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This site is winding down now. I don’t get many visitors and cannot justify the expense as I am closing in on retirement age and a pension budget. As a parting shot, I would like to advise that we take the Golden Rule very seriously, and our democracy just as seriously, allowing no distraction from our common purpose. We no longer live in a democracy but rather a burgeoning technocracy that is overseen and cultivated by Wealth; through which all personal liberty will be lost, forever.


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4 December 2021

This is how our democracy will spiral downward into totalitarianism, neoliberal western-democracy style:

Headline 1: Mail delivery suspension an ‘absolute nightmare,’ say tenants at Thorncliffe Park apartment building – to protect the safety of the good folks who bring the mail to us, the corporation ends up leaving its most vulnerable customers out in the cold, no provision made apart from collecting their mail from the nearest depot…folks with walkers, folks unable to get very far under their own steam…ALL BECAUSE the corporation did not set up a temporary box outside their building.

The corporation is unfairly punishing all residents, including those with mobility issues, because of a few or because of many contraventions to the masking policy. It is, quite simply, cheaper to do so than to seek any other solution, one that would cost more. That’s how corporations roll because corporation exist, not to serve the customer but to serve the investor; ‘customer service’ is simply a means to that end.

And to no other end.

For as long as money and wealth are presented as the highest standard and measure of human virtue, then the more money and wealth one has, the more ‘human’ they will be perceived to be; conversely, the less money and wealth one has, the less ‘human’ they are perceived to be. [Aside: or put another way: Everyone goosenecks a Ferrari sports coup; very few notice a homeless person, aside of stepping around them or booting them out of an empty corporate building lobby.]

Society rewards its homeless with negligence. They aren’t treated like fellow-humans. We talk about them amongst ourselves, deplore the things they do to survive, say, stealing clothes from a laundry room dryer and opportunistically bathing themselves in the laundry tub, without ever according consideration to the conditions which brought them to such desperation, AS IF IT WERE ENTIRELY THEIR FAULT, as if it were something they enjoyed doing and so chose to live like that. They are simply trying to SURVIVE. They are driven to mental pathology BECAUSE OF HOW WE FORCE THEM TO SURVIVE.

Canada Post could set up a box out front of the building. But that would cost more money than making the tenants venture to a depot; which costs the corporation NOTHING.

The customer of the corporate-modeled entity is THE INVESTOR. hello?

Welcome to fascism and its institutionalization. If we do not depart from this model, all will be lost, to both citizen and investor alike.

In China, for as long as you can successfully interpret the whims of Xi’s ego (ego moves the values-goalposts all the time, depending on what it wants for itself at the moment, so when serving ego, even your own, the only values you aspire toward is total control), you are safe and you will be rewarded materially; WATCH WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MAKE A MISTAKE OR WHEN YOU INFORM XI THAT HE’S MAKING A MISTAKE…

Our wealthy-class ‘leaders’ are experiencing what happens, right now. The Pentagon is worried China will have more hardware and more technology than the U.S. and could be overwhelmed in only a few decades. Their get-rich quick schemes (by integrating a fascist regime such as China’s into the global supply chain) will turn around and bite them (and us) in the nethers.

All because Wealth and the allure of Wealth renders people stupid. Ego renders people stupid.

Conversely, if we held our nation and our society in the highest esteem (usurping wealth’s place as society’s superordinate value), why, there’d be no wealth-inequality issues because anyone living here would happily see to the welfare of their Canadian brothers and sisters before buying that Ferrari.

…and we certainly wouldn’t be reading about the plight of the tenants in Thorncliffe Park.

3 December 2021

My sister and I recently engaged in  a discussion about our social ‘advances’, in the context of how the status of women has progressed. Her rejoinder was, ‘we achieved the empowerment of women’.

Now, IMO, women should have always had ‘power’ because they are the ‘power’ in the family institution, the tribal institution, that which has been ordained by Nature (and of course, god).

IMO, it is that the power of women has been obfuscated and enervated by the ego of paternalism.

Men are powerful in a material sense; but their strength is intended to protect others, in this case, the family, from external threats and to facilitate the family’s superordinate objective: to wit: to produce and nurture its offspring with the aim of extending Creation (IMO, humanity’s purpose, given us by the creator).

The per se ’empowerment’ of women is something made necessary by the fact that ‘man’ has not respected the creator since we left the Garden. The creator determined that woman is the ‘bridge’ between ‘heaven’ and the material realm. There is no greater purpose in Creation than Creation (duh!). The experience of Joy and Creation are woman’s and man’s highest callings, our highest purpose, our highest calling. The entire reason our creator put us here.

It is determined that men do nothing to constrain the joy women feel and to do everything to facilitate their happiness, given that they fulfill god’s highest purpose. Life.

Why are ‘women from Venus, men from Mars?’ We all share the same soul, the way the leaves of the tree share the tree.

Women should not ever have been ‘dis-empowered’. The fact they were and were subjugated by material strength is revealing of a deep spiritual pathology among our species. We are not behaving in accordance with OUR TRUE NATURES.

Not by a long shot; not for a long time.

I told my sister that the social ’empowerment’ she refers to was a means to an end. The end was twofold: 1- double the workforce to increase competition for jobs and leverage the market response of lower wages and keep it an ’employer’s market, and, 2-the dissolution of the family structure to make way for a society of ’empowered’ individual egos; wherein everyone ends up at enmity with everyone else because we have become so engaged with self-advocation that we lack the time and energy to advocate for others properly. There is no room for the Golden Rule.

Complicating this doubly is that if we don’t advocate for ourselves, even things which one might reasonably form an expectation of a guarantee, such as, properly monitoring and assisting hospital patients (from doctor visits all the way down to emptying bedpans and assisting patients to get in and out of bed) should not be left to whether or not a patient or their family will advocate for themselves. Many of them I believe do not want to be a bother, even in a hospital. [For the most part, in my experience, it is not a question of dedication among hospital staff; it is a matter of understaffing].

Welcome to the world of neoliberalist-suborned fascism.

Now, we have women behaving as selfishly as men had been permitted to for millennia. The ego of women will embrace the changes, though it is not doing them any good. That’s ego. Not everything that ‘feels good’, is good. Often it is doing oneself great harm. Example: taking a bite of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, without considering the consequences, was the lesson from Genesis.

Now, IMO, women and children are among the creator’s best creations – women give life and children are full of the life they are given.

The dreams and aspirations of the life-giver are NOT something to be taken lightly. Nothing else matters, for, woman, as the progenitor (whom I believe is the feminine aspect of the I AM) holds closest to her heart and mind and soul that which she gives life to, to wit: all of her offspring – ALL OF HUMANKIND, that is, if she is allowed to act in accordance with her Nature and not in reaction to societal pressures conceived, orchestrated, and imposed upon her by the group that exists above politics…the so-called ‘puppet-masters’.

Now, I don’t ever see women returning to a 1960’s homemaker. The role per se was a construct of the paternal society. By Nature, only those individuals who are materially female can produce offspring. They are the ‘vessel’. That role cannot be reversed.

BUT, individual humans are a composite of feminine and masculine energies because it takes both to instantiate a human being.

Roles are learned and unlearned.

Men can perform the role of nurturer and boss of the tribal unit well when they invoke their feminine aspect. Women can perform the role of provider/protector when they invoke their masculine aspect. The roles are interchangeable so long as we respect the fact that men will remain physically stronger as a rule than women; that the imbalance mandates that society regards the use of force against women as an egregious crime against humanity, god, and Nature.

This has always been true. Neoliberals clamour for acknowledgement of their ‘progress’ when it is the same folks who are responsible for the disrespectful way man has treated woman for our entire history. ‘Neoliberalism’ has many interpretations, yes, but it started out to describe free market capitalism, and therefore, remains ALL ABOUT THE MONEY no matter how it is dressed-up.

That’s why my opinion is that the liberation of women was a means to an end and that end is more money for the wealthy and a dystopic future if you or your children are of the other class.

Neoliberalism is the height of hypocrisy. It claims quality of life and ’empowerment’ of ‘the individual’ is its highest ideal, that ‘human rights’ is its overarching objective, when in fact it is a set of business mores that seek to institutionalize/concretize the avenues of wealth acquisition…in our day, we undercompensate labour as we encourage individual and government debt…why would we do that?

We are employed by Wealth. We are undercompensated and so those of us allowed to work are providing more value to Wealth than we retain of the value of our work. We also consume and are permitted to carry large and long term debt. THE INTEREST ON THE DEBT is paid to the same folks for whom we work; the same folks democratic and autocratic governments alike, work for.

Neoliberalism in a nutshell: it puts its revered individual on a spiralling downward into poverty while Wealth’s control over society spirals upwards.

Great if you can get others to do exactly what you want them to do for you. Even better, have them do it willingly.

Neoliberalism now has us:

1-walking around in open defiance of god; blaming ‘God’ for the choices we make, in particular the decision to turn our backs on the Golden Rule, the only rule we’ll ever need. These same folks are incognizant enough to allow themselves to believe there is no Sun on a cloudy day!

2-blaming everyone but ourselves for the problems in the World, when it is ego that is the root of all the World’s problems (so much for neoliberalism’s vaunted individual). The Golden Rule is all about consideration for others. Neoliberal society is all about controlling how the individual thinks and reacts. The two philosophies are in direct conflict with one another. Which one do you suppose serves the creator’s purpose? Which one do you suppose serves Wealth, of which humankind comprises only a relative few?

3-being made to watch extreme sex and violence on Prime Time television. I don’t need to sit through the promotion of profligate sex and/or same-sex, just because neoliberals think I should. [I RESPECT PEOPLES’ PRIVACY.] If our social engineers are serious about ‘tolerance’  then they should not putting it in our face everywhere we turn. That imposes acquiescence. It does not promote tolerance.  Our PM’s papa once said, ‘the nation has no business in the bedroom’…

To same-sex spirited individuals: you are a child of god just like me. YOUR SEXUALITY DOES NOT WHOLLY DEFINE YOU, as neoliberalism purports. Being a child of god defines you. How you choose to extend the creator’s Creation defines you much more completely than your sexuality. Think about it: the time anyone is actually sexually-engaged is quite small compared to all of the other things we spend our time with.

Be true to yourself and not necessarily the whims of neoliberalism except where they coincide with your own truths. god loves you and I the same. No one need interfere in your private life. No one has the moral-authority to interfere. We need only live and let live. That’s tolerance. That’s THE GOLDEN RULE. When, where, how, and with whom we ‘have sex’ is such a small part of our human-being as to resolve into nothing at all when compared to the execution of our life-purpose (to extend Creation). But neoliberals do not want us to look at things that way, because that is something they cannot exert control over, to subvert it, like they have with regards to the empowerment of women, or for that matter, Black Lives Matter, in order to advance their personal social vision; their ego, the ego of Wealth. DO NOT FORGET, that neoliberalism is a free-market philosophy. It promotes individualism, but enervates those who aren’t sharks. If you follow the Golden Rule, you will become poor. In the neoliberal world, the more capable you are to ‘smile as you kill‘, the closer to the top you will get. When something is all about money, it falls under the control of Wealth and the wealthy (duh!). There will be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. There will be ‘us and them’.

4-perceiving the value of everything in terms of GDP only. This would be fine if by formula, all income and earnings above a certain level (2 sigma beyond the mean earnings) were redistributed among those below 2sigma of the mean. That would promote more social inclusion than marching in a Pride Parade could. Stephen Harper said the digitizing of television would provide ‘more choice’ for citizens. Does anyone now actually believe that? In the day of the antenna and the early days of cable, I could watch a football game, a hockey game, a baseball game, a basketball game…the four that most sports fans would CHOOSE, only now, you need to pay for TWO SPORTS CHANNEL SUBSCRIPTIONS (TSN and SportsNet) in order to see all four. Whom does that benefit, Mr. Harper? IMO, the ones who are investing in those channels.

We sell weapons to nations who do murder to others.

Perversely, we even make children’s toys, cute and cuddly ones which look like the coronavirus…now it’s Halloween everyday of the year. What’s very scary is that someone actually thinks to create something like this and that people actually buy them. We may never be told about who is responsible for the pandemic. I am worried now, given the advent of omicron and that, after two years, that’s all we are reading about in the media (because it opens the door for opportunism in advancing social control and the further erosion of privacy on behalf of the State. [Hey, atheists! You deny the existence of an all-seeing, all-knowing god; but you facilitate the creation of an all-seeing, all-knowing, authoritarian State…um, wtf?

The list goes on and on. Do not forget about reconciliation and Indigenous women. If neoliberalists were serious about Reconciliation, they would offer the Indigenous provincial status of a distinct society, à la Québec and autonomy within their borders, if that is acceptable to the Indigenous.

Don’t forget that neoliberalism has brought us to the existential mess we are now up to our noses in. All in the name of profit, achieved on the backs of the vulnerable/those desperate to provide for themselves and their families.

Our creator has lit the path for us to follow out of this mess. We need only follow the ‘yellow brick road’, paved with the light of the creator; rather than material gold, itself being a facsimile of the creator’s light and therefore its allure to Wealth and human ego.

2 December 2021

Headline 1: Michigan Shooting Suspect Faces Murder and Terrorism Charges – How in the bejeezus can a 15-year-old be held accountable to murder, much less ‘terrorism’? I knew how stupid I was at 15, only, back then, none of us thought to bring a gun or a knife to school or anyplace else, let alone actually use them on someone.

If the young teen, who cannot possibly know how to process the World, the world we created for him, chooses to do something like this, out of the wide realm of possible ways to vent their ‘angst’ (we did crap of the mischievous sort; we never, ever looked for someone to put a hurt on), and if we of the adult world are serious about our children making it to the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, then it is time, right now, to hold up the mirror TO OURSELVES and see that what WE ARE DOING TO OUR OWN CHILDREN, or rather, allowing our Huxleyan SOCIAL ENGINEERS to do to our children (and to us, btw) is OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Am I clear?

I can never forget young Ashley Smith, who, as a 15 year-old got herself into the ‘criminal’ system by pitching crab apples at a police officer. She exited the penal system as an 18-years-old suicide in her JAIL CELL. Can you believe that?

I have edited-out all of the ‘F’-words. Even that word, one which John Lennon ‘immortalized’ in a song, no longer fits with the emotion I feel while recalling this egregious injustice, perpetrated by NEOLIBERAL POLITICIANS AND THE WEALTH THEY SERVE; those who value $ over anything and everything else, including THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

Our Huxleyan leaders have been assailing  the family institution for my whole life. They have invented and rolled out ingenious ways to keep the lower classes divided and weak and malleable as they continue to instantiate the operatives of Wealth for their enrichment and the operatives of division and exclusion to keep any social reaction/widespread disaffection at bay.

Therefore, in the generations to come, we will still be talking about eliminating poverty, about the widening gap between rich and poor, abortion rights, inadequate healthcare (except for those who can afford ‘enhanced’ healthcare to wit: what is necessary to heal and to preserve dignity), privatisation and two-tiering of what EVERY CITIZEN HAS THE RIGHT TO, being as they are citizens.

The trouble is, in the NEOLIBERAL world, if something doesn’t generate wealth/GDP then it is useless.

IT IS ONLY USELESS if a country is a profit centre; a business.

In that case, no one will pass the criteria of Thomas Jefferson/The Mahatma, because businesses dump their employees when they are no longer needed.

Openly fascist/totalitarian regimes such as China’s just do it.

Passive-aggressive neoliberal ‘democracies’ prefer a more ‘Fabian’ approach. Whenever they anticipate a negative reaction to their social objectives (enriching the wealthy/exploiting and enervating the poor), they find in- between steps, ones that have a bad taste but aren’t evocative of outright reaction of reversal.

For example: Women into the workplace and out of the home. OBJECTIVE: to double the labour pool, resulting in an automatic reduction of the wage/work ratio because of competition for jobs. To facilitate this ‘social’ initiative: Allow women to have ABORTIONS when pregnancy is not convenient to their careers/work schedules and DAYCARE to raise your kids so that you can devote yourself fully to work for the GOD OF GDP (the early Catholic church simply forbade their priests to have families of their own, in order to own them fully). Now, we have everyone working, no one fully attentive to their children and who truly loves the child the way only parents can…THE CHILD NEED ONLY FOLLOW THE RULES and everything will be okay…no kiss it better when you hurt; no hug to feel safe when you are scared; NO DIVERSITY except for the way THE STATE allows you to feel you are different – YOU EITHER ARE WITHIN THE RULES (and acceptable to ‘society’) or YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE RULES (and rejected by all of society).

We are in a binary world. Right or wrong. In or out. With the team or against the team. No in-between. Huxley to Harper to Trudeau(?). It seems like the PM too…I pray, on behalf of all Canadians, and on behalf of the World, our world, that our world embraces the legacy of Canada’s most ‘Canadian-in-spirit’ Prime Minister: a powerfully forward-looking and progressive military vision, to wit: peacekeeping.

Not content to ‘create’ peace that never lasts, Lester B. Pearson reimagined the military mojo in a new and wonderfully constructive way.

The nest step is to get rid of the U.N. Security Council institution and have the World’s military capability and usage under the U.N.’s purview.



To add value for the Wealth/GDP, we’ve allowed for ‘temporary foreign workers’ and for companies to recruit from overseas at will. Rather than train and retrain, we prefer the ‘quick-fix’ and damn the consequences afterwards. Their children will find it difficult to find work, when their time comes – and yet, rather than meet the migrant crisis head-on by welcoming migrants on a temporary basis as we compel, through whatever means necessary, the originating countries to shutoff the flow of migrants by taking care of their citizens rather than allowing their respective ruling classes to exploit their citizens, we do nothing  but talk. We watch them abandon their homes, get into leaky boats, imperil themselves and their children out of their desperation, a desperation fomented by their own ruling classes and the wars among the ruling classes).

The state runs roughshod over working families just as it did many years ago over Indigenous families. Now, it wants to drive the human out of the citizen. Oddly enough, this all gets presented in the name of ‘humanism’, which appears now to have been a movement intended to drive the soul out of the being created by god. That’s neoliberalism. That’s Fascism. That’s totalitarianism. That’s Xi’s China.

That’s also what we of western ‘democracy’ are becoming.

If you allow the child to drive the automobile then you and your family are bound for a crash. If you allow Wealth to govern, and the pursuit of wealth to be the highest ‘calling’ then you open the door to fascism/totalitarianism. This is the inevitable result of neoliberalism.

We are simply taking the long way ‘home’. We will find Xi’s China there already to welcome us.

That is, if we don’t destroy everything by going to war with China.

We are already at war everywhere. Soon we may coalesce into two factions, winner take all.

What is born of violence and hatred will preserve violence and hatred as social operatives. That is the World we have already, born of the hatred, lies, and profligacy of humanity’s ruling classes. This is because humans have been ruled by their ego SINCE THE TIMES OF GENESIS, when we left the Garden.

I don’t believe violent or in some other way catastrophic revolution is desirable or necessary. Look what happened to the Peoples’ Revolution in China or the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. They opted for the fast  track to totalitarianism, though the ostensible goal was ‘universal liberation’.

You at least have to hand it to the western wealthy classes, because they already knew this; therefore the ‘Fabian’ method.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, we of western ‘democracy’ are bound for the same destination.

It’s a slower train, that’s all. But we are all riding it.

30 November 2021

The World, our world, is lurching toward war. Corrupt government exists on both sides owing to the hegemony their respective ruling classes exert upon the citizens. The difference between the two sides is that one nation is no longer contented with being the ‘new kid on the block’ and aspires to dominate; while the other side, having been engaged in preserving the world order emerging from the ashes of WWII and invested heavily in manpower and money in keeping things that way, will not defer.

Headline: Chinese ambassador to Canada warns there is no room for compromise on Taiwan – why,  the new-kid-on-the-block has dropped the gauntlet – the Xi regime, using matter-of-fact language, now puts the West to the test with respect to human rights and constructing a new, inclusive world order, facilitated by and eventually under the auspices of the U.N.

China will welcome Canada to their side. Chinese companies will invest in Canada. Canada’s rich folks will be pleased; but only for a time. Once China has inserted itself into our national DNA, it will, COVID-like, spread itself and eventually take us over, if not in name, certainly in character.

We will be like the monster China is become.

They are a resourceful people. They are a resilient nation. They are a categorical totalitarian regime.

Is that what you want for Canada? Are our stupid wealthy people not yet convinced that treating China like a rational entity and continuing to do business with them (to coddle our dependency on the fulfilment of China’s role in the global supply chain rather than experience withdrawal) and appeasing them is only making the inevitable confrontation even worse for our side and better for theirs?

If Orwell were around today, he’d likely say, every government with an Executive Branch is behaving just like his pigs, with China being the closest facsimile. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR ‘PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION’. Exactly what happened to our ‘democracy’. PROOF that ‘us-and-them’ societies never work but are revealing of a society in steep decline, either into authoritarianism or utter chaos.

Neither is good. WE NEED TRUE DEMOCRACY. We need a true sense of community.

We need to make our stand AGAINST China, AGAINST Russia, and AGAINST all those who would dispense freedom and liberty according to convenience. That’s ego and humankind cannot survive under the thumb of ego.

FREE WILL is given us by the creator. Anyone born of the Earth Mother who denies the creator’s gift to others does so at their own temporal and eternal peril.

We need to draw and maintain a firm line: if China invades Taiwan, we put boots on the ground in Taiwan’s defense. If Russia invades the Ukraine, we must put boots on the ground in the Ukraine’s defense. Not to be lost among all of this, but we must also defend Israel from its enemies and ALSO FROM ITSELF. We cannot allow the Israel government to do to the Palestinians what China is doing to its Uighur population, can we?

Above all else, to our own selves we must be true.

It is not us wanting war. It isn’t the Chinese, the Russian, or the Israeli who wants war. No one wants war. We are at the precipice just the same BECAUSE WE ARE ALLOWING OURSELVES TO BE RULED BY EGO.

Our ultimate enemy is not China. It is ego. Xi’s ego, Putin’s ego, yada yada, the ego of ‘East’ v. ‘West’, you name it…when these die, their egos will die along with them, but the mess their ego’s left behind, the survivors, if any, will have to live in. Children will have to grow up in it.

What will emerge from the ashes of WWIII? Can anyone say?

H.G. Wells’ vision, conceived in the 19th century, is become less fantastic in our own times.

But, if we understand the operatives of ego, if we turn the light upon ourselves and perceive the shadow cast upon our souls’ light, a new world order will arise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of WWIII, and humankind will finally be ready to honour the war dead and the importunity of those who made the inscription on the St. James Cathedral Cross monument.

The inscription reads:

This cross commemorates the glorious sacrifice 

of those who gave their lives in the Great War 1914- 1918

and appeals to those for whom they died

to lay aside hatred and strife and to seek brotherhood and peace

under the banner of Christ.

This from the folks who experienced the carnage of war first hand, to our generation. It is for all peoples of all faiths. IMO, the ‘Christ’ being the ‘Word’ (of god) made ‘flesh’ has been instantiated multiple times for god to communicate his/her Word to multiple cultures.

It is the same Word coming from the same god, being as we have one creator. What changes is the FORM it takes, but not the CONTENT.

If we fight over religion, it is only because we are allowing our egos to rule us. It is a losing battle we fight in that case, because ‘form’ is not immutable. CHANGE IS IMMUTABLE. Change is a permanent feature of existence. Forms are made and broken asunder. If we fight to preserve forms, we fight a losing battle.

We must build upon Nature and its processes and operatives, not try to make them over into something of our own creation. What is created out of ego cannot persist for very long.

The Golden Rule was given to all the faiths. The operatives of Nature, albeit disrespected by the opportunistic, immoral pursuit of wealth (‘immoral’ because it is oftentimes pursued to the detriment of both Nature and community) and ignored, the Indigenous of the World, our world, appear among their elders to have retained their respect and it is to them we should turn for direction, not to wealth which has brought the World, our world, to a potentially horrifying impasse. Between the Indigenous and the Golden Rule, all cultures and all peoples can live together harmoniously.

We can heal the Earth together. We can help one another to heal.

Then we can look to the Stars. A boundless opportunity exists for us to explore, to learn, to encounter other beings, other cultures, and learn from them as they learn from us.

The goal? To reach the apex of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs en masse. Here, there is only enough of the consciousness of ego remaining to the individual in order for them to know who and what they are (identity) without derailing them from their true nature.

It is our nature to progress the originator’s light of Creation along its eternal arc to Forever. For as long as we extend Creation, each in our way, our path will be true, if not slightly bent, and we will arrive at our destination. To wit: the Source.

…and around and around we go…darkness shrinking from the light we cast and warming our creator’s heart.

I pray for peace. Let us all pray for peace.

Let us vow not to be the first to ‘cast a stone’ and instead heed the honourable folks of the War generations plea to come together under the auspices of the Golden Rule.

In war there are no winners. If war were able to produce anything of value, why are we at war everywhere today?

Let’s make our Stand.


We might even one day learn the truth about the origins of the COVID pandemic and maybe even bring those who gunned down JFK to justice, albeit posthumously.

29 November 2021

I read today about a pitcher who signed a 115M deal to pitch for 5 years. I dunno, but, as gifted as he is with a baseball, in no wise is tossing a ball worth that kind of money. Is it any wonder that tickets are so expensive or that TSN and Sportsnet split what they cover so that, to get all of what you used to watch on one channel, you must subscribe to both?

Is it any wonder we have a new class: the working-poor, or a new retail chains to cater to the shopping-poor? A far cry from the circles baseball players go around in, I’ll warrant. None of their kids are eating dollar-stores fare.

If ball players are paid that much money, no one poor will ever see a live game. They might not even see a game on television. They will be wandering along the street looking through barroom windows to catch a glimpse. Not so included, are they?  Very much excluded by the lack of dollars; even in Canada, with a Liberal government that is STILL TALKING ABOUT UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME while it promotes the notion of inclusion on every conceivable dimension, except income. If you are poor, no one sees you.

We have billions for military hardware. We have money to create magnificent downtown store façades. Folks can afford to be conveyed back and forth in limousines. Some folks can even afford to maintain multiple dwellings (of enormous size) for the odd time they are in those neighbourhoods.

BUT WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY FOR POOR PEOPLE; most of whom would rather work for their living and live in a comfortable, safe dwelling…their own personal space.

The trouble is, the wealthy want their own personal spaces too. LOTS OF PERSONAL SPACE. Whether they’re in it or not.

We are one people. We are one nation. The poor are more likely to die in defence of their nations than the wealthy are. Poverty exists because Wealth exists. IF the poor did not rise in defence of their nations, what would become of the wealthy of those nations?

It is time we saw this. It is time we respected this. NO SOCIETY may be characterized as ‘inclusive’ if poverty exists. No matter how much they talk…

‘The measure of society is how it treats its weakest members.’ Thomas Jefferson said this. The Mahatma said the same thing.

It is the truth.

If we style ourselves as ‘inclusive’ and we tolerate poverty, then we are hypocrites.

28 November 2021

Before delving into the news of the day, I want to make mention of a wonderful reference for your Covid-education arsenal – Can Covid-19 (coronavirus) spread through food, water, surfaces, and pets? courtesy of Mayo Clinic.

Now, the headlines.

Headline 1: Israel and Iran Broaden Cyberwar to Attack Civilian Targets

Headline 2: Taiwan scrambles to see off Chinese air force as Xi meets top brass

With all of the ‘wars and rumours of war’, multiplexed on top of the pandemic, extreme weather/climate change, and dangerously depleted ocean stock, can any doubt remain that we are at a point of inflection in human history; one of the existential sort?

I have a problem with my Bible. In the OT, ‘God’ floods the World, his world, because of our sinfulness. ‘God’ commands Abraham to sacrifice his own son, to prove Abraham’s loyalty. In the NT, ‘God’ commands Jesus to let himself be brutally murdered on the cross.

Does no one see that we are being duped; that the ‘God’ of the Old Testament might not be god the Creator; but rather a lesser being, whispering to us from out of the Shadow (of our ego), so that we cannot see who it is speaking to us? This is what the Gnostics believed. I’m starting to believe that too.

No one would ask for another to prove their loyalty by sacrificing their own offspring. That goes against god and Nature. A parent would die to protect their children. All species have this in common. The value of offspring goes beyond anything of personal value because the person won’t even value themselves above their children, that is, if they live in accordance with their nature.

In the OT and the NT, ‘God’ is demanding offspring. If it were god, would god violate his/her own ‘rules’ just to test someone’s loyalty? It is patently unnatural to kill or in anyway harm your offspring. No creator would demand that of his/her creation.

IMO, the Bible gets this wrong, or perhaps those who insist on interpreting the Bible this way are misled by the Bible and/or misinterpreting the Bible.

Throughout the Bible, ‘God’ is presented as a transactional being. ‘Do this, and I will give you that…Do that, and I will send you to Hell…’ That’s all ego. Ego is about control. About acquisition. About transaction.

IMO, we are in ‘Hell’ already. Where else do apparently morally-decrepit folks, bereft of all honour, earn whopping salaries in reward for their ‘disservices’ to human society and the World, our world? Where else do bozos like Xi, Putin, Israel’s govt, Iran’s govt…yada yada yada…come to being in the first place, only to cause more misery among god’s Creation? Where else would the investigation into a pandemic responsible for the deaths of  more than 5M people be resisted by a sovereign nation? Where else are ‘god-fearing’ people so ready to judge, condemn, and do violence to anyone who departs from their version of ‘God’, or  become so smugly enamoured with themselves as to say ‘we know the will of God because we know God better than anyone else who ever lived…?

IMO, if a bacterium can get up and explain Quantum Mechanics to me (and make me understand it!), then I will be able to accept that a human man or woman can tell me ALL ABOUT GOD. The scale might be about the same…

The truth is, if you were to read up on Biblical history and Christian history, you will discover there were many versions of the Bible books, plus many other writings which were not admitted into the biblical canon; also many competing versions of Christianity, among them Gnosticism. There was a battle among the early Christians on the scale of the one purported to have resulted in the fall of man. What we accept today as ‘inviolate truth’ is profoundly influenced by the ‘theological arguments’ and violent attacks upon St. Irenaeus’  ‘heretics’ during the early formative days of the Church.,

This is not to say god is not revealed in the Bible. ‘god’ the Creator is revealed in the Bible. The trouble is, many hands cooked up the Bible over the years; many clerical mistakes were made in the copying and many interpolations were made by folks in the service of the Emperor Constantine, who promoted Christianity to the level of state religion; institutionalizing it; guiding its ‘development’ along a certain path. Now we have more versions of Christianity than I can count, all from an ‘inviolable, immutable, unquestionable Biblical authority…all proof, IMO, that we need to back off on the condemnation and judgement we interpret the Bible to be calling for, and instead engage one another in discussion and sharing our mutual wonderment about god…that is what we all have in common and what we have and share in common is of the Creator, of the Creator’s love for Creation. Trust me, we will ALL benefit.

We need not continue to live in ‘Hell’ under the thumb of the ‘dark one’ who is speaking to our minds from the darkness within our skulls, where none of the light gets through, unless we are open to it.

That is where the ‘heart’ comes into things. The ‘heart’ is where the Holy Spirit resides, IMO. Feel Joy. Spread Joy. Joy is the highest attainable energy and state of being. WELCOME,  to the pinnacle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The Mind guided by the Heart is capable of extending the creator’s Creation in new and wonderful ways. All of this is felt in the heart of the creator and brings him/her joy because of the interconnectedness of all things.

None of this I get from the Bible. All of this I got from my mother. A woman given to creation and nurturing her creation. That is why I am thinking the god of everything is a woman and that the male impetus is required to give ‘form’, ‘instancing’ to creation; but then acts to constrain and preserve ‘forms’, running interference with the purpose given us by god the creator, to wit: to extend creation using free will.

We feel the drag of ego and of forms. We act at counter purposes with Creation’s primary operative in trying to preserve forms (look how much we spend on makeup and clothing and whatever to pretend we are still young!) when we must embrace change guided by the Holy Spirit.

That change is leading to humanity and the World’s happy denouement, the Return to the Garden; we need only keep our minds open and in communication with our hearts, and we will hear the unmistakeable Word of the Christ spirit, conveying the Mind and Heart of the creator to his/her Creation.

We need only stay on the beam of Light projected from the Big Bang coming together of the female and male impetuses. Pre-existing all forms are the female and male impetuses. These are eternal and unbounded.

It is humanity’s preoccupation with the male impetus (manifest by ego always, never by that which exists outside of the ego) that has brought the World, and our world, to such a sorry state as it now.

27 November 2021

Only a few days ago, I linked to an article which warned against ‘draconianism’ among municipal legislators. This morning, I am greeted with this, courtesy of TVO:

Headline: The Ford government should support Hamilton’s anti-sprawl decision – not thwart it – apparently, among the current spate of councilors serving Hamilton, SANITY REINS SUPREME.

The cancer is not aware that its policy of expansion will culminate in its own death. Our dear counsellors in Hamilton choose not to behave as tumours behave. The Ford government continues to behave at cross purposes with cohesion and growth over the long term, just to accomplish ‘growth’ (the way cancers grow) in the short term. [As for the provincial Liberals, if they don’t walk back this Public-Private-Partnership thing, especially with respect to Ontario Hydro and also the notion of further privatizing health insurance, then I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR THEM.]

If the Cons don’t revert to the progressivism and sanity of retired Senator Hugh Segal, I won’t be voting for them either.

As for the NDP – IF they combine family-friendly policies into their social vision and respect the atomicity of the family institution, and also pursue sanity wrt to abortion rather than declare, as a pack of ‘baboons’ would, the unborn  are not ‘human’ and therefore have no right to live their lives out; if they embrace our Indigenous folks as a distinct society such as our Québec brothers and sisters comprise within Canada, and if they see that social and environmental cohesion (to wit: learn and respect the operatives of social inclusivity and true integration of human processes with environmental processes, such that, as in Nature, ‘one man’s garbage is another man’s gold’, rather than our garbage poisoning other species…then I will vote for them.

If not any of the above, why, what to do? what to do? In that event, it would appear that I no longer have a choice because my choices have been restricted. This was the point of the editorial cartoon published when Clarke, Trudeau, and Broadbent were running against each other(if memory serves correct, but it might have been Stanfield?), each of them sitting, as turkeys, side by side on a tree branch, a hunter holding a two-barrelled shotgun standing below, his cap bearing the label, ‘Electorate’, the caption reading: ‘Three turkeys and only two shells…’

We are destroying Nature’s capacity to absorb our waste and tolerate our activities. This can only end very badly FOR US.

Nature will make a comeback. If we do not smarten up, it will likely happen without us…

But, Hamilton is showing signs of respect for life and no longer holds GDP growth as the superordinate goal, ‘damn the consequences’. I remember as a child in the backseat of my parents’ car, approaching Hamilton on the QEW and thinking it was raining there, the sky was brown-grey, seeming overcast, from the smelters. It isn’t like that anymore. Sounds as if they have a group of counsellors dedicated to keeping things that way, for starters, and healing what is damaged, preserving what is untouched. They have a great series of hiking trails in the neighbourhood too!

I have extolled the virtues of ditching daycare and LTC in favour of providing education and supports to family members so that kids and the elderly-infirm can remain in more familiar, more personal environments. Now that my surviving parent is getting to the point where they will require more intensive support around the clock, someone will need to be around 24/7.

The choice becomes, does the support live with the elder, or does the elder live with the support?

Faced with this prospect, with respect to my reservations against moving my parent into LTC, I find I am not of the mind I once was. This is important to understand; it is common to feel very strongly about this or that, to judge this way or that way; but then, faced with the situation, lo and behold! you reverse your position…

I’ve seen how good the young folks working at Welland Hospital have been with my parent and with the other patients, some VERY demanding of patience/understanding; without giving any back to their caregivers. I feel that my recent experience with my parent in healthcare is contrary to what I often read in the headlines. There are so many of them exhibiting a heart that never seems emptied of kindness and compassion, even in the face of unappreciation.

EXACTLY how my mom was with us and everyone else, every day. Despite the egos she lived with, she never seemed to run out of love. Her heart never imploded in the vacuum. As much as she gave, and this was monumental on a daily basis, her heart was filled again. Never ran dry.

This is proof of the Law of Giving. Of karma. Of the existence of the Tree, of god, of the Intelligent Universe…and proof for myself that if/when the time comes, my parent will receive kindness and compassion and understanding (hey, doesn’t that sound like the Prayer of St. Francis?) for the time, and that this will be good be good for my parent, myself, and my siblings. Fortunately, there is an LTC within easy walking distance and no trouble at all to visit every day.

Proof that Xi should listen to the Uighur Muslims and the Falun Dafa folks, rather than continue to exterminate their beliefs (or failing that, them). It is the blindness of his ego that motivates him to do this. It will mean the end of China’s ancient and wonderous culture, whether Xi vanquishes the West or is simply allowed to continue on his merry way to fascism/totalitarianism.

No human living would desire for themselves to live under the thumb of fascist dictatorship. Only the ones who aspire to total control want fascism for the people. That’s ego. Pure and simple. It is the spoiled child always getting their way. Pure and simple.

Give the spoiled child the keys to the family automobile (or the global status quo) and see what happens.

The parent must be firm with the spoiled child, for the GOOD OF THE CHILD, first and foremost.

Do not attempt appeasement with Xi and Putin. This will only mean greater catastrophe for all. We cannot know the outcome if we go to war; but we may be sure of the outcome if we do not stand our ground against Xi/Putin’s fascism/totalitarianism.

If the World, our world, and our children are to have a chance at a future, then the World needs to act now.

26 November 2021

Can anyone doubt that the World, our world, is in a mess? Just have a look at today’s headlines:

Headline 1: Variant Alert From South Africa Prompts Rush to Halt Flights

Headline 2: Ukraine President says coup plot thwarted involving Russians; Kremlin denies role

Headline 3: U.S. Lawmakers Meet With Taiwan President

All of these resolve into a ‘perfect storm’- à la Stephen King’s «STORM OF THE CENTURY» // Full Movie // Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Drama – YouTube; wherein the advent of a Natural disaster is opportunistically conscripted for its own purposes by a demon with one ‘hell’ of an ego problem!

And all of these ‘threats and rumours of war’ are superimposed upon a milieu of catastrophic climatic and environmental degradation, social division, widespread angst and disaffection…enough for all of us to run for cover behind the ‘shield’ of our egos; waiting for Winter to pass.

The trouble is, while we hunker down and hibernate within our heads, those who mean to do evil in the World, our world; those who choose, by virtue of their free will, to channel the darkness created between their ears rather than magnify the Light of the creator, which is all around us and inside of us too, why those people are advancing their diabolic, self-serving agendas.


It isn’t much of a reach to identify Xi with the archvillain of Stephen KIng’s The Stand, or of his Storm of the Century. [Aside: I sure would like to know who/what was responsible for the pandemic before COVID gets me!]

I also wonder at the politicization of the pandemic and am concerned that our ‘social engineers’ are opportunistically using the pandemic (and it looks like very soon a global war) to advance fascism and virtual reality (which will include ‘virtual democracy’ among its many expressions), in the way 9/11 opened the door to the Department of Homeland Security and the institutionalization of further government invasiveness in matters where they have no business, by misrepresenting the source of the threat while simultaneously ignoring the true sources of the threat…

…somehow, I am reminded of the misdirection around JFK’s being gunned down in the streets, the Warren Commission, and that, almost 60 years later, we still do not know the truth. Someone knows the truth. Someone could come out and tell us the truth. FOR 60 YEARS, THEY CHOOSE NOT TO TELL THE TRUTH. ‘They’ being our leadership.

And so, I am not confident we will know the truth about the pandemic, if it is an inconvenient truth for our ‘leaders’ to reveal to us rank-in-filers.

But we need to know. We need to make a stand. Our generation, like the war generations, must stand tall and face whatever threats are coming, because of the agendas of other nations/political philosophies and because of our own rulers. In democracies, ‘rulers’ STEWARD; they DO NOT aggrandize their wealth at the expense of the citizen BUT RATHER EMPLOY THEIR WEALTH TO THE COMMON BENEFIT OF ALL CITIZENS, themselves included.

The trouble is, in a world of ego, Wealth will forget this because it is the ego of Wealth directing our leaders. It is the ego of the citizen which becomes disaffected in reaction to the selfishness and self-absorption of wealthy folks. But the wealthy do not see how selfishly they behave, anymore than the rank-in-file citizen is aware of how selfishly we behave toward one another; how callous we are with respect to other people’s problems…because we are all blinded by our egos.

You gotta know, the way out of this mess, the way forward toward joy on all fronts, in every corner of the World, our world, is the pursuit of JOY, not the material. If the material guaranteed ‘joy’  then, will everyone experience life within the context of joy, as the creator intends, or only a few? If you do not already know the answer to that one, why, as resources dwindle and wealth concentrates, more of us will find out firsthand. We won’t like it.

The phase in which the World, our world finds itself today, right now, is, ultimately, a dangerous spiritual crisis. Ego is what weighs the human spirit down and blinds us to solutions coming from ‘on high’, to wit: the Universe, the creator, the higher-self, the ‘sub-conscious’…however you want to characterize it…ego casts a veil over the soul which blocks the Light of the creator/universe from entering in and benefiting us with its restorative power…

EVERY KINDNESS WE EXTEND, every time we invoke the Golden Rule, we incrementally thin ego’s veil upon our souls and allow more of the light to get through to our soul-‘battery’. In turn, the more energized we become with the creator’s highest energy – JOY. The joy of creation; in acquiring that, we have accomplished precisely what it is the creator hopes to achieve with his/her Creation – a self-perpetuating life factory/joy factory. This will in turn dilute the shadow through which we perceive the world around us.

Our creator has not given up on us. He/she has not given up on Biden, on Xi, on MBS, on Trudeau, on Ford, on anyone currently holding the reins among human society.

Being the most resourceful of the creator’s creations, it fell to us, by Nature, to be Stewards.

‘Hierarchy’ is a feature of Nature and humans are a product of Nature. Because ‘hierarchy’ is a feature of societies in Nature, the societies formed by humans will also be hierarchical. Maslow used the hierarchical model to map out how the individual proceeds to utter fulfilment, to wit: J.O.Y.

The highest spiritual attainment. Every soul born human, if permitted to navigate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to its highest level, self-actualization (this being what a Toastmaster Champion characterized beautifully as, ‘What you could be, so you must be’), will make a solid, indomitable ‘brick’ in the wall we build against the darkness of ego, wherever it threatens.

A society made of these bricks will likewise be indomitable and a generator of joyous energy. Life energy.

A World made of societies made of self-actualized individuals, why, that will be the Garden. We’re back!

Once we rediscover our mojo, once we no longer behave as a cancer and become PART OF THE SOLUTION once again, everything is back on the table.

We will heal the Earth. We will allow our numbers to shrink and that of other species to grow. We will base our jurisprudence on the Golden Rule; no longer upon the whims of Wealth. Honour will return to the world of humans because we will act according to our nature and not according to ego.

We will earn ourselves the time to develop the technology to move to the Stars, and we will thrive out there as well as at home, because we won’t be ‘metastasizing’ as the cancers we are now behaving as, inflicting the Earth Mother, we will be extending god’s Creation, humankind’s Tree of Life, outward;  growing and adapting and nurturing, as we encounter other species, other ‘Trees of Life’, on our progress.

You might not buy what I am saying, but, we are already living a fictional narrative suborned by Wealth. You can see already where that story is going to end up…we’ll go to war and the Anthropocene will end.

Rather than be miserable, why not imagine/expect a narrative of joy? We have a choice. No one but the god who bestowed it upon us can take that away. We can only give it away. The mind is, in and of itself, a powerful tool of creation – perception is reality for the individual. Why not buy into a narrative of Joy? Why not create our own narrative, rather than continue allowing Wealth to read us such a dystopic bedtime story, one that is only giving us nightmares…

…we could create for ourselves a new reality. I feel I can guarantee it.

The Golden Rule is our roadmap. We won’t get lost along that path.

We need only accept that right now, we have lost our way.

25 November 2021

It is with the most profound sadness  that I read this headline this morning:

At least 31 people are dead after a migrant boat capsizes in the English Channel – England blames France. France blames England. The truth is, we are all to blame. Every single one of us.

Because we allow this to happen. We allow governments to run roughshod over their own people, who imperil themselves out of their desperation to escape THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS in an attempt to come here for safety and the chance to make a living; this while we trade with, and enrich said governments. [Aside: Now we have one of those trading ‘partners’ threatening us, while pointing a gun in our direction, with ‘Armageddon’, which, owing to its perversity (‘perverse’ because of its desire to kill the ‘human’ in the HUMAN individual so that we cannot be ourselves, the way the creator fashioned us, ever again), is ludicrous: millions, if not billions, will die on both sides because of it].

It’s now Money over matter; rather than ‘mind over matter’. That’s what’s wrong with the World, our world. It is also the reason we haven’t yet gone to war even though, as time goes on, our ‘enemy’ is busy with increasing their chances of vanquishing us and could launch a preemptive strike…our side keeps talking, but, thankfully, is clearly communicating that an incursion into Taiwan or into the Ukraine will be met by the U.S. and its allies with an overwhelming, surgical response which will neuter the invaders’ combative capabilities. China will never be China again, at least, not the China Xi imagines. [Fortunately, the West is given to helping the enemy rebuild rather than subjugate/annihilate the enemy. What does anyone suppose Xi will do to us if he is victorious? The Uighurs and Falun Dafa folks already know.]

If the West vanquishes Xi/Putin and retains its cohesion while reinventing itself as truly democratic, rather than continuing to allow Wealth to offer THE PEOPLE a virtual democracy as ‘Wealth continues to rape the nation’s resources (not to mention enriching trading partners who use the proceeds of trade to build bigger and better toys to erase us and our culture with), the World, our world, will have been accorded yet another chance by the creator to get things right.

In this regard, very thankfully, our nation’s tribal elders are the key. Their ‘job’ is to REMEMBER. They will know the way back to the Garden. The Indigenous of the World, our world, must heed the advice of their Elders, as West must listen to their ‘elders’, to wit: the likes of Thomas Paine (this should be ‘self-evident’) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Lester B. Pearson, and the Great Soul, Gandhi, who said, ‘the measure of a nation is in how it takes care of its poor and vulnerable’ [paraphrasing].

I am praying that, rather than invite spontaneous mass destruction at the hands of the World’s war hawks, rather than endure more halfway measures by ‘moderates’ which only delay the resolution of the path we had chosen, while the effects deepen and further exaggerate, we do what is Natural. We listen to Nature. We organize our societies around the Normal Distribution with regards to wealth. We ensure, through taxation (because ‘taxation’ is the only effective way to redistribute wealth throughout the society’s ‘body’) that no individual, family, or demographic is ‘anemic’. We rebuild the family’s atomicity. We stop saturating the media and entertainment television with sex (in whatever form) and violence. WE STOP THE NEOLIBERAL ASSAULT on Faith because the State can only pretend at being all-knowing and all-seeing; whereas our creator is in fact all-knowing and all-seeing, because the creator IS THE TREE OF LIFE and we are some of its leaves. The creator knows us because the creator is us, only NOT JUST US, because he/she is all living things and all inanimate things to boot.

The creator’s purpose is our purpose. The overarching purpose is to extend creation. Instead we stifle creation by paving it over and polluting the bejeezus out of it. That is why I say we behave unnaturally, even with respect to ourselves. It is the world of ego.

We need choose to turn the ‘bombers riding shotgun in the sky into butterflies’ (the Monarch is my mom’s totem, btw) and our creator will surely accomplish the rest, out of love for his/her creation.

YouTube – Well, just when I thought I’d seen it all, I am greeted with a commercial advocating for a ‘smoke-free’ Canada, using rather strong, you have no choice language. The first words out of my mouth are not suitable for print, only for Prime Time.

Now, don’t get me wrong, not smoking is a great thing. There are a million reasons not to smoke. Very possibly, the majority of Canadians do not smoke.

Herein lay the internal threat to our ‘democracy’: in a nation of selfish neoliberalist individuals, the majority will simply pee all over the minority, extolling its virtues as they do, armed to the teeth with evidence to support what they do. What they do not do is RESPECT FREE WILL. This is not only undemocratic (it is a feature of Fascism…) it goes against a founding principle of the creator. Our god gave us free will.

The majority is quite willing to take the minority’s free will away. Canadian society was invented to protect minorities and free will. Free will is not carte blanche to do whatever you want, damn the consequences to other people, because ‘other people’ also have free will.

When one’s choices conflict with another’s, the two sides should meet and work something out. That’s inclusive. They way it is now, one side tells the other side what to do. That’s divisive.

For example, the St. Catharines no-smoking by-law in apartment buildings or on a unit’s porch is draconian.  There are more smokers than non-smokers, and so the law passes, and the elderly infirm are now obliged to take their walkers outside into the heat of Summer and the cold of Winter, rain or shine, every time they need a puff -our ‘majority’ doesn’t seem to care about things like that. Neither do the apartment owners. As time goes on, clearly the tenant has less and less rights, PARTICULARLY IF THEY ARE A POORER TENANT, and our current provincial government is helping to make it this way; but not only them -there’s the St. Catharines municipal bylaw…

Headline: Why Ontario must reform municipal codes of conduct – kudos to TVO for this article, and for many, many others. What a great channel/media source. Paikin, McGrath, et al. are a wonderfully informative bunch.

At one time, governments governed. They had vision. Now it seems governments exert control. Every time you look up, someone is making a new law. That’s fascist and that is what we are very slowly, very imperceptibly, morphing into.

Whereas China is direct about fascism; Western democracies appear to prefer a Fabian approach of gradualism. The Fabian method (so named after the Roman general, Fabius Maximus, who was famous for vanquishing the enemy at little cost to his own troops by avoiding the frontal assault.

The Fabian method has been applied over and over and we don’t even notice. It isn’t all bad thought. This method was used to get us to accept same-sex relationships. We were attacking folks for something which was none of our business, or concern; something squarely within the purview of the couples and the god who made them. In this case, Fabianism saved us from committing egregious crimes against people who only want to love and live, as we do. What has anyone to say of any value about that? Free will.

Another example: women’s liberation. I started out life with a stay-home mom; upon the closure of my mill and the end of my Kraft pulp & paper industry career, I had worked for a series of female bosses, from supervisor to department head to mill manager. Another positive change, because it respected free will.

Another feature of the fascist/egoic society is that folks attack ideas and ways, without offering an alternative. They’re just good at finding things wrong and jumping all over folks. At the end of the day, their solutions lack imagination, sensitivity, humanity…

I am guilty of the same thing, if I don’t offer an alternative to the St. Catharines smoking by-law. IMO, apartment units should be equipped with a properly ventilated smoking area, the dining room say, so that smoke doesn’t get into other units. Properly seal the units and smoke will not get out. Equip each unit with electrostatic air cleaners – good for COVID, good for neighbours…don’t force people to walk about the neighbourhood or hang out at the front door every time they want a cigarette, a pipe, or a joint for that matter. I don’t think, ‘taking it somewhere else’ is going to be welcomed by the folks who live ‘somewhere else’.

As for BBQing on the balcony, I dunno…be good neighbours. Accommodate one another instead of thinking you can have everything your OWN way in a more PUBLIC SPACE. The ONLY way for EVERYONE to have THEIR WAY is for no one be allowed to do anything.

The ONLY practical, workable solution is in the Golden Rule. Think in terms of accommodation and respect for others and folks in government can focus on building cohesion rather than increasing division.

24 November 2021

Remember to show respect to/for other people. Respect their persons, respect their feelings (listen, talk, but don’t say, ‘you are wrong!’). In today’s day and age, after decades of assault on the atomicity of the family in modern society, I even have a relative who has no children telling me that  I am wrong to feel this way.

The institution of ‘family’ is atomic. No one cares more or is more protective of offspring than their progenitors – that is determined by god and Nature, not by us.

The family environment is where children acquire the necessary social skills to get along with others who, like themselves, are not perfect. Had we continued to honour the family rather than attack, discredit, and destroy it, we would not today be so bogged down in ‘how to say something’ that we entirely discount the speaker’s or doer’s intent. We completely ignore the fact that we all have egos and that sometimes egos breach the surface; that no one is perfect all of the time…

…instead of focusing on forwarding our COMMON OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS we insist on infighting, on proclaiming things to be ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ without their actually being so…

…we politicize the bejeezus out of everything. EVERYTHING.

And we wonder that the World (our world) is in such a mess.

Drop the carefully crafted narratives. Turn away from political ideologies, whether they be ‘left’ à la neoliberalism, or ‘right’ à la neoconservatism/movement conservatism. EMBRACE god’s Golden Rule.

We need to govern for all citizens because all citizens call their nations ‘home’. MIGRANCY is an egregious crime. No nation can be a nation at all when it is so fractionated that migrancy could even happen.

Conversely, the nations that open their borders to migrants and who actually accord them equal standing with domestic folks, to wit: welcome them as citizens; why, those nations exhibit respect for the Golden Rule and I am betting our creator is feeling very happy about those nations and is bursting at the seams to help them. As for those nations that opportunistically politicize and abet migrancy to advantage themselves of cheap, quality labour, why there is an insidious vein within their democracy, one that is not conducive to long term social cohesion. That vein is the result of burgeoning wealth inequality, to the degree where it fractionated one national society into two ‘nations’.

A divided nation is a body inflicted with cancer. Cancer always acts at counter purposes to the body. It expands itself using the body’s resources, to the point where it kills the body and in the doing, kills itself.

We need to walk back our ‘social’ initiatives. A political philosophy that advocates individualism as the  atomic social unit by nature conduces disunity. It undermines cohesion. Our natural state, this being determined for us by Nature and god, is community. Even Maslow says so.


Let’s all pray for cohesion. Let us all pray that Xi, Biden, Putin, and our dear PM et al. in Ottawa permit themselves to be guided by the Golden Rule and not by ego -personal or national, religious or political, but rather by the Light which the creator has placed inside EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.

If humanity is a ‘tumour’ inflicting the Earth Mother, let it be ‘benign’. Then let us look to reducing the size of the tumour, so that the Earth Mother – life factory can do what SHE DOES BEST: giving and nurturing.

We must reduce our numbers. We must tolerate negative GDP. This does not mean we will starve, freeze, whatever…it only means less money for the wealthy who own more and more of the ground we walk on as years go by. If we do not, we will first fight amongst ourselves over dwindling resources and then we will go to war and destroy one another.

That would be ego’s way to reduce our numbers. We could also choose to do so proactively, by restricting family-size…

It is the World’s (our world’s) time. We are come to a point of inflection, where there are only two options: we go up or we go down.

What will we choose? What will our leaders choose for us?

I pray that we are all guided by the Golden Rule.

YouTube – I began watching a video entitled, ‘Poking the Panda’. It is an episode of ’60 Minutes’ Australia. I used to watch the American show of the same name; a very good news program that did it’s dandiest to be factual. And so, I tuned into the Australian version expecting the same thing…

Not far into it, the program avers that China has the biggest military in the World. This raised my eyebrows, because up until now, I had only read that the U.S. has the largest military and that China was poised to take them over by 2030.

I’ll be taking what the Australian version reports with a grain of salt; it may, at times, fall to reporting of tabloid quality. You can read about the show here. Whatever you read on the Internet or hear in the media, it is important, as America’s first movement conservative president famously said, to ‘trust but verify‘. This is more crucial now than ever before because some of our new outlets have fallen to sway opinion with reporting that is heavy on interpretation and opinion without a commensurate level of fact.

Now, the U.S. and the West enriched China by integrating it into the global supply chain; they capitalized on the lack of environmental and worker safety controls by SHIFTING WESTERN PRODUCTION AND WESTERN JOBS to China.

Our leadership was smart enough to accomplish all of that, how is it they were so incognizant as to not see what China was doing with all that money?

Now there is this big crisis with China…

23 November 2021

Headline 1: Throne speech a ‘vision statement’ of big priorities that need results ASAP, government official says – following the preamble wherein the purported urgency is itemized:

‘A roadmap for the 44th Parliament, the throne speech to be read by Governor General Mary Simon will sound an urgent chord and call on all parties to act swiftly.

“It’s the vision statement of what the big priorities are that parliament needs to deliver results on ASAP,” said a senior government official.’[excerpted from the Toronto Star article].

The very. next. line.: 

‘After a five month parliamentary break…’

Does anyone not get a sense that our political leaders and our media which reports on their doings are simply and shamelessly engaging in self-promotion (at our expense) by making ‘mountains out of molehills’ with respect to their ‘accomplishments’ and ‘concerns’, to keep us both distracted and hopeful, while they look for ways to provide the minimum material support we poorer folks require to keep us quiet for long enough to tighten the noose around our collective necks, in only a few more generations? If things are that urgent, how does a FIVE MONTH BREAK figure into things?

The Liberal government is doing many things right; however, the socio-political philosophy/vision they appear to motivated by, ‘neoliberalism’, will also mean the end of civil liberty, one day in the near future.

Evidence-based policy development will lead to a Brave New World. The carrot we are following is, ‘if policy is based on INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT, we cannot go wrong.’

The trouble is, we almost NEVER HAVE ALL THE FACTS. To believe that we do is to invite disaster upon ourselves (btw, same thing goes for playing around with the human genome). The pandemic has plainly shown this. We still don’t know how it even started. We do know that China’s Xi sought to cover it up initially, compromising the rest of the World’s, our world’s, response. Withal, our parliament took a 5 month long breath of fresh air then shamelessly blows its own horn, saying, ‘Look here! Look how fast we can respond to major challenges…’ This, I presume, to build trust in their leadership among the populace, when in fact, they continue to obfuscate and undermine working people and the poor.

All of the supports our Liberals provided were ultimately motivated to keep the business ‘infrastructure’ intact; ready for the end of the pandemic and a global economic rebound…they invested to be ready to make hay when the Sun comes out again. If this is not so, how is it that someone in my position never qualified for pandemic benefits?

I was looking for work before the pandemic. I was nearing retirement age and, I realize, I was competing with younger folks for the same jobs. Perhaps, despite my letters of recommendation from two past employers, I was not a good hire? dunno. I did my best at work and was always conscientious about providing accurate test results to operations folks…still, I cannot say.

What I can say is, I (and people in similar circumstances) was at a greater disadvantage obtaining work than folks who lost their jobs directly to the pandemic.

The fact that the Liberals attached stipulations to qualifying for worker benefits that effectively ruled out the chronically unemployed as well as the ‘unemployable’ is what irks me.

I would have happily given of my time picking up garbage around the community, putting empty bottles in recycle bins, whatever…I do that anyways, on my walkabouts…for a few dollars more.

But the Liberals shut off the faucet after the corporations, private employers, and folks who just lost their jobs got something, and just before it was our turn.

If, among the policy initiative our Liberals announce today, there is not one for Universal Basic Income(UBI), I will not vote Liberal.

If the NDP does not explicitly state that they will not prop up a Liberal minority government UNLESS UBI is a feature of their ‘roadmap’ of the 44th Parliament, then I will not be supporting the NDP.

I’m not sure who that leaves. I now believe I should look into Greens again, but, again, last time I looked, there seemed to be too much of the neoliberal in that party’s platform as well. Neoliberalism -> Brave New World, IMO.

You can find out all about Universal Basic Income here. It appears that a bill was in the works and then killed when the September 20 election was called.

Headline 2: Contending with the pandemic, Wealthy Nations Wage Global Battle for Migrants – Oh! So Canada’s acceptance of migrants was based on the needs of Wealth, not the migrants? If they were so desperate for workers as to turn the crisis of and for migrants into a ‘labour pool’ of cheap, qualified, and hard-working temps, why not just hire out of our domestic ‘labour pool’, to wit: the unemployed?

p.s. I am watching the CBC Throne Speech coverage, live, through YouTube. I’ve only just tuned in, but so far, I have heard no mention whatsoever of UBI. Not from the pundits (Coyne, Raj, Hebert) or from anyone they interviewed.

I so want to believe in Justin Trudeau. I fear that something significant has been lost from one generation to the next.

Right now, I’m waiting for our Governor General, Mary Simon, to read something relating to Canada’s poor.

Update: Our GG just read the priorities, among which was, ‘ensuring our communities are safe and inclusive.’

There is no greater barrier to inclusion than P.O.V.E.R.T.Y.  hello?

Oh, but there will be support for Mental Health; just no support to eradicate the root causes of mental pathology; poverty being at the top.

I worry for the migrants. They were evicted or escaping from under the thumb of their respective ruling class, only to be welcomed by the ravenous ruling classes of the receiving nations. Those ruling classes are already dumping on their own less-wealthy citizens. They opportunistically use migrants’ desperation to make a living for themselves and their children.

In the end, they will end up just like the rest of us. For as long as they are useful to increasing Canada’s GDP and Wealth’s share of it, migrants will be applauded by governments, the media, and Wealth, who influences democratic governments unduly and owns the media.

I had to shut the Throne Speech off. For the umpteenth time, the government is using the same talking points. All sound wonderful, if you are able to ignore the fact that the government is encouraging division by sounding alarms such that they are calling molehills mountains, using all of the current buzzwords, but at the same time omitting ANY MENTION AT ALL OF THE GREATEST SOCIAL ANATHEMA WE FACE, one which aggravates the symptoms the government’s ‘priorities’ are averred to target:


22 November 2021

Headline: Ontario PCs breaking election promise to restore Auditor General’s ad oversight power – our dear cons know they cannot get elected on the basis of how they govern – because they don’t want to govern. But they do want to influence policy to ensure their wealth continues to grow. They want to influence government policy for their own benefit. Their god is Wealth. They worship wealth. Anyone with wealth, and, even better, knows how to generate more wealth, is welcome to their special club.

I likely won’t vote Liberal for Ontario either. I agree with many things, however, I don’t agree with Private-Public Partnerships in areas serving the common weal. Hydro is one. We are shifting to Green, and just before we do, the last cohort of Liberals (McGinty-Wynne) sell off a chunk of Ontario Hydro to private interests…just before the market for electricity makes a quantum expansion. Unless the new would-be Liberal Government of Ontario promises to reverse the sale of Ontario Hydro and other privatisation initiatives, and to ditch the privatisation agenda altogether, I won’t be voting Liberal provincially.

If we do not act now, in a few generations, Wealth is going to own everything and the Commons will be anything but.

I’m watching the NDP in Ontario because for me, they are the only alternative remaining, provincially or nationally, unless the Ontario Liberals tame their enthusiasm to privatise/two-tier the services which all citizens, rich and poor alike, are in need of.

21 November 2021

While Xi and Biden decide upon their next moves (praying they invest in something more constructive than hypersonic missile delivery systems, say)…

Headline 1: U.S. admiral warns of China threat and urges allies to train and work more closely – alright already, is there anyone today who knows the definition of ‘appeasement’? It didn’t work back in the 1930’s, it resulted in the horrific kettling and murder of 6 million Jewish men, women, and children.

The parallels between Nazi Germany and Xi’s China are astounding. Multiplex this with some disturbing similarities between Donald Trump’s ‘neo-republican’ (aka alt-right) ethos and that of Adolf Hitler’s devilish ingenuity in capitalizing on widespread disaffection and angst to catapult the Nazis from a fringe party into forming a national government, with a lot of German engineering ingenuity at his disposal.

We all learned, to the tune of 75 million dead, not to appease anyone like Adolf Hitler.

China is doing many things, on many fronts, and doing them extraordinarily well. So far, so good.

But China’s government, no longer occupied with establishing iron-fisted social control at home, (this now fait d’accompli), is ravenously eye-balling its neighbours, their wealth, and building infrastructure right now to facilitate its control over the entire region.

Not only is China illegally building infrastructure in the South China Sea and militarizing them, they are already testing hypersonic missile technology which, the CBC article says, can deliver a payload to anywhere in the World, our world, in  minutes.

We need to understand that Xi is not going to stop. The more we bend, the more Xi will push. It is inevitable that ‘push will come to shove’.

IMO the most likely to occur is an ‘accident’ wherein one side shoots down a plane belonging to the other side, or something other, perhaps unintended. But even this will in and of itself not be enough…

…underpinning the decision to go to war, IMO, is if either side perceives a technical advantage over the other side; enough to vanquish the other side.

If we appease China’s Xi, we accord them time and opportunity to do just that. Our wealthy folks already enriched China’s regime to bankroll its military buildup. We also educated their scientists and engineers to help with the development of military hardware, cyber technology/cyber-warfare…are we just going to continue with our self-martyrdom? [p.s. I am still waiting for the truth about the origin of the COVID-19 virus.]

If we go to war with China, many of us will die. I am a senior, but I am in good enough shape to hold and point a rifle at my Canada’s enemy. I would rather die than live in the kind of society that Xi imagines for me (but not Xi) to live in. I do not aspire to live under the ego of Xi anymore than I do the ego of Wealth.  Ego is ego. Ego seeks control over others. Ego is not equipped to care about others. Which side of the Holy Spirit do you suppose ‘ego’ exists on? Which part of the Golden Rule do you believe ego follows?

If I am going to acquiesce to the ego of anything, it is the ego of the creator. Ours and Xi’s creator gave us and Xi free will. Free will is the very thing, the Xis and Trumps of the World, our world, and the Hitlers before them, hope to extinguish among the ones they govern.

The more your ego aligns with theirs, the more you are materially rewarded. You will live better than the ones your lifestyles doom to poverty, but when you die, you will die like all the rest, just as you enter the world like all the rest. Wealth will not save you from death.

When we first arrived in the Garden, we were in balance; internally, externally, and best of all, ETERNALLY. Our light, that which is encased in the shell of our bodies, was projected forth from the Big Bang and the light continues to move outward, bending slightly back in on itself, eventually forming a circle. The Circle of Light is the Circle of Life.

I have heard it said that America is waning and that China is on the uptick. For my part, I’d rather go down with America’s sinking ship than stay afloat with whatever China’s Xi imagines as a life for me. I know Xi will want to live a different life than the one he plans for me, and I have no respect for a leader like that, not to mention a life like that!

America arose in reaction to oppression. So did modern China. The difference is, whereas America sees the need for, and pursues global cooperation and equality, China’s Xi seeks only to dominate.

I don’t know Xi from a fly on the wall. Neither do I know Biden. But despite America’s waywardness over the years, especially with things like the Bikini Islands and before that, Wounded Knee, their nation, national vision and Constitution arose in reaction to oppression. Their founders imagined a nation based upon e pluribus unum, a nation of individuals free to pursue their dreams; ready to come together and rise to its defense.

I am the friend of America and of all Americans who remain spirited as their founders were spirited. In good times and bad. These are the times that try men’s souls, my favourite American writer once said.

Headline 2: Top Ukrainian official says more support needed as Russia masses troops near border – the Ukrainians are digging in. They will need our help. Russia and China appear to be moving in lockstep. ‘War makes for strange bedfellows’. Yes indeed. Apparently, Putin hates Xi less than he hates Biden et al. IMO, these two bozos will not prevail against the West because ‘right’ is still on our side, or rather, we are still on the side of ‘right’, and god, the One who managed to create us without Xi’s knowledge, that one will not abandon to the darkness of Xi’s ego the World and the people he/she created. Right now, Xi is feeling very full of himself with the power he is responsible for projecting to the world. But is is illusory. It has not been put to the real test. Hitler must have felt that way too, c. 1940. But by 1945, he was holding a pistol to his head in a bunker as the Allies closed in on him. So much for world domination.

Xi could position China to be a major contributor to humanity’s healing of the Earth Mother and our venturing to the Stars. Instead, he aspires, à la Hitler, to be the King of the Mountain. Xi is building a Hell for himself. That’s the downside of ‘ego’: You reap what you sew. Karma. Xi doesn’t care about that either…the notion of karma is a gift of the Eastern philosophers. Xi is not true to himself if he is not true to Chinese tradition and culture. He will destroy China. Lucky for China, the West will then help them rebuild and be a PARTNER in the world order, rather than subjugate China.

‘God should often wonder who is on his side!’ says Richard Harris as Cromwell. Aye…and those folks are all over the World, our world, in every place. They might not worship god the same way as Cardinal Collins, say, but god knows them too BECAUSE WE ARE ALL PART OF GOD. We have all that we need to keep our light shining forth and vanquishing the darkness that menaces hard upon. Even the tumour Xi is creating…you know how god will react to anything that threatens his/her creation.

p.s. It’s Sunday! Cardinal Collins of St. Michael’s in Toronto delivered a wonderfully pertinent and poignant sermon today. I hope Xi et al. will watch. ‘Totalitarianism’ is on his menu today.

Soon, I am going to look for a church to attend. It might not be a Catholic Church (it would be, if I were living in Toronto! ). It will be a Christian church, but only because I grew  up in the Christian tradition. For my spiritual enlightenment,  a Synagogue, Mosque, or Temple would serve just as well…any portal to the creator will be a place where I feel comfortable and close to god, because the place is dedicated to god, and anyone there will be there for the same reason I am. Perfect.

20 November 2021

A plea to Xi, Biden et al. :

We have two options. We may choose to be a part of the problem, OR, we may choose to be a part of the solution. The problems are:




climate change

lack of honour

the perverse intervention of the State into the family.

It is the ‘family’, not the ‘individual’ which must form the atomic social unit, that is, if you really want to build COHESION in your societies. Else, you will have only individuals forced together by external pressures, always threatening to break out or undermine the status quo. With cohesion, you will achieve inclusion…with that you are united in the face of any existential challenge to the nation.

Choose on all fronts to be part of the solution, resist contributing to the problems, and…

‘All’s well that ends well.’

Have a great day!

19 November 2021

Opinion: Rather than reconfigure Parliament, or change to Proportional representation from First Past the Post, why not change things at the riding level?

As an example:

Today there is news of an RCMP intervention to remove a Wet’suwet’en blockade to stymie construction of a natural gas pipeline to Kitimat, B.C. There have been 15 arrests, among them Wet’suwet’en elders. According to the article appearing in the Toronto Star, the Hereditary Chiefs oppose the pipeline while the tribal councils support it.

There is division among the Native Peoples on the pipeline issue. If there is division among them, faced with a united front from Canada, well, anyone can see the imbalance and that as time passes, division and consternation will compound and this will lead to more arrests and not a whole lot is accomplished, going forward. The Native position is weakened with respect to Canada’s position such as it is rendered by the government. In the end, rightly or wrongly, the government will get what it wants. Rightly or wrongly.

To ensure ‘right’ outcomes, the Native position needs to be ‘black-boxed’, a computer term to describe how a specific program interacts with programs that are external to it. In the black box model, programmers seeking to use the program of note need only concern themselves with that program’s outputs. They do not concern themselves at all with how the program of note produces its outputs.

If  they were, they’d need to be experts in an area they know little to nothing about, plus have to anticipate and make provision for myriad situations. The complexity is compounded exponentially, whereas, when things are black-boxed, the programmer need only deal with the set of possible outputs. The complexity is reduced commensurately.

Division stymies because complexity stymies.

Here’s my thing:
What if, there were a ‘sub-parliamentary’ institution created for Canada’s Native peoples? However they set it up, it’s membership and perspective would reflect/provide the unified perspective of the whole Indigenous populace of Canada. It is here they would debate and develop a consensus upon the basis of which they direct their negotiators. The outcome at this stage, is unity and one voice, with which the government of Canada directly negotiates.

Canada might consider setting up a similar institution for all of the francophone peoples across Canada. The French folks who happen to live outside of Québec have special aspirations and requirements too. They did not leave those behind when they ventured beyond Québec’s borders to make a life for themselves and their families.

I don’t believe this will obviate the need for regional representation in the Senate, because we need the Senate. The Senate is part of a bicameral parliament, and IMO, does its best work when it functions as our Native peoples’ elders might…as the ‘chamber of sober second thought’.

How might this be setup? Well, the devil is in the details, like always. I am thinking right now that there may be opportunity to form or add several sub-parliaments, institutionalized on the basis of cultural identification. We have English-European, French, and Native cultures plus myriad others. The three aforementioned have special status as ‘founding peoples’, since the society we have today is the outcome of European colonization interactions with Canada’s Indigenous.

The representation in Parliament is determined by FPP/national elections, of course.

The representation in each of the sub parliaments is determined by election held among the respective peoples. In this way, all voices can be heard and all peoples can be directly involved in determining what happens to them.

The devil here is, what happens if a sub parliament puts forth a policy or position that is not accepted by National Parliament? Perhaps here, our national ‘elders’, to wit: the Senate, can act as arbitrator, and seek a compromise position between the two sides?


I do know we need a system to ensure the representation of perspective in Parliamentary democracy. If, for example, there were only ultra-rich folks in Parliament, as well meaning as they might try to be, they have no life-experience as a poor person, a worker, frontline healthcare staff, life on Reserves…To really know what you are talking about, you must experience it first. You can listen to someone describe the experience of eating peanut butter off a spoon, but, if you haven’t done it yourself…why, that’s why we need perspective. We need to walk in the shoes others wear.

I do know we need to improve our system so that we can get things done as efficiently as possible with little waste of time and effort.

This is a discussion for and of the ages. If we can introduce ‘cultural representation’ in our system of government and make it work, we will have effectively created a microcosm upon which the U.N. can reconfigure itself in order to bring the perspectives of the wonderful cultures of the World, our world, to bear upon what goes on in the World, our world.

This will no longer be a world that kowtows to the egos of the powerful of the day, but one which serves and supports the ongoing evolution of humankind, one powered by diversity, this being one of the Creator’s creative operative.

Right now, it appear the powerful are content to provide us with a virtual reality suborned by 5G and all of the ethereal happiness that ‘virtual’ can provide without any substance, rather than settle for less money, less power, less frivolity and political baloney; so that more substance is available to everyone else. Clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and to frolic in, and an Earth Mother not scabbed over with asphalt; allowed to breathe and to heal and recover her life-generating vitality.

The Earth Mother, like all moms, is a life-giver. Without the life giver, we are lost. Creation is lost. While we ‘invest’ in mining the crap out of whatever the Moon and Mars and the asteroid belt can do for our GDP, let us invest in our Earth Mother’s full recovery, rather than continue to exploit her.

That way, we’ll be around for a long, long time yet, and we’ll have plenty of time to think of better ways to venture out into ‘the Final Frontier’. Who knows?

In the meantime, first and foremost, we must reduce our numbers. If we don’t embark on universal population controls now, a dystopian future is guaranteed.

Control by attrition/limiting births to one child per woman globally. This will mean a negative GDP for a long time, as numbers ‘half’ from one generation to the next, until we get down to around a billion people globally.

If we are 8B right now, next generation would be 4B; the one after that, 2B; then 1B from then on as we relax controls to 2 kids per woman. these numbers could be koo-koo, but the process isn’t and it will lead to progressively greater reduction of stress upon the environment that supports us and allow for it and many endangered species to make a resounding comeback.

We will not require any other significant changes. We won’t have to mothball fossil fuels entirely, but only where it makes sense. Same goes for introduction of green energies…only where they make sense. The latitude we afford ourselves and future generations, all will greatly appreciate; this rather than having to react to things driving us over the cliff, like climate change is threatening to do, and scrambling for solutions while we fight among ourselves owing to competing economic interests.

If we focus on population controls as our 2030 target, our 2050 target, all of those other targets that we keep losing ground on will all be achieved as a matter of course. WE ONLY NEED AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. It isn’t expanding GDP, it is quality of life that is most important to our existence, as a person, a nation, a species. There is great opportunity in this.

As my dear old dad would say, ‘Amen’.

On another front, Kyle Rittenhouse Live Updates – KR has been found ‘not guilty’ of killing two men and injuring a third. This is object proof that guns should not be allowed on the streets and that anything other than a traditional, one-shot, hunting rifle cannot ever be owned by citizens UNLESS someone figures out a way to ensure the weapon cannot fire anywhere but on a club range (for hobbyists) and in regulated forest areas.

GPS technology is such that I don’t see why this isn’t already the case. Please write in if you know. Of course, all current guns will need to be retrofitted or trashed. At the local community level, governments might offer to buy back guns, no questions asked. There could be some opportunism on this front, but no one will be shot because of it.

Let’s face it: if a gun exists, the chance now exists that someone will get shot and killed. If WMDs exist, and one of the nations in possession of them begins to lose a war, they will be used.

In either case, there is no potential for their misuse if they do not exist.

18 November 2021

China: Let’s face it. With all of the integration of China into the global supply chain, China’s government chose to invest in a provocative military buildup rather than to invest in quality of life and infrastructure within its own borders. They mean to be something other than a ‘global citizen’, yet we trade and talk as if Xi is not our enemy; that we and Xi can actually work together as friends. Hasn’t the World, our world, already been through something like that with Adolf Hitler’s Germany?

Let’s face it. Without a U.N. global government leveraging a standing military greater in its power and reach than any one nation’s own military, the World will continue to be at war. Everywhere.

Without the abrogation of the Security Council, the U.N. can never be democratic, and the powerful nations of the World (our world) will continue to run things. And nothing will change.

[The same goes for national democracies. For as long as they have an Executive with a ‘Party-Whip’, instead of having MPs representing the people, you have MPs serving the Executive -the ones with real power or are serving those with all of the money and the real power].

The NDP support for the Liberal Minority Government: Yes. Make their support dependent upon the Liberals bringing into being a National Guaranteed Basic Income. You can bet, if Canada were to implement an UBI (Universal Basic Income) Wealth’s taste for foreign workers (leaving domestic workers and young people entering the workforce out of school on the sidelines) will end, because with UBI, what Wealth saves in retraining costs and in importing workers at lower wages and poorer working conditions than domestic workers are accustomed to, will be taxed away from them to pay for them and their children when Wealth no longer has use for them. UBI will change immigration policy because it will affect Wealth’s returns. Best way to control Wealth is to appeal to their ‘bottom’ lines, since it is with their ‘bottoms’ they appear to be thinking…otherwise, why do we now have a problem with China?

Let’s all hope for the best. Optimism is the only operative strategy. Pessimism is self-fulfilling.

Let’s all keep to the Golden Rule. We all know in our hearts, what others need, and others know what we need, without even asking(like moms always seem to know), or us telling, because we all need the same things: safety, community, shelter…all the way up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to the apex: ‘Self-actualization’ which is where the human soul breaches its ego-container and exists fully in the Light. What a beautiful world that is, I’ll bet. It’s one we live in as young children and what we catch glimpses of in our own young children. That’s the ‘Eden’ we all left and to which we are all going to return.

And, let us be resolved to stand fast and to not be the first to cast our stone…toward one another, or toward any other nation; but to come to the aid of those oppressed and barred from Maslow’s ‘vision’ by the powerful, whether they be individuals or nations.

Headline: The AP Interview: Meng Hongwei’s wife slams ‘monster’ China – a quote from the article:

‘But Meng Hongwei, the former Interpol president, has now vanished into China’s sprawling penal system, purged in a stunning fall from grace. And his wife is alone with their twin boys in France, a political refugee under round-the-clock French police protection following what she suspects was an attempt by Chinese agents to kidnap and deliver them to an uncertain fate.’

…and we are talking trade and cooperation with Xi’s bozos? Seriously? What needs to happen now is for the World to make a stand against Xi, Xi’s  perversion of China’s cultural greatness and humanity, and against those who share the same sort of vision. As I recall, the China of today grew out of a people’s revolution. Now look at them…wtf? hello?

Putin is an ‘enemy’. Every time he acts up, say, orders the murder of a dissident, it’s all over the news. Conversely, MBS is an ally. I’m not reading much about the progress of justice for Jamal Khashoggi or his poor fiancée left standing at the gates of the embassy, her heart filled by the prospect of a joyous future, never to see her love again, are you?

Who is running the show in the West if money and not propriety (aka ‘honour’) determines the value of human life, human relationships, or how much liberty to navigate Maslow’s hierarchy to the very top we are allowed?

13 November 2021

Headline: Critics say McKinsey’s work for both Chinese companies and the Pentagon poses potential security risk – Jesus. H. Murphy. Someone’s profit-pursuits is responsible for opening up yet another avenue of existential peril – all for a few dollars more. Whereas the spaghetti western of that name was serious fiction, the mores, values, aspirations of the World’s current spate of ‘leaders’ amount to tragi-comic farce. We have come to a dangerous place, because of human greed.

There is nothing but narrative (provided courtesy of Wealth) to support the current institutional and operative structures of our World, on either side of the political divide. But story-telling does not feed people, clothe people, shelter people, nor does it keep them safe. Political will and action (not continued talk and corporations reminding us in their advertising of how much they are doing for us ‘little people’ and their kids, while they pay poverty-wages) are necessary to  accomplish those things.

We allowed all of this to happen. Our leaders have concocted imaginative and effective ways to divide us, neutralizing our political influence (by ‘us’ I mean, ‘the people’), while proclaiming the value of ‘diversity’ – Y.E.S.! for the ruling class, ‘diversity’ means ‘division’ and ‘division’ means disunity and political weakness.

But if we rank-in-filers cannot even respect the privacy, happiness, and quality of life of the folks we share our communities with, then new leaders end up just like the old leaders…’meet the new boss, same as the old boss...’ because the new leaders are drawn from…the people. That’s us. It includes the Mount Olympian-class but is NOT RESTRICTED TO THEM.

We need participative democracy. First-past-the-post is not the problem with our democracy. It is the pervasive lack of participation beyond that of reading what the pundits think. We need to know facts, and allow ourselves time to formulate our opinions based on those facts; rather than echo the opinions of the pundits. We need to know where we are going if we are driving. Right now, we are all sitting in the backseat while business folks are doing the driving. We can see that corporations/wealth investors don’t know where the road they are driving is leading to either, as the news of McKinsey and China plainly illustrates

‘…they talk about law and order,

but it’s all just an echo of what they’ve been told…’

Let us rein in the Monster, now, while we still have time. We need to move forward; to do that, we need to have our collective hands on the steering wheel.

We cannot leave the driving to the ruling class. They are not our parents. Our political leaders we elect to ‘parent’ our society, to do the driving, but, we all fell asleep in the backseat and somewhere along the way to our destination/destiny, our parents left and someone else is doing the driving for them.

Time to find our parents. Time for parents to parent.

12 November 2021

It’s Friday! I’m kicking off the weekend with a view of The Next Great Extinction Event on Amazon Prime. It is an informative piece.

I’ve said it many times already, but seriously, the only way out is to reduce the human footprint and the only way to do that is to reduce our numbers. If we do not accomplish this through a globalized control strategy, it will be accomplished for us, by Nature/god.

We cannot continue to deforest. Trees provide so much stabilizing, buffering, purifying functionality, ecosystem-wise/habitat-wise. But we will continue to deforest. We’ll talk about it, but talk is cheap and accomplishes nothing. Building more infrastructure and even housing will not help in the long run. We will find ourselves at the saturation point once again, only, next time, with little time and very few options left to find our way out of the mess. RATHER THAN BUILD MORE AND CUT MORE TREES, WE NEED TO REDUCE OUR NUMBERS AND KEEP WHAT TREES WE HAVE LEFT AND ALLOW THEM TO RECOVER THEIR NUMBERS. There needs to be a global moratorium on tree-cutting.

There is a new kind of material arising from the accretion of plastics with rock and organic debris, ‘plastiglomerates’. Plastics are infecting even the geological record. What is happening to our oceans and aquifers? If plastic waste is ubiquitous, so too are the toxins with which plastics are made. There needs to be a global moratorium on plastics.

We need to stop paving over the ground and otherwise creating structures that seal over more of the Earth’s surface. We need to turn away from fossil fuel use and all other sources of air-pollution/carbon loading of the atmosphere/acidification of oceans and lakes.

If we don’t acquire the political will to accomplish these things, we will continue to follow the Donald Trumps and (what’s up with AOC and Biden anyways? maybe she wants to be President too, like Donald Trump does and for similar reasons?) and Jeff Bezos’s/Elon Musk’s of the World, our world, as they proudly and arrogantly lead us forward down the road to Perdition.

For my own sanity, I’m turning off the 24-hr news channel. The news today, especially wrt our politics, is become so disingenuously opinionated as to border upon fiction. I don’t believe the skills of a news editor are any different, anymore, than those of the great fiction publishing houses. All designed to keep people reading and the coffers filling. Where have you gone, Walter Cronkite? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you…


I watched more ‘news’ on JFK yesterday, on Remembrance Day. One  report provides ‘definitive’ proof that Oswald did indeed act alone. The other, that he could not have acted alone; that it was a conspiracy, but, as we are accustomed to with JFK news, it allows one to pick one’s particular version.

There are folks who know. They may all be dead now. There is the possibility of a coverup, where evidence could have been planted or tainted. We’ll have to wait for the Second Coming, I guess, because there’s still too much money to be made by withholding the information the public should have been told, that folks might continue to churn out books on the topic…

JFK was gunned down in the street with his wife sitting right beside him. Can you imagine that happening to you? That President deserves more consideration from us than this.

With respect to the JFK file, I happened upon this blog. I was incredulous at first, but as I read, I became more convinced of the article’s sincerity. I had tripped upon the third installment of the series Killing Kennedy’s: Collaboration Theory. I’m going to back up and read the entire series,  beginning at the beginning, with Part 1.

Media Bias/Fact Check awards them a passing grade.

10 November 2021

Forty-six years ago today, the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald went down to Davey Jones’ locker in Lake Superior. If you are no seafarer, you cannot imagine the fear and courage with which those 29 souls faced Nature, alone, against a raging November gale -no landfall within reach or visible.

There is a wonderful tribute to the crew and their families here.

Tomorrow, we remember our Fallen from the Great Wars. Today, I plan to take in a presentation on the Treaty of Versailles by Margaret MacMillan on YouTube; I also hauled her book, Paris 1919 from off of my bookshelf. In the way of honouring our heroes, I’ll find out about the times they lived in, and how the leaders of the World, our world, availed themselves of the great sacrifice that generation made, for their world; on our behalf.

I would take this opportunity to offer prayers for all those folks, my great grandfather among them, who died during the construction of the Welland Canal. Visit the Lock 3 Museum in St. Catharines, on the Seaway.

p.s. You can obtain the 1975 Newsweek report on the tragedy here. After reading it, the Great Canadian Bard wrote The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

8 November 2021

Headline: China builds mockups of U.S. Navy ships in area used for missile target practice – I do not know which has failed the World, our world, more: China -which could be an integral partner in the World, our world, as we move forward, but chooses rather to engage their burgeoning prowess to become the newest, biggest, badest bully on the block -or the ruling classes of the West, which engaged China in business because China has cheap labour, featuring hard workers and relatively lax labour and environmental protections; therefore, relatively little overhead.

Folks on this side of the Pacific need to work too, but that didn’t matter to our ruling classes.

Purely because of greed, we will soon be staring down Chinese gun-barrels.

Plainly, China is preparing for war, and our Western ruling classes paid for it. [Not so strange is it? Bezos saw value in his $5B taking him into low-orbit rather than, lemme see…how many would 5B house, clothe, feed…educate for their benefit and the World’s, our world’s benefit?]

Meanwhile, we over here appear to be content to reprise Neville Chamberlain’s attempts to assuage  the rankled beast. Like Hitler, Xi et al. believe they travel Destiny’s road, not just the ‘Silk Road’. China’s very success is carrying Xi toward war, inexorably, as the waves carry the surfer toward the shoreline. When Xi believes he has achieved the upper hand over the U.S. he will lay down his cards and invade Taiwan, the Spratly Islands, and takeover control of the South China Sea.

That is inevitable. As much as I detest Donald Trump, I believe he saw the writing on the wall and was provoking China to war before China is ready. Had Chamberlain not backed off on Hitler, perhaps there would be the descendants of 6 MILLION JEWISH FOLKS living among us today.

There are not. We are also missing the descendants of 75 MILLION other human souls who lost all opportunity to warfare’s Grim Reaper.

The longer we wait, the greater the next war’s price tag will be. The line in the sand is drawn and cannot be obfuscated by politics, now become Wealth’s handmaid. It is the poor who will die first, but Wealth will follow hard upon because there will be no prisoners.

We must work for peace but prepare for war with China/Russia. We cannot just keep talking, as if China is listening. They will respond, but they are no longer listening. They want to outpower the U.S. economically and militarily. That’s all they want. For them, it is destiny.

They want to be the boss. Seriously folks, does anyone still believe Xi aspires to equality with the West?


7 November 2021

I am watching EWTN’s World Over with Raymond Arroyo on YouTube. This ‘hero’ of this particular ‘newscast’ is our good Pope. I innocently tune in as Mr. Arroyo interviews with a couple of American bishops (I think they were bishops).

It doesn’t take me long to get a sense that something is ‘off’ with this ‘newscast’. Firstly, there was the incongruity of a professional  format framing a Tim Horton coffee table-quality ‘analysis’. Secondly, the newscast had begun with depictions of defamations of Catholic churches across the U.S., but  then somehow morphed into an attack on Pope Francis.

The good pope means to renew the church; however not at the ‘cosmetic’ level, but targeting and affecting the mechanisms, conduct, and structure of the church; to close the divide between the priesthood and the laity, as it were. The folks at ETWN appear not to like this.

The pope’s mission is actually one for the World, our world. I myself have been complaining ad nauseum about the gap that has formed between the government Executive and Parliament; and the expanding divide between ‘rich’ and ‘poor’, ‘Wealth/ruling class’ and the ‘rank-in-file’, here in Canada.

So, I turn to Google the sage, and ask about World Over and ‘news anchor’ Raymond Arroyo. As I delve, I’m beginning to connect EWTN with the Movement Conservatives and Donald Trump’s brand of politician and newscast. For these types, democracy is not a substantive goal but rather window-dressing for who holds power in society over you and me. The power of life and death; not just quality of life, because many folks live such misery in these days that they often wish for the relief they believe death will provide to them.

And I end up here: The sycophancy of Raymond Arroyo | National Catholic Reporter

People like these Trump-eters should be ashamed of themselves, if not for demeaning the Pope’s  peaceful purpose (none of the interviewees on the EWTN mentioned that Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’). The pope means to reconcile the creator, the church, and the faithful. Arroyo et al. appear to regard this as an act of war. I suppose, if you are a movement conservative, and used to not only providing the news but creating the news as well, with the overarching objective of superimposing your twisted, self-aggrandizing views of god and Creation upon everyone else, along with pockets deep enough to pay for it (but you have this Pope-guy running around the World, ‘your world’, proclaiming ‘peace’, ‘love for your brothers and sisters’, ‘the end of poverty’, ‘T.H.E. G.O.L.D.E.N. R.U.L.E.’, why then, you would want that guy to go away too.

Let us take a stand against these bozos. They are object proof that ‘money’ is not conflatable with ‘intelligence’, common-sense, or what it means to be human (that is, if Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos weren’t enough to convince you). Whether you are Jew, Muslim, Catholic, another hue of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, whatever…THIS POPE has your back. I truly believe he means to lead and to move in the direction he is leading and hoping with his whole heart, that we will ALL FOLLOW ALONG, because he believes he is leading toward our reconciliation with the ALL, which is the creator. [Aside: Since the Creator created all of us, then all of us will reconcile and share in the rewards, not just, but including the Wealthy, because ‘Wealth’ will no longer be the socially-divisive pathogen it is now.

He will not coerce us. JESUS WOULD NOT COERCE. He instead allowed the very folks he served in his heart to staple him to a cross. I dunno, but this Pope appears to be spirited much more like Jesus was and a lot less like Donald Trump is.

Are folks like Trump and Arroyo that stupid that they don’t recognize this? Only ego can account for anyone not being able to see even what is OBVIOUS, even to us of the ‘uneducated masses’. Hello? Is there such a thing as having too much money and too much time on your hands?

IMO, the existence of Trump and his coven of cronies is proof positive that too much of a good thing is TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING.

I also read today that Carolyn Bennett was replaced by Marc Miller as Minister of Crown-Indigenous relations. The article per se is about Minister Miller’s wanting to suss out the reason the government is dropping its appeal against the Catholic Church reparations. Apparently, the PM and his ruling class Executive (reminiscent of Orwell’s pigs) are continuing their neoliberal assault on Faith and not above using the profound sadness of our Indigenous brothers and sisters wrt the Residential Schools to abet their humanly counter-productive policies.

I don’t know the new minister, but I do know Carolyn Bennett is a class-act. I don’t believe the comment she made to JWR was ‘racist’ at all. But, in today’s society, one which, it is greatly concerning to me, that PM Trudeau is embracing, all it takes is for someone to raise a flag, and it is up to the accused to prove the accusations are false. Most of us don’t even bother to check the facts, much less form our own opinion, even though our opinion may have very dire life-consequences for someone else. This is why:


There is good reason for this. Without the onus of proof being wholly upon the accuser, many innocent people can be condemned over anything at all (sexual crimes topping the list because of an often highly-subjective component) just so someone rich who finds them in the way can more easily move them out of the way.

There is no rule of law if there is no due process. We are back to Kangaroo Court, trial by media, and condemnation by opinion. That’s the world the Trumps of the World, our world (at least for the time being), want to make for us to live in.

It’s Ego’s world. The trouble with ‘ego’ is that it is capable to only serve itself. Every living soul has an ego. Every human has an ego. Whose ego will rule? Do you see the problem with the World, our world? Do you see why we are at war everywhere in the World, our world? Do you see why so many people, in this age of knowledge, are starving, uprooting with their children and putting them at risk along the way in search of a safer life, and washing up on the beach like that poor little Kadri boy? Do you see why so many children are made to suffer, while they are at play and without warning? Ego’s world is a world of insanity. It will mean misery even for the wealthy, one day – it is just that the vulnerable among us will be first; and first among the vulnerable are the World’s children.

p.s. the pictures are taken from news articles published on the Internet. I retained these pictures to remind myself by cycling them on my desktop background, so that I never forget. I did neglect to record the proprietary information, however. Likely these are from MSN, or CBC, or the Toronto Star, or the NY Times, or the Washington Post.

6 November 2021

Headline: Pope Francis to travel to Canada – The Pope is coming. He will be walking into a festering emotional quagmire which combines the profound and inconsolable spiritual pain, the lifelong companion of those who have lost children, with the shameful politicization of the Residential Schools by a government that appears to be opportunistically on the attack against Faith – all faith. They don’t appear to want Faith to dilute their influence over people’s values and thinking anymore than Xi does, only, they don’t just come right out and say it. Plainly, the governing Executive is not working for ‘the people’, but rather a wealthy subset: those who contribute to GDP and acquisition of wealth for the benefit of the ruling class.

But that does not appear to daunt the man who, during a previous official visit to Israel, broke from his entourage to embrace a group of Palestinian protesters, telling them, ‘We’ve got your backs.’ or something like that.

Unlike unhelpful demands for ‘apologies’ by people for people who are long dead, the Pope is coming with ‘no provision, but an open face‘. He might not be treated well by some folks, especially some politicians and those who run around declaring there is no god and will use the papal visit to grab a stage for themselves.

This Pope is about doing the right thing. Yet, withal, he will bow to principle, not to pressure. No one can know what will ensue once the Pope touches down in Canada; but I do know this:

this pope has EVERYONE’S best interests at heart. He would put his reputation and safety on the line for us in our time of desperate need, unlike our politicians, who seem to want to push the Pope under the bus in order to garner political points.

A Canada that could have presided over the deaths of so many innocent souls and the utter destruction of so many families, is not the Canada that I had imagined I was inheriting, or passing on to my kids.

This pope is coming with one hope: to set things right, going forward, because the Past cannot be undone by human hands; our lost children are in the creator’s hands.

This pope will give whatever he must of himself to set things right, going forward. He wants Canada’s Indigenous to heal from what European colonialization did to them, that they may reprise their roles as leaders and stewards of human society under the creator.

Blessed are the peacemakers…papal and Indigenous alike. The future of the World’s children depends on them.

5 November 2021

Headline 1: Five things you should know about Ontario’s Fall mini-budget – another greatly informative article from TVO. I can’t wait to be rid of these people. I don’t think the Liberals are the answer either, going by past performance. Is it time to give the NDP another whirl? Dunno. If you are like me, you perhaps tire of all the bs and just want a government to come in and do the right things; and to stop regaling us with bullshit day-in/day-out.

Speaking of the Ontario government’s penchant for cow-pasture material, how about their proposed Hwy 413 and the Bradford Bypass?

Headline 2: Ontario engineers raise red flags about Bradford Bypass – will the Cons listen? dunno. But, one of the folks quoted in the article says, IMO quite rightly, that we don’t need more pavement and more cars; we need more public transportation. As it is right now, my kids’ generation will be hard-pressed to own their own homes; even rents will skyrocket if left only to market demand; how likely do you suppose that their kids will own their own cars? And I haven’t even began talking about the environmental impact…

We need a government that is more inclined to do the right things while they have the opportunity, than to politicize the bejeezus out of everything in order to win the next election.

With that in mind, thank god we didn’t go like the Americans with an elected Senate. I pray we don’t mess with first-past-the-post either.

4 November 2021

Headline 1: Amazon takes another swipe at union as Alabama rematch looms – there are two ways to put money into people’s pockets; through social benefits supported by taxation, and through wages. Given that the folks who create policy on our behalf (the Executive in Parliament, not Parliamentarians per se because of the Whip) are often investors themselves, the worker’s voice, the worker’s perspective in policy making is likely under-represented, if at all. [Aside: My prayers are with the union organizers. I don’t mind to pay more from Amazon; I don’t know if Bezos will mind taking one less foray into low-Earth orbit or to the Moon?]

Unions are a counterweight – one of the levers in a system of checks and balances, a system upon which democracy relies but is everywhere being short-circuited by trial in the media and movements like Me-Too, which do endruns around due process and the rule of law; for, by the time any of the accused make it to court, their reputations and careers are already in the garbage can.

Unions have been under attack since Christ was a cowboy and for the exact same reason the Church is under attack for the Residential Schools. In both cases, it is the government of the day attempting misdirection to downplay the government and its agents’ role in the schools while cultivating more distance between the people and ‘the church’, creating a vacuum in our psyches for ‘leaders’ so that we look to the stars OF THE CORPORATE WORLD for guidance and inspiration, and turn our backs on god/the creator.

That way, there is no more distance between the people and this:

[This shot of Donald Trump was taken from Twitter. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of the poster to give them proper credit. I deeply apologize, but this picture is beyond creepy and I don’t believe it was ‘photoshopped’. IMO this is a poignant warning.]

WE MUST PRESERVE OUR DEMOCRACY. To do that, we must defend its institutions. #1: Parliament – get rid of the Whip wrt to telling MPs to vote this way or that way… #2 defend Democracy’s fundamental operatives, of which DUE PROCESS, ACCOUNTABILITY to the truth, TRANSPARENCY (especially wrt cross-border financial transactions (and offshore accounts)), and, at a higher level of abstraction, maintain and enhance the system of CHECKS AND BALANCES. If we allow Wealth to take that away, there is no more check on their power. They are busily eroding democracy because the advance of democracy erodes Wealth. It cannot be any other way. DEMOCRACY has never been defined as a system predicated upon one person telling another person what to do.

DEMOCRACY IS PREDICATED UPON UNIVERSAL ENGAGEMENT OF ‘THE PEOPLE’, and upon the rules of the game designed precisely to keep it that way.

Headline 2: What’s happening with China is not a new Cold War – the writer provides a great analysis of what we did wrong after WWII, avers that this approach won’t work with China, but provides no details as to what he thinks might work. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF US THESE DAYS: Ego always judges and condemns, but rarely is inclined to provide a positive, constructive alternative to whatever is being criticized.

Headline 3: ‘Keepers of the land’: How Indigenous-led conservation can boost biodiversity – Y.E.S.

Headline 4: Canada’s treatment of Indigenous peoples fits the definition of genocide – a fine, fine and informative piece published by TVO.org and written by two profs at University of Manitoba.

3 November 2021

A different sort of headline (a purported prophetic announcement): The ‘Apostle of Doom’ | “This is my last message for the World. Everything you need to know has been said.” On December 8th you will know… – MysticPost.com is a catholic news organization. I am listening to the presentation on YouTube right now. I have to say that, whether the message originated as claimed or perhaps has a more mundane explanation, the message per se sure nails what is going on these days.

As for moi, I don’t believe anything is etched in stone, because of free will. For as long as we breathe, we have a choice. Sometimes, generations are presented with choosing between life and death or enslavement to the egos of the powerful of the day. The only sway one ego can have over another is through fear. Jesus was not swayed by fear, even the fear of death, though he felt it. He was truly free. His was leadership by example. How many of today’s leaders, can we actually say that about?

Whether you are a citizen of China, of the U.S., of Iran, of Israel, of Russia, of Myanmar…whatever…you know that IF EACH OF US VOWS TO NOT BE THE FIRST TO PICK UP A RIFLE OR LAUNCH A MISSILE, then that leaves no one but the ones who would make war (to wit: the upper echelons of our ruling classes), to start a war. Those types are too accustomed to pulling  the strings of others, manipulating them to get things done. They do not commonly have the stomach to experience war firsthand.

And so they won’t. They won’t even fight to preserve the status quo they have been building for a long, long, time.

We, who are everyone but the ‘puppet-masters’ of societies around the World, our world, MUST MAKE A STAND. Together. Fear and ignorance divide. The truth unites.

Peace is not a way, it is THE WAY. We all know this by now. Our history books are full of visionaries who peddle war and fascism. Where are they now? Where are the great, indomitable civilizations they created on foundations of war?

Folks like Jesus, Muhammed, St. Francis, Mandela, Mother Theresa, and Gandhi showed us a better way, one that will lead to the end of humanity’s hubris; its most un-Natural comportment and self-inflicted misery.

Gandhi showed us the way: Satyagraha. Jesus would have said, ‘Turn the other cheek,’ within the context of ‘standing your ground’ and remaining ‘true to yourself’ and consequently,  true to god and to everyone else.

p.s. If you get a chance, have a read of Gandhi’s My Experiments With Truth. Or, watch the movie starring Ben Kingsley. Follow it up with the movie about Mother Theresa and then the Message, starring Anthony Quinn. Last, there are several movies about the life of Jesus. I would recommend The Last Temptation of Christ (starring Willem Dafoe), Jesus (starring Jeremy Sisto), The Greatest Story Ever Told (starring Max von Sydow), and Franco Zeffirelli’s opus, Jesus of Nazareth Full Movie HD English – YouTube, starring Robert Powell. There is also a series: The Chosen on YouTube. I haven’t seen it yet. 

2 November 2021

Opinion: The Homeless Should Be a Protected Social Group – NO. Homelessness should not exist in the first place. It does only because we tolerate it. The mechanisms and machinations of wealth acquisition/preservation are responsible. We sit by and just let it be done to our brothers and sisters in the community. IMO, things like childcare, elder care, community work projects and homelessness dovetail with Raworth’s notions of community. More state presence in our personal lives and care means more state influence. The state is not YOUR FAMILY. The state is not a ‘person’ (um, anymore than a corporation is, but both are now trying to style themselves as your ‘family’. The man behind the curtain of the state is the investor. hello?

1 November 2021

Today, I watched a CBC Marketplace report on YouTube about antivaxxers. In it, an ‘expert’ tells us ‘there is no evidence to support’ many of the concerns about vaccination. On the other side of the fence, an antivaxxer activist it telling us our governments are experimenting on our children.

I don’t know anything about these claims. What I do know is that we don’t know everything. Science doesn’t know everything. God help us, we are little children, knowledge-wise, in the greater scheme of things. Not a single human knows how to create a universe from scratch.

We shouldn’t be doing gain-of-function experiments on nasty little viruses and we shouldn’t be playing around with the human genome. Trans-humanism is going to destroy us or alter us in such a way that H.G. Wells’ sci-fi vision of the future is converging with real possibility, wherein the poor echelon become food for the wealthy who themselves had evolved into the morlocks, after bunkering underground to weather a global nuclear holocaust.

Blind faith is blind faith, whether it is invested in science, politics, religion, or your partner, for that matter. For example, many marriages fail, but very nearly all of them begin faithfully. They simply don’t survive the challenge of time. It’s blind faith.

I don’t know what to believe anymore. There is contradiction, denial, outright fabrication: it seems, as time goes on, ‘news’ is taking on the quality and characteristics of fiction and ‘fiction’ is taking on the quality and characteristics of ‘news’.

The ruling classes of the World, our world, are playing games with each other and with us, vying for our ‘faith’. We have folks on the ‘right’ who misrepresent the truth of the Christ and we have folks on the ‘left’ whose faith is in ‘science’ and ‘objective evidence’. Both sides feature people who have a tonne of money in their control and use it to sway us, mostly in fear evocative messaging, ONLY SO THAT THEY MAY ACQUIRE EVEN MORE MONEY, to sway us and prop up their elevated Mount Olympian lifestyles.

Neither side will admit to the obvious: that the World, our world, has too many humans in it and we need to reduce our numbers, either through attrition or war and/or environmental catastrophe. The Earth Mother is a life factory and, as our numbers increase, we bleed resources apace even as we pave the Earth Mother over, reducing her capability to support us.

Headline: READ: US intelligence community report on Covid-19 origins gives inconclusive assessment – this from CNN. There is no consensus. Part of the intelligence community say they believe with ‘low confidence’ (wtf is that anyway?) that it likely came from animals to humans thru an ’emissary’ animal. Another part says with ‘moderate confidence’ that the Covid virus came to us courtesy of an accident in Wuhan (playing with fire, as it were).

Not only are we brazen enough to see if we can outdo Nature by perversely engineering deadlier viruses than She can, we think we can make a better human than She can.

Our hubris will be to our utter detriment. We’ve been around for how long? Enough to qualify us to not only give Nature a makeover, but the human genome as well…we need to remind ourselves of just how far the Age of Reason has taken us…yes, we know the Earth is round; we know it goes round the Sun; we know there are at least as many solar systems in the Universe as there are cells in the body…



OUR MOUNT OLYMPIANS WANT US TO BELIEVE THEY KNOW THE WAY ‘FORWARD’. (They don’t. They only see the way to more profit. Environment, people, quality of life for the citizen…those are all secondary to profit. It’s always been that way. It still is that way. THE ONLY THING THAT HAS CHANGED IS THAT THE WORLD IS RUNNING OUT OF RESOURCES AND THERE ARE NOW SO MANY OF US, WE CREATE WASTE FASTER THAN NATURE (AND US) CAN ASSIMILATE IT).

Our Mount Olympians want us to believe they know the way ‘forward’.


We need to rein them in. We need to bring the ruling class/Wealth back into the fold. They have gone in the wrong (unsustainable) direction. If we follow their lead, we will all come to catastrophe.

We need to reconcile our nations and communities, the rich and the poor. We need to eat at the same table, as it were, rather than continue the downward spiral into lords and serfs. And we need to open and honest with one another, as a family around the dinner table.

We need to abide wholly in the Golden Rule…

Visionary Development: ‘A very real crisis’: Why these personal-care support workers started a home-care co-op – Yes! The state cannot do as good a job, potentially. I am for a program to get old folks out of LTC environments and into a more home-type setting. No system is perfect and there will be mishaps and second-guessing, as always. But we should not deny anything which will improve the quality of life of our elders. They will not be lost among ‘the masses’ and potentially continue to contribute well into their golden years. This is the first time I’ve heard about this. IMO, it dovetails well with Kate Raworth’s vision.

Among the backlash to the Texas anti-abortion law, we see this: More activists who have had abortions are saying so out loud. Here’s why – I don’t know any other way to put it, but, it comes down to convenience v. murder. It is not the child’s fault that it was put into the unaccommodating womb. The choice being made is not just what happens to my body, but also what happens to the young life inside my body. UNTIL WE FIND A WAY TO SAFELY TRANSFER UNWANTED DEVELOPING BABIES, we need to make sure that anyone contemplating abortion knows the nature of the choice they are making. Many may have no choice, but that is between the woman and her creator. It is not for the state to decide, one way or the other, because, either way, someone’s rights are being taken away.

It is too bad about ego. Ego blinds us to many spiritual realities. If we had no ego, NO CHILD would ever be aborted, because NO ONE would think ANYTHING other than, ‘Oh boy! (conversely, ‘Oh girl!’) I have a baby in my belly!’

One might also wonder, why the State is so supportive of abortion, why over the years, it has promoted its acceptability as a value among us. What will our attitude be towards children and pregnancy, especially among the lower class, after another generation or two has passed?

Think well upon it. The game’s afoot. We need to put on our Sherlock hats. It is the long game being played by the top echelons in the money game. The same folks who manufactured personhood for corporations also managed to dehumanize the voiceless human, but not to benefit women.

They do so for some other reason. Knowing people the way (I think) I do, and believing that the wealthy are at the pinnacle of egotistical comportment/consciousness, IMO, it is likely because pregnancy interferes with ‘productive’ work (work that contributes to GDP which in turn contributes to the coffers of the Wealthy); rearing children interferes with ‘productive’ work, and best for the wealthy if the lower class just stops having children.


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