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COVID-19 updates here.

14 May 2021 – special treat at the end of today’s rant

Headline: The Wuhan Lab and the Virus: The Dr. Fauci, Rand Paul Debate Fact-Checked and Explained – There is a video of the exchange between the two protagonists by which I was dismayed: Dr. Fauci’s arrogance was plain. He got personal with Rand Paul. No matter what reason you think you have, if you are a public servant, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING ARROGANT toward the people you serve, which, being the public, is everyone. [I pray our Minister McKenna et al. learn this one day, for their own personal growth]. Ego and service are mutually exclusive.

BUT, that is my point about the article. Early on, the article talks about ‘gain-in-function’ experiments, wherein new capabilities are engineered into naturally occurring viruses. The rational for doing this is ‘proaction’, meaning, to anticipate what the virus MIGHT BECOME SOMEDAY, so that we’ll be ready for it. Hello? IS ANYBODY HOME?

How is it we invest time, money, and resources into creating things that might never emerge on their own? How is it that we would want to bring into being something that will kill? Just like nuclear technology, we may have let the Genii out of the bottle. With nuclear technology, we play a dangerous game, walking the tightrope, as it were, between an unlimited energy source and an existential threat.

[Aside: If we are doing this with viruses, we are likely playing around with human DNA to enhance human functionality…THAT IS A BIG NO-NO!]

This is a dangerous game. We cannot know the outcomes, because at this point, we are  only experimenting.

We may have created a monster and the monster is gone out of control.

How many millions have died or are forever compromised just because someone wanted to see if they could get a coronavirus to be nastier than it already is?

The Upshot: We have no business ‘playing God’ with Nature. If we continue, we will, in time, end up destroying ourselves utterly. We are already well on the way.

China’s Xi has somehow convinced the Chinese citizenry that they are cogs in the great machine of the State. The State is ‘god’ and it’s prophet is Xi. This means the wealthy/CCP over in China regard regular folks as machines too, to be engineered and re-engineered as needed (Brave New World). Soulless, for all intents and purposes. Created by god; refashioned by the ego of Xi. To be experimented with and ‘enhanced’.

I cannot trust such an attitude as being friend to future generations of humans.

In War of the Worlds, humanity was outgunned by the Martian invaders’ technology, but it was Nature that took care of the Martians. They had managed to conquer all disease on Mars, but it was something akin to the common cold on Earth that took them all.

In penning the War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells might have had in mind humanity’s encounter with its future self?


No one wants to think (or admit, if true) that the virus was engineered. No one wants to think that anyone would deliberately leak the virus into the human population. I don’t know the truth.

Someone does. Whatever it may be.

But who can deny that the timing is suspicious and that the truth must be brought into the daylight?

While the World shuts down its economy to curtail the spread of COVID-19, Russia and China are bursting at the seams; expanding their militaries apace. Now, they are positioning their militaries to expand their control into surrounding neighbourhoods.

Is it the shelling before the beach-landing? If it were deliberate, they would have had to have developed the vaccine, a priori.

That’s a little too much for me to swallow. I believe, in the absence of facts, that it was likely an accident, but that Xi et al. opportunistically squelched the news in the beginning, for some reason known only to them. THAT WAS WRONG (many have suffered and died because of the coverup/delay in informing the World) and until that account is settled, we should have no business with the China of Xi.

As for the Middle East and what is happening right now in Gaza:

The Middle East continues to be a killing-factory (NOT AT ALL ‘holy’, IMO, or they wouldn’t be killing over there) and we of the West are enhancing their ability to do so by providing weapons to our ‘friends’ over there, such as MBS, who murdered and butchered Jamal Khashoggi (and got away with it) or Netanyahu, who thinks nothing of bulldozing young children out of their homes and existence, while rewarding protest with bloodshed.

If the ‘Holy Land’ really is holy, the killing would have never begun, much less continue with gusto from its beginnings to the present day. The ‘Holy Land’ only gave the World, our world, more reasons to kill: three cultures taking one god, and turning him/her into something of their own creation, to justify their doing harm and violence to other peoples’ kids. Kids are kids. Out creator will not distinguish between one version of child and another. Those who kill/hurt children will be held to special account when they go before god, I believe, and they will enjoy a fate similar to the one Hitler is imagined to experience in Little Nicky, and for all eternity.

Most folks aspire to raise families; no one aspires to kill families. It is not in our nature to kill others of our own kind. The capability to kill one’s own is a feature of the Mind’s separation from the Heart’s guidance.

This is tantamount to the child having to raise itself. Hello?

We have been killing from the very beginning of our history. Even the Indigenous, though they lived in closer reconciliation to the Word of god the creator, did violence to one another. This is evidence of the Mind’s separation from the Heart, the beginning of the dissolution of the human spirit.

When completed, we’ll all be gone – the end of the Anthropocene.

The other species, in our absence, might make a comeback. Who knows? God knows. God, like humans, loves to create things, but, unlike humans, does not step in like a dictator and take away the gift of free will each time we choose something not to the creator’s liking.

The creator who takes back the gift given would be the one imagined in the Jewish bible, the Tanakh/Old Testament. What Jesus presented to humankind overturned all of that, by revealing the creator to be a god of giving, of love; rather than transactional god who ‘loves’ with covenants or otherwise punishes.


The Wuhan article also states, ‘There is no proof the virus came from the Wuhan Lab’. This mantra has been repeated over and over in the media by different official people.

THERE IS NO PROOF because China is not allowing folks to properly investigate. That is what is true. But it is owing to the dearth of evidence that we have ‘no proof’, and we have no proof because China is blocking a proper investigation.

That is not being said so often. If you lie by omission, you are still lying. Speak the truth, or say nothing.

If you lie to the people, you betray your position, and in this, you are on the wrong side of the free will equation: with your free will, you take away the free will of others by telling them to choose on the basis of a virtual reality and not the reality before us.

Be warned. It is ego, the god of ego, and the governments who worship ego and use it as a method of social control that is the problem. It is the same god that led the Israelites to slaughter the denizens of the ‘Holy Land’, before it became the ‘Holy Land’, only a generation after they had experienced 400 hundred years of the same treatment from the Egyptians. The ‘Holy Land’  is ‘holy’ in name only. It is has been a hell on Earth to so so many generations of children and innocent folks who only want to live in god’s light and raise their families.

It is us who have made it this way.

Want the ‘Holy Land’ to be ‘holy’? Stop the killing. Embrace one another as brother and sister, for that is exactly what we are in god’s view.

The Treat: Ordination to the Priesthood – Cardinal Collins is giving a wonderful synopsis of the relationship between god and humankind. I am watching now. No matter of what faith you are, or whether or not you are called to the priesthood, you will feel comforted and inspired by what this guy has to say. God chose him and he chose god. God speaks through Cardinal Collins because Cardinal Collins chose god. Period.

If all who are called to lead people to god are gifted with the spirit of Cardinal Collins, then:

there will be no more wars of religion, because god’s enemy is War;

there will be no more judgment and condemnation, because it is for god to judge, and god does not judge, we do, and by our own judgment, WE JUDGE AND CONDEMN OURSELVES,

there will be no poverty, because poverty is not a condition preserved by Nature within a particular species, but rather by the wiles of human ego. Any population reconciled with god is reconciled with Nature. A feature of such a population is, individual ‘wealth’ is distributed so that there are very few outliers,

there will be no more sacrifice of children to the State. Instead, the State will give up its ambitions to impose uniformity of thought and spirit upon citizens, particularly of the lower class ilk, and defer to Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs,

and, on the other side of the human experience, old folks will remain part of the community, and encouraged to participate to the extent they are able and desire to, rather than just packed away with others, waiting to die…

13 May 2021

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ has taken on an ominous quality in today’s world. The US is tendering for next generation interceptor (NGI) missile technology development to keep the world safe from its enemies, to wit: China, N. Korea, Russia…

…while it tolerates the illegal (and patently unjust and immoral) activities of nations such as Netanyahu-led Israel’s.

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong [Aside: talk about things ‘buried in plain sight’. The link is to a cover of the Buffalo Springfield tune – the video is poignant]

So goes the tune. The good folks of Buffalo Springfield have prophesied the current state of the world, our World, in their hit from the 60s. It seems they weren’t kidding!

Voices of disunity are everywhere. Malfeasance and hypocrisy abound. All the while human rights are on the march, driven by our puppet-masters, to remind us of our differences, that we maintain our focus on those, cosmetic and insignificant as they are, so that we remain incognizant of the changes being downloaded upon us from the upper echelon of society.

These changes are to keep us powerless. As powerless and ineffective as a Hamas rocket against the genocide being perpetrated upon the Palestinians by the ‘right’ in Israel.

Israel has won the day and returned to the ‘Holy Land’. The Palestinians are their neighbours.

If the world, our World, does not stand with the Palestinians and Israelis who sue for peace and neighbourly affection, then it deserves the likes of Xi, Putin, Netanyahu, Trump et al…who simply bold-faced lie their way through life, telling us all one thing while doing another.


Jesus apparently used this word a lot.

Constantine must have missed his point. He bottled the hypocrisy into the state religion of ancient Rome. Rather than encourage further knowledge in god, he aspired to create a god that the majority could agree upon. Once a majority is formed, the majority can accomplish the grizzly work of annihilating contrary opinion.

Netanyahu too seems to have missed the point. Many, many years ago, the Israelites, looking for a place to call home, found the ‘Holy Land’. The leaders of the day (not the prophet Moses, but the military general Joshua) told their people that god demanded they murder every MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD, to make room for them.

The ‘Holy Land’ has never seen a day of Peace since. One might be tempted to think that Joshua, being the murderous @#D$ he obviously was, had incurred a lot of bad karma for the people he was leading by acting as Satan’s mouthpiece rather than the creator’s; encouraging the Israelites to do murder of innocents because the Holy Land has never seen peace. And now, the whole World is like the Holy Land – war is almost everywhere, and where it isn’t, it is so close to the surface, no one can feel safe.

Too bad Moses died before they crossed the Jordan. He was as much the light of Israel as Joshua was the darkness. Moses was god’s mouthpiece. I wonder how the timeline in the Middle East might have unfolded had Moses been around a while longer?

I wonder the same for the World, our world? Had Jerusalem evolved differently, spiritually (and this could happen only if Israel had sprouted from the seed of peace in Moses, rather than the seed of violence and war that Joshua planted), then maybe the Europeans would have formed different relationships with other nations and Indigenous, maybe there would have been no Crusades, maybe there would be NO GENOCIDES, anywhere, ever.

We have all missed the point.

The Bible Old Testament says Joshua’s Hebrews were doing the will of god. If that is true, how is it that, 4000 years later, Israel is still at war? How is it, that Israel is still at war trying to take from others what they say god gave them? FOUR THOUSAND YEARS LATER.

Can you imagine how many innocent children, born into the World, the world we created out of the Eden god gave us to live in, have been maimed and murdered since Moses got to the Jordan?

How many of our children, born innocent, innocently believing in their minds in a world of angels and care bears, have had their dreams shattered on the rocks of the ego of others?

If there is an account kept of our worldly sojourns, by which we condemn ourselves by our own judgment to heaven or to hell, there will be no way for anyone to account for the murder of children or of families who only want to live in safety and comfort and peace, and to raise their children and see their grand children.

We must stand together for Peace.

To begin with, we cannot support others who actively and wilfully suborn war and oppression.

Or we are by definition….HYPOCRITES.

Begin today.


All the folks who sit in their churches or mosques or synagogues or temples that pray in support of what nations like Israel or Iran perpetrate in the name of their ‘god’, geopolitically, or who stand back and pay lip service to human rights while they do business with governments like China’s and Saudi Arabia’s, are only contributing to and suborning chaos.

We all know who the ‘god’ of chaos is. Trump, Netanyahu, MBS, Xi, Putin…they are all that god’s latest mouthpieces. That god cannot be the creator god. No one so smart can be so stupid as to condemn to a life of violence and misery what he/she created out of love. NO ONE CREATES THAT WHICH IT DESPISES.

Rather, the ‘god’ responsible is the one that seeks to unmake everything the creator god makes, and turn it into something in its own image, like cities do to the countryside. That’s the god of ego. NO ONE SHOULD BE FOLLOWING A GOD LIKE THAT, since that ‘god’s’ goal is to consume all that is good and right and replace it with misery, violence, pestilence, disease, darkness. hello?

When we die and go on through the door leading to the next leg of our journey, we might be surprised at whom we have for travelling companions, and who fell into the consumptive fires of their own ego.

8 May 2021

I recall, while Harper was in power here in Canada, the ‘left’ calling down the fear-based governing of the ‘right’. They were right about that.

How is it that, today, after 6 years or so with the ‘left’ running the show in Canada, I am more afraid than ever before?

In this age of ‘inclusion’ and ‘hope’ as we ‘turn the page’ on the old order and embrace the new (currently being threatened by Beijing, which want to take it over and refashion it with Xi at the pinnacle) how is it I am left feeling so little optimism?

How is it that our governments seem to be telling us to look at what their ‘right hand’ is doing, as they stick their ‘left hand’ in our pockets and steal our children out from under our noses (for the good of the state), and at the same time ensure that mom and dad are busy working for the state, enriching the wealthy and the ‘source’ of their happiness while they deny it to us and our children? Aldous Huxley warned us of the possibility of such a world. The boys in Three Dog Night offered an alternative vision…a beautiful sight, indeed.

Today, I am so disappointed; I had entertained, like most people, great hopes that we had turned the corner after Trudeau et al. came to power. And yet, this last budget shows they have tonnes of money for corporations and daycare, but little for the poor.

My hopes are dashed. Although the left is doing the right thing with Climate Change, they do it at a price to the lower class: the loss of LC children to the state, the loss of family to the children…and the state is simply the wealthy folks who want to use us. They don’t care about poverty or poor children, because IF THEY REALLY DID, THERE WOULDN’T BE POVERTY AND POOR CHILDREN.


The rest is all smoke and mirrors. I’m starting to think Harari is correct in his cynicism about humankind’s destiny.

I am motivated to write this as my last rant. There’s not much point writing about the news when the news is designed to keep us anxious and afraid to go out, afraid to do anything, afraid to say anything.


When we are, WE WANT TO HIDE BEHIND THE DEFENSE OF OUR EGOS. That is what the  social engineers want us to do. While we are in ‘hiding’ we are not outside building a world to our liking, and, it follows, building our own happiness. Instead we are slaves to building a world to the liking of the ruling class. They are no longer ‘of the people’. There’s is a different world from the one they leave behind for us to live in. But it is the world that we live in that we will leave for our children to inherit.

We want to be about building a better world, do we not? Plainly, the likes of the Ottawa Liberals (with the exception of some MPs and a couple of ministers) are adherents of the religion of liberalism, a ‘faith’ in which we come and willingly place our children upon the altar. This has been going on long before liberalism was even thought of; probably since around the time the Hebrews took to the ‘god’ of Genesis, or rather, were taken in by that entity.

I much prefer the old religions, the ones with devils and angels and a god(s) rather than the one the Quebec government aspires to, the one with no mention of god at all. That’s too much like Xi. This result of secularism isn’t even ‘secular’. It is replacing god with the Individual, and the wealthier the individual, the closer he/she is to ‘godliness’ in our ‘democratic’ secular societies. [aside: on this we need our Québec brothers and sisters to make a stand. Ma mère est née au Québec, and she was born into poverty. Were it not for the nuns in Québec, my mother would not have outgrown her childhood. As much as Québec denied my mother, she gave to us kids. I think we should have kept the nuns and ditched the (expletive implied) politicians who led us to the secular mess we have today].

Is that the goal of the left? To replace god with a politician? And what about the right? In the US, they tried to replace god with Donald Trump, or Donald Trump did – I’m not really sure. One movement buries its intentions behind a façade of democracy while the other denies reality completely, and simply creates its own alternative and publishes it in the media outlets they own.

In neither case is there any consideration for the poor or for the truth. It is all about social control. And it is about wealth. In modern democracy, ‘Of and for the people’ has morphed into ‘Of and for the wealthy’. Abraham Lincoln died for nothing? Have we  squandered the opportunity a great human left as his legacy? Another great man squandered…along with Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus…?

That’s what it has always been about for us. And when we brought our brand of civilization to the World from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, we simply served to metastasize the cancer that we had become at some point in the distant past, but which some indigenous cultures had managed to avoid, before we came along.

Just as I was writing this, a song came on YouTube by the Byrds. There is indeed a season to everything, and I believe the World is about to turn the page.

What is coming in the next chapter doesn’t look good, for anybody, poor or wealthy.

But, one might be given to think, if the creator has a say in any of it, and he/she does, he/she will rescue the innocent, the vulnerable, those excluded from opportunity for happiness by the willful acts of others who are themselves in pursuit of happiness.

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy person to pass through the gates of Heaven only because the wealthy have so much more to give up; so much of what they become in spirit is purchased, material, and temporary…so much of the soul’s matrix is  therefore shorn away as it passes through the gates on the way back to its source (completing life’s circle), that very little remains of the person-spirit.

What is shorn away is left for Satan. Satan receives his nourishment from the chaff that is left behind as the soul passes through the gates – after it is consumed, it is lost, one would think. After there are no more soul material to consume, after the Earth Mother’s ability to produce new life has been choked off by our burgeoning presence and ponderous footprint, humankind will die off; likewise, humankind’s adopted ‘lord’ Satan; likewise the cancer afflicting the body…

I pray for the outcome the creator imagined and hoped for when creating us humans. I can think of nothing else to do, but I urge everyone to rethink things, take a good look at one another and at the world we are going to leave to our children, and ask ourselves if we might not do better?

Let’s leave it at that. A song and a prayer, like the one by Three Dog Night, and let’s sing it together; because the oneness of ego is so, so lonely.

3 May 2021

Before diving in, I want to call out our delivery for the vaccine. We all have health card numbers. The government knows how to contact us and prioritize us for the vaccine. This information, organized on the basis of geographical proximity to a doctor or pharmacy, should be given to doctors/pharmacies who then go through the government’s list and schedule people for appointments as supply permits.

What we have is a hodge-podge wherein people like myself get missed. I have been applying for over a month, I am 64, I help my 94 year-old dad (he’s vaccinated) with his independent living arrangement, I have no vehicle to drive to the site nearest me (I am loathe to get on a bus), and I have not got an appointment. If I get COVID, the government can say, ‘He had the chance…’

‘Shit rolls downhill’ and ‘Responsibility seeks the lowest level of accountability’. In our society, the individual is at the lowest rung.

That way, governments/the ruling class are never held responsible.

We could have done this much better. The hic-hack-ho over vaccination is mimicking the contrary advice and counterproductive initiatives of governments. We could have done this much better.

For as long as lives are numbers, we will lack the sensitivity necessary to guide us through.

Headline 1: Mitt Romney loudly booed and called a ‘traitor’ at Utah’s GOP conference over his opposition to Trump – you have to love the penchant the cons have for shooting themselves in the foot, no matter which side of the border they live on. Mr. Romney is the sanest remaining GOP member and appears to have qualities which can be molded into something ‘presidential’. He’d give KR or whomever the Democrats field next time a good run, and if those bozos won, he’d be by far the lesser evil. The GOP folks should be ashamed by the used car salesman / bible-thumper tactics Trump et al resort to, as if they were tabloid entertainers…this belongs on late night television, right before the test pattern comes on. Folks who like that sort of thing may eat it up, but the likes of Putin, Xi, the Ayatollah et al. will eat up their enemies by dividing setting neighbour against neighbour…hey, isn’t that one of Satan’s favourite tactics? Setting neighbour against neighbour?

Be vigilant that the same tactic is not being used at home, by ‘democratic’ governments that represent the wealthy and are charged with selling their version of democracy to everyone else.

If money is political power, what is the lack of money?

Servitude. Working-poor. Ah-ha! Now, I get it!

Both sides of our political spectrum are corrupt because we are beholden to the interests of wealth. This is unnatural. We are the only species which does this. The structures of ego, over time, become so calcified, that they are unable to bend with the winds and instead develop fractures and break.

But the need for change remains. If human societies cannot respond to emergent circumstances, then the ground will disappear from beneath their feet and collapse will ensue.

Defense Secretary Blinken is correct in his assessment of the threat China presents to the rules-based order. He recognizes that a war with China is going to be devastating, for everyone.

And there is the ongoing, much deeper threat to humankind. Ego. China is only the latest example of the ego of monomaniacal leadership. We have had many of those and survived them, albeit at great cost to human life and it is to our everlasting shame that we are on the verge once again.

But there the ego of wealth remains. We are all susceptible to it. Wealth is a corrupting influence on the human soul.

Those who are wealthy have always faced a great challenge: if they do not share their excess among their community/society, then they are directly responsible for the lack their fellows experience, along with the mental health issues, illness, family issues, kid/teen issues, etc. They say, ‘get help’ but they are creating the problems and then manufacturing a new class of professionals to deal with them – THEY SEEM TO WANT TO DO EVERYTHING TO HELP THE LOWER CLASS except not making problems for them in the first place.

Cancer tumours take over the body by commandeering the channels of nutrition/support of the body’s cells. The tumours grow apace as the rest of the body enervates. The cancer jumps from organ to organ, not realizing that the opportunities for expansion are finite and that it will eventually die from the lack of opportunity to expand. Our wealthy class and the structures suborning its existence as a separate entity are behaving like cancer, without meaning to, but the end will be the same.

YouTube ‘Headline’: Uproar over changes to broadcasting bill that could limit free speech – I agree with the woman who appears at the start of the video segment and with the interviewer of Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault. Both wonder, [paraphrasing], ‘Why did you remove the stipulation in C10 to protect individuals and the content they upload from CRTC regulation?’ and ‘Why not put these protections back in? If C10 has nothing to do with regulating individual, personal content?’ To which the Minister replies, yet manages to say nothing. Accountable government? Begins by ANSWERING THE QUESTION…or am I just being naïve?

The Ottawa Liberals are managing to scare me almost as much as the Cons are. Granted (and appreciated), the Left is heading in the right direction on climate change and managing the belligerence of China and the perilous geopolitical climate the World, our world, abides in.

But regardless of their differences, both political ideologies advance the cause of those they represent. Neither of them represents the lower class. Both have their ways of keeping the lower class in check. That is manipulation, NOT DEMOCRACY.

No matter how virtuous, how necessary, how selfless, how community and humanely oriented a social/political/religious movement is, the powers that be will move to hijack it and insert the RNA of wealth into it, corrupting it into a mechanism that acts to maintain wealth and scarcity. The body is born healthy, but the tumour is already there…

That’s what Constantine did to Christianity. I don’t believe that the Jesus who walked among the poor, who walked the desert alone and went toe-to-toe with the dark one, the Jesus who would rather be struck than do violence to anyone, the man who referred to god as ‘Our Father’, would tell people that he is ‘the way, the truth, and the life’; that the only way to salvation/eternal life is by bowing down to Jesus and acknowledging him as being god…that was exactly what Lucifer tried to do to Jesus in the desert, and Jesus would have nothing to do with it! How then can one suppose that Jesus, after refusing Lucifer (‘one must worship only the Lord thy God’) could turn around and tell us to kneel before him?

Why did he not say, ‘the Father is the way, the truth, and the life…’?

Because if he had, then Rome’s official state religion would be Judaism, yes? Constantine needed a new god to replace the god of the Hebrews, otherwise, the Roman world and the Emperor would be subject to the Rabbis. Constantine wanted the world subject to Rome, through the Pope. Therefore the tweaks he is responsible for in the New Testament. He was happy to leave all of the revisionism leveraged upon the Old Testament, to have it all point to Jesus, to the imagination of the church fathers, who never agreed among themselves.

[Aside: After writing this, I happened to open a copy of National Geographic’s History magazine. The June 2019 issue features an article on Marcus Crassus of Ancient Rome. I hope they do not mind my excerpting a paragraph from the article by Andrea Frediani. This speaks to the associative relation between corruption and wealth:

Quoting Plutarch: “The Romans say, it is true, that the many virtues of Crassus by his sole vice of avarice; and it is likely that the one vice which became stronger than all the others in him weakened the rest.”

The article goes on to say: ‘Crassus’ decision to unite with these two men [Pompeii and Julius Caesar] could seem baffling. Rich and influential, he joined the triumvirate for bother practical and emotional reasons. This alliance with Caesar and Pompey not only helped pass laws favourable to his economic interests, but also gave Crassus the chance to proves his mettle as a soldier and earn the love reserved for Rome’s great commanders. It was a desire that would cot him his life and thrust Rome into civil war.

-Andrea Frediani National Geographic History ]

Headline 3: 7 Manitoba churches challenging province’s COVID-19 pandemic powers in court – underlying all forms is the Spirit from which all forms arise. The church is a form, an expression of the Spirit. If the church structure goes away, or is for a time, abandoned, the Spirit underlying it remains. The Spirit of the Congregation remains. It is only the form which is let go of, for a time.

I hope the good parishioners wherever they may be, will consider this: We normally follow ‘the doctor’s advice’ when it comes to our individual health issues, how is it that we so unabashedly reject ‘the doc’s’ advice with respect to COVID? If they were to knowingly mislead us, then okay. But they WOULD NOT knowingly mislead us. They are us. They just happen to have chosen to work in healthcare instead of fixing automobiles. If your car mechanic always gets it right, great. But a car is a lot less complex than the human body, or the coronavirus pathology, so when our healthcare pros get it wrong, cut them a little slack, and get with the program.

The congregation out in Manitoba can do as St. Michael’s in Toronto does. They are on YouTube every morning and they have their own website where you can take in Mass. The Manitobans can organize their own online group to gather after the service for virtual tea and fellowship, if that is their tradition.

It is temporary. If it looks like someone up in the ruling class is angling to make the virtual permanent, then we can deal with it at that time.



NO STATEGY OTHER THAN one that reduces the avenues and frequency of COVID-19 transmission/exposure is going to be effective. Living alone and having no spending money, with my kids all living far away, and having self esteem issues, I have been living the maximum suppression lifestyle since long before the pandemic. I still get a sniffle and a sneeze here and there, and I am very conscientious  about observing the restrictions. Even observing ‘maximum suppression’, I still get the odd sniffle or sneeze come on for a day or two; despite our best efforts, we must rely on the luck of the draw.

Maximum suppression strategies will reduce the chance of exposure to COVID-19. EVERY TIME WE OBSERVE THE RESTRICTIONS is tantamount to our buying a ticket in the NO_VID-19 lottery: we increase our chances of winning the big prize – HEALTH. For ourselves and for our neighbours and family.

Not only that, we are simultaneously buying a ticket for our beleaguered healthcare workers, who care for us. This is a CLASSIC WIN-WIN-WIN.

Want to live in god’s Eden? Follow the Golden Rule. Pursue the win-win scenario IN EVERYTHING you do. This has the ‘added value’ of win-win between humankind, Nature, and the creator.

That’s a relationship strategy that leads to the eternal. Where god abides. Where we abide, in spirit. Always.

2 May 2021 

I am struck by the parallels cancers share with the ‘progress’ of human societies around the world:

On the one hand, we have China, who appears intent on taking down the old world order, replacing it, by guile and by force, with one that entirely favours China’s ambitions of world Sino-hegemony; doomed to taking down the world, and China right along with it; this being tantamount to the ‘aggressive form’ of cancerous growth.

On the other hand, we have the ‘West’, intent to maintain and advance the ‘democratic’ world order which it has been leading since the end of WWII, but which appears to be evolving into a world just as ‘free’ for the ordinary China’s, only taking things much slower, over generations, in fact.

The obvious signpost is the alacrity with which democratic governments in the West are pursuing control over our children – as time goes on, and generations pass, the next one becomes more engaged in participating in the economy (if the economy needs them but only to the extent it needs them), while devoting commensurately less time to the care and raising its own children, our children progressing to the ‘responsibility’ (aka control) of the state.

The state can’t make children, but if it could, then the last vestige of our state, as determined by Nature, will have been purged. The lower classes will die out, only to be replaced by a new cohort of lower class folks, as the wealthy cohort disgorges itself of the people that fall, one by one, into poverty.

The cycle of wealth-poverty is doomed to continue because wealth, left entirely to its own devices and of its own nature, tends to concentrate, and newly impoverished individuals form a part of the process.

Societies need rules to regulate wealth and the political power wealth abides, or they doom themselves to developing ‘cancers’.

The autocracy of China is doomed to fail because it is a COERCED social constellation; it is suborned by fear exerted upon the lower class and purchased among their wealthy.

The ‘democracy’ of the West is rendered more palatable to us lower class denizens than China’s vision: the wealthy class owns the media (and everything else, for that matter, this including more of the Commons, as each generation comes and goes), and this allows them to condition our reactions and behaviours, and to frame the ‘democracy’ that all citizens live in.

One strategy: We perverted the concept of human rights into entrenchment and division. Most people, for fear of giving offense to someone (a person of colour, a member of the opposite sex, whatever…) will choose to ignore their presence entirely…much safer that way…

…If you are a puppet master, you have created a strongly divisive mechanism that would prevent dissimilar groups of people from coming together to effect any social change.

If we, the citizenry, cannot effect social change to favour the citizenry, then who can? Who does? Why would they? Why would they do anything to favour us, if it hurt them too much, by their standards?


Who are they? Why, they were us. They are us. They just happen to have ended up with a lot of more money, earned, inherited – either of both – however, in either case, their success was made possible by the resources of the land ‘owned’ by all citizens, to wit: of the Commons.

We have folks among us, in all demographics, who are players. They play the game by the established rules, rules established by earlier generations of players.

We need not control people by formula, à la Huxley’s Brave New World; but we DO NEED TO CONTROL WEALTH AND REMUNERATION by formula.

That will solve all of the World’s and our nation’s issues. Once we divorce humanity from the profit motif, we will be able to trust one another, and we will not be dumping on one particular demographic to favour another.

The formula to control wealth is given us by Nature – it is the Normal Distribution – just as the formula to govern human society was given us, through the world’s religions, by the creator – the Golden Rule.

Headline: Military sidelines Special Forces commander after handling of sexual assault case revealed – On a daily basis, we are met with the ‘opportunity’ to read about sexual misconduct everywhere, in every setting, lately, it’s the military. I have not read the article. I only use it as a starting point for the discussion which follows.

Where there are nukes, we risk a nuclear exchange; if there are handguns and military grade assault rifles among citizens, we risk their being used on citizens; where genders are mixed, we risk sexual misconduct. The easiest solution is to keep the sexes segregated rather than to insist on the modern trend to force them together…

With cases of sexual misconduct, there are the added dimensions of ‘intent’ (on behalf of the alleged perpetrator) and ‘subjectivity’ (on behalf of the alleged victim). Of course, many cases will be ‘cut and dry’ but many others will not be…it will come down to one’s word against another’s, or how one’s gesture is perceived (is a tap on the shoulder just a tap on the shoulder?)…or even one’s recollection of events and of who said what, if a significant amount of time has passed between the ‘event’ and the allegation. This leaves the door wide open to miscarriage of justice. It also led to the modern phenomenon of dispensing with ‘due process’. Nowadays, you get suspended, fired, PLUS PUBLICLY SHAMED in the media, on the basis of preliminary assessment by folks who are neither judge, lawyer, or jury. THAT IS A KANGAROO COURT. This is an alarming trend among democracies.

That being said, with respect to women and men,  ‘No’ always means ‘no’. If at any point in an encounter, the woman decides to go no further, that MUST BE RESPECTED…hello? When I was younger, holding hands and going for a nice, long, romantic walk was fine too, and this more likely to lead to falling in love than ‘making love’ would be, in the earlier stages of the relationship.

In generations past, young people were closely monitored to prevent experimental forays into sexuality before the mind and life experience can catch up with the human body. Now, young people see it all over the place on TVs, in the news, and in what they watch for diversion (from the news). Can anyone convince themselves that free-sex, especially among young people, is a positive social development?

Free speech and free will are fundamental human rights, held to be self-evident (I love the American framers of the constitution’s use of this term, because ‘self-evident’ bears the implication of ‘first principles‘, of being created by the creator).

But neither was intended to be used to hurt other people or the Earth Mother or god him/her-self.

If it is hurtful, free speech becomes ‘hate-speech’. As for free will, choosing to be hurtful to another violates the Golden Rule and is not ‘free’ at all, but rather the product of ego, of forms; a condition that is natural when fulfilling its purpose to differentiate one thing with a soul from every other thing with a soul, but not when it is an obsession, an end in itself.

Among humans, given their heightened intellectual capacity, ego can evolve into  a patently ‘unnatural’ condition as it increasingly becomes the focus of our consciousness, the lens through which we perceive the world and events around us. This is how we can make a wrong turn and fool ourselves into believing it was the right turn; that is, right up until we crash. With ego, you are always looking in the rearview mirror when you should be focused on what is on the road ahead.

This is how the advance of  ‘human rights’ can result in great human wrongdoing, without our realizing it. Reverse discrimination is a big one…

It’s Sunday. Cardinal Collins has delivered a wonderful sermon today. He even mentions grade one catechism. My own first recollection of Grade One Catechism was the picture of the Earth floating in Space, under which the text declares, [paraphrasing] that ‘God has always been’, to which I remember thinking, ‘How can something always be?’

I swear there is no guile in this man, and that there is something of great value in what he says, for everyone, regardless of religious tradition.

1 May 2021

Woke up, uh-hu, looks okay,

The world survives into another (May),

Got my mind on eternity…

And with that (and with ‘day’ rather than ‘May’) Bruce Cockburn kicks off his ‘Wondering Where the Lions Are

Have a listen t o the tune. We are awash in fear, anxiety, uncertainty; as the ruling classes of the World determine the fate of the World, our world. Bruce Cockburn shows us the way out and the way forward- in the Light. We need not founder in darkness.

As the Washington Post’s motto warns, Democracy Dies in Darkness

CNN has published an opinion piece wherein the author talks about the real war that is happening now, one between autocracy (or its counterfeit, democracy of the wealthy downloaded upon the rest of us [Aside: When Minister Freeland uses the term, I wonder what she means by ‘the rest of us’?].

I have been kicking the notion about of late myself. I am hesitant to believe we are that sick, here at home, because I grew up with Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Elliot Trudeau at the helm of our nation. I grew up with peacekeepers and Canadians being loved AROUND THE WORLD; owing to their welcoming, selfless attitude, toward others in need, including their own citizens.

I grew up with the Herb Gray Report: In fact, in grade 6, that was my project  for Miss Byrd. It warned against the perils of  direct foreign investment in Canada. Nowadays, I’m not sure who owns us anymore. Just look at housing/real estate.

The Commons is all that the people have and it is being taken away from us by investors who may live here but just as easily could live in Timbuktu.

*Our land and communities are being turned into profit-centres for the global investor class.* This is how modern society is evolving. The CNN article is timely and critical. Read it.

And we of lower class ilk are simply fodder for whatever the denizens of the global wealthy involve themselves in. Even war. Even global war. In such an event, they are protected in bunkers or living places located far away from ICBM targets and front lines. What do you suppose will be the fate of everyone else? Cormac McCarthy has an idea, perhaps.

The folks responsible for the state of the World, our world, are shameless.

There’s room at the top,

They’re telling you still

But first you must learn to smile as you kill…[John Lennon – Working Class Hero]

We cannot ever expect accountability to democracy, for they exclude us from it, even as the glorify it and glorify the cities and structures that propagate poverty, disease, social incohesion…and kettling…

all in the name of GDP. When you are admiring the city lights of downtown Toronto, keep your eyes on the concrete beneath your feet…you don’t want to step on or trip over the folks sleeping, unprotected, under those wonderfully brilliant corporate signs.

Yes, Mr. Young,

‘We have a thousand points of light, for the homeless man,

‘We’ve got a kinder, gentler, machinegun hand…’

…and thank you.

To close off the rant of the day, have a look at this collaboration between Heart and Jason Bonham…I believe Robert Plant gets teary-eyed watching the performance.

all the best, have a great day, and, as a parting shot to the leaders of the world:

Please stop freaking out our kids…smarten up!

Wealth is not a sin. What is done with it, can be. The opportunity wealth provides is the power to steward and to nurture – not to control and coerce (and exploit – that what cancers do, right up to the moment where they crash their hosts, and in the process, crash what supports their own existence).

We are at a point of inflection. We still have free will.

Do we have the courage to follow in the direction are hearts are leading us in?

Or will we acquiesce to the power of ego, and leave our children to become the next generation of fodder to support the ‘democracy of wealth’ or its mirror image, ‘the autocracy of Xi, Trump, et al.?

30 April 2021

Before diving into today’s rant, please go here to find out how you can help India.

It’s Friday! I was going to start the weekend early, that is, until I came across this:

Headline 1: ‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s COVID catastrophe – India’s is yet another tale of governments choosing to react rather than proact. Of note:

So here we are now, in the hell of their collective making, with every independent institution essential to the functioning of a democracy compromised and hollowed out, and a virus that is out of control.‘ [excerpted from the article].

I believe the Guardian just about sums it up: just as the response to the 9/11 attacks brought on the Department of Homeland Security and the further erosion of privacy/freedoms in the name of security, our responses to the pandemic appear to be masking another quantum advance against our privacy/freedom.

Governments are changing tack against the virus on a daily basis and often walking-back their own pronouncements, but we citizens, if we say the wrong thing, we can be charged. At the least, we are publicly shamed.

Governments must crystallize and advance the spirit of the creator in his/her peoples. When they propagandize, that is proof positive they do not represent the people, because they are not accounting for themselves to the people. When the parent asks of the child, ‘Did you do this?’ or ‘Why did you do that?’ and receives a lie for an answer, what happens to the child? They are disciplined; so that they learn there are consequences to lying to people.

Headline 2: China Condemns ‘Vile’ U.S. Warship for Disrupting Navy Exercise – the U.S. is putting their nose right into China’s ‘business’ without showing any indication of tentativeness; on the other hand, the US media is churning out stories about how outgunned the US is. They point to a decade of underfunding while the Chinese (and presumably the Russians) were advancing, through unprecedented investment and intense devotion to technological development,  the killing power of their militaries.

[Aside: the US can’t seriously be sitting idle while the media ‘exposes’ its weakness to the Chinese; Xi et al. are most certainly reading along with us. By now,  given its dedication to overturning the status quo in everything, from once-in-a-generation  investments to build economic and military hegemony to stifling first warnings to the World, our world, of a new, deadly pathogen, no one should be fooled about Xi’s ambitions, and the Americans aren’t dumb. Where will Xi’s ‘outreach’ get him? Watch Little Nicki, starring Adam Sandler and Harvey Keitel – perhaps Hitler’s fate will one day be ‘enjoyed’ by Chairman Xi, unless he backs off].

China’s military has expanded exponentially over the last 10 years or so and not only that, they have emerged from out of nowhere able to fire probes off to Mars and land equipment on the Moon, in preparation for a manned and permanent presence there; they are building a space station to orbit the Earth, entirely their own.

All developed with the technology they learned or perhaps stole from the US et al.

While this was going on, it was being paid for/facilitated by the likes of Apple and other American companies who saw profit potential in China because of their weak labour and environmental laws, and moved production there. This is tantamount to the farmer who, upon realizing that the fox who ‘patrols’ the henhouse is a better deal than paying a farmhand to do it or training a dog (but having to feed it and also incur vet bills), hires the fox. hello?

This should make it clear to all the morality of the corporate world. A visionary like Steven Jobs could not resist the push of the investors and so took on the business personality of the investor, whose only morality is profit, no matter what they tell you. If there is no potential for profit, the humane modern corporation will not invest, because the investor will take their money somewhere else.

Now, we are verging on war and many of us will suffer if it comes to war, all because of the international investors, whom, by the way, are also the ones promoting international trade agreements.

Our focus is directed by the media toward internal social problems/divisions, while the bigger monster is growing all around us, threatening to engulf us, like Steve McQueen’s Blob. The Monster is inside our borders and outside our borders. It is all around us. We need to be mindful of both.

We can fight China. We can vanquish China. But the Monster will remain, only, post-war, because of the exigencies of war particularly with respect to personal freedoms, its grip on the citizenry will be tighter and harder to loose than ever. Welcome to Brave New World.

We all want the same thing as citizens, whether we live in Canada or in China. We want to raise our families in comfort and safety; we want to see our children off on their own lifepaths toward realizing their dreams, and extending the creator’s creation along the way. Win-win for god and humanity.

There are folks among us who do not share the creator’s vision, because it interferes with profit and consumption.

Profit and consumption, promoted to the highest of societal values/operatives, is eating the floor upon which we stand, out from under us. The lower class will fall first, and the upper class and all of their structures, be they autocratic or democratic, will quickly follow.

Citizens around the World, our world, must unite in the face of their own governments, and let them know, that we will not stand for any of this; for staging conditions that favour the concentration of wealth and the control it purchases over the direction societies take, into the hands of the few.

Those few are global citizens. They obviously don’t care about anything or anyone outside of the opportunity we represent to making them richer and even more powerful/influential. The Great Canadian Bard’s ‘thieves of the night‘?

Let us pray.

Headline 3: As COVID rages in Canada, Atlantic provinces set model to follow – this is an excellent article from Al Jazeera. If only folks in government would commonly rely on common sense. Somewhere in the daily blog or archive, a way back when all of this really got going, this site recommended a ‘maximum suppression strategy’ in the same spirit as the Open Letter from doctors and scientists and Atlantic Canada.

Headline 4: China Sends Nearly 3800 Tons of Medical Supplies to India, Despite Rising Tensions Between Nations – the headline says it. WTF? Is anyone able to make sense of the World today? Our world is experiencing a pandemic, but there is a greater monster stirring in the weeds: ego. Here’s a nation that withheld information from the rest of us when we needed it (that we may quash the pandemic before it had a chance to gain a major foothold); that is elbowing everyone out of the way who stands between China and its ‘destiny’; that is pushing the Uighurs out of existence and the Falun Dafa folks into the spiritual realm (China is now ‘atheist’ but I’m sure Xi will let this one go), detains foreign nationals whenever it has a bone to pick with this nation or that one…yada-yada, all of the things regular folks should detest, now bending over backwards to help India.

If things are making sense at some higher level of human abstraction, please let me know how. It seems nowadays, not only do television viewers have ‘more choice’, as Stephen Harper put it, citizens can pick between two or more equally sustainable versions of the truth.

You turn left, you hear one ‘truth’; you turn right, you hear the opposite, also the ‘truth’. This is only possible if neither left nor right knows what the truth even is.

I have my doubts. When I see what either side is planning for our children, I can see, upon rereading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, that we are somewhere in the transition between a real democratic experience and the nightmare imagined by Huxley and Orwell.

Given China’s obvious targeting of the US, being as the US stands between China and it’s ‘destiny’, and given China’s modus operandi with respect to its Belt and Road Initiative (Play now, pay for the rest of your nation’s life), perhaps China sees the potential for an ally in the war to come and is willing to invest in that possibility?

If it flops, no big deal, it’s only money, and they have plenty of that…

But if it succeeds, why, China just gained an ally with a billion people; one living right next door, to boot. Between Russia, China, Iran, and India, that is a formidable block to take on.

I go by the headlines. I try to read between the lines. But you know, oftentimes, the way things look are deceiving.

I only know that war kills. I know that poverty kills. I know that ego is the problem with the World, our world, but unless we roll away the stone that keeps us trapped, consciousness-wise, within the limits of our bodies, our bodies will become our tombs forever, and you know what happens to our bodies…

The ego is the stone. Roll it away, and the path we need to follow will be plain to us. The uncertainty, legerdemain, politics…that will all evaporate. We’ll know what to do. The Golden Rule.

28 April 2021

Today, Leah Gazan, a Winnipeg NDP MP, is putting forth a motion (M-46) in the House of Commons to expand the CERB into a permanent Basic Income program. This is an important moment in our history, one that could propel Canada in a new direction, one which leads to a sustainable, equitable future for everyone. You can read about the MP’s motion here. The MP is presenting the motion today in the House of Commons for a vote. Please take a moment to consider the value of going forward with this. Time is of the essence. This is an opportunity. The window has been opened by the pandemic, but it may close soon. Let us grab this and get money into the pockets of those in our communities whose pockets are empty. POVERTY IS THE GREATEST EXCLUDER TO INCLUSION. ‘Inclusion’ not only entails acceptance by others, but the opportunity to participate in the service of the community. The Social Contract.

My support letter was a little verbose ( that is one of my flaws, if you haven’t noticed! ), but before I provide the text of my letter, I have to eat a wee bit of crow: not everyone in the House, on the government’s side, feels as the government does…

One of the supporters of the NDP MP’s motion was a Liberal MP who is the representative for Beaches-East York, my former riding. He’s a backbencher with some nerve: he’s not afraid to reach for the steering wheel from the back seat, if necessary, when he sees that the ‘drivers’ are going to miss the turnoff. This is a good thing. MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith could end up our PM one day – the fact that he stands with the ‘competition’ on an issue of such great and lasting significance indicates that his moral compass trumps his politics. This is a necessary attribute. It enables leaders to lead.

Alright, here’s what I wrote in support of the good Winnipeg MP’s motion:

GLBI puts money directly into people’s pockets, precisely where it needs to be. This ‘we hold to be self-evident’.

As for myself, I was unemployed before the pandemic and looking for work. I wasn’t getting anything. With all of the supports our government was issuing, I was hopeful there would be some help for folks in my category. I wrote my MP and received no answer. I wrote a Toronto MP whose mailing list I was on, and received an answer from a staffer informing me that I was not in her constituency and that I should contact my own MP, which I already had. This experience got me thinking…and reconsidering…

If I were a young person, GLBI would help me to bridge the transition from parental support to life on my own, beginning with getting education along my chosen career-path; I would want to make my own mark, contribute in the way I am able to, to the good of the community…and, as a young person, I would appreciate having a little certainty in such an uncertain, precarious world. CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE. They cannot grow and stand tall if they are encumbered by the weight the ‘adult world’ is putting upon them. GLBI is material security. Material security is the first level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Parents with young children could have money to stay home with their kids (parents make better parents than the state would) /plus, having one parent at home will relieve the pressure on the job market to provide jobs. I PATENTLY DISAGREE WITH THE MINISTER’S $2B ALLOCATION TO DAYCARE when all kids do better at home during their early years, and this money could be going into the pockets of parents(and a national parenting-education program).

Headline 1: Anger as ex-generals warn of civil war in France – first off, this is why you never allow your military to cross into civil society. Their function is to protect society not govern or in any other way exert control over society. Canada’s military is the best. We are by nature, peacekeepers, which is the best possible use of their courage and resourcefulness. They have even provided their medical teams to help the civilian teams in Ontario.

However, I cite this article because of what the ‘generals’ are warning against, Islamism topping their list.

THAT IS JUST WRONG AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. If said French ex-generals are truly concerned about social stability, they wouldn’t go about stoking populist talking-points among the good, tolerant, and peace-loving citizens of France.

ISLAM is not responsible; EXTREMISM is responsible.


Extremists are found EVERYWHERE, in EVERYTHING. Even in the democracies of the West.

27 April 2021

A quick scan of the headlines reveals that we are verging on something big:

Headline 1: Australian official warns drums of war are beating – the headline suffices for comment.

Headline 2: Beijing responds to U.S. alliances with ‘wolf warrior’ defiance. Will it backfire? – personally, I don’t see how anyone is going to survive the ‘next one’. Unlike the ‘last one’ the weapons at our disposal today are sufficient to wipe away life on our planet many times over. [Aside:  Interestingly, the article enquires as to how Xi is making decisions, wondering if he is living in an ‘echo chamber’? Of course he is. The ‘echo chamber’ is inside of the head, between the ears, and is the only source of input ego is comfortable with; to wit: the reflections of one’s own mind, the self-reinforcing, self-aggrandizing, self-misleading, local loop.]

War will take us all down, that is, if the consumerism downloaded from Mt. Olympus (where the ruling class lives) doesn’t get us first; albeit indirectly, via climate change and the inevitable social collapse brought about by material divergency, the concentration of wealth and power among one group of citizens to the detriment and at the expense of the other.

The binary world of ‘us and them’, is only a fractionation of one group into two artificial species living  a ‘narrative’: these two worlds have been developing since the WWII, however, in the aftermath of the war, labour was sorely needed to rebuild; their heightened ‘market value’ allowed labourers to negotiate a larger share of the pie from investors for their work.

At one time, we were one group who chose leaders to work at a higher level of abstraction, so that society would function at the practical level. As time went on, the two ‘sides’ morphed into two demographics; each one become so immersed in its own challenges that it had little time and resources to serve the other (the essence of the social contract).

The ruling group was not meant to be a ‘ruling’ group in a democracy, but rather ‘the voice’ (of the needs) of the state; the state being the ‘envelope’ of the citizenry. Conversely, the ‘ruled’ were not meant to be ruled in a democracy, but rather providing ‘the brawn’, the muscle, the wherewithal, to get what was needed FOR THE COMMON GOOD done.

But, as time went on, there were those among the ruling class who, seeing opportunity to achieve and maintain an elevated lifestyle, sought the means to make it part of the social narrative. They have no qualms with respect to the causality between ‘elevated lifestyles’ among the one demographic and poverty among the other; rather than correct this, they sought to divide the lower class along EVERY CONCEIVABLE DIMENSION, so that the lower class would be enervated, powerless to do anything about it.

The few that occasionally speak up, why, we have the police for that. [Aside: I believe that our police folks would rather not be used in such a demeaning manner, as to be zookeepers and kettlers, anymore than our military would enjoy being used as aggressive thugs, internationally or domestically, rather than Peacekeepers].

But, as time went on, each of the two groups coalesced and operated within their own spheres. The rulers used the ruled and the ruled tried to use the rulers.

But the rulers have the advantage of being able to make the rules of the game  because they populate government and government makes policy.

The ruled nowadays are given the choice between the vision of the ‘left’ and that of the ‘right’, but it really is no choice at all. The existence of the two poles is because among the rulers, there is a difference of opinion regarding the best approach to preserve and deepen social control.

The ‘right’ prefers the direct, frontal approach; the ‘left’ prefers a Fabianist, passive-aggressive approach.

Example: Minister Freeland’s daycare commitment. The poor in Canada get nothing(and neither do their kids, if the state hasn’t taken them), but there is tonnes of money available to lure the children of working folks away from their nests prematurely, away from the two people in their worlds who would die before allowing any harm to come to them (physical and psychological). Read Brave New World, this is where the good Minister is taking us, and I find this as shameful and pathetic as she is being disingenuous to Canadians.

Her strategy is the social control operative of the ‘left’: divide and conquer, mixing ‘lies’ (to wit: the omission of facts) with the truth; whereas, the right prefers outright bs as a substitute for fact.

Both sides are obliged to rely on political legerdemain because both sides know they wouldn’t allow anyone to subject them; that if the lower class knew the game the rulers were playing at, if they could see the proverbial ‘writing on the wall’, they’d be rightly concerned, for themselves and even more so, for their children. Brave New World.

The difference among the rulers amounts to one of propaganda v. misdirection, from the perspective of the ruled.

In neither case are we being told everything that our ruling group themselves would want to know if they were in our position. Information is being withheld.

We are being manipulated, wilfully, by the upper echelons.

When/if global war breaks out, we will be valued once again. The rulers will extol the virtues of the social contract: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,’  as we are being sent of to war’s meatgrinder. Our children will bravely go off to fight, and we will never see them again: these young souls, given to us by god, taken away from us by those who worship something else… à la Milton’s Lucifer. Self-worship.

Whichever side is victorious, the lower classes of the World, our world, will be the losers. On the other side of COVID-19/WWIII is a globalized, institutionalized world of ‘us and them’, wealthy and everyone else.

Minister Freeland’s ‘meritocracy’ will inevitably give way to the operatives of capitalism/business fascism, as inherited wealth/investment gobbles up a larger portion of global business income, year over year, in the way of returns, leaving less and less to be paid out to folks in salaries and social supports.

She will one day be telling us that we all need to suck it up, for Canada, but, the sacrifice of the rulers will be token; once again, she and her ilk will put it upon the backs of the very folks who need to be supported.

This will lead to social collapse; but a war will get us there much sooner.

We were, at one time, one people. The mechanics of fascism, no matter the outward appearance, has created two groups in society, when ‘society’ by definition, allows for only one, wherein there is differentiation of function among its members, but not of material means.

Human selfishness, abetted by liberalism’s elevation of the individual to atomicity in society (replacing the family’s atomicity; this being determined by god), has found a way to render us incapable to respond or of making positive changes. We are now so focused on our differences from our neighbours, we are incognizant of the changes the wealthy of the World, our world, are making in order to continue and deepen the advantage they have.

International trade agreements, for one. These advantage the global elites.

The social question debated among the ruling class is twofold:

  1. How best to keep the lower echelons inline while they advance their control over global and domestic society: The ‘left’: divide the lower group into camps, set them at odds with one another; benefit some demographics more than others, so that the groups who land on either side of a particular issue have an eye to one another. That way, the ‘players’ can continue to reshape the world into one mimicking the mythical world of the Greeks; giving god’s world, our world, a complete and environmentally unsustainable makeover; The ‘right’: Attack what the ‘left’ is doing, without saying what they would do, because the poor would fall out the bottom a lot sooner, and the wealthy will continue to live atop Mt. Olympus. Either way, whichever way we vote, we get the same result, ultimately. At the end of the day, the ‘players’ maintain their elevated position. Brave New World.
  2.  Whether it is better to have outright fascism, or democratic fascism? China’s is outright. They are direct. They are honest with us, except for the COVID business. They are honest with their citizens: ‘You want to live better? Do what we tell you to do and be sure to do it silently. The governments of the West prefer to be more Fabian. They play the long game, and in doing so, advance the cause of ‘the ruler’ by opportunistically acclimatizing the next generation to the changes the current generation would simply not tolerate, this accomplished over several generations.

Case in point: the destruction of the atomicity of the family: First, feminism, followed by the right of women to ‘work’, followed by the right of working families to have affordable daycare, followed by the announcement of Minister Freeland to put billions of dollars into daycare (but nothing into the pockets of the poor) for the good of GDP. We have people unemployed. What about them? What about two-income families? Are Canadian households better off today with two fulltime earners than they were in the 60s with one? How about the kids? Well, I dunno, but social phenomena like ‘mental health pandemic’ and the new demographic of ‘the working-poor’ emerged after the 60s and are well on their way to becoming stable features of Western societies.

Which approach will work best? Why the left’s, of course. Anything accomplished slowly, inexorably,  is irreversible, as the ocean waves shape continents; whereas, things accomplished cataclysmically, by revolution (as opposed to evolution) do not fully expunge the seeds of societal dissolution, and so, cultures like China’s keep reinventing the wheel over and over again, violently replacing one governing regime with another.

Here in the West, ‘democracy’, in the way that it trickles down from the ruling class, gives the pee-ons the sense of ‘revolution’ (the voter franchise) while they continue to guide society’s ‘evolution’ toward the version that will support their positions in society.

At best, this will create the Brave New World of Aldous Huxley.

At worst, we’ll all be on the Road by Cormac McCarthy, the rulers included.

26 April 2021

Cardinal Collins had the day off yesterday, but not today. He gives us a wonderful sermon on the purpose of the Christian life. Of course, what he is talking about, you can apply to your own faith: inclusivity and focus.

‘Inclusivity’, as in, leaving no one out, or behind.

‘Focus’, as in, magnifying the ways, message, and intent of our common creator, uncontaminated  by ego.

Seeing everyone as the creator sees us: as his/her children – children of the Light; innocent, spiritually weak; at times easily misled (out of a lack of ‘life-experience’) and in perpetual need of ‘parental’ -aka ‘divine’ – guidance.

It appears that our Ottawa Liberals want our children (see ‘the story’ embedded in  the 24 April 2021 post). RATHER THAN DO WHAT IS BEST FOR CHILDREN (and for their parents), they choose to advance the separation of children from their families by streaming the children away from the home and into daycares, and both parents away from their homes and children, engaged in full time work.

Who benefits from such an arrangement?

Is it the children? Is it the parents? Or is it the folks who gain the most by having the most: to wit, those at the top of the ‘food chain’?

And, do not forget, what is, hands-down, the most effective way to get people to do what you want them to do? Be the hand that feeds them.

The poor are kept in a chronic state of ‘hunger’. They’re easily controlled. They keep themselves busy trying to stay warm and out of other people’s way.

Likewise, the working-poor: if they do not want to end up like the poor, they ‘live’ with precarious employment opportunities, poor working conditions, and low pay, and with anxiety, ever-present,. over tomorrow’s prospects.

Those who earn much more than what they need to get by on are constrained by debt. It has become hyper-easy to borrow money so that one can ‘live’ today, well beyond one’s means, on the returns of tomorrow’s investment in time and labour. MOST OF THEM DIE IN DEBT, and their ‘inheritors’ will be their debtors (aka, those wealthier than they, the ones who live off of returns; they wealthy) rather than their own children.

Society’s rules are created by the same folks who benefit materially from the rules they make. THAT IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST. It is not overt.

It is systemic. It is bound to happen, and I feel, our social-engineers know this full well. Our ruling class is colluding with their pisans around the World, our world, to institutionalize their ‘democracy’. They aim to develop and to maintain the avenues and mechanisms which support their elevated, consumerist lifestyles and the social controls needed to sustain increasing material disparities, across the widening gap between haves and have-nots. This was where the ‘middle class’ used to be.

Domestic and global society can be righted in an instant.

The moment humans regard ‘advantage’ as ‘opportunity’ to do good; to someone else, rather than a chance to grab more for oneself.

THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF SOCIETY. Never is ‘society’ defined in binary terms; in that case, you will have TWO of them.

Um, is anybody home up there, atop of Mt. Olympus? hello?

Sadly, for me, this is the tip of the iceberg. I realize that ‘democracy’ is functioning only at the higher level, where two ‘visions’ vie with one another, and which forms the choices the lower class have to exercise ‘democracy’.

What is the proper outcome of ‘democracy’, is what is good for all people, is what is good for ‘wealthy’ and ‘poor’ alike.

If you do not have this, you cannot be a democracy.

If you got this far, you deserve a special treat! I cannot ‘tolerate’ store noodle soup packs anymore, so I decided to create my own, homemade, healthy version. You can find it here.

A Question: What good does it do anyone to make an issue today, of something that happened 100 years ago? This is what President Biden thought to do. Turkey resents it. So far, the only thing it is accomplishing is bad feelings. So much unlike the sunny Biden, so much reminiscent of, in his early days, of our ‘sunny ways’ PM (whiskerless and embodying ‘the promise of youth’) in his early days.

One can argue over the amount of overcast; however, when our Minister of Everything thought it a selling point to justify taking children out of their homes and into daycare by conflating this with an uptick in GDP, THEY LOST ME FOREVER. I was foolish enough to allow myself to believe that the wealthy folks care about what happens to us less-than-wealthy folks. Here, I am obliged to give myself a ‘hello?’ [Aside: there was a scene in Bonanza (a great show plus great social messaging), where a character says, ‘There’s an old Chinese saying: “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!“‘ At least I think it was Bonanza.]

Raising children is, bar none, the most important responsibility anyone can have. What you do for a living supports this function, not the other way around, wherein, our governments seem to be telling us: ‘the greatest waste of your time is being at home, raising your children until they are school age, when you could be working.’ Who benefits? Your kids? Have a read of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Business benefits. Who benefits most from business? The working-poor employees or the investors?

Paul Krugman wrote a wonderful tract entitled, A Country is Not a Business. In it, he bashes the movement conservatives, who organized in reaction to Roosevelt’s New Deal. Those are the folks I would associate with being as far out in right-field as one can be, without ‘being out in left-field’, if you know what I mean…anyways, I wonder what the venerable Nobel Laureate economist thinks of who our Minister of Everything is working for…I have a feeling ‘democracy’ ends at precisely the level the ‘dole’ begins.

24 April 2021

It’s a beautiful day today. The Sun is shining and the sky is clear. In the spirit of the day, I too want to be clear:

I have been beating up ‘the wealthy’ of late, but the wealthy are not the World’s problem. EGO IS THE PROBLEM, and poor folks have ego too.

The reality is, the more wealth you posses, the more you can help others – or not. It is up to you.

Conversely, the less you have, the more of a non-factor you become. After 3 millennia or so, human societies have not managed to eradicate poverty – not because we can’t (no other species in Nature has a ‘poor’ demographic), but because the political will has never been there.

The lack of political will is attributable to the fact that the decision-makers are never from the poorer echelons, but from the wealthier echelons.

Money is power and power manages the money supply. This is why poverty is still among us. This is why we have ‘us and them’ societal fracturing.

Money is not ‘the root of all evil’.

Ego is.

A story:

Once upon a time, there was a social engineer with a special project. He was responsible for the children of the state. He was given this job by the social engineer (retiring) who thought it best to take Native children away from their homes and families to Residential Schools, for the sake of the children.

Now, the new social engineer was undaunted by the challenge one might NATURALLY expect from parents, who would, naturally, want to raise their children and protect them (because, naturally, they love their children).

And so, not wanting to trash the program for which he was now responsible, he consulted the Roman General Fabius Maximus (after whom the Fabians are named), who was noted for major wins in battle while incurring few losses. Fabius’ secret? GO SLOW.

A frontal assault is never the best way to encounter a strong enemy, according to the Roman General.

The social engineer thought, ‘I can use this. If only I could figure out a way to get dads and moms to want…nay…even better…DEMAND…that the state take their children! Wouldn’t that be peachy-keen!’

He went to bed. He dreamed a solution:

First, make it attractive for both parents to be working fulltime…if parents have fulltime jobs, they’ll need babysitters while they are at work, won’t they? We’ll let ’em get used to that; pretty soon, they’ll DEMAND the right to for both dad and mom to work. This won’t reduce returns for the wealthy, because wages will lower over time as the job market turns to favour employers because of all of the extra workers coming ‘online.’ The purchasing power of the modern two-income household would end up being less than that of one-income households in the ’60s. And…SUCCESS! BOTH PARENTS ARE OUT OF THE HOME, and so it won’t be long until all parents clamour for daycare.

‘…and then, I’ve got ’em…the kids and the parents too…’ the social engineer thinks to himself.

‘Ah!’ says the social engineer in another moment of epiphany. ‘But we still need to reduce the population by at least half….why, a war would do that, or better yet, let’s have a pandemic…the lower class is ‘extra’…a virus will affect them most…if the breakout coincides with sufficient advances in AI, great! we can  build machines to do the work we traditionally rely on the lower class/working-poor for. We can just sit back and watch the lower class fade into a caste of the past…(hey, that rhymes!)…no matter. We don’t need ’em anymore’…

End of story.

Comment: The ‘left’ is really one half of the binary vision of the wealthy class. They, like the ‘right’ value the lower classes so little, they do not believe we should be responsible for the rearing of our own children. We are only good enough to provide children for them to use as they will.

Hmmm….lemme see…we have overpopulation, police gunning down citizens apace, politicians who conflate the disruption of pipelines or industrial development to protect one’s livelihood/way of life  with ‘terrorism’…we have division across the board, violence threatening to break out everywhere; no one is safe going to church or shopping at the mall; and then there’s all of the environmental stuff…

But, our protagonist, the social engineer, is happy with himself. He has taken the baton from his mentor, who took it from his mentor in his turn; and with each new generation, our democracy moves incrementally closer to Huxley’s Brave New World…and like Orwell’s Winston, we of the lower class will die at the hands of, but  ‘loving our Big Brother’.

23 April 202

It’s Friday! Going into the weekend, let’s all reflect on what we have in common; and what we have most in common is, that we are all children of the same creator. Let’s pause a moment and allow this to resonate in our minds and souls.

If you are parent to two or more children, you already know how unsettling it can be when your kids are fighting with one another…BUT, no parent should ever experience the ineffable pain that one sibling doing violence/murder to another would evoke in one’s soul.

On that basis, and with everything that humankind has done over its time on the Earth, how do you suppose we have made our creator feel?

Every parent wishes to die before their children do; no one can put into words, or imagine the depth of the pain parents experience if a child goes before the parent does…

We have caused our creator to feel this pain, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

We are out of balance. We are spending too much time ‘thinking’ and too little time ‘living’. Even as we participate fully in the structures of business and wealth generation (this being a ‘reverse-trickle-down’ economic model, and it always has been, um, Ronald!), we are awash in debt, consumerism…and are kept in a state of chronic anxiety, by our increasing debt (and the daily news).

We are more in debt as individuals and as nations than ever before.

We need to change the model from one of centralization/concentration of power and wealth to a distributive model, one that is responsive to emergent economic, social, environmental, and political challenges. It is an organic model; collaborative rather than coercive. It is participative, rather than restricted; inclusive rather than exclusive.

We could ditch the military infrastructure and expense of maintaining it because we would no longer represent a threat to one another. We can collaborate together; focus all the wherewithal and resourcefulness of the Americans, Germans, Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Israelis,  Arabs…everyone…upon the threats to our common survival (overpopulation, starvation, environmental toxicity, and climate change being biggies!) and develop capacity to survive and thrive in Space, the ‘Final Frontier’.

To do this, we need only adopt the Golden Rule for our operative strategy; change our approach from ego’s way (‘What can the World do for me?’) to the creator’s (‘What can I do for the World?’).

22 April 2021

YouTube Video: This $8 Trillion Coronavirus Mistake Could Kill 100%, w Stephen Fry. AI is Watching– interesting perspective.

Headline: Canada’s past climate promises have been a flop. Could that change today? – very likely, yes. It parallels the news from Reuters about the US announcement.

Canada, the US, et al. of the West were subtly moving in lockstep for quite some years, but the pandemic has provided the opportunity to hit the reset button and change the rules of the game; all in the name of economic recovery.

But it appears that, as we ‘move forward’ (the Liberals’ motto) we  are backing right into the authoritarianism democracies should deplore.

Why do I say this?

Answer: For all of the money handed out to people during the shutdown of the economy, NONE has been given to the poor, the homeless, or the chronically unemployed but seeking work…these folks are vulnerable to the pandemic and poverty too,  but, after a year plus, they still get nothing…I guess ‘looking forward’ means you aren’t looking down as you are stepping over folks sleeping on subway gratings in Winter…

So, we allow temporary foreign workers to come and work the farms, rather than employ the unemployed; at the same time, we give businesses wage subsidies to keep idle workers ’employed’ (and also to help with the business bottom line/investor returns)…


Answer: The poor are not in Parliament. Those who are well off, are in Parliament, making the rules. Actually, it is party-central making the rules, and who tells them what the rules should be? Why it’s the same folks who dictate policy to corporations: the investors.

I have been lobbying the Liberals for years over this and am met with silence plus emails for donations. Finally, the emails stopped. I’m getting only one from a Toronto MP who is doing a great job with his newsletters of keeping folks informed.

WE NO LONGER HAVE DEMOCRACY. We have technocracy (and they don’t really know what they are doing), we have internal division along economic class lines that is creating a gap between two groups which threatens both; we have the puppet masters at the top, with the money, who are manipulating society and turning the poor into an afterthought, if not outright pariahs.

WE AREN’T BEING TOLD THE TRUTH anymore. In fact, we are presented daily with a disjunctive internet, wherein, for every fact, there is a counter-fact.

And we are being doused with verbiage from our politicians.

Our Minister of Everything, Chrystia Freeland, in her budget speech, says, in a very matter-of-fact tone [paraphrasing]: ‘…acting on behalf of Canadians, especially women.’

This is what is telling about the new Liberals. They are no more like the Liberals I grew up with, than the Cons of Canada are, the Progressive Conservatives I grew up with.

In the olden days, we didn’t exclude one group in order to favour another. Nowadays, we throw ‘white’ people and ‘males’ under the bus. What we have done in the past to others, because they were in the minority or out of the structures of paternalism, was grievously wrong and resulted in great suffering among people of colour and women; but the pendulum has swung past the midpoint, and, as I feared, is moving toward a society where women are ‘more equal’ than men.

But this change is only for the lower class. In the upper group, men and women are on equal footing, which is a good thing.

The bad thing is, it does not ‘ trickle down’  to the lower class. Why is that? Who is responsible?

The ‘who’ are the upper class/puppet masters, who steer society and public opinion along a bearing of their choosing.

The Why is Population control. The wealthy greatly disagree on how to ‘move forward’, according to their alignment along the political spectrum, but they are in agreement on preserving/increasing their holdings and their power over the rest of us -THEIR POWER OVER DEMOCRACY. That is why, as time passes, societies develop more social controls, restrictions, monitoring, as wealth continues to concentrate into fewer hands, making fewer people more powerful. This while more people join the ranks of the poor and become excluded from society and opportunity.

Clearly, the wealthy are remiss. If only the wealthy were reconciled with the responsibility their wealth implies: if you use it to advantage yourself, then you are a PARASITE upon society; if you use it to benefit society/community, then you are a STEWARD. Simple. But instead, they pat themselves on the back for the good job they are doing as more and more of the vulnerable fall through the cracks.

During an election, we aren’t given a real choice, because only wealthy folks are going to support the cons, given they are so far out in left field; apart from lowering taxes on the wealthy and making it easier for people who have money already to make more of it for themselves, they can think of nothing.

Conversely, the Liberals of today, talk a lot, throw a lot of money around, but, the general thrust of their policies is to preserve the structures of business, and to use the pandemic/climate change opportunistically to refashion society into a neoliberal, Huxley/Orwellian nightmare.

They have no intention of helping the poor because the wealthy run the Liberals too and they are not interested in the poor, beyond how much it will cost to keep them online (living in a virtual world) and in line. After that, they’re attention is focused on maintaining/expanding GDP and the increase in the material holdings and power of the wealthy.

The Liberals are showing us their ‘sunny-side’ while the shadow they cast upon the poor/working-poor of social control/fascism progresses. They even want out children.

The NDP are no different. They style themselves as being for the ‘little guy’ but they spew the same Orwellian bull-crap as the Liberals do. We are already conditioned by the media to accept certain things (like reverse-discrimination and the need to give our kids over to the state for rearing) and to reject others (like new taxes, say, even though changes in the tax regime really only affect those who earn enough to pay taxes, and benefits other areas of society by the redistribution of funds), and if the NDP wants to increase their numbers in Parliament, they need to sound like the other parties.

No one in government is prepared to speak the truth anymore, when truth runs contrary to the social narrative conceived by our wealthy/intellectuals.

When we have ‘truth by convenience’  we cannot at the same time have democracy. We have only a Western-style, main street façade.

What to do? What to do?

We need a new party, or, better yet, a benevolent dictator, since the media is owned by the wealthy and can manipulate opinion according to their whims.

The ‘benevolent dictator’ is undemocratic, but, if you were to have a Gandhi, say, then he/she would enact the needed resets, then restore democracy, as-is.

If we do the necessary changes, democracy will work, just as the founding fathers of confederation and those of our American brothers and sisters had imagined.

Here’s what the BD might do:

  1.  Set up a nationwide Job Evaluation Points (JEP) system to set remuneration and benefits for all salaried/hourly-wage jobs.
  2.  Ensure no one earns more than the mean salary +/- 2sigma. The excess is taxed back 100%.
  3.  Ensure return rates to investors never equals or exceeds the rate of GDP growth. Pin tax rates by formula to GDP growth.
  4.  Implement a wealth tax to normalize the distribution of wealth in the same way as for salaries (#2).
  5.  Set up community hubs and begin to rationalize the dimensions of society according to the Donut Economics framework (Raworth).
  6.  Structure our international and domestic financial systems along the lines recommended by Piketty (Capital in the 21st Century), especially transparency.
  7.  Support, beginning at home, a global population reduction plan by attrition; limiting each woman/man to one child, for one generation, and then maximum two children after that.
  8.  Reverse the erosion of the Commons.
  9.  More to come…write in if you have any thoughts!
  10.  Once the job is done, retire and let democracy breathe on its own.

21 April 2021

Before diving into today’s rant, I wanted to share a YouTube video about Vitamin D and Covid-19. It is long, and it is technical, but it appears to be very good. Be warned, Vitamin D can be toxic if you take too much of it, however, one or two 1,000 IU D3 a day might just keep the doctor away and you out of intensive care!

Watch this video. See a little of what our healthcare workers are going through.

What is going on in the World, our world, is quite unsettling. I don’t know if I can believe everything I read on the news. I don’t know if I can trust our politicians to represent all citizens, when their ranks are supplied from the upper echelons. It appears that, in today’s democracies, the wealthier you are, the better represented you are. And I am worried that the practical difference between ‘left’ and ‘right’ is cosmetic; that going in either direction is leading to the same dark place; that the only practical difference is the road we take to get there.

I realize that I am writing every day about issues over which I have no control, to a non-existent audience, and that my morning ritual only serves to clobber my spirits with the news I read and write about, leaving very little in the tank for writing positive stuff, the kind you have to make up…

I am reacting to events, rather than acting to extend creation, in my own way. God put us here to extend creation, each in our way. I need to enter into each new day with optimism.

Instead, I pour over the headlines…

1 – A teenaged girl threatening a policeperson with a knife was shot dead – I can’t bring myself to watch the video, so I am ignorant of how things transpired. Having said that, I can’t for the life of me understand how a SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD should end up dead at the hands of adult police folks. She comes at them with a knife, they reply with bullets? She must have been seriously, emotionally distraught to even think to attack an officer with a knife.

It is not deliberate, but it is happening. Police are under extreme pressure and some are going to crack, overreact, whatever…and, because police have guns, people are going to die. Likewise, citizens, even the young ones, are under pressure and some of us will crack too.

It is not a good situation for police or for citizens, these days. We shouldn’t have lethal weapons being toted among the populace. Police should not have guns, at least, not any more. Too many citizens are dead already. We’ve got to find another way. The police need to be safe, and they need to do their jobs in order to keep us safe.

2 – George Floyd – dead after trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill and might not have realized it

3 – A 13-year-old boy shot dead (he had his hands up)

4 – Sammy Yatim shot dead on a street car (this happened a few years ago)

5 – Ashley Smith (15 years old when she was committed to the ‘system’) dead, when as an 18 year-old, she hung herself in her jail cell…what got her there in the first place was tossing apples at an officer…

All this is soul-flattening. All of this is so WRONG. I would not hesitate to put myself in harms way if I came across a situation where one of our police was threatened, to come to their aid. But everyday, we hear about someone made dead at the hands of the police.

I want to trust the folks in uniform, but, if their mood and state of mind is a factor, along with my mood and state of mind, I could easily be shot dead too…

We are living in a world of fear, of anxiety, awash in so much angst and uncertainty, that we are psychologically overwhelmed and often become reliant on counselling / mood/mind/reality-altering drugs. Not because we are defective or dysfunctional,  BUT BECAUSE THE WORLD AROUND US IS DEFECTIVE AND DYSFUNCTIONAL.

We are addressing the problem from the wrong end and missing the root cause of everything that is wrong with us; and this in reaction to what we humans have made of the World, our world.

So, in light of this, and knowing it is our ego that is the problem, I conclude it won’t matter to the long game whether the ‘West’ wins over the ‘East’ or vice-versa, because both ‘East’ and ‘West’, ‘Left’ and ‘Right’, ‘wealthy class’ and ‘lower class’, yada-yada are fighting the wrong enemy – the real enemy is humanity’s ego and it is our ego that is fooling us into believing other humans are the enemy…how could they be, when we have so much in common in our life aspirations?

No matter what we do for a living, it is what we do WITH our ‘living’ that matters: raising your family, building a home, having a garden…’ more than a Spanish Pipedream.

Where in all of the creator’s Creation can building a bigger, better ICBM be of greater urgency?

Only in a world created by ego.

There are women today who will be moms in only a few months. Their babies are right now preparing themselves to leave their moms’ wombs, to learn about the World, our world, and then to go on to extend the creator’s Creation as they make a world of their own…

This, all babies ever born have in common.

This, the modern human world seems intent on denying them the opportunity to implement.

As time goes on, and new geopolitical challenges emerge, there appears to be an undercurrent in our governments’ responses trending toward centralization and greater control over citizens, while citizens become further divided, one from the other, and therefore much more amenable to external control. But there is no inherent strength in disunity, and this is a great misstep.

Societies, democratic or autocratic, cannot survive if they are not cohesive. In time, division corrodes and even the police/military cannot stem the tide of societal dissolution.

It is the person-to-person connection among humans which most critical to the success and sustainability of the societies they form; not the social narrative the ruling group provides to its lower class ‘charges’.

It is the interpersonal skills children learn in the family setting (not in the structured daycare setting) that provide the tools we need in order to get along with other egos in adult life.

ECE is downloading modes of thinking and feeling from ‘above’.  The upper echelons want us to think and feel ‘happy’ but this is not how we would naturally respond to our actual living/social conditions. The answer they came up with Virtual Reality, in the form of games, movies, tv, multimedia, and the 24/7 news channels, with a heavy dose of graphic violence and sex, to spice things up, in very nearly everything – wanna see the 13-year-old shot? why, there must be a link to video footage if you ‘Google’…[how egregiously sad this all is…])

There is a better way, but, the wealthy classes are remiss in their responsibility to steward society, as their position requires of them. They have money. Money is power. Power to do good or ill.

Humans, owing to their position in the ‘food chain’…are obliged to act as stewards over god’s creation, here on the Earth Mother. Instead, we behave as pirates and plunderers; exhibiting a perverse willingness to deny others of our own kind what they need to live and to provide FOR THEIR CHILDREN, so that some of us can live better; and we are willing to kill others for the ‘right’ to live better. We use the gifts our creator has given us against god, Nature, and humanity.

‘Might is right’, only in the World, Satan’s world, the world of Ego.

And Satan’s world is doomed…

We don’t want to take a ride on that train, do we? It leads to misery, and death, and darkness.

The ticket we need is the Golden Rule. Take a ride on the creator’s train, and our problems spontaneously disappear from the human record, going forward.

The world I imagine is one where there are wealthy people; but there are no poor people. The world I imagine is a world of equal opportunity and a two-way social contract. The world I imagine is one of tolerance (to permit honesty), honesty (to permit awareness and knowledge), awareness and knowledge (guided by the heart) to permit right-action. The world I imagine is one where the world of adults is motivated, above all else, to steward the World, our world, cooperatively and with Care bear simplicity and enthusiasm, so that the world of children is like the one I grew up in…full of promise, wonder, and the stuff to provide for nice dreams while children sleep and prepare for the next day of wonder. Imagine.

If war continues, many more innocent people will die. Many of them, children.

I plan to learn/write more creative stuff, if for no other reason than to create for myself an alternative narrative to the one I am being read from on-high; if my life is going to be a ‘fiction’ (created by the wealthy), then I’ll make my own instead…nothing better than a home-cooked meal, oui? I’ll cultivate happy thought-mode, à la Peter Pan.

But, if we ditch the class division thing and embrace one another as fellow citizens and members of communities, if we see one another as members of one community, operating in accordance with a social contract couched in true democracy, one that respects the quality of human and all life above GDP, then I am prepared to reengage and work shoulder-to-shoulder with my neighbours, my community, my government, my World, our world, to help make it happen.

The World I dream of is the same world the child believes exists, at least, I did, when I was a child.

God  bless!


I get the feeling that COVID-19 is masking another emergent threat: War. Global war. Nuclear war. What lay is on the far side is anyone’s guess, but I expect that it will not be pretty.

There is also a looming environmental crash because of the human footprint: crash of ocean stocks, desertification, climate change and extremes in weather. How do the birds survive one day at 70F and after a few days, being buried under snow in subzero temperatures?

If we do not stand our ground with respect to China/Russia/Iran et al., we are lost anyways, since death is better than life under those regimes. Humans are not ‘the Borg’.

We need to work together in our own democracies to make sure we don’t end up where the Chinese people are now. Xi will end the greatness that is inherent in the Chinese culture, one of the oldest and most venerable cultures by imposing the uniformity of ego upon Chinese society.

It is only in diversity that we survive and thrive.

I don’t make the rules. The Creator does.

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