are fighting for THEIR COUNTRY, while my country is becoming more unrecognizable: if Canada were to come under attack, which Canada am I fighting for? The one I grew up believing in or the one I am seeing represented by tweedle dee (our PM) and tweedle dumb (his understudy)? I use small caps, because if we elect the Cons, I want to reserve the capitalization for the one-two punch they deliver to the noses of the vulnerable at home and ABROAD.

I wish Israel, whom I read about as a child, with a child’s understanding, would stand up and show leadership to our leaders. They called on their God in Genesis, and their God delivered them from their enemy, over and over again. Reach out, embrace the Palestinians as your best buds, and together, bring Arab and Israeli, Muslim, Christian, and Jew, together and together mount an offensive against Satan/Putin-Xi. What they are prepared to do to their own (witness the camps Xi is building to ‘house’ ethnicities other than Chinese) they will do to the citizens of other nations.

Please stand up for the World that has shown you its best and worst sides. You were chosen by god for a reason. Perhaps that reason is to show the World that the way forward is one of Peace and Equality under god, for all god’s creatures; but that a battle must be fought with the cancer that now inflicts the World. Putin and Xi are the cancer. Their ego is the cancer. They channel Satan, not the Light.

Be what god dreamed for Israel to be: not the hand of Satan but that of the creator of the World, our world, but THE HAND OF GOD.

Please come out of your homes and rise to the defense of Ukraine and of a World burdened by Wealth.

We cannot buy our way out of this mess. We must fight our way out becuase Putin and Xi will keep going. Our leaders, like the intrepid Ukrainian President says, are afraid of Russia.

I so wish we had a leader like Zelenskyy to vote for in the other nations of the World.

but in the meantime, he has earned the applause of our ‘leaders’, and little else.

Putin will get what he wanted. He’ll be a hero at home. The West will blather some more and then quiet down as we become occupied with the next ‘crisis’ and what was done to the Ukrainians will be forgotten.

Right now, I am listening to Gravitas. The anchor is talking about Zelenskyy’s flip-flop on NATO membership. She says that Zelensky made three major miscalculations:

  1.  over-estimated western support
  2. ¬†misread Ukraine’s importance to the West (could she mean $$$?)
  3. ¬†misread Putin’s intent to invade

And now, to stop the slaughter, the President is ready to capitulate to Putin and Xi, just like the West has, only, they cannot admit it to themselves or to the rank-in-file citizen whom Wealth pees all over and dooms to poverty in the near future. [I had expressed hope that Ukraine was buying time for the West in order for the West to respond to the anachronistic imperialism of Russia and China. My hopes do not appear to be founded in reality. Everyone appears to be bolstering their own defenses but thankfully they are at least letting Ukrainians into their countries for safe harbour. BUT, no one wants to stand up to Russia or China.]

The narrative of Wealth is intended to progress over two parts. But the authors will not survive to complete Book II wherein Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World come together into a dystopia overseen by Wealth. Fiction is fiction and has no basis in fact to survive the onslaught of the truth; and the truth is that we have sold the World, our world, to business and to Satan’s service. It means the end of all that was good, except for rich folks, who keep the ‘goods’ to themselves.

We cannot escape truth. We can only ignore it until it bites us in the nethers.

8 March 2022

Uneducated Opinion: WWIII has already kicked-off. Putin continues to wage a barbaric territory-grab. He is aligned by convenience with a second regime which has been licking its chops while casting a ravenous gaze upon Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Headline 1: Taiwan watches China as China and the World watch the Ukraine – yes. This is the situation, in a nutshell. The world order based upon business relationships and Wealth has patently failed. HUMAN GREED CONTINUES TO TRUMP MASLOW and, should the World, our world, continue on it current trajectory, it will end in dystopia FOR EVERYONE, but the ruling classes (because they will not steward their societies, but rather exploit them in order to garner more wealth for themselves), no matter who wins the next ‘Great War’.

I was hoping Israel could step in to help level the playing field in Ukraine, but that is fraught with its own perils. This is too bad. Iran has a theocratic regime. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO SERVE GOD, whom they call ‘ALLAH’. Israel is a democratic republic, but its existence and culture is wholly informed by Judaism. Given what they have in common with one another (reverence for the creator), HOW IS IT THAT IRAN ALIGNS ITSELF WITH A REGIME THAT DENIES GOD?

Such hypocrisy! Only a soul stolen by Satan, the enemy of god, is able to clothe itself with the trappings of worship of the creator, yet act against the creator, and that is because Satan’s hatred for god and everything of god is greater than his self-respect.

This is Iran’s regime today. I don’t make the accusation, only the observation – like Dylan says, ‘you gotta serve somebody’, no matter what you do for a living, no matter who you are, even a ‘preacher, with spiritual pride’…Iran’s regime appears to have sold Iran’s soul to the devil and will, √† la Putin and Xi, destroy their own cultures and history…three great civilizations, wiped forever from the face of the Earth Mother. As for Iranians: I have met a few. They were wonderful. A beautiful people, whose aesthetic qualities are a reflection of their inner, spiritual quality. Like China, like Russia, the World needs them to continue to provide their unique cultural enrichments to the World, our world, IN COLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD, and not in enmity.

Pope Francis, many blessings upon him, has weighed in on the Ukraine.

I get the sense that Ukraine is ‘the first front’. I feel as if Ukraine is America and the World’s Alamo.

The curtain is about to rise on war with Russia and China. Ukrainians are buying the World time to prepare. Our ruling classes, engaged with the pursuit of $$$, simply ignored what China was doing with it? I think they must have known all along but didn’t care, again, because of $$$. Now they care. But now the poor must go to fight and die in the battles of the ruling classes…

The World may have been caught with its pants down. Ukraine is buying time for the World with their lives, just like America’s heroes at the Alamo. The longer we can delay Russia expanding broadening the war into all of Europe, the longer we can delay China from going after Taiwan and forcing America to fight a major battle on two fronts. [America must be wary of a surprise attack from China]. The more time we have to roll out the latest defenses.

We will vanquish these godless regimes, because god (whatever you call him/her) IS ALSO WATCHING, Mr. Xi! As full of yourself as you are, YOU HAVE MADE A FAUSTIAN BARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL AS PUTIN DID. You will enjoy power only to the point of accomplishing the creator’s purpose. Wait and see.

As for the heroes of Ukraine. This is not the end, no matter what happens. You are in the Light. You are brave and an example to the World. You are the World’s hope. If you can hold out a little longer, THE WEST WILL COME TO YOUR AID, in force, and you will return to your homes to rebuild, revitalize, and renew your nation’s great spirit. Remember the Alamo became a battle cry.

Going forward, every 24th of February, our world, in one voice, will honour the people and President of Ukraine with cries of ‘Remember the Ukraine’. ‘Ukraine Day’ will be celebrated around the World, OUR WORLD. Like the heroes of the Alamo, these folks, and the liberty they purchased for the World with their blood, WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, for as long as one human of the Light exists to remember.

Something troubles me:

Trump, as President, was pushing back against China while he was coddling Putin. Back then, I had the feeling that America might be trying to provoke China into a war. Before then, I had the feeling that Canada’s erstwhile PM, Stephen Harper, after his tour, conspired with other conservative elements to torpedo the nuclear agreement with Iran. This may have resulted in pushing Iran into making a deal with the devil in China.

Now, I don’t trust Donald Trump or Stephen Harper to be stewards in a true democracy anymore than any other wealthy person, because they are burdened with too much ego, but they could have gotten it right about China, and this before COVID. AT THE SAME TIME, TRUMP WAS ARM-IN-ARM WITH PUTIN. Trump would have withdrawn America from NATO and left Europe to its own devices wrt Russia, had he won a second term. [(Trump did say there was evidence the coronavirus got away from the Wuhan Virology Laboratory]

Trump doesn’t care about what ‘the people’ want, anymore than Putin or Xi can; they care only about what they want. FOR AS LONG AS WEALTH RULES THE WORLD, our world, THE TRUMPS/XIs/POUTINES OF THE WORLD WILL WANT IT FOR THEMSELVES,¬† and for us, ‘the people’ to be the pillar upon which their Mount Olympus rests.

Still they saw the writing on the wall. They wanted to preserve a binary world order, but instead created a monster in China and a quasi-tripartite world order, with America-NATO caught in between them.

No matter what, it seems the Universe is working and guiding humanity’s progress, wayward and even revisionist, as it often appears. The World will not escape a global confrontation. The only choice before the West today is to try to keep the curtain down until they are well rehearsed and ready to perform on the global stage.

Putin has incurred much bad karma for himself. Xi also. Ruling classes around the World too. No one escapes karma. What is before us is the result of all that bad karma. It was not of¬† ‘the people’s’ making, but we allowed our leaders to tack off of the rails. Now things are out of control and a great labour is necessary to put us back on the rails and moving forward to a prosperous future for ALL PEOPLE and living things.

Beyond COVID is WWIII. Beyond WWIII lay Paradise. We will return to the Garden we left, just to live out our lives in slavery to the likes of Putin and Xi (and ruling classes who do not steward), and live forever without war on God’s Golden Shore.

No matter what happens, this is not the end. Act III/WWIII.

Wrong.¬†We are in a Five Act structure after all! The curtain is about to rise on Act IV. It will be the end of China and Russia’s regimes and of Iran’s corrupted theocracy and of Israel’s. No one will use the name of the creator to justify war, terror, violence…the murder and maiming of innocents.

Wait and see.

Check out what the people of Europe thought to do as a cover for this great Neil Young tune.

Question: The New World Order as conspiracy theory IS NOT A CONSPIRACY. Anyone can see now that corporations, as ‘persons’ are the means facilitating the globalization of Wealth/the hegemony of Wealth. Wealth buys Power. Everyone knows this. How is it then, that Free Trade Agreements with other democracies are being pursued with such alacrity, when the effect is to constrain the sort of¬† policies sovereign governments are allowed to enact on behalf of their own people?

Answer: Democratic governments coerce Parliaments to vote according to the wishes of the Executive by the ‘institution’ of the Whip and are forced to bend to the will of the Executive, who serve Wealth.

In addition, Parliaments feature an underrepresentation of the ‘lower classes’ as much as much as an overrepresentation of the ‘upper classes’. Parliaments therefore lack the voice and perspective of the poor. Seeing how anyone not homeless can see the homeless well enough to step around or over them on their way to work or shopping, yet not feel moved to do anything about their poverty, how much more willing are rich folks, who live well above and apart from the squalor, to allow their fellows, under the Sun and under god, to live in such misery?

We need proper representation of perspectives in Parliament as much as we need to abolish the Whip and the false ‘personhood’ accorded corporations. All of this, deliberate or not, serves Wealth. It is happening. Whether ‘conspiracy’ or not, Wealth is going to take over the World, our world, and anyone not useful to Wealth will end up left to their own devices in a dystopic China-concentration camp World, formerly our world.

There is no money-tree. If one groups picks most of its fruit, there will be that much less left to go around.


Just because someone labels something a conspiracy theory, does not mean it isn’t true. In today’s world, we demonize the truth by making accusations of others so distasteful that we avoid doing anything some perverse imagination might conflate with the accusation. Conspiracy has a negative connotation. Conspiracy-theory even more so. We live in a world which values the rule of law and the rule of law has its basis in a canon of law which preserves the constitution of the governing entity.

The question is, who designs the canon? Mysteriously, the Americans contravened their own constitution by allowing the false personhood of corporations to persist on the basis of a court reporter’s ‘typographical error’. IMO, this was a deliberate ruse and the elected officials of those days let it stand. The elected officials of these days, let it stand.

Conspiracy? What conspiracy?

Headline 2: Canadians urged to join Armed Forces rather than the 16,000 foreign fighters in Ukraine – if you are of the age to join your nation’s army, if you will; but, THERE ARE MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN DYING AND BEING DISPLACED. They are fighting. We are watching. China is watching.


There is a woman, right now, in Ukraine, holding her child in her bombed-out unit, not knowing where to go or what to do. Have you ever known such a feeling? I have. You will never forget the times you feel rendered helpless to protect your child from the bad guys, from Russia or from Children’s Aid (ironic, because the latter ‘institution’ was concocted to help children. But then again, that was what folks were saying in support of the Residential School, way back when.


What good is ‘surviving’ if the price to be paid for survival is yours and your nation’s and your World’s SOUL?

Ukraine is answering this question before our eyes. They will fight until the end, as their President vowed yesterday to the British Parliament.

Join your military if your military will accept you. But, if your nation’s government will not allow you to volunteer in Ukraine and your government’s military is not committed to Ukraine’s defense, then they should not get in the way of your volunteering. That government is not helping and is not leading in the way the World needs to be led, but could rather be managing the crisis until the dust settles and the millions of Ukrainian lives irrevocably changed or destroyed is forgotten, laying the foundation for the New World Order, a dark Orwellian world order, a Huxlean Brave New World.

Wait and see.



Time is not on Putin’s side. Time is not on China’s side either. Ukrainians are buying the rest of the World time with their own blood. People from all over the World are volunteering to come and fight with the Ukrainians.

The World should let them come. These folks show that the spirit of democracy lives on; not among Wealth, but among the people.

God is watching.

Headline 3: Biden bans Russian oil imports to U.S., warns U.S. gasoline prices will rise further¬† ¬†– this is good. Biden is willing to experience pain for the sake of Ukraine. Pope Francis referred to Ukrainians, using the term ‘martyr’. WE MUST BE PREPARED TO BE MARTYRS FOR UKRAINE BECAUSE UKRAINE’S FIGHT IS THE WORLD’S FIGHT.

Ukraine is simply first in line. God be praised for the example Ukraine is right now giving the World. For the sakes of our children, we must follow their lead.

I am 65 (um, -ish). I can hold a rifle and aim. I can walk. If I can tell a Russian soldier from a Ukrainian soldier, then I am qualified. Organizations in Canada could facilitate sending volunteers to Ukraine, without the Government of Canada having to do a damn thing.

According to the National Post article, 16,000 volunteers from around the World, our world, are in or on their way to Ukraine. If the nations of the World cannot do the right thing (by that, I mean what is¬† necessary to stop the slaughter, and that is to stop the slaughter-ers in their tracks), then well meaning organizations can…hey, maybe that ‘Christian’ outfit that profited from the Trucker Protest could undo all of the bad karma they incurred by devoting their ill-gotten gains to Ukraine?

Putin and Russia and China are going to pay a big price for the terror they bring down upon the innocent of the World, our world. The good folks living in those countries must stand up against their own leaders. THEIR LEADERS HAVE STOLEN THEIR NATIONS RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER THEIR FEET, all the while telling them they work to make a better world for them; while they prepare to send them off to the slaughter to vanquish ‘the enemy’; purchasing the wealth that belongs to their neighbours WITH THEIR OWN BLOOD.

Headline 4: Canada increasingly isolated as allies pledge more military funding in response to Ukraine invasion – we had lots of money during the pandemic to prop up corporations and to keep folks already working from going on ‘the dole’, but there was nothing for those already vulnerable before the pandemic hit. Apparently, we don’t have money for the dying either. I am sick at heart.

7 March 2022

Before diving into today’s rant, I want to comment on what I am seeing right now, on YouTube’s WION News Network:

Loads of Ukrainians crossing rail lines and awaiting their turns to flee…have a look into the faces of the young children…HAVE A LOOK AT THEIR YOUNG, ANGELIC FACES…now teary grimaces. Look in the faces of their young moms, one hardly twenty, ALSO CRYING. This is very bad for the child when the mother is also crying. WHATEVER IS AT STAKE, IT CANNOT BE WORTH ALL THAT.

YOU CAN’T DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. Right now, Putin and Xi are the devil’s advocates.

The rant:

What is at stake, today, for the World, is the Soul of the World, our world -our souls.

We have the situation where a Goliath is pounding the bejeezus out of his neighbour while the world only watches; for fear of having to fight Goliath themselves.

We have the situation where, one nation, ‘Goliath’, is saying to its latest victim, ‘Let me take your arm and your leg; swear to me that you will never join the NATO club and that you will never try to take back the arm or leg we stole from you; that you will never seek an accounting for the thousands of men, women, and children we murdered and maimed and the millions displaced from their homes and thrust into the Winter night.’

We have the situation wherein the army of Saul (the U.S.) fears to engage Goliath directly because of the carnage that will ensue on both sides, orders of magnitude greater than the horror we see perpetrated by a rapacious Russian regime upon Ukraine’s innocence.

We have the situation wherein ‘David’, Israel, could stand against Russia directly by imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, to level the playing field. David is not ‘Saul’/NATO-America; but will Israel’s involvement invoke a military response from Russia’s allies in the region, not to mention from Russia itself? And would that, in turn, oblige a response from Israel’s allies, in particular, America? If not, Israel coming to Ukraine’s rescue as ‘David’ could be the best way to turn this around.

And then there is China. Look what China has done with all of the money they earned using the technology and know-how they received as ‘partners’ and stole from their Western ‘partners’, to wit: rich folks over here who got richer, quicker, on the backs of the jobs they sent to China? When it comes down to $$$, why, that’s when individual souls and nations alike show their true colours.

In summary, the World, our world, faces its own corruption. We must not only rein-in ‘rogue governments’, we must rein-in the ruling class-suborned corruption which put¬† the World in such a precarious position in the first place.

But, Canada could lead the way, were it not that its soul is corrupted. The souls of its people seek revitalization under the Light of the creator but are denied because they live under Wealth’s shadow. We are manipulated into belief in the power of the individual while we listen to a narrative of inclusion as more and more people become excluded by poverty every day…hmmm…

The stranglehold neoliberalism exerts upon Canada’s Soul¬† is near fait d’accompli. This at the hands of those I myself so wanted to believe in: our PM and Deputy PM and some others in the Liberal party of today. Rather than facilitating ‘inclusion’ and societal equality, they deepen inequality and division among the citizenry with their policies and pronouncements. This weakens any resistance to the fascist, dystopic society they are building under their Mount Olympus; while glorifying the rank-in-file citizen as ‘the foundation’ of Canadian Society but mockingly so: we are the ‘foundation’ in the sense of being their ‘stepping-stones’ to their Mount Olympian residences.

THE WORLD IS IN A HORRIBLE MESS. This is entirely due to our ruling classes.

We can turn it around by implementing truly democratic systems of government and this will involve removing the Whip (or in the case of the U.N., the veto, plus balancing the power of the Security Council with that of the General Assembly in a manner similar to the relationship Canada’s Senate bears with the House of Commons).

‘The people’ must now accept responsibility for what our leaders have done to our world, while we went around ‘enjoying life’. Now, our generation must ‘pay the piper’ or leave a dystopic living to our children and their children. If you have money today, it doesn’t mean your kids will be able to generate their own wealth tomorrow. Think well upon it.

p.s. What Donald Trump and the ‘alt-right’ (fast taking over the ‘right’) are all about is as certain to take us to dystopia as the ‘left’ is doing. Politics has become a game in itself and while we play games, nothing is done on behalf of the household. Productive work is not being done, sufficient remuneration is not being paid, more and more people are excluded from social participation and happiness by poverty…and our politicians talk, our media folks publish, we are kept awash in anxiety-causing news, fearful of tomorrow…


China could change this because, like the NDP in Canadian politics, their ‘third-party’ status gives them the balance of power. But they don’t. THEY WANT TO BE THE GOVERNMENT. They want power over others, for themselves. Just as Russia is prepared to murder innocent men, women, and children in exchange for ‘glory’…

…but China sits back and greedily, ravenously, licks its Xi-chops.

And so, I come back to importuning Israel’s David to come to our aid. Israel could right now show itself to be aligned with our creator, as the Judeo-Christian scriptures purport, by standing up to the Russian Goliath. Before doing so, it should obtain assurances from Iran, Syria, etc. that they will help Israel to police the no-fly zone (best option) or do nothing at all. It is time, the ‘Holy Land’ (for me, the entire Mesopotamic region/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Egypt/India) to bring PEACE to the World, in the name of our creator.


The U.S. Ambassador to the UN said she ‘can’t’ explain why Russia is ‘continuing to move forward…’ but I wonder if it is a matter of ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’? If the former, our leaders have been made stupider by wealth than I had suspected. I believe, rather, that it is ‘won’t’, and that it is ‘won’t’ because we were caught once again, just like we were by COVID, and for the exact same reason:


If this is wrong, I implore the ‘authorities’ to explain to me what they have in mind. I’ve been wrong many times over many things.

I want to be wrong on this. And I want the bloodshed and carnage Russia is inflicting upon Ukraine TO STOP.


The good Bishop¬† has done another amazing and erudite sermon this past Sunday. He is delivering the liturgy in English and Assyrian so far and provides some captioning in the alternate language. He’s wonderful. I personally believe that the Christ he refers to was indeed in Jesus, but not limited to the person of Jesus. The Christ has and will manifest in others who face toward and channel the Light of the creator as opposed to the darkness of Ego – where Satan, not the creator, abides. Satan cannot live in the Light where the truth exists. In darkness, you can imagine and believe anything…BUT IF YOU KNEW THAT THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD, WHICH WE MISTAKE FOR OUR ‘THINKING’, IS ACTUALLY SATAN’S VOICE, AFTER HAVING USURPED OUR ‘INNER VOICE’ THE VOICE OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, what would you do?

Why, we’d stop listening to it. IN THE VERY SAME MOMENT, we will be free of it. We will be free.


We cannot permit our ruling classes to settle for a tripartite, Orwellian nightmare.

We were warned by Orwell. We were warned by SARS. We stood by and watched as China turned the profits they shared with our ruling class denizens into weapons, FOR DECADES, but our ruling classes did nothing but deepen their own pockets.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, at¬† the end of the day, Putin takes it all. Not to avoid deaths of innocent men, women, and children, else we’d be in Ukraine already, but rather to preserve the ruling classes and their wealth, as they preside over a dystopic World, our world, but now forfeit to the ruling classes, whom are in service of Satan if they continue on their merry modern way, instead of being the Stewards humanity was intended to be by our creator, given the status she/he accorded our species, a way, way, back…

I’m hearing on WION that Iran’s position on Russia is favourable. I am disappointed in Iran’s theocracy-government. If they see the creator’s truth in Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China, it is only possible if the Iranian regime is in service to Satan, and not Allah, who is good and not war-like.

NO ONE is doing the will of the creator when they make war on someone else.

NO ONE is doing the will of the creator, if, out of fear for their own skins (or $$$) will not POKE BACK AT THE BEAR for fear of poking the Panda.

ALL condemn themselves, by virtue of their own action or in-action.

The fate of the World’s Soul is in the balance. WE must now choose between an us and them dystopic worldview suborned by ruling classes everywhere and the world the creator meant for us to live in.

That would be a truly democratic world featuring universal engagement of its citizenry. IT WOULD NOT BE A WORLD WHEREIN THE STATE LIVES, alongside Satan, IN OUR HEADS.

To clear the darkness from the mind, one must endeavour to live outside of it, IN THE LIGHT.

ONLY IN THIS WAY can Heaven ‘be inside of you, and all around you’, as Jesus is purported to have said (and this is something the Jesus I believe in would have said)…

…and by extrapolation, our World. Not Elon’s. Not Donald’s. Not Poutine’s (I prefer the French spelling, because it characterizes the cheesiness of Putin, and recalls China’s Xi-seeness.)


I am so disappointed. The Americans are constitutionally bound to the creator. The Israelis are scripturally bound to the creator, at least, in the minds are hearts of Americans and Europeans who support the ‘return’, but also in the minds of Jewish Voices for Peace who support a homeland for the Palestinians in addition to their own. What does it matter to anyone where the boundaries are IF EVERYONE HAS A PLACE TO CALL HOME AND A NATION TO CALL THEIRS?

WATCH WION. Their coverage is really good. Right now, I see an elder lady in tears wondering where her children and grand children are…she doesn’t know. Bombs and death everywhere…

can you, as a parent or grand parent, IMAGINE THAT?

Out of China’s own mouth – they align with Russia and with ruling classes everywhere and suborn the murder of Ukraine. And these two morons want to run their thirds of the World?

Tell you what, I’d rather be in Heaven than live in a Hell where this kind of slaughter is permitted and even rewarded, but, ONLY AFTER A LOT OF TALK FROM POLITICIANS.

The alternative is for the likes of Xi, Putin, and ruling classes everywhere, who feel it is ‘better to rein in Hell than to serve in Heaven’.


Has anyone in the West found an adjective adequate to bridge the difference between what they are prepared to do AND WHAT IN ALL GOOD CONSCIENCE THEY SHOULD BE DOING?

Israel can stand up to anyone, toe-to-toe. Israel does not fear anyone. Why? Because, just as a young Cassius Clay hollered after winning the Heavyweight Championship of the World, ‘If god is with me, ain’t no one who can stand against me’, or something to that effect.

Amen to that.

Unleash Israel’s military on Russia, in the way of at least giving those valiant Ukrainians a fighting chance. Israel has a long history of taking on the big bad guys.

We need the creator. We need to be the hand of the creator. Perhaps Israel can lead the way?

Ukrainians are dying, right now, in droves.

6 March 2022

Opinion: As Russian forces indiscriminately serve up hell to Ukraine, as Zelenskyy pleads for a no-fly zone, and as NATO balks at sending its own planes for fear of Russian , and, very likely, Chinese reprisal, Ukrainians are dying and being displaced in droves, and morale is waning. We have the situation wherein one child, engaged in beating its much younger/weaker sibling toward death (that he might takeover the younger’s bedroom, in addition to his own) -but the parents watch and do nothing.

Oh, they threaten to send the offending child to bed without his supper, but that is all. They fear their neighbour’s getting involved. They know their next door neighbour has plans to take over their entire house (but will settle for their backyard, for now). The ‘neighbour’ waits to see if the parents will use force, to make the bully to stop. The parent will not do what is right, for fear of the neighbour.

This is an unreal situation. No parent would permit this.

The World, our world, the one which gave birth to humankind and is both ‘mother and father’, watches in horror as one of its children – Russia – inflicts injury and death upon another of its children – Ukraine. There is an older, stronger child (China) with plans of its own, who is willing to ‘come to the rescue’ of the bully and not the beleaguered sibling as a pretext to execute its own plans. Should the parents use corporeal punishment to stop the bully’s assault on its defenseless sibling, the involvement of the elder sibling is assured.

What parent would do nothing, even then? Even to the cost of their own household? That is an unreal situation also.

They would call the police.

Right now, Israel has one of the best-trained air forces in the World, we are told.

The World is the reason Israel exists today.

Perhaps Israel, not being part of NATO, could answer Zelenskyy’s call to provide a no-fly zone without giving China the ‘moral high ground'(?) to get involved and without giving Putin the excuse to expand the war to include all of Europe?

The parents cannot simply do nothing. That is not an option. Neither for Ukraine or for the World, our world.

Perhaps now, Israel may fulfill its divine mission: to Steward the World made by the creator (at least that’s what is says in Genesis), while it acts in all justice to formalize a Palestinian nation, as good neighbours…

Right now, Israel, stand up, once again on behalf of the World, against the evil which now threatens it. You have always been the world’s bastion against the ancient evil that threatens today.

Satan is on the move against Ukraine, for now…

This just in:

Headline 1: Bennett says Israel will try to mediate on Ukraine, even if prospects are poor – YAY! This is a start. Perhaps Israel is going to save the day, yet again, like in the old, old days. In parallel, they can settle with the Palestinians, so that they can watch one another’s backs.

Headline 2: U.S. in talks with Poland on deal to send fighter jets to Ukraine – this, after Ukraine’s President made his plea to America on Saturday. You just gotta love this President. The idea is to send Poland and Romania’s Soviet-era MiGs to Ukraine, and for the U.S. to replace their MiGs with modern fighters.

This is a stroke of genius. As our PM Trudeau pointed out, sending F-16s to Ukraine would do little good because its pilots have been flying Russian-made MiGs. Now, the Ukraine can bolster its air defenses, without delay. Perfect.

Meanwhile, Romanian and Polish pilots can get up to speed on the latest technology, all without giving Putin another excuse to expand the war.

p.s.s. again – WION’s take on the dark humour we are seeing in reference to Ukraine is revealing of just how spiritually-sick many of us already are. Our ruling classes are responsible. They are the ones who have to sell us a narrative that will keep us in tow and focused on supporting their unnaturally elevated lifestyles.

If nothing is done about this, it will all come crashing down, unless…

…we all turn toward the creator and embrace his/her Golden Rule.

5 March 2022

Yesterday I happened upon a comment to an MSN-hosted article about Canada’s PM latest pronouncements on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The general tenor of the comments was a ‘light-hearted’ lampooning of the PM. One particular comment, however, caught my eye and the which I took seriously: the commenter simply said that his dad ‘must be rolling over in his grave right now’ [over the PM’s not wanting to poke the bear]. I assumed his dad was a war vet. A second person replied to his comment and trashed him, saying that ‘It’s easy to sit in your living room and say that…if we go into Ukraine it will mean nuclear war…many deaths…you are a coward…you can volunteer and go over to fight the Russians but you aren’t…’ [paraphrasing].

I couldn’t let this slide. I replied to the replier that I didn’t believe it was fair to say that; that folks are being pulled so strongly now, between the threat of WWIII/Putin-style, and being held to ransom, by nuke-threats, to do nothing while thousands die and a million plus Ukrainian men, women, and children are driven out into the darkness of Winter, toward a fate to be determined. I ended my rejoinder with Edmund Burke’s: ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

He replied to this with pretty much the same spirit of vituperation as he had to the original commenter whose dad, I presume, was a war vet, pointing out that I was ‘one of those good men…/who does nothing’ …

Well, so much for trying to shed a little light on someone who, like many of the folks who comment on CBC articles, are more often motivated to snipe, show how witty they can be…but add little value to the conversation. That thread ended with the reply I received. Had I not been moved by the original comment and by the first commenter’s unabashed rudeness toward the originator, I would not have bothered to try…

IMO, Putin is trying to win hegemony in Europe for Russia eventually. He knows the West will sanction him until he buckles. He won’t buckle [the reasons he won’t are another subject]. Neither will he or Russia accept permanent sanctions from Europe. He will go to war for Europe, replacing Germany as the ‘hub’,¬† WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR HIM/RUSSIA.

Ukraine faces certain defeat, eventually, given the superior force which surrounds it, and its President is calling for NATO to enforce a ‘no-fly’ zone over Ukraine airspace. This would place NATO forces in direct contact with Russia’s and war would most certainly escalate to include all of Europe.

That’s when I believe China will jump in AND THAT’S ONE POSSIBLE REASON WHY NATO IS SO DESPERATE NOT TO ESCALATE. As for China, if they would not convince Russia to stand down from their patently illegal and immoral invasion,

Another reason is NATO may not have been prepared. Russia could have a strategic nuclear advantage over NATO.

Nuclear war AND/OR conventional war, on a global scale, COULD IRREVOCABLY TANK AN ALREADY TANKED (but recovering) GLOBAL ECONOMY and our ruling classes simply cannot afford another setback? God help us if $$$ is the determinant. There is no honour left to us if that is why.

Headline 1: Former National Security Advisor John Bolton says ‘Putin was waiting’ for Trump to withdraw the United States from NATO in his second term – if that is true, Putin’s timing may have been determined by NATO’s comparative weakness PLUS Trump’s legal troubles in the U.S.¬† which should culminate in his NOT OBTAINING A SECOND TERM. But this is also revealing of a deeply rooted problem in our democracy and the undue, unhealthy influence Wealth now exerts upon it.

On another front, I’ve heard the Bank of Canada is pondering raising interest rates to fight inflation. This is the wrong time to do the right thing (eerily echoing NATO’s current predicament, or they’d be in Ukraine facing the Russian incursion already).

IMO, inflation is a symptom of supply and demand out of balance in favour of demand. Demand is greater than supply LARGELY BECAUSE OF THE PANDEMIC. IMO ( I am no economist, so take my opinion with a grain of salt) the BoC should keep interest rates where they are and wait until the economic machinery is more or less recovered and things are settled in. Else, we may tank the recovery.

At the very least, we will slow it and put ourselves in a deeper hole while those with debt struggle even more to keep up with payments; but THE RULING CLASS LENDER will enjoy even greater returns on his/her largesse, exacerbating further the burgeoning inequality of Wealth which, as Thomas Piketty says -at least, this is my understanding- is a condition that exists in an associative, perhaps even causative relationship with the outbreak of global and/or class wars.

We have seen this already. We are at the precipice once again.

I’m praying for divine intervention. Neither global war nor the genocide of a nation is acceptable, anymore than there is an acceptable option in either denying the right to choose to women, or the right to live to the unborn. BOTH ARE DAMNED IF YOU DO/DAMNED IF YOU DON’T scenarios.

This is where I am reminded of the line from one of America’s best, Thomas Paine:

These are the times that try men’s souls.

And that is why I turn to our creator. The World, our world, needs her/him now, more than ever before. We cannot choose between the two options, neither of which exists within the realm of acceptable human behaviour.

I suppose, after all, the replier is right, although he could have extended proper consideration toward the original commenter and his brave soldier-dad.

In that light, the ‘good men’ of Europe do the best thing for the World (but the worst for the Ukrainians in the short term) by doing what they are doing now. The individuals who volunteer to go and fight likely march to their deaths. This amounts to a ‘Children’s Crusade’, innocent heroism, bound not to end well.

The World is trading on the lives of millions of Ukrainians, today, in exchange for the life and liberty of Ukraine, of Europe, the World?, tomorrow.

This is an untenable situation, but provides the only choice we have. Because of Putin. Perhaps because of Xi, operating from behind the curtain.

Divine intervention is the only hope for Ukraine and for the World’s saneness.

Let us pray…

Headline 2: Ukraine no-fly zone would mean participation in conflict: Putin – everyone knows this already. It is the article by-line which is worrisome: ‘Russian president also says Western sanctions against against his country following the Ukraine invasion are akin to a declaration of war – hmmm…and there you have it…we aren’t ready; at least that is what Putin thinks. He wants war with the West. Now. It does appear he is doing his damnedest to close the buffer and confront NATO/Europe directly. China Xi could stop all of this, right now, by siding with the West, and in doing so, Russia would have to withdraw. But they aren’t.

The only way Putin is satisfied, and this, only for now, is that we hand over Ukraine and back off on the sanctions…OR ELSE. And China could be the difference, yet chooses to be silent in this, just like they were when they first got a whiff of COVID and then DIDN’T TELL ANYONE.

IMO, the coincidences are too perfectly timed to be ignored and should at least be followed up on to ensure these are not connected to each other, to a Sino-Russian intrigue, to a broad, long term, multi-pronged war on the West. Even if we were to vanquish them now, we still have our own ruling classes to rein-in. We cannot forget this and their role in the geopolitical situation which threatens to swallow up the entire World…our world.

My advice going forward, ‘Hope for the best (that the sanctions work after all) but expect the worst (we will have to engage Russia, possibly China, should we ‘interfere’ in Ukraine).

I’m reading headlines about youth mobilizing to defend their Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin is not evening honouring his word to provide a temporary hiatus and allow civilians to leave and continues the bombardment.

China’s Xi is being opportunist. Russia’s Putin is trying to one-up Stalin in ruthlessness. The Western Leaders are trying to avoid war in the face of the most egregious acts against innocents. Neither Putin nor Xi should be at the head of a nation with a huge military arsenal. They would be more prepared to engage in a war which cannot be won.

But they are at the head of very powerful militaries.

Putin is most definitely trying to draw NATO in. Why? On the surface, one would think he invites disaster on Russia. Perhaps he knows something we don’t know? Does it have anything to do with China? With Taiwan? and/or does he feel he has the upper hand if it the theatre of war expands to include all of Europe? A technological advantage, say.

4 March 2022

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…‘ The Soul of the World is being taken over by ‘business’, the soul of ‘business’ has one purpose, to profit in order to grow the Wealth of the investors/owners. What is leftover from profit + operating expenses is paid to investors and workers/staff. Depending on rates of return (profit), workers/staff remuneration will be allowed to plateau or reduce, and, depending on the effect, workers/staff cuts, more work done by fewer people/automation. That is the business paradigm.

But the biggest trouble with the business-soul is that, OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROFIT/$$$ are often the highest consideration, and things like the truth, common sense, or the environment, become secondary. The truth is provided within businesses and among businesses and customers, on a need to know basis, according to convenience.

Given the Russian invasion of Ukraine, together with the responses of various national governments around the World, can there be any doubt we are entering into a new phase? The World of Humans enters into an existential battle for its own Soul.

EGO v. Light… Satan’s World v. the creator’s. We must come out of the ‘world’ we’ve built for ourselves inside of our heads and live in the one the creator made for us to live in. RIGHT NOW, THAT WORLD IS UNDER SEIGE, in Ukraine, BY RUSSIA’s Putin.

[p.s. I am also sickened right now to read headlines in media about politicians who are already touting economic opportunity over the Russian invasion to sell their oil. Not to say that it isn’t true. IT IS JUST THAT, WITH SO MANY PEOPLE DYING WHILE THE WORLD WATCHES AND WEEPS, would it not be more kind and considerate to just leave that sort of things for another day?]

Headline 1: These nations won’t criticize Russia’s invasion and won’t support Ukraine. Here’s why – this is very informative, reading now.

The death toll in Ukraine, on both sides is mounting. Many Ukrainian children have been maimed or killed in the bombardments.

Every death, every injury, every malfeasance against a human soul (especially children) counts in karma against the soul that perpetrates these sins against god…

…I am given to wonder, what sort of karma the world that watches and waits is incurring?

I understand the escalation thing. I really do. But we are allowing Russia to pound the bejeezus out of Ukraine…the carnage and destruction is absolutely horrific.

SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT. Enough is enough. China, get your shit together and side with NATO. Tell Putin to withdraw.


NATO – hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

U.N. – order a ‘paramilitary peacekeeping force’, a temporary measure, to stand in the margins between Russian troops and Ukrainian cities. Tell Russia to withdraw, from all of the occupied regions of Ukraine. Promise Russia that there will be no more economic penalties IF RUSSIA PROMISES TO RESPECT THE BORDERS OF OTHER NATIONS. Russia already has NATO’s tacit promise to respect Russia’s sovereign borders from now to perpetuity.

If the World want to move forward, CHINA NEEDS TO STOP THEIR GEOPOLITICAL BULLSHIT and tell Russia to get out of Ukraine and to make reparations for the damage and the death.

That is all it would take. NATO fears China’s involvement, IMO.

For my part, I would not kowtow to another nation’s political opportunism anymore than to that nation’s military. IF WE ARE TO BE A FREE SOCIETY, A FREE GLOBALIZED SOCIETY/FEDERATION, we cannot fear the threat of death. For as long as we live under DEATH’S THUMB, those who threaten us with death will have their way with us.

We can’t allow that, anymore, or we are already in Hell. And Satan already rules over Wealth and over those who rule over us. Because business is superordinate, all societies are subject to fascism, the subtle or the overt.

I am 65. I will go and fight with or support our troops as they support Ukraine’s right to exist, as U.N.’s peacekeepers.

President Biden, Prime Minister Trudeau, Chairman Xi, and all the other leaders who have an army, PROMISE TODAY, RIGHT NOW, TO DEDICATE TROOPS TO  A  U.N. PEACEKEEPING FORCE.

Don’t ask for or wait for permission. Just go in and let Putin know you are going in, AS A UNITED WORLD.

IMO, Putin will back off if you do.

Simple. Putin will not have any other choice but to backdown.

p.s. New post on Canadanua. The New World Order.

3 March 2022

The situation is this: NATO/the Ukraine face off against a leader of a sovereign nation who is so desperate to increase his nation’s territory and geopolitical hegemony, he threatens to use nukes on anyone who interferes as his Goliath military pounds urban centres – a bona fide war crime being committed, right now, in Ukraine, over and over. The Russian military may even be using cluster bombs on Ukrainian men, women, and children – another war crime.

I believe our leaders are doing their best to avoid all-out war with a madman whose finger is twitching. The powder-keg is Russia/Belarus-Ukraine.

The silence surrounding China IS DEAFENING.

And so we are caught in a holding pattern. Will the economic sanctions convince Putin to back off and sober up? Or will they goad him to even greater extremes?

The economic costs of the sanctions will ultimately be borne on the backs of the poor, on both sides. Funding for our social programs could dry-up. Will what little savings we have be protected? I don’t know. With the rich ruling the roost, whatever policies we enact, even with our left-leaning Liberals at the helm, will ultimately favour the wealthy because the government Executive is accountable to Wealth and not to Parliament, because of the Whip.

IMO, no one is mentioning China because there is an unspoken, or at least, unpublished, understanding:

‘If NATO pokes the Bear, they will poke the Panda’.

The choice Putin has given the World, our world, is, watch thousands of Ukrainian heroes (young and old) die in valiant defense of their nation against an overwhelming and ignoble force whilst near a million flee the violence, or come to Ukraine’s aid with force of arms and plunge the World into nuclear war and untold millions (billions?) dead.

I have been waffling back and forth on what to do to get Putin to stop what he is doing. Appeasement is definitely not the answer. If the economic sanctions don’t change Putin’s tack, then what?

For the World, ‘wait-and-see’¬† but DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO ESCALATE is the best way forward.


Putin may want to annex part of Ukraine and install a Russia-friendly government to watch over the remainder, I’ve heard, but if that is true, IMO, he’s making it difficult for Ukrainians to warm up to that by bombing the bejeezus out of Kiev, not to mention the war crimes he’s committing in leveraging blanket-bombing tactics. Plus, there is no guarantee that Russia, at some point down the road, will not continue to absorb its neighbours into a neo-Soviet Republic, after the dust settles.

This is contrary to the World the West aspires to build; one wherein all the World’s nations’ borders are protected, not by d√©tente but by a standing military force under the direction of the UN, without any nation having veto / and, with a Security Council fully accountable to the General Assembly; enforcing the rule of law and the guarantee of due process. If we get there, we can spend the trillions the nations of the World devote to military upgrades on feeding and sheltering everyone, cleaning up the environment, and, yes, Elon, heading off into Space.

But, we may well end up with the tripartite world imagined by Orwell, with China presiding over Eastasia, Russia presiding over Eurasia, and the 5-Eyes presided over by the US/GBR. But even that monstrous dystopia will not guarantee the Peace when the buffer zones between them shrink, resources shrink, scarcity becomes the norm, and wars of desperation become inevitable.

There is no room for a tripartite world. There is no room for a binary world. There is no room for a homogenous, uniform world.

THERE IS ROOM TO MAKE A COLLABORATIVE WORLD, a utopia wherein no one is poor, gated-communities do not exist, the Commons is not fenced-in, private property is the right of all (everyone needs their own personal space, their own refuge where the eyes of government are not permitted), and is limited to what is practical for folks to live in; where big cities are reduced in area, and population density (where global population is reduced to about 1/7th of its current level through attrition, rather than by war, starvation, and pestilence); where the distribution of income and wealth within and among national societies is described by the Normal Distribution bell-curve.

I believe Kate Raworth’s Donut Economics paradigm is the way forward in concept.

It is a collaboration of humankind. God bless our Mount Olympians but they will lead us all to disaster, following the path of hubris. They are capable folks, but they have lost their way. They are supposed to steward, but they are infected with and made insane by their own Wealth/ego.

Bob Dylan nails it in his song, You Gotta Serve Somebody.

Right now, Putin is not serving Russia. He serves the dark-side. Right now, China waits (but calls for calm) and the West watches in horror as the Russian military tries to beat Ukraine into submission. That is the status quo, for now. The danger here is that East or West may attempt to interfere with supply lines or some other accidental contact might occur between NATO and Russian forces (or Putin’s war crimes will be too much for any reasonable human being to tolerate and NATO will be obliged to rise to Ukraine’s defense), and the situation could escalate, despite everyone’s intentions.

No one watching on their televisions can know what our Ukrainian brothers and sisters are going through. Some of us have gone there to see, and to stand with Ukraine. Their attitude guarantees them a spot in Heaven, IMO. There is no way around it: If you are willing to give your life to defend others against tyranny, you value god and what god made for us ABOVE EVEN YOURSELF and your own life.

YOU DO NOT HAVE AN EGO PROBLEM. YOU SHOULD BE GOVERNING THE WORLD, and not  bozos like Putin) who have brought us to the PRECIPICE.

God help us all if Putin is still around and Ukraine is his AND Donald Trump IS RETURNED TO the White House in 2024.

If that were to happen, I am concerned that China could become Russia’s next target, with America’s (but not NATO’s support) because of the Thucydides’ Trap-thing. Or, welcome to the dystopia of 1984 and a tripartite World – only, we’re a few years behind. Some choice if you are not wealthy!

Prayers for everyone.

To Putin and like-minded leaders:

‘There are many causes for which I would die; none for which I would kill’ [Gandhi]. This is from the Mahatma and is for all times. So is the Cenotaph at St. James Cathedral:

‚Äú‚Ķthis cross commemorates the glorious sacrifice of those who gave their lives in the great war 1914 ‚Äď 1918 and appeals to those for whom they died to lay aside hatred and strife and to seek brotherhood and peace under the banner of Christ‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

Don’t forget.

Let none of us forget.

It doesn’t matter whom you call ‘Christ’. IMO, the Christ is in everything and everyone. We need only let it shine, the way Jesus did. There was nothing in Jesus separating him from the creator; he was so filled with the Christ that for the most part, it was the Christ you saw and heard when you encountered Jesus. Same goes for Mohammed (PBUH) and the others, like Gandhi and Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., etc….in saying this, I truly mean no disrespect for anyone; I have only adoration for these great people. IMO, the fact that Jesus was human yet so purely connected with the Source that he knew his fate beforehand, YET DID IT ANYWAYS (because it was the right thing to do), causes my soul to esteem him to the point where I will follow wherever he leads.

We may yet follow the lead of our own heroes who take it upon themselves to volunteer in Ukraine, if Putin doesn’t back off.

but for now, we must wait and see.

2 March 2022

‘How long, oh Lord? How long?’ asks a character from Jesus of Nazareth, in the presence of a young Jesus. ‘How long will you allow the suffering of your people?’

After watching the young Polish woman pour her heart out to British PM Boris Johnson and his rejoinder (with, I believe, profound sorrow), ‘We cannot give you what you ask…’ (to wit: confronting the Russians), followed by having time to sleep over it, I believe I see things differently this morning.

I believe we, humanity, has arrived at a point of inflection. We are fractionated into two camps: 1 – those of the Light; and 2 – those of the darkness. [The Ukrainian President framed the war in precisely those terms in his plea to the EU.] Those who would get between the Russian force and the Ukrainian defenses are heroes and fight along side of the Ukrainians and die will take their next step through the Gates of Paradise; those who do nothing but talk and cry, out of fear, though they are profoundly sorrowful over Ukraine, I cannot say what will happen, but I do know that they are trapped within their ego, whereas the heroes are not, and, IMO, their souls, not being weighed down or trapped in ego, will rise straight to Heaven on Angel’s wings…

[N.B. Those who ‘volunteer’ out of bloodlust, such as those right wing extremists, those folks, IMO, seal themselves in darkness.]

1 -Those who do nothing, out of fear for their own lives. 2 -Those who act, the fear notwithstanding.

Now, the dearth of news about China since the Ukraine attack began could indicate an understanding exists between West and East: if NATO gets involved directly, China will too.

We may be at a technological disadvantage in a nuke-out at present. Russia and China may have achieved superior strike AND defense capacity with their hypersonic missile delivery systems.

Nevertheless, if we do not pushback, if NATO does another Rwanda, for fear of Duke Nukem’s threat to go to the next level, we show ourselves to be cowards, ditherers…not the typical sort of comportment associated with people of ‘the Light’.

We cannot do nothing or we are people of darkness.


Already, individual Canadians are heading over to Ukraine as volunteers. One man is leaving three young children and a wife behind. The way things look right now in Ukraine, they may never see him again. They will, no matter what. There dad quite obviously resides more in the Light (knows the ‘right thing’ to do) than in the Darkness (does nothing or not enough, out of fear), and will either come home to them or meet them on the other side of the Styx. The dad’s place in Heaven is assured, IMO, and so will that of his family.

Ironically, it is bona fide human persons that now lead the way toward a solution to a¬† problem ultimately facilitated by artificial persons, to wit: corporations, the vehicle of enrichment for wealthy ‘leaders’.

Our governments must follow the lead of their heroes. NATO ignored the pleas of General Romeo Dallaire when he served in Rwanda. Massive slaughter ensued. Genocide.

ABC News Livestream showed video of explosions in a residential area, (in my ignorance) I cannot imagine the pattern of explosions as having been accomplished by anything other than cluster bombs and that the mysterious unexploded shells were actually the empty cluster munitions carriers.

Russia is committing war crimes, not to mention, the greatest war crime of all, invading your neighbour. Imagine someone walking into your home, willing to kill you and your children….IMAGINE¬† that.

IF WE CANNOT CONFRONT PUTIN DIRECTLY WITHOUT TAKING ON CHINA, then we must engage a ‘sub plot’ and send our¬† special ops folks / drones / whatever and attack the Russian lines of supply and wipe those fucking convoys off the map. Try to level the playing field if we cannot play ourselves. Bleed in soldiers into the citizens militias. No visas required. No proof of their being soldiers. No proof for Putin and Xi.

WE CAN PLAY PUTIN’S GAME BETTER THAN HE CAN. And we can play better than Xi.

[personally, I am so sickened of both ‘leaders’, I am reminded of the scene in Star Trek III, The Search For Spock, where Captain Kirk kicks the bad guy off of the cliff, saying, ‘I…[kick]…have had [kick]…enough [kick]…of you! [final kick]…right now, I am visualizing both Xi’s and Putin’s head at the end of the good Captain’s heel.]

Ukraine is leading the World, our world. We must, in the end, follow their lead.

The World stands BEHIND Ukraine.

BUT, we must stand BESIDE Ukraine in order to protect them from further slaughter.

Perhaps among those young men with families that venture off now in defense of Ukraine, there will be Ukraine’s ‘David’ to stand before Russia’s ‘Goliath’…

…perhaps, that young man interviewed on CBC (and who does not accept being called ‘hero’ anymore than my mother accepted my calling her a ‘saint’ (and whose mother is not a saint to their children?)) becomes the hand of NATO. Perhaps that young Polish woman who made her case before the British PM is the conscience of NATO.

Perhaps NATO will be the hand of god and come to the aid of Ukraine, by stymying the Russian assault, special-ops style or direct, whatever works best…

…BUT WE CANNOT DO NOTHING. We cannot wait for sanctions or for an internal revolt to sober Putin up. Too many are dying. Too many children…

That much is clear.

1 March 2022

My prayers are for Putin to reverse his course and to accept his lumps for what he has already done in Ukraine.

…but I do not think that will happen.

Rather, he appears intent on provoking America/NATO into direct confrontation. [hours after posting the day’s rant, I came across this headline: Russia warns Kyiv residents to flee as stalled invaders shift to bombarding cities – the optics are mind-boggling, heart-wrenching; above all else, obliging a response. WE ARE BURSTING AT THE SEAMS WITH REACTION. I wonder if Putin’s endgame extends well-beyond the resurrection the Soviet glory-days, to settling an old score with the US and NATO. If it is, he likely has a friend in Xi, and, if he can upgrade the conflict he’s begun with Ukraine to include NATO, he opens the door wide for the Chinese to start something from their side, and as I say later in the original post, we likely cross the line into WWIII, for which we perhaps aren’t prepared.

A second headline:Prove you are with us’, Ukraine’s Zelenskyy tells EU – I dunno, but Putin/Xi could be using Ukraine as ‘bait’; having said that, and if it were at all true, then we have to do something else, quickly – but what? It almost seems damned if we do/damned if we don’t – if NATO confronts Russia in Ukraine, it gives China an excuse to pursue opportunity with its military in Taiwan and the South China Sea region; if we do not, it could encourage Xi to mimic Putin in Taiwan.]

As it is right now, IMO, China is backstopping Russian at arms-length, just as NATO is doing with Ukraine.

Whereas NATO appears to be doing its damnedest to avoid escalation, Russia appears to be intent on provoking NATO.

IMO, when NATO puts boots on the ground in Ukraine, then it becomes Russia v. NATO and that’s when Xi et al. are going to jump in, their first move being on Taiwan, followed by a massive foray into the region of the South China Sea.

But, they will not fire nukes. IMO, Putin’s threat to use nukes is an empty one designed to keep NATO at bay. Putin aspires to be one of the three legs upon which the World rests and is ruled: Oceana (Americas/the UK), Eastasia (China and the region), and Eurasia (Russia and the EU), √† la 1984.

But that is the old way. It runs contrary to the new way, wherein, we have a one world government federated along the lines of the Canadian system, but minus the Whip, so that domestic and global policy is truly democratic and ‘of the people’ in origin and not downloaded upon the people by the ruling classes/$$$/the institution of Wealth.

Right now, the clouds are gathering. Restraint is key, however, how long can Ukraine protect its own? How many Ukrainians must die and be displaced? How many Ukrainian warriors (soldiers and civilians and politicians) must sacrifice themselves to protecting their land?

Ex-Ukrainian president Poroshenko said this is not about only Ukraine; it is an attack upon the free world [our world].

And so there it is. We don’t how things will play out. But here is the choice Putin presents us with:

1- tolerate the wilful slaughter and displacement of Ukraine by Russia, or

2 -prepare for WWIII.

Our only hope to avoid WWIII is for Ukraine to fend off Russia on its own for long enough that the sanctions cripple Russia’s ability to sustain the attack on Ukraine, and China’s ability to sustain Russia. This scenario would deny China the excuse to move on Taiwan, etc.

But will it be enough to prevent WWIII? I want to think ‘yes’, but my heart says ‘no’.

Russia has already gone too far and the only rational explanation for Russia’s boldness is that China¬† too, is serious about expanding its territorial hegemony, contradicting the New World Order.

When the sanctions become too much and Russia and China are both completely isolated from the West, then China will likely move on Taiwan anyways.

China waits. The World watches.

Both China and Russia are ruled by a couple of old codgers whose lives are mostly behind them (this was my daughter’s take). Now, they wish to leave a legacy for Russian and Chinese children of misery, murder, destruction and social chaos.

America and NATO and others are developing and perhaps already rolling out the next-gen missile delivery and defense systems, which will be a quantum-eclipse of Russian and Chinese nuclear strike and defensive capability and the end of the Russian and Chinese regimes. The troubles is, it will mean the deaths of many innocent Chinese and Russian citizens who rely on their leaders to do their jobs properly.

Very soon, the window of opportunity Russia and China have to advance their geopolitical ambitions will close and both regimes will be obliged to stand down and to get out; in deterrence to a World¬† Order without coercion, a world without war, a world of collaboration, a world where the competition of business and the ‘simplification’ of democratic society to the monochromaticity of ‘profit centre’ is replaced with collaboration in human progress along the ladder to the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Coincidentally, or tellingly, Maslow was Ukrainian.

Despite all of my concerns, it is in America and allies I trust because they trust (constitutionally) in god and no matter what we call god, god is watching too. Like China, god awaits her/his own timing.

IMO, our creator is happy with what NATO is doing despite it being comprised of ‘secular’ governments. IMO, our creator’s faith in humanity has been renewed and rekindled by the Ukrainians (and by the Palestinians and by the Uighurs, etc.). The creator’s hand in all of this will soon become evident. Secularism amounts to ‘looking the other way’. But god remains. We need only look in his/her direction.

IMO, our creator is going to tip the scales in favour of the Ukraine as she/he did for the ancient Hebrews facing similar odds.

The parallels to the Alamo are so stark.

If, after the dust settles, Ukraine and the West are still standing, the World, our world, will owe a great debt to Ukraine’s people and President for the defense they mounted and the time they bought the World to prepare to counter Russia’s¬† and China’s murderous ambition.

The West aspires to collaborate as a way of life and to end war. We need only rein-in the ruling class to become the stewards they were meant to be. That’s where democracy without the Whip comes into play.

To Putin and Xi: take a deep breath. Take a walk into the Ukraine and experience the carngage you are presiding over, firsthand; as the Kings of Medieval times might have walked about their encampments in disguise to get a real feel of things.

Then ask yourself, ‘Is it really worth it?’

At the end of the day, we are all in god’s hands. We are all of god, like the leaves are all of the tree. The wind blows harsh and buffets us willy-nilly. The tree will lurch alarmingly from side-to-side…

…bending, but not breaking.

It will not break. We are in good hands. Not our goverment’s, but god’s.

We will know god once again. We will live under god and not under Mount Olympus. We will still call god this or that, according to our language, and worship according to our culture and faith, BUT THAT WILL BE ALL THAT DIFFERENTIATES US. We will no longer feel the need to defend against others, or to take from others, because we will, once we elevate ourselves beyond the base level of ego, see ourselves in everyone, JUST LIKE EVERY PARENT SEES THEMSELVES IN THEIR CHILDREN. We will finally be aware of the connection being a living soul has with every other living soul.

And we will get to the top of the pyramid. Maslow’s pyramid. And we will know the love of god and not the hatred and fear of ego.

28 February 2022

Ukrainian forces are holding there own against the superior force. ‘Remember the Alamo?

Now, remember the Ukrainians and their President for their courage. They are plunged against their will into the vanguard of the World’s forces; engaged in battle against what the likes of Xi and Putin are peddling to the World, our world,¬†and to their own peoples. But the World, our world, must not stop there: we must also rein-in Xi and ruling classes everywhere that do not and will not steward society.

Headline 1: Belarus may be about to send its troops into Ukraine, US official says – apparently, Putin’s Parasites are having a hard time and are needing help. BUT, IF ANY OF US SENDS HELP, PUTIN SAYS HE’LL PUSH THE BUTTON. I don’t even think his own generals will want that, unless they’ve gone crazy too.

Headline 2: Navalny’s supporters call for civil disobedience against Ukraine war – well, Mr. Navalny’s supporters must know all about the Mahatma’s idea of satyagraha. This is the best possible outcome: if Putin’s reign of (t)error is ended. Given how close this bozo of bravado is prepared to come in a game of nuclear chicken, inviting disaster down upon his nation and people, Navalny might just have the support of the nation to lead Russia, and to lead Russia away from its current pariah status to become a great part of the EU, like Ukraine has just applied for.

No shame for Russia. They will be equal with all of the other EU nations. They will be protected from malfeasance by the EU. THEIR CULTURE AND SOVEREIGN TERRITORY WILL LAST FOR AS LONG AS THE EU IS THERE TO DEFEND IT. Eventually the whole World will be one world, and if we can keep it our world and not one ‘owned’¬† by Wealth, the whole world, will be our world and not Elon and Jeff’s…but we’ll sure be happy to get a ride with them once we get our world back in order.

Opinion – I recall headlines deploring PM Trudeau’s delay in dealing with the Trucker Protests. The PM, IMO, has shown a pattern of restraint, over the years: bending without breaking himself or the protesters; of not being over-the-top reactive in the face of those times where only one’s person, using one’s wits, and relying on one’s intuition, is the only thing left between doing nothing or advancing the social dial toward fascism one more tick. ‘I don’t know about the Emergency Act, but I feel even on this point, the PM would have had a hard time to come to making the decision. Stephen Harper’s Cons would not have. They react first, think about later, IF they perceive a downturn in popular support; otherwise they move on (to screwing us in other ways to profit their pals).

27 February 2022

I was perhaps too hard yesterday on the ‘appeasers’. For that, I apologize. I also want to give kudos to Brit PM Boris Johnson for his recognition of the great Russian people and their courage in the face of their own Putin-oligarchy. And also to Germany’s Chancellor, France’s President (whom I have also been hard on).

Biden-America have offered to host the Ukrainian President et al. and were even going to give him a ride, but he declined. HE’S GOING TO STAY AND FIGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY.

The timing and tone of Putin likely has several levels and contingencies built into it, depending on our response. Depending on our response, we may see, in the short term, anything from our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, young and old, fighting and dying without us fighting right beside them in the valiant defense of their nation (recalling the Alamo) against an overwhelming force, to instant nuclear karma, if we dare to send our troops.

Putin might also be coordinating with China, perhaps even for quite some time. I don’t believe Xi has it in him to care about Ukrainians, given what he does to his own people, to the Uighurs, to the Falun Dafa group. I believe he sees opportunity here and is waiting for his time, at the least, and befriends Putin in the way businesses become ‘friends’ – those kind of ‘friends’, nobody needs.

Not so for the Americans, the Europeans, and the rest of the World, who are getting emotional over what is happening. Nations are doing everything they can think of, in financial terms, to hit back at Russia, without giving Putin an excuse to hit back with ‘the button’.

Putin has threatened that he will annihilate any nation who interferes in Ukraine. That’s clear.

What isn’t clear is why the West is holding the line just short of sending in troops. Ukrainians are fighting valiantly. Ukrainians are dying. Ukraine is outmatched.

Just like the heroes of the Alamo they fight in the knowledge that they are heavily outgunned and outmanned. Heroes.

Just like the Hebrews of the Old Testament, they are punching back at the Russian army way above their weight-class. Heroes.

I am encouraged by BJ’s vow that relations with Russian can ‘never be normalized’, given the situation in Crimea, Donbas, and now the rest of Ukraine. It appears the sanctions will remain until Russia has completely reversed itself in Ukraine and the beleaguered nation’s territory restored.

I am as discouraged that we are not sending troops in and doing an airstrike and wiping out the 5 kilometres-long column of tanks, missile launchers, ordinance, and gasoline trucks, now only 40 miles away from Kiev, as I am encouraged by the heroism of Ukraine’s President and people.

So what accounts for our not sending in the boots? (or, are we, but Putin isn’t supposed to know?)

There are a few possible scenarios; happily, ‘appeasement’ isn’t one of them ( I walk back my ‘appeaser’ comment from a recent rant).

  1. ¬†We aren’t ready to take on Putin in a nuke-out and we must therefore take his threat to use nukes seriously, as insane as that threat is: it would certainly mean the end of Russia too. We aren’t ready, because we cannot effectively counter his hypersonic missiles, at least, not yet. The US may soon rollout the next generation of missile technologies that will eclipse Russia/China’s and give NATO a decided advantage. This is where the Alamo story becomes Ukraine’s. Both were enormously outmatched, except for heart; both were being tasked to stand to the last man, to purchase time. The Alamo bought time for General¬† Houston to train an army to counter Santa Anna’s. Ukraine may be right now buying time for the US to rollout its next gen missile deterrence.¬† Were we to put boots on the ground, and were that to trigger Putin’s threat to use nukes, Xi may come at us from the other side, with similarly advance missile guidance and propulsion systems; again, more advanced than what is at our military’s disposal.
  2. ¬†We aren’t ready to take on both China and Russia in a conventional t√™te √† t√™te. Given that Xi and Putin are ‘buddy-buddy’, Xi might just be waiting for NATO to get wrapped up with Russia before moving on Taiwan and the South China Sea. At that point, America would be obliged to fight both Russia (as part of NATO) and China? Were we to delay sending troops into Ukraine, given enough time, the sanctions will cripple Russia economically. His own citizens, already deploring the war in Ukraine, could rally around someone new and punt Putin to Pluto. Most Russian citizens would be better off being part of Europe than living and dying (Russian soldiers are dying in droves in Ukraine too) under Putin’s thumb. Same goes for most Chinese citizens under Xi.

My daughter wonders why two cranky old men with a lot of $$$ and power can hold the World to ransom?

25 February 2022

Preamble to today’s rant: We need to consider the fact that once again, Putin is threatening to use nukes if he doesn’t get his way. My question to Putin’s appeasers is this: When do you believe, with 100% certainty, there will come a time, when Putin DOESN’T GET WHAT HE WANTS, that he WON’T USE NUKES? The West has nukes too. All around Russia.

I was concerned about Zelenskyy’s ‘softness’? Right now, he’s my latest hero.

Headline: After Ukraine, Russia warns Finland of ‘military repercussions’ if it joins NATO – do you not see? Putin whips out his nukes for a ‘training exercise’, then launches into Ukraine, then tells the World, ‘If you get in the way…’

THE WORLD MUST MAKE A STAND. And we may have two nations with enormous militaries tag-teaming the West. When right is right, the Hebrews will remind us all that there is something in the ‘moral high ground’ that can tip the scales in favour of the underdog. That ‘something’ is our creator. And we are not the ‘underdog’. But, we often don’t behave properly toward our own, the poor, for example. As a society, we must make it possible for everyone to navigate Maslow to the top of the pyramid.

I was wrong yesterday; today I am ashamed. After watching the blathering of my own politicians on CBC, then President Biden, then the¬† English PM, then the French president…and then Putin…they went on about all of the economic sanctions they are leveraging while missiles are raining down on an army tasked more unfavourably than the one Saul had facing off against the Philistines. But Saul had a dude by the name of David come to his rescue. David was as selfless as he was brave. He became the inspiration of a nation and a culture and a Faith. Deservedly. Who will be Ukraine’s ‘David’, plucked from the pastures of the West? Who will stop the blather (Putin isn’t listening anyways) and proceed with the business at hand? We are right now being manipulated and blackmailed by China (whom we enriched in trading with them) and Russia (whom we already tried to impoverish with economic sanctions, but who seems to be scaring us into inaction). They have a plan. What is our plan? Or is our government always in control of the situation like they weren`t with COVID?

The Ukrainian president pleads for the life of his nation, the lives of his citizens, and his own. I see today he is seeking dialogue to establish neutrality for Ukraine, hoping that this will be acceptable to Putin, because the West has told Ukraine that it’s on its own. Putin is telling the Ukrainian army to lay down its weapons or the missiles and tanks will keep coming (and we’ll have more news to deplore over a beer in our living rooms).

The West¬† told the Ukraine, ‘We aren’t sending our troops in to stand beside your troops in the face of this most egregious violation of the International ‘Order’….BUT WE WILL FINE PUTIN…wait a month and see…’ [um, okay, Ukrainians only have to dodge missiles, bullets, and Russian soldiers for ONLY 1 MONTH – p.s. I believe the sanctions were already part of Putin’s calculus on the invasion and will not prove effective…if they do, then Putin is an idiot and should be tried for both his crimes against Ukraine and against his own citizens for leading them into war.]

Well, President Biden has dropped somewhat in my esteem as has my own PM and the other Western leaders since yesterday. The example they set today is a clear invitation to China to move on Taiwan and then to continue with building infrastructure and hegemony over the South China Sea.

I watched our venerable peacekeeper/General Romeo Dallaire give his take on the invasion and upon the sanctions to CBC’s Vassy Kapelos…he began to compare the West’s response to Ukraine to what it was in Rwanda, but didn’t finish…I felt as though he was going to say that his Peacekeepers could have prevented the genocide, but that the politicians would not commit the troops; that the same kind of thing could happen in Ukraine. See Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Rom√©o Dallaire (goodreads.com)¬†[the movie version is on YouTube]

I watched several CBC ‘experts’ being interviewed later. I couldn’t sit through it. A lot of talk. A lot of rationalization. Despite my concern for Ukraine [I can’t stop worrying about them], I heard myself say, ‘Well, here we are…telling the World and Ukraine how much we care AND HOW LITTLE WE’LL DO’. (beyond watch the carnage unfold from the comfort of our own living rooms).¬† All for the sake of an evening’s prime time entertainment (since that’s what all the talk will amount to)? It appeared that one among them actually came very close to saying what General/Senator Dallaire came very close to saying…that was the gentleman in the lower right corner

I decided to watch an episode of 12 Monkeys instead…at least here, in the world of fiction, I can root for the good guys, and it is (oftentimes) clear who the good guys are. Within the realm of fiction, things resolve themselves rationally…but seeing what is going on FOR REAL, TO REAL PEOPLE, juxtaposed with the response of our noble and resolute Western leadership…the disconnect between reality and reason is simply too much to carry around. [I don’t know how our General Dallaire has been able to manage with his experience in Rwanda].

IMO, the histrionics is just for our benefit; to cultivate the illusion among the citizenry of Western nations that our leaders are in control. I don’t believe they are with respect to Ukraine/Russia, anymore than they were with respect to COVID/China.

IMO, the sanctions Putin was prepared for. Russia has, due to previous sanctions, become inured to sanctions, at least in the short term. IF UKRAINE IS ABLE TO ACHIEVE NEUTRALITY, now, the new sanctions may have time to work, but I do not believe Putin will accept neutrality of Ukraine anymore than Xi will accept the neutrality of Taiwan. Putin deliberately showed the World that he means business. He even threatened the World with extreme consequences if anyone interfered in Ukraine.

The 1984-ish wars on the margins between Oceana, Eastasia, and Eurasia continue. People, including children, are dying…if Orwell is correct in his prediction, Russia will, someday, end up with Europe as well (or being absorbed by Europe) into ‘Eastasia’, with the UK becoming part of ‘Oceana’, along with North and South America. ‘Eastasia’ is comprised of China/Northern India, Korea, Japan, etc….

…but that will take time and occur perhaps not in our lifetime…

Perhaps Russian and China have out-teched the West. Perhaps too many years of having our way and our ruling classes having their way have slowed us down. We already see the soporific effects of affluence upon our leadership and how wealth inequality is dividing us.

Perhaps we cannot stand against Russia and China anymore than the heroes of the Alamo could stand against Santa Anna’s overwhelming military superiority. The Alamo defenders bought time for the US to mount a defense with their lives.

Will Ukraine purchase anything with their blood beyond our leaders shamelessly telling them, ‘We stand with Ukraine, BUT

well, like I heard a character from GOT quip, ‘Everything before the word ‘but’, is horse shit’.

The Ukrainian President pled for help. He’s not getting the help he asked for from us. We are telling him to make his peace with Putin…that’s like telling the woman to fall in love with her rapist, for that’s what Putin is now doing in the plain sight of the World, our world, to Ukraine. c’mon, man! really?

Instead we have Orwell’s world, one he foresaw way back in the 40’s, as the movers and shakers of those days partitioned the World, our world, to their advantage, and to unending conflict.

We are only a few more ‘aggressions’ followed by acts of indignant appeasement, lay between our World and Orwell’s prediction. What he imagined for the citizens of those three power blocks is more horrible than death.

Death is the doorway for souls created by god to permit homecoming. In between, souls are meant to extend creation, at the very least, to have offspring, before the return. Human souls are meant to steward. We have become a threat to our Earth Mother, to all she gives life to and nurtures, even to ourselves…

…because of the waywardness of Wealth and what it has done to us and our leadership. We have turned away from god, ‘officially’; at a time when we need faith more than ever; at a time when we need god to direct us, to show us the way forward…now, more than ever before, because of the existential threats we face, as nations and even as a species.

Well, that’s all folks! I am watching the news, for now…

But (and this isn’t ‘horse shit’) if I don’t see a surprise twist in the plot of this retelling of Orwell’s dystopic tale, I won’t be bothering with this site anymore…what would be the point?

Vassy Kapelos is a great interviewer/media person, but she’s not schooled in the arts of George Orwell…we are supposed to take her and her content seriously, but we aren’t;¬† what is the news for if not to inform our actions? It¬† is NOT MEANT to entertain (therefore I switched her program off to watch the 12 Monkeys).

I know the decision the World faces is difficult. But it is one that must be made. WE MUST GO TO DEFEND UKRAINE, even if it is just Canada. SOMEONE NEEDS TO LEAD AND NOT JUST TALK.  Are we going to chirp Putin from the sidelines and not stand up to him because he might get mad and attack us next? Is that it? Are we worried that Xi might come after us too?

I dunno about all that, but, if we allow our ruling classes to configure the world on our behalf, you can bet we will be the low half(whether we live here, or in China, or in Russia, or in Ukraine; our quality of life lowering as our respective ruling classes require more from us.

I am praying for the Ukraine and for sanity to rear its clear head.

If not, my bet is on Orwell`s version of the new, `based-on-the-rule-of-law` international order. It is based on the egos of three global world economic and military powers, held in `balance` by MAD, which is mad-ness – the moment someone develops a technological advantage that will ensure victory for them and annihilation (preferably without destroying infrastructure) for the other side, why, it`s game over for somebody, or everybody, if they guess wrong.

By kowtowing to Putin now, we only put off the inevitable. The US has been trying to build a coalition, rather than  `satellite states`. I`m with the Americans BUT I AM NOT FOR sitting back while the destruction is going on in the Ukraine. Neither am I for the Brave New World the ruling classes are creating for our control, while they provide the 24-hour news channels for our ongoing `entertainment`.

Orwell foresaw a dystopic world. I worry that America`s aspirations for a universal free world under the auspices of the UN as a governing body might now be seriously downgraded, because of the intransigence of ego (Putin`s and Xi`s and ruling classes everywhere); that they are now settling for a tripartite world wherein America watches over Oceana, Russia over Eurasia, and China over Eastasia. A world where, for the television viewers` ongoing entertainment, proxy wars are fought continually along the margins separating the three blocks, and the `lord-nations` never come into direct contact.

24 February 2022

I was wrong. Putin and pals have decided on a full scale invasion of Ukraine, after all. Perhaps the economic sanctions helped them to decide to go all-in?¬†Meanwhile, the Ukrainian President, whom I maligned over his ‘softness’ toward Russia, is prepared to go all-out in the defense of his nation, and so are the Ukrainians. He’s being a leader.

I watched footage on the CBC¬† news channel. All kinds of Russian military hardware streaming in, including a Surface-to-Air Missile bank. Apparently Russia is attacking from land, sea, and air all at once, but the video so far is showing only blown up buildings, long lines of Russian military equipment, and interviews with some very determined Ukrainian kids…a young woman who reminded me a lot of one my own kids had gone to hide in a subway station with a can of chicken (an extra sweater and her laptop. She couldn’t say for how long. She was even laughing at times, with that sort of ‘What are you going to do about it? You just try to survive…’ vibe.


IMO, the reason Putin feels he can go all-in, all at once (rather than erode Ukraine’s sovereign territory over time) is what alarms. The sanctions, if we can believe our guys, would be crippling, and Putin would know this, and yet, rather than back off on halfway-measures, he has chosen to go full Monty.

If you toss away your britches in the face of your enemy, you’d best have a spare pair tucked away somewhere, just in case…Putin’s spare pair is Xi.

Here’s my thing: If Xi is able to bankroll Russia’s economy to a level such that Putin’s position at home is not seriously threatened, then, THE WHOLE POINT OF A GRADUAL TAKEOVER OF UKRAINE becomes moot.

If your ultimate goal is to takedown the West, and this goal is shared by your powerful backyard neighbour, then, war is guaranteed, it is only a matter of time.

IMO, the takeover of Ukraine, PRECISELY BECAUSE CHINA WILL SUPPORT RUSSIA IN THIS, ALBEIT¬† AT ‘ARM’S LENGTH’, is one small step in a planned (between Russia, China, and those allied with them against the ‘West’) staging for Act III, the final act, in the¬† GREAT WAR between East and West, one incited by the Kaiser but whose roots go much deeper than that and are ultimately all about who controls the $$$.

This is Act III of the modern Tragedy of Human hubris, the Faustian bargain for power over others -the damnation of us all in the service of $$$ and the tragic conclusion of the Anthropocene.

The World is a powder keg. Our children have studied hard to prepare for the job of keeping things going for ourselves and our creator and for their own children. Right now, they must feel powerless over their own future and prospects.

Right now, WE MUST STAND WITH UKRAINE. Russia has already crossed the line. NATO must pushback with overwhelming force. But timing is key.

Watch what China does next. Their true colours will be forced to emerge.

But perhaps not according to their timing. [the danger here is we cannot know what Xi and Putin are talking. It is possible their timing is now and Ukraine is the kick-off. They may have decided that the economic sanctions will undermine their capacity to wage war in the future; that their best chance of success is now. Biden et al. must make a difficult call.]

It will become god’s timing, since neither side expects the other side to upgrade the cold war to direct conflict, given the unimaginable massive carnage that will ensue.

During these times, it is essential for all of the world’s citizens to prepare for the worst, i.e., that electricity/internet will not make it into our homes, that store shelves will empty…

There is strength in numbers, however, and I urge everyone to pay special attention and stay in communication with your neighbours during outages/disruptions. I urge communities to organize services and to begin training volunteers in essentials, such as PSW services. Local food dispensaries could be setup, in apartment buildings for disabled/elderly tenants; water can be brought up by bucket if necessary, purified and distributed…and, WHENEVER AN OFFICER, FIREFIGHTER, PARAMEDIC, POSTMAN, whomever, asks you to assist them or you see they need help or are in trouble, GO TO THEIR AIDE.

Whatever keeps us separate will disappear in the face of an external threat, or we will die together.

OVER THE MILLENNIA, we have been cultivated to value and respect only $$$ and power. This is the cancer we know as human ego (Greek tragedy is all about human ego, which gifted us with hubris, among many other antisocial and unnatural behaviours). We have also been brought to the precipice…another step in the direction we have been going will plunge us irrevocably into the abysmal darkness of ego’s world. That is Satan’s world. H.E.L.L.

WE are almost there now. But do not allow the likes of Putin and Xi to close and lock the door behind us.

The World, our world, must pushback against Putin and Xi (and Satan) now. They have made a Faustian bargain with the devil. a callout to Iran et al… if you are an Islamic state, for example, how can you be conspiring with atheist regimes? [To our own leaders: If you are truly in service of ‘THE NATION’ how can you turn yourselves away from the creator who gave you this nation to steward?]

Our ruling classes, around the world, are doing the same, but the constitutions of our nations were born of a time when the philosopher/visionaries of the day, like Thomas Paine, had show what is possible for humans to imagine and to create, when Mind and Heart are in perfect balance. This I hold to be self-evident!

NATO’s constitution was born out of the ashes of WWII. AFTER the war. To make sure war never threatens Europe (actually that Russia never threatens Europe).

Whatever our ruling classes aspire to, they cannot send us off to our deaths if they do not have the moral authority bestowed upon them by our Constitutions, AND SO WE CAN TRUST THAT WE DIE¬† FOR OUR CHILDREN’S CHANCE TO LIVE FREE and to raise their children in safety. In the West’s response to Russia now, and to China in the near future, I expect, I believe we can trust, that Biden et al. are going to continue to do the right thing. It won’t be as Trump and Putin hoped, with the world divided between East and West; their respective nations calling the shots (with China being their common ‘challenge’). It will be as Putin-Xi hope: the imposition of a new World Order; wherein a ‘Russianized’ Europe will form a part of their half of a binary world; using the existence of China to keep its own ruled classes in a constant state of fear and in full acceptance of the dystopia that passes for living – determined at the pleasure of the ruling class.

IMO, this is a good cause for me to give my life to. It is the cause the people who lived before me gave their lives to. Because of them, I got to have children of my own; because of the war generations’ sacrifice, my children will extend the creator’s Creation; just as the creator hoped for all of humankind, way back when the Big Bang happened (for the nth time?).


The Creator is L.I.F.E. itself. WE are one facet of Life. The Earth is aptly called the ‘Earth Mother’ by Indigenous, because it is a LIFE FACTORY. It is the Womb of the Creator. I close with this because, IMO, it expresses our seminal purpose: to create, not to destroy.

But sadly, our free will to choose the Creator’s purpose over Satan’s is being denied us and the World, our world, by Putin and Xi (the man behind the curtain, busily pulling the world’s levers).

They have entered into a Faustian bargain with the devil. The best they can hope for is to preside, as Milton’s Lucifer, over the Hell they have made for themselves.

All because they choose to serve, with their free will, their own egos; rather than to collaborate with the rest of humankind in the service of our creator’s intent, to wit: to dispel the darkness which surrounds the creator.

The Darkness is not capable to vanquish the Light of Creation. That Light emerged from the Big Bang and will go on in its circular fashion, forever…

But our creator does not only aspire to extend Creation. She/he needs for us to be so happy so often, that our ground state is one of JOY, the highest of energies; rather than anxiety, hatred, and living in utter separation from everyone and everything made by god. The separation of ego.

We are at the precipice. Be prepared. Pray.

The thing which Jesus meant to the World was not simply (IMO) to turn the Old Testament on its head or to expose the God of the OT for what he really was [IMO, the predictions in the OT of Jesus’ arrival are simply weak attempts at revisionism]. JESUS SHOWED US BY HIS EXAMPLE THAT OUR POWER OVER DEATH derives from NOT GIVING DEATH POWER OVER US (duh!).

We will be afraid to die, all of us. But we will stand nevertheless for and in the Light. Jesus or whomever the creator sends our way will come in the beam of the Sun rising upon the West as he/she will in the beam of the Sun setting upon the East.

And we humans, Russian, European, Iranian, Saudi, Israeli and Palestinian, Canadian, American, East Asian…ALL WILL LIVE TOGETHER IN COLLABORATION, TRUST AND RESPECT, TOLERANCE AND DIVERSITY, in the light, forevermore.

WE will have arrived back to from where humankind’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ began for ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’. The Garden. [please watch]


I’ve just heard that Biden is bolstering Europe with American troops, but will not put any in Ukraine, despite Russia’s overwhelming superiority, especially in the air. And so, Biden appears to be content¬† to sit and wait for enough Ukrainians to be slaughtered, for Ukrainian men, women, and children to see enough carnage (scenes that will never leave them, EVER), that they give up.

Wait until the spirit of free people is broken. And then let Russia have it all. America may have reduced Russia in stature over the years with its economic sanctions, however, they have at the same time created a new power, China. If Biden is correct in his take that Putin simply wants to restore the anachronism of the Soviet Republic, and China is, at the same time, prepared to back Russia against the economic sanctions of the West, what do you suppose Xi’s thinking is?

I said I would trust Biden; but my heart is with those Ukrainian men, women, and children who have nothing at all to do with the geopolitical bullshit being foisted upon them by the world’s ruling classes.

If, as a world, we only rise to the challenge when it is convenient for us, we are all lost. We will live and die at the pleasure of the wealthy around the world. But, Biden may think that China is waiting for him to commit troops to Ukraine so that Xi can begin an assault on Taiwan? I don’t¬† know.

What I do know is that if I happened upon someone getting the shit beaten out of them by someone else, I’m going to break it up and not just say, ‘Stop’. I may get seriously hurt, yes, but I have done the right thing; else someone innocent is dead.

THAT IS WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW, besides ‘love’,¬† and that is H.O.N.O.U.R.

It was honour that brought Canada to Europe in 1914. It was honour which brought the Americans to Europe in 1917. And then again in 1941.

We need honour now.

It will be a relative few of our ruling classes that will die. It will mostly be ‘the people’ who die.

At least allow us to die with honour and not cowering in our basements.

…like the Ukrainians.

We cannot abandon them now, or we deserve the fate we now leave them to.

23 February 2022

Russia-Ukraine: This  might evolve into something full scale, even though that’s not what Putin is after…IMO, China will sit back and watch, but ONLY FOR NOW…

China aspires to be ‘top-dog’ / ‘top-gun’ in a ‚Äėhomogeneous‚Äô world, fashioned in its image; whereas ‚ÄėNATO‚Äô is trying to build a more collaborative world order, fashioned in its image.

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ (a feature of a binary world) is great to drive technological progress, but when resources run-out in the margins, bringing the competitors ‘face to face‚Äô, well then,¬† if we don‚Äôt ditch ‚Äėbinarism‚Äô we‚Äôll destroy one another over what is left‚Ķ

Both ‘East’ and ‘West’ recognize that if we humans don‚Äôt ditch our warlike ways, we‚Äôll screw ourselves; whereas, if we can focus on Space instead, why we might actually open the door to endless possibilities and resources; keeping us from each other‚Äôs throats. But that is not a guarantee.

To make for a sustainable world chock-full of people whose ground state is JOY (the energy of Creation and creating), $$$ have to be redistributed and shared, because  too many $$$ in the hands of too few = too much power and money, in the hands of too few = THE RULE BY THE EGO OF THE FEW = a dystopia for many.

WEALTHY PEOPLE MUST ACCEPT THE ROLE WEALTH BRINGS WITH IT, to be stewards of society, not overlords; else humankind will eventually disappear following after itself down the ‚Äėrabbit‚Äôs hole‚Äô of ego‚Ķthe same goes for the nations Wealth rules…

don’t kid yourself…Wealth rules in the East just like it does in the West. EGO rules in the East as it does in the West. BOTH EAST AND WEST WILL COLLAPSE INTO THE HOLE THEY DIG BETWEEN THEM as we divide further from one another.


CREATE A UN¬† with a General Assembly And a Senate (a body of ‘elders’), selected from among the GA, wherein each serves as a check and balance upon the other.

CREATE A STANDING UN FORCE with global reach, to police and protect the world, but not as zookeepers.

CREATE A UN SPACE GROUP with a PRIME DIRECTIVE that protects both alien land and limb.

Putin! Xi! Ruling Classes! $$$ isn’t everything. Power over others isn’t everything.

JOY IN THE PROCESS OF EXTENDING CREATION is everything. think about it…in such a world, no one would want for anything…your jobs, and your nations’ continued prosperity is assured, and, even increased, because you’ll be saving a tone of $$$ on keeping up with the Joneses military.

It is not too late in Ukraine. Let’s all just take a deep breath, and count to 5…


The trouble with rule of democracy, such as what I suggest the UN does in the context of a federated world government, is that in democracies, the majority rules. This feature could put us right back into us and them, East and West (albeit under a different moniker), as two distinct groups coalesce on either side of the dividing line. We know this is truth because we already see this regional fractionation going on in democratic societies of today.

IMO, this is not an insurmountable problem. A non-elected Senate of elders, appointed, as positions open up, by agreement between the incumbent UN ‘President’ and the outgoing UN ‘President’, is part of the solution.

The other part is the Presidency of the UN per se. Very much as I suggested in an earlier post about the role of Jerusalem in the Middle East [re: I have a dream] the President of the UN could simply be rotated, yearly or by term, among broad regional ethnicities: i.e. the Northern Indigenous/the Southern Indigenous, the Eurasian, the East Asian, the Latin-Equatorial zone…given that the World has produced the likes of young Greta Thunberg, the UN ‘Presidency’ might even be two people, one selected on a rotating basis from the ‘Senate of Elders’, say, and the other from a UN Youth group. Elders have life experience/youths have dreams and routinely ask of their elders the most important question, ‘WHY?’ Asking this question of others accountable to you will ensure that if they have no good justification, then something will be changed; at the very least,¬† be open to investigation and to what might be a better way going forward.

To Putin, Xi, et al…no doubt you are capable leaders, or your own people would not have tolerated you for so long a time. YOU WILL GO DOWN IN YOUR NATION’S HISTORY AS A GREAT LEADER,¬† if you were to make the decisions, now, to have a history tomorrow. NO ONE CAN RETURN ANY NATION TO ITS FORMER GLORY DAYS…because that is all in the past, and fighting and dying for that is simply putting ‘good money after bad’.

Even more critical to great leadership than ‘resolve’ is the ability to admit to being wrong. People die and suffer because leaders have been wrong, and so, to admit this to yourself is the hardest thing a leader can do. But leaders are people, not gods. LEADERS WILL MAKE MISTAKES. Doozies!

Putin believes he is saving Russia. Xi might be willing to help him over their common resentment toward the West. But it’s all ego and bound to lead to a ‘pandemic’ ruin for both their nations.

Russia is full of gifted people. China is full of gifted people. Canada, US, UK, Australia, Africa, the Middle East…all are replete with gifted people. We are gifted in different ways, but all are essential.

Putin is gifted. Let him go before the Russian people and admit his mistake with Ukraine, ask for their forgiveness (he’ll get it), and then tell them, ‘I have a dream of a free Russian people living in a free world, where liberty is respected, where people who have more than enough share with those who do not’…

…Where children are only scared in fun ways, and not ever having nightmares about playing in their backyards with their doggie and seeing missiles flying over their heads on the way to their targets, like I had when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old.

The Golden Rule.

22 February 2022

Today, the World, our world, sits on a cusp. We are at a point of inflection – our fortunes as a nation and as a world with humans at the top of the ‘food chain’ will either go up or down, going forward.

For things to go ‘up’, we must, en masse, invoke the sprit of forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, and keep her close to our hearts, always.

‘Forgiveness’ is not to say, ‘Oh, it’s okay you did that terrible thing to me’, or, ‘It’s okay you told those hurtful lies¬† about me’…but rather, to move on and leave those things to the Past, WHERE THEY HAVE NO BEARING ON THE PRESENT or the Future, unless we give them new life by thinking them up again.

The World, our world, must enter a pandemic of FOREGIVENESS. We must forgive Xi for his role in the pandemic (at the very least, he kept it to himself too long before warning us that something was up in Wuhan). We must forgive Putin for scaring the bejeezus out of Ukrainian children and their parents. We must forgive our ruling classes for their present waywardness…they are a capable group and the World needs them to steward, not to ‘ski uphill’ on the backs of citizens to elevated lifestyles…I don’t know how our creator is able to forgive us for all of the misery and violence of the Anthropocene, but I’m betting she will, with all of her mother’s heart, IF WE STOP MISBEHAVING BEFORE WE BURN THE HOUSE DOWN.

To that end, I am praying today for our creator to bless us with hers/his ‘presence’ that we might know what he/she actually wants us to do…quo vadis?

To that end, I ask for forgiveness, for all of the times I criticized without knowing all of the facts, which I often do not. I have been hard on ‘Wealth’; but there are people of wealth who do see their wealth as the power to heal/progress the lot of humankind. I’ve worked for small business folks/families and I loved working for them…they were wealthy, yes, but not of the extreme. Small business and the wealth it may accrue for the owners IS NOT OUR COMMON AND PRESENT DANGER. Corporations are, and they are only because they have falsely been accorded ‘personhood’ in our jurisprudence. This puts corporations at the heart of society and facilitates the regression of human¬† society into ‘us and them’ (managers and workers, all under the hegemony of a ruling class junta) and its politics into the politics of business…to wit: fascism.

I have criticized my PM Trudeau. I have criticized Philpot and JWR for fighting with Trudeau et al.¬† I have made fun of the Cons. None of it is helpful if it is not respectful and if it is not motivated by a desire to make things better FOR EVERYONE. For my contributions to the fires of ego which erupt among individuals (tossing in log after log, instead of giving ‘the fire’ time to burn itself down and out), for these times when I failed to keep my ego to myself,¬† I APOLOGIZE and ask to be foregiven, and it is right that I should be penitent, because one’s ego belongs to oneself, and is not meant for others…THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR OWN

A normal society will feature a Normal Distribution of power and wealth, but ensure equality of opportunity for everyone. After that, it becomes a matter whether one ‘lives to work’ or ‘works to live’. Depending on many things, if one earns or does not earn at a level that plunks them within +/- 2sigma of the mean, why, the excess or shortfall is managed through the tax system and redistributed.

So much for material wealth, and the bottom level of Maslow’s Hierarchy. Next, we focus upon community, safety…belonging….why, we have the Golden Rule for that.

p.s. I am sickened by the headlines. If I were a child today, I would be scared out of my sox, and I might not even know who to talk to…I might not even feel I can talk to my parents because I’m at daycare all day and then I’m busy playing while they are putting supper together…I dunno…

FOR THE SAKE OF THE WORLD’S CHILDREN,¬† if you are a leader of a nation with a big military, please imagine what it must be like for them to be living in the world of today, one us adults are responsible for. Consider the fact that these kids, growing up in fear and the threat of violence, from people you don’t even know, much less hate, are the next cohort of world leaders…they cannot be grounded and given to rendering reasonable decisions if they are accustomed to reaction and worse-case scenarios as a way of life, conditioned this way…

The wisdom of the day: TO FOREGIVE IS TO FORGET. Let today be the day when the tables turn, when the tide reverses.¬† When water (or wealth) nolonger flows ‘uphill’ and humanity is not a bottled commodity, available at a price.

The order of the day: support your community, your government, your world. Be a part of the SOLUTION, rather than remaining a part of the problem.

Defend your nation and your community from all threat, originating from within and from without. For our kids. For our honour. And remember those who have already sacrificed THEIR LIVES (meaning they got shot up over in Europe and didn’t ever get the chance to raise kids of their own and to see them grow and realize their dreams, BUT WE GOT OUR CHANCE!).

The people of the war generations we will meet when it is our time. Let us perserve their memory and their honour by being ourselves honourable.

THERE IS NO WAY TO PEACE. Peace is the way.

Those who would kill to achieve their ends, personal or political, sin against god and humankind.

But those who defend their own, who sacrifice themselves in the fight against darkness, why, their light is not extinguished but burns brighter and brighter…

…and the beam of light, the carrier from the Big Bang impetus, ‘first-light’, is brightened as THE CREATORS’ HEART IS LIFTED IN GLADNESS/JOY.

Headline 1: US President Joe Biden announces Russia sanctions – America will not abandon Ukraine. Neither will America annex Russia to Alaska via the Bering Strait. Putin has gone too far, however. He might not be able to stop himself…like Hitler, he’s created a wave that is now pushing him toward the rocks. He may no longer have a way out: either he behaves badly so that he won’t look bad at home, or he must look bad at home, and retire as a result, to avoid being bad and starting a bloody and unnecessary war. He will likely end up shooting himself in a bunker one day, but only after the deaths of so many innocents, who have nothing to do with his war or geopolitical aspirations. Our creator will not likely be pleased to meet him at the Gates, IMO.

BUT, THE WORLD HAS ANOTHER PROBLEM ready to erupt. China. Just as America’s response to 9/11 created an imbalance in the Middle East by kicking Sadaam Hussein’s Iraq off of the teeter-totter opposite Iran, giving Russia the boot for not playing nice only means China will take Russia’s place on the East-West teeter-totter. China does not bother to be subtle…they will use their massive economy to¬† increase their already massive military (they’ve been doing this for decades already) and, when the time is right, surprise us √† la Pearl Harbour.

Or, they may use the Russia-Ukraine war (and America’s distraction by it) to time their invasion of Taiwan, daring the Americans to fight two major militaries at the same time, AND NO LONGER BY PROXY, meaning, either Russia/China or America will not exist afterwards.

But if America were to win, Russia and China would continue on. Ukraine would absorb Russia and Taiwan would absorb China, say. America/NATO has already shown the World that it is best to make friends out of enemies. THAT IS THE NEW WAY.

To make puppets out of your enemies or to vanquish them entirely, why, that’s the old way.

So, I’m praying for Ukraine. I’m praying for Russia and China to learn to play nice.

God is our parent. god loves to walk in the park and see her/his children laughing and frolicking and just vibrating with the joy of life…the holy spirit.

The Golden Rule.

20 February 2022

It’s Sunday. It’s the end of the Beijing Olympics (thank god). I didn’t watch or read a lick about it. I could not bear the timeless and time-honoured spirit of human competition be(ij)ing hi-jacked to make a statement: ‘The East is on the way up! The West is on the way out…’

Putin and Xi have both ‘begged, borrowed, and stolen’ to be where they are today. They have made their own to suffer (likely using us as an excuse to oppress their own); they threaten our own. WE WOULD WELCOME XI AND PUTIN AS ALLIES against the very real threat of humanity’s extermination from its own activities and Nature’s response to our numbers; but we WILL NOT/CANNOT ACCEPT EITHER OF THESE BOZOS AS MASTER OR LEADER. If we were to, we would forfeit humanity to Satan and Satan’s endgame will make a quantum advance toward completion:

Satan’s endgame cannot be to ‘rule’ over god’s Creation, because, for as long as the Light exists, it is a threat to Satan. Even though his goal is to rule, ‘life’ comes of the ‘light’ of Creation and therefore Satan stupidly seeks to rule over precisely that which he can never rule over, anymore than humans can rule the weather (we even expect the ‘weatherman’ to make the wrong call more often than not).

Satan’s endgame is to destroy the creator’s ‘life-factory’ because he cannot rule. Satan is of the ego, and ego will seek to ruin that which does not provide it value. Xi and Putin are ruled by ego. They listen to ‘Satan’. They are akin in their consciousness to the truckers who drive their rigs into downtown Ottawa in protest, because they have something serious in mind to achieve, without giving due consideration to the repercussions and outcomes associated with their methods.

If ‘Satan’ cannot rule, what do you suppose he can accomplish, and, is accomplishing?

Chaos + Division +  Anarchy -> Darkness of Fascism -> Death

What China and Russia aspire to is the institutionalization of the processes of unfettered acquisition of Wealth, so that nothing lay betwixt their ruling class and $$$->power->luxury (for the ruling class).

This will culminate in a life factory laid waste and sterile [Wealth now aspires to go to Mars, where, mineral resources abound aplenty, but, the planet is dead already, and so what would our environmentalists have to say about it?]

China and Russia would make war to achieve a hegemony that will not last for them because they will turn on one another when one of them finds it convenient. But that is the old way. The World has operated under this evil paradigm since human ‘civilization’ emerged.

What the West is building (but what it’s own ruling classes are trying to ‘guide’ for their own sakes) is,¬† a practical way forward, a world of federated sovereign states whose qualifiers for membership must include 1 – never doing violence to/ dishonouring other nations by lying to them (instead, treating them as equals/neighbours), and, 2 – never doing violence to/dishonouring citizens by lying to them or manipulating their reactions to events.

The way of the modern world is to replace ‘life’ and the experience of ‘living’ with a virtualized reality that can be displayed universally for us to stay home and enjoy, while the world god gave us to live in is consumed and converted into a surreal existence for the few of Mount Olympus while the world of ‘man’ is reduced to ashes, toxic waste, and parking lots.

The way of the modern world is to accord ‘life’ to entities which do not exist, such as was accorded corporations to become as ‘persons’ with the same rights as human beings (and this was done in an underhanded fashion, at the behest of Wealth and with the complicity of folks working in the legal system), and to deny life to the unborn, who actually are human at an earlier stage of development, not ‘non-persons’ as our jurisprudence now declares.

The way of the modern world is to deny climate change (I find it alarming that the good Bishop, with all of his understanding, is convinced that climate change and global warming are inventions of the wayward humans).

The way of the modern world is to ignore the obvious: WE ARE TOO MANY. But, to increase one’s wealth, one must increase production and to do that one must increase consumption…

…therefore, the way of the modern world is going to culminate in wars over resources because we have been engineered into consumerism as a way of life (this has brought us to the precipice of WWIII; only Putin calls it ‘national security’, while Xi calls it ‘social progress’). So long as the World is fighting with itself over resources, why, weapon sales will be ‘bullish’ and that market will ultimately resolve into another Great Reset, followed by a new geopolitical order (or none), followed by an era of temporary equality as the World rebuilds (or a complete, irrevocable dystopia of darkness)…and then, if Satan hasn’t yet paved over the entire life-factory, the entire process will be repeated until he does.

But the attacks on life are at every level. We have even stooped to take the first years of childhood away from the children. The freedom I enjoyed as¬† a child is now replaced with children tethered to one another for a walk around the block. Mom isn’t around anymore. She’s working. She didn’t need to before, but nowadays, both parents have to work if you are a member of the working class, else YOU WILL NEVER OWN A HOME OF YOUR OWN (and if you are a tenant, why, I refer you to my discussion about corporations…). And so, we are forced by our leaders to abandon our children to daycares. When we come to pick them up after work, how much do we have left in the tank to give to them, compared to what our mothers/dads were able to give to us as children, when only one of them had to work to keep us in a home of our own?

We have even managed to ensure that our children, once grown, go away to school and then end up working far from where they grew up. The family bonds are stretched very thin. The community bonds are tied to work gigs. Your job ends. So does your community involvement. The government wants the family out of the way (not for the ruling class, but for the ruled, because it keeps us divided and ineffective wrt encouraging change or even knowing what changes are needed).

And then there’s god. Our ruling class wants her/him out of their way too. They can’t be ‘god’ if there is one in the job already. They can’t kill god, if there is one, and so they must kill our knowledge, our sense of god. Do you see now why our PM was so gung-ho to blame the church for the Residential Schools?

Do you see how Putin is able to oversee ‘nuclear exercises’ when a nuclear exchange will almost certainly be the end of Russia FOREVER. It will likely become another province of China, with or without a nuclear war, the way Putin is leading his nation.

The good Bishop is, despite his imperfections (and he seems to have fewer than I, plus many more talents than I) one of the go-tos left in the World, for leadership. The good Father Chris Alar and the good Cardinal Collins are two others. Without having met them, I KNOW IN MY HEART that the Muslim Faith, the Hindu and all of the others (except for, c’mon man!, Satanism) have folks among their leadership who are the same in spirit as these three. ALL DO THE WILL OF THE CREATOR.

All of them hold the Golden Rule dear, as does the creator who gave it to humankind, all of humankind, as a compass for navigating the Hero’s Journey through this life, to find the doorway to the next, where our loved ones reside, and where god is fully met, or rather, CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD and therefore of the eternal IS FULL.

Full in the absence of E.G.O.

That is Satan’s endgame. Not to build a world according to his vision, because his vision is a nightmare, not a dream, and leads to nothingness, death, the absence of life and Light, BUT TO DESTROY the world god has made, from the Light.

All things made must pass, but the Light remains, and continues to create new life, even from under the shadow cast by ego, like that which emerges from the muck of the Nile.

That is what Satan is after: the Light. Kill the Light. He’s smart enough to know that he cannot kill that which he is himself a product of, albeit ‘refuse’, that which gets left behind and rots to become the basis for new forms upon the death of the old forms, BUT HE CAN HARDEN THE EGOS OF THE LIVING TO SUCH A DEGREE OF IGNORANCE THAT THEY WILL CONVINCE THEMSELVES THAT GOD DOES NOT EXIST, THAT EXISTENCE PER SE IS NOT FROM AND OF THE LIGHT…

…so that consciousness of the Light and of the Creator reflects off us and back out toward the Sun who sent it this way for our benefit.

The ignorance of ego is Satan’s only chance to one-up the creator. It is weak but effective. Effective because Satan has very nearly won. The moment we start launching nukes, releasing bioweapons, whatever…IMO, all bets are off, not for god or Creation, which are immutable and forever, despite Satan, but for humankind, whose ego will relegate it to fossildom…to be discovered and wondered over by the next species to emerge capable to extend Creation on god’s and Creation’s behalf. Prayers they succeed where our species failed.

But, the hourglass on our species has not yet run out; though we have brought ourselves to the precipice and few grains/opportunities remain to fall. The line between the Anthropocene and what comes next is very nearly upon us.

I pray that I was able to make clear what is happening to us. Satan is at the top driving things. Wealth as a social institution, serves Satan, because the ego of Wealth is all about Ferengi-like acquisitiveness and nothing else. Nothing at all.


Putin and Xi do no service to their own people by fighting the West rather than join it. Were they to join as equals, why, there’d be no more ‘West’ to worry over. There would only be O.N.E. W.O.R.L.D. O.R.D.E.R. One whose spirit encapsulates the Golden Rule and whose ‘skeletal structure’ is formed according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and nurtured by D.E.M.O.C.R.A.C.Y.

Now, I have just read TVO article about the trucker protests. The writer wonders that it took so long for the police in Ottawa to do anything. The writer completely miffed on that one, despite writing another great article: the police took so long because of optics. Canada aspires to be Canada and not the US or anyone who resorts to riot-gear clad policing to end protests. To use riot police is not democratic.

That perception is what our Capitol wishes to avoid.¬† Neither does anyone want the disruption of the lives of others in order to make your case to become the norm. Neither does anyone desire to import¬† Trump’s Washington’s insurrection of January 6 to Ottawa.

We have a Parliament. We don’t have democracy because of the the ruling class/Executive/Whip/PMO. Remove the Whip. Let Parliament be Parliament. See where that takes us. We can rely on our Senate to be the Chamber of Sober Second Thought as Sir John A. would characterize it. Let the Executive be accountable to Parliament rather than have Parliament kowtow to the Executive. This way, all doubt over who the Executive works for and is accountable to, is removed. If the MPs are worth their salt (and want to keep their jobs) they’ll voice and accomplish the will of their constituents. Period.

Personal: I just went shopping on Amazon for ink cartridges. I had found a seeming great deal (compared to buying OEM) until I realized it was coming from China. It seems much on Amazon is from China. Amazon has proven to be a great outfit, especially during COVID, but its motivation is as mystifying as its former boss’s much vaunted (by the media) excursion into low earth orbit, when viewed against the backdrop of world poverty and sino-russian belligerence. Every dollar we hand to them is being invested in a trade relationship that will they will return to us, ‘ten-fold’,¬† in bullets and radiation poisoning…they might even think to stay mum about an engineered virus that happened to escape its cage, rather than tell us about it right away?

I found another set of ink cartridges on Amazon, for maybe 2$ more than what the Chinese company wanted, but manufactured in Ukraine, by Smart Ink. I am going to buy those. I am going to buy those because the Ukrainians do not appear to be threatening me, my children, and my country with annihilation, while at the same time saying their threat is our fault, not theirs. That how ego always rolls.

I am happy that Amazon seems to be making it easier to figure out where the products I buy through them are manufactured. I am trying to buy local, despite the fact that local businesses never wanted to give me a job when I was applying for one. If I can’t, because of limited mobility (I don’t own a car, again, because I couldn’t get a job to support owning a car), then I go online. Right now, I am comparing Amazon’s prices with the prices of a local establishment (a corporate chain, however) and if the prices are within a few bucks, I will walk to the store and buy those items, then haul them back home with a cart rather than have them delivered , JUST TO HELP SOMEONE LOCAL TO HAVE A LOCAL JOB. Then, when all options are exhausted, I will buy from Amazon/online-delivery, BUT, I don’t want to buy anything else made in China while China is threatening me and my children and my country and my way of life.

I know Chinese people. It is not they who are the enemy; neither is it the Russian people. It is the ego of the regimes of both of these nations that is the enemy; and they are as much a threat to their own people as they are to me and mine.

Headline 1: Former top Trump Russia adviser details the sharp contrast between the former President and Biden – I remember Fiona Hill from the impeachment hearings. I was impressed.

Headline 2: Why the US is involved in the Ukraine-Russia conflict – Here’s what President Joe Biden has to say (excerpted from the article):

“It’s about standing for what we believe in, for the future that we want for our world, for liberty, the right of countless countries to choose their own destiny. And the right of people to determine their own futures, or the principle that a country can’t change its neighbor’s borders by force,” Biden said. “If we do not stand for freedom where it is at risk today, we’ll surely pay a steeper price tomorrow.”

Exactly. I am of the lowest level; President Biden of the highest, but, guess what? WE’RE ON THE SAME PAGE.¬† There are more pages yet to turn (the one where we rein-in our own ruling class, for i.e.), but given how close we are to the final act of the Anthropocene, we are in a good position to achieve the denouement that our creator is hoping for, for us.

Xi and Putin and what they aspire to is tantamount to the cancer afflicting the human body. Biden (without the BNW-ruling class thing) et al. represent the ‘anti-oxidant’. Ego eats away at the human spirit as surely as cancer eats away the human body as surely as rust eats away infrastructure.

Shared power/authority, distributive power/authority/wealth (sorry PET, but centralization/the PMO was not a step ‘forward’), and diversity are human society’s and the World’s protection against the cancer of human ego.

As much as I believe it folly to think that giving Putin and Xi more time to be sober will avoid war, given that they will continue with their one-upmanship of the West and then attack once they perceive a distinct advantage, I am not ‘god’ and as much as I believe it is folly, it might not be.

From the excerpt, I understand Biden’s position better and see that it identifies with my own.

I believe war is coming to us all. Biden has drawn the line. He won’t commit troops to a war ‘between Ukraine and Russia’ (more accurately described as a claw back and a provocation, all in one), but his sanctions could be crippling or at least an impediment to Russia’s military research and production¬† program over the lack of $$$. This will affect China’s buildup also, because they are playing tag-team against the West with Russia.

If the West wants to weaken Russia and China as a threat to our way of life, then do the opposite of what made China such a powerful military force – pull the plug on their financing. Reverse-engineer our trade ‘agreements’ which only served to make our enemies more powerful, while it weakened our friends.

I read that lately, 1 in 3 purchases occurs through Amazon. Amazon could make a huge and globally responsible contribution by prohibiting the sale of Chinese goods on their site, until we can be sure that China is not building another nuke with our names on it. IT IS IMPORTANT THEY DO IT THE VERY MOMENT ONE RUSSIAN SOLDIER SETS FOOT IN UKRAINE, because Russia and China are now tethered geopolitically in their desperation to expand their hegemony.

There is no room for ‘East-West’, or ‘us and them’ in the World, going FORWARD. We must reconcile along every dimension along which we are divided, each with the other: rich with poor (to reinvoke the ‘middle class’ Normally), faith with faith (except Satanism and Atheism!), men with women/women with men (and families), and parents with children.

We must thin the veil of ego in order to mitigate the darkness ego now casts upon the World, our world. We must accept for ourselves the role of Steward.

Ego is of Satan. That’s the territory of the Old Testament. Whoever spoke for ‘god’ in those days featured all of the transactionality (the ‘covenants’) and violent reactions featured by ego and not a whole lot else.

So, I’m inclined to trust Biden’s judgement wrt Russia and China, despite my reservations, he’s right, so long as he does not dither when the line is crossed.

For me, that line is crossed THE NEXT TIME ONE CIVILIAN UKRAINIAN LOSES LIFE OR LIMB to the Russian incursion. But that will not stop Putin or convince Biden to face Russia’s army directly. Right now, proxy-wars could be all that stand between the World and nuclear Armageddon: 1984-like, the margins between ‘East’ and ‘West’ will shrink and expand along with the geopolitical tides, but NOTHING WILL CHANGE, and the men, women, and children hapless enough to be born in those margins will continue to suffer.

For me, we have seen enough already. We’ve heard enough talk. What will likely come next for us, NONE OF US wants, but if we do not eat ‘the squash’ along with potatoes, we won’t grow; instead, we will eventually succumb to our unhealthy habits.

If Putin does not capitulate fully on Ukraine, and if Xi does not capitulate fully on Taiwan, then go forward with sanctions against BOTH RUSSIA AND CHINA and anyone who might act as a fence for either, including Amazon.

If the sanctions are effective, they will either force these bozos to defer to sanity or to make war. Should they choose war, the benefit is, they will have been forced to make war BEFORE THEY ARE READY, before they have gotten their ‘ducks all in a row’.

If we dither, we give our enemies more time. We do not trade with or assist our enemies.

But, Russia and China, should you choose to be friends, why, you will find ‘the West’ will help you to the best of its ability and expect nothing from you but the same.


We can have a world of peace and opportunity or a world of war and scarcity. It is up to us. We need only choose one or the other with the gift our creator gave us, THE GIFT OF CHOICE.

We take it from one another, we take it from the unborn, we take it from the other species who share the planet with us under god. All’s we need to do is stop doing that. All’s we need to defend against are those who would take from us what our creator gave to all of us, in common.

Let the World today stand with Ukraine and against Russia and China’s regimes. Let us stand for free will. For Liberty. For all peoples and people.

Do that, and our creator, knowing our intent, will happily do the rest.

Wait and see.

19 February 2022

The headlines are mostly bad weather, locally, plus the bad vibes coming from the Ukraine. The mixed-messages have resolved into each side accusing the other of provocation. Plainly, Putin is resorting to the time-honoured escalation tactic of ‘over-reaction’, to push the envelope, such as often the tenor of a divorce-lawyer’s advice: ‘You don’t know if they will do this or that, but because there is opportunity to do this or that, you have to assume that THEY WILL DO THIS OR THAT’. Right now, he’s moving ethnic Russians out of the ‘contested regions’, for fear of Ukrainian aggression. Both sides accuse the other of the increase in artillery fire.

Is there anyone Putin is actually fooling? I suppose he’s doing it to prep his own fodder for a fight. No one can imagine the carnage which is going to result, especially not some bozo who is sitting in a nice cushy apartment, drinking vodka with his pals, watching it all happen as if it were an episode of 24. It isn’t. Real people, real men, women, and children, will die violently.

I have as much respect for the likes of Putin and Xi as I do for the folks who step over or around homeless folks, on their way to shopping or to work, without a thought or care. I have as much respect for P-X as I do for guys like Elon, Jeff, and Bill, who, √† la Canadian Tire, offer an¬† insignificant portion of their earnings as ‘charitable’ help to the very folks/children they condemn to a condition of scarcity and need over the conduct of their ‘business’.

Putin and Xi operate according to a perverse set of rules. They want power. They will say and do anything at all to obtain and maintain power. They do not accept being part of the status quo; but rather desire mastery over it. They are liars. They are genocidal liars. Whatever comes of leadership from people whose souls spin that way, it will not be good for anyone else (not even them, at the end of the day) and cannot be permitted to spread, to metastasize into the World, our world, or we will end up like Mars is now.

Neither can we allow Fascism/Trumpism/neoliberalism…whatever-ism…to deep state itself in our democracies.

We verge on the denouement of the Anthropocene. Our creator made a wonderful and terrifying world for us to live in; one we have very nearly destroyed, ourselves and our brother and sister species  along with it.

But we haven’t managed to destroy it yet. I don’t know how the Chinese people and the Russian people feel about their government but I suspect it will be very much like how we feel towards ours:

Disaffection and resolve. ‘Disaffection’, with our politics and leaders, because we hear a lot of talk, followed up by the same ol’ – same ol’;

‘Resolve’ when it comes to anyone outside of our borders, trying to tell us what to do, or threatening us with nukes…

Given the killing power of today, given the extreme social upheaval and division the concentration of $$$ in a few hands provokes, for humans to permit the pathology of war and inequality is proof of the insanity of our spiritual condition and recommends the end of humankind.

None of us can be in the head or heart of our leaders. All of us rely on our leaders to tell us the truth, as if they were our child, our spouse, our neighbour, our boss, our priest/imam/pastor.

We need the truth in order to know what to do about it.

Lies, virtual reality, propaganda…none of those are truth. All are the convenience of the ruling classes.

We need to begin with the truth as surely as we need to be standing on solid ground in order to take the first step away from where we were to where we want to be. ‘Virtual’ just doesn’t cut it as ‘solid’.

No more, ‘this is what we want you to believe; this is how we want you to think; this is how we want you to react’.

Instead, ‘this is the situation; these are the facts; this is what we believe will happen if we respond this way/this is what we believe will happen if we respond that way; THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO AND THIS IS WHY WE ARE GOING TO DO IT. If you disagree, protest our decision to let us know the degree to which you dispute our decision and then return home. We will factor your sentiments into our decision, perhaps even reverse it? AND, IN THE END, WHEN THE NEXT ELECTION COMES UP, make sure the right questions are asked, the answers clear and unequivocal, and, if no one is prepared to pony up with the proper policy response, VOTE THEM THE BEJEEZUS OUT and send a representative to Ottawa or Queen’s Park or wherever, WHO WILL.

What we need are folks willing to be PUBLIC SERVANTS, not people willing to become public slaves; effectively exchanging the power and $$$ we give them to represent us for the entertainment value we get from reading about their faux pas. We allow our representatives to sell us ‘bills of goods’ and not create the bills of good governments. Get rid of the Whip and this will change overnight.

p.s. It is the concentration of Wealth and the centralization of Power (the two are intimately related) that will take us down. Empires and empire-building are examples of this warlike paradigm, for, it invites the coerced hegemony of one POV over all others. THAT NEVER RESULTS IN ANYTHING PERMANENT.

The reason is ego. Ego wants hegemony. Ego also wants to live forever. But a feature of ego is form. The human body is the form the human spirit takes on when we are instantiated as infants. THE EGO CANNOT LIVE FOREVER because the form cannot. Therefore, for the human spirit to continue, it must depart the ego; in fact, the ego is only our temporary container, to permit the human spirit to accomplish what it needs to accomplish, much like the fetus in the Womb works to accomplish its independence from the Womb (that is a human life stage too). Once accomplished, the individual’s form changes radically but is the same person/the same spirit.

Forms cannot be permanent. Processes, however are. We understand the processes of ego. It is all about creating forms. The trouble is, ego is too stupid, in and of itself, to accept that forms are never permanent. Americas ego is able to change when America is not governed by its ego. America/Europe/the West showed the World that it can change, that it can ditch ’empire’ for ‘collaboration’ and federation, even at the cost of its own blood.

I have not seen anything remotely similar, inspiring Xi and Putin.

TO THE LEADERS OF NATIONS WHO ARE THINKING XI AND PUTIN ARE LIGHTING THE WAY FORWARD: That way cannot lead to anything but death for your citizens, now and in the future, BECAUSE THAT WAY HAS BEEN the way of all of humankind since our beginnings.

America/Europe/et al. are trying to find the way forward for everyone, not just them (for Russia and China too). If we can build true democratic institutions, if we can reconfigure ourselves and our institutions to share power and to direct resources where they are needed from where they exist in abundance ($$$, especially), WE WILL GET THERE.

It will not be the dystopic, Brave New World our social engineers have been cultivating for us on Wealth’s behalf since WWII (this productive of the warnings from George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, et al.), but rather a utopia wherein people are tolerant, respectful, considerate, always looking for ways to be of assistance…CARRYING THE GOLDEN RULE IN THEIR HEARTS.

A world full of children at play, using their imaginations, on their way to becoming the next generation of superheroes who will take us to the Stars, as ambassadors of the creator of the Universe, and not as cronies of Satan.

Opinion: Whenever kids of my generation (and of my dad’s, and likely of his dad’s, and so on…) came across someone big picking on or beating up on someone smaller than them, why, we’d intervene, √† la in the way my dad did in his Harley-days: ‘Pick on someone your own size…’ is what we’d say and were prepared to back it up, again, like my dad would have and like most folks of his generation. THEY WOULD NOT BACK DOWN OUT OF FEAR FOR THEMSELVES.

Here today, we have a bully and another bully to back him up. ENOUGH ALREADY.

If we have any class left at all, and by that I mean honour, not what passes for ‘honour’ among the ruling ‘class’-less, then we cannot stand by and watch Russia pulverize Ukraine. We must DEFEND Ukraine. NOW.


I say this because it is inevitable. Xi and Putin will keep coming and playing their games and when they feel they have a military advantage over us, they’ll attack.

There is no more to their geopolitics than that. They can say this or that. They can deny this or that. Doesn’t matter. Like a wayward ruling class, they will say whatever they feel like.

Xi and Putin lack honour. Wealth lacks honour.

It is us folks rising to the challenge no matter what the cost is to us, because if we do not, THE COST TO OUR VIRTUE WILL BE TOO DEAR.

The fact we are even discussing economic sanctions when Putin is lighting off Roman Candles close to Ukraine is proof of a World so corrupted in its trivial pursuits of wealth that it has forgotten the value of life, nevermind the gift of Creation…our particular share being the Earth Mother, a woman of boundless and timeless beauty…√† la Raquel Welch back in 1 Million B.C.

This is not a sustainable development. The World today is at a watershed. It is not about one political philosophy v. another. It is a class war. The war the ruling classes of nations are waging upon their own citizens out of their feeling of entitlement is the same war the ruling classes of the ‘East’ and the ‘West’ wage upon each other. The East wants more, in fact, they want all of it.

The West seeks to share power because it knows a coerced peace can only be productive of another war.

I’m living in the West. I’m betting on the West. Even so, I don’t trust my leaders anymore. I see they are Wealth’s wolves disguised as sheep in kinship with ‘the people’.

But not all of them. It is time, NOW, for true leaders to emerge. We don’t have any time left to us to play games, political, geopolitical…or with the environment.

We are endangered today, from without and from within.

p.s. I just read an article about the China-Russia relationship. China will not support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia will not support China’s invasion of Taiwan. Oh! Everything’s okay then! As if Russia needs help against Ukraine. As if China needs help against Taiwan.

Well America is with both Ukraine and Taiwan. In neither case is the US required to send troops if either is invaded. Alright, but if the US, Canada, et al. think to sit idly by and let this all happen, then I am greatly ashamed to be of the West. I feel I am a hypocrite by association with my own leadership. I also abet our leaders’ disrespect for all of those who died from the last generation so that I wouldn’t be living today under the thumb of something like Hitler’s Nazis.

It is time. We cannot coerce others to be good or to respect human rights if we can’t even get our own ruling class to respect the people and to tell us the truth.

We must stand with Ukraine. We must stand against oppressors and entitlement. We have the same creator. We are all made in the creator’s image. We have all inherited the creator’s mojo. We need not live under anyone’s thumb.

To have all of this, WE CANNOT BE AFRAID OF DEATH. The spectre of death is what rules ego. People will kill others to have more for themselves. People believe ‘more’ is worth killing over. I won’t die for those people.

But I would die in defense of Ukraine or any other place where someone with a gun and the will to use it has their way over folks who simply want to live in peace, safety, comfort…and the same for their children.

As the Great Soul, the mahatma, said,

‘There are many causes for which I am willing to die. None for which I am willing to kill.’

We are not ‘willing’ to kill; but we will fight to the death to protect the vulnerable from the likes of Putin and Xi.

Pray that our leaders will follow ‘the people’ into battle. The time is upon us. We must stand firm. Or be ashamed but safe in our living rooms, watching the news from the Ukraine…

…wondering, ‘When will it be our turn?’

18 February 2022

If I were not a human being (and I am) and if were not the Canadian version (again, I am), then I could begin today’s rant not afraid (but I am) and not ashamed…

In¬† the headlines of the World, I see Putin, a leader of a great and venerable people, threatening the World, our world with bloodshed and foreshadowings of a nuclear showdown. Artillery fire is ramping up in the ‘breakaway regions’, possibly a Putinish pretext to outright invasion. This has been long in the works. We here in the West best be prepared to go the defense of Ukraine against Russia’s Putin. And to the defense of Taiwan against China. Xi has been preparing too, for a long time. Both are waiting for the ‘right time’ to start things. As a human, I feel shame that no one seems to have figured it out; that neither of these Bozos of the East is interested in anything other than enervating and¬† finally destroying Western culture. ‘Western Culture’ is the nearest thing the World has to democracy. We must rein-in the fascism among us, but, if we do not stand against what China and Russia stand for, the World, our world, will be forever lost in darkness.

I spent most of adult years watching the darkness encroach, Fantasia-like, upon our democracy. But, as a child, I was born and living in the light. I had the best mom and dad, the best siblings and cousins, the best friends and teachers, the best places to go and play…without care…

…and I remember what that was like. The freedom we enjoyed as children to explore ON OUR OWN. IMO it is being taken away from the children of today, by our own ‘leadership’.

But our ‘leadership’ is bringing much shame upon me today as a Canadian. When I see how MSN News is ramping up the conservative reporting from Canada, and bozos like Elon are tweeting crap about our PM, and conservative politicians are politicizing the bejeezus out of the Trucker Protest [aside: why is it the Cons, whether here in Canada or in the US, whether federal, provincial, or acting as a media mouthpiece for the party, are so kneejerk ready to hop on whatever bandwagon that runs contrary to the needs of the day and of the times? HOW CAN ANY GROUP OF THINKING, FEELING HUMANS PERMIT THEMSELVES TO COME TO THAT STATE OF OBSEQUIOUSNESS TO POWER (hint: ‘$$$’)?

Our politicians are not the power in the World (our world), Wealth is. The cons know this, but that’s all they know. THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO GOVERN. The visions of $$$ dancing in their heads blinds them to things like the Commons, particularly, ‘common sense’, and they run societies like they would a business. That’s ‘management’. It is not ‘leadership’. If you don’t believe me, might you believe someone like Nelson Mandela?

The Liberals know this too. The NDP know this. Both parties see the need to include the citizen in the prosperity of the nation, whereas the cons pursue prosperity only for themselves; somehow, mystically, ‘the scraps from the master’s table’ is enough for everyone else in their self-serving worldview. The trouble with the Liberals and the NDP is they believe in the Brave New World of the individual (neoliberalism); they believe in the political theory wherein the State has complete control over the citizen, and are perhaps inclined to attach a behavioral pricetag to the financial aid they provide to citizens, this assuring compliance, even at the level of the spirit, or at least that is the goal…’kill the spirit in the child-individual’…I have heard echoes of this in the context of an egregiously sinister chapter in Canadian history…and in this vein, how can we distinguish ourselves from China?

We and the World (our world) can work with the attitude of the ‘Progressiveness-less’ Conservatives¬† as easily as we can conspire with Xi and Putin to create a world wherein human rights/environmental rights/animal rights ARE THE SUPERORDINATE IDEALS. [today I saw an opinion piece from the National Post, questioning if the Conservatives really need a progressive leader. Oh, so, ‘regressive’ is still on the table? Is anybody home at the CPC? or wherever else they perch? What does this say about the reporting in support of such a group? Of such a mindset? hello?]

Xi, Putin, the new Conservatives (to be found all over the World, our world) – they see only $$$. They see only $$$ because $$$ buys power; the power to do whatever they want and to rollover anyone who gets in the way OF WHAT THEY WANT.

Is this not clear?

There are a few things I am very sore with my PM over: the lack of support for folks who were already looking for work when the pandemic hit, for one; the others being his alacrity to condemn the Catholic church, his equal alacrity to funnel more and more of our youngsters into the State system, taking them away from their homes and moms/dads and further enervating the influence of the family institution in Canadian society, replacing mom and dad/ god and Faith/ common sense and humanity with a state-contrived, ruling-class serving public narrative.

With a Con government, it would be all of the above because these initiatives serve the purposes of the ruling-class, but without sharing as much $$$ among the people (this to further enrich the ones who already have lots of $$$, to maintain their lifestyles and power over the rest of us…) Far be it for any of us to ask for more money, so that we need not go cap-in-hand to Canadian Tire to get our kid into hockey, if that meant even one less trip for the snowbirds, or one less empty Summer mansion…

Our Liberal government is something we can work with if we rest control over the perspective of Liberalism and the Liberal social narrative from the ruling class.

The Conservatives are not a political entity, they are a business entity. They lack all societal vision and political imagination. They only know what they want. More. More. More.

They are so fully cognitively overwhelmed with ‘more’¬† that they can’t see the whole World falling apart around them (or under them, which is why they do not recognize the serious danger buried in things like the Trucker protests – they only see the surface, and that is as far as their thinking allows them to go – the protests are an OPPORTUNITY TO DISCREDIT THE GOVERNMENT…look upon it as the shelling before the invasion.

And we come full circle on the rant of the day.

Putin wants to do evil to Ukraine (think of all the men, women, and children who will be murdered) and spends all of his time thinking about how to make it look like it is NATO’s fault.

NATO WILL NEVER INVADE RUSSIA. NATO is a defensive arrangement, conceived to protect Europe from Russia. If NATO ever did become an aggressive force, rather than a defensive collaboration among sovereign nations, why NATO would simply cease to exist. Canada, for example, would have no part in it.

Putin is full of shit. He wants power. The West has to stand between him and Ukraine in no uncertain terms. Russians and Chinese need not worry. The way of the West is to vanquish the warlike regime, not the people. Once hostilities end and the West has vanquished the regime of the East, THERE WILL BE NO MORE EAST-WEST. THERE WILL ONLY BE US, THE WORLD, OUR WORLD. Then we can spend the money we now devote to killing one another off, toward healing our planet, restoring its mojo as a life factory; the end of misery, and of anxiety among the World’s children, the World’s FUTURE.

There is a globalized movement among the ruling classes of the World to garner power and $$$ for themselves, creating a dystopic world of ‘us and them’.

But the ruling classes don’t agree with one another over the best way to achieve their common ends. Neither of them has gotten it right yet, but, the Western ‘condition’ is something the World, our world can build on, because it hasn’t yet stifled free speech and free will completely.

We need ruling class everywhere to steward. I’m lining up with the stewards among the wealthy, and not jokes like Elon, Jeff, and Bill.

If stewards exist on both sides of the East-West equation, where are they? They need to STEP UP RIGHT NOW BEFORE THE WORLD TILTS TOWARD WAR.

praying for this. praying for sanity among our leaders/the ruling class. praying we have opportunity to preserve opportunity for our children and our children’s children…

Headline 1: (just in) Rebels announce evacuation from east Ukrainewtf? I read about the escalation of artillery this morning, wrote about that, came back a few hours later, and see this most welcome, but total mind-f&ck development (TMFD). One wonders, ‘is anyone telling the truth?

In the ‘information age’ one sees for every fact, a contrary fact. Are we any more capable today of making ‘evidence’-based decisions than we were when we relied on a priestly caste to inform us, as opposed to a professional caste? It doesn’t seem so. COVID has shown us this. We still don’t even hear how that got started. It seems many speak untruths without even realizing they are¬† speaking ‘untruths’.

Um, in the spirit of how Putin/Xi do things in general, the TMFD is another prong in a multi-pronged assault. Putin is gambling enough of the fence-sitters will align with the ‘East’ to win the bet after the West lays down its cards. But the West will not lay down its cards. It is waiting to see what Putin is going to do next.

For as long as Putin dangles a toe into the pool and then withdraws it, no one else will jump in. Putin maintains control over what happens next. While he does this, he’s talking with Xi.


1 РAccept Ukraine into NATO, now. In the same breath, provide official assurances to Putin that the US РNATO will never invade Russia, if Russia does not invade NATO first. 

2 – Create, out of NATO, a new alliance with global breadth. To protect the security of every nation’s borders. Regional disputes, such as revolving around the Kurdish region, say, will also be prohibited. China would back off on taking over Taiwan. There would be no need to. All of that will be come unnecessary. Nations of the World, organized upon culture, ethnicity, and spirituality, and in collaboration with all other nations of the World, will emerge and replace the ones organized upon arbitrary boundaries, set by the powers of the day; say, the one that is currently in force in the Middle East…Look at all of the suffering and death and war that the ‘gentleman’s agreement‘ between France and England accomplished?

3 – Have Iran provide assurances to Israel that they will never attack/harass Israel, IF, Israel backs off on the illegal settling of Palestinian lands and returns to pre-1967 borders (and with the idea of allowing the creation of a Palestinian nation, contiguous, and not a bit here and bit there).

4 – Be rid of institutions that sit between the ‘will of the people’ and the ‘acts of governing bodies’. i.e., the veto power invested in the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, the Parliamentary Whip’s power to enforce the will of the Executive upon Parliament…

5 – Restore, universally, the separation of church and state in its intended form: TO PROTECT the ‘church’, ALL INSTITUTIONS OF FAITH (um, except for the one that worships ‘death’ as ‘life’,¬† ‘darkness as light’ : Satanism) FROM the State.

6 – Stop introducing separation among individuals. Seek ways to bring us together for real and stop concocting artifice (broadcast through the media) that actually creates a bigger wedge between us individuals. We should not be going around suspicious and wary of one another, so divided that even in a crowd, we feel alone and isolated. I just saw a picture on the good Bishop’s site of Jesus hugging another man, so closely…there’s nothing like a hug, like closeness to another human being, to make one feel, whether you are child, grown-up, or elder, safe and loved. As children, we all experienced mom or dad kissing our scraped knees to make them better and how well it worked! We remain children our whole lives. We just have adult responsibilities as adults, but spiritually we are the same child. Jesus said we need to be as little children in order to enter into Heaven. DO NOT WORRY. If that is true, we will all enter into Heaven, once the bad karma we generated during our Earthly sojourn has been dissipated. WE NEED TO RESIST THE NOTION OF OUR INNOCENCE. We are all innocent. We are all being misled by Wealth. Wealth seeks to divide us, to neutralize effective action. We need a new mindset, a new heart, in order for our politics to become truly democratic. WE NEED TO REGARD AND UPHOLD THE PEOPLES’ SIDE OF THE SOCIAL CONTRACT.

THE LEADERS OF TODAY, WHO RECOGNIZE THE TRUE COST TO THE HUMAN SPIRIT OF WAR, INEQUALITY, the OPPRESSION OF LIBERTY AND THE TRUTH will be the heroes of tomorrow…the Achilles’ and Hercules’ and Oedipus’ who resisted the Mount Olympians and vanquished their anachronisms to the annals of human history (where they properly belong)…their tales of heroism will far outlast any memory of Elon’s penchant for playing Space Invaders, Jeff’s $5B sortie into low-orbit, and Bill’s screwing the World as he ‘saves’ it…

Headline 2: Police operation grows, more arrests made at occupation in Ottawa – thankfully, the protesters are being very Canadian by not resorting to violence in reaction to the police. Thankfully, the police are also being very Canadian by being gentle with the protesters, though the pictures of riot gear-clad linebackers is disconcerting…

p.s. The good Bishop of Australia has a message for our PM¬†(and also for Putin). I have to say, the Bishop makes a good point. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I admire him and know enough to take what he says seriously and to weigh it cautiously, before agreeing or not. Just now, I heard him say, ‘we need adults as leaders‘…this is because our Wealth class is given to behaving like spoiled children rather than responsible adults (stewards).

IMO, Trudeau, Xi, Putin, Biden, all…should get together and go to Rome and meet the Pope. This pope is unlike any other. This Pope truly aspires to Peace and, I believe, does not for one moment think he knows all about god, but HE KNOWS ENOUGH ABOUT GOD¬† to open his arms to everyone and anyone who acknowledges the creator, and TO LEAVE JUDGEMENT TO THE CREATOR. [I so loved it when I read about Pope Francis, while on an official tour of the Holy City, broke away from his entourage to embrace and offer support to some Palestinian protesters he happened upon].

As for me, I choose to believe (because my heart is okay with this belief) that NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. That all of the evil we do or permit to be done to others, we must¬† account for, yes, but that we will not be pitched into a fire for the weight of our sin; rather, we are ‘replanted’; then re-emerge on this level (the lowest plane of existence in the beam which¬† has carried us and everything outward from and since the Big Bang), provided with opportunity to take another whack at Eternity and eternal life. We have it anyways, being the children of a being that IS ITSELF ETERNAL. We inherit attributes from our parents, the ones which define us as ‘human’. We are all children of god. We inherit¬† the attributes of our parents (Nature’s rule, not mine) and so we inherit the attributes of our creator – makes sense because our creator created us to EXTEND CREATION – keep it happening!

The biggest lie we have is that things are the way they are because they can be no other way but what they are. Bullshit. It’s ego which talks like that. We are god’s children, every single human being. Like our mom/dad, we will mature and repeat the process of creation, to ensure the continuance of our species, our ‘tree of life’, over and over and over again… WE CAN CREATE WHATEVER WE PUT OUR MINDS TO, just like god did when he/she imagined a Universe with us in it and did the Big Bang thing. Children! Plenty of them! A Universe brimming with the life and imagination because THAT’S WHAT CHILDREN BRING WITH THEM INTO THE WORLD.

Headline 3: How would a nuclear war between the US and Russia play out? – a study by Princeton University. Great article. I hope everyone who can push the button reads it. In the context of a nuclear war, I don’t know who is better off, the ones who get vaporized or the ones left to rebuild. For sure the likes of Putin will survive for a time in their bunkers…

I didn’t note any mention of China, but I’m betting they’ll figure in it too, to deliver the coup de gras, first to the US and then to Russia. Both Russia and the US know this.

I have been hearing about Israel/Palestine, Russia/America, China/everyone, plus the threat of nuclear annihilation for nearly all of my years. I dunno about you, but I am sick of it and sickened by it. We’re adults. It is time to do the adult thing and act responsibly for the generations to come.

While we have nuclear weapons, we risk their being used. If they are used, we are finished,¬† along with our way of life. Our institutions will not survive. Our retirement savings will not survive. We’ll be trying to survive but fighting with one another and the strong among us will subdue the weaker into submission and the world that emerges from that will be exactly the same as the one THAT JUST DESTROYED ITSELF…a world of chaos. Satan’s world, and for all of the suffering and wanton violence, we are RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED. I would add a seventh item to the list of must-dos presented earlier, and that is

7 – the complete destruction and abolition OF ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS/ALL¬† WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. This won’t happen until we are ‘one world’ and not divided into two.

General Paton urged the Allies to continue beyond Germany to quell the nightmare that was Stalin. They would not. He was right. Had America dismantled the Stalinist regime then, they would not be fighting with Putin now. America would have helped them rebuild.

Learn the lessons of history. Today, it is plain what is happening. What is happening will continue to happen until there is NO OPTION LEFT BUT WAR.

We must break the chain.

17 February 2022

It is with great disappointment I read the Washington Post newsletter, the subject being Ukraine, of course. The article provides some very good rationalization for the West’s raising alarms over an impending Russian invasion, introducing the dubious consideration that Ukraine’s tolerance for political corruption is below the standard allowed by EU and NATO…c’mon, seriously?

…raising alarms, but not prepared to do what it takes.

This business with Russia and China will go on, and on, and on…until either the ‘West’ makes a stand, or, the Russia/China alliance eradicates the West as a geopolitical entity.

While this is ongoing, we the people, no matt er which country we live in, will be kept in a chronic state of anxiety and scarcity (unless you have plenty of $$$).

I am so disappointed that President Joe Biden would say that America becoming directly involved in the Ukraine to counter Russia would ‘hurt the American economy’. Oh, so now, America is constrained by ‘cost-benefit analyses’ when determining what is honourable and what is not?

WHEN HONOUR HAS A $$$ VALUE ATTACHED TO IT, when truth is at a price, then WE ARE LOST.

It doesn’t matter who wins the next big war, because most of us, living on either side, winner or loser, will be living forevermore under a standard of $$$. Those with the most $$$ will be telling the rest of us how to live and die, according to what is in their best interest, NOT OURS.

Isn’t it ironic? ‘The People’, whether they be of the ‘free-citizenry’ or of the ‘proletariat’, will be living under the thumb of the class whose interests Xi, Putin, or our democratically-elected leaders represent. ‘Democratically-elected’, yes, albeit from an arbitrarily-limited set of choices.

It is not the fault of the Ukrainian citizen that their government is or isn’t corrupt, anymore than it is my fault that my government is or isn’t corrupt. People who serve in government must decide for themselves which side of the spiritual equation they will live on.

IF NATO isn’t just handing me a bill of goods to make me feel as if they are doing something when in fact all’s they care to do is APPEAR TO BE DOING SOMETHING, then I want to believe NATO sees itself as a halfway step toward World Peace.

That means that TODAY, RIGHT NOW, AMERICA AND THE EU and every other fucking politician who feels they have anything at all to say, WILL SAY, ‘Putin! Withdraw NOW! Fully!…or else you will face our soldiers and not just our verbiage’


‘Ukraine! Welcome to the club.’


I do not accept the choice we are being given today: between the naked Fascism of Xi/Putin and the sugar-coated (Business-style) Fascism of the West.

I do not accept that our media is become the place to conduct the trial of our public servants. That amounts to a kangaroo court. We cannot circumvent DUE PROCESS. ever. If we do, then we are bound to ego and reaction and NOT NECESSARILY ANY CLOSER TO THE TRUTH. In fact, in reaction, we give lies the capability of the truth…

Canada has become ‘old’. We talk volumes. We are only getting deeper into division.

Yet, at the same time, it took quite some time before the police began to dismantle the Trucker protests and make arrests…the protesters were accorded time to vent, to make their case, and this was to the tune of $1b per day in costs to the city/government/local business/border crossings. WE ARE NOT LOST. Not yet. There is still something of Canadian honour left…the honour with which our Indigenous brothers and sisters first welcomed us to their shores…in friendship and respect for others who have come a long way to make a better life for themselves, as they did, many millennia before even the Egyptians showed up on the Nile. LET US BE HONOURABLE ONCE AGAIN, and maintain¬† our highest virtue.

I do not accept that Canada, America, and the EU are happy to send Ukraine weapons to help them kill, BUT TO LEAVE THEM DIE ON THEIR OWN. This is all too reminiscent of 1984 and the margins between Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia…

A Map of George Orwell’s “1984” – Big Think

Now, Orwell foresaw Russia aligning with Europe. He saw China standing alone. For good reason, it is the truth: Russia and China are only talking because THEY BOTH DESPISE THE WEST and see one another as a means to an end: Russia’s has been trying to dominate Europe since WWII. China has just emerged from childhood with some big muscles and right now is displaying a young teen’s over-self-absorption with all of the changes it is experiencing in itself as it navigates puberty…it has ‘dreams of grandeur’ of being the best or the greatest…that’s just teenagehood and testosterone…even the man who went around telling everyone, ‘I’m the greatest!’ never took himself seriously, AND HE REALLY WAS THE GREATEST, only, there’s always a sunset clause.

BOTH CHINA AND RUSSIA will make war upon one another, one day, were they to vanquish the West in the meantime.

The culmination of the impetus behind China and Russia and  ruling classes everywhere is utter darkness for most humans and all other living things. The Earth Mother will come to resemble Mars. Mars will never come to resemble Earth no matter what bozos like Elon tell us.

And we will be living in squalor, very nearly all of us, while Wealth builds higher and higher above us to put distance between our common misery and the quality of life up on Mount Olympus, which our misery supports and maintains.

The way forward is clear. We must be ready to stand with the Ukrainians. We must also be ready to stand with Taiwan. We must end it here, now. If we do not stand firm against Russia and China, NOW, we do no one any good, for the erosion of the West will continue…and when the time is right, the enemies of the West will come to deliver the knock-out blow.

The West simply aspires to a world of peace. This represents a great spiritual imbalance. The West is right, of course, but, Russia and China refuse to play the game by anyone’s rules but their own. They play by their own rules because they do not want peace in a collaborative world WHERE POWER RESIDES WHERE IT BELONGS, with the people.

DEMOCRACY. True democracy.

China and Russia want power FOR THEMSELVES. AMERICA/EU WANT THE RULE OF LAW, which is good, but only as good as the rules and the quality of the rules is only as good as what motivates the ruling class…stewardship or profit.

The Golden Rule is the rule because it is of god. It is of god because all Faiths have a version of the Golden Rule.

Let our leaders do the creator’s will and that would be to embrace the Golden Rule on behalf of the citizens who elect them to represent their interests in the management of their nations.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…

I dunno, but if I’m up fishing in the Arctic, and I happen to see a bunch of Russian jets flying over me on their way to their targets, I WILL BE VERY APPRECIATIVE TO THE END OF MY DAYS if even one Ukrainian shows up to help.

to my government and to NATO: Do the right thing by god. Putin and Xi have both turned away from god. We appear to be doing this too, but there are many left among us who know better, and so…


god will not turn his/her back on us. Do the right thing in the Ukraine. Get our soldiers there, NOW.

It is the only way to prevent global war. Appeasement will not. Economic sanctions will only provide time for China and Russia to prepare and to give them the benefit of ‘first strike’ when they feel it will accomplish the most good for them. The longer we delay doing the right thing, the worse the outcomes will be. EVEN DONALD TRUMP KNEW THAT. Only, he sided with Putin and the world order that Putin represents will only guarantee the same ol’ – same ol’ and the World will continue to lurch precariously toward conflagration.

We need to annihilate the ‘East-West’ divide completely. The World is too small to be a divided world. This does not invite a secularized world, a centralized world…it only invites a DIVERSE world, one in which free will is sacred, the highest value to uphold, and along with it, honesty, tolerance, trust…the Golden Rule.

What is the Golden Rule? What is it really? It is simply the way people and beings, kept separate and¬† divided by their egos, are able to love and respect one another. It is the doorway INTO other people’s egos.

The only way in. It is the ‘knock’ on the door. The person on the other side of the door, if they open the door, why, they are ready to listen to you. They will likely invite you in for a coffee and a heart-to-heart, open-minded conversation…

But if you beat the door down, what do you suppose will happen?


Just having a watch of Father Chris Alar’s Explaining the Faith – Find Healing: Lourdes, World Sick Day, and other Graces – this is another wonderful sermon by the good Father (not to be confused with the good Bishop who lights the path for us from ‘down under’, who is also a wonderful preacher). What struck me, apart from the Father’s story of his first visit to Lourdes and his story about the little bird, was the point he made about the plague, how, in those days, churches opened their doors to the poor, the vulnerable, the sick…to look after them, DESPITE THE RISKS TO THEIR CLERGY, who were the frontline workers. Everyone knew the right thing to do. Today, our neoliberal governments, who create the malaise the world is in with their policies and the visions of self-grandeur of the Wealth they serve (willingly or not) do a lot of talking as people die in shelters and LTC’s – all institutions thriving today because of the neoliberal attacks on the family institution of yesterday.

The neoliberals have even succeeded in closing our churches BECAUSE OF TODAY’S PLAGUE, Covid-19, while they opportunistically sought to discredit our faith in our Faith institutions by conflating Catholicism with the Residential Schools, when it was not the Pope but rather agents of the GOVERNMENT¬† using the folks in the church to do their dirty work to CHILDREN AND MOMS AND DADS.

Something else Father Alar observed  during this episode seriously resonated with me, to my soul:

‘What the church did back then, in the face of the plague, brought people to god en masse’ [paraphrasing].

Today, our governments opportunistically leveraged the outbreak of COVID-19 to garner inroads against privacy protections, just as was done in reaction to 9/11…these are both signs that our governments have shifted away from the liberal to the neoliberal…effectively a quantum shift TO THE RIGHT, toward Fascism. The fight between the left and the ‘alt-right’ (the two political extremes) is only over appearances…in the end, society will end up in the same place, a totalitarian, autocratic, fascist nightmare, where citizens are born, bred, and die under the corporate banner…

…we should know by now whose banner that is.

Today, I’m going to stick with Reuters, perhaps some of CBC. But for the most part, I’m going to listening to what these three men have to say:

  1. ¬†Cardinal Collins of St. Michael’s Basilica in Toronto
  2.  the Good Bishop Mari Emmanuel of Christ the Good Shepherd Church/Australia
  3.  Father Chris Alar of the Marionite Church in Massachusetts

Taken together, and filtering out the occasions where their own egos and the egos of the institutions they belong to cast a shadow upon the Light they do so much to reveal (and for which each is assured a high place in Heaven, teaching all of us newly arrived), IMO, you can’t go wrong or be led astray.

Likewise, their spiritual counterparts in the other Faiths, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Judaic…whatever (um, except Satanism for crying out loud)…if the leader/teacher of your faith is in touch with the creator, he/she will interpret your Scripture in a way that will bring you to and keep you in the Light. They will have a soul like I KNOW the aforementioned are in possession of, and, in following their lead, we will find ourselves face-to-face and hand-in-hand with all of those are of god, embracing the diversity of god, and at peace with one another and the World of Eden, since that is where we will be.

God bless us, everyone.

…everyone will be blessed. Wait and see.

Headline 1: U.S. says war appears to be imminent after shelling on Ukrainian front line – rather than comment directly, I’ll share some family history:

My recently departed papa used to ride a Harley in his youth. One day, he happened past a bar he sometimes frequented. That day, he noticed a group of motorcycles parked out front, among them, one belonging to the local ‘fool’ whom everyone picked on. Papa stopped and went inside, knowing what he’d find: a bunch of bikers threatening the local ‘fool’. My dad was not a big man, but, like my big brother, he never let fear get the better of him; he marched straight through the crowd and stood beside the ‘fool’ and said, ‘If you want a piece of him, you’re gonna have to come through me.’

Now, everyone knew my papa or knew of my papa; same goes for my big brother, whose reputation protected me from getting picked on. The trouble in the bar ended before it began, at least, that is how I remember the story told me by the uncle who married my papa’s sister.

President Biden, PM Trudeau, et al., please, PLEASE, be like my papa. Be noble like my papa, especially when it is going to hurt, because, as a great American founder once quipped about the war he was engaged in:

These are the times that try men’s souls‘.

In that war, the side Thomas Paine was on won the day, and A GREAT NATION WAS BORN. It went through its growing pains. It did many things wrong and incurred a lot of bad karma for itself along the way, like we all do as human beings, or as collections of human beings.

Today, right now, America, Canada and the World, our world, has a chance to begin to  create some good karma, to set things right and propel the World, our world, toward its common and glorious future, glorious in P.E.A.C.E. and the abolition of war, forevermore. To do that, we must draw the line in Ukraine and ALSO IN THE TAIWANESE STRAIT.

We fought and died in droves in WWI and WWII. For the sakes of the children of the future and of humanity’s mission to extend Creation in new and marvelous ways throughout the Universe and Time, WE MUST STAND AND NOT SHIRK OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO STAND WITH UKRAINE’S MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN, a responsibility America and Canada accepted for all time when they rose to the defense of Europe and became the sort of peoples who do not sit back in the comfort of their own homes to watch the death of Europe in the news.

I am with Ukraine.

Life is death, without adventure, Prince said while accepting an award for Purple Rain. And ‘adventure’ is often what results from conviction, from integrity, from putting god’s way above human ego, especially THE EGO OF PUTIN AND XI and ‘friends’.

Peace is the way. We will extend our hand in friendship, even to our erstwhile enemies. We have befriended Japan and Germany and Turkey and Italy. Those who killed our own. We who killed their own. Yet we are now friends. Russia and China and Israel and Iran and Saudi Arabi et al….we can all be friends.

BUT, if our enemies cross our borders, in body or virtually, then we are bound to defend our Peace for to offer it to anyone else. If we are all dead, we cannot make peace with our enemies (duh!).

We cannot know the outcome of a direct confrontation with Russia and China, however, we cannot allow the spectre of nuclear holocaust to derail us from the quest for peace.

We know if Russia invades Ukraine, Ukraine will suffer greatly until their resolve is destroyed.

We didn’t allow that to happen to the Polish, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians…yada-yada. We were better than that.

Headline 2: Iran nuclear deal draft puts prisoners, enrichment, cash first, oil comes later – we’re not there yet, but we could be. I have met a few Iranians. Wonderful folks. Dunno about you, but I’d rather be friends with them than enemies, if they are also so-inclined. WAR HAS NEVER MADE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. Friendship does, each and every time.

It appears that, to be a ‘power’ these days, one must have nuclear weapons. MAD as a deterrence is mad-ness, since, as soon as a nation becomes desperate within the context of conventional war, if it has nukes, IT IS GOING TO USE THEM. Until war itself is abolished, we risk annihilation.

On that basis, after we bring¬† the regimes of Russia, China, and N. Korea to sanity, either by the easy way (welcome them into¬† our ‘club’), or the hard way, we can get on with building a World Order of Peace (everywhere and always), Prosperity (for all), Equality(duh!), and Rejuvenation (of our World and our spirits) – aka WOPPER . I am not an expert on Raworth’s Donut paradigm, but it seems to me to merit serious consideration; it recognizes there are natural boundaries to our activity; as opposed to our politicians, who talk as if they believe GDP can increase forever, even as the world makes war over dwindling resources and continues to rape the land apace, even as global warming and Mother Nature’s reaction to our activities and presence is becoming more and more volatile and extreme.

Opinion: The parallels between today and the days leading up to WWII are scary. The one that scares me most is how one powerful nation rattles sabres in Europe (Germany then – Russia now) while another major power waits for the right moment to launch a preemptive strike on America’s capability to strike back (Japan then – China now?). THE SUPRISE ATTACK FROM CHINA cannot be a surprise if we are vigilant. Canada, Mexico, The US, and any friends in S. America we might have, need to bolster and protect their western coastline. Canada must also protect its northern coastline, and will rely heavily on the Northern Indigenous in this regard.

The Emergency Measures Act. I don’t like this, but I am not on the street in Ottawa. Withal, the pictures I see show lines of no-necked, barrel-chested police guys facing off against, well, people…the invocation might not have been necessary and I worry about escalation.¬† The more we see lines of riot-cops toting shields, clubs, or worse, facing off against people in parkas and toques, the more we will accept the extraordinary as ordinary, the further we have digressed from the sane and the harder it will be TO SEE OUR WAY BACK, nevermind get there…

be warned – be careful with the use of force – because to each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…or worse than that…

Canada is not a prison anymore than it is a business…both are unnatural and unsustainable conditions – both, if left unchecked will result in the dissolution of our nation and cheapen to nothing, the life-sacrifices made by the Canadians who went before us.

We owe it to them and to our children to do the right thing. I love our police folks. I despise seeing them in lines, facing off against citizens.

Moreover, fencing in government buildings IS AN ESCALATION. It bears an eerie parallel to the Gated Communities of the wealthy…hmmm….where the middle class once existed, buffering the rich from the poor, we now have fences and gates. Where is the middle class, Justin?

Here’s a little perspective on the Ukraine-Russia business. One thing that emerges for me is, when comparing relative strength, one has to consider the many fronts a nation must attack or defend, meaning that one’s forces are divided. Russia and China share a common border, but are everywhere else facing multiple fronts. IMO, war with Russia and China is inevitable, but despite their massive militaries, they will be greatly divided…another parallel with Germany/Japan in WWII.

We can choose to stand now, or be forced to stand later, at Russia/China’s convenience, when they are better prepared and feel they have they upper hand. The only choice left to us by Xi and Putin is ‘when’, not ‘if’. And they will come, when they are ready.

IMO, the time is now, if at all. Bring Ukraine on board into NATO, now.

16 February 2022

The headlines today are mixed. Is Russia going to CONTINUE INVADING Ukraine (‘continue’ because they already moved on the Crimea in February of 2014 and support the regional insurgencies against the Ukraine government in Donetsk and Luhansk)…or Russia is pulling back.

Either way, we all have a problem IF WE DO NOT STAND AGAINST RUSSIA AND WITH THE UKRAINE. Sanctions against Russia, while Russia is killing Ukrainian men, women, and children over geopolitics are like fining someone who has violently murdered a defenseless woman. Echoes of A Clockwork Orange.

Putin knows what he’s doing. He and Xi are now friends and conspire against the formidable barrier that blocks both nations from spreading their political venom and geopolitical control: ‘the West’. We need to do two things, right now:

1 – Begin sending troops INTO the Ukraine. Send a U.N. Peacekeeping force and plunk them squarely between the Russian lines and the Ukrainian lines. The line is therefore clear. If Putin crosses that line, the World is at war, officially. In the meantime, Ukrainian men, women, and kids will know they aren’t alone to face that monster.

2 – Apply the sanctions right now. Why wait? Putin already knows how far he is going to go…and that is just short of provoking Step 1. IMO, Putin is playing the long game, one he began in 2014. He means to restore some version of the former Soviet Union. He will push the envelope, wait for us to let off a little steam, then he’ll push it some more, then some more… In all fairness, NATO cannot refuse any honest overture to join it, from the Ukraine or anyone else, if it is true to itself. NATO was invented to create a barrier to Russian expansionism/aggression, but the world has changed since then, and NATO should/will naturally evolve to include everyone. Including Russia. Including China. As equals among a federation of equal nations. No war. No bloodshed. No $$$ squandered on killing one another. All of those $$$ can be invested in equalization within and among national societies.

But Putin’s ego is as stupid as my ego…and Xi’s, why, his ego is a match for Putin’s.

Ego is stupid. Were it not for Putin’s penchant to see and do things the old way (Xi’s way too), he’d recognize that Russia would be as safe without an army at all as it would be with an army the size of Xi’s. THE WEST doesn’t want ‘glory’. The West wants the international rule of law, to which ALL NATIONS ARE SUBJECT.

The West also wants to enrich itself, just like the East. That’s because both sides have a ruling class and the price of rulership is not cheap. Were the ruling classes on both sides to use their $$$ to steward rather than to purchase and maintain entitlement for themselves, why, there’d be no reason¬† for them to fight each other, would there? AND THERE WOULD BE NO MORE KILLING. No more kids growing up afraid to grow up.

LET’S FACE IT. We need to move forward to world-breadth government in order to ensure the end of war between nations.

We also need to ensure the end of class-wars. To do that, we need to guarantee that the distribution of wealth, power, and opportunity within and among nations is characterized by the Normal Distribution.

And we need to stop the neoliberal Brave New World thing; but I believe, if we are truly democratic, if we truly respect one another’s free will, and if we turn ourselves around to face our creator, we will survive and thrive…AND OUR CHILDREN WILL THANKS US FOR WHAT WE DO TODAY.

We must stand. Against Putin. Against Xi. Against anyone of whatever culture or skin tone, WHO WOULD DENY TO OTHERS THE FREE WILL WHICH GOD GAVE THEM.

15 February 2022

There may be some good news coming from Ukraine today, or there may not. More on those headlines later in the day, should the news show signs of resolving into the semblance of a trend toward war or peace.

As it is now, there are headlines of cautious optimism and headlines of skepticism. I suppose the truth is somewhere in between. Putin can say whatever he wants. He’s playing the Americans and the West, just as Xi is…CLEARLY, it is only a matter of time before those two start something. THE CHOICE PUT BEFORE THE WORLD, our world, today, is whether to allow Putin and Xi to determine ‘when’, on the basis of their own readiness and perception of military advantage over the West, or to engage them now, that is, while we have the advantage, or, if we do not, BEFORE XI AND PUTIN ARE READY TO STRIKE with an even greater advantage than they have right now. America overcame the disadvantage of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour…they were able to respond…this time around, the annihilation-power of today’s weaponry might render a response to a surprise attack impossible.

By ‘engage’, I mean to have Ukraine/the West push Russia out of the Crimea, and the Russian military presence from any other nation bordering on Ukraine. In a gesture of fairness, the Americans would remove their troops from their placements among nations bordering Russia…just for everyone’s peace of mind.

NATO must evolve. Ukraine must be permitted to join. NATO will evolve in time to include all of the world’s nations…that is the goal, at which point, it will be ‘owned and operated’ by a U.N. council that answers to the U.N. General Assembly AND NOT TO A ‘SECURITY COUNCIL’, else it cannot be ‘democratic’. No single nation or coven of nations would be able to garner and maintain influence and power over the General Assembly. The International Rule of Law, based upon the Golden Rule, given to all Faiths by the creator, being the highest authority. Right now, the World, our world, is governed by human ego. THAT HAS TO CHANGE.

Today, I started searching for people I knew had died after our mill had closed and many of us left to pursue our fortunes in other ‘ports’. Since then, I have had very little contact with my former alma mater…though I had many memories, very good ones, a few people and situations not very nice -owing to the cliquishness of small towns v. the ‘family-level’ community of small towns. I was so busy with keeping (and worrying about keeping) my nose above water (and keeping up with the child support guidelines while I was on Second Career/UI and retooling for a new job), that I didn’t reach out for the most part and no one kept in contact with me, busy as they were with keeping things alive in a wonderful little town on Nipigon Bay.

I’ve spent the entire morning tearing-up as I found a few obituaries of folks who had been a part of my life. I am wishing now that I had shown them the understanding and compassion I feel right now, and did not. I also recognize that we have our own mountains to climb.

I also recognize that the height and steepness of the mountain put before each of us IS OFTEN PUT THERE BY SOMEONE ELSE and grows even taller and steeper because of our reactions and the reactions of others.

NONE OF US CAN BE GUILT-FREE. I kept within myself because of the great internal conflict between my ego and what the Universe/the Spirit was putting before me. I did not consider the mountains of others because I was over-focused on the mountain directly before me. My sense of what others were going through was ‘peripheral’ and I was afraid to get involved and pulled into their worlds. I don’t know if it would have made a difference if I had reached out…perhaps not, because those folks never reached out to me, and reaching-out goes both ways…

I don’t know. What I do know is that the focus on my mountain does not mean I did not care. I did. I didn’t know how to manage the disconnect between the anxieties coming of my own ego and my perception of need in others. BUT, THE STATE CANNOT HELP AT THIS LEVEL, except to stay out of families and re-socialize us in the context of the atomicity of the family institution. Only MOMS AND DADS (and siblings) can properly socialize, and only in a family setting. While we are very young, we learn the socialization skills that will permit us to get along and collaborate with people we at other times want to ‘pull their hair’. THIS IS NOT THE WAY OUR GOVERNMENT/RULING CLASS IS LEADING US TODAY.

A succession of neoliberal governments (of the right AND of the left, because, in the end, its all about business and $$$ and if you think it’s our ruling class wanting to make a ‘better world’ for ‘all’, then you are na√Įve) have brought Canada and the World to the impasse we are now in. The movement conservatives have succeeded in taking us and our World over, and controlling it by metering $$$, the lifeblood of domestic and global society, denying it to those WHO NEED IT TO SURVIVE, but providing it to those, like Xi, who invest in increasing their killing power…

IMO, the only way we can survive and extend the Anthropocene is to adopt the attitude of the parent with respect to nations who are now sabre rattling: in the extreme case, the child may even attempt to strike the parent; but is incapable of doing the parent any harm. But, if the parent responds with striking the child, it must be a measured response, one whose lasting effect IS NOT A RED MARK but a life-lesson learned. This does appear to be the American’s approach to Putin in the Ukraine and to Xi in Taiwan…Xi and Putin are the ‘black sheep of the [global] family’. They cannot be ‘mom and/or dad’, anymore than the US can.

But, we can look upon the US as our Big Brother, and, if they are able to reconcile their wayward movement conservatives/ruling class with their OWN CONSTITUTION, they will be as a ‘big brother’ in the family sense of the term and not as the Orwellian demonic.

The US is not god on Earth. But, if they are true to their constitution, they can light the path going forward, the one the creator has already set. That path is narrow (we are easily deflected to the left or the right by the winds of the times). THE BEAM WHICH LIGHTS THE PATH IS INEXORABLE. If we remain on the ‘balance beam’ we walk together as a World and as a species. We become as indomitable as the creator because, while we remain in the beam of Creation, for all intents and purposes, we are the creator; meaning, we extend creation, functioning as the creator’s ’emissaries’, as the leaves on a tree, season after season, extend the tree.

‘In god we trust’. That is America’s way, if America is TRUE TO ITSELF. If so, it cannot be false with any other nation. If America is doing to China/Russia what we know Russia/China is doing to us (if you run a website you will know for sure), THEN THAT MUST STOP NOW. Nobody’s right, if everybody is doing wrong

And we need someone, someone more powerful than anyone else, who would leverage that power ONLY TO STEWARD, never to coerce.

America is acting as the world’s ‘parent’; taking on that role since our real parent ‘god’ (our mom and dad, both), died to the World. Not that the creator actually died; we simply turned out backs on her/him because we began to think out of our lack of life experience, that we knew better, and so, we are not listening.

As the World matured into ‘teenagehood’, during the Age of Reason, it began to rebel against its natural parent as all teenagers do, and now makes ‘its own way’. Teenagehood conflates with neoliberalism/ the Brave New World neoliberalism aspires to create.

WE WILL NEED AMERICA TO STAND TALL TODAY; TO LEAD THE WORLD, to TRUST IN GOD once again. America must behave as the ‘big brother/big sister’ to the World for all of us ‘teens,’ to afford us the opportunity for the leaders of the world to become parents, to allow them the time to fully appreciate the wisdom of humanity’s ‘parent’, THE VERY WISDOM WE REBELLED AGAINST. America must REMEMBER, for the World.

Wealth and the demonic impetus wealth both serves and abets has led us down the primrose path of individualism. Individualism is the level at which even families are divisible. ‘Individuals’ whose social values are purchased or coerced can only form bonds of convenience and utility [This is why the business we have done with China, even to the cost of jobs and opportunity here at home, has helped to create a China that threatens war now].

Individuals whose social values are bred within the atomic family unit, conversely, and under conditions that facilitate family unity rather than undermine it, why, they grow up with all of the social skills they need to find the win-win, the peace, in everything they do.

We have been under assault by our own leadership. How is it the ‘parent’ can ever exploit the child? In that case, the family is no family at all. It is a perversion.

That is what we have now: the perversion of society, our national and global family. Parents don’t parent. Ruling classes don’t steward. Nations don’t collaborate except when it is convenient to do so. THERE IS NO HONOUR LEFT AMONG US…why?

The institution of Wealth has corrupted society. There will never be peace, there will always be misery, UNLESS WE REIN IN WEALTH so that communities, nations, and the World feature a Normal Distribution of wealth and opportunity. Wealth must lose its false appeal as the ‘holy grail’. If that happens, no individual would esteem themselves better and more entitled than anyone else simply because they have more.

The Normal Distribution. The Golden Rule. True democracy. All lead to the ‘sunny ways’ of the creator’s heart; manifest fully in the world of Light, the world where ego is in balance within the beam of Light which tracks forward and outward in all directions from the Big Bang.

Headline 1: By invoking the Emergencies Act, Trudeau tries to seize a new crisis – I was at first confused by the headline; but the article is spot-on. Thank you, reporter Wherry. I was wondering only yesterday if, unlike Papa, ‘junior’ was more poster-boy, a frontman for Wealth, than leader. This may be partly correct: after all, we in Canada generally elect the Liberals, get peeved with them despite their more vulnerable-friendly policies, then vote for the ‘other guy’, the Conservatives, and their more business-friendly policies. From the perspective of the ruling class, this is ideal: it preserves citizens’ feel for democracy while it buffers out the swings of the political pendulum; guaranteeing the government’s policies will never go to the extreme, one way or the other, because in effect, THE¬† SWINGS IN POLICY get averaged out over the years. But, when you look at the bigger picture, in the way reporter Wherry has framed things, one gets the sense that our PM struggles with the ‘tough decisions’ on a personal level, and not for show.

THAT IS A BETTER LEADER than those who kneejerk their way through crisis after crisis and then pat themselves on the back for being able to ‘make the tough decisions’ when in fact very little thought, much less heart (and courage) was involved. Only ego. And then someone else has to cleanup their mess.

The ‘tough’ decisions are tough for a reason. Anyone who does not struggle is someone I WOULD PREFER NOT TO HAVE AS PM.

And yet, withal, there are moments when ‘just watch me’ is the way. Papa stood up against protesters with only an ‘open face’ and no security folks between him and the protesters. This is a good quality to have when you must swim against the current for the sake of the people and nation you lead. THE MOB DOESN’T ALWAYS GET IT RIGHT. The majority doesn’t always see things clearly.

In those times, the leader is alone. IT IS PRECISELY AT THOSE TIMES the leader shows his/her mettle and true colours. When they lay bare their souls before the citizen and before the creator.

Justin’s Papa is in Heaven. I’ll bet my mother provided him with a new layer of ‘skin’ before she hugged him and told him how cool she thought he was…

Papa is also right at Justin’s side, and so, the PM is not really alone. But he must cultivate the ability to listen above the din and clamour of chaos of so many competing egos, and his own, in order to hear Papa, who is not going to steer him wrong…

Papa loves Justin the way our creator loves us all.

Come to think of it, that may be our PM’s way out of the confusion and darkness of ego and into the clarity of vision which the Light affords.

Walk back the attacks on Faith. Reverse the trend toward taking our children out of their nests at such an early age. Educate and encourage parents to properly head their own families as they serve  Canadian (and global) society. We can be different and we can lead the World that needs to be different in the way we are.

If we are and we do, the World will follow our lead, and future generations will be honour ours, the way we honour the war generations who died to give us the very opportunity we now have…

…to not only survive, but to thrive, the way Maslow describes and maps out for us, the way our creator intends for us, with all of her/his heart.

Let PM Justin be a leader of a nation which palpably ‘trusts in god’; which hears and understands the creator, so that our nation, together with the nations of the World can build a lasting peace.

We must rally to America wrt Russia and China. We must convince Russia and China to join us as equals rather than compete for the pile of ashes that will remain from a conflict, were it to come.

That conflict will be the end of us. It will also end the chaos, but don’t fool yourself. Once missiles fly, you will be grateful to not survive into the aftermath…the folks building bunkers right now will die inside of them. With all of their $$$, they only make their own tombs.

Ironically, it was their worship of $$$ above all else which provided them with their last remaining opportunity: to live a little longer than anyone else, just to afford them time to understand that, for all of their effort, they only earned for themselves a tomb below the surface of the Earth, where the Sun cannot reach…

…when they could have achieved Paradise for themselves and for all of humankind, AS STEWARDS.

We still have time…

In the Words of our creator,

Let there be light…

14 February 2022

A Happy, happy Valentine’s Day to all of the couples and would-be couples around the World, our world. Perhaps today, in the spirit of the day, Putin will march himself across the Ukrainian border and present the Ukrainian President with a bouquet of roses and a honking big box of chocolates, THEN TURNAROUND AND GO BACK HOME. No need to apologize to him for the disconcerting Russian military buildup…after all, Zelensky, actor and comedian before becoming politician, will know how to take a joke?¬† ha ha ha Vladimir, you’ve got us all laughing…now please go home (but leave the chocolates!)

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Maybe Xi can extend the same gesture toward Taiwan’s President (…though people might talk ).

The Super Bowl is over. From the highlights on YouTube, it looks like it was a good game. There was a time I could have watched it for free, but now, you have to pay someone something. YOU WOULD THINK that a democratic society would make something as universally-appealing as the Super Bowl is (there’s more ‘appeal’ than football!) free to everyone to watch or stream. I think I could have streamed it for free had I been living in the US, but in Canada, with corporate involvement (TSN, DAZN…)I was prohibited from streaming from the US…hats off to Stephen Harper: didn’t he say the new way of television would give more choice to everyone? Okay, in my case I got to choose to watch something else I could legally stream, instead of football…THAT’S THE KIND OF CHOICE YOU WILL ALWAYS GET FROM THE LIKES OF OUR self-styled ruling class bozos.

Alright…I’m over it.

I just purchased a Kindle copy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) – reading the book description on Amazon is enough to scare the bejeezus out of you.

I mention this because I heard the good Bishop from down under calling Fauci and Gates (and others) out over the pandemic. I had worried the Bishop might have gone too far; right or wrong, he might have couched his truth in ‘softer terms’, or so I thought, perhaps presenting them as questions to be answered by those individuals, rather than attacks upon their quality as human beings under god?

I am going to look the book over today, but, going by the book description, I have a feeling the good Bishop will be vindicated by SOMEONE OF WEALTH. The Kennedy’s were not perfect. But JFK appeared to be vested in creating a nation and a world under god, as the American constitution dictates. He was murdered in the street like a dog, despite his vision. When his brother (I presume the father of the author) was also gunned down to prevent him from becoming the next president, the threat the Kennedy’s represented to Wealth (even though they themselves were wealthy) would set the clock back on the movement conservatives to the very beginning. The Kennedy’s were moved to Steward (god’s will for ruling class folks). Their assassins were working for folks who felt threatened by Stewards and god.

If folks in high positions really are this way, ‘movers and shakers’ (and manipulators) rather than responsible stewards, we are in a real pickle. If society becomes some kind of monolithic machine presiding over and weighing upon the poor while it serves under Wealth, WE WILL END UP WITH A BRAVE NEW WORLD.

What BNW describes is simply a society with a corporate brand, a corporate structure, a corporate way of doing things. The investors are the government. The corporation is the social structure. The citizen within the structure is a commodity. The citizen is purely on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, and this is what Wealth needs the citizen to know, NOT what the citizen would want to know.

There is no democracy in the corporate structure.


I am happy to live in Canada. The spirit of this nation did not die with colonization, but it is sleeping.

The World, our world, has come to Canada’s shores. All of the peoples of the World, our world, are represented here. That’s because our Indigenous brothers and sisters set the tone, a way back when, when they welcomed us European newcomers to the lands first discovered by them.

We have opportunity given to us to see that those folks from far away have much to teach us and much to learn from us. That’s what the Indigenous perceived in us. But what they couldn’t perceive is the corporate investors bankrolling the newcomers and giving Indigenous lands to them as if it were theirs to give. It was theirs to take and they took it.

When I lived near a Toronto beach, I remarked on my walkabouts how families of Middle Eastern ilk would gather on the weekends, begin setting up early in the day, and, by lunch time, BBQs were a-smokin’, badminton racquets a-whirlin’, and little kids running around all over the place, laughing and frolicking under the watchful eye of their great-granmas; while moms and dads were doing all of the serving. THAT’S FAMILY. That’s what I grew up with. That’s what I noticed a lot more M.E. – origin families were doing, much more than anyone else, including me. The atomicity of FAMILY as a social unit, during my generation, has been eroded, washed away, and replaced with the neoliberal ‘individual’…AN ENTITY THAT IS POWERLESS AGAINST THE INDIVIDUALITY OF THE CORPORATION in the eyes of the law.

This is corruption. The wiles of the ruling class. They operate behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz did…all smoke an mirrors, an intimidating virtual presence, masking a chubby, selfish old man (note that the denizens of the Emerald City were all very unselfish). That is the investor-corporation-> democracy constellation.

These are the ‘stars’ Elon is taking us to. None of these bozos know what they are doing. That’s the trouble with ego’s world: smart enough to imagine great things, stupid enough to think pissing all over people and the Garden is going to realize their vision…

The one who laughs last laughs best…

That would be Satan. Elon, Bill, et al. will find out as we all will and do when our time comes.

When we are called to account for our lives, and our creator (or her/his emissary) asks us to explain how the Garden got in the shape it is in today, how will we answer?

1 – ‘It was necessary to destroy the Garden so that we might build ships to go to other planets to colonize and destroy them, to enrich the Musks and Gates of the World’, or

2 – ‘We recognized how we humans had fractionated into two artifices, one existing in servitude to the other: Wealth/ruling class v. citizens. We recognized that Wealth’s pursuit of $$$ and power was turning the natural and routine process of earning a living into¬† mother’s and father’s desperation to make it until the next payday…or to accept a job that features low pay, hard work, long, family-unfriendly hours (taking the parents away from the kids). We recognized that our ‘leaders’ were actually salesmen selling us a ‘new and improved’ democracy -neatly packaged so that we never have to worry about a thing. The media keeps us informed, helps us to react in the ‘proper’ way, and, as time goes on, we become progressively more reliant upon the State; as the State becomes less and less relevant to our needs and more and more relevant to the needs of Wealth. We recognized that this would destroy us, that the spirit of our nation, the one our Indigenous brothers and sisters first uncovered and nurtured was under attack by Wealth. We resolved to come out from under the shadow of the ego of Wealth (all of us, including Wealth’s denizens), and embrace a new, equitable, safe World Order, one in which the most honest, possessing the most integrity, serve in the ‘highest’ positions; not those who are the most self-serving.’ Amen!

How will we answer our creator when our time comes? Will we behave as metastasizing cancers or as the creator’s emissaries in the Cosmos?

IMO, we won’t make it off of the Earth in any meaningful way if we do not change our spirit and thinking from that of a cancer to that of Steward.

But, if we were to embrace humanity’s role as steward within the greater scheme of god’s Creation, why, can¬† you imagine what joys, what possibilities, what things undreamt of, lay in wait, out there?

Headline 1: Ukraine hints at concessions to Russia as Scholz heads to region – the German Chancellor is trying his hand at brokering peace, just as the French president did. Ukraine booted out a Russia-friendly regime. Russia responded by annexing the Crimea from the Ukraine. NATO responded with economic sanctions against Russia. Russia is now surrounding the Ukraine on 3 sides with its military. Russia wants the Ukraine back. NATO says, ‘nope’.

NATO says no because it has not forgotten WWII, from which it emerged as a cantilever against Russian aggression. NATO cannot tell Putin it will ban Ukraine from entering NATO because the objective of NATO, IMO, is to defer to a global federation of nation-states existing and acting in collaboration with one another. THAT IS THE NEW VISION.

THE OLD VISION, is the one which motivated the Caesars, the Ottomans, the Crusaders…yada-yada…empire. THAT IS THE VISION RUSSIA AND CHINA embrace.

The Americans and the NATO they lead today is ALL ABOUT RENDERING ITSELF OBSOLETE and the old world order along with it.


What Putin is demanding is exactly what the Americans cannot give BECAUSE AMERICA, despite its flaws, WILL NOT GIVE UP ON ‘AMERICANIZING’ the rest of the World, to wit: extrapolating its values, its formative ‘mojo’, from a free nation under god to a free world under god. This is a world of peace. THAT IS THE WORLD OUR AMERICAN FRIENDS ARE PREPARED TO FIGHT AND DIE FOR. A gift from their current generation to the ones which follow…

Same goes for Taiwan. America promised to defend Taiwan’s right to exist as a free democratic state under god, NOT UNDER AMERICA OR CHINA.

Enough already. The ways in which America is flawed are the ways in which humanity is flawed. We are all brothers and sisters under god. War is a crime in and of itself. Self-defense is not a crime. Rising up in the defense of the vulnerable, whether under attack from within their nation from their ruling classes or from outside their nation by foreign ruling classes, IS SAINTLY, IMO.

America and its allies must be firm in their resolve. Ukraine is training their elders to fire weapons in preparation for invasion. I am happy to fight along side of them in my old age because the one thing I have left to give to my children and their children is my life. Much more valuable than $$$.

…because I know, if we fight together and win against the attacks on freedom, liberty, family, and god, from within and from without, we will defeat Satan and he will tuck tail and run before the light of the creator.

You cannot appease the devil. Come on, man, haven’t we at least learned that much?

Headline 2: Leak site says it has been given list of Canada truck convoy donors after reported hack – I had written a rather scathing post (Feb 7) when I had read that GiveServeGo had stepped up to fill the void created when GoFundMe decided not to provide their services to the Trucker campaign. The post mysteriously caused my site to not post anything at all until I identified the culprit but not knowledgeable enough to understand what it was ( a link? a graphic?) embedded in the post that could account for what happened.

According to the article, GiveServeGo was hacked. I had visited their site last week. Now, I cannot find it with Google search, Bing search…luckily, my browser has a history feature…their site is now ‘under maintenance’. They made a bad call. They show their true colours, as we humans always do, when $$$ is involved. According to this article, the site reported 8M in donations and counting before going down. They say they retain 5 – 10% for services rendered. That works out to anywhere between 400K and 800K on 8M. I’ll repeat what I wanted to post on February 7th: GiveServeGo could give back the proceeds from their involvement with the Trucker protest to the city of Ottawa and the governments of Ontario and Canada as a gesture of atonement for putting profit ahead of common sense.

Blessed are the poor: they got that way by sharing their ‘extra’ with others who don’t even have the basics (like that poor woman who asked me for ‘some change’ at a crosswalk after I had just come from the bank machine. I could only give her $20 or nothing. I gave her $20, and she began to cry. (now I am at the recollection). I was shocked that she cried over $20.

my god! my god! how can we have so forsaken our brothers and sisters? How could we have become so callous toward our fellows as to allow anyone in this country to be in such a state, with all of the $$$ flowing back and forth, TO WEEP OVER A GIFT OF a measly $20?

I am waiting for an answer from the Almighty which our neoliberal ruling class wants us to believe does not exist. They don’t want us to believe in a higher power, a higher set of values, than that of Wealth. Well, I’d rather believe in a god which they say does not exist, than to kowtow to the values of an entire group of people who tell us WE DON’T MATTER, in effect, WE DON’T EXIST. Not in so few words…but the woman who wept at the crosswalk SPOKE VOLUMES OF ELEQUENCE.

A  dream: Change NATO to POTO (Pan-Oceanic Treaty Organization) Рthat should cover all of the nations of the world Рand then invite India, Singapore, etc. into the fold; eventually, when they are ready to, ALL OF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD. Invite Israel and Iran, only, make Israel back off to pre-1967 boundaries, facilitate the creation of a sovereign Palestinian State; as for Iran, get them to back off on their goal to annihilate Israel as a condition of acceptance. As for China and Russia, they are both welcome, only, as equals with all of the other member nations, not emperors.

If we avoid war, if the World turns itself back toward the light and away from the darkness of ego (in our case the ego of Wealth AND human ego in general), THEN THE WORLD OWES THIS AMERICAN GENERATION a whole lot of thanks. THIS GENERATION OF AMERICANS will be revered and honoured as the WWI and WWII generations for ponying up on our behalf, fighting with and against the heroes of other nations, accepting the vanquished as new friends, NOT AS NEW FODDER…I don’t see any inkling of any of this from the regimes in Russia and China. Ever.

I just heard the good Bishop conflate ‘conscience’ with the voice of the creator. Wonderful. True.

Headline 3: More military aid arrives in¬† Ukraine amid threat of imminent Russian invasion – the article states that Ukraine’s entry into NATO is assured by their own constitution of 2019. Why do I have the feeling we are involved in a 3-way game of chicken? Putin is riding his bicycle toward Ukraine, Xi is riding his bicycle toward Taiwan…while Biden is playing for the other side, obliged to ride in two directions at the same time. (Only Joe can do that!) Everyone else is riding and circling around these three, waiting to see what happens next…


The good Bishop just said in his liturgy of February 13 that global warming is a lie. Here, the good Bishop is wrong as rain on a long weekend. But what he says right after that is very likely true:

Global warming will be used, just like the pandemic has been used, just like 9/11 has been used…all opportunism on behalf of ruling classes everywhere to tighten their grip on the citizens of their own nations. Yesterday, we accepted cameras everywhere. Tomorrow, we’ll have Orwell’s televisions in every home.

No one is perfect. Not even the good Bishop. Not even the one Christians call ‘God’, for even Jesus doubted. Where Jesus was perfect, IMO, is where we all need to be perfect: in our seeking a higher knowledge, a higher value, a higher self than our selves. We did not create ourselves, so it should be easy to imagine a creator; yet, our leaders are taking all of that away from us, blinding us to it, while trying, virus-like, to insert their own insidious RNA into our spiritual psyche. They need to move god out of the way. Constantine recognized that was impossible, and so, he inserted the RNA of the state-virus into Faith and took it over FROM THE INSIDE rather than try a frontal assault.

Nowadays, the neoliberals are so emboldened and tickled with their own success that they are actually coming right out with public assaults on Faith.

There is no one who is perfect. Everyone has two sides, like the proverbial coin. Unlike the coin, we can choose which side we face the World with and which we keep to ourselves.

Ego was meant to be kept TO OURSELVES and not stoked as the highest authority because that will only cement division between competing egos and all egos will be thrust into the competition EXCEPT FOR THE ONES who know better. Wealth wants to keep us ignorant. Wealth wants us to be fully engaged with earning a living at whatever cost to the individual, so that they can remain above the struggle and division which they deliberately foment.

Headline 4: Saying ‘ the vulnerable should just isolate’¬† doesn’t count as a plan – a wonderful piece. This is the sort of reporting that should be #1 in the genre: to inform, not just to keep people reading (and frightened out of their socks). It informs because it provides perspective and not just facts. Read this article and you will know what I mean. They say that ‘the¬†highest form of knowledge is¬†empathy,¬†for it requires us to suspend our¬†egos and live in another‚Äôs world.

To close, have a listen to the Canadian Bard’s tune, Mr. Rock of Ages.

13 February 2022

It’s Sunday! Yay!

Headline 1: Two backbenchers show the nation how to talk about the pandemic without screaming – what was I saying, only yesterday? How does one deal with intransigence? Well, here’s a hint: there has never been conflict between two people (or nations) that has not been ego √† ego.


nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong…

Now, I haven’t read the CBC article, but I have read MP Nate’s newsletter. I have not heard MP Nate calling for MP Lightbound’s head (or resignation)…how refreshing is that? I love it!

We aren’t living in Wonderland after all. We aren’t actually descending deeper down the rabbit’s hole¬† with COVID etc. and our Queen isn’t running around shouting ‘Off with his head! Off with his head!’ in the current context.

Instead, MP Nate pointed out, leaving out all of the bruhaha of modern politics as he did so -the factual mistakes in his colleague’s assessment.

Hey guess what? Ego just lost its hegemony between these two MPs. This is because MP Nate first LISTENED…then sought to UNDERSTAND…perceived where the gaps in the other MP’s knowledge were, and THEN RESPONDED.

Instead of conflict (ego’s territory, but never satisfying the human spirit) both MPs emerge from their interaction with better understanding and their common cause is progressed rather than these two being divided and vying against one another even over their COMMON CAUSE.

Now, apply this to the Trucker protest. At this stage, the police et al. have shown restraint. The ‘authorities’ (in this case, god bless ’em) understand that the Truckers have come a long way to protest.

But the Truckers are blocking bridges, borders, and businesses.

If the police do not move the blockades, the free will of those whose lives/conduct of business is¬† taken away by the Truckers. That’s not right.

Neither is it right for the Police to use violence to move the truckers out of the way.

Now, in the song I linked to above, there’s a line:

I dreamed I saw the bomber jet planes riding shotgun in the sky, turning into butterflies above our nation…

In the spirit of a dream, we might replace billy-clubs with nerf ball bats or penitentiaries with ‘jails made out of tin…’

When folks swear at or otherwise show signs of disrespect to the institution of the police and the fulfilment of their duty to Canadian society, let the police understand that they are not only facing off against the protesters, but also the anger the protesters brought with them which has nothing to do with the Police.

THE PROTESTERS DID NOT COME TO PROTEST THE POLICE. But the police are going to receive their anger. THE POLICE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE ANGER IS NOT AT THE POLICE. In that vein, the raised middle fingers, the ‘f-yous’, the minor shoves, pushbacks, physical resistance…LET ALL OF THAT GO…these are all sparks, which could¬† explode into conflagration…if the police do not react to ‘the small stuff’ it will go a long way to preventing ‘conflagration’ in this.

In addition, try to find an area that is visible to the public and which could accommodate the protesters that wish to continue protesting, without denying the community members their free will. Offer to shift the forum of protest.

The protesters, for their part, must seek to understand the position of the community they are using to stage their protest. If they turn the mirror upon themselves, if they were to try to imagine their reaction to someone coming into their community and taking it over in such a way, why, I believe that is all it would take for them to soften their intransigence to the point of listening followed by understanding.


Surely, there is room here for a win-win, if ego √† ego defers to ‘I see you’ / ‘You see me’, √† la Avatar?

Here’s my own take: If truckers are faced with full vaccination v. no cross-border work, then that is their choice. IF YOU CANNOT ENTER A COUNTRY WITHOUT A TRAVEL PASSPORT (for my whole life, I’ve needed a travel passport and I got one…) then what is the big deal with having to have a vaccination passport? It is just another passport. Therefore, IMO, citizens in the trucking business who do not want to vaccinate for whatever reason, forfeit their right to enter into any nation out of respect for that nation’s rules, √† la any citizen WHO DOES NOT WISH TO OBTAIN A regular international travel passport forfeits their right to enter.

NO ONE IS BEING FORCED/everyone has a choice. [Vaccinate or find a gig that doesn’t require you to vaccinate.]

I would point out that, our American neighbours have always permitted us to come and visit without a passport. BECAUSE THEY TRUST US TO WATCH THEIR BACKS and therefore we were always welcome there. NOW, THEY WANT US TO HELP THEM TO CONTAIN THE SPREAD OF COVID.

THEY WANT US TO BE VACCINATED before we come to visit.

How can any of us say ‘NO’ to them? They are our neighbours in the international community. We cannot lean against them; we must stand tall and support them when they need us, LIKE THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR CANADA IS.

We are ‘the people’ Abraham Lincoln revered and died for. We are Canada/we are the World. We are the spirit of Canada/we are the spirit of the World.

That spirit has manifest in the Canadian nation as one of accommodation, tolerance, the love of liberty (our own as citizens of Canada/Canada’s as a citizen of the World), the love of the land and of diversity (Robert Ardrey’s guarantor of longevity).

It is a tense situation. I cannot imagine, while sitting here in front of my laptop, what it must be like for the protesters, the police, the community…

But the Ace up their sleeve is that they are born and bred here in Canada under the same Sun. They have inherited the welcoming, nurturing, tolerant spirit of the land, the one our Indigenous brothers and sisters extended to us when we first arrived.

The ‘Canadian’ spirit is everyone’s best chance to resist their ego’s urge to force things.

Suss out the ‘win-win’ opportunity. It is there, somewhere.

Seek and ye shall find!

12 February 2022

Liberal MP Nate Erskine-Smith has just published a great newsletter. Among the ‘headlines’ is the ‘Nate-take’ on the government’s handling of the Trucker protest. It is as honest as it is informative. You can sign up for his newsletter here.

10 February 2022

It’s Wednesday! The last of our Winter-months is nearly half-over, the days are visibly becoming longer…why, even the snow piles took a hit yesterday from above-freezing temperatures…what could possible rain on my morning parade, um, alright…nothing…it’s Winter, right?


Headline 1: How organizers with police and military expertise may be helping Ottawa protest convoy dig in – apparently some ex-RCMP (Dudley Do-right is CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT, btw…) and ex-military (apparently not of the same ilk as Mike’s Peacekeepers) among them.

The protest originated from out West, the land of W-Exit. Same place where, many years ago, the movement conservatives from the U.S. dared to infiltrate the North.

There was a time when our cell membrane (our Southern border) was ‘susceptible’ to Americans who were trying to escape the Vietnam war draft, but the ‘movers and shakers’ in the South, the movement conservatives, saw an opportunity to inject their viciously anti-social, anti-democratic, ‘Christian’ RNA into a region of Canada that had been severely weakened by its penchant for Progressive Conservatism and the catastrophic denouement for the party upon the fall of the curtain upon the Mulroney years; leaving the PC’s with TWO SEATS across all of Canada. Welcome to the Western Alliance.

After a short time, the Western Alliance took over the Progressive Conservative brand and then (revealingly) dropped the¬† ‘Progressive’ qualifier. hmmm…

And now, a ‘trucker convoy’ with support coming in from the U.S. and FROM A FUNDRAISER WEBSITE unashamedly proclaiming itself to be ‘Christian’…at least the previous cohort of movement conservatives were true enough to themselves to dissociate themselves from anything ‘progressive’…they are hellbent on finding the way back to Eden, not to return to the Garden, but to seal the entrance over so that no one can ever go back.

They are of the same ilk as those who stormed the Capital in the U.S.  They have chosen to become a part of the problem.

The World, our world, is at war with itself. Every human value is under assault by Wealth. The acquisition of Wealth, no holds barred, has replaced the utlity of Wealth in society as a basic operative.

Just like the Trucker Protest has been organized and funded to replace non-violent protest as an operative of social change with intransigence (now) leading to violence (soon) BECAUSE THE PROTEST ORGANIZERS’ goal is not public awareness but SOCIAL COERCION.

THEY KNOW an election is coming. They know that the Liberals have cornered enough of the voting market, partly through demographic change and partly through coddling professional unions, (introducing a bias that will bite us in the rump one day when our professionals become the government in a Brave New World Society which our ruling classes have been cultivating since¬† the movement conservatives were in diapers, and which we have been warned about by Orwell, Huxley, Wells…the professional class will think they are the ruling class (being consulted heavily on all social issues, as they are now over COVID) but they will ‘survive and thrive’ only at the pleasure of those above them, the ones who control the $$$. [Aside: I find it egregiously self-serving and nauseating that our government is advertising help for mental issues and sounding so soft and understanding, when it it¬† the government causing mental health issues with their socially and practically disjunctive policies. They need to stay out of our heads. We need to keep them out of our heads. They don’t know how to do the right thing because they are knowingly doing THE WRONG THING because that is where governments are being driven by ego: GOVERNMENT EGO + THE EGO OF WEALTH = THE RULE OF EGO OVER SOCIETY. Translation: the rule of the powerful (+$$$) over the powerless (-$$$). Us and Them. This will not end well FOR ANYONE.

The professionals will say what they believe to be the truth. But they don’t always know. Often, it comes down to ‘best guess’ when interpreting data. The data itself could be tainted unbeknownst to us (we almost ditched an effective polio vaccine because the data was skewed, but luckily someone asked the right question before it got ditched). THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THE VACCINE, especially wrt kids. As for old folks like myself, why, I would (and did) vaccinate. As an adult, forgotten by my Liberals (they didn’t send me a dime during CERB and I was out of work before COVID came on the scene), THE ONLY SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE THING I CAN DO IS vaccinate, and after that, stay out of the way or get runover.

Actually, that’s not true. I can and want to contribute to society/community even though it is in a way society will not reward me financially for. That is why I maintain this site. I did at one time, request donations, but didn’t receive a penny from anyone…therefore, I likely will not renew my hosting contract. On my budget, this will not be possible. I’m about $500 or so per month below where I’d like to be. As it stands, my rent eats up 66% of my monthly budget. The extra $500 will not purchase and maintain a car of my own, but maybe an electric bike with a carrier made for my doggie, so that we can extend our range beyond the block we live on?

Headline 2: Here’s Ontario’s updated COVID-19 testing plan: TVO’s McGrath writes another informative piece. After a brief scan, what jumped off the page and bit me on the nose was the Ontario government’s saying they are not going to widely advertise where/when citizens can pick up their rapid testing kits. wtf? Seriously?¬†I get the idea that we need to avoid lineups at grocery stores and pharmacies, etc. but, why not simply provide the kits to high risk areas as planned, but for citizens, access your database and simply send a snail-mail letter to each citizen of working age, with a time and nearest location for them to pick up their kits. Municipalities could easily organize this. Post Offices could. Why not just mail every household one kit or two, whatever, along with provisional instructions for how to get more kits if needed. THAT WAY, COVERAGE IS ENSURED. THAT WAY no one gets left out because the government didn’t tell them. I recall the anxiety and taking extra precautions with isolating that I imposed upon myself because I didn’t find out about the popup vaccination sites until it was too late. THAT’S THE WRONG WAY TO GO ABOUT THINGS. But it is the way things have been trending because of knee-jerk government political reactions to quasi-empirical pronouncements from well-meaning, educated, but far from all-knowing professionals.

Wishing everyone landing here a great day. Be kind to your neighbours and say hi to everyone you cross paths with today on your walkabouts. You never know, it may be an angel of the creator or maybe someone who has just prayed for someone to pull them out of their loneliness for a while.

Why wait for them to call the government so that someone who is paid to listen has something to do? YOU ARE RIGHT THERE.

Say ‘hello’.

9 February 2022

Before diving into today’s rant, check out¬†How the Media and Liberal Class Determines the Politics of a Nation¬†– excerpted from a wonderful British comedy, ‘Yes, Minister’.

Observation:¬†China and Russia, ‘life’-long enemies with a lot of bad karma built between them, over the years, have suddenly become ‘friends’. They are ‘friends’ now because they share A COMMON ENEMY. You and me.

We are in their way. Unlike those bozos running the show over in the ‘East’, we prefer not to strongarm people into ‘compliance’. We’d rather appeal to folks’ (and national governments’) better natures. WE AREN’T MOVING ON THE TRUCKER PROTESTS WITH BULLDOZERS AND TEARGAS AND CLUBS, for example, and we aren’t troubling our Muslim and Falun Dafa groups here. [I am saddened that our government did try to conflate the Residential Schools horrors with the Catholic Church, facilitated by the news media.]

The trouble with people united in their hatred for someone else is that, when that ‘someone else’ is out of the way, what happens next?

Why, the victors are left a pile of ashes over which they are now ‘master’, plus, THEIR HATRED FOR ONE ANOTHER REMAINS. Now, they have time for each other. And the misery just keeps on going.

We have America, still the most powerful economy and military in the World, wanting to continue to build a collaborative international world order wherein THE RULE OF LAW is the highest authority; not the rule of POWERFUL ECONOMIES AND MILITARIES (or the egos of wayward leaders who serve a wayward demographic).

The nations of the World can right now choose to align with ‘East’ or ‘West’. Once the Olympics are over, I worry that’s when things are going to begin.

We nations of the World have two choices:

1 – to align with 2 nations who hate the World and aspire to dominate it MORE THAN THEY HATE ONE ANOTHER, and threaten the World openly with talk of nuclear holocaust (and perhaps, an unspoken subtext of the threat to global security they currently pose, responsibility for the spread, if not the origins/onset, of COVID) – OR –

2 – to align with a nation whose constitution, were their own ruling class to adhere to it, guarantees brotherhood/sisterhood, life and liberty, for ALL (as citizens of nations under one god, the creator). America has already proven that it can constrain the use of its military, albeit effective and quick (even with a trigger-happy president at the helm), to absolute last-resorts. It has also shown a capacity to be strategically patient and not given to spark an all-out war in reaction to egregiously cowardly attacks like 9/11.

Now, America has incurred a lot of bad karma too, over its history; of particular note, its treatment of the Indigenous and of the natives in the Bikini Islands; its use of nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki… they also went to Europe’s defense against a most malevolent tyrant…

We can set our democracies aright, facilitate Wealth’s adoption of the role to steward; return power to ‘the people’.¬†This can only work with our full participation/engagement. WE MUST ALWAYS HAVE AN EYE TO THE BIGGER PICTURE AND NOT fall into being selfishly disruptive every time someone does something we don’t like. Try to see the ‘why’ of what they are doing. Awareness is always the first step toward a resolution. [An open mind affords the possibility of discovering new, win-win solutions. COERCION only invites more of the same.]

In such a society, Wealth no longer exists as a ‘nation unto itself’, with power over the rest of the nation, but as wealthy individuals (a feature of a society with a Normal Distribution of incomes and wealth) within a nation where power is properly distributed.

This condition is achieved and regulated by a progressive tax regime applied to both income and wealth, on an annual basis,¬†so that an individual or group’s¬† income and wealth cannot grow faster than their nation’s GDP can grow.¬† Thus regulated,¬† the situation is avoided wherein any one demographic ends up with most of the money, leaving the others with very little, dividing society in half, and skewing power to one side.

Prayers. That our leaders choose wisely. The appearance of democracy will not be sufficient to keep the World of humanity moving forward. WE MUST HAVE DEMOCRACY. We must have engagement across the board in order to have democracy.

IMO, if you care about your nation and your citizens (and your children), YOU WILL NOT NOW ALIGN WITH CHINA OR RUSSIA OR ANY OTHER WARLIKE REGIME (because you will be just like them and they will be telling you what to do, whether you like it or not).

You will align with the U.S. and the West. Even though powerful, the U.S. knows this will not always be so.

The investments the Americans and the West have historically made with their own young blood in the defense of life and liberty, our American brothers and sisters hope will one day be returned to them when their nation is threatened.

Given that the Americans try to create friends out of enemies, rather than to keep their enemies under thumb, IMO, less powerful nations will have a voice and self-determination in the World the Americans aspire to help build and to live in, in collaboration with everyone else; whereas, the vision of Xi and Putin is only that of their ego. They want to be inside your head, your pocket, your soul. Their vision is reactionary and short-lived, as all things of the ego.

In short, if America keeps to its constitution (returning Wealth to its proper function in democratic society as Stewards, and not as self-styled Mount Olympians like Jeff and Elon and Gates), why, America will serve as the beacon that lights the path the whole World may follow…straight on to the joy and prosperity (for All) that everyone was meant by our creator to enjoy.

The international rule of law governing the nations of the World. The Golden Rule governing¬† the interactions of individuals. The end of warfare; the end of environmental and social degradation in the name of GDP growth…

…the beginning of unbridled opportunity for everyone under the Sun.

The World must soon choose. I pray our creator guides us all to choose wisely. Align with America and the West. It will soon become a global federation of equal states. Everyone will have a voice. No one will be permitted to invade or coerce others.

In cases where a nation does not permit freedom of religion, say, THEY WILL NO LONGER BE PERMITTED TO PERSECUTE them, say, like China’s regime is doing to the Uighurs and Falun Dafa folks. In a U.N. Federation of States, those demographics would simply be permitted to move to a nation that does allow religious freedom, AT THE EXPENSE OF THE NATION THAT DOESN’T.

That’s how you encourage the observance of values you have, by your trading partners. Make them pay, and I guarantee they’ll find a way to upgrade their standards. Trust me.

As for gender rights, why, recalcitrant nations will be hard-pressed to get on without both genders, and I would recommend that either gender, if experiencing mistreatment, simply did the satyagraha thing, why, that government will soon cave in to their demands.

Alright, that’s all folks!

Have a great Wednesday.

8 February 2022

Headline 1:¬†‘Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs¬†–¬†American doctors want to know. Yep, and until they know, WE CAN’T KNOW, unless Pfizer folks were completely upfront about their quality checks, and how could Pfizer know, having only a little time (and many competitors) to develop a vaccine and open up a ‘gold mine’.

Getting vaccines rolled-out was a priority. We were into ‘sudden-death overtime’ in our hospitals, LTC’s…put there by China, who did not deign to report the outbreak to the international community until it was well-underway.

WE MADE ASSUMPTIONS, based on the research from Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies. There was no time to vet the research or the vaccines.

And now, it is too late to change course. We reacted. Here we are.

We cannot go backwards in time. But we can learn to not ever make the same mistake again. We need only adopt the Golden Rule as humankind’s primary operative, AND WE WOULD NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. Think about it:

It is self-interest that has brought us to this impasse wrt the pandemic. China’s self-interest, whatever it was, seems to have obliged Xi to hide the outbreak and to stymie investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 virus. The self-interest of the pharmaceutical companies (the allure of gold) might have encouraged some of them to go ‘rainbow-chasing’, to take too many liberties in their quality checks (this will be investigated by the American doctors, thanks to the Texas judge). We can’t know, one way or the other -not yet. Then there’s the self-interest of governments -democratic society’s front-piece, Hollywood Western downtown fa√ßades, which represent the self-interest of Wealth; resulting in a confusing cacophony of instruction, data, daily news conferences, lockdowns and openings…

Had we been following the Golden Rule, Xi would have warned the World as soon as he got a whiff of a new bio-threat emerging. The pharma-companies would have been very clear in their own minds and with the public wrt to the process of vetting their vaccines. The data, given the circumstances, would have been public/universally shared from the get-go and NOT KEPT PROPRIETARY within companies (this is where the self-interest in competition becomes egregiously un-natural. Everyone should have been¬†collaborating¬†on¬†everyone’s¬†problem…yes?). Financial support would have been rolled out to all citizens and not restricted to helping corporations, businesses, and people who lost their jobs to COVID restrictions, while people who were already looking for jobs and even further into a financial bind than any of the aforementioned, got absolutely nothing…NOT EVEN A RESPONSE FROM THEIR LOCAL LIBERAL MP, which, in itself was a violation of the GR, since, if the tables were reversed, the MP would have wanted an answer – the only difference being, a GR governed (as opposed to a Whip-governed) MP would have provided an answer of some sort. And then there is the media’s role in all of this…those working in the media need to abstract themselves for a moment and take a look from a higher perspective to see just what it is they are involved in suborning (unwittingly)…it has to be about more than the weekly $$$.

It should be plain to everyone with at least one braincell firing inside their skulls that the problem the World has, and has always had, is its tolerance of Wealth/ego. Everything is about $$$ and it is the ruling class that controls the $$$, and $$$ are the lifeblood of society.¬†Everyone and everything existing at their pleasure¬†(but not their expense) is Wealth’s ultimate goal.

Now, just how far do you suppose we are from Xi’s vision? When $$$ determines morality, ethics,¬†values…then, if you have money, your are blessed; if you do not, you are cursed and so are your children. You are ‘with us’ or you are ‘not’.

If you represent value to us, you are with us, else…


I am fully vaccinated. I got my Pfizer booster (shot #3) only the other day. I did this, despite my personal reservations about the development/rollout of the vaccines, given that they cannot have been properly vetted. I risk my own health BECAUSE I AM RETIRED and my life is, for the most part, behind me, I figure that, UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, the right thing for me to do is to go ahead with the vaccinations. I do believe vaccinating will help to protect my neighbours/community.

BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IT GOING TO DO TO ME.¬†I don’t know what it is going to to do to children. No one knows,¬†yet. And it is frightening that the news media et al. are now manipulating us into allowing this to be done to children, without the informed approval of the child. We adults are making the decision FOR THEM, just like we allow the decision to be made, FOR THEM, as to whether or not they will be allowed to see the light of day outside the mother’s womb.

When you are responsible to make life and death and quality of life decisions for SOMEBODY ELSE, ESPECIALLY AN INNOCENT CHILD, you had better check your ego at the front door before you even begin, or who knows what rationalizations you will come up with for the latest assault on innocence?

You know whom and what you serve.


p.s.s.¬†I watched a great submarine movie on YouTube, starring Ed Harris. The basic idea is that a rogue Russian element in the KGB planned to nuke the American fleet at Midway from a submarine the Americans would believe was Chinese, in order to start a war between China and America, Russia’s most powerful competitors for world dominance. hmmm…I don’t know if Putin isn’t waiting for China to invade Taiwan, to water down the support America is able to provide to Ukraine against Russia; making the job of expanding Russia’s hegemony, while eroding America’s (and later, China’s, when he thinks he doesn’t need them anymore)¬† that much easier?

Bonus:¬†Apparently, Jethro Tull is putting out a new album, the first for the band in two decades. Have a listen to the title track,¬†The Zealot Gene¬†(scroll down the page to the play icon). You gotta know Ian Anderson has something significant to say about the state of the World…

7 February 2022

Headline 1:¬†Removing trucks could be almost ‘impossible,’ say towing experts¬†– if you read the article, at least one of the ‘experts’ say their trucks have all of the equipment they need to pull the trucks out of Metcalfe Street, but that they are hesitant to do so because it may affect the relationship between the tow-truck companies and the commercial trucking firms, meaning, they fear if they work for Ottawa against the trucker protest, they will lose the truckers’ business¬†down the road¬†(okay, I couldn’t resist!); whereas, the trucking companies WHO DO NOT HELP OTTAWA very likely will inherit the business.

ONCE AGAIN, the ethics of the issue resolve to $$$. Truckers are protesting the pandemic restrictions.

[Aside:¬†I find the pictures of cops standing in riot gear and toting huge rifles to be a little bit over the top. Are rifles really necessary? I’d much rather see cops patrolling on horseback, like in Toronto, to advertise their presence to the public)..if this is the new normal, Canada hasn’t got very far to go to reach its final denouement…neither does the World – speaking of which,¬†Bishop Mari gives a good reckoning on what is happening in our World right now. I just heard him say that it takes ‘3 years of trials/testing to ensure¬† a vaccine is safe’…is that not more or less the case? Without mentioning ‘China’ he appears to be squarely placing the blame for the origin of the virus upon China’s regime, that it was deliberate in its attempt to shutdown the world, by people who deny the existence of god.]

The trucker protest is disrupting the local economy. If left alone/not escalated, the truckers will run out of money, gas, whatever and they will need to get back to earning their livings on the road, in a short amount of time.

But the situation is not being left alone. GoFundMe was being used to fund the trucker presence in Ottawa, but their management opted to shutdown the trucker protest fund, though it meant the loss of a huge amount of revenue $$$ to GoFundMe. That was a good thing. It allowed the protest to evolve and resolve naturally.

But then a ‘Christian’ fundraising platform ‘stepped up’. GiveServeGo…this outfit claims that ‘their God is bigger than money’…(paraphrasing)…Okay, they just garnered 250K or more in new revenue by ‘stepping up to the plate’ on behalf of the truckers. I have not heard of any greater effort at self-serving, self-aggrandizing bullshit…this from yet another group or individual, purporting to be ‘Christian’, wholly and happily accepting $$$ from the faithful…

…to devote to the continuance of an event which, if not allowed to resolve naturally, will UN-naturally expand and explode, catastrophically. IF GIVESERVEGO is truly ‘Christian’ in the way of Christ, they would either 1- rescind their support entirely or 2 – believing in the truckers’ cause, continue their support but return ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from their support to the city of Ottawa to help pay for the disruption to the locals, the extra policing (WITHOUT THOSE F$n RIFLES, PLEASE).

Until GiveServeGo does this, their decision-makers are no better than the folks who saw opportunity for themselves in participating in the Crusades…my advice to the good folks at GiveServeGo:

Rather than putting your mouth where the money is, put the money where your mouth is…

Offer to pay IN FULL for the disruption the protest causes if you believe in their cause and continue to facilitate funding; pull the plug on your support if you do not and send all of the proceeds you have garnered to date, to the City of Ottawa. Either way, GiveServeGo pays for the disruptions, not the taxpayer.

The truckers have made their point. There is an election coming and they can have their say in who forms the next government. I daresay it won’t matter. The protests will be for nothing, for as long as Parliament is rendered accountable to the Whip of the Executive and the Executive is organized in service of Wealth, while Parliament is elected by and in service of the people.


In the Bishop’s video, he calls ‘democracy’ a great lie, an invention of the ruling class in ancient Athens designed to bamboozle the rank-in-file into thinking they have power in society when they are actually puppets-on-a-string, sort of thing.

LET’S PROVE THE GOOD BISHOP WRONG and find a way to make democracy work for ‘the people’ of the World (our world).

We can begin by dismantling the ways and means and structures that facilitate the existence, maintenance, and aggrandizement of Wealth; replacing them with ones that will facilitate and maintain a Normal Distribution of Wealth within and among communities and nations.

We must be careful to maintain free speech and free will; to do that, we must practice the Golden Rule. All Faiths have it.

Free speech does not mean you can go round saying ‘f-this’ and ‘f-that’ or ‘f-you’ (but you are still allowed to say, ‘f-me’). Free speech means you can speak your truth and not be shamed for it. The Golden Rule determines what you may utter and what you should keep to yourself, buried in the hell that is ego.

Free will does not mean you can pee all over other people when it suits you; but if what you do does not deny choosing to others, then you are accountable to only yourself and your creator for what you choose. Again, the Golden Rule is our guide.

That’s it for now. God bless (whatever you call god your creator, protector, nurturer/your mom and dad) and HAVE A GREAT DAY.


I’m watching a video published by a woman who was the partner of a doctor who claims to have discovered something diabolical about the vaccines against COVID. I am¬† loathe to link to the article that features the video; however, in the video she claims that her partner was murdered violently shortly after publishing his findings.

I don’t know if it is true or not. CAN ANYONE DISCERN TRUTH FROM FALSEHOOD TODAY? If we cannot, that’s because our ruling classes want it this way, because they figure we are more easily ‘managed’. To them, from their perspective, the nation is a business and we are a commodity, a variable in the equation.

I am reading sites quoting the good Bishop Emmanuel. He is a wonderful, wonderful soul. BUT he is a human soul and subject to getting things wrong every now and then…I cannot say he is wrong about COVID; at the same time, I cannot bring myself to believe that anyone this side of the Styx and of Hell is capable of doing what he is accusing governments and drug companies of doing; that folks like the doctor (whose partner claims was murdered for exposing the truth about the vaccines and¬† about COVID) are getting murdered over what they believe is even more difficult to swallow.

But I cannot say. This is for me, very, very troubling. I don’t know what to believe because it doesn’t appear that, in a world without honour, ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN WHAT THE TRUTH REALLY IS…but…


That’s the world described in the Little Prince. Nay, ‘worlds’. The world’s of ego, wherein, every single person can believe whatever they want, while they live out their lives, alone, by themselves, and, except for what they consume, are of no consequence whatsoever. That’s what Hell is supposed to be.

We are no longer verging on a new world order. It is here. Very soon, the clouds obfuscating what is happening to us will clear and the truth will be uncovered. By then it will be too late.

When no one is interested in the truth, in what really is; when EVERYONE is interested only in seeing that what they want to believe is the truth (and that everyone else is wrong if they believe something else), then we are lost. We forfeit the gift of Creation and our purpose to extend and steward Creation on our creator’s behalf (and ours, of course).

Remember the Golden Rule. It is the way out of this mess. It was given to all of us by our creator, to¬† every Chinese, Iranian, Israeli, Indian, Native, European…it is the ruling class ego of these groups which is responsible for the misery humankind has experienced over the millennia. We did not realize that there is a better, non-violent way that serves everyone, friend and foe alike, and therefore conducive to turning everyone into friends instead of adversaries, like the world of business is prone to.

We need to rein-in ruling classes everywhere and help them to become the stewards their creator (not their boss, that’s Satan) needs them to be in order for humankind to spread ‘the good news’ throughout the Universe.

Nations are not businesses. Only Wealth wants them to be businesses. Workers just want to raise their families; working for someone else is the only way to do it, ultimately. That’s okay if ‘someone else’ has a steward’s mentality. But if they serve only themselves, why, welcome to the mess we are in, which will soon revolve around the narrative axis of Huxley’s Brave New World, endlessly.

The folks of Wealth today are not stewards, nor are they interested in stewardship. They are interested only in acquiring more $$$ and more power to do it. That’s ego’s way. It will never be satisfied, anymore than accepting negative GDP growth would be. Why? Because our ‘conscience’ is superimposed upon us from above rather than our ‘relief’. Our leaders have always known what we need and have always been able to pay for it but they choose not to. Why?

Because they want us to accept what is killing us and our national spirit, so that Wealth can continue to grow itself and its power over us.

The truckers will suffer. The police will suffer. But those who profit from the situation, on either side of it, why, those folks are THE REAL PROBLEM WITH SOCIETY.

Some of them even boldfaced self-congratulatory about it…tantamount to a cow-pie in a farmer’s field, smoldering and admiring itself over how good it must smell…

It’s not too late. GiveServeGo can back off and do the right thing for all concerned. The Christian spirit is self-sacrifice, if nothing. Give back ALL OF THE PROCEEDS TO THE COMMUNITY/OTTAWA. Do your part to undo the setback you created.

As for the government, offer to meet elsewhere with the organizers.¬†You can read about the protest here. As for the protesters, your right to earn a living is not in question. You are not satisfied with the the level of $$$ you are making because of the pandemic. THE NATION OF WHICH YOU FORM AN INTEGRAL PART needs to put down the pandemic. The government isn’t always going about things the right way and neither are you. Negotiate a better share of the $$$ involved in the response to the pandemic, BUT DO NOT FIGHT OR STYMY THE RESPONSE. For crying out loud, that only exacerbates and prolongs the setbacks, extending the tunnel at whose end the LIGHT IS TO BE REACHED. It’s not as if we’re looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…that’s what our ruling classes have always done. Now is the time we must gather TOGETHER to stymy the ruling class; spoiled children that they have become. Remember we have something in common with our wayward ruling class: Canada. It’s our home. It’s the place our Indigenous prepared for us to come and stay with them (but not to take it over from them, and so, an new arrangement with the Indigenous is in order as well).

Even the protest is about $$$. It’s not about protecting people. Well, if a ‘Christian’ site cares more about $$$ than people (but they claim to esteem ‘God’ above $$$), then how are we ever going to fix things?

If everything boils down to $$$, if our ethics and morality and what we esteem ‘self-evident’ has a price tag, why we will always have the wealthy, the wealthy will always be with us…and therefore, ‘the poor will always be with us’. Hmmm, Constantine didn’t mention the preamble when¬†mis-‘quoting’ Jesus.

Be rid of Wealth. Poverty will be rid of itself. There will be no more ‘us and them’; there will only be us…ALL OF US comprise the human aspect of the creator. The Golden Rule, not $$$, is the wisdom of the body of the creator in which we all live.

The creator cannot tolerate a cancer in his/her body anymore than we can. So long as we have Wealth, we will behave as cancer within the body of the creator, and the body will fight us all the way. That is why we have climate change, desertification, extreme weather, pandemics, cancers and birth defects arising from environmental toxicity.

When we correct our spirit’s DNA, the institution of wealth will have gone the way of the doh-doh. It will be replaced with a Normal Distribution of wealth and economic opportunity across the board, within communities and nations; among communities and nations.

Then, all of our ‘cancerous’¬† ways will disappear too. It won’t be Elon or Jeff or any other bozo of Mount Olympus leading the way because their way leads to death for everyone, even their type, only not until after everyone else has disappeared into history.

4 February 2022

It’s Friday. True to form, the World’s political leaders want to make sure we are frightened out of our socks for the weekend. Um, thanks.

Headline 1:¬†Russia and China tell NATO to stop expansion, Moscow backs Beijing on Taiwan¬†– ha. ha. ha. Warfare really does make for strange bedfellows! Without having to follow the rabbit hole into what they might be doing off-camera, the World can see these two bozos have their hands in one another’s ‘back-pocket’. Were they to vanquish the West, does anyone in their right minds believe that they will not turn on one another?

Russia has historically aspired to empire and world-dominance of some sort. They have always fallen well-short of the goal. China has engaged in some of the worst slaughter ever perpetrated by one human upon another, even upon their own. Neither nation has it within themselves to even exhibit proper self-discipline, nevermind running the World. Besides, just what sort of World do you suppose they want to preside over? MILTON HAS THE ANSWER to that one.

Contrast this with the U.S. Like Russia and China, they too have their proper allocation of selfish, power-mongering, fear-invoking leaders (in the service of Wealth), BUT THEY ALSO HAVE A CONSTITUTION that guarantees democracy, human rights, equality, and dignity…’equality’ itself being ‘self-evident’ to America’s founders. For as long as Wealth holds hegemony over democracy in the US, the Americans will experience/suffer more of what Donald Trump presided over on January 6, 2021 and will continue to tear itself apart from the inside, weakening itself, its resolve, its DEMOCRACY. That is what Xi and Putin want. That is what Russian and China’s autocratic, fascist regimes have always wanted. THE REASON IS WE ARE A THREAT TO THEIR RULING CLASSES.

WHEREAS western democracy aspires to collaboration in commonality of purpose, the Eastern autocrats believe downloading their fascism among the masses is the only way to go.

The ruling classes on either side of the East-West divide simply want to enjoy business as usual. But the will inevitably collide on the margins and war will erupt.

If you find the post-pandemic world strange, you will never be able to imagine the post-war world. All liberty will be forfeit for the ‘greater good’. The trouble is, the ‘ greater good’¬† is what WEALTH SAYS IT IS. No matter which side of the divide you happen to be living on.

Having said that, the people of the World, our world, need to do four things (on top of the Four Agreements):

  1.  Be resolved to stand against those from beyond our borders who mean to take our land from us and push us back into the Atlantic, and
  2.  Be resolved to stand against those living within our borders who mean to further erode our democracy and liberty
  3. ¬†Honour the sacrifices the young people of ‘friendly’ nations made in WWI and WWII which kept Germany and Japan and Italy (now our allies against Russia and China) from taking the World over.
  4.  Never be the first to threaten or to do violence (like firing a gun or missile) to anyone else. Resolve to only self-defense.

With regards to Israel-Iran, Israel is our ‘ally’ but that regime is prepared to drag the entire World down into war, on the basis of what they say was a promise from god, that he has yet to deliver on. I say that’s bullshit. It’s land grabbing. It’s genocidal. The government in Israel hasn’t changed in 3 millennia or more, except now they call themselves a ‘democracy’…they still believe in coercing their own people into committing egregious foul against innocent folks who are going about their day trying to make a living for them and their children, in the NAME OF GOD, no less.

Still, withal, I believe in the creator and the creator’s love for her children and her creation. WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING I BELIEVE THAT THE GOD WHO CREATED US WOULD NEVER WANT THIS, anymore than she wanted the Israelites to slaughter every man, woman, and child they encountered in the ‘Promised Land’.

With respect to the Trucker protest, there are those who refuse to leave. Folks are tired of them, yes. Business may suffer in the places they are camped in, yes. BUT OUR GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSES FURTHER AGGRAVATE THE SITUATION AND DIVIDE US. Now we have the Indigenous chiming in, not to mention, truckers organized under an Asian banner, and the¬† convoy per se coming from out West…remember WExit? If we fall apart, we will be left only with the police and the military to try and keep it together, all under the auspices of the ruling class, WHO ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE UNREST.

The situation with the truckers COULD GET UGLY.¬†That¬†would be unnecessary and tragic. That would be playing directly into the hands of those who seek to divide and conquer democracy. Those ‘truckers’ are our Canadian brothers and sisters. [Aside: this just off the press:¬†Ottawa police launch ‘surge and contain’ strategy to manage protesters¬†– YES! Exactly the right thing to do. But, it does not surprise me in the least that is was the Ottawa Police who dreamed this up. As a teen, I thumbed to Ottawa with friends for a weekend lark. On the way in, it was an Ottawa policeman, driving a mobile alarm display Winnebago, who picked me up while hitch hiking to complete my journey. It was an Ottawa policeman who caught us sleeping in a park next to the highway two nights later and let us stay there after we explained that we were going back home and wanted to be close to the highway in order to get an early start. I had mentioned to the Winnebago guy that I had heard ‘Ottawa’s cops were the nicest cops in the World’. That’s when I found out who it was that had picked me up…

The key to crisis management (whether you are creating or mitigating/avoiding a crisis) is knowing how to deal with the ego of someone else. Our ruling classes already figured it out:¬†Fabius Maximus¬†showed them how…to wit: LEARN TO PLAY THE ‘LONG-GAME’. That’s it.¬† Decide what you want, then plot out the intervening steps between where you are and where you want to be, and just keep pushing the envelope until your objective is accepted by the citizens (in Russia and China, you don’t have to play the long-game because you have enough military people trained and prepared to shoot their own brothers and sisters). [this was how an American railroad corporation got American law to accord ‘personhood’ to corporations, upsetting the balance and putting corporations (and investors) in a position of legal advantage over all bona fide individuals, since corporations ARE NOT A SINGLE ENTITY BUT AN ORGANIZATION OF INVESTORS. Plural. More than one. Yet, this corporation succeeded by pushing the envelope and failing, again and again, until a court reporter misquoted the judge’s decision and mistakenly granted corporations the right to be treated under the law, like you and me! Fabianism is the operative of ruling classes in ‘democracies’. Extrapolate the changes you have observed since the 80’s (when the movement conservatives elected their first American president, Ronald Regan) and you can see where all of this is going in short-order (in fact, right after the bullets and missiles begin to fly). NO MORE LIBERTY. In actual fact, it will be for the poor in Canada and the US and the West, as if Putin or Xi was our elected leader. Granting corporations personhood helped to facilitate Wealth’s takeover of democratic society. HOW STRANGE. At the same time, Wealth determined that a human baby isn’t a baby (human) until it is able to live outside the womb on its own…hello?

Leave the kids alone¬†and see what happens. Without¬†anyone¬†assisting, that kid will¬† emerge from the mother and go off on its own…if no external intervention is required, if the ‘entity’ in the womb is doing it all by itself (with only the creator’s guidance) then, at what point exactly do our ‘sage’ Wealthy folks grant that the ‘entity’ becomes ‘human’, therefore, killing it becomes ‘murder’? MOST OF WHAT WE READ IN OUR NEWS MEDIA is about the right of the mother to kill their own offspring. And, that is their right. The trouble is, the mainstream media (owned or heavily influenced by Wealth) doesn’t report a whole lot on the babies’ rights, if at all.¬†Their right is just as important.¬†However, whereas the woman’s right, if not observed, will not mean the woman’s death, IT WILL MEAN THE DEATH OF THE CHILD INSIDE. Not according the child human rights directly results in their death. Our Wealth has determined therefore that the child has not rights, by declaring the child ‘not human’. THIS MAKES AS MUCH SENSE AS DECLARING CORPORATIONS ‘individuals’.

upshot: OUR HUMAN RIGHTS ARE THOSE OUR WEALTH CLASS SAYS THEY ARE. As the perspective of Wealth changes, so will our rights:

Dear Abbey, dear Abbey, my feet are too long,

My hair’s falling out, and my rights are all wrong…

We can learn from the great Roman general also. Rather than confront the truckers, IGNORE THEM. TELL THE MEDIA TO SHUTUP ABOUT THEM. Put up barricades around their staging areas. Position policemen strategically in order to keep pedestrian and automobile traffic moving, albeit with the necessary adjustments to work around the trucks. This is what the West is doing with respect to Russian and Chinese belligerence:

Limit the options of the truckers. Don’t shame them in the media. They¬† were impassioned enough to set the comfort of their lives aside in order to do this. THEY¬†BELIEVE¬†IN THEIR CAUSE. Now we are in ego’s territory. The ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH ANYONE’S EGO BUT YOUR OWN, is to guide them into making what YOU WANT, their choice. THE ONLY WAY THAT CAN HAPPEN is if you come up with a win-win scenario, so that BOTH SIDES ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS, or, both sides modify their goals out of respect for the other side’s POV.

Putin, Xi, and our like-minded, anti-democratic ‘rulers’ over western democracy will have to account for what they do to our creator. THOSE TWO AND EVERYONE WHO THINKS AND FEELS LIKE THEY DO are responsible for most of the troubles and misery in the World. The guy who was leading ISIS’s comeback BLEW UP HIS OWN KIDS so that HE¬† COULD AVOID CAPTURE. His kids wouldn’t have been touched by the American incursion, I want to think. Some dad, eh? I am a¬† dad too, and I would put myself between my kids and any threat to them. I have never felt otherwise. Would anyone?

If I were Putin, Xi, or anyone like, I WOULD BE VERY, VERY AFRAID for what is coming when I go to stand before god, with ‘nothing on my tongue, but Hallelujah…

I am afraid, anyways. I have already ‘blasphemed’ the God of the Old Testament, and the one of the New Testament. I am guilty of this because I believe it is the ‘word’ of man’s ego, not the Word of God. Not to say there are not many, many truths in the Bible. It is just that the Bible was corrupted over the years by folks who wrote or interpolated into existing writings, like Constantine did, to provide Christianity ‘authority’ within the Empire. If the Bible is in fact, THE WORD OF GOD, how come there are so many versions and interpretations? How come there are several forms of Judaism and Christianity, rather than just one? We cannot all be right, obviously.¬†WE CAN BE ALL WRONG, however.

This is why we need the Golden Rule to rule. What we have cultivated now, the existence and hegemony of ruling classes within democracies, CANNOT BE DEMOCRACY. What we have now is leading to DYSTOPIA. We will not extricate ourselves from it. There will be billions of poor children growing up, NEVER BELIEVING IN THEMSELVES, rather accepting however others choose to categorize and label them as their permanent reality. In god’s eyes, your form is so transient, it is not worth consideration, even¬† if you, like god, has FOREVER to kick about thinking. OUR RULING CLASSES ARE ENCOURAGING US TO BELIEVE THAT FORM IS ALL THERE IS.¬† That until you have ‘form’ you don’t exist…like babies in the womb.

BUT, if you don’t exist, and you have lots of money, why you are useful to the class which aspires to rule over everyone and everything, and you will be granted personhood, even when babies, granted ‘personhood’ by god, are deemed ‘non-persons’ by Wealth, because ‘unwanted pregnancy’ gets in the way of production. Working women add value to the corporate bottom line. The baby in her womb, who is trying to build independence from the womb and needs 9 months to do it, why, they detract from the corporations bottom line…The hypocrisy of Wealth is so blatant.

Wealth is in Satan’s service.

The problems we have today, the resolution, if left to Wealth, will be catastrophic for most of the peoples of the World. IMO, the original Hollywood production of H.G. Wells’ Time Machine accurately characterizes the Future…I don’t know if Wealth will come to cannibalism, but, given the price of meat these days, not to mention housing, I cannot say with any feeling of certainty, that the offspring of today’s poor won’t one day, after the nuclear holocaust, end up living in barns, in common, fattened up with fruits and vegetables (they will advertise us as ‘grain-fed’), and then periodically called to the slaughter to restock the shelves. IMO, the response to the pandemic, and the fact we still haven’t been told how COVID-19 got going in the first place, or who actually shot JFK for that matter, is proof positive that our ruling classes DO NOT FOR ONE MOMENT believe they are accountable to us, THE PEOPLE. And so, following Fabius, they are attacking our democracy and institutions. Even¬† Me-too is an attack on our democratic institutions BECAUSE, whether the claims be true or false, it circumvents DUE PROCESS and therefore, before it is possible to determine guilt or innocence, THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE, and, if you are someone of any kind of note at all, YOU WILL BE SUMMARILY FIRED. Presumed guilt CAN ONLY LIVE IN EGO’S WORLD, the world’s envisioned by Xi, Putin, and many Wealthy folks. – but not all of them. I pray they will stand up in defense of the creator’s World and values, and turn things around. One thing is for sure, it won’t be bozos like Bezos, Musk, Gates, et al. who lead the way out of the mess we are in.

OUR WHOLE F*n JURSIPRUDENCE DEPENDS ON the presumption of innocence.

Why? Because the folks who lived before us knew that, in an imperfect world, if you presume guilt, why A WHOLE LOT MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE WILL BE DESTROYED BY FOLKS WHO KNOW HOW TO GAME THE SYSTEM, than guilty folks will be let off the hook. [Aside: O.J. was very likely guilty of murder. He purportedly got away with it, BUT, MOST OF HIS MONEY WAS TAKEN in the ensuing civil lawsuit, where the standard of proof is lower. That process found O.J. guilty of whatever we all knew he was guilty of…there is no way on either side of the Styx that someone would make a entourage of police vehicles follow him down an Interstate highway for hours, WERE HE INNOCENT. I mean, for what other reason could anyone want to do that?

We are playing into the hands of a Wealth class running amok. They are corrupted by wealth and the power over others which wealth purchases¬†in democratic countries that morph under the ‘leadership’ of Wealth into businesses and profit centres.

If it is ‘easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle’ than it is for a wealthy person to enter into Heaven, it is because so much of that wealthy person’s¬†spirit¬†becomes buried, over the years, under layer upon layer of ego, that there is little to nothing left of their spirit when it leaves their physical body, SINCE MOST OR ALL OF IT REMAINS TRAPPED WITHIN THE BODY now dead and no longer capable of supporting the spirit. THE SPIRIT, THEREFORE, IS CONSUMED IN THE CORRUPTION OF THE BODY, trapped there by the corruption of the ego of Wealth.

3 February 2022

Headline 1:¬†New signs of wage inflation may force Bank of Canada’s hand in raising rates¬†– yep, because there is a shortage of retail workers over COVID-19, retail workers can ask for and receive a larger share of the revenue, and they’ll get it. Grudgingly of course.

Every penny paid in wages is a penny + interest missing from the pockets of Wealth…or is it?

Who gets penalized and who gets advantaged by BoC rate increases? Well, first off, banks will benefit. They did the last time there was a recession. Oh, AND THEIR INVESTORS, the ones behind the curtain…the banks’ INVESTORS provide the $$$ the BANKS lend to THE GOVERNMENT.

When the BoC raises interest rates to counter rising prices which are in reaction to rising wages, why, the investors part with less of their money (less money gets loaned out in market-reaction to the rate increase, less money gets spent, the economy ‘slows’) while the money previously invested garners even more profit for them via the rate increase.

What a beautiful setup, if you are wealthy. In good times, you are raking in the profits of the conduct of business; in bad times, you earn better interest to make up for the bear market conditions. You have your bases covered, IF YOU HAVE MONEY TO SPARE.

What about most Canadians? Most Canadians DO NOT HAVE enough money to spare in order to buffer out the mood swings in the economy, the good v. bad times. Higher interest rates means a bigger bite is taken by the investors out of the working family’s budget, because most families are in debt, like most governments are…chronic debt is a feature of a society with two classes; one is rendered¬† beholden to the other out of their desperation to earn a living.

THAT’S HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. We are like the pawns on the chessboard. Limited by Wealth in everything we can think to do, except die on their behalf, to preserve a ‘social order’ that is progressively favouring the wealthy as it disadvantages the poorer folks.

Like the pieces on the chessboard, we are all fodder in support of the King, because once captured, it’s game over. In democracy, there is no King, therefore, no one is considered ‘fodder’. All pieces are of equal value, not only to themselves (duh) but to the society.

But in a pseudo-democracy, situated conceptually between the people and the governing executive, there is a Whip; someone whose job it is to make sure that all of the good little MPs do their jobs and vote in favour of what the government executive desires.

The government executive DOES NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE via their MPs. IT IS PARLIAMENT, THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, THAT IS REQUIRED TO LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE EXECUTIVE, and the Executive serves Wealth if it does not serve the people. Hello?

In a minority situation, one is tempted to believe this is not true, that, the government Executive can simply be replaced in a vote of non-confidence and the ensuing election. The trouble is, THE WHIP WILL STILL BE THERE.

You won’t have democracy; you will simply be living under the thumb of wealth with a slightly different attitude toward¬† ‘the extra baggage’ of society (to wit: the ones who aren’t useful to employers).

The attitude among political parties toward the Social Contract align with either: ‘if you are poor, it’s because you aren’t trying hard enough’ v. ‘if you are struggling we’ll help you, SO LONG AS IT DOESN’T GET TOO EXPENSIVE and result in fewer trips for me and my family to sunny Mexico.’ The NDP are prepared to carve a chunk out of the coffers of Wealth to prop up families and individuals in need, but…

ALL PARTIES APPEAR TO BE CULTIVATING A BRAVE NEW WORLD-type society (on multiple fronts, like war is these days: not only is our news media become the dutiful mouthpiece of Wealth (owned by Wealth) what we watch¬†for entertainment¬†is conditioning us (hyper-sex, hyper-violence, random-violence, the individual is ‘god’/ ‘a creator-god does not exist’…) all to encourage our acceptance of this Brave New World; one actively cultivated by Wealth in order to maintain societal control while they take more for themselves, leaving less FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. Watch what happens when food, water, healthcare, shelter become scarcer while our numbers continue to increase…it is a formula for catastrophic disaster/much misery).

The situation today, under the hegemony of Wealth and the insanity wealth predisposes people to (not least of all, their unwitting conscription into the service of Satan because Satan’s realm is ‘ego’ and it is the ego of Wealth whose thumb we are living under and always have been living under), is dire and unsustainable. This is why the World, our world, currently lurches toward war on a global scale.

The Wealthy within nations aspire to garner all of the money and power but differ among themselves with respect to the best strategy (to take all v. to take almost all), the Wealthy among nations either collaborate with one another to increase their personal wealth OR they compete with and undermine one another to garner more wealth for themselves.

Either way, the outcome is MORE FOR WEALTH, less for everyone else.

Even if most of us were removed from Wealth’s calculations by war, environmental catastrophe, or civil unrest (we’ll get to that point if the news and ‘entertainment’ and poverty/exclusion prove insufficient controls), it will change NOTHING.

In only a few generations, the class of the working-poor will be filled once again by people dropping out of the Wealth class…the process of economic fractionation that our current socio-political structures permit and abet remains…’The names change, but the game remains the same’.

The World, our world, has been caught in Satan’s grasp since we left the Garden. The bite from the apple led some of us to believe it is proper to exploit others. IT HAS NOT LED US TO GROUND ALL OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS, personal, family, community and employment, in the GOLDEN RULE.

The Golden Rule IS OF GOD. NO Faith can encapsulate god, because ALL FAITHS interpret god as best as the human mind is capable of understanding god. GOD PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING, even the Bible says so…


This is right now Satan’s world. He took it from us. We turned our backs on god, our creator, but she/he is still with us. He/she is the alpha and omega (but not the Omicron, the Delta! or …)

We need only turn ourselves around and face our creator. We can speak to her/him in our mother tongue because our creator created language and will understand each and everyone of us.

EVEN BETTER, we will understand our creator. We will not require the Imam, the priest, whatever…to interpret the creator’s purpose. We will understand the creator’s purpose (and ours) just by looking around and being aware.

We will not struggle against one another, but seek always to accommodate one another and to collaborate and share instead of coerce and hoard.

Doesn’t that sound like a sustainable, equitable, honourable plan?

2 February 2022

First, an aside: Should I vaccinate or shouldn’t I? I am newly retirement-aged. I have lived most of my time out already.¬†FOR THE SAKES OF THOSE WHO ARE YOUNGER THAN I, I will vaccinate fully, despite my reservations about vaccines that are not properly vetted, and despite the warnings from¬† many folks outside politics and mainstream media. At my age, I have little to lose, even if my government were not telling me the whole story…that’s between them and god anyways…but my kids have just begun to enter the new family stage. I want this to be as good as it can be for them. I WILL VACCINATE TO PROTECT THEM as well as my neighbours, the folks who cash me out at the grocery store, the folks who deliver the mail and the parcels…and our healthcare workers.

Au contraire for kids/teens/women aiming to have children…in these instances, I WOULD BE MORE COMFORTABLE IF THEY DID NOT VACCINATE UNTIL THE VACCINES CAN BE PROPERLY VETTED. That takes time. COVID-19 did not allow us time. Neither did our past governments, who had the benefit of the SARS experience but did so little with it that COVID-19 caught us with our pants down. Now, no doctor would risk a patient’s health. I would like to know how so many doctors are convinced the vaccines are safe when vetting takes years, not days, weeks, months…

ALL OF US should respect distancing, wear masks around others, and of course, wash hands often and self-isolate if you have symptoms. I can tell you, while shopping, even some of the workers do not respect distancing/masking. One even walked past me, while I was packing up my cart, coming within two feet of me outside the store, cigarette a-blazing and unmasked of course, when he could have easily stepped off of the walkway as he passed in order to accord me the proper distance. Seemingly oblivious to every COVID consideration, he left a cloud of smoke in his wake for me to gag upon, plus maybe a virus or two? THE WORKER WAS PROBABLY THINKING ABOUT WORK, WHAT HE WOULD HAVE TO GET DONE AFTER HIS BREAK, and probably didn’t even see me there…

I did the right thing. I exchanged a glance with him as I passed by where he ended up sitting with his cigarette, but said nothing. I’ve made mistakes too…I have forgotten to put on my mask, say, before I answered my door…so I don’t blame or shame the workers when they do or when anyone else does…to do so is leadership by coercion (evoking fear is coercion too); that’s what our governments stoop to these days. I prefer to lead and to be led by the example of others.

Alright, now, today’s rant:

Rather than reacting to headlines from Putin-sane, Xi or Israel/Palestine/Iran, today I am reacting to my reactions to the headlines. I am overcome with bewilderment. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how so many denizens of the adult world can go about their day threatening violence, war, and nuclear missiles all in one breath, as if the World’s children weren’t growing up scared to death. Then they go about calling down the church for the crimes of past political leaders, so that we have NO HIGHER POWER BUT THE POLITICIAN to believe in; and the ruling class has things rigged such that our politicians serve them. THAT’S OUR LEADERS TODAY. They don’t seem to give a flying f# about our kids. I don’t even think they care about their own kids, save for maybe to keep their balls rolling. THEY REALLY CARE ONLY ABOUT THEMSELVES.

They are not the STEWARDS the creator intended for them to be and exist outside of how Nature is designed.

I recall my last Summer at home before going off to university. I had just bought myself a cheap turntable/speaker/amp all-in-one. I would fall asleep listening to my favourite album, Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot, the Great Canadian Bard. When Too Late For Prayin’ came on, I went into that special place one gets carried away to by a song that resonates in the soul. You know the feeling…it comes over you like a vision and then leaves you breathless.

Is it too late for praying? Never. When I see how twisted, how un-Natural the state of the human world is, how appearance is elevated over reality, how AI is promoted above real people making decisions guided by the heart, even after being reminded again and again what egregious evils the human mind is capable of imagining without the heart to guide it, how the Internet, a development that could have helped to equalize the playing field for the poor around the World, is being allowed to promote chaos in the World.

Here are the Great Bard’s words (taken from Bing search):

Too Late for Prayin’

It was only yesterday

When I heard the teacher say
Patiently, one and two make three
We were children, you and me
Let us pray for the ones they call
The children of today
Nothin’ left but promises
Nothin’ much is certain
All we see is want and need across the board, why thank you Lord
We’re livin’ in the glory of your care
Skies of blue have all turned brown
To the sound of sighing
Lord abide, let us stem the tide
Of broken dreams
Sometimes you seem to tell us
It’s too late for prayin’

See the ocean wild and blue
Think of all that’s in her
She will not surrender to the likes of us, but then she must
They tell us, wise men tell us, it’s too late
For each child with eyes that smile
There’ll be ten more cryin’
Lord abide, let us stem the time
Of helplessness
But then I guess we’re livin’
Is it too late for tryin’

Nothin’ here but grains of sand
Nothin’ much worth savin’
Guess we’ve all got problems of our own to bear, and still we share
Tomorrow could get better than today
To the ones who’ve loved in vain
Will you be beholden
Lord abide, let us stem the tide
Of broken dreams
Sometimes you seem to tell us
It’s too late for prayin’

You can listen to it here.

We live and we die. In between we do many things, but, from the perspective of Creation, THE MOST SIGNIFICANT THING we do is create offspring, to keep the original ‘Big Bang’ creative impetus going and growing the fullness of Life – the fullness of the Tree of Life.


I watched an excerpt on YouTube featuring the good bishop. He was proclaiming, very loudly, that ‘there will be no peace in Israel between Muslims and Jews until they accept Jesus Christ as ‘god’.’ He is saying, the Jews did not recognize Jesus and the Muslims say Jesus was never crucified.’

I say, ‘So what?‘ People can believe whatever they want to, without it causing anyone else any hurt. IT IS WHAT THEY DO ON THE BASIS OF THEIR BELIEFS that can cause great trouble.

Like making war on one another. This has always been a ploy of Wealth to garner more wealth on the backs of folks who believe in a cause. Think the First Crusade and the murder that was perpetrated after the ‘Holy City’ was taken. How little things have changed, eh?

YES, THE CHRIST WAS IN JESUS. IMO, this was BECAUSE JESUS MOVED HIS EGO OUT OF THE WAY often enough and for long enough to accomplish god’s purpose. He was made to suffer greatly and Satan could not get him to fold under the pressure. ANYONE WHO COULD HAVE SAID, AFTER ALL THAT, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do…’ why, it wasn’t his ego doing the talking. That person COULD NOT HAVE BEEN CHANNELING SATAN.

That person had to have been channeling the Christ. The Christ is the word of god. The Logos. Life.

The Earth Mother is a ‘life-factory’; the producer.

The Christ is as much the substance of and for, all people and all times, just as the Earth Mother is productive of all peoples and all times. It cannot be otherwise.

The apparent differences among Faiths, therefore, are simply Nature’s manifestation of the diversity of god the creator. We know ‘diversity’ exists as an operative in Nature¬†to guarantee the viability of species. The Christ is manifest in all things because it is the expression of ALL THINGS. It is only ego that makes it seem otherwise to us.¬†WE HAVE MUCH MORE IN COMMON WITH ONE ANOTHER THAN WE ARE DIFFERENT. No two snowflakes are exactly the same, but they remain snowflakes, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

IMO, Mohamed channeled the Christ to the Arabs et al., when the creator determined it was their time, just as he/she did with Jesus to begin the Christian movement, just as she/he did with Abraham/Moses, to begin the Jews’ ‘Hero’s Journey’. To believe there is no god is simply the abject blindness that unbridled ego (to wit: insanity) predisposes one to. TO BELIEVE YOU KNOW GOD BETTER THAN THE OTHER GUY DOES, well, judgement/comparison is the ego talking, and ego is not a reliable source of information, is it?

We are all committed to the ‘Hero’s Journey’ at birth. We all came to be here the same way. We all originate from the same Source. One day, we will all be amazed to find that those we thought to be our enemies landed on ‘God’s Golden Shore’¬†along with ourselves…


This is the creator’s way. It is not the way of the World that we made out of the world the creator fashioned for us to live in and to extend Creation with.

1 February 2022

As we threaten to end the Anthropocene, I wonder, what have we humans learned, for all of humankind’s trials and trauma?

Have we not had ample opportunity to learn that:

  • violence¬†always¬†begets violence
  • misery¬†always¬†begets misery
  • lies beget more lies
  • evil begets evil?

Have we not also learned that:

  • kindness begets kindness
  • good begets good
  • tolerance admits honesty; honesty, awareness; awareness, right-action
  • that if there is more than one ‘truth’ it is because there is the subjectivity of one’s ego involved in the interpretation;
  • that there can never be a just war of religion; moreover, THERE CAN NEVER BE A JUST WAR. Even as we went to war in the name of our god, our creator should have been grief-stricken to the core of her being, having gone to such great pains of labour to create us, and WE SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ABLE TO FIGURE THIS OUT, but instead, we ignored god’s feelings; instead we deferred to our bloodlust, creating carnage under the banner of Christ, to the cacophony of ‘God wills it!’
  • to stand firm and in common against evil, without returning evil-for-evil, to do the right thing by others, even when they intend you harm, by creating a buffer between them and your World, to protect you and to afford that ‘enemy’ time to recognize that what they are doing to you is helping no one, not even them? [this is what it appears the US/NATO is doing, to allow China and Russia time to see their borders/nations are already protected by NATO, that they need only back off on the expansionism and just relax]…WE NEED TO ENGAGE IN BUILDING a new world order; wherein true democracy, and the proper social perspective it affords, ‘rules’, not Wealth; wherein humans of all ilks collaborate to heal the damage we have done to our Earth Mother…(this will necessarily require a great reduction in our numbers, either by attrition (proactive) or by war/environmental catastrophe (reactive)…the choice is ENTIRELY ours) BUT, to accomplish this without misery, we must be prepared to resort to global¬†satyagraha…meaning, Putin’s orders notwithstanding, the Russian military commanders know the politics of the situation and should withdraw themselves from Ukraine’s territory; same goes for the PLA in East Asia, to afford Xi time to make his peace with Taiwan and the West and to stop elbowing folks out of the South China Sea; same goes for the IDF and the Iranians; so that they have time to recognize that, after fighting with each other for 3 millennia or longer, and, given that they are both still standing, and decide to reach across the divide of thousands of years of violence, toward each other, to honour one another for being such formidable warriors for so many years BY BECOMING THE BEST OF FRIENDS, FOREVERMORE.)
  • that ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ and that it is ego that divides us. That we all have ego. That ego is our personal challenge, the ‘mountain’ we all need to climb, our own ‘Hero’s Journey’; that the path that leads through the veil of ego (encapsulating and strangling our souls as it keeps the Light of the Creator from entering in) is FOUND THROUGH FAITH, no matter which Faith, because ALL FAITHS HAVE THE GOLDEN RULE and the Golden Rule is the golden compass that clearly¬† points the way FORWARD to the Road to Peace…
  • That¬†there is no way to peace; that¬†PEACE IS¬†THE WAY?

31 January 2022

Why it’s the end of the month and we are ONE MONTH CLOSER TO SPRING. This is good.

What’s not so good is Cogeco sent my Internet bill and it is double what I had been paying. The ‘introductory offer’ is over. Unfortunately, there is no room in my budget to tolerate the increase. I can’t even afford the price I was being charged, but I compensated.

No room anymore for compensation, sadly.

I’ll be talking with Customer Service today and I will know if there is any wiggle-room wrt the new price. If not, I will have to cancel Internet and phone and I will have to resort to VPN and public wifi to do my banking, emailing, research, blogging…

Or, I am offline altogether.

I don’t feel safe, even with VPN, to do banking…

At the end of the day, if I have to cancel Internet, I can no longer maintain this site.

In that case, my final word would be: ‘To the leaders of the World: You should all be ashamed of yourselves. What¬† you do, in the name of your god, or your nation, the b.s. you utter to keep your own citizens in the darkness cast upon them by your egos, is going to take us all down. So much misery, just so YOU CAN BE RIGHT. OR SO YOU CAN TELL OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE in a way that suits YOU.’

Shame on you.

Alright, I’m done. Wishing you a great day. If this is the last post for¬†Canadanua, it’s been great contributing. Our mainstream media is become the mouthpiece of Wealth and I did my best to provide alternative interpretations to what is happening and alternatives in the direction we can be taking in order to make the World, our world, a better place than we found it.

Our social engineers have a different objective. SOCIAL CONTROL. The rule of EGO. The ego of WEALTH. AND THEY WILL DO ANYTHING/SAY ANYTHING/APPEAR TO BE ANYTHING, just so long as we ‘buy-into’ their narrative.

This transcends all national and cultural boundaries. Every national society has a ruling class. THE RULING CLASS IS CORRUPTED BY THEIR OWN WEALTH, in every nation of the World. That’s why we are in a pickle all over the World.

They didn’t get the idea that their wealth was to be used to steward the societies which made them wealthy, NOT TO EXPLOIT THEIR SOCIETIES in order to grow even wealthier.

It is the Gold-EN Rule, not the rule of gold, that is going to save us.

Headline 1:¬†Canadanua Survives to Live Another Day¬†– ah, yes! Won’t the internet-bots be pleased! [oops, I forgot, AI isn’t yet capable to feature emotion] The good folks at Cogeco have tripled my internet speed AND upgraded my home phone to include unlimited calls to US and Canada. I ended up paying a little under $10 for the upgrades. I wasn’t looking for upgrades; I was looking for something to fit my budget…

…I can manage with $10. The upgrades they offered I very much appreciate; I just couldn’t afford them before; and they weren’t offered before. I AM EXQUISITELY PLEASED THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE PROVIDERS.

Upshot is, I called Cogeco because they have been my provider and they have always been good to work with, even first thing on a Monday morning! The Billing Rep and the Customer Loyalty Rep were professional and courteous throughout, even managing to not react to my occasional joke or laugh…NO ONE IS IN THE MOOD FOR THAT ON A MONDAY MORNING¬†…but it was hard for me not to be ‘happy’ when I could see the rep was willing to do their best to come up with a deal I could ‘live’ with (and my website could live with).

Loyalty for loyalty. And I thought that, in business, loyalty defers to $$$. There is of course the undercurrent of $$$, since if I have no money for Cogeco, they will have no internet for me. By the same token, the loss of my business wouldn’t have mattered to their bottom line.

Of course, upping the price, hoping it will be accepted, but calculating that the customer will call, as I did, to negotiate or cancel, is likely what the established routine is, with Cogeco more or less already setting a minimum they will accept in exchange for their services, and then doubling it (the ‘regular price’) once the contract period expires. They checked what I told them about a competitor offer while I was on the phone with them, and then responded with the aforementioned upgrades to my services.

As I said, I am very pleased with the outcome, because I can keep my internet. Public Internet is just not a good idea for conducting banking/paying bills/online purchases.


The Pope issued an appeal yesterday to pray for peace in Ukraine. He fears if Russia continues the invasion they began in 2014 by taking over the Crimea, they will spark a global free-for-all (my words, not the Pope’s).

Please pray for peace, in whichever language and whatever way you find customary. IMO, god hears and is moved by all of them. WE DON’T NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHY THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF GOD, as many different versions as their are people (IMO)…we all accept there is one god, and that god transcends all human understanding…therefore, talk about quantifying or qualifying god, albeit an interesting exercise and pastime, is not going to elevate one¬† version of god above any other…

OUR IGNORANCE of the breadth of god cannot be overcome. Not a single human can express the fullness of god.

ALL HUMANS may appreciate the existence of god; that all of us came to be here BECAUSE OF THAT GOD. God is our parent. The Sacred Feminine is our creator/nurturer/mother. The Masculine is our motivator/protector/protector of the Sacred Feminine. The Light (nurturer) and the ego (protector) is in each and every living thing.

Because it is for NOONE to tell ANYONE ELSE that their faith in god is mistaken, NO ONE MAY SPEAK FOR GOD. ALL OF US may only speak OF GOD, and that is as far as our understanding can take us. Never, ever, is it appropriate or justified to say, ‘your faith is wrong’, that ‘my way is the only way…’ After 3 millennia of murdering one another over the differences in our versions of god, haven’t we learned anything?

The Golden Rule is a feature of ALL RELIGIONS. We’ve had it all along. If we were to follow it, there would be no war.

Putin and Xi et al. would agree to join the ‘West’ and create a new alliance, the ‘Global Alliance’ or GATO. Hmmm…no more encroachments to worry about because humans are no longer at enmity with one another. Instead, we will establish fronts where the threats to our existence and quality of life truly exist: the environment/climate change, rocks from Space, the ego of Wealth, EGO period.

No monstrous military expenditures which simply put good money after bad as we try to keep up with the Jones’s of the ‘East’. Can you imagine what those trillions $$$ could accomplish if dedicated to amelioration/healing/revitalizing ocean stocks yada-yada, instead of more effective ways to kill?

No more rapacious ruling classes as the ego of Wealth defers to the ego of the Earth Mother…her ego compels her to thrive as a ‘life-factory’…to act in accordance with the creator’s purpose. DID I SAY ALL EGO IS BAD?

Ego is¬†stupid. When we do not use our minds to suss out what is best from what it is we want, then we are just as likely to do harm to ourselves as we are to others.¬†But ego can reveal to us when something ‘feels’ right or wrong, if we are open, mind-wise, by cultivating a wise mind.

30 January 2022

Why does anyone do anything? Everything is motivated by ‘need’. My needs. Your needs. We spend our entire lives satisfying ‘need’.

What characterizes the human spirit is that, the ‘power’ over the individual is ‘shared’. Shared between the mind, the soul-body, and the soul per se. The human triumvirate is being greatly imbalanced these days, because we have elevated the mind over the heart and soul.

The mind is the seat of ego. The mind, operating in the absence of the standard of true value which the heart provides, is capable of rationalizing¬†anything. Even murder. Even the existence of poverty among its fellows in the community; so that it can enjoy an extra trip or two to southern climes, or a bigger house to frolic in, a bigger car, more toys that sit unused in the garage…all this while many folks wander the downtown cores of big cities and sleep in shelters…spending their waking hours depressed, passing the time…trying not to freeze…trying to stay out of the way of security guards.

Yes, we are the most capable species created by god to extend creation and to keep the impetus of creation going strong.

NO, WE ARE NOT OPERATING ACCORDING TO SPEC. Instead of extending Creation, instead of helping the Earth Mother to maintain her god-given purpose as a LIFE FACTORY, busily producing and nurturing all forms of Life, we are going about the business of ensuring she cannot for very much longer…and we do this with gusto. Given the way Mars and Venus look these days, I wonder if we homo sapiens hadn’t been there first before arriving here? It seems our Earth Mother, despite what is common knowledge and science among us, is still being plundered for all she’s worth BY BUSINESS INTERESTS, the interests of Wealth, facilitated by corporations and suborned by governments around the World.

Out of the ignorance of our ego, we have taken to consumption. To waste:.

Well the coal company came with the world’s largest shovels

They tortured the timber and stripped all the land

They dug for their coal ’till the land was forsaken

Then wrote it all down, as the progress of man…

John Prine –¬†Muhlenberg County

We all have a role to play in life, because we have all been given free will. The challenge we face is, both external and internal, AND ALL SPIRITUAL. ‘Internal’ because we all have egos. ‘External’ because everyone around us has an ego. ‘Spiritual’ because when we are focused on our reactions to whatever, it is our reactions that take us and events over. The mind is rendered a spectator rather than an active participant. That’s how Wealth wants us to be.

THIS IS WHY WE NEVER SEEM TO RESOLVE ANYTHING AND CONTINUE ON OUR MERRY WAY DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WEALTH DIGS FOR EVERYONE. Crisis after crisis after crisis…that is how the news has read every day since I was old enough to read.

BTW, were I to travel a remote country road and encounter someone from China, I would be happy to make their acquaintance, exchange a warm greeting, see if they needed anything, and then be on my way…but our governments play at offering each other something with their left hand while they are robbing each other with their right…and eventually, they will send us off to kill one another, while they simultaneously seek refuge from the carnage they are responsible for, as if they were playing at chess.

THE ENTIRE WORLD IS IN THE GRASP OF EGO. The ego of Wealth. Nothing but Wealth can explain the progress of the concentration of Wealth and the refinement of its mechanisms to enrich the few who occupy the highest social rungs, generation after generation.

Anything with ‘form’ is inheritable. Money is inheritable. Power is inheritable. The egos of the folks at the top, our new Mount Olympian class, are corrupted by their inheritance to keep the snowball rolling, getting larger and larger as it leaves swathes of nothing/destruction in its wake.

Inexorable GDP growth is a construct of Wealth. Without it, wealth can diminish. Power can diminish. Inexorable growth is patently unnatural. Cycles are natural. We still see periods of economic retraction followed by growth, but this is misleading: there is a macro trend at play that is always on the rise Рglobal output Рthis is artificial and will invoke a catastrophic reset, as resources become scarcer, in the way of global war, as was the case in 1914.

It is a steady spiralling downward as the egos of rich folks conflict and compete with one another. This is why we have ‘East’ v. ‘West’. THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICAL IDEOLOGY OR WAYS OF LIFE. This is simply window dressing for the citizens of those nations, to have them believe that when they are sent off to war, it is not for their own liberty and way of life they die to preserve (for their own ruling class already took it from them), it is for the liberty and way of life of their ruling classes they suffer and die.

Our wealth classes shamelessly manipulate us into believing we are dying for a greater cause than the quality of toilet paper our ruling class Mount Olympians are able to afford to wipe their arses with.

All of our problems would vanish if we, like our creator, chose the path of free will. ‘Democracy’, true democracy, is how ‘free will’ may be organized to produce ‘collective’ free will and to roll it out as THE SOCIAL NARRATIVE, in support of the Social Contract,¬†in the way meant by Rousseau, one of the many great French thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment. The France of that period contributed greatly to the World’s direction, one which Wealth is taking over for its own purposes, one in which modern France’s regime appears complicit. They no longer live la Libert√©. Their own wealthy folks took that away from them.

When a group of insane people occupy positions of power over their nation, what good can come of that? It is like giving a child the keys to the car…they only want to get things moving. Once they are successful, the next immediate task is to figure out how to stop before you destroy the garage, run your mom and dad over, and end up killing yourself…

Once we recognize, en masse, that is was our ego that convinced us to take that bite of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; that we only noticed how sweet the taste was…

…without realizing the Garden was beginning to disappear all around us…

why, we will be on our way ‘forward’, to borrow the Liberal Party of Canada’s slogan.¬†We will return to balance¬†and a balanced perspective.

IT IS NOT THE CHINESE PEOPLE OR THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE OR THE IRANIANS (or any other nation given to threatening others with violence in order to gain their submission) that is the enemy of the ‘West’ and it is not the US, the UK, Taiwan, or Israel that is the enemy of the ‘East’.

Ego is everyone’s enemy. The Golden Rule is the rule of law everyone needs to follow.

In such a world, one which can only be productive of democracy within and among nations, free will is protected. The balance of perspectives afforded between ego and the Light will be the vogue. Children will grow up without fear/anxiety. Parents will raise their families and make their livings under the Light of the Sun, under the auspices of a ‘ruling class’ that serves rather than exploits.

Like the song says, I dreamed I saw the bomber jet planes riding shotgun in the sky, turning into butterflies above our nation

It’s the ONLY WAY FORWARD. Thank you very much!

Headline 1:¬†‘We can’t be a part of such a campaign’: Manan Gupta on south Asian truckers and the Freedom Convoy¬†– the article states that there were threats made against journalists and to overthrow the government. The Freedom Convoy’s ostensible purpose is to protest the government’s vaccination regimen. IF THIS IS TRUE, THEN I MUST EAT CROW YET AGAIN, even though in general, the process of invoking the ‘worst case scenario’ in order to progress the agenda of Wealth wrt to conditioning our thinking and reactions that I described in yesterday’s rant is a very real stratagem¬† for obtaining and maintaining social control. [I am inclined to trust TVO more because they are a public enterprise and not part of a major umbrella corporation.]

29 January 2022

Today the news features the likes of Canadian music icons Neil Young -he was with Buffalo Springfield when they released¬†Somethin’ Happening Here¬†-and Joni Mitchell, whose laughter at the end of¬†Big Yellow Taxi¬†resonates to the present day, even if her message did not.

Our Canadian carolers with a conscience pulled their music from Spotify after a podcaster featured on Spotify purportedly spread misinformation about vaccination, specifically, the vaccination of children. I am reading¬†a CNN Opinion piece on the topic, plus the ‘offending’ podcaster’s defense of his comments.

I just haven’t read anything so terrible as to deem the musicians’ reaction as ‘reasonable’. The ‘worst’ of his comments appears to have been that he did not think a young, healthy person would need to get vaccinated. He said this right after saying something to the effect that when he made the original comment with regards to young people, he did not consider the argument that young people are carriers and vaccinating them would protect¬†others.¬†Read about Joe Rogan’s response here.

I don’t see anything socially-productive coming of the actions of these two musicians. On the contrary, I see them playing directly into the hands of Wealth, by circumventing due process of law or, if you will, proper conduct, from which the notion of ‘due process’ arises. I wonder now if there is some other agenda, unspoken, on their behalf?

Wealth shames their own without due process. This is the modern way evolving. HERE IS THE ONLY CONDITION WHERE WEALTH WILL LEAD BY EXAMPLE: to get us to fall into the same bad behaviour, because THEY WANT US TO ACCEPT THIS TREATMENT FOR OURSELVES.

You are a public official, an MP say, and someone accuses you of something from decades ago, you are fired first. YOU ARE PRESUMED GUILTY, FIRST. WE ARE BEING CONDITIONED TO ACCEPT THIS TREATMENT FOR OURSELVES. That is the social objective.

The difference is, poor folks get ‘condemned’ to jail and/or on the street…wealthy folks just go work for someone else or pay a fine, and soon all is forgotten. NO MORE DUE PROCESS. No more expense and delays incurred by observing due process.

Then there’s rule of law. No due process? No opportunity for the rule of law to kick-in. We replace the rule of law with the¬†‘rumour of law‘ by shaming folks into compliance and by conducting Kangaroo-Court trials in the media. WHAT THE TORONTO STAR DID TO ROB FORD was a dangerous precedent. As for ‘Me-too’, that-too circumvents due process and rule of law. WHEN UTTERED, THE LIE CAN BE DAMAGING.

IF UTTERED OFTEN ENOUGH, THE LIE CAN DO THE WORK OF THE TRUTH, and we can save on all of those court-costs.

Welcome to the Brave New World. The world of 1984. The world of Animal Farm.

The world where Wealth reins supreme from atop Mount Olympus, raining offal down upon the rank-in-file, and EXECTING US TO LOVE IT.

It doesn’t matter where in the World, our world, you live, it will be the same, unless it is the Dali Lama who rules over you and that guy doesn’t ‘rule-over’ anyone; he serves his people AND WILL NOT EVER BULLSHIT OR MANIPULATE THEM.

What the World needs now, aside of ‘love, sweet love’, is T.R.U.T.H. What the World needs now is leadership by example. This model would put an immediate end to human rights violations and to the use of human rights to divide people at the grassroots level while ‘Wealth’ unites all colours, creeds and cultures (not to mention politics) among the Mount Olympians to preside over the misery they are creating around the World.

Bishop Emmanuel is also telling folks not to vaccinate their children. Probably for the same reason that Rogan originally did. The good bishop is simply worried about vaccinating kids when the vaccination is unvetted. No matter what experts tell us now, we need to expect they will tell us something different tomorrow, because ‘expert opinion’ wrt to COVID is often being ‘revised’ as new data becomes available.

These people should not be summarily shamed and ‘neutralized’ in the media, and the media should not be the willing mouthpiece of the State, but given that Parliament, via the Whip and Executive, serves Wealth and the news media is owned in the vast majority, by Wealth, this configuration is inevitable. WE should engage in open and honest, forthcoming conversation. IF THE WORLD’S PROBLEM TODAY IS NOT EGO, how can one explain why ‘open and honest, forthcoming conversation’ IS NOT ALREADY THE NORM? Why is the Golden Rule being eviscerated along with our Faith institutions?

hmmm….propaganda…the State…neoliberalism…fascism…$! $! $!…John Lennon nailed what is happening today, in the 70’s, when he wrote¬†Working Class Hero.

Unlike some modern musicians, it appears John’s success was a mere side effect of a perceptive mind guided by a healthy heart…definitely WYSIWYG. I am so disappointed, but I was even more disappointed to learn my Hollywood heroes, Clint Eastwood and Charlton Heston, support the NRA’s support for arming Americans as if they were still living in the Wild West.

Opinion:¬†As time goes forward, it will become less and less possible to form an educated opinion on anything because for every ‘fact’ published, there is an equal and opposite ‘fact’ published (bastardizing Newton’s famous Force equation), and citizens are left to choose which they will ascribe to.

WE WILL BE LEFT WITH ONLY ‘BELIEVING’. The trouble is, the nature of the beast is such that we will divide fairly evenly over a given issue, we will continue to settle our ‘differences’ at election times, and the power Wealth has will only continue and grow, commensurate with GDP and with the impoverishment of the ‘working class’, AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE, EXCEPT THAT WEALTH’S POWER OVER SOCIETY AND US AND THE COMMONS WILL CONTINUE TO GROW AND ENTRENCH, right up until the social/cultural/environmental cancer which Wealth is, consumes us all and our world (their host).

Wealth already has the World by the kajungas. Our children’s generation aren’t even aware that something is amiss because of the carrot Wealth is dangling in front of our capable young people…they are being conditioned against our generation’s values, just like we were against our parents’ generation’s values. Only Wealth is capable of accomplishing social change across many generations because power, along with money, is inheritable and inherited.

MAKE NO MISTAKE. We are under the thumb of the rich folks, who are, in turn, under the thumb of the ‘one-percent’.

Headline 1:¬†Support of Taiwan independence could spark US military conflict with China, Chinese ambassador¬†– what China regards as ‘sacred’ they would invade and destroy…whereas, the US would defend and preserve Taiwan, as a partner and not as the conquered.

THIS IS WHAT XI’S CHINA INTENDS FOR THE WORLD. If you rollover for their military now, it will buy you a little more time before they lower the proverbial ax. The ax is inevitable.

The US, at least, ‘trusts in god’, recognizes that all men are created equal in their constitution and holds this as being ‘self-evident’. That is clarity of vision. Their Wealth class has driven them off of the rails but they can still get back on track, BECAUSE OF THEIR CONSTITUTION. China and Russia have constitutions too…THE CONSITUTION OF THEIR CURRENT LEADERS’ EGOS…to wit: where their respective (but far from respectable) ruling classes deign to place the goal posts.

Democracy, if not usurped from the people by the ruling class, is facilitated by the rule of law. Wherever true democracy does not exist, why that’s because the rule of ego, to wit, the ego of Wealth, the investor, the corporation has taken it over. The US is trying to build rule of law on the international front, so that no one nation can obtain hegemony over the others. China and Russia seek to increase their hegemony. I dunno about you, but I’m with the Americans. And, I feel, Americans are more inclined to listen to a difference of opinion than the likes of Xi and Putin.

Whereas the US seeks to share power, Russia and China seek to increase their power (and when will they ever be satisfied that they have enough? WHEN?). The American attitude IS THE WAY FORWARD – they have already seen that sharing power is THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE WAY FORWARD.

I am sickened by and grow tired of the mindless, silly rhetoric coming out of China. I have heard wittier things come out of the mouths of playground and recess bullies.

I am just as sickened bI am sickened how little folks observe the Golden Rule, ‘people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening…

I’ll close by reminding everyone of a book called the Four Agreements. We need to get things together, NOW:

  1.  Be impeccable with your word.
  2.  Never take things personally (especially when people vent at you out of ignorance).
  3.  Never assume (ask for clarification)

Whatever you call god, whatever you believe about god (or not), god believes in us. She can see us. Until we cross the Styx, we must rely on the physical senses…the light of the Sun is reflected. It is the reflection of the Sun’s light from the tree, the neighbour, the parked car, that we actually see.

Likewise, we cannot ‘see’ the creator directly. But we do see reflections of the creator ALL AROUND US and even in the mirror!

Like the Jesus of the Last Temptation of Christ says, ‘I see the face of god in an ant‘.

Headline 2: No, really, we’re totally fighting for democracy – Paul Wells of Maclean’s magazine appears to encapsulated what I have been getting on about, wrt to our government. The trouble is, electing the Cons won’t matter, because they too kow-tow to Wealth. As for the NDP, chances are they will buckle under the pressure coming from Wealth, and if blackmail doesn’t work, corporations and the Wealth behind them will up and leave for ‘sunnier climes’, obliging the public to accept a regime of negative GDP growth, the exodus of jobs and skilled labour (and healthcare professionals) to other countries, the inability of our government to provide proper food and shelter to us and the opportunity to acquire a living wage, while they simultaneously limit our ability to PROVIDE FOR OURSELVES.

Mr. Wells has written a fine piece. If he were to author another one, I suggest one with the subject of getting rid of the Whip in Parliament, so that MPs vote according to their free will/choice, and not according to the Whip, which tells MPs to vote the way the Executive wants them to vote. The way it is now, the Executive is in service to Wealth; we need our Executive to serve Parliament since Parliament was created to serve the people, the ones who elect Parliamentarians.

That is rule of ego. That cannot be ‘democracy’ unless it is a ‘free’ (will) vote. hello?

Headline 3: Thousands opposed to COVID-19 rules converge on Parliament Hill, with more en route – here’s how the new media gets us all twisted up with fear and anxiety, and how the ruling class befuddles and bemuses the citizenry whilst it makes its merry way on the backs of citizens: if it’s (the protest) about COVID restrictions, why, imagine what might happen if it expanded to a January 6-ish assault on the PM’s residence – oh! what if! We better move the PM and his family; or, imagine what might happen if the Ottawa vigil for the Qu√©bec City mosque was attacked? [Did anyone hear anyone associated with the Trucker Convoy protest say anything about the mosque, Muslims, or about the PM’s family or wanting to do violence to the PM? I haven’t.

Much of what we are served for ‘news’ is much ado about nothing, in the words of the Great English Bard.

This is like what happens when you have business with lawyers…anyone who has been through a divorce knows that lawyers immediately present you with THE WORST CASE SCENARIO. Your ‘ex’ becomes the devil the moment you step into their office.

But, TO KNOW THE TREE, you must WAIT FOR IT TO BEAR FRUIT. Yes, your ex could turn into the devil, but until he/she does, why, for all you know, he/she could be a Saint.

We can’t be certain Russia will invade the Ukraine, or China will invade Taiwan, at least, not as sure as we are that Israel will continue to push the Palestinians out of their own family homes, because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT ISRAEL IS DOING, but Russia and China have not done.

Thankfully, our American friends appear to recognize this and are preparing for war but their finger is relaxed on the trigger. That finger will only squeeze the trigger when the fruits of Russia and China are plain for all to see. Thank god.

Here, we have the PM running for cover when he should be downtown where the truckers are. Papa Trudeau once attended a parade in Montreal with Mayor Jean Drapeau, if memory serves, and, when protesters began to toss bottles or beer cans or whatever at the podium from where PM Pierre Trudeau was watching, everyone else bailed but Pierre. He stood up to the protesters and gave it right back to them. That’s a leader who puts himself ‘first’. But that’s not how Wealth puts itself first. With Pierre, he put himself first between his Canadian vision and any threats to that dream.

Here we have a government that is so wishy-washy I’m not sure what they are all about. These bozos should keep the front door shut. China’s ‘fruit’ is already there for all to see. Anyone who believes these bozos simply aspire to do the World a lot of good in collaboration with the World is become crazy with the allure of Chinese ‘gold’. Seeing what Xi et al are capable of, whilst remaining comfortable in their own skins, if you don’t realize you are being handed a pile of pyrite, you should not ever leave your house, never mind think to run a country.

Same goes for Putin. Same goes for ruling classes everywhere. Even if there were a war between East and West, it will settle nothing for the commoners, the indigenous, everyone who works for someone else, unless those in stewardship roles actually have the heart-mind to steward. During the last several decades, our ‘stewards’ have morphed into pyrite – shiny on the outside, dark on the inside.

What glitters may not be gold; it may be pyrite. Know how to tell the difference.

Prepare for the worst but do not change things to prepare for the worst because that is what gives ‘the worst’ substance. Trudeau and family security officials would have a plan to move the PM and his family, but not actually move them. The PM needs to be here anyway.

Continue with the vigil for the Qu√©bec mosque. There is no need to cancel that because of ‘the threat of violence’ attending upon a trucker protest against COVID, not against our Muslim brothers and sisters, for crying out loud. [or to quote someone with a Middle Eastern name who wasn’t an organizer express their anger at the truckers over the cancellation in the same paragraph. This is deliberately misleading and Tasker should know it. Not one of them has uttered anything about the Vigil, and to report comments like that is no better than the town gossip who hears a juicy piece of gossip and then reports it to the next available ear as if it were fact].

Our media is become a propaganda machine that might make Stalin envious, not to mention Putin and Xi. They are not helping Canada.

We need to cut them out of the loop until they get their act together. We need to talk with one another. Openly, and 6 feet apart and masked.

We need not ever mention violence. Bring your kids along, so that they may see that people of dissimilar backgrounds and origins actually emerge from the same Tree and think the same way: we all want to raise our children in peace, comfort, and safety.

God’s tree. We are all the leaves of god’s tree. The fruit of god’s tree come of humanity’s imagination to extend Creation in new, magnificent ways. Conversely, the fruits of Wealth, to wit: climate change, environmental degradation, gated communities and homeless shelters, depleting ocean stocks, expanding desertification and diminishing rainforests…and of course the erosion of the Commons…will all shrivel and drop from god’s tree like the pestilence they certainly have become. They are not the Stewards the creator had hoped for them to be.

Satan, meantime, is just rolling around in the muck like the pig that he is. laughing his fool head off. We still don’t get his joke.

An excerpt from a great Lynyrd Skynyrd tune:

Forget your lust for the rich man’s gold,

All that you need is in your soul…

Elegance. Simplicity. God’s fruits are for everyone to enjoy, including those who have money; not excluding those who don’t.

28 January 2022

It’s Friday. I’m staying away from the news for now, because it is ‘chaotic’ and not conducive to thought; only reaction, because nothing is actually making sense. Chaos, misery, violence, 24 hour news channels’ relentless coverage of anxiety/fear causing events…We now live in Ego’s World – formerly our world, given us by our creator. This became ABUNDANTLY CLEAR, thanks to the COVID pandemic and to Putin, Xi, the regime in Israel, and all of the other leaders who routinely put murder and mayhem and golden chalices ahead of the happiness of humanity.

Look here: plainly, Russia and China et al. are ramping up for war. Just as plainly, Russia and China want ‘peace’. This from a quick overview of today’s ‘news’. Do you see what I mean?

Chaos, misery, the cycle of reaction-and-guilt (including public shaming) are features of ego. These can be used to control other egos (the egos of the individual citizen and the egos of how they ‘identify’) if you know what to do.

The Wealth classes around the world (Ego’s world), know what to do. They’ve been at it for as long as human societies have existed; inserting their rapacious RNA into the society’s genetic structure, eventually replacing the operatives of a healthy, viable, cohesive society with the mechanisms of fascism, neoliberalism…whatever euphemism you wish to use to describe one group’s sense of entitlement over the other groups in society.

For the Jews of the Old Testament, it was the priestly class. They stood between ‘God’ and the Hebrews, to interpret the will of ‘God’ for the Hebrews. That was how Joshua convinced the Hebrews that ‘God’ wanted them to murder every man, woman, and child in the ‘Promised Land’.

Nowadays, it’s the Wealth Class/ruling class. In this neo-Gilded Age, the richest of the rich play at being Mount Olympians. They are the new ‘priestly class’ interpreting the will of ‘God’ (aka their EGO) to the masses, using ‘data’ to ‘interpret’ ‘God’s’ will, when in fact, IT IS SIMPLY WHAT THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE, so that they can continue to use and bamboozle us. The irony is, they poo-poo religion for doing the very things they do. HYPOCRISY.

WELCOME TO PARADISE. Wealth’s ‘paradise’; the citizen’s ‘Hell’.

How could anyone want to preside over such a mess? Milton also wondered…and that shows nothing has changed, even after Jesus had come to point out the direction our Liberals’ ‘forward’ actually lay in. Wealth simply conscripted Christianity into fighting its ongoing ‘war’ upon humanity…the same war, come to think of it, as the one China and Russia are threatening…they want power over everyone else, I suppose for its own sake, because just wtf are t hey thinking with their military expansion and sabre-rattling? The same war the ruling classes around the World fight with their own citizens.

I suppose the ego of Wealth could save us, in a backhanded sort of way, because ANOTHER FEATURE OF EGO IS cowardice. If ego can deflect risk to itself upon someone else, anyone who cannot defend themselves, it is capable of anything.

Wealth, in order to avoid a war of mutually assured destruction, may find a way for ‘Putin’ to ‘save face’ (this coming from the media headlines, even though Putin started it); but that will involve appeasement, letting him steal the Crimea and to get away with plunging the Donetsk region into civil war, while removing the economic sanctions. It will involve more formalized trade agreements, to the detriment of citizens who cannot afford to invest in corporations.

All very convenient to Wealth. Democracies everywhere will be extolled in word as they are trammeled, by Wealth, to aggrandize wealth, ALL IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY.

Autocracies, meanwhile, will just go merrily on their way.

Corporations are the ‘faith institutions’ of the modern world. The modern world crafted by Wealth. That is why ‘traditional’ institutions of faith are in the way. THAT IS WHY GOVERNMENTS TODAY ARE HELLBENT ON BLAMING THE CHURCH FOR THE RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS. Throughout history the State and the Church have been at vying for the citizen’s dedication. The separation of church and state was intended by the founders to protect the church from the state, not the other way round.

Behind the corporation is the investor. The investor is the man behind the proverbial curtain. The richest of them are responsible for everything going on in the World today.

The World is a mess. hello?

Having taken on the driving, it is where Wealth has brought us. hello?

Acquisition and hunger for power is of the ego. Ego is Satan’s doorway into the human psyche.

Human societies are being shaped by the ego of Wealth.

Do I need to point out the obvious?


I have a question: With all of the data and evidence being tossed around with respect to anything at all, say, the effects of weed on the brain, HOW COME I NEVER SEE REPORTS ON STUDIES ON THE EFFECTS OF THE 24 HOUR NEWS CHANNELS AND UBIQUITOUS TV MONITORS on our mental health? Why is that?



I am listening to Father Alar on YouTube: Explaining the Faith – The Tridium – as always the good Father is providing enlightenment in our perilously darkened times. I do dispute one thing however, and it is something all the Faiths actually got wrong, IMO (of course):

Death is punishment for sin.‘ This is misleading. Death is not punishment for sin. ‘Death’ is a feature of EGO. The association of death with ego comes of another ego attribute: ‘form’. Ego seeks to preserve form, but change is inexorable, nevertheless. We use makeup to cover our wrinkles, because wrinkles tell us we are becoming old people – never thought I’d end up like one of them! We¬† don’t like wrinkles, so we cover them up, to buy ourselves the APPEARANCE OF HAVING A LITTLE MORE TIME … even the elevation of ‘Appearance’ over reality is another feature of ego.

Ego, out of its stupidity, is capable of doing the greatest evil to others. The pursuit of Wealth is directly responsible for the existence of Poverty. Our governments suborn the pursuit of Wealth and dance the two-step around poverty. The appearance of service as policy after policy is enacted, regulation after regulation is put in force, by-law after by-law is posted…and the rank-in-file citizen is deeper in the hole than before.

Ego, IMO, is what gets left behind when we die. We are all ‘photon’s in the original beam of light of Creation. We possess just enough ‘ego-mass’ to differentiate one ‘photon’ from all of the others.

When we are born, we have dropped to a lower frequency. We acquire more mass. We age. We ‘die’. Our bodies get left behind as our spirit elevates to its natural, higher frequency wavelength, upon being released from the shackles of form. The less egoic you were in life, the higher your spirit’s resonation frequency, albeit trapped in ‘bodily form’. The ‘true colours’ you showed on Earth is your colour in the Realm of Light and all misery and anxiety is vanquished. How can anyone in the beam of light know fear? We will see, clearly, unequivocally, THAT WE ARE IN THE BODY OF GOD, BECAUSE THE DARKNESS IS OUTSIDE OF EVERYTHING. We are in the body of god right now, even buried under ego’s darkness. We are not aware of god because we are not conscious of much beyond our skulls…ego lives in the skull. Satan speaks out of the darkness. No light enters into the skull unless we CHOOSE TO LET IT IN. That’s how the creator works. THAT’S NOT HOW SATAN WORKS.

The body is what was left of our form, but there is much more to us than that. Satan doesn’t want anyone to know. Our modern governments, East or West, Left or Right, don’t want us to know either. They want all of us to be ego-bound. That way, we will be divided. We will blame one another for our misery, when it was Wealth that is the root cause. Wealth will continue to enrich itself, more and more money in the pockets of fewer and fewer people; less and less money in the pockets of more and more people.

My dad died recently. I happened to be looking in his eyes when it happened. He was there. Then he wasn’t. It was as if he turned out the lights before leaving the premises. Just like that. I could see it.

He left. He is in the part of the beam I cannot see with my eyes…part of the invisible spectrum. But he can see me.¬† Mom too. Both are in the beam and carrying on the fight against the darkness. Here, our egos and the egos of Wealthy folks can convince us of anything, but, after we die, IMO, we cannot help but see the truth.

As for those who propagate a socially irresponsible and destructive institution such as Wealth is, and then lie about it, why, knowing what I know, I would be VERY AFRAID if I were one of them. Most of what they were is left behind; but their frequency would be so abysmally low as to recommend them for…the abyss!

Wealth has divided us. Wealth has convinced some of us that we deserve it (even if we lie to get or keep it) and that others don’t. Wealth is what convinced us to turn the Garden into a cesspool or into a nuclear test ground atoll.

27 January 2022

Headline 1: Canada does not approve lethal aid for Ukraine amid escalating Russian aggression – the time to be ‘united’ is RIGHT NOW. Putin, Xi, et al. are gauging our will to take a stand against those who would take our liberty by force. BUT WE MUST ALSO BE READY TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THOSE WHO WOULD TAKE OUR LIBERTY FROM US, FOR A FEW $ MORE.

Please, PM Trudeau. You have the advantage of occupying a position of power. If your heart is in place to guide your thinking, you will do the right things by Canada, by her citizens, and by her war generations.

Do not go against America wrt the Ukraine; but do help America to do the right thing by Ukraine and by the World – our world. We must present a united front to the enemies of progress/the proponents of oppressive power over others. We are playing a game of ‘Chicken’ with Putin and Xi these days. There is the risk we will collide. BUT, IF WE DO NOT RESPOND commensurate to the ‘pushing and shoving’ coming from the East, the East will simply keep on advancing its agenda (hegemony over the World, and that’ll include the West), and our aspirations to leave the World in a better state than we found it will never be realized.

We must be purposeful and diligent. We must preserve the red line against Xi and Putin et al. We must not be the first to fire a shot or invade. But once Putin or Xi does, we must respond with deliberate and overwhelming force, all of the military we can muster buster, and then trust in the creator who put us all here in the first place to bring us closer to the entrance to the Garden we left.

We and the World, our world, must help the America that ‘trusts in god’ to be our creator’s hand in the World right now.

We and the World must help protect America against itself as well.

p.s. Hot off the press! I just received an email from NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, subject line: ‘It’s time for a Guaranteed Liveable Basic Income’ – alright, I have to walk back my criticism of the NDP for not making this very inclusive and non-discriminatory social policy a condition of the NDP’s support for a Trudeau minority government.¬† A national GLBI would promote social cohesion and reduce crime, triage, and lack of opportunity (we shouldn’t need to rely so heavily on overseas recruiting to fill skilled jobs and temporary unskilled gigs; we’d have a system in Canada to train folks whose skills are no longer in vogue and a system in place to move workers around without stressing them, of course!, but I cannot say that is what the NDP intends)…yada yada.

I am quoting Mr. Singh’s email here. The text contains links to¬† other resources, among which, to the work¬† Manitoba NDP MP’s Leah Gazan is doing right now (the author of Bill C-223, calling for a ‘national framework’ within which a Universal Basic (and liveable) income is developed and rolled out…)

Thank you for writing and sharing your interest to tackle poverty in Canada. I wanted to let you know that your feedback is important to the work New Democrats are doing to build a more equitable society for all.‚ÄĮ
All Canadians deserve to live a life with security and dignity. Like you, New Democrats believe a living wage can help. That‚Äôs why we support the work of NDP MP Leah Gazan and her legislation, Bill C-223, that calls for a National Framework for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income Act to advance this initiative.‚ÄĮ
Bill C-223 would realize a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income (GLBI) for all people living in Canada over the age of 17. Specifically, the legislation recommends making the program nimble enough to consider regional differences in the cost of living and ensuring that the implementation would not result in clawbacks to services or benefits meant to meet an individual‚Äôs exceptional needs related to their health or disability.‚ÄĮ
Check out Leah’s work here: https://www.leahgazan.ca/basicincome
We need bold leadership to create meaningful change. But the Trudeau government is not doing what’s necessary to stop the soaring inequality in Canada.¬†
New Democrats know that paying for improved income programs is doable when we make better choices. A good start is to close tax loopholes and offshore tax havens to make sure the super-wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share of taxes.‚ÄĮ We‚Äôll continue to push for a fairer tax system so Canadians can have the proper support they need to get by, and no one is left behind.¬†
The growth of inequality, insecurity, and poverty is making it harder for all levels of government to sustain the costs to our economy. Both individuals and communities have limited resources to deal with the consequences of these crushing problems. That’s why enacting a basic income program will help to achieve better outcomes when tackling physical and mental illnesses, societal unrest, gun violence, homelessness, and food insecurity.
In the weeks and months ahead, you can count on New Democrats to be front and centre in the fight against inequality and income insecurity. We’re determined to fight for the things that will make a difference to you, your family, and your community. 
Our priorities include:
-‚ÄĮEnsuring everyone can have an affordable and safe place to live‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ
– Expanding health care to include pharmacare and dental care programs to save Canadian families hundreds of dollars each year‚ÄĮ
Reversing the GIS cut to seniors who were eligible for pandemic benefits‚ÄĮ
– Keeping students from being saddled with a crippling financial burden‚ÄĮwhile they pursue their post-secondary education
– Supporting a refundable Canada Caregiver Tax Credit‚ÄĮ
– Reducing the high cost of cell and internet bills.‚ÄĮ
Thank you again for taking the time to be in touch.‚ÄĮ We‚Äôre stronger when we work together to make life better for everyone.
Best regards,‚ÄĮ
Jagmeet Singh, M.P. (Burnaby South)
Leader, Canada’s New Democrats

Now, there is still some latitude here for things to go nowhere or to go wrong. Taxation, for example, must be revolutionized into a progressive tax on wealth and on income that will regulate the distribution of wealth and incomes in Canada and across the World, our world, to 95% of everyone between 2sigmas of the mean wealth and income values. And then there’s the whole Brave New World thing going on…right now, everyone is afraid to speak their truth for fear of being shamed for speaking at all. Instead we have the world Simon and Garfunkel warned us was on the horizon…Huxley’s world…no longer our world. True ‘democracy’ is our world. That’s the world our creator created for us. The Golden Rule will bring us back there. Simple.

WE MUST ALSO DETERMINE WHAT IS IMPORTANT AND WHAT IS DISTRACTION FROM WHAT IS IMPORTANT. Sticks and stones break bones. NAMES NEVER HURT ANYONE. That’s how I was brought up. I was brought up that way because the social engineers of the times KNEW THAT¬† UTTERING CRAP REVEALS A PROBLEM ABOUT THE UTTERER, not the person they happen to be lambasting. The social engineers of my childhood days knew that for me to focus on what others might say about me, is a waste of my time, when those others are talking crap; that this is something THEY NEED TO DEAL WITH, not me, that I am only being distracted, BY BULLSHIT, away from the things I really do need to devote my spirit and mind and heart to, like to NOT BEING AN ASSHOLE MYSELF. This is a day-by-day, minute-by-minute, second-by-second challenge, because, it is only MY EGO that is capable of being an asshole, and WHEN I LET MY EGO DO THE TALKING FOR ME, there is a good chance I will be behaving or speaking badly and I will regret it afterwards.

I already regret using the words, ‘bullshit’ and ‘asshole’…but these two terms, when used judiciously and not just for shock value, can be exquisitely elegant.

26 January 2022

Wherever you live in the World, our world, best wishes to you for a great day! In these perilous times, you don’t know what or who to believe, especially what is coming out of the mouths of politicians, ‘experts’, and many media outlets.

Chaos reigns supreme.

There is only one place where ‘chaos’ is a social management operative: that place is called ‘Hell’. We have made a ‘Hell’ out of the ‘Garden’.

Actually, it was our ruling classes that did this, having been corrupted by Wealth. WE ‘THE PEOPLE’ lamely allowed them to do so.

They will not tell us what they are up to, because what they are up to is not something we are going to like (duh).

Our society has changed since I was a youngster. The changes have been presented to us as, responses to crises, or crises in the making. The crises come and go in an unrelenting, interminable, unbroken chain…we are being rained upon by bad news, anxiety-causing headlines…we shield ourselves with our egos…everywhere we turn, we are pulverized by the news on those ubiquitous tv monitors. All of this goes to environmental conditioning; opportunism on behalf of our ‘social engineers’…with our egos always so close to the surface, we soon fall into reaction without thinking first; that’s when our ‘rulers’ have us by the proverbial…um…well, you-know-whats. WE CANNOT FORFEIT OUR FREE WILL. That came to us from god, not the ‘rulers’.

There can be no ‘rulers’ in a democracy. IN DEMOCRACY, IT IS THE PROCESS THAT RULES. Yet, we have an entire class of ‘rulers’ existing in Canada and in every other nation of the World. Even so, it is the ones at the very apex of the pyramid driving things. FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE, but for when I was a child, I¬† never saw a day where violence is not being threatened by someone, somewhere. THIS IS WRONG AS A GROUND STATE. Institutions such as the Executive with the Whip and the PMO are antidemocratic. They stymy rather than support democratic process.

It is ‘The State’ that is responsible for our malaise. The State is responsible because it is run by the ‘rulers’. There is too much money in misery to end weapon sales to countries who will use them to oppress others. There is too much money in ‘GDP Growth’ to worry too much over: 1- environmental degradation and climate change, 2 – human rights under autocratic regimes (like China’s), 3 – a nation devoting the proceeds of trade with the West to grow its military to bully the West, 4 – to worry about the division and exclusion that moving operations to places like China created by leaving an employment-vacuum here in the West…our politicians from Stevey Harper through Justin Trudeau have all chirped about how their trade and immigration policies benefit ‘consumers’, but, if consumers are unemployed, how can they consume? The trend toward Private-Public partnerships is also patently undemocratic. It is a Wealth-suborned initiative to garner more social control. (um, thanks for helping with all of that, Justin, Chrystia, and Gerald).

The game’s afoot‘, as the great sleuth would say. Wealth wants us to consume, consume, consume. Wealth wants us to be a ‘throw-away’ society. The more we consume, the more money Wealth generates, the more it can keep for itself, and the more control over society Wealth is able to garner and purchase. That is why as time goes ‘forward’, less and less can happen without money changing hands.


You exist at the pleasure of the State (the ‘rulers’, not your local elected MPs). They will keep you in line by giving you just less than the bare minimum to survive. You will therefore be spending your waking hours trying to survive and you will be no problem to anyone else. IF YOU BECOME PROBLEM, the police will haul you away into the System, and, √† la Ashley Smith, you won’t get out again.

The World, our world, is in the mess it is in today BECAUSE OF EGO. The ego of Wealth. Our leaders determine our direction and must accept that they’ve sort of f’d things up royally. The Europeans were the latest to metastasize its cancerous DNA upon the World, but EVERYONE IS DOING IT OR HAS DONE IT AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER. We are all guilty.

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong‘.

Every nation has a military. Given that our leaders don’t seem to know what they are doing, having been rendered ‘blind as well as stupid’ by their ego and their wealth, the militaries may be required to step up and fight for theirs and our democracy, even against their own leaders.

I speak of one situation only: IF/WHEN THEIR LEADERS TELL THEIR MILITARY TO FIRE THE FIRST SHOT. Without a first shot being fired, there can be no war (duh).

If a situation like that ever arises, the military would stand-in for as long as it took to create a constitution that would engage the citizen, share power, and protect democracy from Wealth, and then stand-down. If those folks are selfless enough to put themselves between us and the bullets of those who would hurt us, I feel our democracy and nation will be safe under their wing until we are once again able to stand.

God will backstop this all the way, IMO.

Headline 1: How Russia’s pipeline politics could split the alliance around the Ukraine – without mentioning any names, especially not Germany (or France), if any of the ‘Western-allied’ European nations presume now to ditch America over $$$, after Americans and Canadians went overseas and died by the bushel in WWI and WWII, so that Europe could enjoy the freedoms they enjoy today, well…

THOSE WHO VALUE $ OVER HONOUR, have put a price on ‘honour’, and in so doing, show unequivocally THAT THEY HAVE NO HONOUR AT ALL.

I refer to Europe’s ‘leaders’,¬† not to Europeans…and these ‘leaders’ are the bezos -whoops, I mean, ‘bozos’, who are running the World…

Anyone suggesting anything other than digging a trench around Russia, until they withdraw from the Crimea, etc., is crazy for $ or crazy from $. Same goes in regards to China’s belligerence. Appeasement is not going to result in security. Appeasement will only establish a higher ground for the Russian and Chinese regimes when they push the envelope the next time, according to their schedule. They will keep pushing until they have vanquished the West.

How is it that Macron and Scholtz can be so smart to get themselves elected, yet be so STUPID (not to mention, dishonourable) as to engage Russia to the detriment of the U.S.?

Shame on those two. They are, what we used to call, ‘fair weather friends’. Next time the clouds gather over Europe, does anyone actually believe Russia and China will come to their aid? Of course not. But their wealthy will continue to blinded from their common sense by the allure of Russian and Chinese ‘gold’.

I believe their mothers would have advised them to be different than this.

25 January 2022

Headline 1: Liberals thwart badly needed skilled immigrants with mendacious political meddling – reporter Ivison’s choice of headlines is, well, ‘mendacious’…gosh, I’m not lying, I did have to look up what ‘mendacious’ actually meant.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

‘For a variety of reasons, not least of which is that more immigration means more economic growth, the Liberals have committed to bringing in more than 400,000 permanent residents a year for the next three years.’

No. 1 concern with respect to immigration, ‘economic growth’. Who benefits from economic growth most? Wealth. Who benefits least? Unemployed folks; Canadian job candidates looking to earn a living who will need training/education. As we import and use more skilled labour, we relegate Canadian job seekers to the sidelines and chronic penury. The State will only rescue people from this to the point of convenience. When it begins to cost too much, that is when the State cuts the umbilical cord to its vulnerable.

While Wealth’s get-richer-quicker schemes are doing their thing, we continue to label individuals as being this or that with ever increasing granularity, to the point that no one among any of us will be united in anything at all, EXCEPT FOR MONEY or the lack of .

Two camps: those with money – those without money. Those with money have power over those who do not. As time goes on, these two groups will become more materially separate. The wealthy ones and those who are employed by them to ‘grow GDP’ (aka fatten their wallets) will soon not have to step over folks sleeping on subway gratings. They will lose their rights even to even that ‘liberty’, which they accepted for themselves after the State took away their right to earn a living.

That right is extended to people who have the right training but live somewhere else. But their children will not have that same right. They will be Canadians. If they are not trained to walk in to jobs the Wealth class needs filled immediately, if they need to be trained (incurring an expense that might not reward the employer with commensurately greater profit), why, they’ll be on the sidelines too, just like current unskilled Canadian job seekers are today.




I could go on and on…

I haven’t read Mr. Ivison’s article beyond the first paragraph. What would be the point? He writes to earn his living and he writes very well; whereas I write because I have something to add to what I am reading in the mainstream media.

Mr. Ivison has a boss. He can’t just write whatever he feels in his holy of holies, not necessarily; whereas I can. I do not aver I am right and he is wrong on that basis; but I can say that I am 100% sincere, even if mistaken, because I am accountable to no one but myself for what I write; whereas reporter Ivison is accountable to an editor who signs his paycheck; that editor to the media’s outlet’s owners/INVESTORS, where the ‘buck’ literally stops, likely in an offshore account, until it can be used to exploit another opportunity for ‘GDP Growth’.

Now, I recognize that I am perhaps just an old ‘crackpot’. This site has no readers (but there are a few Russian and Chinese bots that appear to be fans of my ‘work’.) But, in the words of the Travelling Wilbury’s, It’s Alright, I’ve still got something to say

I put things out there. We have an existential problem. That problem is THE EXISTENCE OF A WEALTH CLASS AND ITS USE OF CORPORATIONS TO ACHIEVE ITS ENDS. Wealth exists for itself. POVERTY IS ITS INEVITABLE OUTCOME.

Yes, we have enemies in Putin/Xi et al. But we have their types on this side of the ‘East-West’ divide also.

Right now, the denizens of the Wealth classes on both sides of the line could be trying to figure out whether it is ‘cost-effective’ to go to War now, or to wait. They already know that many of us vulnerable of the under class will disappear during war and no longer represent an expense.

The way the World is set up now, by Wealth, is bound to culminate in war and destruction on all sides. M.A.D. is mad-ness. While we ‘peacefully’ try to undermine each other economically in order to become ‘top dog’, we are also trying to one-up each other militarily.

THE MOMENT ONE SIDE PERCEIVES A DECIDED MILITARY ADVANTAGE OVER THE OTHER SIDE, they will launch a preemptive strike while telling their own peoples’ that the other side fired first.

True or not, the result will likely lead to billions of deaths and nothing resolved.

24 January 2022

It’s a ‘cold day in Hell’, or so goes the saying…it was -7F when I got up this morning.

You might wonder how it can be ‘cold’ in ‘Hell’ when that place is purported to have all of those fire places, but, a snowball really does have a¬† chance in hell, and right now, hell is what the Ukrainians (AND THEIR CHILDREN) are living in…

…this, thanks to Putin.

Headline 1: NATO beefs up eastern flank, Russia denounces Western ‘hysteria’

The Russian ‘leader’ says the buildup is to PROTECT RUSSIA but it’s meant to PROJECT RUSSIA’s DNA into its neighbours. It is meant to project power and make Russia even more powerful, all at once. [Same as what China is now doing, RIGHT NOW].

BOTH OF THOSE NATIONS ARE FACILITATING THE SOCIAL UNREST IN THE WEST as another prong in their multi-pronged attack on us. When the missiles begin to fly, some of them will land. We must be strong and careful to maintain social order during the chaos. We can’t be fighting among ourselves (even if some of us are from Russia or China -those folks came here a little after we arrived, and for the same reason. To make a better life in a nation that ‘trusts in god’. THEY ARE THEREFORE NO DIFFERENT THAN ANYONE ELSE. All are Americans. All are Canadians. All are EU…etc.

Putin does not defend Russia, but rather Russia’s latest class of tsars, those with all of the $. Same goes for Xi.

Same goes for our own wealth class. ‘Wealth’ corrupts because wealth can purchase power, and no moral compass is needed; no democratic process if required to act. ‘Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.‘ DEMOCRACY IS, IF TRULY DEMOCRATIC, THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE CHECKS AND BALANCES IN PLACE, operating to ensure no single group obtains hegemony over all of the others. IF A WEALTH CLASS EXISTS, IT IS BECAUSE DEMOCRACY DOES NOT.


Poverty is the greatest excluder. YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY? YOU’RE OUT!

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW A WAY FORWARD, one that will lead, post-pandemic and post-WWIII, to the World our creator intends for  ALL OF US to live in, why listen to the words of Buffalo Springfield, not what passes for news (for the most part) in the media.

And start going to churches, mosques, temples…whatever, to seek the god that made YOU.

I want to aside: I listened to one of my favourite ‘preachers’ on YouTube interpret the Book of Revelation. The Bishop is very, very good, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get things wrong, now and then. He was saying how the U.N. is the last kingdom of Satan, deriving from the American-British Empire, which was, I dunno,¬† #7?

Here’s my thing: It isn’t only Americans and Brits who vote in the U.N. Each country is represented and has a vote. Get rid of the Security Council veto crap and IF EVERYONE VOTES ON THE BASIS OF THEIR NATION’S TRUE CONSENSUS VIEW, and not on the basis of what their Wealth class wants for itself, why then, the consensus emerging out of the U.N. should be of blessing to everyone and our creator will likely be very pleased with that.

BUT, IF WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW DEMOCRACY TO BE PERVERTED BY WEALTH (or by any one nation), if we do not tax the Wealth class back into the fold and restore the middle class, and render the ‘high’ and ‘low’ to the level of statistical outliers, to restore social cohesion and democracy, IT WILL NOT MATTER TO MOST OF US WHO WINS the war. We will all live under the thumb of a repressive, oppressive regime, Wealth, one whose breadth of control extends across the globe and rewrites the Past as it moves the goalposts of the Future around to serve its sordid purpose.

Yes, the Bishop could be right. The U.N. could end up the way he believes. BUT I  BELIEVE IT DOES NOT HAVE TO.

It starts with the display of symbols of all of the World’s Faiths, beneath a sign that reads: ‘If you/ trust in god, you are a citizen of the World, our world, created by god, and you are welcome here.‘ It ends with, ‘Let no one be the first to do violence or to deny livelihood to another being created by the creator.’

The U.N. policy: The Golden Rule.


Podcast: The ethical failures in Canada’s pandemic response. On the National Post’s Full Comment with Anthony Furey. Here’s the text introducing the podcast:

The COVID-19 crisis has presented a minefield of bioethical questions, which Canadian policymakers have largely stomped all over. It’s not just the damage of lockdowns, the treatment of children, demonizing the unvaxxed and the privacy invasions. It’s also the callous disregard for anything happening beyond Canada’s borders. Bioethicist Dr. Kerry Bowman joins Anthony Furey this week to discuss the problems created by neglecting bioethical considerations during the pandemic, and why he’s worried that doing so may have changed the very fabric of Canadian society for the worse. (Recorded Jan. 20, 2022.)

Now, it seems, we have two flavours of politician: those who would take our freedom away but pay us something in exchange, and those who would safeguard our freedom, but not our stomachs, if it costs them money.

These two political ilks resolve into one at the level of the ruling class, whom both parties appear to serve: the rc wants our freedom, for as little cost to them as possible, to keep the wheels of profit turning and a level of peace the police can manage with. They do not aspire to include others in their wealth. The NDP talks better, but, when push comes to shove, aren’t any better than the other guy on the left.

Canada and the World needs us to start talking to one another, and not through the news media. We need to engage one another in open, respectful, honest social policy debate. We also need to start going to Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple…whatever, to hear what god might have to say.

It will be, ‘Practice the Golden Rule. Observe it in everything you do, in every word you utter.’

That’s my opinion.

23 January 2022

No headlines today. Just a wish for people, of all stripes, cultures, and colours, to turn off the news,¬† turn away from our ‘democratic’ institutions, and start looking for an institution of Faith to attend. It does not matter to god which Faith you choose; all paths lead to the centre, where the centre of god is.

It is not HOW WE WORSHIP but the FACT THAT WE WORSHIP, is what will save us from our ruling classes and from ourselves. Remember, many members of today’s ruling classes are the spoiled brat/inheritors of the ruling class stewards that helped us to rebuild after WWII. They appear to believe that they are ‘entitled’.

Welcome back to the future. We are once again in the Gilded Age. Because the ruling classes of the powerful nations of the World (our world) are competing directly for dwindling resources, with nothing left in between to keep them separate, they will make war on one another over what’s left.


All are ruled by their ruling classes. None of these ruling classes appear to care about the carnage that will come, so long as they and their loved ones are safe.

The pandemic has taught me many things. Topping the list, is that pandemics, like warfare, selectively cull the vulnerable among us, particularly the poor, the elderly, and the sick.

Jesus spent a lot of his ministry going around healing the sick, feeding the poor, and giving all people hope, while encouraging the rich to use their wealth for its intended purpose: TO STEWARD THE SOCIETIES EMERGING UNDER GOD. I believe it was the same for all of the other prophets and leaders of the Faiths of the World (our world).

I put my trust in god. America does too, at least, that’s what the coins say.

War separates the good from the bad; the heroes from the cowards. It is cowardly to attack the Ukraine when Ukraine does not want to be under Russia’s thumb. It is just as cowardly to stand back and watch and say, ‘Oh, we won’t sell them Twinkies any more.’

If a Russian soldier plants one foot on Ukraine’s soil, the West must dutifully come along and lift that foot and put it back on the right side of the border. While they are at it, they must remove the boots that wandered into the Crimea, and not say, okay, you can keep the Crimea now that you stole it.

No one in the West is going to attack Russia, or China, or Iran, UNLESS THEY ATTACK the West and those who want to be in that group. But you cannot trust China and Russia to be the same way as us.

Now, we here in Canada have peed off the Americans now and then; we were once a haven for American conscientious objectors to the War in Vietnam. Withal, I have yet to hear them rattle their sabres against Canada. They remember that we stood and died¬† with them in WWI and WWII, TO SAVE EUROPE. [Aside: Will Europe remember America’s and Canada’s sacrifice in their cause?]. People who remember what you did for them in the past, despite it perhaps being convenient to forget in the present, why those folks are lifelong friends and hard to find. AN AMERICA TRUE TO ITSELF WILL BE TRUE TO CANADA AND TO THE WORLD.

Again, you cannot hope for China and Russia to be this way; their regimes lack any semblance of honour; they only want to bulldoze us out of their way. [America helped rebuild Germany and Japan after vanquishing their regimes. Russia and China will rebuild with bulldozers]. THE WORLD NEEDS TO STAND WITH AMERICA, AND AMERICA NEEDS TO GET RIGHT WITH ITSELF. Otherwise, it isn’t going to matter who vanquishes who.

Will Israel remember, or will they continue as the oppressor of the Palestinians? No one knows oppression better than the Jewish people, but there are two ways one oppressed will react to their hard won liberty: they will vow to do everything in their power to make sure it never happens to anyone else, OR, out they will treat others the way others treated them…not quite the Golden Rule:

Treat others THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, not the way you were treated.

The Golden Rule is of god, the Light, the creator. What Israel is doing now to the Palestinians, opposes the Golden Rule. If Israel is a nation under god, which god is that?

It isn’t the god who authored the Golden Rule (for all of humanity).

Same goes for Iran. It appears to be a ‘theocracy’ of hypocrisy.

The only nation that appears true to itself, these days, is China, and that’s because they don’t bother to try and hide their regime’s insidious ways (they must have taken down all of their mirrors). They boldface lie and cheat with respect to their competitors. They’ve been doing it for decades. Russia too.

We need folks who don’t lie, who aren’t hypocrites, who don’t feel so entitled as to condemn those with less in their communities with even less than that, to be in government.

We need folks in government who serve the public and are not slaves to Wealth and to the ‘one percenters’. ‘Wealth’ and ‘one percenters’ are social constructs. They don’t naturally exist. They exist because society created them.

A simple taxation policy change would be enough to neuter the ‘one percent’ and ‘Wealth’ class effect and restore the middle class around the World.

We need folks in government to respect god. Our American friends need only respect their constitution and they will be respectful of their own citizens and of the World.

22 January 2022

If war breaks out, I stand with my American brothers and sisters, against any and all threats to their way of life, from without and from within; as much as I would my own country.

I stand with my police folks against any and all threats to the innocent and vulnerable, from within my country’s borders.

I stand with my country’s military, against any external threat.

I stand WITH MY COMMUNITY while we weather the tsunami that is coming, one which will likely culminate in an extinction-level reset of humanity’s structures and numbers. We must be strong, TOGETHER. I do not say this in the ‘leftist’ neoliberal manner, those being only the latest version of politician to ‘strut and fret his hour upon the stage,¬† And then is heard no more…

On this note, it is a good idea to maintain a reserve of staples and non-perishables, while things play out internationally.

On this note, it is a good idea to ‘come to Jesus’, as it were. IMO, this means, ‘come to the creator’. Jesus, IMO, dedicated his life to his creator, went toe-to-toe with Satan and beat him. For the most part, he channeled the creator, the Light. He was able to discern between the machinations of his ego/the darkness and the revelations from the Light piercing the bone into the place between his ears, where ego-consciousness ‘lives’.

Consequently, Satan became very afraid of Jesus; but also very unsettled by what Jesus revealed about the human spirit: that humans could do the right thing, even to the cost of their own lives.

IMO, this is one of the life lessons Jesus wanted to teach us: if you do not allow your fear of death to make your choices for you, you are free. IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW YOUR FEAR OF DEATH TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO SPEAK YOUR TRUTH OR TO DEFEND YOUR FAMILY, YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR NATION, YOUR WORLD, from any and all threats, from without and from within, YOU ARE FREE IN PARADISE.

I have an ego. Anytime my ego becomes the focus of my thinking (active or passive), the ‘place’ of consciousness, I am experiencing all kinds of mixed emotions and their physical consequences. Depending on the day, the time of day, or some random, inconsequential event, I may feel ‘down’ or I may feel ‘good’.

My soul is my ‘battery’ and it sustains my spirit. The spirit-renewing, soul-sustaining Light of the creator is all around us. Our ego is in between our soul and the creator’s Light. While we focus on ego, we cannot receive the creator’s Light – it just gets reflected back out into ‘Space’. It is the human form of the ‘albedo effect‘.

I do not want to live out my life in deference to something as flaky as my ego. Jesus didn’t either. His fear of death came of his ego. He fought and won that battle with himself in Gethsemane. He had ‘won on points’ against Satan in the desert, then knocked him out in their rematch at Cavalry. Jesus’ way was leadership by example.

It was also Gandhi’s way, Mandela’s way; the way of every truly great leader. It is the only way a leader can be truly great: not one who exploits their ‘power’ to their perceived personal advantage, but rather one who lives according to their own word and that word happens to benefit the nation and its citizens. IN SUCH A NATION, POVERTY AND HOMELESSNESS WOULD NOT EXIST.

Neither would gated communities.

Neither would the distribution of wealth and income, when plotted, take on the appearance of a trough rather than a bell.

It is natural for this to take on the shape of a bell. WHEN IT DOES NOT, it is because of the existence of pathology that will, in time, extinguish the population per se.

That pathology is the distribution of income and wealth in Canada (and everywhere else). The cure is through taxation, to redistribute wealth, so that a bell shape (and the erstwhile ‘middle class’) characterizes it.

Headline 1: U.S. opposes plans to strengthen World Health Organization – the way I understand it, the WHO wants more independence from specific donors, and more money, while the U.S. wants to maintain the private donor format, wherein the likes of Bill Gates have some say about how their money gets spent.

Despite the shortcomings identified by the WHO in their capability to respond to outbreaks, the U.S. is resistant to the changes supported by Europe and others:

‘…the U.S. government is opposing the reform because it has concerns about the WHO’s ability to confront future threats, including from China, U.S. officials told Reuters’

‘…including from China.’ That’s significant. The WHO, or anyone else for that matter, has not identified the origin of COVID-19, and China has not been forthcoming. I am, like a lot of folks, very much concerned if the pandemic was the result of a lab technician’s mistake (Wuhan Lab leak theory). WE SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING WITH FIRE, and we are playing with fire when we convince ourselves to do gain-of-function experiments.

There is a wonderful dissertation here which explores whether or not the per se virus features evidence of human manipulation (or not).

But it could be more insidious, were ‘the leak’ in fact a bio-attack. Besides common sense, there are a lot of good arguments against this being a deliberate act on the part of China’s government, yet, with all of the underhanded, seedy stuff China’s current regime has already shown¬† itself capable of, together with their buddy behind the bleachers, Russia (hatred for the West makes strange bedfellows, yes?), I cannot completely exclude the possibility that COVID was engineered as a bioweapon and actually launched. The delay in China’s acknowledgement that a new virus was on the scene is VERY SUSPICIOUS.

The delay was irresponsible, to say THE LEAST. China, on that basis alone, should pony up an pay for the damage it has done in the World, our world, RATHER THAN CONTINUE TO BUILD A BIGGER ARMY TO CLOBBER US OVER THE HEAD WITH.

Personally, I don’t need science to tell me that SOMETHING JUST ISN’T ADDING UP WITH CHINA.

But, I don’t know exactly what. I only know that China’s Xi is nobody’s friend; not even to the Chinese. Xi and that ‘government’ of Orwellian Pigs needs to be replaced by Taiwan’s democratic government. They at least are more accessible and accountable than Orwell’s pigs can ever be. They were the government in China before a bunch of¬† bozos, √† la the pigs of Animal Farm, ran the ‘farmers’ off the property.

China and Russia want to divide the World, our world, so that it is more easily conquered. Whatever we do now, if we allow them to continue to expand their lands and their militaries, we only increase the price we pay down the road. China and Russia will one day attempt to vanquish the West. They want it all.

They don’t want god, or citizens, to interfere with the desires of the ruling class. Here in the West, our governments are more passive-aggressively aspiring to the same thing, only, in a ‘kinder, gentler, way’. WE NEED TO PUT THE BRAKES TO THE AGENDAS OF RULING CLASSES EVERYWHERE and not just China’s and Russia’s.

We need to be vigilant with respect to our own democracy and its institutions, because the ruling class is in fact the ‘stewarding class’ gone koo-koo over wealth. The change is of a spiritual nature. No policy is going to change this.

Respect for creation and for a creator whose breadth and scope and scale exist beyond our capability to comprehend IS GOING TO CHANGE THIS.

21 January 2022

First, I repeat, find some time to hear Father Chris Alar’s explain the Church’s position on abortion. He broadens and abstracts the implications of ending the life of the voiceless unborn into something most insidious, broadly social, affecting everyone.

Let’s face it, the World (our world) of today is in a despicably horrible anxiety-causing state…the ‘separation of church and state’ has helped to entrench Wealth’s control over societies. Democratic and authoritarian alike; China and Canada alike. The separation of church and state was intended to protect the church from the state by its originators (who were serious about democracy) but, was perverted and inverted by Wealth to ATTACK THE CHURCH as a step ‘forward’ in the state’s assault on FAITH; on believing in anything better or above ‘government’ by the Mount Olympian class – you know, the folks that inexplicably come to believe it is a good idea to fly off into low orbit for 5B and gloat over their ‘creation’ below: where kids are drowning or freezing to death in the search for safety and a livelihood.

Headline 2: No national security issue in Chinese takeover of Canadian lithium company – what? hello? Minister Champagne might have enjoyed a little too much of his namesake beverage to have come up with a conclusion like this. The Canadian Press article states:

While the mine in question is in Argentina, Fast argued that it is incumbent on Canada and other “free-trading, rules-following allies” to ensure the global critical minerals industry is not monopolized by one country, especially one whose interests “are sometimes hostile toward ours.”

Fast is right. And, China very nearly monopolizes the global electric battery industry supply-chain and market already. China’s regime does not aspire to be a ‘partner’ in the International Order, but rather desires to rule it, to ‘monopolize’ it might be a more appropriate term. IN THE END, it’s all about hegemony/control over everyone and everything. We must hang to everything we didn’t previously hand over to China’s regime, because every interaction with China nowadays, is either non-productive, or only productive of more wealth for China’s regime, which it then converts into the military resources used to threaten Taiwan and the World, our world.


Taiwan is the place where the Chinese loyal to the Chinese culture and way of life fled to, in the aftermath of the ‘Peoples’ Revolution, in order to keep China’s greatness and its cultural memory alive, for THE RETURN. The time for that is approaching fast. We must act to preserve Taiwan so that the ‘Taiwanese’, who are China’s last hope, can act to restore China’s soul and sanity to the Chinese people and to the World. The World needs China, but the China Xi is manufacturing is a cancer upon China and upon the World.

But, we cannot be acting in ‘good faith’ with respect to China and the Taiwanese, if we simultaneously support the Israeli regime’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. We are hypocrite at the very least while we do.

As for the isolation of Iran, I am a wee bit dubious when the likes of Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. regimes are suddenly onboard with Israel’s regime. It is a fracture along religious lines which accounts for this and not aspiration to build an equitable World Order: Iran is predominantly Shia Muslim, while Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. are predominantly Sunni. Muslims have been fighting one another over doctrinal differences for over a millennia: a dispute over who was the first Caliph, among other things. IMO, they have been fighting with each other for as little cause as followers of my Christian Faith have, for more than two millennia. Neither Faith condones killing at all. Both Faiths forbid it. Both have a Golden Rule.

This all smacks too much of coercion. Of ego.

Going forward, the World, our world needs to ditch ego in all of its forms. We can’t make Iran ‘behave’ any more than we can make Saudi Arabia ‘behave’ or Israel ‘behave’. They will only ‘behave’ for as long as it is convenient FOR THEM TO DO SO. When the time is right, they will turn on ‘the West’ and on Israel, if the World does nothing. WHAT WE NEED TO DO NOW is reduce the avenues of transmission of wealth to China (we doing that with Russia already), in order to slow their military development/expansion. We need to maintain a strong presence in the region, to preserve the status quo, but, we monitor and guard the line. WE CANNOT BE THE FIRST TO FIRE OUR WEAPONS, or we lose our position on the moral ‘high ground’; however, if the Chinese military crosses that line, it must be met with overwhelming force, hopefully enough to convince Xi that he should ditch the idea of metastasizing his politics into Taiwan and rather go to Taiwan, cap in hand, and ask the Taiwanese for forgiveness, and, ‘Would you like to take over the government on the mainland?’

Have we not learned anything from the lesson China now teaches? Pretty soon, China may provide us with a ‘pop-quiz’. Will we be ready?

But make no mistake. The cancer afflicting China right now is already threatening to take us and our glorious nation down. The cancer is ego. This cancer has afflicted the ruling classes of the World and of our nation. The evidence is that people of Wealth no longer function as Stewards of society but rather as masters over it. They see our nation and society through the lens of their ego: as ongoing opportunity for wealth acquisition. They do not see things as a parent or a god would: as opportunity for their children or their Creation, not to strive to survive but to live and to thrive. TO BE HAPPY as a general state (and not fearful, like we are now).

Whom is Minister Champagne fooling, beside himself? I can only hope he comes around. As it appears now, our government does not appear to sense how seriously the New World Order is being threatened and how the urgency for concrete action.

This could be misinterpreting the Minister. Perhaps the approach being taken is to avoid contributing to the escalation toward war, even as the other side continues to escalate, but, what isn’t being said is that the gun is loaded and aimed, only to be fired if the other side fires/invades first.

As it stands right now, there is still opportunity for Russia and China to deescalate, but very little.

But I wonder about the World’s ‘one percenters’…they might be happy reducing the global population through war, rather than by attrition…attrition will invoke declining GDP/negative GDP for many years and this will mean the end of their wealth and hegemony over the rest of the World, whereas, war will change the economy’s focus, but not its operatives: wealth and power will continue to concentrate into their hands…

…the difference this time around, is that with AI, they won’t need nearly so many of us to help with the post-war rebuild. Given the current state of the World and the obvious fact that Wealth is responsible for it, unwittingly perhaps, it is not unreasonable to worry that the most powerful of the few might actually welcome a catastrophic reduction of population, because they will only need to share their wealth with the people required to keep AI going, and the destruction and ensuing misery will be opportunities to further acquisition and control.

Headline 3: Indian Ocean: Iran, Russia, and China begin joint naval drill – alright already. Have our ruling classes of the West been caught with their britches down because of their blinding by the allure of Eastern gold? Didn’t Ponce de Leon, Pizzaro and the conquistadores at least leave us a little positive in their murderous legacy? Or is it that out of our greed, we refuse to learn?

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our ruling class wants all of our young people to believe that there is a rainbow for each and everyone of them, when there is not, and they know it.

On the other hand, our ruling class wants us to believe there is no god, when there is.

Our ruling class is serving and channeling Satan, according to Bob Dylan. It sure looks that way. It is now time for the Stewards among them to step up to the plate.

Interesting Website: globalfirepower.com – with regards to their rankings of military power, their methodology interesting in and of itself, here’s what they have to say about China:

China (No.3) continues its climb to the No.2 spot owned for some time by regional powerhouse Russia (No.2). The nation owns a distinct advantage economically and by way of sheer manpower and has placed a decided focus on increasing (primarily through local means) naval, airpower, and land warfare capabilities. If the trend continues, it will become the primary global military adversary to the United States (No.1) – which still commands the top spot for the current year. [excerpted from 2022 China Military Strength (globalfirepower.com)].

If they are right, then our guys already know, and are already preparing for war with Russia, China, Iran.

But there is something even more egregious than the notion of war; it is that, after the dust settles, and if anyone is left standing, nothing will have changed and one day, we will be right back here again, like we are again mimicking the times that led to the Great War, which, IMO, is ongoing and was never settled properly. What Wilson, Clemenceau, and Lloyd-George ‘achieved’ at the Paris Peace Conference, in exchange for satisfying their egos by negotiation with one another, was the continuance of global conflict. IF YOU HAVE TO COERCE THE PEACE, YOU ARE STILL AT WAR (duh).

We must address the cancers afflicting us also. There is no democracy when choices are limited and thinking processes are ‘guided’. God the creator god gave us free will and the right to choose and for that to happen, god stays out of the head. BUT our ruling classes are getting in our heads, therefore the ubiquitous television monitors everywhere people gather to wait…

UNTIL THE FIRST SHOT IS FIRED, there is still hope. AFTER WAR begins, I don’t believe there will be any hope for peace, that is, if anyone is left. How could victor and vanquished embrace, when both sides would have been responsible for inflicting the other with unimaginable misery?

p.s.s. I’ve just witnessed a video wherein France’s President Macron is urging the EU to establish its own path and relations with Moscow. Before he was born, it was Americans giving over their lives in defence of la libert√© to the French of France in the Great Wars. THE AMERICANS WERE HONOUR-BOUND because it was the French of France who came to their aid against the British and the monopoly of the East India Company. But France’s leader, what’s his name again? ‘Mackerel’? ‘ Moron’? Oh! ‘Macr-on’. Sorry. That guy has no honour. If he did, he would not be behaving like Trump and destabilizing the very arrangement that saved France. If Macron does this with Russia, there may come a time when Russia comes knocking at France’s front door and, guess what?, the Americans won’t be around to help them.

If they were still around, I know that the Americans would help, even those with no honour, PRECISELY BECAUSE AMERICA STILL HAS HONOUR. Wait and see.

To President Macron, Vous √™tes fou. Tr√©s, tr√©s fou. Vous √™tes aussi pauvre en l’espirit. Je vais prier pour vous, maintenant, et pour la libert√© de France, maintenant et eternement.¬†

20 January 2022

I am watching a video by Father Chris Alar – Explaining the Faith – Why the Church is Pro-Life: Understanding and Explaining It – I love his take on this. It is also very informative with respect to Roe v. Wade and other jurisprudential considerations and developments.

Please make time to watch Father Chris’ presentation. You can read my own take in To Be or Not To Be – It Depends on Who You Ask.

19 January 2022

I have been beating up the Wealth ‘classes’ around the World of late. I recognize that Wealth is a spiritual burden, as much as poverty is a material burden. The spiritual burden is ego.

Ego is a feature of all souls. Ego is a pathology of the soul. It causes the being it animates to act very much like a cancer does with respect to its environment: in the race to expand its presence and power, it kills the very host upon which its existence is wholly dependent.

All humans have ego. Some humans use this fact to control others: ego seeks to protect itself as much as to aggrandize its possessions and control over its environment. One secret to keeping folks from