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Ukraine Defenders of Snake Island response to Muskova Flagship


Ukraine’s fight with Russia is the front line of the World’s fight against authoritarianism/the rule of gold 

25 March 2023

Foreword: I rely heavily on YouTube channels, TVP Word mainly, plus AP, Reuters, CBC, etc. for my ‘source’ material. I try to verify my ‘sources’. I desire only peace and transparency. I DO NOT INTENT TO MISLEAD OR MALIGN.

I don’t respect misinformation and obfuscation (and I sincerely apologize for anything I say that I don’t get right). A world that has its basis in bullshit has built its foundation upon nothing. It will fall into the trap it makes for itself. Be warned: our ruling class is creating virtual reality for us to live in, in order to mask the dystopia they are creating for us to live in…that they can live on-high on Mount Olympus. AI is going to replace the work we do for them, in time. THIS IS NOT STEWARDSHIP. IT IS SERFDOM. I swear, it is almost as if the Greek Myths were simply news media reports of the day disguised as fictional creations to protect the reporter from the city-state ruling classes. 

But, withal, after the myths came Athenian democracy…perhaps, history will repeat itself and ON THE OTHER SIDE OF WW III we’ll be blessed with the end of gold’s rule, neoliberalism, and the advent of true and universal democracy…but for that, people need to learn tolerance and practice the Golden Rule. FOR THAT, OUR WEALTH CLASS NEEDS TO REVERSE ITS SOUL-SPIN and embrace their god-given duty TO STEWARD. 

Before ranting: Anders Puck Nielsen has just posted a wonderful analysis of the war in Ukraine. I agree with his take. 

IMO, a quantum shift in the war’s progress favouring Ukraine would be accomplished by destroying the Kerch Strait Bridge and also disrupting the East-West land-corridor along the Dnipro, along the Melitopol axis, say. This would leave one last front: Bakhmut/ the Eastern border with Russia. There would be no direct connection remaining between Russia and the occupied territories of Southern Ukraine. The Eastern border would be a candidate for a U.N. Peacekeeping presence, once Russia is defeated and ras-Putin joins his ‘namesake’ on the other side of the Styx. 

That leaves only China and Iran and N. Korea (led by Xi’s minime) to deal with. Here’s some more ‘strategy’ by someone WHO IS NOT AN EXPERT (meaning me!): America is going to neutralize Iran’s military capability. They may  ‘invite’ Iran to ‘step outside’, as it were…

[Aside: IMO, America by this seeks to return democratic authority of government to the people of Iran, whose democratic authority has been usurped by a bunch of demonic prelates that would deal with the devil of an ATHEIST STATE, Xi. If you, an Ayatollah, whose career is wholly-based on the existence of god, engages someone who says there is no god; declaring rather that the ‘buck stops with him/his coven of cronies’, where do you suppose that puts you in your boss’s esteem? hello? (hint: the same place Netanyahu is at, by relying on scriptural authority to justify his stealing land from the Palestinians)…THE SAME PLACE ANYONE WHO BELIEVES AND ACTS UPON THE NOTION THAT GOD WANTS OR EVER WANTED ANYONE TO KILL ANYONE ELSE, FOR TO TAKE THEIR HOME FOR THEMSELVES…IMO, god would never require that, or it wasn’t the creator speaking in the first place…it could only have been SATAN, in which case, THE GNOSTICS ACTUALLY GOT IT RIGHT].

I believe Russia is very worried about Crimea being Ukraine’s next port of call. This is supported by the threats coming out of Russia: that they would bring out the nukes if Crimea is attacked. There’s also the beach defenses erected up and down the Crimean coastline (as I understand, a good portion of it) by the Russians. People on the news wondered why do that, when Ukraine has no navy or marine corps to invade Crimea from the sea? 

They didn’t do it to protect themselves from the Ukrainians; they did it to protect themselves from NATO. Why? Because they can see the writing on the wall. IMO, Putin knew from the get-go he would eventually be facing-off with NATO, if he could not divide NATO, and that is why he first sought to divide NATO. NOW, THANKS TO JOE’S MESSAGE OF UNITY AND BLINKEN’S WORKHORSE DIPLOMACY, NATO IS MUCH MORE UNIFIED AND GROWING BIGGER AND STRONGER. ras-Putin cannot back down; else his days in power/on Earth are numbered. Russia can’t back down while ras-Putin is in power…and there’s the rub. 

Now, opportunistic Xi is weighing his options. Reports are that he has begun to supply Russia with weapons/munitions…in support OF A CRIMINAL WHO GOES AFTER CHILDREN

At the same time, there is news that Russia cannot keep up with its commitment to supply India with fighter jets, munitions, parts for maintenance. THIS MEANS opportunist-Modi-INDIA MAY COSEY-UP TO THE WEST IN REACTION, unless CHINA IS ABLE TO SUPPLY THE TECH RUSSIA NEEDS TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN MiG-29s. IMO, I would leave India and any other like-spirited nation TO TWIST IN THE WIND, AS THEY DO TO UKRAINE, EVERY TIME THEY FIND A BETTER DEAL FOR THEMSELVES trading with a murderous dictator.  THEIR NEOLIBERAL GOVERNMENT PROFITS ON THE BACKS OF INNOCENT UKRAINIANS.

Contrast this with Germany: they sucked it up. It was hard for them this Winter, because of previous governments stupidly cozying-up to the Russians for oil and gas. But they came through. You can’t kick Germans around. They can be stubborn. BUT THEY WILL DO THE RIGHT THING…

in a neoliberal world where you have to fight your own rich folks in order to do the right thing…


Now, the rant:

I am deeply concerned when I come across headlines like the one I see today in the Epoch Times, indicating that the mRNA vaccines are being linked to liver damage, brain damage…


Not any more. 

Because our 5th Estate now presents ‘opinion’ as news and is fully invested in the 24 hour news channel…to keep us watching, we need crisis after crisis. To keep us informed, we need only the facts as they evolve…

It’s become all about the money. In fact, just now, I checked out Ground News. They are ‘trusted, alternative news’…they use fact-checking algorithms and present articles from the different media outlets along with an AI bias-assessment. THEY WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO READ FOR FREE. IN OUR WORLD, EVEN TRUTH IN THE NEWS IS AT A PRICE…therefore, the poor will be kept with the mushrooms in the dark. [p.s. this site IS ALL OPINION – my opinion, such as it is!] In a neoliberal world, the truth is NOT UNIVERSAL…WAIT A LITTLE LONGER…HEALTHCARE AND SUPPORTS FOR THE POOR WILL no longer be universal…bit by bit, successive governments in Ontario for i.e., have shifted things away from public to private…no matter what they say they are doing, they are bullshitting…slowly, inexorably, the people will be sacrificed to GDP because GDP growth facilitates profit and profit is the objective of those who position themselves at the top, become our  leaders in society, TO PRESERVE AND PROGRESS THEIR PRIVATE INTERESTS. shame on them. this is what neoliberalism has bought us and it is all at the behest of already rich people who want more…

Business owns the news and ‘business’ is in the business of making money. They make money through advertising and subscriptions; they know what sells and what the ruling class narrative is supposed to be and spoon feed it to us, 24/7. 

The reader-citizen is as much to blame for our lack of discernment as the privately-owned media is for pushing a ruling-class favoured narrative. Folks tend to trust what they hear and read. Most folks these days are so worried with just keeping their noses above water and their finances one step ahead of the bill collector (behind every bill collector is a wealthy investor), we haven’t the time and resources to properly vet what we are being told, THAT WE MIGHT SUSS OUT WHAT WE ARE BEING TOLD.

What Putin tells Russians about Ukraine is an egregious lie. Xi likely does the same. These folks agree that lying is a part of the proper governance tool set. They also include cheating, bribing, sneaking…you know, all those fine and timeless human virtues which qualify humans for sainthood!

The trouble is, we are being deliberately misinformed here also. We are kept in a state of chronic scarcity and anxiety and therefore DIVIDED. It’s ‘every man for himself’ when the ship starts to sink, and everywhere in the media the ‘sinking-ship’ syndrome is deliberately at the forefront in the page one headlines…

Who is doing this? Who is it being done to? 

Wealth class is doing this. The citizens of nations, of the World are the victims.

You can see the truth if you only open your eyes: not many of us seek out poor-hygiene, poorly-dressed folks who sleep on subway gratings during the daytime and slink about the downtown cores during the night, just surviving…we see one of them, we walk past without even saying a ‘good morning!’…we’d simply rather they didn’t exist. BUT THEY DO EXIST, AND WE PERMIT THIS TO CONTINUE. We are not keeping up our end of the social contract.

As for Wealth, they perceive that there is much more value in cultivating relations with the rich people of other countries than with the citizens of their own. Wealth is creating an uber-nation of wealthy-folks. The vehicle is the corporation. The ‘heart and soul’ of the corporation are the investors.

Investors are about ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY: profit. hello?  ‘Democratic’ Governments negotiate free trade agreements with one another that regulate trade and subsequent government policy that could affect PROFITS. In this scenario, corporations can challenge the governments of nations whenever governments try to pass legislation on behalf of their citizens THAT AFFECTS THE INVESTOR’S PROFIT MARGINS. Corporations are slowly, by degrees, taking over the ‘wealth of nations’ and the people are, in parallel, PROGRESSIVELY REDUCED TO THE LEVEL OF A COMMODITY IN THE MODERN, NEO-LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC FORMULA.

This is how we are entering into WW III:

  • We accepted the quantum reduction in our civil liberties and the corollary increase in government spying on its own citizens after 9/11.
  • Then we accepted the COVID-19 vaccinations WITHOUT THEIR BEING PROPERLY VETTED, even for our children. There were also a plethora of weak distractions in the media regarding the possible sources of the pathogen (all speculative) and ‘experts’ (of the media) coming out and trashing people whose EXPERTISE led them to honestly/openly question the ‘party-line.’ The truth is out there. Someone has to know. Xi covered it up in the beginning when we could have used the time to prepare…instead, governments around the world shut down trade, governments at home started to refuse people treatment for fear of overloading a healthcare system that governments were already forewarned about after SARS; but did nothing…oh, but they did post ads to glorify healthcare workers while healthcare workers were kept running on fumes…oh, and we kept reading and watching and being afraid
  • When war breaks out, the war-economy sets-in. Everyone will lose savings. Most of us are poor. If we are too old to be sent off to die in the fighting, we will die exposed to the elements and impoverished because all of our savings will disappear, I expect. WE WILL BE LEFT TO TWIST IN THE WIND, while our ruling class folks defend themselves and their belongings from those among us desperate to feed and shelter ourselves and our children.

The sorry narrative I present here is not set in stone, of course, but, if the neoliberal democratic way is allowed to progress, if the ruling class mores of the ruling class are allowed to stand and compound, we can only look forward to more of what we see already, BECAUSE WHAT WE SEE ALREADY IS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE OF THE RULE OF GOLD.

When $$$ is our highest value, if the measure of individual success and worth is measured in $$$, then anything and everything to which $$$-value can be attached will be controlled by Wealth and taken from the citizen (the Commons)…if you have money as a citizen, it is because Wealthy folks need your services to increase their wealth; when you are of no further value to them, you are relegated back to the ‘labour-pool’. No rights, no money, no life…excluded from everything UNLESS YOU ARE OF VALUE TO WEALTHY PEOPLE AND WEALTHY PEOPLE ONLY SEE VALUE IN YOU IF THEY SEE $$$ FOR THEMSELVES.


Make no mistake: on the other side of WW III, no matter where you live, if you are not of the wealthy class or of use to the wealthy class, YOU WILL BE FORGOTTEN and left to twist in the wind BY THE VERY SAME FOLKS WHO GIVE YOU A PAT ON THE BACK AND SEND YOU STRAIGHT TO THE HELL OF WAR AND/OR POVERTY…this will be the last gasp for liberal democracy; from then on it will be the dystopic living of every-man for himself…this is what Migration is doing already…it is bringing ‘every-man-for-himself’ to western nations at the behest of the leaders of western nations because this increases the competition at the ground-citizen-level…myself, being a so-called  ‘entitled white-person’ is looking for work, trying to get by on savings and a small early pension, sees immigrants working everywhere…but I cannot get work and do not qualify for CERB, having not been able to find work for several months before the pandemic broke. Neither did I get a reply from Badawey, my Liberal MP, when I asked them about this). Neither do I read about folks in my predicament. And there are many of us, I expect. THE IMMIGRANTS ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR THEMSELVES, THEIR FAMILIES. THEY ARE NOT MY PROBLEM, the government is the problem for setting it up and the effect of government is dividing us…I don’t hold it against anyone of any origin for working in Canada, say. IT IS GOOD THEY HAVE OPPORTUNITY.


‘Equal-opportunity’ is one of the TENETS OF LIBERALISM AND THE LIBERAL PARTY. 

But ‘equal-opportunity’ does not exist wrt immigration/over citizens looking to make their living; neither can it exist in the context of WEALTH INEQUALITY….since in neoliberal world, you need money to do anything. Money is the only morality in a neoliberal world.

A brief anecdote: I once had a discussion with a nephew who is totally ‘blue’, politics-wise, not even ‘pink’, certainly not ‘red.’ He had been very anti-cannabis legalization for years. But, now there was serious talk about legalization and he was telling me, ‘oh, yeah, the tax-revenues from it justify legalization…’

THAT IS HOW CONS THINK. THAT IS HOW NEO-LIBERALS THINK. It’s certainly now investors want us to think: if someone can make money from it, it’s proper and good.


alright. My prayers for Ukraine and for the poor and for the World of humans and of the creator. 

my prayers that humans find a way to get along with one another and that the ruling classes around the world embrace stewardship of their own (and by extrapolation, all the world’s citizens) rather than one another.

The Golden Rule is our salvation, our peace, the way forward.

The Rule of Gold culminates in dystopia and death.

24 March 2023

Headline: North Korea claims ‘radioactive tsunami’ weapon test at sea – no surprise. Un, à la Xi, à la ras-Putin, know only how to destroy, how to steal, how to turn THE TRUTH UPSIDE-DOWN and INSIDE-OUT, how to unleash Satan’s anger on the world

How can anyone, anywhere, at any time in human history, want to align themselves with this? 

Conversely, have a look at the urgency with which the former ‘Soviet-states’ are preparing, within the context of NATO, to defend against Russia.

How can anyone ignore that?  How is it possible for anyone to accept ANYTHING from any of these bozo-nations (‘bozo’ only because they are being led right now by men with big bulbous noses (too much vodka?), even bigger bellies (which don’t look very becoming in military uniform, um, just sayin’ Minister Shoigu and Kim Ding-Dong Un…), …but I digress…oh, but btw, Un, if you are going to play that game, America can simply park its fleet right on your front porch…that way, when you target it with one of your newest ‘firecrackers’, you will destroy yourself (but you may cause a bout of sea-sickness among American sailors). With your own ego, LIKE THE INTOLERABLE BUFFOON YOU ARE…but then, you probably would not have thought of this. 

The doctrine of MAD has not gone away. China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran, and anyone who hates America as much as they do, hates an America that no longer exists, just as the Soviet Union no longer exists. Unfortunately, American Democracy is under assail by some of its own oligarchs…there is no guarantee America will continue to lead the World toward a future as opposed to a dystopic spiralling downward into misery, death, and the end of the Anthropocene. Oligarchic rule is able to accomplish nothing else…after 3 or 4 millennia, humankind has its collective back to the wall…IF WE DON’T DRAW THE LINE, NOW, it’s all over.


WE MUST REDUCE OUR POPULATION GLOBALLY DOWN TO A BILLION OR LESS…something the Earth Mother can manage…humanity’s hubris is in thinking like most oligarchs…that there is nothing money can’t do…WAIT AND SEE WHAT THEIR MONEY IS ABLE TO DO ONCE THE OCEANS CRASH and extreme weather takes care of the LAND. The key to managing the affliction of cancer is to treat it early so that it cannot spread so far that it takes over and destroys its host…humanity is a cancer upon the Earth Mother. It’s major cities resemble tumours from this perspective. Related to this is that human egos are atomic and like atoms: if you press them too close together  you will produce an unwanted nuclear reaction that will destroy both. Population growth serves Wealth because it increases the rate at which their wealth accumulates and the granularity of their control over everything below. Profit is ‘cream’ and cream ‘floats’ to THE TOP. ALWAYS. The weight the ‘top’ exerts on that which is ‘below’ will increase beyond the ability of the ‘foundation’ to bear it. THIS IS INEVITABLE.

THIS IS SATAN’S ENDGAME. Sorry, but Wealth serves SATAN. It cannot be any other way, unless WEALTH gives power back to the people and to democracy…by this I mean, that we STEWARD. 

To do this, WEALTH needs to steward because majorities tend to be ‘selfish.’ IF THE HEAD IS CORRUPT, THE BODY CANNOT STAND FOR LONG.

In Canada and around the World, the ‘head’ is corrupt. But, it appears we have some folks in government right now who want to fix the headache. Piketty has already prescribed the pill. IMO, that’s Joe Biden and everyone who rallies to Biden-America (thankfully, our Liberals in Ottawa have gotten this right…very proud over the level of dedication our Ottawaians have shown to Ukraine!)

It is time to take Wealth out of the human equation: I sicken at the misery and violence wealth and the competition for wealth has created. I worry about our children who are growing up in the cesspool the pursuit of wealth creates. I’m for reducing our numbers and allowing other species to make a comeback, WITHOUT KILLING. 

So long as Wealth rules, if they do not steward, they only plunder and the hole we DIG UNDER OUR OWN FEET deepens…IF WE DO NOT REVERSE COURSE, the hole will soon become so deep we will not be able to climb back out.

The pursuit of wealth, beyond what is needed to live from day-to-day, implies accumulation of society’s lifeblood in one place…everyone knows that if blood pools anywhere in the body, that part of the body becomes diseased and dysfunctional. THE REASON WEALTH CLASS DOES NOT STEWARD IS WEALTH…too much wealth, to be precise. [TAXATION IS DEMONIZED BY WEALTH, so that those greedy, self-stroking bozos can keep roiling in the acquisition of more and more and more wealth…like Orwellian pigs.] 

BUT TAXATION IS THE ONLY WAY SOCIETIES HAVE TO FACILITATE NOURISHMENT TO ALL THE BODY PARTS….WEALTH KNOWS THIS BUT WEALTH IS CORRUPTED BY WEALTH…the corruption can be healed in an instant by taxing to ensure the ‘blood’ circulates freely and is never allowed to pool and cause disease…

Finally, know that war is coming. Most of us will not survive it. Some of us may, if it is the creator’s plan…BUT WE NEED NOT FEAR IT…at the end of ‘the day’, we are all going to be reconciled with our Source and be the leaves on that tree…leveraging the power of the tree and the tree feeling the JOY OF THE LEAVES IT PRODUCES, SEASON AFTER SEASON, AGE AFTER AGE…forever and ever…

NOW, for some fun:

One day, the parts of the body held a meeting to determine who should be boss of the human.

The brain said, ‘Since I am responsible for the human’s decisions, I should be boss.’

The legs said, ‘Whoa, there, horsey! Without us, the human would not be able to go anywhere, so we should be boss.’

The eyes said, ‘Without us, the human would be blind and unable to see where he/she is going…we should be boss.’

The stomach said, ‘Hey, without me, the human would not be able to digest its food. He/she would starve to death, and so I should be boss.’

Then, the asshole applied for the job.

Well, the other parts of the body laughed so hard that the asshole got mad and closed up.

After a few days, the brain got cloudy, the legs got wobbly, the eyes got crossed, and unable to see, the stomach was doing somersaults…

…and so they all conceded and made the asshole boss.

Which only goes to show, you don’t have to be a brain to be a boss, just an asshole.


I wonder…if ras-Putin, Xi, Un, Raisi, Netanyahu, MBS, and all those who would trump Biden’s dream (the dream the likes of Jesus, JFK, RKF, the Mahatma, Martin Luther King Jr., and John Lennon were brutally and summarily murdered when they tried to make the dream a reality)…I wonder if they like poetry as much as I do?

All kidding aside, let us pray to our creator. Let us give ourselves up to the creator. Let us stand, today, against imperialism among nations and the kind within nations that is responsible for the tolerance of ‘us and them’ within human societies…

Let us stand WITH UKRAINE, WITH BIDEN-AMERICA, WITH THE BALTIC STATES, POLAND, THE U.K., FRANCE, GERMANY, JAPAN, S. KOREA, THE PHILIPPINES, AUSTRALIA, all the nations who stand today against the bullshit coming out of China and Russia et al.

To Russians: Putin is taking you down ‘the rabbit’s hole.’ You can see already how little ‘the comrade’ means to him. HOW MANY MORE OF YOUR YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO BE SACRIFICED BY PUTIN ON SATAN’S ALTAR OF WAR? Are you aware that he now deals with a devil who aims to usurp his position in Hell to become Satan’s Number One here on the Earth Mother? Either way, in a decade or so, Russia will be subject to China as a vassal-state…this is the best Putin’s legacy can mean…but in the end, it will mean the utter destruction of Russia and its culture…BUT THEY WILL NOT BE ALONE IN THAT…

Xi has his hand clutched around the throat of the great Chinese culture and means to strangle the life out of it. THE BEST CHANCE FOR THE CHINESE PEOPLE IS TO JOIN TAIWAN IN DEMOCRACY AND KICK XI THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF THE LEADERSHIP…before he leads them over the Lemmings’ Cliff.

Chinese and Russians have so-enriched the World god gave us, over the millennia. They, like Europeans, Middle-Easters, Africans, Asians, the Indigenous everywhere…have done murder to others. None of us has the moral authority to punish other societies.


that is, unless we are all united in defense of the Earth Mother and of one another, AGAINST SATAN AND THOSE WHO WOULD PARTICIPATE IN SATAN’S ENDGAME…he wants only to kill god because god won’t let his ego rule over creation.

God is the Golden Rule. Satan is ego’s rule. The rule of gold is Wealth’s way; not the creator’s way…


23 March 2023

Humans are a cancer from the perspective of Nature. But we can be benign or malignant. Our ruling class sets the direction: as STEWARDS, we are benign; BUT THEY ARE NOT STEWARDS…they are ‘investors.’ What do investors do? They invest. Why do they invest? To make more money FOR THEMSELVES. To do that, they must find products that PEOPLE WITH MONEY WANT TO ACQUIRE…do you see the problem with the neoliberal-democratic way of things? 

If not, let me help you out a little: more and more people are left without money and opportunity to make money BY THE ACTIONS OF THOSE WITH TO MUCH MONEY AND POWER OVER EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE ALREADY…

the effects, like good investments, compounds.

Our wealthy folks already know. They can’t help but know. THEY DON’T GIVE AN F, anymore than most of us do, as we walk by members of our own species laying atop subway gratings, trying to stay warm, exposed and vulnerable, encircling themselves in their own garbage…the ‘walls’ of their ‘home’.

Ukraine leads us to a new world order. Russia and China as they are will not be part of it. The world must expunge itself of the cancers with which it is afflicted. Ultimately, it is the same cancer, only one is more aggressive than the other, but both will take us down IF WE DO NOT ACT.

The obvious one is Chinese/Russian autocracy. In this system, business and government are one, therefore the richest have the most power and those with the most power have the most riches.

The not-so-obvious one is NEO-LIBERAL DEMOCRACY. This is rule by boardroom. The interface between the boardroom and the Parliament (the ‘boardroom of the people, if you will) is managed by the Whip: the wealth class tells the Executive what it wants and the Executive tells the Whip to tell Parliament how to vote.

The division we see between citizens is opportunistically cultivated by wealth so that we take out our disaffection upon one another (upon migrants and immigrants who are only trying to make a good living like anybody else!) and upon the governing party of the day at election time, by booting them out and then complaining for the next 4 years about the government we elected. We never address the root problem.

We keep reading about our disaffection and our wayward governments and CRISIS AFTER CRISIS, with no end in sight…just like a good Dan Brown novel…only we aren’t reading a good, well-plotted novel…WE ARE READING THE OUTPUT FROM THE 5TH ESTATE! T.H.E. N.E.W.S.

For crying out loud!

THE ROOT PROBLEM IS THE TOLERANCE OF WEALTH. OF INVESTORS. OF TRADE AGREEMENTS WHICH PROVIDE GOVERNMENTS WITH AN EXCUSE IN HOW THEY FAIL THEIR OWN PEOPLE…remember what the Great Soul the Mahatma said about the measure of society is in how society treats its most vulnerable…IN THE NEOLIBERAL-DEMOCRATIC WORLD, there is a lot of talk, BECAUSE TALK IS CHEAP and, not only does it allow the rich to milk the national income for more (leaving less for projects and for people), it gives wealthy people something to do so that they can feel important.

They only hoard wealth. They are selfish. If we allow wealth to continue its hegemony over governments and societies, IT CANNOT END WELL FOR HUMANKIND if the folks OUR SOCIETY MAKES WEALTHY continue to use their bounty TO CREATE MORE WEALTH FOR THEMSELVES.

See my post: Piketty’s Apple.

Have a great day! Prayers for Ukraine and our World.

22 March 2023

Before ‘the rant:’ I’ve been perusing the headlines. I don’t know how much more of ras-Putin and Xi’s bullshitting I can stand.

To our media: Can you please do one thing right and stop reporting on the doings and sayings of ras-Putin, Xi, along with Elon, Jeff, and Bill (and also your rationalizations of what governments do/the economy as if it were a mystery…our malaise is due to the greed of greedy people with more money than I do, to own media outlets and hire uber-intelligent media folks prepared to write anything at all for a price)? If our oligarchs were to go away, we’d manage somehow to survive!

To ras-Putin and Xi: Going after children is uber-genocidal; an attack upon the innocence of the world…this has always formed a part of Satan’s multi-pronged attempt to usurp authority over god’s creation; you know, like Xi and Putin seek to usurp authority over the world order, again from its creator…not from America…America under Biden IS ACTING AS GOD’S HAND IN THE WORLD BECAUSE AMERICA HAS LEARNED THE COERCION OF EGO MUST DEFER TO COLLABORATION AND UNITY AND TOLERANCE AND HONESTY AND TRUTH AND STRENGTH AND HONOUR (all of humankind’s redeeming virtues; now loudly proclaimed on a daily basis by Ukrainians). 

To India: It is plain that to trade with Russia/China is to support their evil ways, among which, the kidnapping OF CHILDREN is so far over the top that IMO, the heart of god (IMO, the heart of god is the ‘Holy Spirit’). I urge Indians to turn a new page in their history, defer to the Mahatma’s vision, and decouple their great nation from the demons running China’s mainland and Russia.

Moscow and Beijing are localized tumours that can be purged from the body of the nation’s history and culture…Beijing is not China and China is not Beijing; Xi is not China and China is not Xi…but try telling that to Xi.

The same goes for Russia: Moscow is not the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation is not Moscow; ras-Putin is not the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation is not ras-Putin. [Is it true that the Russian mobilizations are taking citizens from anywhere BUT MOSCOW?]

To America and the West: Resist the tendency to in-fight. UNITY, President Biden’s favourite word, is our salvation, our rescue from the world Xi and Putin plan for us. I expect they will, when they feel the time is right, launch a preemptive strike on America, but we can delay, even prevent this, by being more powerful than they are: the more nations who dedicate themselves to building a new world order along with America (the Liberal one,not the neoliberal one) rather than to resurrect the anachronism of imperialism, the less likely China/Russia will act-up.

America/the Liberal Democratic West and China/Russia are mutually exclusive entities. They simply cannot exist together. One of them must go to hell; and while our neoliberal oligarchs of the West keep their heads in the sand looking for more wealth for themselves, Xi and Putin work to get their ducks all in a row, waiting for their opportunity to surprise us.

I say we have allowed these two bozos to scare our children long enough. 

Time we adults held those two bozos to account, for our sakes, for our children’s sakes, on behalf of our creator, as our creator’s hand. [p.s. maybe now is a good time for our PM to apologize to the Pope FOR THE GOVERNMENT’S ROLE IN THE RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS, for what the ruling class did to Indigenous kids…and THANK HIM for coming to Canada, in an infirm condition, and in his late years, to make penance for the church’s role, or rather, the role of folks working in the church, since Jesus would not have done what those people did to the children and to their families (p.s. to their families: the children you weep for are not gone to you forever…you and they will meet again…on the other side of the River. This is on the other side of ego. We must take this on Faith, since ego blinds us and keeps us in the darkness of our own heads…but that does not make it a lie, anymore than being in a business suit means you can trust what the business suit tells you…hello?)

The world is fortunate. We have Ukraine and America and allies to lead us back to reconciliation with our creator and the world our creator gifted to us.

Let us not miss the opportunity to right all of humanity’s wrongs: today, China and Russia are Satan’s last gasp. Ukraine is Jesus all over again, in the desert, going toe-to-toe with the dark one. The dark one, in the form of ras-Putin, will do no better in Ukraine than the guys who lost their belts to the Klitschko brothers, than the moronic demon who faced off against Jesus, thinking he’d be just another pushover, like Joshua, who took over from Moses and turned Israel’s godlike ways into Lucifer’s warlike ways, inviting millennia of misery upon the people and culture he was then responsible for…

Biden is no Joshua, but he has the military muscle to be Joshua-like. Biden, IMO, knows and respects the laws that, 1- nothing can come of nothing and, 2- to achieve ANYTHING by VIOLENCE AND/or DECEPTION can only be productive of MORE violence and deception.

We’ve all had our fill of bullshit…we’ve been inundated with bullshit, by our ruling classes, since the written word was first written. Seeing something in print or in the television/the media, somehow gives it credibility, in the eye of the viewer;  just as being told ‘god wills it!’ gave credibility to the faithful when they were told (to act against god) TO DO MURDER TO INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO HAPPENED TO BE IN THE WAY WHEN THE ANCIENT HEBREWS WERE LOOKING FOR A PLACE OF THEIR OWN TO LAND AND CALL HOME. God created those people and the Hebrews. What god is that who would order one of his/her creations to murder one of his/her other creations?


All of the World’s Faiths converge upon the notion that the creator exists beyond Time and Space; that the ‘space-time continuum’ exists within god.

All of the World’s Faiths diverge with respect to (wrt) the form each acquires; the Scriptural ‘Authority’ each evolves, the canon of law and beliefs to govern ‘the faithful’, that the faithful will be ‘guided’ to ‘eternal life.’ 

All bullshit. All human contrivance.

To put something of a ‘perspective’ on this: imagine a bacterium in your body that ‘knows’ everything about you: where and when you were born (or the bacterium might have concluded that you were never born; but always existed?), how you think, how you want the bacterium and all other cellular and sub-cellular entities to behave, what you want them to think/believe about you…well you get the idea…IT’S RIDICULOUS TO THE EXTREME THAT WE TAKE OURSELVES SO SERIOUSLY AS TO THINK WE CAN DEFINE AND FULLY CHARACTERIZE SOMETHING THAT EXISTS BEYOND ALL DEFINITION AND CHARACTERIZATION/ALL LABELLING…we cannot impart truth to what is already true. Anything we ‘add’ is by definition a contrivance…or, more colloquially expressed: bullshit.

[the only thing we can do rightly is EXTEND CREATION according to the original ‘fractal’.]

Right now, the ‘left’ is playing on our taking ourselves too seriously wrt our estimations of our creator: anyone can see that the face humans have put on god over the years is the result of our own imagination…what goes on between our ears…to extrapolate this into a creation theory is a wee bit over the top, ya? The ridiculous claims made by religions (ẗhe doctrine of discovery? / god wills it! in the Crusades / Adam and Eve / Moses v. Joshua / Jihad / etc. only perpetuate strife and war between cultures. Religion becomes a means to an end for the wealth classes of the respective sides. The ‘left’ is now so emboldened by its success to come out in our day and announce to us that there is no god.

The bacterium has ‘come of age?’ LOL

The ridiculousness aside, what we have here is the child playing at being the adult, in this case, playing at being god. We pretend there is no god, otherwise, the game just isn’t any fun!

Before that, we pretended that Jesus was god, that Mohamed (PBUH) wasn’t god, the Roman emperors were gods, that the prophets were men/women singled out by god…that they and only they knew what god wanted…

all bullshit.

IMO, it has always been this way, the way Bob Dylan sang:

we channel either the creator or the devil, the Light or the Darkness. The determinant is how much of the world we witness through the LENS OF OUR OWN EGO. 

People like Mohamed (PBUH), Jesus, Moses, Gandhi, Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, St. Francis…these people were able to set aside their egos/the ‘form’ of their THINKING, enough so the truth of the creator is what emerged from their mouths, and in their deeds…NOT WHAT THEY WANTED TO BELIEVE; BUT HOW THEY WERE INFORMED by the creator.

Conversely, Satan uses our ego’s ignorance to convince us to do Satan’s will, not god’s (god gave us free will so this should help us to know who is speaking to us from within the darkness, behind the curtain of, our own ego-minds).

If we all set aside our egos, especially when it comes down to $$$/power/acquisition, there will no longer be war or the threat of nuclear war. No more poverty. No more children having their innocence taken from them, even before they are allowed to take their first breath.

I dunno, but I’m up for leaving a World like that for my legacy to my kids…I figure it’s something they’ll be able to work with and play it into an even better start for their kids…and on and on…

This is quite different from the one the leaders of the World plan to leave…that is, all except Biden and Zelenskyy and those who support them. Xi, Putin, Raisi, Un, MBS, Netanyahu, Trump…these care only about $$$ and power…they serve Satan.

Satan is bound to lose this one. Upon this all of the world’s religions agree.

All of the world’s religions proclaim the Golden Rule. This is how we counter Satan and the progress of his endgame. Our creator is waiting for us, IMO, to get with the game plan.

IMO, ‘left’ and ‘right’ should not be qualifiers of governing spirit. THERE MUST BE ONLY ONE GOVERNING SPIRIT, and we should elect our representatives on the basis of what they do to improve the citizens quality of life. ALL CITIZENS. None of the ‘us and them’ contrivances of wealth. No, ‘the poor you shall always have with you…’ Jesus, IMO, would never have said any of that, but a wealthy person might have wanted to put these words into his mouth…and the Hebrew priestly-class might have claimed that god required tithing of 10 percent and the slaughter of unblemished, good-eating lambs for their own upkeep?

Conclusion: Form is a feature of ego. Human ego. God exists beyond form. Beyond time. Beyond space-time. God IS THE continuum.

I do not understand god. I only know that nothing can come of nothing; therefore SOMETHING HAD TO ALWAYS EXIST…outside of time/space…outside of form… 

Outside of ego.

I do not understand god. I only know that god LOVES ME (I can’t understand that either!) god loves everything created because why would anyone create anything that would cause them pain, anguish…anxiety??? Let’s give god a little credit, eh?

Right now, Ukraine fights for its life against an aggressor nation that wilfully feeds its own poor into the maw of war in order to resurrect something long dead. Right now, we have an atheist nation preparing to launch WW III…it will, when it feels it will win. The choice China offers the World is for the world to be like China. WHO IN HELL WOULD WANT THAT? 

Answer: Why, in Hell, everyone wants that…no god…no problem…TURN UP THE HEAT!

Seriously, we must make our stand. China Xi and ras-Putin et al. will not go away. They live to kill. That’s their idea of a love-fest. Blood. Murder. Stealing. Calling the truth, a lie and a lie, the truth.

The World prepares now for the ‘last battle.’ It is time for us to leverage our free will and to align with god against the darkness. It is not god, but the face people with political agendas put on god, which is THE PROBLEM. Everyone who is truly ‘faithful’ will not ever try to convert you to their beliefs but rather always try to learn from you about your beliefs to see what they can learn and add to their own beliefs.

We have been killing one another for millennia over differences in our beliefs, when none of us can fully characterize god. We should have been seeking one another out and talking about god, exchanging ideas about god…BUT KILLING IN THE NAME OF GOD? 

No wonder Satan was emboldened. 

Let’s all give Satan a big surprise! Let us all shake hands, not with him, but with one another, say, as we pass by the Mosque on our way to the Temple, the synagogue, the church…let us learn how we can accommodate one another’s differences, expand our cultural knowledge base by learning from one another…and leave the anachronisms, and Satan, TO AN INGLORIOUS PAST.

Let us, each and every day, repeat the words: ‘At the going down of the Sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.’ 

Prayers for Ukraine and gratitude to Ukraine for showing the rest of us the difference between ‘the talk’ and ‘the walk.’ Their newest World Champion is their President, their military, their volunteers, their citizens…

…of whom, the Klitchko family, having produced two world heavyweight boxing champions, ARE VERY VERY PROUD: AS MUCH AS UKRAINIANS FELT PRIDE IN THE KLITCHKOS during their time of triumph. [p.s. the brothers swore to their mom to never fight each other]

A great power is about to fall, of its own volition, by its own murderous hand. The hand of Satan. Russians hold the world’s future in their hands. If, in defeat, they replace Putin et al. with respect for liberal democracy, Russia will spontaneously morph from global-contagion to remedy of the world’s ills. We will need them on our side to counter China. We can avoid destroying the World.

Make no mistake: the world of humans, the Anthropocene, is at a point of inflection. We must endure what is coming, guide what is coming to its proper conclusion; a world order without wars, devoid of dystopic elements. This means we must engage the investor class/the oligarchs, so that their vision does not become the shape the world takes on, or all is lost.

We can already see the corrupted form the ego of wealth and wealthy people superimposes upon liberal democratic societies. Under the rule of rich folks, stewardship is corrupted into opportunism, personal worth is measured in $$$, and neoliberal -democratic institutions, such as multinational corporations, replace liberal-democratic institutions in society. We are effectively a society of masters and slaves, differentiated by the amount of $$$ they control. This social configuration cannot stand and is bound to collapse into chaos.

Satan’s endgame. Chaos. Everyone talking at the same time; nobody listening.

The rule of gold leads only to the Lemmings’ Cliff.

p.s. the ultimate culmination of gold’s rule is yet to happen: Wagner PMC and the like should NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED TO EXIST. By allowing them to exist, we open the door to CORPORATIONS OWNING PMC’s…can you imagine that? Investors with armies at their disposal? To what possible end?

Well, the end of the Golden Rule forevermore. Rule by board and CEO, forevermore…for those who do not represent value in that formula…dystopia and misery as you are robbed of your children and left to twist in the wind. I say robbed of your children because Satan wants your children…that’s why Putin wants the children of Ukraine…children can be ‘modified’ to think and behave any way you want them to…in their innocence they give their free will over to those in whom they trust and they start out in complete trust…they learn to distrust once they see that not everyone is like their moms and dads. 

21 March 2023

The World of Ego: ‘War and rumours of war,’ ‘pestilence and disease,’ …’people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening…’ … this is the World we are prepared to leave for a legacy to our children?

This is Satan’s legacy to humankind; one he has been building on, for many, many millennia.

Today, in the world ‘stewarded’ by our generation, Satan’s endgame is nigh fait d’accompli.

Our media folks are busy spin-doctoring the events of the World into some kind of a fictional narrative…wherein those who rule over us are continually working for us to improve our quality of life; while THE TRUTH IS, they feed us into the insatiable maw of war and condemn the remainder to penury, obliged to live life on the periphery of the society we were born into, BECAUSE WHEN THEY ARE DONE WITH US, THEY HAVE NO MORE FURTHER USE FOR US…

Migration/immigration for example. Canada is a society built on a tradition of immigration. As for migration, why, Canada’s Indigenous  opened the door and put out the welcome mat for the first Europeans, and we can do no less to those who arrive at our shores today, desperate for landfall, IF WE HAVE ANY HONOUR LEFT TO US AT ALL.

But, our ruling class has usurped authority over democracy from our Parliaments. WE NOW ENJOY NEOLIBERAL DEMOCRACY. Rule by CEO.

If, our oligarchs were spirited toward STEWARDSHIP, this would not be a problem. THEY ARE NOT SPIRITED TO STEWARD; they are blinded by gold’s allure. They are so self-enamoured they enjoy the smell of their own excrement and expect everyone else to enjoy it too…

‘Democracy dies in darkness.’ So says the motto of a news media outlet owned by the guy who propelled Amazon into becoming a front for Chinese goods and, because of guys like him, we will soon be getting bombs, missiles, and bullets aplenty from China, FREE SHIPPING, EVEN IF YOU AREN’T ON PRIME. 

This is one example of the type we have at the top of the money-pile; the ones who, in a NEO-liberal democratic constellation, RUN THE  NATION the way a CEO runs things in the boardroom.

Now, the folks sitting around the table in the boardroom aren’t there to represent the needs of the employees (in nation-societies, the citizens). FOR THEM, CONSIDERATION OF THE NEEDS OF THE EMPLOYEE IS A MEANS TO AN END. The ‘end’ is profit to the investors.


What is good for the investor is never good for the employee. They work at counter-purposes: the investor wants the greatest return for his/her risk; whereas the employee wants the highest pay-benefit package in exchange for the work he/she does. THE BALANCE CAN ONLY BE MAINTAINED BY A 3RD WHOLLY-NEUTRAL PARTY…’wholly-neutral’ is a misnomer; what I really mean is ‘SPIRITED AS STEWARDS.’ 

What we have going on here is not ‘a failure to communicate,’ it is a deliberate mechanism of obfuscation, because THE THIRD PARTY NEEDED IN THE DEMOCRACY EQUATION IS THE WEALTH CLASS. The governing Executive serves the wealth class. The Whip ensures the elected members of Parliaments vote according to what the Executive requires. IN DEMOCRACY,  it is supposed to work THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

$$$ supports the Executive. The parties compete for $$$. Wealthy folks have the most $$$. If you want to get elected as a party to run the country, the more $$$ you collect, the better your chances to convince enough voters to vote for your party. THIS MEANS, YOU HAVE TO APPEAL TO THE ONES WITH THE MOST $$$ TO HAND OVER TO YOU IN ORDER TO GET ELECTED, or so you think.

And so, you pay lip service to the plight of the poor, the plight of migrants, the Indigenous, healthcare workers, oversized classrooms…but things never seem to get better for us citizens…we get disaffected…we vote for ‘the other guys’…we go through same bs as before…we all know the drill, by now…

Our media says China is emboldened by its success in getting Saudi Arabia and Iran to make friends again. IMO, there is nothing more to this, than Saudi Arabia is led by someone with the moral rectitude of a lamprey. He doesn’t like being told off by the Americans when he behaves like a lamprey, and so he is inclined to ‘befriend’ anyone who is also peed off at the Americans.

China, led by an atheist regime, ‘befriends’ Iran, whose leaders do not seem to mind the blatant hypocrisy of being seen to go around in sacred religious garb shaking hands with the leader of an atheist regime…I mean Xi; not Satan. Before I saw this, I thought such bullshit only possible in the realm of Milton’s Lucifer. The truth really can be stranger than fiction.

Then there’s India…my disappointment in the nation that produced the likes of the Great Soul (Gandhi) and the Forgotten Hero (Bose) has fallen to Modi’s level is beyond words. The level this Mount Olympian neoliberal [here I want to put a word that is not polite in place of ‘leader’] is so ‘low’ I can only wish that, if the World goes to war with itself, that Modi is on the other side, where I have him in front of me, in truth, as the enemy, rather than behind me, where I need to trust him that he has my back. This is what the rule of $$$ has brought the Mahatma’s India to. Shame on India.

On the bright side, Turkey has ratified Finland’s accession into NATO. Now, Erdogan needs to drop the bullshit over Sweden AND DEAL IN GOOD FAITH WITH THE KURDS. 


unless, we unite across the board right now, and end the reign of gold. Tax-policy and inflation policy will do it. Wage and price controls to end inflation, rather than leverage monetary policy/ playing with interest rates, which only advantages the wealthy: when ‘times are good’, it is easy to borrow money because GDP goes up and up and up, right along with debt levels…then, when supply and demand kicks in and prices just go up FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THE BUYER COULD PAY MORE (and wealthy person gets more profit), inflation becomes a problem (surprise! surprise!), and the government raises rates, benefiting folks with large bank accounts and THOSE WHO LEND MONEY TO THE GOVERNMENT). That is perfect scenario for wealthy folks…up or down, investors always win…in neoliberal democracies, the wealthy have managed to hedge their bets…when times are bad, SAY, DURING A WAR ECONOMY, it will be those who struggle to save anything at all and those below that, who are left to twist in the wind. THEY WILL BE FORGOTTEN BY THOSE WHO SURVIVE FASTER THAN WE HAVE FORGOTTEN our promise to, ‘At the setting of the Sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.’ WE HAVE NOT REMEMBERED. HERE WE ARE AGAIN AT THE PRECIPICE OF GLOBAL WAR AND ANNIHILATION because we allowed our oligarchs to buy us off and then run us and our nations into the ground. ‘Under the cities, lies a heart made of ground, but the humans will give it no love.’ Yes, there is ‘something happening here…but what it is should by now be exactly clear… hello?

…but, why not do like President Biden asked MBS (expletive removed!) to do? Don’t raise the price of oil; help us out, while we get our legs under ourselves wrt our response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and disruption of grain supply to Africa and Europe…BUT MBS SAID ‘NO.’…because he, like the denizens of wealth class in general is a [expletive – expletive deleted]. 

I don’t want to leave Israel out. What they are doing to Palestinians in a passive-aggressive way, BUT WITH THE EXACT SAME GOAL AS PUTIN HAS IN UKRAINE, the World, our world, tolerates. America tolerates. So long as America tolerates what Israel does and not what Russia does, America IS A HYPOCRITE, by definition. 

$$$ always reveals ones TRUE COLOURS.

Now the World’s nations and its peoples must CHOOSE how they want to live:

according to the example of Moses, Jesus, Mohamed, Martin Luther, the Mahatma, Mother Teresa…OR to follow the way of ras-Putin, Xi-sy (pronounced ‘chee-sy), Netanyahu, MBS, Raisi, Un…look at them! who in the bejeezus would want to BE LIKE THEM? (I’ll tell you what, though, I wouldn’t want to be any of these bozos when they appear before the creator to account for their lives, while their eternal destiny is being determined).

Today, let’s say together The Prayer of St. Francis, which is a prayer for all faiths for all ages because it is between the human spirit and the creator, devoid of all labels, IMO, it is the nearest thing I have ever seen to a prayer anyone of any faith of any cultural tradition and of any time in our history, could pray from their heart, as if the words had never before been spoken…every time I speak them (I also put it to music) it feels like the first time, just as Cat Stevens has deified the Sun’s rise.

Prayers and gratitude, Ukraine, President Biden, the Baltic States, Canada for its support of Ukraine, Germany for doing the right thing…

there is only one way to end war and that is to learn to play nice.

America recognizes that it cannot maintain the pax americana all on its own. It needs good neighbours to help out. The unary, rules-based international order is what President Biden hopes to leave as his legacy. It is the only vision that leads to a Future of possibility and opportunity for everyone, instead of what Xi and Putin are fencing, and that is death by opportunism…a dystopic world of haves and have-nots, where of course, they are to be counted, of course, among the ‘haves’.

Xi and Putin only want more; but the World is already fully occupied. Therefore, what they want, they must take from someone else, what already is. 

America. America is the endgame for Xi and Putin. With America out of the way, they can proceed to rain hell down upon the creator’s creation until nothing is left of it but a pile of ashes. Our ruling class neoliberals will accomplish the same sodid end over their worship of the god of GDP…it will take longer that’s all. THE NATIONS IN AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH AMERICA, THE SUBCONTINENT, THE FAR EAST…they should all take note. 

Humanity must take note. WW III is on the horizon. But the root cause remains hidden by the gathering clouds. Behind them, it is not the creator’s Sun, Aton, that provides the ‘heat’; it is the world’s oligarchs, the ones with all of the money. We will see the fire of Satan’s ego emerge from the clouds of nuclear war…this is our end, BECAUSE OF OUR GREED, BECAUSE OF OUR EGO. Because we have turned our faces away from god because we have come to think we know better…better than our creator…who has been around a lot longer than us, has acquired much more ‘life experience’ than us, loves us despite our evil ways, and wants the best for us. Compare this to our ruling classes, who only want the best for themselves and provide us with an unending litany of bullshit because talk is cheap and they cannot buy big mansions with talk, only with gold…and so, they keep their gold and drown us in bullshit instead.

Rally to America for the sake of peace. Settle all accounts for the sake of Peace. End the rule of gold and we will never ever threaten one another again, including the other species we share the Earth Mother with. She loves them as much as she loves us.

We will live in the Golden Rule.

20 March 2023

Many, many years ago, a fellow university student leaned across the table toward me, and announced, ‘The World is based on bullshit.’

I remember it and my lack of a response very clearly. I had nothing to say (a major feat, in and of itself!) in response because there was nothing to add. It was as pithy a saying as anything Thomas Paine could come up with…no further qualification necessary. ‘This‘, Mr. Paine would say, ‘we find to be self-evident.’

Today, the passive-aggressive West tolerates the fractionation of THE TRUTH into ‘opinion,’ ‘alt-news,’ ‘left v. right…’

Today, leaders of several nations support Russia, despite what Russia perpetrates upon men, women, AND CHILDREN in Ukraine without compunction, esteeming it to be a war of liberation, not an invasion…indiscriminate shelling…deportation of children…summary execution of citizens in the streets…leaving their dead and wounded on the battle field…this is about ‘liberation?’ hello?

In the modern world, East and West, everything has been monetized. The culmination of neoliberalism is in putting a pricetag on The Truth, and this is progressing apace since the advent of the 24 hour news channel.

Today, therefore, no one is interested in the truth per se, but in the version of the truth they find the most palatable. How can this be? The 5th Estate cannot see one world in two, mutually-exclusive ways. The truth is what it is. We cannot choose a truth; we can only choose the truth and work with it…or not. BY BULLSHITTING, FOLKS SIMPLY TAKE CHOICE AWAY. The Truth is not theirs to take, yes?

The truth, meanwhile, is still out there.

Right now, Ukrainians face this truth: they must stand and fight, or they will die. The World must accept this as the truth. 

Right now, nations such as India, Saudi Arabia opportunistically take advantage of Russia’s desperation to finance its genocidal assault upon a neighbouring nation, by buying its gas and oil.

IMO, such nations are not reliable partners. They are not honourable partners. We should not be trading with them. We should not be shaking hands with them.

Right now, nations are testing our resolve abroad, while our oligarchs manipulate us at home, through the media they own and the governing Executives they influence with their $$$. It is all about $$$ and that is why bullshit is now the operative strategy: whoever’s bullshit is better, wins…that is, until someone comes up with even better bullshit…THE TROUBLE IS, WHAT YOU HAVE IN HAND is still only bullshit…there is nothing of substance gained by the ‘buyer’, but (hello?) the ‘seller’ continues to get richer and richer and further and further away from the buyer should the buyer want to complain. There is no honour in profit-making. When $$$ is at issue, one reveals one’s true colours: one’s respect for the truth is one’s self-respect. There is no honour in business/neoliberalism, except for how the proceeds from business are used. WE HAVE SEEN HOW CHINA INVESTS THE PROCEEDS OF ITS TRADE WITH US. WE HAVE SEEN THE VALUE CHINA/XI PLACES ON HONOUR AND RESPECT AND THE TRUTH. About as much as Putin does, Netanyahu/MBS…you name ’em… 


…begin with respecting the truth…and that means, to start telling it, eh?

19 March 2023

China aspires to usurp the ‘captain’s wheel’ from the U.S., to guide the World toward its vision of ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity’. Um, by this, Xi means, peace and prosperity for mainland China. For the investors behind Xi’s curtain.

Setting all the bs aside, the ‘autocracy’ of Xi is simply boardroom governance applied to nation-society. There is no imagination, nothing new here. You have your CEO, your board members (who do not need a WHIP to tell them how to vote), and your professional staff,responsible for the upkeep and management of the labour pool. 

No business entity is tolerant of pockets of non-production within its walls; neither will it tolerate anyone with a different idea of the direction the business should be going in.

No business will squander a penny’s-worth in resources or time searching for other businesses which might be facing challenges with which the business is in a position to help, UNLESS there is business-opportunity….the help is always conditional and the offer, Faustian: one ends up paying much, much, more than the help one receives is actually worth…that’s called ‘profit-margin’ and ‘return on investment.’ 

BUSINESSES WITH NOTHING OF VALUE TO SELL, will offer, in the short term, something ($$$) too good to say ‘no’ to. To owe money is the greatest enslavement; just as to not have money is the greatest exclusion. If you are in debt your whole life, you are beholden to the lenders, your whole life. There’s the hook.

The choice China represents is whether we are governed by boardroom v. neoliberal democracy, which is governing by wealth via an Executive with a Whip in its hand to force the proper outcomes in Parliament (the members of parliaments are elected by the citizens, the Executive is selected by the leader of the winning party, and then, governs according to the dictates of Wealth). Until we introduce a systemic safeguard against the concentration of wealth and power, this will not change…

Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century is the way forward. No one in the world can be allowed to have so much $$$ that their opinion matters more than mine, say. Oh, theirs can matter more to them, as mine does to me…but there can be no invasion of my personal space by the rich person’s personal space UNLESS IT IS IN RESPONSE TO THE SOCIAL CONTRACT BOTH WEALTHY AND POOR ARE BEHOLDEN TO.

Right now, the world is beholden to the greed of wealthy people who have an addiction to power and the ‘good-life’…meaning, they seek whatever gratifies them, whether it is good for them (or other folks) or not. This is the recipe that will bring the World of humans to the culmination point of the Anthropocene.

This is how someone like Roger Waters can gain an audience before the U.N. and hint for Ukraine to give something to Russia, ‘for the sake of peace’ (and in the most obsequious tone), with the images of the summary executions of Ukrainians, guns to the back of their heads, in Bucha, their hands tie-wrapped behind their backs…can you imagine, Roger, for one moment, what that would have been like? And after imagining that, CAN YOU STILL FIND IT WITHIN YOURSELF TO LET THOSE BASTARDS OFF THE HOOK FOR WHAT THEY DID TO THE PEOPLE IN BUCHA WHO, ONLY A FEW DAYS BEFORE, WERE WORKING, RAISING THEIR CHILDREN…then found themselves left laying face-down, in the main street of Bucha…forever silenced? So long as $$$ rules, we will be forced to listen to the bullshit coming down from Mount Olympus…sad to say, but right now, I don’t ever want to listen to another Pink Floyd song again (not even my all-time favourite ‘Us and Them’)…I am sick at heart wrt both the U.N. for letting Mr. Waters address the General Assembly and for Mr. Waters per se for doing it. I wonder, if it were him kneeling in the street of Bucha, his hands tie-wrapped behind his back, a pistol put to the back of his head, right after seeing one of his neighbours executed like a dog in the street, would Mr. Waters still ask for Ukraine to give something of itself to the rapist, for the sake of peace in the neighbourhood? 

Hey folks! We all know we live in an age of hyper-specialization. We all recognize that it requires so much knowledge to function in any one discipline, nowadays, that you really can’t know much about anything else…Roger Waters was a great musician and creator…what he did with Pink Floyd has added to the world and made it better in the way Roger was personally able to…what he did by addressing the U.N. counts against all of that…

Roger, perhaps you have a tonne of money…show your ‘love’ for Ukraine and the World by selling your mansion, living in something a little smaller, and donating your fortune to Ukraine’s fight for its life…IMO, that would be doing something socially and geopolitically responsible,  but for you, more expensive.

18 March 2023

Before the rant, some observations:



3 – ‘WEALTH’/acquisition IS MALIGNANCY; the progress of gold’s rule, guided by those with the most gold (to their own advantage). 

4- The ‘Benign’ are those humans who choose to be governed by the Golden Rule.

Malignant cancers ‘live’ to kill; even that (the host) which they rely on for their existence.

Benign cancers balance their personal growth against the capability of their host to tolerate their personal growth.

Our ruling class, if not wholly engaged in stewardship, is, by definition, a malignancy. If they are not rendered ‘benign’ by the laws and institutions of liberal democracy, they will lead us over the Lemmings’ Cliff, as ras-Putin is doing with his Russian citizens, right now. Russians must break the link with Putin or Russian culture and history and its gift to the World will be lost to the World, forever.

New Post on Canadanua: The State of Liberal Democracy in neo-Liberal Times.


I wasn’t going to rant today! Then I saw what passes for headlines on CBC’s The National and the Kyiv Independent. 

wrt the tragic shooting of two young police officers, by a 16-year-old boy: for the life of me, why is it someone feels we need to be told this? It is horribly tragic; inspiring a sense of profound HELPLESSNESS. Apart from the anxiety, fear…all of the negative emotions the story invokes in the viewer, what social good has been accomplished, in the telling, by our ‘5th Estate?’ How has this knowledge improved my life? My mood? My outlook? hello?

wrt the Kyiv Independent, an article on how seriously we should take Xi’s ‘peace plan?’ I see only the same sort of spin-doctoring and rationalizing that western media has already fallen to.

This isn’t ‘news’; this isn’t the product of the ‘5th Estate’. This is messaging. 

China’s endgame is obvious. They want to shape the international order to suit China. 

Russia’s endgame is just as obvious. They want to shape the international order to suit Russia.

The spirit governing India and Saudi Arabia and Iran is also obvious. ‘Show me a dime; I give you my time.’ All three of these nations would deal with the devil himself, for the right price.

No one with functioning grey-matter between their ears is buying what the aforementioned are selling.

The culmination of modern geopolitical progress will not be another ‘cold war’; it will not be a bifurcated (East v. West) or Orwellian tripartite world order (Oceania v. Eurasia v. Eastasia): OUT OF GREED, our western wealth classes have engaged in trade with China/Russia, despite knowing that nothing had changed; that China and Russia regard America/the West as the enemy, that from their perspective, ‘culmination’ entails the downfall of America and lowering the curtain on  the Western vision of a unary, rules-based world order…

As for India et al…, well…I find their stand to be shamelessly pathetic. I have nothing more to say about it. I won’t listen to the rationalizations on WION anymore; actually haven’t for a while. I feel sorry for the likes of Bose and Gandhi…were they the last of India’s bright lights? Will there be no one else to take up the baton? (p.s., I know they were opposed to one another; but they WERE BOTH GOVERNED BY A SENSE OF HONOUR, NOT BY $$$, not like India today. Whenever both sides happen to be governed by honour above all else, they approach others in good faith, and it is only on this basis is anything of an enduring and equitable quality achievable).

UNITY is key. China and Russia would buy the support, the ‘unity’ they seek; but the salesman always requires a commission. Ultimately, when $$$ are involved, the PRICE IS ALWAYS YOUR SOUL. One’s true colours are always revealed whenever $$$ are at stake…this explains how western oligarchs (Elon, Bill, Steve, Jeff, yada-yada) continued to trade with China despite seeing what China was doing with the proceeds; that China was going to attack the world vision whose seed was planted on American soil, nurtured by American philosophy (to wit: liberal democracy, and the willingness to fight to preserve and progress democracy in an effort to end wars within and among nations). 

America would EARN unity by example; it has already learned that coercion, either direct, as is the Russian way, or passive-aggressively, which is the Chinese way for now, until they feel sufficiently emboldened to attack America, cannot produce a lasting peace, nor conducive to forward progress.

The rule of gold is responsible for the world’s ills. This has always been true.

The Golden Rule is humanity’s guidepost to the Garden and happiness and peace. 

This has always been true, too.

p.s. America is doing exactly the right thing by bending wrt Russia’s latest provocation.  They continue to uphold international agreements by leveraging and respecting international agreements. Contrast this to the way China and Russia tend to roll…(just sayin’). In response to Russia’s downing of the American UAV, the Americans opted to replace their propeller-equipped surveillance drone with one on jet propulsion -I suppose, the UAV equivalent of steroids.

Still, withal, America should give Russia a well-aimed kick in the balls. Something that Putin and Xi  know America did, but won’t be able to prove…

MY PRIME CANDIDATE WOULD BE THE KERCH BRIDGE. How cool would it be to wake up one morning to discover that a kilometre-long section of the Kerch Strait bridge went MIA during the night? Was it one of those new Ukrainian sea-drones? Was it the work of Crimean partisans? Jesus H. Murphy, was it another careless smoking incident, this time the driver of the truck carelessly tossing his butts out the window and not noticing his rig was dumping fuel on the pavement faster than a Russia MiG on an American drone? 


there are many traditions we must disrupt in order to be able to progress to the next human era. For the entirety of our recorded history, we have given ourselves over to the rule of gold. of acquisition. of ego. we are at a point of inflection. human society must reinvent itself in accordance to the Golden Rule. Russia and China and Iran and Israel all have traditions of imperialism that go way back. Likewise, the effects and aftertaste of British colonialism…our lords and ladies were interested in living ever higher off the hog than before and were quite happy to bullshit the Indigenous around the world out of their nations’ wealth and future.

IN OUR DAY, we are on the path to RECONCILIATION. This means most of us must give a little/wealth must give back a lot, for us to find ‘the middle,’ Justin Trudeau’s Common Ground. 

We are, in fact, seeking the Centre. The Source. That path is already lit by the creator. We need only face in that direction, and everything will be made plain and there will be no more missteps.

Trust this. 

17 March 2023

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and wishing everyone, the world-over, the ‘luck of the Irish!’.


Before the ‘rant’, check out the China Uncensored channel, with Chris Chappel. He tries his best to look like ‘mainstream media’, without quite getting there, but, the most revealing fact is he doesn’t sound like mainstream media…not to be deflected from the truth by his sarcasm, for his little YouTube episode pretty much nails what’s going on across the Globe. I have nothing against the Chinese but I am against everything Xi stands for, AND I WILL FIGHT A MONSTER AND NEVER SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL. 


By now, everyone has heard of the downing of the U.S. drone. IMO, the UAV was working in support of the Ukraine war-effort, against the Russians, and, despite how either side wants to interpret the incident, it need not be ‘escalatory’, because the American drone was unmanned. BUT AMERICA MUST COME UP WITH A RESPONSE TO THIS…, IMO, one that would convince the Russians NOT TO TRY THAT AGAIN…America might send Russia ‘a message’, via the ‘backdoor’, one that cannot be ‘proven’ to be from America but would be understood as coming from America by Russia/China.

Russia is finished. No matter what happens down the road, RUSSIA IS ENDED. The only question that remains to be answered is whether or not the rest of the World will go down with Russia?

1 – If China continues down its current path, the World is ended along with Russia, BECAUSE OF XI’S EGO (and that of his oligarchs)

2 – If Israel continues down its current path wrt the Palestinian nation, the World is ended, as the Middle East implodes into a free-for-all of hatred, the fires of which have burned bright since ancient times, for crying out loud, AND STILL NO RESOLUTION (by the respective oligarchs who use religion as a means TO THEIR GREEDY, POWER-MONGERING ENDS)

3 – If Ukraine does not defeat Russia to obtain Russia’s unconditional surrender (this will preserve Russia but under the UN protection…no more military for Russia), the World is ended. Russia will gather itself with the help of China and the dishonourable India (as dishonourable as Saudi Arabia and Honduras, who also ante-in over the allure of authoritarianism and Chinese gold – gold the West gave them by trading with them, that is, if they didn’t steal it…at least the Taiwanese-Chinese don’t need to steal anything…what they don’t develop themselves, why, the trade in good faith with their trading partners). Russia will continue its advances in Ukraine, followed by Europe…when the time is right, they will come for America (don’t worry, Canada, we won’t be ignored) and after turning it into a pile of ashes, divide it up between themselves…for its mineral wealth…after the nuclear dust settles. 

4 –  If we do not act with honour going forward, THE WORLD IS NOT WORTH SAVING ANYWAYS.

No one who sees the World (and their place in it) exclusively through the lens of their own ego is able to ACT WITH HONOUR. This is because EGO HAS NO SENSE OF HONOUR, only of what it takes to satisfy an urge…think about this and understand how it is the World is ‘shaped’ the way it is…

it’s by design – by the wealth class. WE ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO LISTEN TO THEIR BULLSHIT…told us by the media they own. [that’s why I write fiction as a hobby…if I must ‘live a lie’, I want it to be a pleasant fiction;; not the sort my rulers seem to want me to live; wherein I am always afraid, anxious, and wholly reliant on whatever scraps wealthy folks allow to ‘trickledown’ from their tables to inform my lowly existence…I am going to imagine that I am a prince!, um, even if just a Little Prince…but on the bright side, our rulers now provide us with mental health programs…to help our brains accept and function in a way of value to Wealth, when $$$ and religion; sex and TV (and drugs/antidepressants) aren’t enough to keep us from falling off ‘the page’ of Wealth’s fictional nation-society (now attempting to globalize and the reason why war is inevitable with China/Russia), off the Lemmings’ Cliff into depression, desperation, and lashing out…at which point, ‘the man come and take you away.’

 On that point, and in conclusion, I want to mention today’s tweet from Jagmeet Singh. I love what he had to say. If he really means it, he will have to take on corporations. An entire class of Canadians, the ‘ruling class’, is going to torpedo whatever he tries to do and to DEMONIZE HIM OVER IT, when in fact, THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER (they have already monetized everything, and so, their power is already commensurate to their wealth and who can challenge them?)  TO MAKE HIM FAIL IN TRYING TO RECONCILE CANADA WITH CANADIANS. [right now ‘Canada’ is become a profit-centre, shaped and managed by the ruling class]. They have already moved on from establishing rule over their respective nations, now they are attempting to globalize, and when that is fait d’accompli, Satan’s rule is assured because Wealth’s hegemony is concretized, the world-over.

I want to believe in Justin Trudeau’s team but it is very difficult because I see many of them are simply denizens of the same group as Pierre Poilievre et al. I don’t know if Jagmeet, when push comes to shove, will end up ANY DIFFERENT (because the ruling class will react against anyone who acts contrary to the progress of Wealth hegemony over everyone else). Wealth will seek ways to turn his/the NDP’s strengths against him/the NDP because he will require them to Steward with their wealth; we’ll become disaffected from the litany of anti-NDP bullshit and the ‘lack of real progress’, helped to this point by our erstwhile 5th Estate; we’ll vote them out and they will end up in the same political junkpile as Bob Rae’s NDP-premiership (what is the reason Doug Ford’s cons have not been likewise-demonized to the point of legend already, as Bob’s Ontario NDP…can anyone guess? hello?)

The wealth class will do this to Jagmeet too. From their perspective, the best thing Wealth can do is to work to contrive a federal NDP minority-mandate next time around, so that, after torpedoing every single attempt Jagmeet performs to reconcile wealth with poverty in Canadian society, they can say to us, ‘Ah-ha!’ told you so…then…more Canadians end up poor and isolated while the ruling class builds higher and higher…in order to create more separation between their lodgings up on Mount Olympus and the dystopia they create in their wake, for the rest of humankind…  

16 March 2023 

Unite. Do the right thing others. Look after one another; never abuse this with opportunism. This is the Golden Rule.

What afflicts the Earth Mother is the human presence. We are destroying Her ability to create and nurture new life. 

This is because humanity is afflicted with ego. Ego is not per se evil, but it is limited to consideration of only what it lacks. If ego is all one is conscious with, one can never be satisfied and will only view others in the community as a means to their ego’s end. This is contrary to the Golden Rule.

This is the rule of gold. In exchange for a little, the ones above profit: they live artificially higher, on the backs of the ones they profit from, obliging them to  live artificially lower. Artifice and contrivance. Wealth’s control over the wealth of their community, their nations, their world, continues to progress as the world is buried further under the virtual reality of neoliberalism; wherein marketing acumen, and not the truth, is what the truth always ‘is.’ Recall The Taming of the Shrew: In Shakespeare’s classic battle of the sexes, Petruccio’s strategy to render Katherina an obedient wife includes convincing her of the ‘truth’ of what is, in reality, complete fabrication…

As a university-friend once told me, ‘The world is based on bullshit.’

The fact we are being bamboozled by our own wealthy people is plain:

1 – Lying to your boss is a reason for dismissal no one argues with. That is because, whether the stakes are large or small, the fact your employee lied to you is in and of itself sufficient cause; you cannot rely on them to tell you the truth. Conversely, our bosses and governments lie, mislead, cover-up, and bullshit the public routinely. WE CANNOT EVEN TRUST OUR 5TH ESTATE FOLKS ANYMORE, not because journalists have entered into a Faustian deal, but because their bosses have…the ones who tell them what to write about and what to say (in general terms)…A CORRUPT SOCIETY IS ONE WHEREIN THE EXPECTATION OF TRUTH IN COMMUNICATION BETWEEN TWO ENTITIES IS NOT HONOURED 100%…instead, the ’employer’ is expected to ‘lie’ to employees or to at least keep them in the dark, on a ‘need to know’ basis.

‘What is good for the goose, is good for the gander,’ so the saying goes. But we have a law for the wealthy and a law for everyone else. Wealth is corrupt. The rest of us are living with that corruption. Much of our misery, much of what we do, especially what we do out of fear and desperation, is because of how our wealthy ‘leaders’ have set things up for us. They have engineered for themselves a nice, cozy little system to support their existence as a class separate from the rest of us, a class with absolutely no class at all…only Stewards have class; greedy exploiters that play on people’s desperation to feed their kids and get them into hockey or gymn class (like investors with Canadian Tire and Tim’s, say) to profit more for themselves ARE NOT STEWARDS. THEY ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF BUILDING SOCIETIES. THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF EXPLOITATION FOR PROFIT’S SAKE. How is this such a mystery? The entire state of the world today is because of gold’s rule. Fix this, and the World of humans will fix itself.

In today’s world, ‘left’ and ‘right’ become distractions from what afflicts the World and threatens to take it down. 

What afflicts the World is that it is ruled by greedy people. Greed has escaped Pandora’s Box and rides rampant in the World, unchecked. If we do not smarten up, we are finished. Wealth’s trivial pursuit (never achieving anything of lasting, sustainable value, but rather having the effect of pushing down on the accelerator as we approach the Lemmings’ Cliff) cannot culminate in any other way…it is an illusion to believe Elon and company has a plan…these guys have too much power to go along with such little capability…

à la Putin and Xi: they have enough power to end the World, but only the brain power of SENILE LITTLE OLD MEN to manage that power.  The young people in their nations (and ours too) should satyagraha their leaders into giving up power and giving it back to ol’ Abe’s ‘the People’ (of course, that would mean ‘the people’ of western democracies would have to engage in the goings on in their communities and what governments are up to, in between elections…you know, the things they don’t tell us they’re going to do; we find out after-the-fact in the news, among the steady litany of crises they bring up to keep us reading and advertising/subscription revenues coming in….)

2 – Everything has a price tag attached to it; while less and less of the Commons remains open to the public; it is fenced-off and privately-owned. There is no public program to train citizens on how to fend for themselves if government services crash. Dependency on the State is being honed to such a level of such completeness, to such granularity, that no one but those who created the dependency in the first place, will be able to make provision for survival IF THE STATE CRASHES, say, if there is a declaration of war and the War Measures Act comes into force…

That is gold’s rule. Gold looks only for more…gold. It does not recognize, nor does it care to, the misery ‘acquisition’/greed creates for the innocent, who are more invested in quality of life for themselves, their children, their neighbours, with an eye to protect the future generations as they honour the past generations, than they are in generating the proceeds to buy a bigger house with more unlived-in rooms, on sprawling, manicured estates, where critters and trees once abound…

I pray for Xi, and Putin, et al. to become the hand of the creator and extend that hand toward the west in friendship and trust AND HONOUR. Right now, they act as the hand of Satan. The world they mean for us to live in is one of darkness and death, where the Light of the creator cannot reach. They will threaten and they will flatter. They will bomb and they will buy. At the end of the day, they will ensure their own destruction and that of their followers.

The Chinese and Russian people DO NOT DESERVE THIS. They and their culture and their history demand a change of governing perspective. Before it is too late for them.

The Ides came and went and there was no news of their sudden departure from power…but there are rumblings of a major counteroffensive by Ukraine. I pray the Russian citizenry takes the opportunity to express their support for Ukrainians and kick ras-Putin the bejeezus out; same for the Chinese…don’t be a bull in the China shop…be a team-player…DO NOT CONTINUE ON YOUR CURRENT TRAJECTORY…my prayers for the Chinese people…as I said, they deserve much better.

Will we drop the bs? Will we embrace the creator’s intent? The post-9/11 World brought more power to governments OVER citizens, meaning more power for Wealth/enslavement of citizens to wealth.

The post-COVID world brought unprecedented changes to how governments rule the citizenry…professional ‘expertise’ mandated vaccines before they could be fully vetted, even to children…this is very, very dangerous. Governments just took what corporations were telling them for granted…has everyone forgotten the thalidomide babies? I agree with the vaccines for old folks because we are old folks and any ‘mistakes’ will die with us…but children? they will live with the mistake their whole lives AND PROPAGATE THE MISTAKE INTO FUTURE GENERATIONS. hello? what sort of stewardship is this? There is also the bad taste in our mouths left by the fact that governments were warned after SARS and did nothing, SETTING UP THE REQUIREMENT FOR FOLKS TO RISK THE LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS OF VACCINATION before they could be possibly known/understood, BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENTS DID NOTHING WITH OUR EXPERIENCE FROM SARS.

We need to speak the truth. We need to be open to the truth. The Golden Rule is the truth. The rule of gold is a lie. Satan’s lie.

15 March 2023

Before diving-in, I want to give kudos to Roch Rachon’s latest upload (TVP World News). Toward the end of the segment, interviewee Thomas Theiner provides his take on how the war should proceed. At the end of the day, Ukrainians will fight and win, IF they have the weaponry to do so. Poland’s offer of MiG 29s is best for now.  Western weapons will replace them as they are used up. UKRAINE NEEDS western MBTs/BRADLEYS/CV90s to punch a hole through Russia’s defense-lines and then assault the entrenchments from the front and rear.  According to Theiner, Ukraine has the manpower. Give them sufficient MBTs/Bradleys/CV90s to establish six or more battle units (and as many potential incursion points) to divide the Russian forces. It will be D-Day all over again. The occupiers won’t know where the liberation force will land…

Now, the rant…

Today, in history, one of the greatest generals humankind ever produced was warned about his impending doom. Julius Caesar ignored the warning and walked proudly into a corner where he was unceremoniously slaughtered BY HIS OWN PEOPLE. Or, at least, what he thought were his own people…

Today, I would like to issue that same warning to Vladimir Putin: Beware the Ides of March.

In my case, this is not a warning, it is an exhortation, to whatever spirit of goodness there is left in the world of Humans that seeks to right egregious wrongs. PUTIN’S INVASION OF UKRAINE IS AN EGREGIOUS SIN AGAINST ALL THAT IS GOOD ABOUT US.

Having said that, there are nations threatening the World: Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, Israel, and to a lesser degree, the sordidly opportunistic states: India, Honduras, South Africa…

THE WORLD IS AT A POINT OF INFLECTION: there is only one way for us to go from here, and that is up or down; in or out.

China and Russia, and those who think to align themselves with these two monstrosities, are acting in direct defiance to the creator, IMO, because they WILFULLY push the World OUR creator made, toward the Lemmings’ Cliff and over. It does not matter whether you worship as Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist…whatever…IF YOU ALIGN WITH CHINA ET AL. you are aligning with A DEATH SENTENCE. I do not support this for the children our generation is accountable to…AND IF WE DO NOT PROPERLY ENGAGE OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OUR CREATOR, we will doom our children to a life of misery, violence, darkness, and death…that is the dystopic offer Xi and Putin et al. make to the future…and those murderously selfish bastards running Honduras, South Africa, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India…they would send THEIR OWN CITIZENS TO THE CLIFF AND PUSH THEM OFF.

Now Pakistan is reaching out to the U.S. IMO, no one can any longer choose their ‘friends’ on the basis of who their enemies are. That plays right into Satan’s endgame, and that is to destroy the life-factory the creator made, so that only darkness, death, and misery rule over the human world. So many ‘3rd World nations’ are choosing to align with China and Russia, DESPITE WHAT RUSSIA IS ALL ABOUT and which is plainly visible to EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD (in Ukraine).

I am doing my very best to contain my anger at the opportunism of nations like India…they have no principle to stand on, EXCEPT FOR THE $$$ PRINCIPLE. The rule of gold. That is what rules India nowadays…their leaders are not principled in the way Gandhi the Great Soul and Bose the Forgotten Hero were (albeit they were on opposite sides?). I suppose, like Jesus, these great Indians died for nothing

The $$$-principle also accounts for what is going to divide the West so thoroughly that the entire neoliberal democratic contrivance will fall into the black hole where the middle class once existed. This relates to the Normal Distribution. Don’t let anyone bs you into thinking that monetary policy is going to restore the ‘middle class’; ONLY A FAIR AND EQUITABLE TAX REGIME IS GOING TO DO THAT. THE POLITICAL PARTIES HAVE ALREADY SUCCEEDED IN DEMONIZING THE WORD ‘TAX’, PARTICULARLY AT ELECTION TIME…perfect for the ones who rule by ‘virtue’ of gold: THEY COULD PAY MORE WHEN TAXES ARE INCREASED – so they control taxation policy to their advantage by simply demonizing the word ‘tax,’ and by the creation of ‘tax loop-holes’ that are never announced during election time…at election time, we see only what parties reveal; they show us their ‘left’ hand, their people-friendly hand, but not their ‘right’ hand…the hand that works under the covers, behind the scenes, for the ruling class. 

FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I cannot fathom how anyone can align with demonic regimes such as Putin’s and Xi’s. Putin does blanket murder and seeks the blessings of the Russian Orthodox Church. Iran’s Raisi leads a nation which purports itself to be a godly nation, yet chooses to align itself with an atheist nation (China) and with those who support Putin’s style of diplomacy (N.B. whatever arguments he might have had for Crimea he forfeits by what he did in Bucha alone…AND THAT IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

The corruption within democratic nations is neoliberalism; the rule of gold, the hegemony of the rich over everyone else. The corruption threatening to take the world down forever is autocracy; no democracy, no elections, only war and violence to make changes within or between nations.

And so:

1 – our own leaders need to look in the mirror, then fess-up to the citizenry about how the folks we elected end up under the yoke of Wealth and vow that from this day forward, it will be rule by the people/stewardship by Wealth, AND

2 – the leaders of the World’s nations must choose between doing what is right and necessary and good in the eyes of the creator, TO WIT, BEING THE HAND OF THE CREATOR, the leaf on the tree, AS OPPOSED TO BEING THE HAND OF SATAN.

Beware the Ides of March, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Un, Raisi, Netanyahu, Modi…Trump. You ‘men’ are the albatross around the neck of humankind.

Joe Biden, Duda, Zelenskyy…you are men. You try to act as wards for the Earth Mother. This is a very good beginning, in fact, the only first-step that leads in the direction of a bounteous, fair, equitable, unary, world order…the Garden Returned, or rather, our return to the Garden.

I am praying today to see the creator’s hand in the world, where the nations I call out, ALL DROP TO THEIR KNEES TO ASK THE GOD THEY WORSHIP FOR FORGIVENESS, according to the traditions of their Prophets, and then to rise up, STAND UP, against gold’s hegemony.

Today, on the Ides, I pray for the end of Putin’s regime, Xi’s regime, Raisi’s regime, Netanyahu’s regime, MBS’s regime, and the regimes of all those folks in South America, Africa, the sub-Continent…everywhere and anywhere where the rapacious greed and hatred for all things American lives…before their soul-toxic venom has a chance to infect the children.

Remember, Satan is after the children. Because they are as vulnerable as they are trusting. He attacks the ones still in the womb here in the West; popularizes alternate modes of sexuality that are incapable of doing what Nature created sex for in the first place, reproduction. This all forms part of Satan’s endgame: to kill the Earth Mother’s (and therefore, the creator’s) capability to create and nurture NEW LIFE.  I confer no moral judgement here, I say only that same-sex is sex and that all sexuality is between the partners and god/not for the State to be involved in, except to hold accountable anyone who makes it their business to do violence/shame someone over their sexuality)…the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation, and as far as I’m concerned, I shouldn’t have to hear about it or see it on tv in my favourite shows or in the advertising…neither do children need to see it on the streets…leave sex in the bedroom, under the covers, where it belongs, okay?

…Putin believes it’s okay to bomb the bejeezus out of Ukrainian children and to capture them and keep them in camps, thinking they will never see their moms and dads and friends again…over here, we segregated the children of migrants from their parents for reasons of national security? hello?

I say only that we need to take a good look in the mirror. 

Many people are going to die. It can’t be for nothing. Or there will be nothing…

except for the Miltonic Lucifer’s ‘kingdom’…that is the ‘culmination’ Satan seeks for the world he did not create but is obliged to live in if he would continue to live at all…unless he ‘serves’ / ‘shares’ / ‘collaborates’, if all he would do is ‘command’ / ‘take’ / ‘profit’ for himself, he and whomever chooses with their free will to follow him, will burn forever right along beside Lucifer, until their light is extinguished forever…

our creator will compensate for the light lost. the Light of the Big Bang is forever, or we wouldn’t be here right now, hello? 

Our creator is going to show his/her hand in the world of humans, very soon, I pray.

He/she is going to set things aright. There will be anguish for some but for many, and for all the world’s children, there is going to be freedom, love, kindness, things happening the way the Carebear crowd would have them.

I cannot speak to my personal fate; I have seen two people (my mom and dad) suffer horribly at the end of their lives after they did so much good for us kids their whole lives…I am not of the quality of my mom and dad, but I know that god loves me unconditionally, and I will take my chances with the god ‘who so loved the world’ as to actually make it real…

Even so lord, come.

13 March 2023

1 – Prayers for Ukraine and gratitude to Ukrainians for their example to the World. It is by virtue of their example that the World has, AT LONG LAST, begun the process of reconciliation, separating the existential from the self-serving political/geopolitical, of coming yet again, face-to-face, with the Piper and the Price of Liberty. WE MIGHT YET STAVE-OFF WW III, but it won’t be because of the efforts of greedy governments such as India’s or the machinations of EU nations who seek some domestic advantage/influence within the EU in the long term; IT WILL BE BECAUSE OF THE NATIONS THAT TODAY RALLY TO BIDEN-AMERICA’S LEADERSHIP; whereas China and Russia seek to be first, BIDEN-AMERICA SEEKS TO BE FIRST AMONG EQUALS…this is the constellation of LIBERAL DEMOCRACY on a global scale. 

What Xi and Putin offer their citizens and the World: their hand sugar-coated and extended in ‘friendship’, but, after signing-on with them, they will show you only their backside, from that point onward. 

2 – Prayers that we in Canada provide leadership to the World and begin the process of restoring the natural definition of corporations to national and international jurisprudence. We must remove the CONTRIVANCE OF PERSONHOOD of CORPORATIONS from all jurisprudence. ‘Personhood’ was obtained by procedural sleight-of-hand (actually, a typo) by lawyers representing rich folks/investors in railway companies, many years ago.

3 – Putting it out to the Universe: for me to get a paying-job with purpose. I want to make a difference in the world of today, for our children’s world, tomorrow. I DO NOT WANT TO FOLLOW XI AND PUTIN and like-minded neoliberal ‘thinkers’ over the Lemmings’ Cliff…I’d much rather walk with those who mean to go in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. 

Which brings me to Number 4 – Prayers we humans come out from under the shadow of human ego and understand what we have actually wrought in the World, ever since we left the Garden. We have perpetuated misery and violence in the world our creator gave us to live in. We have even done it in god’s Name! THE HOLY LAND has known nothing but death and violence…how can anything so steeped in everything that goes against god be esteemed ‘holy?’ Even today, right now, as the World lurches toward self-annihilation, ISRAEL IS KEEPING THE UN-HOLY BALL ROLLING OVER THE PALESTINIANS. Shame on you. At the same time, admiration for the JVP and Palestinian folks who seek peace and a homeland protected from Israel’s neoliberals. Our creator sees you and what is in your hearts. He/she will not abandon folks like you…as for those on either side WHO DO VIOLENCE, you only push yourselves further away from what you want for yourselves…listen to god…YOU MIGHT JUST DISCOVER THE WIN-WIN HERE, wherein both Palestinian and Jew live side-by-side in peace and prosperity, all of them. 

12 March 2023

BEFORE diving into today’s rant, a question:


The former ‘soviet’ nations already know what Russia’s hegemony implies for them…the EXPERIENCE OF THESE NATIONS IS SUCH THAT THEY OVERWHELMINGLY PREFER AND APPRECIATE A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE AMERICANS/BRITS/ETC…to another go-round with Russia; whereas many of the ‘third world’ countries appear to be sucked-in by Russian and Chinese $$$…nothing wrought by murder and violence (or bought) lasts forever…a generation or two from now, Chinese and Russian folks will be demonizing  Xi and Putin et al. for being Satan’s Hand in the World today; that is, if they manage not to be annihilated in war. 

This begs asking a second question: How in the bejeezus, with so many Canadians having their backs against the wall, financially, can ANY CON-SERVATIVE GET ELECTED AT ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT ANYWHERE IN CANADA? [p.s. these dudes DON’T ‘SHARE’, they ‘TRICKLEDOWN’…and ‘trickledown represents for them  A ‘LEAK’ in the system…ONE THEY WILL FIX, IN TIME, BY VIRTUE OF THEIR ‘CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT’ PROGRAM, so that any leakage is contained and the $$$ make their merry way to the top of the neoliberal ‘democratic’ pyramid.

The reason I connect two apparently unconnected questions is because the answer is THE SAME TO BOTH QUESTIONS:

A: Ignorance – As Einstein explained, ‘ignorance is condemnation without investigation.’ – all these nations need only ask Poland why Poland is so against Russia? – or Slovenia, Czech Republic,  Georgia, Ukraine (…or, from another angle, ask why Patton wanted to take the Soviets down while he had the opportunity?) But they do not, because their hatred for America blinds them to the fact that Russia and China are ‘just A-okay’ with the butchery of Bucha, etc. etc…but, were Russia and China to succeed in taking over the World order from America (America wants to distribute power among the nations of the world, btw), watch how fast South Africa, say, starts looking like Bakhmut, the moment its citizens come to realize that the Russians and Chinese take more from their nation than their nation gets from China and Russia…WHEN THEY COMPLAIN TO RUSSIA AND CHINA…watch the ‘calibre’ of the Russian and Chinese response. Wait and see.

Now, for today’s rant:

There are two types of human society in the World: 1 – the type ruled by those whose interest is focused upon providing for its members, the quality of life of their citizenry; and, 2 –  those whose interest in ‘quality of life’ is focused on the quality of life of the ruling class…the citizenry which they are responsible for in society exist as serfs and slaves, AT THE PLEASURE OF THE RULING CLASS.

America and its allies are currently led by folks of type 1. They use their militaries to preserve the peace of a unary World order, in which power is shared, so that NO ONE exerts power over their neighbours, in particular by invading them. That is a world wherein talk and negotiation are relevant.

Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran…these nations are led by individuals of type 2. They will bring only misery and death upon their citizens, as they pursue power, wealth, and a ‘legacy’ for THEMSELVES. These ‘leaders’ are Orwellian pigs, given to wallow in the slime and muck of unbridled avarice.

I don’t know if we of the West, of the future, have the capability to knock their missiles out of the sky, but we may soon be put to the test: I fear that only a spark, one mistake…is all that lay between the World and WW III.

I say this, because of news of India, Saudi Arabia…

1 – India is doing very well in its new economic rapprochement with Russia and China…the nation capable to produce the likes of the Mahatma is capable, under Modi, to stoop to such new lows of opportunism…WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE, YOU CERTAINLY DON’T WANT Modi-INDIA IN YOUR CORNER, because, lo! and behold!, the moment someone comes up with a better $$$ deal, they are all-in, AND THE SUPPORT YOU HAD COUNTED ON HAS EVAPORATED. Way to go, Modi-India! At least you have found a way to profit upon the deaths of Ukrainian children! The West certainly does not need, or want, allies like Modi-INDIA. MUCH PREFERRED TO HAVE THE Modi-INDIAN MILITARY DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM YOU, IN FRONT OF YOU, WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM, rather than behind you, where you can’t see them; where you COUNT ON THEM TO HAVE YOUR BACK. That is not Modi’s India. Please bring back the India of the Mahatma.

2 – Saudi Arabia – the tip of the iceberg is often revealing: IMO, the ‘tip’ is in how the Crown ‘Prince’ deals with political dissent. If the murder of Jamal Khashoggi isn’t a shot across the bow, perhaps his decision to raise prices on oil after Biden had asked him not to might be. Now, the Miltonic ‘Lucifer’ is shaking hands with Iran…no one needs a murderous thing like that, slinking around the geopolitical playground.

Things come down to this: rule by the ego of others v. ‘ruled’ by the creator, which is not being ‘ruled-over’ (he/she gave us free will), so much as it is living within Natural Law, in which, the laws of Physics, say, are a feature…if you stick your finger into the candle’s flame, YOU WILL GET BURNED…that sort of thing…

To be ruled over by the egos of others can lead to nothing but misery and death, even for the rulers: as the foundation (the citizenry) of their wealth is enervated by their rapacious self-serving greed, it will collapse, and, JUST LIKE MILTON’S LUCIFER, these idiots will end up presiding over a pile of ashes.

Humankind must choose between the rule of gold/the rule of the egos of wealthy-others, and THE GOLDEN RULE.

Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran (shame on you! you get into bed with an ATHEIST REGIME, how can you purport yourselves to be a ‘holy nation’?…you are no ‘holier’ than the nation you swore to annihilate…THERE WILL BE NO PEACE FOR PALESTINE UNTIL the insanity ruling over Iran (and over Israel) is expunged from the government of these great nations; Syria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa (the nation of the saintly Nelson Mandela, shame on you!)…

Now, to all the nations of the World who now rally to Biden-America and who fully understand what is at stake here today in the World:

Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.

We must rein-in Elon and Bill et al. They are not helping things. Their power represents a half-step toward human dystopia, the end of the Anthropocene. They are able to do great things with their $$$ but what they do is ‘half-step.’ THEY ARE NO MORE SERIOUS ABOUT SOLVING THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD THAN CANADIAN TIRE/TIM’s ARE ABOUT SOLVING POVERTY. Both use their ‘engagement in the community’ to increase profits by advertising how important they are in your community. BULL-F’N-SHIT. We simply cannot allow these types to run the show. [p.s. Weston’s argument that we only cream 4% is absolutely specious…arbitrary attachment to a percentage on sales MEANS AS THE COST RISES, THE RETAILERS’ PROFITS WILL ALSO RISE…in absolute terms for INVESTORS…hel-f’n-lo! – Mr. Weston is a member of Canada’s ruling class – this is an example of what is at the top; what our ‘leadership’ really is (pathetic and simultaneously enamoured with their own stink).

Prayers and gratitude to Ukraine, to the Baltic States for their stand against ‘neosovietism’, to Biden-America for BEHAVING LIKE AMERICANS, and not like the Trump-Americans AND NOT LIKE THE XI-CHINESE, to Canada’s Liberal government for supporting Ukraine to the level we are…

Everywhere, we can see the difference between those ruled by ego and those ruled by the creator’s Golden Rule.

Today, in our day, the final battle is about to declench, between the proponents of neoliberal democracy (the rule of gold), the proponents of liberal democracy (the Golden Rule), the ambassadors of Light, the purveyors of darkness, and the latest addition, private, stateless, for-profit, armies. The Five Armies of the Apocalypse?

I know only this: our creator loves each and everyone of us. Our creator needs each and everyone of us to perform TRUE TO OUR NATURES, just what the tree requires of its leaves. We have, in ourselves, the power and wherewithal of the tree. Many of the tree’s leaves are diseased. But disease is not new to the tree to which we humans are attached.

WERE WE LEAVES TO UNITE against the pathology that is China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel…WE WOULD BRING THE WHEREWITHAL OF THE TREE, OUR TREE, our creator…TO THE WORLD’S/THE TREE’S HEALING and the tree will be healed. THIS IS INEVITABLE. EVEN SATAN KNOWS THIS, but he cannot help himself.

Xi and Putin and UN and Raisi and MBS and Modi know this too, BUT THEY CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES. Theirs is a spiritual corruption that runs so deep, only our creator can help them now, IMO.

In the meantime, we humans OF THE LIGHT must stand tall and firm, FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES (where have I heard this before?).

We’ll overcome. Wait and see.

Opinion: Please watch TVP World’s recent upload to YouTube, Finnish F/A-18 for Ukraine? – near the end, the anchor interviews her a guest on Hollywood’s decision to NOT allow the Ukrainian President to address the Oscar crowd [you know, like the UN allowed one of the denizens of the performing arts to use his fame to purchase an appearance BEFORE THE UN, to get Ukraine to give up an arm or maybe a leg (for now!) so that World peace can be preserved, along with his fortune, I suppose…]…the interviewee nails it, IMO: Hollywood ‘elitists’ is his reason.  They’re actors, they make their livings in a world of dreams, but when push comes to shove, why, you won’t get Achilles to rise up and save the day. You will only have Brad Pitt…a man as cursed by his good looks as he is gifted with talent PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE, and who can, of his own, do nothing but hope for the best, along with the rest of us. Real people are dying right now in Ukraine. THAT IS REAL. Look how our heroes of Hollywood respond. (p.s. those who went to Ukraine on their own volition are not among those in the acting business who KNOW ONLY HOW TO PRETEND). But, when push comes to shove, the ‘Hollywood elite’ are as cowardly as the man who hides in a bunker and pretends to himself, to his people (and  maybe to his pal, Steven Segal) that more than 1/4 million deaths and counting in Ukraine is somehow  justifiable. On which planet is that? The one Elon lives on? ANYONE WITH KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT RUSSIA HAS DONE IN UKRAINE (not forgetting that Stalin tried it, many years ago) WHO IS NOT CALLING FOR PUTIN’S REMOVAL AND THE END OF RUSSIA’S MILITARY AGGRESSION AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR GENOCIDE IS AN ABJECT FOOL, WALLOWING HAPPY AS AN ORWELLIAN PIG IN THE UNBRIDLED SELFISHNESS AND DREAM WORLD OF THEIR EGO. I pray for their immediate enlightenment.

11 March 2023

Prayers and gratitude, for Ukraine, and for the World. We will very likely go to war with China/Russia/N. Korea/Iran and their ‘bedfellows.’ 

I dread ‘victory’ as much as defeat. Defeated, if what Russia does to Ukraine in the names of ‘self-defense’ is any indication, we’ll all be dead; ‘victorious,’ we will likely experience an incremental tightening of the grip our wealthy class exerts upon our free will.

There yet remains in the Western World a residue of Liberal democracy, but I fear this too will fall victim to the neoliberal democratic world order that Satan and those enlisted in his service are committed to. [To reverse the tide, elected parliaments must regain control over Executives, by ditching the Whip; the U.N. GA by replacing the Security Council / Veto with something that actually works. 

As things tighten, fiscally; as social benefits cut further into profits, our governments will tell us how hard they are working for us while they allow 1-OUR BENEFITS AND SERVICES TO BE PRIVATISED, interest rates to increase (this increases profits for the banks/investors, as it makes it harder for me to pay the bills), they allow prices to increase at the grocery store and the gas pump willy-nilly, TO THE EXTENT THE MARKET DECIDES (meaning as the investors decide), they allow ABOVE-GUIDELINE RENT INCREASES, creating further pressure on FIXED-INCOME SENIORS ALREADY STRUGGLING AND HAVING TO MANAGE WITH INDEPENDENT-LIVING ISSUES IN ADDITION (the increase I was just notified of amounts to nearly half of my monthly grocery budget)…

what is wrong with the world is deepening because the structures wealth uses to maintain/increase its influence in society and global affairs down to the ‘sub-atomic’ level are concretizing: wealth owns our governments, the media, and structures global finances. Wealth is power. You simply cannot have power making the rules. If you do, you will have the KIND OF WORLD CHINA AND RUSSIA NOW SEEK TO BUILD rather than the world Biden-America seeks to build. No nation can say they have never done terrible things to people in the name of power; but Joe Biden seems to appreciate this and is determined to steer the America he leads and the World vision America leads and protects toward one in which all peoples, faiths, cultures, ages, genders…can live in collaboration, tolerance, respect, and peace. 

America, along with Canada, Australia, the Western nations, stands ever-ready to risk its young blood to protect the liberty of other nations. CHINA AND RUSSIA SACRIFICE THEIRS TO STEAL THE LIBERTY AND LIFE FROM OTHERS.

WWI. WW II. The ‘West’ has not forgotten.

To those nations who take cheap Chinese $$$ now, along with a position in China’s global BRI: this is a Faustian deal and you will soon find yourselves face-to-face with Satan; when the time comes, the devil must be paid. Along with cheap yuan and nice little bribes for your ‘leaders’/your wealth class decision-makers, you will soon be gifted with utter annihilation…China and Russia mean to take the World DOWN, if they cannot OWN IT. Do you see the problem? hello? Better to rein in Hell, than to serve in Heaven. EVERYONE IS ON PUTIN AND XI’S RADAR. What they do to their own citizens and to their nextdoor neighbours, THEY WILL DO TO YOU. jeezus h. murphy…you lead nations. you must be smarter than a stone, one would think…wtf is anyone doing getting into bed with these insanely greedy people whose vision CAN ONLY CULMINATE IN PANDEMIC MISERY AND DEATH and darkness, with no way out.

You likely do not see the problem because greed has blinded you as surely as it blinds Xi and Putin and Un and Raisi (and Netyanhu, who isn’t helping our side one bit with his passive-aggressive genocidal activity against the Palestinians).

Right now, Taiwan and Ukraine and Palestine are the active fronts. IF WE DO RIGHT IN THESE PLACES, FOR THESE FOLKS, our creator, IMO, is going to smile down upon us, pierce the darkness of human ego, once and for all, that all human and non-human souls may survive and thrive in the creator’s Light.

…not the shadow of Gates, Musk…the ‘Mount Olympian’ Class, nor the murderously dystopic vision of Xi, Putin, Un, Raisi (Netanyahu)…

10 March 2023

Here’s the geopolitical situation in a nutshell:

We have three nations, with very powerful militaries, each of them led by an old man; each of these old men determined to leave their legacy…

One old man, the President of the United States, appears to have retained his marbles. He does not seek a legacy to be remembered by, but he will, and it will be a legacy fondly remembered by future generations, IF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD WILL WHOLLY SUPPORT BIDEN-AMERICA as their legacy.

Conversely, Xi and Putin will not be so fondly remembered, in particular BY THEIR OWN. These two appear capable to leave their citizens and the World a legacy of murder and mayhem; of contradiction and distrust; of darkness and death. This will be their legacy.

Some legacy.

Biden cannot be around forever; Trump doesn’t seem to be going away either. If Donald Trump somehow makes it back into the Oval Office, America is seriously compromised and so is the World, by extension. No one, after seeing what Putin is capable of, and after listening to his nuclear threats, can seriously believe that anyone ‘friendly’ to the barbarous Putin is able to project American power in a geopolitically responsible way; neither Putin nor his bedfellow Xi (nor their lesser-bedfellows) are capable to leave as their legacy anything other than a dystopic and tenuous ‘peace’ in the short term; utter annihilation/the end of the Anthropocene in the mid to long term.

1- The rule of gold v. the Golden Rule. We must choose which will rule us.

2- Humankind is a cancer upon the body of the Earth Mother. Our cities are tumors. If left unchecked, humanity’s rampant spread is going to crash the Earth Mother’s ability to support our existence. The curtain goes down on the Anthropocene.

3- We cannot change what we are. WE CAN HOWEVER CHANGE HOW WE RELATE TO OUR HOST: we can choose between ‘benignness’ and ‘malignancy.’

4a- ‘Benign:’ We are stewards. The creator’s stewards; wrt the Earth Mother, the species She gives life to and nurtures. We regard this as our SACRED DUTY. We talk to one another, we respect one another, we never impose ourselves on one another but rather live in collaboration, cooperation, with our general focus being, as JFK famously implied, to look for ways we can help one another rather than ways we can USE one another.

4b- ‘Malignant:’ Just more of the same ol’, same ol’. With two old men sitting atop extinction-level military technology and their fingers twitching on ‘the button’, and some wingnut in America chomping at the bit to be just like Xi and Putin, it won’t be long

The institutionalization and hegemony of wealth via the neoliberal democratic contrivance of movement conservatism has brought us to the precipice of the Lemmings’ Cliff.

Prayers Biden sticks around for a long, long time.  Sorry, Joe, no golf course in your immediate future! You can loan your golf cart to Donald for the next term?  America and the World needs sanity right now, more than ever, AND IT SEEMS YOU’RE IT!)

I trust Joe Biden because Joe Biden appears to truly believe in the America he leads and America is founded on its ‘trust in god.’ The heart needs to be in the right place for the mind to imagine, and the mouth to pronounce, the right course of action.

I trust god. I don’t pretend to speak for god. God can speak for his/her self.

Prayers we will listen (and discern the word out of god’s mouth from that coming from Satan’s mouth, only purported to be coming from god).

Prayers and gratitude to Ukraine. I so wish Putin would stop. I don’t know how Ukrainians are able to manage under such terrible treatment as what Russia is doing to their neighbour WHO DID NOTHING TO RUSSIA but who must now destroy Russia’s military in order to survive…that is a certainty. RUSSIA CAN NEVER AGAIN BE PERMITTED TO THREATEN HUMANKIND SO CAVALIERLY…in fact, no can be allowed to…

The only nation in the World right now that could end the World right now is the one nation that would distribute its power around the world if its power were to be used responsibly and not to steal from others. That nation is Biden-America (not Trump-America).

It makes perfect sense that all the nations of the world rally to Biden-America’s world vision and isolate China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran, Israel…all those nations intent on risking WW III just to progress their own bullshit imperialism…whether they call it their nation’s ‘destiny’ or ‘god’s will’, THEY ARE SATAN’S MOUTHPIECES and nothing else.

It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord…

9 March 2023

UNITY. This will prevent the outbreak of WW III. Right now, sanity and a sense of global responsibility prevails in the nation with the world’s most powerful military, BIDEN-AMERICA.

This might not be forever: if America elects another Donald Trump (or the same one), the sanity Americans now impart to the World in support of Ukraine will be lost. Even if WW III were not to declench, under a ‘neotrumpian’ mindset, the world would plunge into a dystopic nightmare of poverty, violence, under the constant threat of globalized war…ongoing proxy-wars and death along the margins of 3 blocks of influence: Oceania (America-led), Eurasia (Russia/Germany/France-led), and Eastasia (led by one-China, after it bombs the bejeezus out of Taiwan, to erase all resistance, just like Russia is doing to Ukraine right now)…at least, that is how George Orwell determined how things would eventual play out. 

Yesterday I listened to Denys Davidov call out Donald Trump for his recent comments. Denys deplored saying anything at all about the politics of another nation but he could not remain silent this time: the erstwhile American president said that he’d have made ‘a deal’ with Putin over Ukraine, one that would appear to grant Putin the territory he has invaded and annexed. Denys managed to keep his composure, but I’ll characterize such an opinion, regardless of who would fence it, openly and honestly:

If anyone, anyone at all, does not see Putin AS THE DEVIL’S HAND IN THE WORLD TODAY (given what he has done in Ukraine), if anyone, anyone at all, thinks it a good idea to SHAKE HANDS WITH THIS DEVIL (rather than to exorcise its grip from the soul of humanity), then they are ‘as nutty as a fruitcake,’ as the saying goes; moreover, THEY CHOOSE TO BE PART OF THE PROBLEM WHICH NOW THREATENS TO DRAW THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN INTO A DICTATOR’S SOUL’S BLACK HOLE.

We are on the ‘event horizon.’ We must U.N.I.T.E. against anything and everything which threatens the liberal democratic unary consensus-based world order that BIDEN-AMERICA is attempting to progress.

Things have gone too far already. We must choose, as a species, the human species, between adding our ‘weight’ to the problem, or becoming the solution to the problem. We cannot have things both ways anymore. Things have gone too far. [see my post for January 1, 2023, for my ‘predictions’].

To honour the sacrifice the WW I and WW II generations made on our behalf, we must stand tall and together against the imperialism of other nations, just as Ukrainians honour the dead of Stalin’s Holomodor, in their heroic stand against Putin.

Ultimately, then, for Peace, Palestine must be a free and sovereign nation, Ukraine must be a free and sovereign nation, Taiwan must be a free and sovereign nation, Israel must be a free and sovereign nation…yada yada. IN PARALLEL, all nations must adopt liberal democracy, forever relegating autocracy and its passive-aggressive Western relative, neoliberal democracy, to the annals of the darkest part of the human chapter, the Anthropocene.

A comment: I broke down and signed up again with Twitter because I wanted to see more of the video coming from Ukraine than what is being shown on YouTube. After finally proving to the Twitter AI that I WAS HUMAN, I began looking for people to follow, some of whom I became fans of during my previous times on the platform. THE MOMENT I SIGNED UP WITH THE MRIYA REPORT, the Twitter AI interrupted and locked my account, saying there was ‘unusual activity’.

RIGHT. I hadn’t even managed to make a comment yet. Now Twitter is asking for my phone number to verify my account, when it was Twitter finding a problem where there was none…I can’t even post a link from here to the MRIYA REPORT on Twitter!

MY GOODNESS! Either the Twitter AI has the personality of Elon Musk, or Elon Musk per se is the first ever walking, talking instance of an AI personality! (hey, that’s a new one for conspiracy-theorists?) No wonder the Mount Olympian bought Twitter and then proceeded to fire its heart and soul…Elon wanted to purchase immortality for himself and has apparently done so!…LOL…hey, Elon, have you thought this all the way through? What happens when Putin pulls the cord on you?

As for the rest of us, do we really want Elon and his ilk to be running the World? Do we really?

Wealth has been ruling the World since ‘Adam’ left the Garden. Do we really want this to continue?

p.s. We in Canada truly need a comprehensive ‘sit-down’ together. The Indigenous + The non-Indigenous citizenry + the government + the public services. We need to decide on the Canada we want to live in.  What we have right now borders on chaos…everyone is yelling/no one is really listening to anyone else, except to acquire the depth of understanding necessary to refute a contrary opinion or to support an opinion similar to their own, while awaiting our turn to speak. As it stands right now, we are behaving all around like the people we elect BEHAVE IN QUESTION PERIOD in our PARLIAMENT: People talking without speaking; people hearing without listening (people waiting for you to say ANYTHING they can jump all over)…this while, slowly but surely, our democracy is pulled out from under our feet by the folks in the boardrooms. IF I CAN SEE IT (hello?) OUR GOVERNMENTS CAN SEE IT. But our governments DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.

CANADIAN SOCIETY IS, BY DEGREES, BECOMING LESS SOCIAL, LESS INCLUSIVE, MORE BUSINESS-LIKE, MORE UNFORGIVING. [more conservative, in the new sense of the word: the social values part had been dropped like a hot potato (or like the ‘Progressive’ in Progressive Conservative), once $$$ became our society’s superordinate pursuit/our ‘highest calling’, and this thanks to the constant messaging from private and public owned news media.] We’re only interested in producing and consuming (and polluting). Society appears deliberately ‘shaped’ by our governments to favour business activity above all else. Where GDP can grow; where profit can be made. These goals are the goals of wealthy folks.

One can no longer argue that ‘the mines, the mills, and the factories‘ were built for the ‘good of us all’ as the Great Canadian Bard sang; the Commons is nearly entirely gone. It’s fenced-in; fenced-off; monetized; toxified. Those who do not produce are excluded by pay-per-use, kept in chronic penury. They and their children will never get out of it. Fixed-income folks are subject to tribunals that allow corporate landlords to garner ‘above-guideline’ rent increases.

Same-sex relationships are not being respected; they are being advertised inside of the advertisements of corporations for their products. Why? Why would wealth want to promulgate ‘same-sex?’ In the olden days, sex was used to help sell the product…we even demonized it along with ‘subliminal advertising.’ Are there so many same-sex folks now that same-sex becomes a boon to product-sales?

…Or is something else intended?

IMO, sex in any of its renderings (same, hetero, whatever…) is not something for the PUBLIC ARENA, anymore than porn is proper for prime time television, where kids can see it (anymore than we should accept the word of corporations when they tell us the COCVID-19 vaccines are ‘absolutely safe for kids’, without having performed several years of study. GIVE ME BACK BONANZA AND THE TIMES AND VALUES SHOWS OF THAT ERA PROMULGATED. OUR GOVERNMENTS, IN THOSE DAYS, WOULD NEVER HAVE TOLERATED WHAT IS ‘ACCEPTABLE’, IN THESE DAYS.

IMO, wealth is engaged in a Faustian bargain with Satan. Satan wants to divide everyone, one from the other. Satan wants people to suffer. Satan wants us to take everything out of the Earth Mother and give nothing back, ever, so that the Earth Mother becomes sterile; unable to produce and sustain new life. Satan desires silence and darkness; not the light of the Sun, or the cacophonous laughter arising from the elementary schoolyard. SATAN WANTS TO KILL OUR JOY (just as Putin is trying to kill the joy/the spirit of Ukrainians by denying them the basic necessities of life) BECAUSE JOY IS WHAT ENERGIZES THE SPIRIT, YOURS, MINE, AND THE CREATOR’S (while she was dying and before she was bedridden, my mom began each day having her cigarette and coffee at the window, watching the kids across the street playing while waiting for their bus…she so loved children).


He should know he cannot. He exists inside of god as a secondary consciousness. He is the personification of the creator’s ego; that which the creator keeps in the darkness where it belongs. We should also keep our egos between our ears, in the darkness, WHERE IT BELONGS.

Sex is of the ego, not the Spirit. It does not belong on the street, or on the television, or in the newspapers. It belongs IN THE BEDROOM, UNDER THE COVERS, WHERE ONLY THE PARTNERS AND GOD ARE, where our last great PM said, THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T BELONG.

Now corporations, while the remind us of how much we rely on them for our kids to play hockey, are in our bedrooms too.

p.s. sex is a function of Nature. Nature uses sex to keep itself going, most of the time. No one should base their whole lives upon it…when you are 60 something, you aren’t likely trying to make babies, so hello? why not take up Chess or knitting? I don’t mean to say old folks shouldn’t ever…that’s entirely their business…what I want to call out is our public over-preoccupation with sex. Everyone does it at some time or another because it is natural. But to fixate on it, whether as an individual, a government (nowadays, with the help of the media, you can Kangaroo court nearly anyone you don’t like into a life-sentence of shaming at the very least, without any regard for due process (and too often, THE TRUTH)), or a corporation, is an egregious wrong. For all of our efforts at ‘human rights’, we are at each other’s throats and disrespecting one another to levels never before achieved. For fear of being ‘cited’ for this or that, we don’t even dare talk to a stranger on the street or in the store…IN SUCH A SUBJECTIVE WORLD, WHERE HOW ONE INTERPRETS THE COMMUNICATION COUNTS MORE THAN WHAT THE COMMUNICATOR INTENDS (the objective interpretation), why, the better you are at bullshitting, the more likely your bullshit is accepted as truth; that is, until met with someone who is capable of even better bullshit and then you are demonized as a liar…Wow! Surely our wealthy folks are driving evolution to new heights, or rather, lows -straight to Hell…just wait and see…

p.s. If you can’t wait, watch The Time Machine (1960 version) or read Wells’ prophecy for mankind.

p.s.s. I truly do not intend any offense to any same-sex couple or hetero couple. I truly believe this is between the partners and their creator, not our government’s business and not my business (and NOT THE BUSINESS OF ANY CORPORATION). NO ONE SHOULD FEEL SHAME OR BE SHAMED OVER IT. NOT EVER. If anyone disrespects you because you are same-sex, why, it reveals their ignorance, their spiritual decrepitude, THEIR EGO…IMO, there is no moral stigma to same-sex.

Having said that, I maintain that, same-sex should remain part of the Sex-Ed curriculum in order to maintain respectfulness, to dispel ignorance, and that there is no shame in it, to be taught when children are at puberty…

but let’s keep sex under the covers, for crying out loud. Sex should only make it into the news when there is a criminal act and after due process has been followed, else no names mentioned until due process if fait d’accompli.

my departure from this is upon the issue of same-sex marriages. This is a civil concern. If governments/voters want it, that’s fine. It need not remain, in that case, between the partners and the creator, and ‘in the bedroom.’ Besides, it is, after all ‘only paper.’

8 March 2023

Seeing what Putin has wrought in Bakhmut, and how he wrought it, does anyone any longer doubt that Putin’s state of mind is perilous for both Russia and the World?

Does anyone any longer doubt that Xi, Un, Raisi, and some others share in Putin’s abject  insanity?

They are of one disembodied voice, of one spirit: If we cannot be master over you, we will destroy you, even if we destroy ourselves in the process.

Where is the sanity in that?

Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.

This appears to be what these men aspire to. As insane as that is, there can no longer be any doubt:

Ukraine and Ukrainians are all that stands between us and Armageddon. The Four Arsemen of the Apocalypse (Xi, Putin, Un, Raisi) will insist on it…they already ‘ride’.

Withal,  À LA MILTON’S LUCIFER, after all of the death and destruction they have wrought, they have gotten themselves nowhere…they remain in Hell, presiding over piles of carnage.

As for their ‘enemies’? Well, in truth, god is their enemy. Our creator. These patricidal doughheads serve Satan and Satan hates god. Satan wants everything his own way…he wants to be the centre of attention, and would kill for it…just so he can continue to admire himself; while listening to the forced accolades of his ‘faithful’ rising up from the dystopic squalor he reserves for them.


This is the fate the Four reserve for everyone else. This attitude is not only of Satan, it is what motivates the Wealth class.  Wealth is a hierarchical affair. The more wealth you have, the more pressure you exert on those below you. The granularity of control over those below you afforded by the monetization of EVERYTHING is become so thorough that no one survives these days unless it is of value/convenient to the wealthy to allow it. To be used as cannon-fodder, in Putin’s case, or to storm the American Capital Building if you are unhappy with an election result…

Contrast this with Ukraine. See how tireless Zelenskyy appears to be (because he has to be) and how heroically defiant the Ukrainians are (because they have to be). They are given no choice by Putin. They must fight to live. They did not choose this. They chose to recover their own nation, culture, history…DESTINY…and they will fight down to the last elder, to defend their honour and their children’s future.

The forces of ‘Light and Life’ and the forces of ‘Darkness and Death’ are nose-to-nose: In Ukraine, and IN EVERY NATION AROUND THE WORLD.

The difference is, Ukrainians are forced by an external aggressor to ditch the construct of ‘us and them.’ There are only Ukrainians in Ukraine defending against the Russian invaders. The Russians mean to annihilate them…all traces of them.

Zelenskyy does not often appear in a business suit. He is one with everyone else in Ukraine. He draws his strength from knowing, as leader, he must be with them to lead…as he told the Americans, ‘I need ammo, not a ride!’

He went to Bakhmut. He could easily have been killed. He went anyways. Ukrainians draw their strength from within and from their leaders. BECAUSE THEY ARE IN THE SAME BOAT AND TO GET TO THE SHORE THEY MUST PULL ON THE OARS TOGETHER, even when they have nothing left in the tank, they must continue…else all is lost.

All the contrivances of Wealth are irrelevant to Ukraine, to Ukrainians, to their survival. Were it not for BOTH the leadership of Zelenskyy et al. AND the spirit of the Ukrainian citizens, Ukraine would have fallen. Now, it appears that Russia will fall.

Let this be the lesson Ukraine reminds us of as it fights for the right to live: Liberty is Life. Anything else is death, spiritually/materially.

Liberty is the only thing worth fighting and dying for. When a nation fights in defense of itself, it must vanquish the attacker in order to stop the attack.

But when citizens must contend with their own government, because their government is beholden to wealth (oligarchs/corporations/investors/$$$), then THEY CANNOT FIGHT THE OTHERS THE SAME WAY. A nation so divided within itself WILL NEVER, EVER STAND.

That’s where India’s Mahatma, the Great Soul, and ever since I was 10 years old, my favourite human (next to my mom and dad and Jesus!) comes into this: Gandhi gave the world satyagraha, non-violent, peaceful resistance.

Satyagraha always works within nations. It takes only a few people to get things going. Gandhi subjected himself to a beating and won social progress, as a young Indian lawyer working in South Africa (I wish he were there today to explain to the South African government how stupid it is to align with Russia/China).

Satyagraha works because THE CITIZEN IS THE HAND OF THE GOVERNMENT AND THE CITIZENRY THE SOUL OF THE NATION, just as employees are the hand, heart, and soul of the business they work in.

The government is like the employer; the citizens like the employees.

In a neoLiberal democratic world (‘neoliberal’ and ‘democratic’ being an oxymoron) ‘the soul’ operates in submission to ‘the mind’. The ‘mind’ is the ego of the wealth/business/corporation/oligarch/investor class. The government and the employer are indistinguishable.

In a liberal democratic world (that being the philosophy of Roussea, Voltaire, Hugo, Paine…), ‘the mind’, ‘the hand’, ‘the heart’, and ‘the soul’ are reconciled, one with the others, and working together. In this social model, the objective IS THE NATION; ‘us and them’ defers naturally  to ‘we, the people, in service of the nation.’

In such a configuration, specialization in function remains, BUT, Wealth is steward (not master) and $$$, society’s lifeblood, freely circulates to support ‘the body’. No one is left anemic. No one is left out in the cold. Everyone is doing something to help in the way they are able to The Social Contract.

Can you imagine a world comprised of nations/cultures/societies structured on the precepts of Liberal Democracy?

Can you imagine a world where no one thinks to steal from another, wilfully lie to, or manipulate one another? (hello private media! and 5th Estate folks who care only for their paycheck while they pay lipservice to the ideal) Where everyone behaves like the volunteers who go around downtown cores handing out lunch bags and clothing to those obviously needing it?


Then KNOW: Ukraine now lay in the vanguard of humankind’s progress toward the World our creator intends for us to live in; to survive and thrive.

We, the World must see it through to the beginning. Ukraine must not only defeat Russia, they must, in victory, show the way to peace within and among nations. They are dying like Saints today and they will have to live like Saints tomorrow. They have much to avenge, but vengeance will only ensure more of the same ol’, same ol’. This generation of Ukrainians will have the hardest time living next to a nation that sought their utter destruction.

Prayers and gratitude to Ukraine and to Zelenskyy et al.

Our creator, like Xi, is watching. Xi doesn’t realize it, of course, given that he tells himself ‘there is no god’, but nevertheless god is looking over his shoulder and sees what Xi has wrought (and is planning).

IMO, the heart of our creator is broken after seeing what some of us have wrought, with the gift god gave us. Free will. The gift was necessary to progress creation, the ‘god-fractal’, to keep the ball rolling, on and on, as it were.

To do this, we need only keep our egos out of the way. We fulfill our role as steward on the Earth Mother, and this necessitates Wealth fulfilling its god-given duty and function as steward.

Right now, we plunder the Earth Mother and make war. We consume Her, render her infertile, as we kill one another and even the child in the womb. Because our leadership is corrupted because Wealth is corrupted. Wealth plunders. It does not steward.

Headline 1: Germany cautious over reports that pro-Ukraine group was involved in pipeline attack – I dunno…could it be that several nations had a hand in this and that, à la the JFK assassination investigation, the truth will be set awash in a sea of ‘plausible deniability’ and known only by the few?

Germany’s new reliance on Russian energy was a dangerous incremental advance toward a tripartite, dystopic world order, such as the one Orwell prophesied in 194, when after WW II, Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill (Orwell’s ‘pigs’ in Animal Farm), divied-up the World. Patton was vilified for wanting to continue the war into Moscow. But we were war-weary and made ‘peace’ with a murderous dictator, this after having just vanquished a murderous dictator. Look at where our ‘dithering’ has brought us to…we are tasked with Russia again, only now, the weapons are much, much more powerfully destructive.

Is it not within the realm of plausibility that several nations had a hand in the pipeline attack? That the attack was intended to save Germany from itself, from its oligarchs, by killing the pipeline? This means many players lost $$$, but for the sake of not so dividing the world, invoking the existential-scale perils of war, was it not worth it?

So that the citizens of ALL THE WORLD’S NATIONS, INCLUDING GERMANY, FRANCE, would live in peace forever more, in a unary, consensus-based, liberal democratic world order?

Better to write off the pipeline investments and wait for Russia to find itself and in the doing, joins the unary world order. Along with China, they can invest their resources and resourcefulness in exploring the Universe…lots of potential there, without worrying about building their militaries to steal territory and resources from the neighbours…

Why not try this, instead of squandering trillions on new ways to kill?…after several millennia, no one in human form has ever managed to create anything for themselves of permanence…maybe we should try something else?

7 March 2023

‘Adversity makes for strange bedfellows’, so says the Great English Bard. Case in point: Iran (a theocracy) cultivates intimate relations with China (an atheist state), over their mutual antagonism toward ‘the West’.

War also brings out either the very best and very worst in human nature: today, I watched Russians (off camera) gun down a Ukrainian POW, IN COLD BLOOD, while smoking a cigarette, for saying ‘slava ukraini!‘ (glory to Ukraine!).

His Russian captors responded with a tsunami of bullets. His Russian captors reacted so quickly, and with such vehemence, no doubt they didn’t even think about it. They are already consumed with hatred and desperation…

They just fired. This is the worst in human nature; what energizes the spirit that is Satan.

The Ukrainian POW provided a glimpse into the best in human nature; what energizes the spirit of the Earth Mother and of its creator.

It is as ‘messianic’ as it is heroic. This Ukrainian would not allow fear of death to keep him from doing/saying THE RIGHT THING, anymore than Jesus would have. BOTH men went toe-to-toe against Satan, the current possessor of the  ‘Heavyweight Champion of the Natural World’ title. Both floored the dark one out quicker than the Klitschko brothers did, their opponents, to win a Heavyweight Championship of the human World title.

The Ukrainian soldier showed us  the way.

Now, it is too late for Putin to unwind the carnage and destruction, the evil, he has wrought in Satan’s unholy name, IMO.

IMO, it is not too late for Russians. No one desires to take their nation, their culture, their history, away from them; however, Russia must be bereaved of its imperialistic ego, just as America et al. have already decided to do, of their own volition, BECAUSE THEY KNOW EGO IS THE PROBLEM OF THE WORLD, the root of all evil. The root problem is not money; something which is neutral, able only to acquire an ‘evil’ aspect by virtue of the hand which wields it).

America et al. now guide the Anthropocene toward a unary, cooperative, collaborative world order. It need not be a dystopic world order, and it will not be, if the World can discover a way to keep Wealth from usurping democratic authority over it…via a Piketty taxation regime, plus the installation of bullet-proof LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS AND MECHANISMS.


To allow Chinese imperialism, Russian imperialism…any nation’s imperialism to progress IS TO ENSURE THE END OF THE ANTHROPOCENE; a dystopic spiraling downward for everyone, rich and poor alike…until we walk off the edge the Lemmings’ Cliff, en masse. We simply have too much killing power to survive WW III.

To nations cultivating relations with China and Russia: take a serious sober-second-look at Biden-America and the vision this President has for the future. IT IS ONE WHERE THE WORLD, THE WORLD OVER, WILL HAVE A FUTURE.

Imagine that.

6 March 2023

‘These are the times that try men’s souls,’ the great American thinker Thomas Paine once observed, this during the ‘labour’ which birthed the American nation.

Right now, ‘the times’ are in Ukraine and the souls are of Ukrainians, the souls of the neighbouring states…any and all upon whom Putin casts a lasciviously imperialistic eye.

I am as filled with dread as I am with joy at the sight of a swathes of armoured vehicles, of all types, staging at the docks of Poland. Joy, because the sight implies that substantive help is already at Ukraine’s door; Ukrainians will have the tools to fight back with, commensurate to their courage, rather than with courage alone. Dread, because A- the final conflict is imminent; B- with so much armour concentrated in one place (?), were the Russian military to engage NATO preemptively, would the staging area not be the first thing they attack with their missiles? (btw, when exactly are the Russians going to run out of missiles, bombs, soldiers? I’ve been hearing in the media for months that their stockpiles are dwindling, yet they keep coming…it is important to know from where and to disrupt their supply if possible, without escalating things to involve N. Korea, Iran, China).


China is a nation that has greatly benefited from its business relationship with ‘the West’. The West cultivated this relationship, despite China’s spying, the 5G thing, Xi’s decision to keep the PRC’s detection of a potential pandemic-grade virus (COVID-19) to itself (denying the World opportunity to prepare for it). And then there’s China’s ONGOING, MASSIVE MILITARY BUILDUP. China never intended to ‘partner’ with ‘the West’, it seems, but rather to use its trade with the West to finance the subjugation and eventual obliteration of the West as a geopolitical force.

Russia wants this too.

Iran wants the West out of the way because it is at mortal enmity with Israel and the West supports the existence of Israel. ‘Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.’ Both Israel and Iran are in THE WRONG. The West too, if they offer Israel’s regime unconditional support; they must support both Israel AND Palestine’s right to exist. It cannot be ‘either/or’. Neither of these ‘holy’ nations, IMO, is acting in our creator’s service by making war upon the other or upon their own citizens or upon ANYONE’S RIGHT TO EXIST AS A NATION. Israel steals Palestinian land and does murder when Palestinians stand up against their tyranny; Iran threatens Israel with annihilation. Israel has the right to exist, as does Palestine. Again, ‘nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.’ In this, both Israel and Iran are in the wrong, as are any Palestinians who resort to violence…anyone who does violence, even in a good cause, if it is not to fend off an attack, is doing wrong. There are other, non-violent means to achieve a goal that are proper in the eyes of the creator…satyagraha, for example.

Which brings me to India: another great nation with a great cultural tradition, like China’s (before China’s iconoclastic, artistically, ecologically, and humanistically irreverent PRC came into being). India’s Modi, à la the PRC, now dives to the bottom of the barrel of oligarchic rule in spirit; even if not by name. The labels matter as little to Modi as to Xi, as to Putin: Russia’s minister even made himself say, in public, that Ukraine invaded Russia…to resounding laughter…) India needs to decouple itself from China and Russia OR join them and decouple from everyone else. CHOOSE. The same advice to any and all other nations led by ‘leaders’ stupid enough to mortgage their nation, their culture, their history, the wellbeing of their citizens, OF THEIR CHILDREN, against the Faustian offers of the world’s oligarchs (who act, ultimately, as Satan’s hand upon the World, but need us to help fulfill their mission in the World). Not all oligarchs…something, I pray, remains of the Steward in that demographic…

***the more the nations of the World advocate on behalf of future generations, the less misery humankind will experience. UNITY, TODAY will ENSURE a prosperous, war-free and inclusive of all FUTURE, TOMORROW***

To our Ontario Provincial Liberals: Rather than bury yourselves even further in your own heads with more Victory Lab science stuff, CONNECT WITH THE PEOPLE instead. Don’t rely on ‘science’ and the art of manipulation. DON’T USE THE PHRASE, ‘Ontarians (or Canadians) want (this or that)’, the way the other guys do…ask…ASK PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. Ask the homeless, even if you do not expect them to vote (the asking will inform you, as it helps to reengage the homeless with a society that leaves them out in the cold, as if they weren’t human, or bundles them into shelters, among strangers).

We are dealing with voter/citizen disaffection on a grand scale. This is because in a real democracy, ‘the people’ are not bullshitted by their governments, EVER (or by the 5th Estate). This is because if the decisions made by the people are based upon false information, then the policies OF THE GOVERNMENTS THEY ELECT WILL NOT MANIFEST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, and the people sense this, even if they don’t know how or why they feel disaffected.

Whomever is in power, gets voted out after a term or two, on the basis of voter disaffection. The voter is reduced to voting for change, if, after a few years, they become just as disaffected with the latest government as with the one they kicked out of office the time before…what exactly has been accomplished?…and guess what?…the cycle repeats, over and over…the voter is given no real choice…we are just dancing on strings to the tune of the ‘puppet masters’, to wit, Wealth.

The 4-5 year electoral mandate tradition becomes eerily similar to the Russian ‘5-year plan’, if the next government we elect offers only cosmetic differences from all of the others; these being determined and evaluated on the basis of a ‘Victory Lab’ approach, while it continues to progress the agenda of the Wealth class. Wealth has an agenda most of us are not privy to.  Wealth will continue to progress its social envelope while the voters look the other way, distracted by newness and then disaffected with the same ol’, same ol’.

We need to promote and protect Liberal democracy. Right now, we have neoliberal democracy: rule by boardroom CEO/investors. The rule of gold.

Connect with the voter. All of them. How? Ask them. Talk little/listen lots. This is Step 1 of the Golden Rule approach.

Step 2 comes after you get elected. THEN YOU, IN GOVERNMENT, DO FOR THE PEOPLE WHAT YOU WOULD WANT YOUR GOVERNMENT TO DO FOR YOU, not what Wealth wants you to do for Wealth. The G.O.L.D.E.N. R.U.L.E.

Such a government would in both spirit and effect, be ‘steward’ and not ‘master’. The wealth class would rebel against such a mindset in government (watch the pressure corporations put on jobs and GDP as the leave Ontario, say, for ‘greener pastures’, profit-wise; someone willing to hand over more to the investors, out of desperation to stay in power). It would take a group of public servants that are 111% dedicated to serve the public, and not the investor, to accomplish this, because the push back and blackmail from the global investor class will be astronomical (right, Elon?).

Just sayin’.

5 March 2023

I am struck by how the self-interest among (and within) the nation-societies of the World, has them mimic the emergence and spread of cancers within the body of the Earth Mother.

The spread and hegemony of self-interest/human ego in the affairs of humans, given the state of the union (of the World), is as sure to knock humankind off its pedestal atop Mother Nature’s food-chain, as cancer is, to kill the human body. Nations like India continue to trade with Russia while EU nations opt to ‘suck it up’ this Winter (perhaps with a ‘push’ from the saboteur(s) of the NordStream II pipeline.

I’ll tell you what: I pray I have the ‘stubborn’ Germans watching my back, when push comes to shove, rather than the ‘wishy-washy’, fence-sitting, Modi-led India…the Germans would not ‘cave’ on the Leopards, despite the international pressure, until they had the commitment they sought from President Biden. The Germans had earlier feared Russia’s weaponization of energy supply (this, with Winter coming) if they were to support the economic sanctions. The Germans always make the right decision, but in their time, not anyone else’s.

India, on the other hand, happily trades for Russian gas and oil…India helps Russia to pay for the murder of Ukrainians. IMO, the Great Soul, were he leading India today, would not be engaged in doing any kind of business with Russia PRECISELY BECAUSE OF WHAT RUSSIA IS DOING IN UKRAINE TO UKRAINIANS. There is no ‘wiggle-room’. Does India not remember satyagraha? Peaceful, non-violent resistance to oppression? The mahatma, were he ‘in the flesh’ and leading India today, would tell Indians ‘to purchase more blankets, to quietly endure, to support one another in all of this, UNTIL RUSSIA GIVES UP AND GETS OUT OF UKRAINE forever. The cancer is 2nd-stage in India, already. The rule of gold.

Prayers today that Putin falls before the world of humans does.

Prayers that the one nation (China) which could unilaterally end Russia’s murderous gambit to achieve its former glory, chooses to do so, rather than enter into a long term alliance wherein, Eurasia (the EU/Russia) exists in a tenuous geopolitical tug-of-war along the margins with Eastasia (the west-Pacific nations/China/the subcontinent) and Oceania (the Americas)…this being the substance of Orwell’s dark prediction in 1984.

I doubt that China will, but I pray for this nevertheless. China’s vision of imperial sugar-plumbs is going to end up a ‘sack of charcoal’. Look at Ukraine. Look at what Russia is prepared to do, just to expand its reach, even if it expands into hell. ‘Hell’ is all of what Russia is capable to ‘create’ in Ukraine… and for what? To rule over a pile of ash? Milton’s Lucifer…

p.s. (tidbits)

1- On the provincial political front: Ontario Liberals should get behind Nathaniel Erskine-Smith’s bid for the LPO and the Ontario premiership.

2- Federally, Canadians of all stripes need to get behind Trudeau’s Liberals, but oblige them to loosen the grip Wealth has on all of us, including governments. It is as patently insane as it is, anti-social, to so divide our democracy as to permit the coexistence of two worlds in one: one for those with the money/controlling the money supply throughout society, the other (a more virtualized existence, in front of the television/online, if they can at least afford that or garner enough computer-time at the local library) for those who do not. There is no honour, no self-respect, no social inclusion coming of poverty. Compounding the sin is that honour, self-respect, and social inclusion were not given up by the poor, but rather stolen from them (what god gives all) by wealth in the pursuit of MORE WEALTH FOR THEMSELVES.

3- Globally/geopolitically, self-interest must give way to V.I.S.I.O.N. This way, EVERYONE’S SELF-INTEREST is preserved in balance and lockstep. There can be no war, no imperialism…only collaboration and LIBERAL (not neoLIBERAL) democracy on a global scale.

4- Epistemologically, the notion of ‘One God’: yes, ultimately, there is ‘one creator’; so far, so good. BUT, to condense the creator and creation into ‘one all-encompassing’ description, on ‘voice’, one ‘image’, such as ‘scripture’ does, IS TO CRAM ALL OF OUR CREATOR AND CREATION into what the conscious capability of a bunch of tiny little ‘bugs’ can manage with; what us humans are able to get our minds around…think about that. Today I caught a very interesting video on YouTube by a hyper-knowledgeable professor, on how the ‘one-god’ thing ‘went viral,’ sometime around 1350 BCE…thanks to Akhenaten.

4 March 2023

It appears today that the intrepid defenders of Bakhmut will withdraw from the front to defend positions further west. I believe the timing of Ukraine’s withdrawal is determined by the losses/casualties equation; that diminishing supplies are constraining the losses they can inflict upon the Russian attackers, to the point where it is prudent to bend a little; to give up territory, but only for now.

wrt President Biden’s reluctance to supply Ukraine with F-16s: The war is in Ukraine, but the ultimate target for Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea is America and the pax americana. If Ukraine acquires a sufficient number of F-16s, it will tip the tables precipitously in Ukraine’s favour. Russian air and sea-based weaponry will be neutralized, Russian bases and depots and supply-lines located and destroyed, including those in Russia and in the ‘annexed’ regions of Eastern Ukraine. THE WRITING WILL BE ON THE WALL FOR RUSSIA, FOR PUTIN, AND FOR THE RUSSIAN MILITARY/WAGNERS. 

The situation will leave Putin only one option: to nuke, in order to get the West to back off and go to the negotiating table. He already knows he cannot win in Ukraine. 

President Biden knows this (IMO), and it is why he won’t provide F-16s at this point in time. He may realize that time is on Ukraine’s side and that the world can avoid an all-out war if the invasion of Ukraine is allowed to play itself out into total victory for Ukraine, with the backing of the West, ‘for as long…’ as that takes. I understand that the sage American president would permit Poland and the other European players to donate their F-16s because THEY ARE UNDER PROXIMAL THREAT FROM RUSSIA, either in the short or immediate term. That would make no real difference to the war’s evolution; whereas, were America to send their F-16s, why, this brings Putin and Biden nose-to-nose, and WW III is inevitable. It is to the World’s benefit that Donald Trump did not win reelection; his was a knee-jerk style of governing, a highly reactive style of governing (typical of ‘the right’ in modern politics), and right now the World needs the deliberate, methodical, judicious, sober way of thinking of Joe Biden (plus the ability to think several moves ahead of both Xi and Putin…)

President Biden’s expectation of total victory for Ukraine has one Achilles heel. If China begins supplying Russia with lethal arms, then this war will go on, and on, and on…until there are no soldiers left to defend Ukraine, no citizens left to maintain and rebuild. IF CHINA IS SERIOUS ABOUT PEACE (they are not; Xi is only serious about more power), THEY WOULD JOIN AMERICA AND THE WEST (and Xi would either beg the Taiwanese for forgiveness, then ask the Taiwanese to welcome the Chinese mainland into their democracy – the best case – OR accept and respect the Chinese mainland as good neighbour, forevermore, just as Israel must accept and respect Palestine, for there to be Peace).

Now, I owe Donald Trump an apology. I have been beating him up over his friendship with Putin. That was the understanding I had cultivated via the ‘media-Trump’ personality I got to know. Yesterday, however, I saw footage of him speaking at the U.N. as President and also appearing at a NATO conference, where he WARNS THE EUROPEANS OF THEIR DEPENDENCY ON RUSSIAN GAS. He didn’t sound like a friend of Putin’s in those news-bites. I MUST EAT CROW AND HAPPILY SO BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO FALSELY REPRESENT ANYONE, whether I agree with their politics/personal ways or not. I would warn him against manipulating the ‘religious base’. If you try to manipulate the souls of others FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH PURPOSES, you are crossing a line that god determined must never be crossed, when he/she gave us free will.

I know there are sharks among the left and the right. The sharks are the problem with our politics: they divide us further by always targeting the jugular of the opposing view, rather than find common ground in good faith. I am able to convince myself that Donald Trump ‘loves’ America more than Putin, but, does Donald Trump love himself more than America? [I believe this is the question to be answered by the January 6 riot inquiry]. I would ask the Democrats the same question, but NOT Joe Biden/Anthony Blinken/General Austin et al.

I believe these folks truly hold their god-given responsibility and opportunity to STEWARD dear to their hearts.

Each and every Ukrainian defender should be rewarded and honoured by us in the ‘West’. They are fighting for the World’s future against forces that serve Satan; who desire only to end god’s creation before the new brand of humans (represented by Greta’s generation) can heal the damage caused by a few centuries of human endeavour and expansion. [p.s. on this dimension, we need only reduce population/the human footprint: this will reduce consumption of resources and the rate of toxification of the environment. It would imply negative GDP growth over several years, and fewer uber-rich folks. It will mean a normalized distribution of wealth across society. It will mean new models to deliver healthcare, none of which admit to the privatization of either benefits or services.]

Prayers for Ukraine and its brave defenders. Prayers for India to smarten-up. Find another Gandhi, another great soul, to lead you out from under the yoke of your own wealth class, whom, it appears, Modi is in total dedication to. How this guy can rationalize his fence-sitting while Ukrainians are getting pulverized is over-the-top. I can no longer listen to this man speak; anymore than any other self-serving leader who puts their power at home before the lives of children, in this case, Ukrainian children…

p.s. On Artur Rehi’s YouTube channel, the latest video includes a segment panning the coastline of Crimea. It does, as Artur says, resemble the beach of Normandy during WW II.  I AM NO EXPERT, whatsoever, but I can’t help but wonder why Russia would want to fortify the entire beachhead along the Crimean coast against the Ukrainian military? What sort of major offensive is Ukraine capable to launch from the sea? None, IMO, but NATO can, and this has me wondering whether Russia/China/Iran/N. Korea haven’t already made the determination to go to war with the West; that for the moment, they are evaluating Western preparedness, strength and capability while they line their ducks up, all in a row; that they are waiting for the most propitious timing to begin? Perhaps both sides are already decided; that it is only a matter of time…[a message to Xi, Putin, Raisi, Un: we of the West WILL NOT STAND FOR AGGRESSION ANY LONGER. DE-MILITARIZE AND JOIN US as good neighbours, in a spirit of friendly competition, and ditch the imperialist crap. That has gone the way of the doh-doh and the World needs to move on; to progress toward collaboration across the board.

President Biden’s unity motif, together with his sober and careful approach, is the world’s best hope to avoid war. But, withal, unless Putin is removed by his own citizens, he will resort to a tactical nuke in Ukraine. This will not be tolerated by NATO or by any other sane leader, and NATO troops will soon after come knocking on the Kremlin’s door. A second nuke by Putin could be returned with a ‘tactical’ response…and then Putin launches an ICBM attack at a Western nation, and by this time, everyone is marching and amassing at one another’s borders.

I find any leader of any nation who still cultivates trade with Russia (and who is not ready to ditch doing business with China, if China supplies Russia with lethal equipment), is pathetically self-serving. I would not want them for an ally and I certainly wouldn’t do business with them…I have more class than that.

The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold. We must choose one or the other. The rule of gold leads to death, misery, anxiety, and exclusion of many citizens in the short term, all citizens in the long term, including the ones who are responsible for maintaining and progressing the wealth class’s hegemony over society. 

Within the context of gold’s rule, citizens are made beholden to the ones above them, the ones who control more $$$, by their yearning for more $$$. This renders an entire demographic, the poor, beholden to wealth, while it simultaneously excludes them from social participation. Even digital news is limited to a few articles unless YOU CAN PAY. The rule of gold is, therefore,  patently anti-social, is it not?

Under the Golden Rule, citizens are beholden to no one but their own CONSCIENCE. Taxation is used for its intended purpose: to normalize the distribution of wealth throughout society. Folks routinely look for opportunity to assist others, rather than to enrich themselves.

3 March 2023

Today, I am dedicated to pray to our creator: to end the Putin regime and the nightmare in Ukraine…now threatening to ‘spillover’ into Moldova and other neighbouring states?

Today, I will pray for an end to Israel’s apartheid, and the immediate creation of the sovereign state of Palestine, next to the sovereign state of Israel, both under the protection of the U.N., and spirited to protect one another, from now on.

Today, I will pray for the great mainland China pseudo-state to join with Taiwan in democratic partnership; wherein neither tells the other what to do, but rather asks; always spirited toward ‘win-win’. Never zero-sum, eh?

Today, I will pray for a united Canada. A Canada which leads and models the way for the World to achieve reconciliation: with the Indigenous, with the Environment, the ruling class with its god-given duty to Steward, the citizenry with the Social Contract, and the Past with its Future…with its honour and self-respect as a nation-society under god.

Today, I will pray for our Ontario Liberals to smarten-up and seek for a leader who will lead, even ‘break the mold’, when required (and it is required). IMO, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith is the only one of that ilk I have heard of, who has shown interest so far. CHANGE/movement away from privatization (especially of services, the Commons, and tenancy) or its passive-aggressive cousin, public-private partnership, plus the province-wide rollout of Basic Income on a reverse-tax basis, will be necessary. If the Ontario group is truly ‘liberal’ they will uphold ‘equality of opportunity’. POVERTY AND ‘OPPORTUNITY’ ARE MUTUALLY-EXCLUSIVE. Let’s see if a real leader will emerge in the Ontario Liberal leadership race…

all the best.

prayers for Ukraine and for peace. prayers the World will unite against Russia, China, Israel…anyone who would take that which our creator bestowed upon their neighbours, for themselves. IMO, this would warm our creator’s Heart. 

Prayers for China. The World needs them. All of them. They enrich the human equation. Let us not make war upon one another. Let us drop the geopolitical contrivance of ‘East’ and ‘West’ and accept the World is what it is…one world, one species of human, coexistent with myriad nonhuman species…and that humanity’s role is to Steward the creator’s creation, our Earth Mother, just as Wealth’s role is to steward nation-societies.

There is no need to control or shape this world. It is self-regulating and self-propagating:

it is the Golden Rule in action…ultimately, humanity’s existential challenge is to RECONCILE WITH THE CREATOR. Do this, and everything else will fall into place, instead of out the bottom.

The Golden Rule will save all of us, Palestinian, Chinese, Iranian, Korean, American from the rule of gold.

The rule of gold provides the basis for imperialism, the doctrine of discovery, the notion of scriptural justification for murderous territorial expansion, environmental degradation, climate change…W.A.R.

Want to survive? Want to explore the Stars? We can. Only, not yet, and not for a long time. BUT, if we focus on what we have in common (much much more than how we differ), we will find ourselves standing on common ground and we will discover how to collaborate, AND THE TIME TO GET THERE WILL BE A LOT SHORTER and a much less perilous journey.

2 March 2023

To India’s regime (and the other ‘fence-sitters’ who pursue opportunity for themselves while bodies on both sides pile up in Ukraine):

1- Can you not see that ‘the West’ has changed, that the geopolitical environment is evolving; from a ‘pax americana‘ into the institutions and apparatus es of globalized consensus-building, wherein, WAR as a mechanism of dispute settlement/national border changes, no longer exists?

2- Can you not see that EVERY NATION that GETS OFF THE FENCE, CONDEMNS RUSSIA UNEQUIVOCALLY, AND STOPS ALL TRADE WITH RUSSIA (and with China, should China keep supplying Russia’s insane, illegal, and immoral invasion of Ukraine), IS ANOTHER ‘BRICK IN THE WALL’ that any national leader entertaining visions of imperial sugar-plumbs in their head will factor into his/her imperialistic calculus? EVERY NATION WHO CHOOSES THE ‘WEST’ TODAY, CHOOSES A PROSPEROUS FUTURE FOR THEIR NATION/CITIZENS, tomorrow.

Happy beyond words to hear the news of 130 Russian tanks destroyed over the last three weeks in Vuhledar. 

As for Moldova: Their Parliament has condemned the Russian invasion. Moldova is on Ukraine’s western border. They are only a herculean stone-skip across the Black Sea to the Crimea; soon to become a ‘hot-spot’. Here’s what the Moldovan’s had to say:

‘If we get in trouble, we won’t call NATO or the US. We’ll call the Ukrainians.’ Can there be a greater expression of the respect Ukrainians have earned during their valiant, YEAR-LONG stand? You know, given what ‘The Three Wisemen’, the leaders form Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia did to help catalyze Western support, and now hearing this from Moldova, makes me, a Canadian, want to be just like them. To be so brave, so self-less, for your country and your family and your neighbours. THE GOLDEN RULE. This is what you see coming out of the souls of these people. Who would not want to be remembered for being this?

Contrast this with the rule of gold: that is what you see coming out of the soul of Putin, Xi, Modi, Netanyahu, Raisi…these people will never create peace and prosperity. They appear only to know how to steal it from others; this BECAUSE they so often do just that. BUT THEY COULD CHANGE THEIR SPOTS. Their greed is a construct of their minds and the Mind is Satan’s playground IF IT IS NOT ACTIVELY ENGAGED BY ITS OWNER (who must consciously operate the gate/direct the mind’s focus). Else, it is  ABANDONED BY THE OWNER FOR SATAN TO PLAY AROUND IN.

America’s Blinken is running around the World trying to prevent the sparks in Ukraine from igniting a global conflagration, without sacrificing Ukrainians and Ukraine (and the dream of a world order that is fair, inclusive, pro-Earth Mother, AND COMPLETELY WARLESS).

NATIONS OF THE WORLD: If you want a world for your children to grow up in, ditch your self-interest and align AGAINST WAR and join ‘the West’ in its condemnation and response to Russia’s invasion. Otherwise, you act as Satan’s hand in the world.

Do you really want to be remembered, for that? (that is, if anyone is around to remember?)

1 March 2023

March. The Equinox. Springtime. Rebirth and renewal.

Let the residue of Winter 2022-23 slide off our backs like raindrops off of a merganser. 

The Free World must make its stand now and this ends with the utter defeat of the Russian military, followed by its disbandment. Russia will then make reparation and help Ukraine rebuild itself, auguring a new age of cooperation between Russia and its neighbours; leaving the ‘Soviet’ era in its grave, once and for all. No matter what Putin does. NO MATTER WHAT PUTIN DOES.

The ‘West’/the U.N. stands by the vision of a unary international order (we must wrest control over it from the oligarchs/neoliberal ruling classes, but that is the next ‘frontier’ along the way to a world WITHOUT wars, poverty…’us and them’).

The borders of Russia, China, Iran, Israel (still tbd), Palestine (because of sordid and murderous elements in the Israeli government, still tbd), South Korea, North Korea, India, Turkey…you name ’em…the nations of the ‘West’/U.N. are forever bound/obliged to protect. INSTEAD OF WAR, WHY AREN’T THE NATIONS GIVEN TO SABRE-RATTLING RIGHT NOW, joining the ‘West’ (a placeholder-label to describe ‘sane regimes’)

AND STOPPING THE ‘SLEIGH-RIDE’ DOWN INTO WORLD WAR III that Putin has purchased for us by invading Ukraine?


There is a lot of ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ online and in mainstream media. Take everything you read, with a grain of salt…I am appreciative if folks write in if they feel an opinion of mine is ‘off the rails’, as it were; this will be helpful.

Prayers for the miracle of Peace to suddenly descend upon Ukraine and Ukrainians, like a winged-soul, newly arrived from Heaven. Prayers that today/very soon, Ukrainians will return from their diaspora; to rally to the likes of Zelenskyy and Klitschko; both of them ‘world champs’, in my estimation.

Praying for the miracle of Peace to emerge from out behind those ominous clouds gathering to the North, the East, and the South of Ukraine. At this stage, that miracle looks to be the sudden end of the Putin regime. [IMO, Putin will forever by demonized by citizens of the World and of Russia, alike. BUT, HE MAY FIND ATONEMENT WITH THE CREATOR were he to recognize and confess his crimes against the creator and against Ukraine and against his own young conscripts; and then submit himself to justice, whichever form it takes.]

God bless Joe Biden, Zelenskyy and Klitschko and the Ukrainians and all the leaders of the nations of NATO/the EU who stand with Ukraine, against Putin’s murderous greed. God bless the nations of the Southern Hemisphere; whose lands were invaded centuries ago in the Age of Imperialism (the age that was inaugurated by the Document of Discovery) and whose peoples were greatly oppressed by their European colonizers; later, by the antics of American self-interest…the kind that motivated the assassination of a great American president (p.s. I perceive in Joe Biden that same visionary good sense that JFK seemed to possess, and therefore those who did murder in 1963 to steer America in a different direction find themselves staring at the good sense and humanity of JFK returned in the person of President Joe and should realize violence accomplishes nothing of lasting value, only more violence!). God bless the developing nations and the developed nations; the former with inclusion along all dimensions of world governance and the Golden Rule, the latter with freedom from the rule of gold and Satan…

…God bless us, everyone…

28 February 2023

America does not aspire to world hegemony. America cannot achieve and maintain global hegemony forever. America knows this.

Rather than ignore the proverbial ‘writing on the wall’, Biden-America focuses on building consensus, internationally, among disparate elements.

The Achilles Heel is self-interest; within America and all around the World.


I was reading today that some 1600 young Canadians died defending Hong Kong from the Japanese invasion in WW II. Were it not for Canada, America…the Allies…the PRC would not exist today. Of course, neither would the ‘West’…the Allies won the war and Hong Kong was liberated.

Today, we are threatened by the PRC. The PRC could end the war in Ukraine, IMO, by simply telling Russia to get out of Ukraine. Instead, Xi is considering propping up Russia’s murderous gambit. This will ensure the continuance of war and carnage and death in Ukraine, at best; IT WILL REPRESENT THE TRANSITION FROM ‘PROXY-WAR’ TO ALL-OUT NUCLEAR CONFLICT.

I understand that Xi has not moved to supply Russia’s war effort; that he is still considering it. I pray he is blessed with the wisdom of a creator he refuses to acknowledge,

TO DO THE RIGHT THING…for his own and for the World.

China’s Xi must choose between death (at best, ruling over a pile of ashes) and existence (at best, participation in a just, fair, collaborative, liberal democratic world order and CREATING PROSPERITY RATHER THAN STEALING IT via the anachronism of imperialism.

I pray for Xi to choose wisely.

It is, however, too late, IMO, for Putin. The Russian ‘leader’, appears intent to be THE HAND OF SATAN that takes the world down to Hell in a hand-basket. His fate is between him and god. The only opportunity for salvation left to him, IMO, is to withdraw his forces from Ukraine, ask god for forgiveness, and then submit himself to the justice of Ukraine. RIGHT NOW.

Finally, we all need to remember that it ‘isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.’ I cannot speak to the creator’s ‘next steps’. I don’t know whether we have to experience the tribulation that the Bible and other canons of esoterica predict is coming for us all.

I can only pray to a creator who, with all my heart and soul, I know loves us; ALL OF US, because all of us, the creator CREATED.

Unless the god we have been praying to is SATAN, who himself is capable of creating NOTHING (because he fights with and tries to constrain that within which Satan exists, as the creator’s ‘alter-ego‘), humankind was not created to inflict misery upon one another, for the enjoyment of the godhead. Satan is the cancer in god that wants to kill god; as self-interest is the cancer upon the human soul threatening its happy evolution and return to its Source.

Prayers for Ukraine. The citizens of Ukraine fight for their existence as a nation; they are the World’s FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST SATAN’S ARMAGEDDON.

If the world can avoid war, Satan’s gambit will experience a major, existential setback of its own.

If the world embraces the Golden Rule as an operative strategy, Wealth’s hegemony over world affairs will end, and along with it, wars of conquest (for wealth).

Wealth CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO EXIST under private control. IF IT IS ALLOWED TO, the power which $$$ buys WILL CORRUPT THE STEWARD CLASS, skewing policy development to favour rich people. Rich people DO NOT STEWARD. They suck the blood out of nation-societies, theirs and others, until anemic, and then they move on to ‘greener pastures’…UNTIL NONE ARE LEFT.

That is the end of the ego of rich people. It cannot be otherwise. We have suffered under Satan’s mindset.

To be free of it, we cannot allow rich people, who have taken over the Wealth of Nations class and perverted the institution of ‘stewardship’ into profit-centre (as despicable as their buying up media outlets and converting much of our 5th Estate into ruling-class mouthpieces) to continue to globalize their cozy little clubs. If we do not stand against this, the world imagined by Orwell’s 1984 will fully instantiate itself. The members of humankind, but for those of value to the ruling class, will live out their days in dystopic misery; their innocence progressively corrupted, under the shadow of Satan’s ego, until the darkness swallows up whole the world of humans, forevermore.

Right now, Biden-America and Ukraine and allies (and vision born of sobriety/reason/the love of the creator) is what stands between humankind and the end of the Anthropocene.

The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold.

The rule of gold will end the Anthropocene. This is inevitable; unless we engage the Golden Rule.

p.s. the YouTube channel Perun has posted an episode entitled, ´Defence strategy for small nations.’ Toward the end, a chapter entitled, ‘Threatening Armageddon’. The narrator explains the process of nuclear deterrence/mutual assured destruction. Here is how he summarizes the nuke/counter-nuke scenario:

‘…and so everyone loses. It is the strategic-equivalent of flipping the chessboard when you don’t like the result.’ [Perun]

27 February 2023

I hear-tell today that China may have decided to supply Russia’s murderous campaign in Ukraine. Of course, this escalation only serves to ensure the carnage in Ukraine continues. Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation’, thanks to Xi, moves closer to a proxy-war between the 4 ‘arsemen of the Apocalypse’ (Xi, Un, Putin, Raisi + Netanyahu/Erdogan receive ‘honourable-mentions’, despite being on the ‘side of the West’ for their actions) and the ‘West’; to wit, the post-WW II world order.

This is unacceptable to the nth degree.

Here lay the challenge humankind must overcome:

1- The Chinese nation-society is led by a uber-fascist regime; one intent on taking its citizenry down into the black hole of war, it now flirts with the event-horizon abetting the carnage inflicted by Russia upon innocent people. Xi does nothing at all if it doesn’t serve Xi. China means to push the envelope. Xi wants Taiwan. He does not want ‘One China’, because that could be easily accomplished WITH NO BLOODSHED, were the PRC to dissolve itself and embrace Taiwan’s democracy. XI WOULD FEED HIS OWN LOYAL SUBJECTS INTO THE MEAT GRINDER À LA PUTIN, and with just as little regard, just to leave his legacy –a pile of ashes -to today’s Chinese kids. UNTIL THE CHINESE MAINLAND ENGAGES TAIWANESE DEMOCRACY, THE THREAT OF WAR WILL REMAIN SITUATED JUST BELOW THE SURFACE, awaiting a catalyst. There is no way to compel the ego of another because ego always reacts to external coercion with entrenchment. The ego must be ‘shown the light’ so that it chooses the desirable/proper course of action OF ITS OWN ACCORD. Biden-America is the ultimate target of the Russian/Chinese/Iranian alliance because the World Biden wants and the world Xi wants are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE; fortunately, for all the World, Biden-America is taking a deliberate, reasoned, methodical approach to China et al.  UNITY. CONSENSUS. DEMOCRACY.

2-   Interestingly, Xi has concocted some sort of organizational abstraction wherein Chinese corporations deal direct with other corporations, including American ones. This cannot fly of course; but it is revealing of a parallel development in today’s world; one of equally existential import to armed conflict between ‘East’ and ‘West’: globalized corporate rule. Rule by boardroom. Fascism. Autocracy. And as far as authoritarianism goes, does anyone know anyone who refused to follow the directions of a memo from the CEO and kept their job? This is where America would be by now, had Trump won a second term. The vision of neoLiberal democracy is no different than Xi and Putin’s vision; anymore than Orwell’s pigs differed from the Farmer they replaced with their ‘animal’s revolution’. WE MUST DEFEND LIBERAL DEMOCRACY FROM THE OLIGARCHS and we must act to protect the oligarchs from themselves by ‘Piketty’.

3- WE MUST LEARN HONOUR AND RESPECT. Honour our past generations who sacrificed THEIR FUTURES that we might have a future/Respect the truth. Always. Tell people EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO PROPERLY EXECUTE THE FREE WILL OUR CREATOR GAVE HUMANKIND. Right now, the fact is we are so immersed in the pursuit of self-interest we remain incognizant of how Wealth continues to erode the Commons from right out under our feet. We must honour our war generations by standing against the wiles of wealth, whether that of Russia’s oligarchs, the PRC’s oligarchs, and wayward western oligarchs (which is very nearly all of them; if they do not steward.)

That’s about it. The Golden Rule is all we need to guide us out of the existential mess we have made for ourselves in submitting to the rule of gold. We may, as the American coin proclaims, ‘trust in god’.

26 February 2023

Before today’s rant: I am watching the latest video on Artur Rehi’s  YouTube channel;  Chinese lend-lease to Russia | Leopards have arrived | Ukraine – in the ‘Leopards have arrived’ segment (around the 10-minute mark) we see 1st person perspective from a Leopard tank, newly arrived in Ukraine. Artur says it is on its way to Moscow . The perspective changes and you see the Leopard coming toward you, driven by someone that looks very familiar: why, it’s Ukraine’s World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, now mayor of Kyyiv, Vitali Klitschko! What a great picture! The smiling face poking up from the driver’s hatch is as reassuring to me as it must be for the Ukrainian defenders…as it invokes fear in the heart of Russia’s goons. Artur: ‘How cool is that?’

Headline 1: Jordan hosts Israeli-Palestinian talks to avert escalation in violence – this is such good news, I want to cry; but I won’t. There is nothing here yet. ‘Talk’ with the Israeli governing regime will only delay its progress in stealing Palestinian lands (just like talking with Putin will only at best delay his gobbling up Ukraine). Israel’s solution is to talk, push until there’s a push-back, then talk, then push some more, until there’s a push-back, then…and on and on until there’s not a square metre left to Palestine. Once again, the Hebrews are at the gates of the ‘Promised Land’. Once again, they must choose between Moses’ peaceful way or Joshua’s warlike aggression, to find a home to call ‘Israel’ there. I PRAY THIS TIME JORDAN IS SUCCESSFUL IN RESURRECTING MOSES TO LEAD ISRAEL INTO THE PROMISED LAND and not Joshua. But, make no mistake: America must provide Netanyahu with THIS ULTIMATUM: ‘Sh!t or get off of the pot. Settle with Palestine in good faith. Two independent states, bound by oath to protect one another’s backs. THIS WILL BE THE SEED PLANTED THAT BRINGS PEACE TO A PLACE THE WORLD REVERES AS ‘HOLY’. In consideration of all the murder and mayhem that  proceeded from Joshua’s warlike crossing of the Jordan, this place cannot be esteemed ‘holy’ by any definition. Settle, and the land finally belongs to those promised it by god: not the followers of the warlike Joshua (and his descendants), but rather those of Moses (and his descendants, among whom, in today’s Israel, JVP stands TALL, and Palestinian alike. The Palestinians did not ‘exist’ back then, but their ancestors had to be around (duh!)…THE GOD OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, PART OF THE HEBREW SCRIPTURAL CANON, promised the ‘Promised Land’ to ALL OF ABRAHAM’S ANCESTORS, numbering among Abraham’s ancestors, ACCORDING TO THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES, are the Arabs and therefore the Palestinians. ON THIS BASIS, NETANYAHU IS NOT PROGRESSING THE PROMISE OF HEBREW SCRIPTURE, but is rather, blocking its progress AND GOD’S PROMISE TO THE HEBREWS. I pray the diaspora stand tall and together today for Palestine and in doing so, open the Gates to the promised land for everyone god promised it to.

Headline 2: Putin casts war as a battle for Russia’s survival – a primary feature of EGO is to turn EVERYTHING upside-down/inside-out. There is no doubt what is ruling Vladimir Putin. The trouble is, Russians ‘live’ and die under the thumb of Putin’s ego. What Putin actually means is,  the war in Ukraine is a battle for HIS SURVIVAL. Putin, the leader of a great and resourceful people, would sacrifice them all on War’s altar, SATAN’S ALTAR, just to rule over what remains…even if it is a pile of ashes. Milton’s Lucifer.

The way for the World to avoid this is through unity. Rally to Biden-America, and Mr. President, look after yourself too. There is much for your shoulders to bear; much more than I can imagine. The World needs your sanity, after having been brought so close to the Lemmings’ Cliff, by Donald Trump and the insanity of ego.

We are close to a new beginning, perhaps even a new age.

Prayers for the defenders of Ukraine. The picture of the soldier in Kharkiv feeding the stray cats and dogs next to the shelter the Ukrainian military built for them, brought tears to my eyes…contrast this scene with the horror the Russians inflicted upon innocent Ukrainians in Bucha and the captivity of Ukrainian children

Russians should bear no shame for their leader’s actions. It is for the Russians to take care of its ‘brain-tumor’ before he goes any further. Whatever god decides. I await god’s hand in this and I believe it will be Russians who, like the JVP folks in Israel, WILL NOT STAND WITH A MURDEROUS, WARLIKE REGIME, no matter what they claim wrt ‘Divine Authority’.

Lastly, prayers for China. If Taiwan extends an offer of democracy (the liberal, not the neoliberal ilk) to China, Xi might not find it acceptable BUT IT IS THE WAY FORWARD. The only difference between what Taiwan offers China and the World v. what the PRC offers Taiwan and the World: Taiwan offers peaceful resolution to differences inside and outside the nation in a spirit of collaboration; therefore obviating the need for wars (think of all the $$$ we could free-up to address climate change and bereave poor beleaugeured Elon of shouldering responsibility for mankind’s progress to the Stars…heck, he can’t even manage Twitter!);

whereas the PRC offers only the continuance of war and inexorable progress toward the rein of Milton’s Lucifer; this implying the existence of a pile of ashes to rule over…

WE, THE WORLD, can avoid all of this (but Ukrainians can’t: they already pay the price on our behalf in their fight to exist) by remaining UNITED. Keep our collective eye on the Prize. The Prize is peace, a unary world order, a humankind spirited in collaboration with one another, with all other species, with the Earth Mother; therefore with god his/herself.

There is ‘no ‘I’ in TEAM’ and there’s no ‘E(ast)’ and ‘W(est)’ in UNITY. Either within states or among states. There are no ‘ruling classes’ and ‘subjects’ in liberal democracy; only stewards and citizens of the World, living under the terms of Rousseau’s Social Contract and in the creator’s Light.

The Golden Rule.

25 February 2023

It’s Saturday. Ukraine battles in the East. There has been no lowering of the boom. Ukraine not only stands tall and firm; its military will soon turn the stagnated tide to Ukraine’s advantage.

I pray that if Russians cannot convince Putin to retire himself, that they take it upon themselves to replace him with a leader of visionary progress and not the anachronistic mindset of their current leader…Putin leads Russia to the Past. The Past no longer exists. If Russia follows Putin, RUSSIA WILL NO LONGER EXIST. That is inevitable, isn’t it? If you follow your leader over the Lemmings’ Cliff, why, you will fall to the bottom, yes?

I took in the speech by Germany’s President Steinmeier. I loved what the German leader had to say, and the way in which he said it.

Germany is solidly in Ukraine’s corner. THIS IS VERY, VERY GOOD. Very apparently, self-interest will not rule over the Germans; when push comes to shove, you can always rely on them. Germans are uber-strong, resourceful, and reliable; but they will not be pushed around into making decisions before they are ready. Germany’s energy flirtation with Russia has ended, but the withdrawal will pain them for some time, this while they are one of the EU’s economic go-tos whenever things get tough for another EU member state, Greece, say. It must be reserved for later discussion how to balance Germany and France’s economic standing in the EU against a wholly democratic EU, rather than one ‘shaped’ by Germany and France, on the basis of their economic priorities. 

The world order should not be tolerant of division. We cannot have Orwell’s Oceania, Eastasia, Eurasia. We must have a unary constellation, else, someday, we will be at war again, that is, if we are able to survive the one we now verge upon…WE CANNOT ALLOW PERPETUAL WAR ALONG THE MARGINS BETWEEN THE THREE BLOCKS, as Orwell’s 1984 predicted and what the world will bring upon itself IF IT DOES NOT UNITE BEHIND UKRAINE TODAY.

Ukraine is the World’s Alamo. 

The World will soon be witness to the hand of our creator, in Ukraine. Ukraine fights to pierce the shadow of Putin’s ego, as it tries to swallow Ukraine whole; as it feeds Russia’s young blood BY THE THOUSANDS into the war.

Satan will experience utter defeat. But Satan, obviously, never gives up. You can bet, he’ll be back. 

THEREFORE, THE NEED FOR HUMANS TO ESTABLISH A UNARY, CONSENSUS-BASED, LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC WORLD ORDER, defended by the U.N.’s peace keepers, MINUS any and all means of mass destruction. [I would add we also need to reduce our population by attrition, instead of waiting for another war]

Prayers for, and gratitude to Ukraine, and for every nation and citizen of the world who stands with Ukraine, with Palestine, with the Uighurs and Falun Dafa folks, the Taiwanese and who live the Golden Rule. 

24 February 2023

UNITY, STRENGTH, AND HONOUR. These are human values.

DIVISION, PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVENESS, AND OPPORTUNISM. These are the values of a subset of ‘human’; to wit: the wealth class.

It has not always been so. There was a time when wealth stewarded society. Now, much of it simply profits from society. Wealth continually updates the narrative in accordance with what the public is willing to swallow, in order to rationalize the dismal ‘state of the union’ this mindset inevitably creates in society.

We must end the suffering. People in America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia, Australia…you name it…there are people suffering.

If folks struggle even at the lowest levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, if they are born into poverty, they have very little chance to escape their misery. Their misery is because of the zero-sum game wealth plays: they seek to maximize profit and their holdings, regardless of the effect on the ‘buyer’, whether it be an individual citizen or a nation-society.

Ukraine and Ukrainians exude the highest human values. Strength and Honour to Ukraine.

I am concerned for the immediate and long term future. I am leaving this to our creator. The creator is watching. The creator feels Ukraine’s pain and Russia’s unbridled vehemence. IMO, this is making our creator VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Conversely, the likes of Ukrainians, the Bucharest Nine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, the likes of those who seek peace in the World, and in the Middle East, in particular those who seek peace and existence for Palestine; Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, those who seek to keep the peace in Asia, these folks, IMO, warm our creator’s heart wrt to Ukraine/Taiwan.

Humanity must turn its collective ‘face’ (its active conscious) back toward the creator and the Light. Our answers are there. The more we focus inward, on the musings of our egos, the more we become lost in our own bs. This applies to religions, to states…as much as to individual human souls. Russia/Putin exemplify this.

It’s Friday. Wishing everyone a happy weekend. Gratitude to Ukraine and to its allies wrt Russia for standing tall.

Thank god Joe Biden is the one leading America and for me as a Canadian, I am at peace in the knowledge we have a Trudeau and the Liberals/w NDP support in place if the proverbial sh!t hits the fan.

To China:  If you pull the plug on your support for Russia’s war, the war will soon end and the world can move on to healing. IF YOU DO NOT, great misery will follow for your citizens and ours, for all citizens who only want to raise their children and live in peace. Your government proclaims ‘there is no god’. This is foolishness beyond any possible measure. I don’t know how god could pull it off, but I pray that the Chinese, the Russians, will not suffer because of the sins of their government/ruling class.

As for the Ukrainians who Putin has murdered already, know that they are on the other side, in the Light and dance with the angels, being angels themselves.

They wait for the rest of us to come, or perhaps, they wait for us to fight for the world WE WILL ALL INHERIT AS OUR CREATOR’S gift. I dunno which. But I know they are there and not erased forevermore, as Putin, or the demon he appears to serve, would have it.

Trust this:

UKRAINE IS FOREVER. The spirit knows already. Put your ego aside, and you will know too.

Since the beginning of the Anthropocene several ‘worlds’ have come and gone: the ancient world, followed by the old world, followed by the new world…Each gave birth to the next. The post WW II world, the ‘modern world’, is about to give birth to a world of transition or tribulation:

‘transition’ to a unary, equitable, rules-based by consensus, wholly liberal democratic, international order, OR

the tribulation of global war.

Before anyone picks up a gun or presses a button, they should think well upon it.


wrt China’s peace plan: among the 12 elements, China proposes an end to the sanctions against Russia. Okay, but only if Russia’s military is disbanded and Russia’s borders defended by a Mike Pearson style U.N. presence AND there is nothing Russia can acquire to build weapons PLUS the complete decommissioning of Russia’s nuclear capability. The decommissioning is something the entire world will have to do. RUSSIA CAN BE FIRST.

We are all guilty of self-interest. We need only feel shame if we promote self-interest above the lives and quality of life of others.

23 February 2023

These days, I find myself watching the news from Ukraine through Poland’s Public television network, TVP. So far, I have not found a show on TVP that I didn’t like. [I admit this: If I can’t know for certain who to believe, then it is the fault of the 5th Estate, not mine…no one in the media should be ‘shading’ the facts, one way or the other, but, sadly, Walter Cronkite has gone on, and, nowadays, private media goes head-to-head with public media and perhaps panders to the presuppositions of the target audiences/viewership? On that basis, and knowing I am vulnerable to being manipulated by the manipulation/interpretation of the facts, I choose TVP, because, plainly, they want Ukraine to defeat Russia BECAUSE POLAND KNOWS FULL WELL NOTHING ELSE WILL GUARANTEE THE PEACE IN EUROPE AND THE WORLD.]

Right now, I am watching TVP’s Break the Fake. Anchorman Li is talking about the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by certain EU nations/NATO members. Here’s an excerpt from what he has to say:

“…this framework which Putin framed as a ‘liberator’, was employed by Russia many times before we’ve even seen it in Ukraine. That same imperial template was used in 2008 in Georgia. Like Hitler before him, Putin decided to begin his campaign of conquest with smaller objectives, and then use an operation to test the response of Western powers. THAT SAME YEAR, President Obama scrapped the missile defense shield program which planned installations in Poland and the Czech Republic. This sent Putin a signal that invading former Soviet republics would draw no adverse reaction from the West.

Likewise, Russia suffered no consequences when it brazenly annexed Crimea and parts of Donbas. Politicians like Obama, Zarkozy, Macron, Merkel, and Berlusconi all decided that the aspirations of smaller nations can take a backseat in the name of good relations with Moscow, AND THAT THE FREE FLOW OF CAPITAL TRUMPS EVERYTHING ELSE.


To Anchor Li: Well said.

I understand that everyone wants a better deal. But let’s face it, it is wealth that wants the better deal and this is always at the expense of everyone less wealthy than they. How little things change. The great French thinkers/American thinkers rekindled Athenian democracy under the guise of liberal democracy, but this has been usurped by wealth and replaced with government by boardroom. This is why we have seen all of the SHAMELESS blathering and dithering coming out of the EU…

except for the leadership of the 3 Wisemen from  Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia who went to Ukraine at the beginning of the invasion and that of Biden-America/the U.K. THANK GOD FOR THESE PEOPLE.

As for Macron, Scholz, Erdogan, Netanyahu…you are not helping. You need to be courageous and honourable, not cowardly and self-serving. We are all guilty of this in little ways; some of us, in big ways, because we happen to serve as leaders of nations, and so, ‘all’s well that ends well.’ PLEASE CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR ANY OF US. The World NEEDS Macron, Scholz, Erdogan, Netanyahu et al. TO BE STRONG FOR THE WORLD…

…NOT their world. NOT the world of the investor class; THE world. They need to stop the self-serving bs…people are dying in droves because of it. Because of you. Do you really want to have to account for these actions to the creator when the time arrives? Think well upon it…

AS FOR CHINA, that government could end the invasion of Ukraine with a phone call, but instead, it props up Russia, EVEN AFTER SEEING WHAT HAPPENED IN BUCHA. The Chinese people deserve a better government; one that has their interests TO HEART and not only the oligarchs. Taiwan has the government the mainland needs. Plain and simple. RATHER THAN BOMB TAIWAN, PUT YOUR HAND OUT IN FRIENDSHIP AND DROP TO YOUR KNEES TO ASK FORGIVENESS FROM THE TAIWANESE, FOR SCARING THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF THEM, and then ask to be admitted and subjected to Taiwanese democracy, or, as ol’ Abe put it, ‘the will of the people.’ And there you have it: O.N.E. C.H.I.N.A. The only difference is, China will not threaten the world order of which it is an equal member, like everyone else. THIS DOES NOT MEAN CHINA IS SUBJECTED TO ANYONE. China will compete in the arena of business, technology, manufacturing, getting to the Stars, like everyone else, and will be able to enrich the quality of life of their citizenry commensurate to how well they perform against the competition. IN THIS WORLD, the ones who perform the best DO NOT PURCHASE HEGEMONY OVER THE OTHERS, while those who perform the worst DO NOT FALL UNDER ANY OTHER NATION’S THUMB. [that’s why Germany/France ‘shaping’ the EU is not in the big picture, anymore than China’s current ambitions are. We are not creating 1984. We are persisting in progressing the RETURN TO THE GARDEN. I know it sounds ‘kooky’, but it is true, IMO, expressed in the ‘worldly sense’. A world without wars, without the exclusion which poverty ‘buys’, without the rule of wealth but rather the benefit of  wealth’s stewardship, without environmental toxicity, human activity-induced climate change, the erosion of the Commons…you get the idea…would that not be the Garden Returned to you?


I’ve been wondering, of late, if the Trudeau Liberals were not propped up by the Singh NDP because they heard the drums of war beating even back then, in 2019, BECAUSE ANYONE WITH A BRAIN SITUATED BETWEEN THEIR EARS WOULD NOT WANT THE CONS IN POWER IN CANADA, anymore than Trump to reprise his chaos in the U.S, if war were to break out.

I know that god loves me and that the Liberals/NDP are able to consider the whole picture (the nation-society) and not just the $$$ considerations!

Tomorrow, on the first anniversary of Putin’s murderous gambit, I worry.

First, for Ukrainians. The fate of the entire world is in their lap. They are the ones fighting.

Second, for Europe. They are the ones dividing. They can only survive, we can only survive, if UNITED AGAINST RUSSIA.

Third, for the Middle East nations. If Israel does not desist from illegally colonizing Palestinian territory; if it does not conclude a good faith negotiation productive of a Palestinian sovereign nation, then the world should threaten Israel with withdrawal of support, unless Netanyahu smartens-up. If Israel does this, the Iranian regime will no longer have a leg to stand on wrt its commitment to the annihilation of Israel. Maybe, just maybe, by doing right by the Palestinians, Israel will guarantee its own survival, forevermore…

IF UKRAINE CAN WITHSTAND THE STORM AND IF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD CAN UNITE AGAINST RUSSIA’S INVASION, long enough to allow the time for the Russian military to capitulate and for Ukraine to have its territory back, then we will have a chance to progress toward a unary, equitable, democractic world order that oppresses or disadvantages NO ONE.

Prayers for Ukraine and for the World, our world. THE WORLD UKRAINIANS ARE DYING AND FIGHTING FOR EVERY DAY. REMEMBER.

At the going down of the Sun, and in the morning…

22 February 2023

After listening to Vladimir Putin’s speech yesterday, does anyone entertain any doubt about where all this is going? The disconnect Putin forges between reality and appearance, truth and lie, is as brazenly contrived and nonsensical as Donald Trump’s election-fraud claims, AS THE CONS IN CANADA TRUMP-ETING the idea that fiscal ‘management’ is the superordinate national ideal (um yes, for them, because they stand to garner a bigger chunk of Canada’s wealth from Canada’s citizens via the policies they would enact. Let’s face it, you need GDP to finance social programs for your citizens; not to make wealthy folks, wealthier! -they are supposed to steward).

All of this goes to reveal a sordid connection between Putin’s murderously imperialist gambit in Ukraine and the ridiculous extreme of ‘market capitalism’. $$$ trumps all other concerns, even the value of human life, even the lives of children…$$$ IS THE REAL REASON PUTIN IS DOING MURDER TO UKRAINIANS AND STEALING UKRAINE’S CHILDREN (recall Trump isolating the children of Mexican migrants?). Plainly, Putin is spirited common with other rich folks. There is no connection between his worldview and a notion like socialism, say, unless you believe, AS PUTIN IS PURPORTED TO HAVE IMPLIED IN HIS SPEECH YESTERDAY, that ‘normal citizens’ own yachts and live in mansions.

It’s all about the money.

Because money is power.

Power over others, plain and simple.

The problem that threatens global society is the same problem which threatens domestic society…doesn’t even matter if it is ‘autocratic’ or ‘neoliberal democratic’; both are structures of the wealth class. This is where the likes of Trump, Putin, Xi, Un, Raisi et al. land, politically, despite their outward contrivances. When these emperors are stripped of their clothes, the outward trappings of official office, the World (and the citizens of their own nations) will see them for the ravenous and hungry-for-power people they truly are; JUST LIKE THE AMERICAN COLONIALS DID MANY YEARS AGO, and we all know how that turned out…

Ukraine’s tribulation will not last for long. THEY WILL BE TESTED. THE IDEAL REPRESENTED BY THE WESTERN WORLD WILL BE TESTED, as President Biden says.

wrt Biden:  This American President is doing A GREAT JOB. Our creator sees it. His son sees it and is very proud of dad (as much as I am, of my dad, and I can pay the American President no greater compliment!). Biden brings sanity and a balanced-perspective to the world at exactly the right time, just like our Pope Francis does.


Only folks made insane with wealth and the power wealth purchases would want that for children.


1 – The news out of Israel is as saddening as it is maddening. Israel would not exist today, were it not for America and the U.K. They use ‘scriptural authority’ to do to the denizens of the ‘Promised’ Land what Joshua told the ancient Hebrews that god wanted them to do to the folks who happened to call the place ‘home’. There has been nothing but war ever since. This is not the ‘Holy Land’, is it? There is nothing but bloodshed and hate! Nothing but folks prepared to kill you for what you possess. Just like Putin is doing to Ukraine, Netanyahu is doing to Palestinians, only in a more passive-aggressive kind of way, because he wants America to keep propping up Israel.

I WANT ISRAEL TO BE PROPPED UP TOO, RIGHT BESIDE PALESTINE. Israel and Palestine can be good neighbours and watch each other’s back. Israel’s governing regime believes no American president has the kujanjas to pull the plug. THIS AMERICAN PRESIDENT MAY SURPRISE THEM.

2 – Equally perturbing is the knowledge that the ‘lethargy’ of Germany and France to get on the same page with America/U.K. wrt supplying Ukraine is less about being ‘methodical’ and ‘deliberate’ and more about others ‘telling them what to do’. Apparently, these two want to run the show in the EU without having to consider America’s wishes. I can understand this attitude when Trump was President, but not with Biden. Generations come and go; we exist along a continuum with the generations, past and future. Macron and Sholz seem to have forgotten what America did for them, Germany in defeat as the aggressor; France the victim of the aggressor. YOUNG AMERICAN, CANADIAN, INDIAN, AUSTRALIAN, AND BRITISH LIVES WERE SACRIFICED ONLY A FEW GENERATIONS AGO, so that Germany and France could be freed from a murderous dictator. Apparently Macron dreams of a block extending from Kamchatka all the way to Lisbon…hmm…he’s read 1984!, great! but there is no substitute for H.O.N.O.U.R.

3 – There is still the Turkey blocking Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership bids…hello?

4 – The fact that the ‘Bucharest 9’ all favour America’s and not Germany and France’s brand of ‘leadership’ (which smacks too much of opportunism and arrogance), should make plain to the World just how monstrous Russian hegemony is and just how important it is to STICK TOGETHER…these nations were at one time part of the Soviet ‘block’.

5 – China – Ask your people if they believe it is worth annihilation to take what isn’t yours. The One-China policy could go East/West as easily as West/East. Let the people decide. Don’t let them die in the conflagration of war. FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF CITIZENS, HOW DOES BOMBING THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF TAIWAN OR OUT OF CHINA HELP THEM? Governments that choose to make war to garner territory HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN SERVICE TO SATAN…it was not the creator Joshua served. All’s China Xi has to do is play nice in the playground and not be a bully.

6 – Ukraine – they simply get up and get going. They did not create the trouble, but they mean to put an end to it. America is with you and your ‘man of steel’, President Zelenskyy.


I see there’s a video on YouTube declaring the relationship between Russia and China to be ‘solid as a rock.’ Well, this rock is going to sink to the bottom faster than Atlantis.

21 February 2023

Russia’s Putin has delivered his ‘state of the union’ address. Clearly, he intends to keep his murderous ball rolling in Ukraine.

Russia, China, Iran, and N. Korea mean to marshal their forces to carve out their own portion of the World, but here’s the thing:

the world capable of tolerating pockets of autocracy here and there IS LONG GONE. We are too many; this, and technology, have made the world of humans very small; precariously so. We must establish the terms of collaboration, else, WE WILL FIGHT FOR CONTROL.

This is why we verge on global catastrophe, today. Even if we vanquish the Russian military, the Chinese military, yada-yada, in direct confrontation, the misery our species will incur as a consequence of our own actions is something NONE OF US CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

EGO is the problem of the human World.

This Friday, February 24th, marks the first anniversary of Putin’s ‘Special military operation’. He may have something up his sleeve, or nothing but the same ol’, same ol’, but we must be prepared for anything.

IMO, the four ‘arses’ of the apocalypse (these individuals not to be confused with the horsemen of the apocalypse, but rather, perhaps, with their horses’ ass) already ‘ride’. Putin, Xi, Un, and Raisi are on the trail to hell and leading their citizens over the Lemmings’ Cliff, and with reckless abandon…the world ‘the West’ is constructing will end war and protect EVERYONE’S NATIONAL BOUNDARIES. Changes to borders by negotiation only, from now on. What could anyone possibly have to say in the negative about that? It would be tantamount to blaspheming the Holy Spirit! [p.s. Russia has already forfeit the possibility of gaining territory through negotiation by invading Ukraine in 2014 and continuing on in 2022, when they shot Ukrainian citizens in the back of the head, as if they were dogs…Bucha alone calls out for justice and Putin’s Russia must atone for its crimes against humanity and god.]

As for Xi: yep, he’s got a tonne of cash to hand out and oodles of Chinese creativity and wherewithal/resourcefulness to spread around. BUT, HE BACKSTOPS A MURDERER LIKE PUTIN. Any nation (South Africa, the nation that produced Nelson Mandela, are you paying attention?) thinking to benefit by accepting China’s ‘friendship’ will have a hypersonic missile pointed at it the moment it becomes a liability on China’s balance sheet. IS THAT WHAT THE CITIZENS OF NATIONS DESERVE?

Right now, THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD wants to distribute power in an organized way, in order to progress a unary World Order. A democratic World Order.

Hopefully, a truly democratic world order conflates with a fair, just, equitable world order and NOT THE NEOLIBERAL, government-by-corporate-board version of ‘world order’. Corporate personhood is an illegal legal construct. International corporations are fronts that institutionalize greed. Free trade is necessary, however, the dispute resolution mechanisms circumvent the will of the people by constraining national governments’ ability to legislate on behalf of their own citizens. And we have the Whip which can act to subjugate parliament to the will of the Wealth class by forcing MPs to vote according to the dictates of the Executive/PMO, rather than according to the will of their constituents and conscience.

Wealth’s rule has very nearly brought us to the precipice of the Lemmings’ Cliff; we verge on the end of the Anthropocene.

Right now, Biden-America and allies, most notably the U.K. and the Baltic States, BY VIRTUE OF THEIR UNITED FRONT, are all that stands between the world of us all and the end of it all. The more nations of the World who rally to the West now, the greater is the incentive for the four arses to reconsider their imperialist ambitions. In my own naive way, I hope they will see that joining the West will ensure them of everything they desire FOR THEMSELVES, only, they won’t be able to subjugate their neighbours by force anymore. This is, in fact, a good thing, FOR THEM. Anything taken by force MUST BE KEPT BY FORCE,  and eventually, one’s strength wears down and the taker becomes the victim…and around and around it goes…

The Biden-Americans et al. mean to end war forevermore. No war. No industrial-military complex. No war…

On February 24th, 2023, let the World send Putin, Xi, Un, Raisi a strong message. Let each nation, beginning with South Africa, India, et al. declare that, either the age of war or the nations that make war upon their neighbours, is come to the end. If we dither on this, it will be the Anthropocene that ends.

Xi and Putin and Un and Raisi are made insane enough with power  they might actually believe they can win a war with the West and are prepared to use nukes to accomplish this. This is why ego should never be allowed to make the decisions, for individual persons and individual nations.

Prayers for Ukraine, the world’s Alamo. Prayers for the leaders of nations to lead the world of humans to a place better for all humans and species under god.

Thank god for Biden-America and its allies. The truth and not the wealth class appears to be ruling Biden.

While I am at it, thanks to Justin and co. for navigating through these imperiled times. I am sore that we of the poorer echelon were ignored in Canada’s pandemic response, but we did benefit from a few one-offs which, at our level of income, MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

We are not out of the woods yet, but I AM BEYOND WORDS THANKFUL TO OUR CREATOR THAT THE CONS WERE NOT IN POWER when the proverbial ‘sh!t hit the fan’.


before our politics fractionates further into ‘left’ and ‘right’, we should note why the fractionation is occurring in the first place:

IMO, it is for wealth to maintain its control over society.

Here’s my thing:

At election time, we are obliged to choose between

business-friendly and poor/minorities/human rights-friendly; between faith in god and faith in the state; BUT NEVER BETWEEN RULE BY WEALTH AND RULE BY PARLIAMENTARIANS, between neoliberal democracy and true, liberal democracy, even though THE MAKEUP OF PARLIAMENT IS DETERMINED BY THE PEOPLE, the makeup of the Executive is drawn from Parliament but the personalities might be ‘selected’ on the basis of the interests of the Wealth class. Wealth owns the Executive and the Executive whips Parliamentarians.

The situation resolves down to the illusion of having a choice at election time, when in fact, the choices are carefully orchestrated so that Wealth is ALWAYS PAID ITS RETURNS ON ITS INVESTMENTS.

We need to resolve this complete, else the heroism of Ukraine will not matter.

Satan will win in the World of humans, either way, just like Wealthy folks will win over ‘democratic’ society, no matter who is elected, and Milton’s Satan will assume his position atop a pile of ashes…

UNLESS, we elevate the truth above politics and humanity’s right to liberty above wealth;

and our creator above Satan, in all of his forms.

The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold. The truth trumps all contrivance, even Donald Trump’s ‘truth’.

This is ‘my truth’: Ukraine finds itself situated at the threshold to the New Earth. Russia must be defeated in battle, join the west as a free and independent democratic nation, and its military neutralized. China and the rest too, either of their own volition, or as the result of conflict with ‘the West’. We can save ourselves a lot of grief if we grow up…the nuclear arsenals we have are too much for children to be playing at, don’t you know?


I watched President Biden’s speech in Poland today. It was wonderfully reassuring. It also sounded a wee bit like a ‘rally the troops speech’.

Will it be ‘once more, unto the breach, dear friends?’ I don’t know, but I am ecstatic to know there’s a Biden in America, a Zelenskyy in Ukraine, a Duda in Poland, and Trudeau in Canada  right now, just in case.

20 February 2023

On DW News: President Biden is in Kyyiv. I am watching his press conference right now…I cannot stop crying…it is wonderful to see this wonderful president IN KYYIV, alongside the intrepid Zelenskyy…

On Tim Sebastian’s Conflict Zone, Mitch McConnell, the Polish PM, the Minister for the Restoration of Ukraine, and a representative from France are discussing the continuance of support to Ukraine. McConnell is clear that Ukraine was invaded by Russia and no one but Ukraine has any business dictating the terms of peace to Ukraine. So far so good, but somehow, I still worry that if his party wins the next presidential election, America could water down its support and that THIS WOULD FORCE Ukrainians to compromise on their own territory…no one, but the Polish PM clearly stated the only peace of permanence that can be obtained CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED if Russia is defeated (AND ASKS FOR TERMS).

There was much discussion about the significance of the war. We need to be clear. Russia has to be defeated and militarily neutralized, as Germany was after WW II. Ukraine’s territory must be wholly restored. Any settlement which rewards Russia with anything of Ukraine’s is sending the wrong message to China.

UKRAINE NOW FIGHTS EUROPE’S WAR. It appears that only the Baltic States and Biden-America (and allies) are cognizant of THIS FACT. Other nations may still feel the attraction of a settlement with Russia. They have forgotten how much traction peace got by appeasing Hitler. THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH TRACTION LEAVING PUTIN IN CRIMEA GOT.

McConnell is very clear on speeding up production of arms. My concerns about a Republican party president’s continued support could be misplaced [IF IT IS NOT DONALD TRUMP (in that case, America is going to fall and the world is going to end)]. The US Senate GOP leader says:

‘…you don’t have to be too smart to know that we all benefit from these guys winning [here he gestures toward the Ukrainian minister] and winning quickly…the way to win quickly…IS TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED…AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.’ Now, I am a bit of a ‘lefty’ politically, and so, I entertain a customary ‘antipathy’ toward the opposition, but I love it when anyone from that side TALKS SENSE. McConnell appears spirited in a way that could bring his party back from the brink of Trump’s insanity, just like Joe Biden brought America back from the brink (while saving Ukraine in the process).

There was talk of a Chinese Minister going to Moscow to meet with Putin today and discuss China’s peace plan and also to provide assurances wrt arms supply. hmmm…both appear to hate America…why? because America is in their way. They want the world and America is in their way. The world can already see how Russia roles when it wants something of yours, and China/Iran don’t seem to be any different.

IF AMERICA WERE TO FALL, who then is left to protect us from the likes of Xi and Putin and Un and Raisi? Do you think it’ll be Netanyahu?


  1. RALLY TO BIDEN-AMERICA/UKRAINE, the vanguard in Western Democracy and leadership. Build a wall of unity so great, no enemy would dare to try to breach it.
  2. SETTLE THE PALESTINIAN ‘QUESTION’ – Palestine is ready to EXIST. There is already a spot on the map for it.
  3. Remove the WHIP from Parliaments and the VETO from the UN General Assembly, so that Parliaments and GA’s have the teeth to do what they are elected to do (accountability is where it should be). REPLACE the whip and the security council with a body of elders, à la Native councils or the Canadian Senate, for example.

wrt parliaments,

  No Whip + non-elected Senate (of elders with life experience) = Democracy.

19 February 2023

There is talk recently, of America being behind the Nordstream II sabotage. Here is what the Hill’s Briahna Gray has to say about it. Watch all the way to the end. There are potential ‘caveats’ wrt the source reporting by Seymour Hersh. Mr. Hersh does, IMO, make a rather convincing argument.

IMO, IF AMERICA DID IT, IT WAS TO MAINTAIN UNITY across NATO. America has been under attack from Russia for a long, long time; they know how Russia roles. They expected Russia to weaponize the oil and gas economy, to divide NATO by setting one nation’s desperation against another’s, and to decouple America from NATO/the EU. These things,  Donald Trump often stated he wanted to do after Putin helped him to gain the Presidency of the nation; a nation fated for greatness (as is Ukraine AND FOR THE VERY SAME REASON). They appear to have had a foreshadowing of an impending military action. THEY KNEW UNITY (and not appeasement) WAS THE ONLY WAY TO PREVENT WW III. They knew if Russia was given their way in Ukraine, THIS WOULD ONLY DELAY THE ADVENT OF WW III, that it would still happen. The Americans, IF THEY DID BLOW UP THE PIPELINE, did it to save Europe from itself; they realized it would be too easy to succumb to Putin’s blackmail, with Winter coming. But America will also help the EU to transition away from dependency on Russian energy sources after permanently shutting down Nordstream II… a SHORT TERM PAIN FOR LONG-TERM GAIN, sort of thing…but in the short-term, it’s all about booting Russia out of Ukraine’s territory – in the New Order boundaries are no longer changed unilaterally, by war – and the best shot we have to accomplish this is UNITY across the board; across the Atlantic Ocean; from the Baltic to the Mediterranean.

NOW, having said this, AMERICA MUST NOW, MORE THAN EVER, ADOPT THE HIGH MORAL GROUND and stay there…’American interests’ can no longer be esteemed by American leaders to be more valuable than the global interest or the interests of the other member nations of the U.N., wherever they differ. America’s ways of doing things must be above board, otherwise, in criticizing Putin’s ways (lying to his own people, say, or accusing others of doing what they themselves are doing/have done before). The times are too critical. WE NEED LEADERSHIP. HONEST LEADERSHIP. WE NEED STEWARDSHIP, not coercion. We need to know the truth, always, and what is expected of us citizens, to keep our nations strong, cohesive, and ready to defend the right and the truth. ALWAYS. The things we cannot reveal at the moment, BECAUSE THE ENEMY IS WATCHING/LISTENING, it is better to say NOTHING about, rather than to lie…[but, at some point after, THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD. We still don’t know who shot JFK. WE STILL DON’T KNOW HOW COVID-19 ENTERED INTO THE WORLD or why Xi took so long to reveal the detection a potentially new ‘state of the art’ virus]. WE HAVE ALL DONE CRAP OVER THE YEARS. ALL OF US. WE MUST PUT THE PAST BEHIND US if we are going to progress. IF WE CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON THE REARVIEW MIRROR, we will not be able to progress. Instead, we will implode, fold into ourselves, like the Romans did, over the years, even while their enemies grew stronger and bolder…eventually Romans could not defend themselves and all was lost.


where are the kings in their coats of mail,

who rode by the Cross to die?

did they all go down into worthiness?

  [Gordon Lightfoot: Protocol]

The house America builds can never be the house that America is master in: America could change (remember how you got ‘trumped’), but the principles this nation is founded on, THE SPIRIT OUT OF WHICH THIS NATION WAS BORN, cannot ever change. These principles are immutable in their nature: ‘Life, liberty, happiness’ AND ‘in God we trust’ AND shaped by the liberal democracy of the Great French and American thinkers (Paine, Voltaire, Rousseau). The house America has taken the lead in building since the end of WW II is the house we will all live in. America cannot function as the parent any longer but rather as the good brother (NOT THE BIG BROTHER!). The parent (the idea of global hegemony) has gotten old and it is time for the ‘next generation’ (the idea of a globalized, collaborative, rules-based, world order, wherein rules develop by consensus) to take up the reins. AMERICA WILL NOT BE MASTER, but in the hearts of the generations to come, AND IN THE HEART OF THE CREATOR, today’s America will be forever dear, forever honoured, forever remembered as the nation THAT HEALED THE WORLD AND ITSELF. FOREVER!


I am watching the Inside Russia YouTube channel. This guy, Konstantin, is very interesting and appears to be ‘on the level’…he characterizes the Russian government this way: ‘the government tells us, ‘we never attacked Ukraine….we are only defending ourselves against Ukraine…Yeah, FROM INSIDE UKRAINE…without Ukraine actually having attacked anyone…’ [paraphrasing] This just about says it. Right now, he is reviewing comments and received a nice one from Lithuania to which he said, ‘Whenever I get some nice words from an Estonian, a Latvian, a  Lithuanian…it warms my heart.’ Because he knows what they have been through, under the Russian governing regime’s rule.


Prayers for Ukraine, the EU, the Baltic States, the Palestinians, and all other peoples disenfranchised because of wayward governments of nations.

We will overcome. We will survive what is coming. We might even avoid what is coming IF WE UNITE. We can only UNITE on the basis of commonality. There is Common Ground and that must form the foundation of the House Biden-America would help to build for everyone: ‘life, liberty, happiness…’ and ‘trust in god’.

The Wealth class must ditch its profit-mojo and revert to Stewardship. Corporations must be defrocked of personhood. Investors need to be reined-in à la Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century.

Humankind must not continue to view the world’s ‘progress’ through the lens of ego/self-interest, or there will be no progress at all, save for what a bunch of greedy wealthy people think of as ‘progress’ because they have most of the $$$, society’s lifeblood; rendering society/citizens anemic…after 2 millennia of banging our heads against the wall, have we learned nothing?

The Golden Rule will free us from gold’s rule.

The rule of gold has so imperiled the world, we even have leaders of powerful nations threatening the madness of nuclear war…

BETTER TO REIN IN HELL THAN SERVE IN HEAVEN, is what Putin seems to be communicating. Will he? Won’t he? I cannot say. It is madness if he does. But, madness has ruled the world ever since Wealth chose profit over stewardship. It is only that nowadays, with so many people and so few resources, we are come face-to-face with the end of the Anthropocene (what a nuclear exchange will surely be productive of), and we must either work together and operate according to the principles in the Prayer of St. Francis, or all bets are off.

For everyone, rich and poor alike.

Wealth is corrupted and foolishly believes this won’t happen. Putin/Xi(?) may consider a preemptive nuclear escalation if ‘conventional methods’ don’t do the trick wrt the ‘West’…out of desperation, anyone can make themselves believe anything, even that they could win in a nuclear exchange…

17 February 2023

I am taking in  a TVP World Roch Rachon episode on YouTube. In this episode, he discusses the situation in Ukraine with guest Joe Lindsley of Ukrainian Freedom News at around the 15 minute mark or so…an attack on a medics van and the Wagner group soldier’s execution video…what the UFN reporter has to say about the video is chilling. The video is hands-down proof that there is something terribly wrong with the soul of Russia, and for this generation it’s PUTIN. IS THERE ANYONE STILL TALKING ABOUT CEDING TERRITORY TO RUSSIA?

Here’s the situation: Russia is stepping up its attacks right now. Western news media is  reporting we are getting low on munitions for Ukraine; that there could be interruptions in supply as new production comes on line and tries to catch up with demand.

If the tides are turned and Russia gains the initiative because of lack of munitions, this could be the distraction to America that China is waiting for, to move on Taiwan.

UNITY is key. Increase supply by increasing/integrating production and distribution capacity across NATO states. Acting together, seamlessly, will go a long way to keeping China’s window of opportunity, as determined by the progress of the invasion of Ukraine, closed…

…long enough for the Chinese mainland to see the profound wisdom in ceding itself to Taiwanese democracy.

Xi, Putin, and Trump might then retire, together at Alcatraz…an island of their very own! For the three amigos…plus the Iranian president/prelate who appears incapable to perceive the hypocrisy of a theocratic nation’s president visiting to concretize relations with an atheist state.

U.N.I.T.Y. remains the World’s best hope to avoid WW III. Putin, Xi, Un, and Raisi will not go away, they will have to be defeated, one way or the other, so that more globe-friendly regimes can govern their nations.

The ‘western’ World seeks to ‘make love, not war.’ But we may have to fight one last big one, to get there, because of the anachronistic insanity of Putin, Xi, et al. The west aspires to one world, a world without wars among nations. One world wherein you can trade, you can travel, YOU CAN EXPECT HELP IN YOUR DARKEST HOUR…all at one price:


The Golden Rule trumps the rule of gold every time, and so, all bets are off for a neoliberal world order which resolves to the same thing PutXi is peddling, in time.

Prayers for Ukraine and the fledgling World-Idea Ukraine defends with its own young blood.

Today’s Ukraine will be forever remembered and revered…

…as for Putin, Xi, Un, Raisi…um…

16 February 2023

I’m taking in the press conference with NATO Secretary Stoltenberg and Turkey’s foreign minister on the earthquake response. It is wonderful to see the heartfelt appreciation for the help coming from the World in Turkey’s dark hour. It is wonderful to see the help pouring into Turkey.

THIS IS WHAT GIVES ME HOPE, for our future prospects. Given the state of the union of the Anthropocene, this is another bright light which pierces the Darkness.

Just like the light of NATO and sympathetic (rather than pathetically self-serving) states pierces the Darkness which now seeks to draw Ukraine and the Baltic States into the soviet ‘event horizon’.

The NATO Secretary also deplores the burning of the Koran in Sweden and lauds Sweden’s response. God is for all people and all faiths. ‘Holy book burning’: To react like that toward any Faith is to ACT AGAINST THE CREATOR. Against the Holy Spirit. Against the World of god, as expressed through Scripture. It is to serve Satan. Satan wants to kill god because he’s mad at god for not letting him have his way all the time. Satan does not care how this is accomplished, with lies, anarchy, and murder, because Satan HAS NO HONOUR.

MAKE NO MISTAKE. No war of religion has ever been about god. War has always been about the face humans choose to put on god, FOR THE BENEFIT OF OTHER HUMANS, in order to allow them to progress PERSONAL agendas (and not god’s agenda…). God, the good parent he/she is, as Jesus pointed out, wants us kids to play nice together.

Headline 1: GTA judge cites anti-vaccination misinformation in family court ruling – see the study on YouTube. There may be valid concerns wrt the vetting of the COVID vaccines. IMO, an elder need not worry about long term effects on their health;

BUT GOD HELP ME, our children could have cause for concern.

Read the comments to the Toronto Star article…


Watching the news from Ukraine. Gratitude to Ukraine, Ukrainians, and for all those who stand with Ukraine.

ditto for Taiwan.

Not so for Israel. To Israel’s regime: first, do the right thing and settle with Palestine in GOOD FAITH, IN GOD’S TRUE FAITH, and stop the bs. Finally.

Come on, man. Just how many people have to die on Satan’s altar? It is not god, the god who inspired Moses to lead Israel out of slavery, who wants you to make war, in order to acquire more land for yourselves. The ‘Holy Land’ which the warlike Joshua led you to, to do murder (of children, even) to acquire, has been ‘blessed’ with nothing but war and death and misery, ever since. ISRAELIS DESERVE BETTER. PALESTINIANS DESERVE BETTER.

Moses could not cross the Jordan, IMO, because he WOULD NOT DO MURDER to those he could plainly see were already living there.

Maybe it was Joshua that decided, enough was enough ‘wandering’, to take the devil by the horns and land somewhere…HIS GOD COMMANDED HIM TO kill every man, woman, and child…that was the god Joshua listened to…the Jews are and have always been a remarkable people, enriching the World with their spirit, courage, erudition, culture…but, as Joshua demonstrates, if the leadership is corrupted, Israel will never know peace. Moses was a leader. He even gave up power, IMMENSE POWER, to set things right for the Jews. That kind of leader doesn’t come around every day. NETANYAHU IS NOT THAT KIND OF LEADER. Israel, please, find your Moses  and ditch the Joshua running things right now. This will guarantee a wonderful, prosperous and peaceful existence for the Jewish State, on one side of Jerusalem, and Palestine, its good neighbour, on the other side of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem itself could become a nation unto itself, à la the Vatican. 

p.s. why do we insist on cancelling one another out with war, when, if we could accept that the right to life and quality of life and opportunity is as much in the lap of the neighbour as in our own, we would have no motivation to make war.  The Golden Rule.

we are one world. we are one species. no other species in Nature experiences the fractionation into subspecies along the wealth-dimension. hello?

15 February 2023

The Kyiv Independent newsletter makes mention of Biden’s urging Ukraine to ‘make it count’ this Spring, because it will be hard for America to keep up the current level of support.

I think I understand. More importantly, Ukrainians appear to understand. I am concerned that ‘for as long as it takes’, is not to be taken at face value, either because of politics, or China, or both.

America cannot continue its current level of support for Ukraine if it is fighting a war with China. It will be fighting a war with China. It is now only a matter of time.

Israel-Palestine: America and the World must end this now. Netanyahu is not an ally. He is the enemy of humankind, no less than Putin and Xi. He is the enemy of god, IMO, and sews the seeds for murder and war in the Middle East, just like Iran is doing. Israel’s regime is a weight around humanity’s neck and will pull us all down into hell along with them. Honour dictates that Biden-America, and in no uncertain terms, DICTATE TERMS TO NETANYAHU: You either settle the two-state solution with Palestine, or you lose our support, and you are on your own. [Blinken: You have a kind demeanor, like my mom did, and I have to tell you that because it was so rare that my mom raised her voice at us; when she did, WE WERE SURE TO LISTEN…YOU MIGHT HAVE TO GET MAD AT NETANYAHU…and I believe it will have the same effect as my mom’s rare display of ‘ruffle’ had on me…MAKE NO MISTAKE: I still remember the last time she got mad at me -I was still in high school… ]

Ukraine-Russia: Ukraine is the Alamo and today the ‘Imperial Army’ is on its doorstep for one last push to ‘victory’. The ‘Alamo’ is now earning valuable time for America to ready itself. NATO and its sister in the Pacific are simultaneously preparing to counter China’s imperialism.

‘Remember the Alamo!’ is the battle cry across the Ages. Let us not forget their bravery and courage in the face of certain defeat. As the clouds gather along the front lines, as dark as it looks for Ukraine right now, with America/NATO support and unity of action and commitment we might not have to fight at all. Ukrainians are fighting ON OUR BEHALF even as they fight for their lives. JUST LIKE THE ALAMO. We may be spared WW III, we may not. BUT FOR CERTAIN, IF THERE IS NO WW III, it will not because of the ‘contribution’ of  Israel’s regime, Xi’s regime, Erdogan’s, MBS’s, or their ilk…IT’S ALL UKRAINE/BIDEN-AMERICA/THE U.K./THE BALTIC STATES. WE SHOULD ALL BE GRATEFUL TO UKRAINE and give them all they ask for. P.E.R.I.O.D. [p.s. I am so happy, as a Canadian, to see the support coming from Canada]

NATO Fractionation: All because of political self-interest. Turkey, Hungary, whomever, whatever…war is going to kill and maim. All of what we built will be destroyed. The victors will inherit a pile of ashes to rule over, à la Milton’s Lucifer, plus a sunless, starless, moonless sky, made that way by the dust of nuclear war. UNITY AND RESOLVE are all that is needed to keep the Sun and Moon shining bright. Our creator will see to it.

IN GOD WE MUST TRUST. We have only recently moved to ditch god…the door to god remains open, just like my mom kept the door open to all of her kids…it is a gift from god, this opportunity. LET US NOT SQUANDER IT.

Preemptive Strike: IMO, and I am proceeding on a basis of ignorance, China and Russia are too invested in war and expansionism and too prepared to deal in death to achieve their selfish objectives to accept anything but total victory. They are desperate enough, IMO, to plan a preemptive strike. IMO, another Pearl Harbour could be in the works. WE MUST BE ON OUR GUARD: At any moment, the bozos running China, Russia, Iran may raise the curtain on WW III by a massive, preemptive missile strike against America and EU and Japan/S. Korea…I believe the decision has already been made and that they are evaluating success scenarios, awaiting their ‘window’ of opportunity. Thankfully, the American military is staffed with folks who are not idiots and are led by a President with the good sense to listen to what makes good sense. Prayers. President Biden, you are human. No human is perfect. Do your best and let our creator do the rest! And thank you for your SANE leadership.

Let us not forget that it was by our oligarch/corporation/investor-complex doing business with China that financed China’s military and its modern belligerence against the by consensus, rules-based, World Order. We must Piketty their hegemony over us and reconcile these bozos with humankind and their god-given duty to Steward and not to plunder/profit.

All the best to the good, peace loving folks of Ukraine and of Palestine and of the World.

Gratitude to America and to Ukraine and to the Baltic states and to the U.K., Australia, etc. for their commitment to Peace and to a consensus-based, democratic (not neoliberal, but rather, the ‘Paineful’ argumentative kind that produces consensus) World Order.

Watch Ukraine. Watch Ukrainians. What they do now, how they suffer now, and for a year already…IF WE DO NOT WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE SAME, WE MUST STAND TOGETHER AGAINST SELF-INTEREST.

The Golden Rule is necessary to overturn the rule of gold and to end its and Satan’s hegemony over the World. We will find the doorway to the Garden, and guess what? David Crosby, who only recently left us, will be standing at that door, with his guitar, saying,

‘I told you the bombers riding shotgun in the sky would turn into butterflies above our nation…’

amen to that, David. Your vision is a whole lot better than seeing Xi’s balloon…btw, while I have your ear, thanks for the music.

14 February 2023

A note: I spend much of today’s rant dealing with Roger Waters’ address to the U.N. At the end of the rant, I have a suggestion for Mr. Roger. Truth is stranger than fiction, however: Mr. Roger’s hypocrisy in this is indeed legendary, BUT NOT TO BE OUTDONE BY IRAN’S AYATOLLAHS. Today, I see news footage portraying a man, ATTIRED IN THE TRAPPINGS OF SOMEONE WHO HAS DEDICATED THEIR LIFE TO GOD, via Mohamed (PBUH), getting on a plane to China for high level talks WITH AN ***ATHEIST*** REGIME. hello? 

First, A Happy Valentine’s Day! For me, this is always a day to celebrate L.O.V.E. Romance is not love, but it is wonderful while it lasts…let that special one know how much she/he means to you and wish everyone you care about, friends, family, neighbours… ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

Now, for a very un-Valentine’s Day rant:

The UN thought it mete to have Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, to speak to the U.N. General Assembly. I thought what he had to say was spot-on, right up until he offered his solution. He appeared to be calling upon Zelenskyy to settle with Putin, to give up some of Ukraine. He mentioned something about NATO’s provocation of Russia…


Roger feels he knows what Ukrainians should do, while sitting far away from the misery during his speech. He is used to being listened to…by millions of fans clamouring for more…his obsequious tone kept me glued despite getting the sense of where he was going.

I FIND IT EGREGIOUS THAT HE GETS TO SPEW TO THE UN JUST BECAUSE HE IS FAMOUS. In the modern world of business, it is production that matters. Quality is secondary to sales, no matter what anyone tells you. Mr. Waters is being specious. The quality of his material is subpar. But, he’s wealthy and famous…so what he says matters enough in today’s world (the $$$ world) to bury the good folks at the UN in it. Obviously, if business runs the World, the U.N. will be its target and nothing will change…we will be headed into dystopia and the end of the Anthropocene if we do not have a free, democratic U.N. populated with folks who are free from gold’s rule.

Maybe we should all just hand our democracy and leadership over to Elon and Bill and Jeff? THEY ALL KNOW BETTER THAN THE synergism of a collaborative HUMAN COLLECTIVE conscious. They can see the problem (and the solution) quite clearly from their Mount Olympian perches…the problem is THEM. The solution? Well, Piketty has already handed us the solution. [p.s. Bill Gates wrote a piece on Piketty’s book. He said he agreed with everything, EXCEPT, the idea that gave rise to the theory. This is like reading the Bible: you accept all of its teachings, EXCEPT FOR THE existence of god…after concluding that, everything in the Bible resolves down into a rambling mass of contradiction, which in fact, the Bible is. It got one thing right though…AND SO DID PIKETTY.]

Roger, if you were to discover that your neighbour is being raped regularly by someone, would your assistance amount to telling the victim to give the rapist sex on a regular basis so that the rape would stop? [Why then would you recommend to Ukraine to give up Crimea?] Did you  stop to think, what if the agreed to terms ended up to be not enough for the rapist? what if the rapist, someday, wants more, and, what would stop him from simply taking more? You’ve already showed him the way to do that.

Roger, did you consider the Bucha butchery of Ukrainian citizens? Did the UN consider any of this before allowing you to speak?

This is alarming to me. Did Mr. Waters get to speak because he has a lot of money and has made a lot of money for the business establishment? IS THAT WHY HE GOT TO SPEAK TO THE U.N., whereas, someone like me, who has nothing/is nothing, but has something to say on behalf of peace and honour, remains voiceless? Roger often refers to the voiceless in his speech…IMO, he is drowning them out with his obsequious and specious call for ‘peace’ when it only puts good intentions after bad by rationalizing Putin’s murderous gambit, even encouraging more of the same down the road, while potentially watering down support for Ukraine in its direst hour…

money folks reason in a peculiar way: the voiceless of the womb are bundled in with the voiceless of Ukraine (and everywhere else) WHILE MONEY FOLKS/POLITICIANS RAMBLE ad nausea ABOUT PROTECTING THE VOICELESS…while their policies continue the attacks…they do not see their own hypocrisy because they are blinded by gold to the point where they feel they have something to contribute ON SOMETHING THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. It would be tantamount to me telling NASA how to fly a mission. Roger, you are not in Ukraine. Your stage is not the world stage…stick to the guitar. 

Right now, I am ashamed for both Roger and the U.N. I wish Roger and the UN hadn’t done that, but, it is what it is.

I do agree with Roger that the Security Council veto is egregiously undemocratic (just as the WHIP in Canada’s Parliament is undemocratic) and that ‘the few’ are f’ing the many…

I just think that he should stay home wrt Ukraine if he cannot contribute in a meaningful way…for his own self-respect. He is not dying in the cold and the mud. He is not trying to protect his young child from Putin. Roger, please go back to the UN and ask to undo what you did by calling for Zelenskyy and NATO to give anything at all to Putin, save for a bloody-nose.

I want my children to grow up in a world that is honest, fair, AND HONOURABLE.

There is no honour in giving in or in giving up. History does not write anything about those people. If Ukraine gives in, as Roger suggests, if the World caves in, why, there will be no history for Ukraine anymore…

Ukraine, and not the business class, is in the vanguard, leading the World to the future; one wherein right trumps might. THAT’S THE WORLD I WANT FOR MY KIDS TO GROW UP IN. THAT WHAT WE SHOULD ALL FIGHT FOR…for the voiceless. We should follow the lead of Zelenskyy, not Roger Waters. He was great on stage, though. P.S. Maybe the UN should give Mr. Bean the stage next, as Roger suggested…

Donald ‘trump’: another example of anything to get himself in the news and the willingness of the private media to resort to anything at all to keep him in news, I suppose because of the $$$-value: there is no social value in reporting his bs comments about Rhianna’s Superbowl performance…I can only thank the good lord it was Rhianna, and not Donald Trump, dancing and singing at halftime…

The World must unite AGAINST RUSSIA’S AGGRESSION. The World must unite against China’s. The world must unite against the globalized wealth class, before it institutionalizes itself using the UN as its foundation and corporations as its hand in the world of human affairs.

I will point out that Roger’s UN presentation got about 3500 views on YouTube so far. Yesterday’s report from David Davydov of Ukraine got 350,000-ish, so far.

If the world goes to war, I will likely lose everything, which is nothing to Roger. I have nothing. Roger has lots more. Roger may be that much better a human being than I; having said that, I would not for a moment barter what I have (or don’t have) against Ukrainian lives BECAUSE OF HOW PUTIN IS GOING ABOUT THINGS…he is a murderous man.

You cannot deal with the devil, or you will get burned, Roger.

I apologize for being so hard on Roger Waters. I know he means well by doing what he did, albeit it is egregiously misplaced, as egregious as it was for the UN to give him a forum to recommend success for Russia, which, ultimately, he is/they are, without realizing. I want to sing his praises for calling out Israel wrt the Palestinians. On that, he’s right on. He’s right about everything else too. HE’S WRONG TO SUGGEST UKRAINE GIVE ANYTHING TO RUSSIA. You just can’t deal with the devil.

Humanity’s fight is with Satan. Wealth is Satan’s hand in the World. You are lucky if you are poor, so long as you have a warm, safe place to call home and food to eat, and community…if you are wealthy, you are easily blinded by ‘it all’; by your success, and you must take a good look in the mirror…it isn’t easy to see yourself for how you really are…both sinner and saint…BUT YOU MUST DO THIS FOR YOUR SAKE AND FOR OTHERS…we must all separate the sinner from the saint in preparation for the next leg in our ‘journey’.

There is no opportunity left to Ukraine to be sinner. They must do everything right, and by god, in order to survive Putin. Like they survived Stalin’s holomodor (but millions died in the process). Ukraine will overcome. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF A WORLD IN WHICH UKRAINE IS NOT VICTORIOUS or of a world that does not backstop Ukraine TO THE HILT.

I have to stop thinking now about Roger and the UN, but I don’t think I can ever listen to one of his songs again…’us and them…and after all, we’re only…ordinary men…’ think well upon what you wrote…your ‘peace’ proposal to the UN turns out to be a most dissonant descant. (but the saxophone solo I will never forget!)

Again, apologies for being hard on Roger and on the UN. Praying for them to undo what they did.

Prayers for Ukraine. Gratitude for their leadership and courage AND HONOUR.

IMO, the world will be at war on Putin’s time. If he fails to win this time, on the first anniversary of his murderous foray into Ukraine, HE WILL NUKE. First Kyyiv, and, upon receiving no satisfaction from the indomitable Ukrainians, he will go after the U.K. first in a major attempt to divide Europe in two. Mission accomplished. From there…the World.

Xi awaits this development, IMO. He will move on Taiwan when Putin escalates to nukes upon failure in Ukraine.

THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA/THE WEST/A UNARY WORLD ORDER (but not a neoliberal one, thank you very much) wants America divided. The big kid on the block is the target. Get him out of the way, and these little bastards will become the new bullies in the playground. Then they can do whatever they want. That’s what they want. IT IS WHAT THEY ARE PREPARED TO KILL FOR.

If not for the sake of our children, if only for honour’s sake, we must take our stand against what Putin and Xi are doing. We must stand against what Trump and the other Mount Olympians are doing.

The Golden Rule is god’s answer to the rule of gold. Roger, right another song and sing it…leave the politics to politicians…politicians will talk with one another and call that ‘leadership’; news folks will talk with one another and call that ‘news’, the wealthy will profit and build bigger houses to live in, plunge us into the depths of dystopia and scarcity and poverty, and CALL THAT STEWARDSHIP.

god help me, if I see another advertisement featuring a young person living the dream of the MBA, the business degree, I am going to shut off the tv and start reading comic books again…on the assumption that the business class’s reach hasn’t corrupted the comics yet…but, we’ve already given the raising of our children to the State (to wealth), and the comics aren’t off the table either…

I have just heard Secretary Stoltenberg say that “…if Putin wins in Ukraine, the message to him and to other authoritarian regimes is that ‘force is rewarded.’ Secretary Stoltenberg also makes mention of a just peace…

Roger, there can be no peace between the rapist and the victim, until the rape stops, the victim is healed of the ordeal (if that is even possible, but for to allow the passage of centuries), and the rapist has no means left to him to EVER RAPE ANYONE AGAIN…(um, if you catch my meaning…) this is how peace will come about. What you recommend to the UN will only guarantee war.

UNITY will bring about PEACE. Rally to Biden-America and the Brits who rally to Ukraine.

let us not miss this opportunity. Roger, rather than rant, write a song…an album of songs…and donate the proceeds to Ukraine’s fight for its life.


I am watching TVP’s YouTube episode, Russia’s new spring offensive already launched: NATO Secretary. Have a listen to what the two interviewees have to say. Around the 1155s mark, the balded gentleman summarizes and it is spot-on. There is also footage on TVP of the Iranian Ayatollah heading off to visit with an atheist, in order to conspire AGAINST  a nation that so respects god as to declare its trust on its coins…

well, I’m 111% for the nation that is for god and for good. That would not be China under Xi. It could be China under Taiwan, though…Taiwan, being democratic, will allow the Chinese to worship their creator in a way which is meaningful to them. You see, it is not to god’s benefit we worship; IMO the creator, the good parent he/she is, only wants us to know he/she is there and for us to be HAPPY without making others MISERABLE. It is to our benefit we worship; we are reminded of god’s presence. God doesn’t need to be worshiped by his/her children. god knows he/she is there. always. for us. always.

Now, finally, my suggestion to Roger Waters:

You expect Ukraine to give away an arm or a leg; to forever change its character and give away its future, for the sake of peace in the World. Alright, Rog, sell all that you have, every last bit of it, all of it, save for the clothes you are wearing right now and a cap to panhandle with. Give your fortune to Ukraine to help them rebuild what you and Putin would leave them with. 

Do this, and I will at least believe you to be serious.

Otherwise, just shut the front door. alright?

be part of the solution, not the problem.

12 February 2023

Check out DW News’ Conflict Zone on YouTube. I am watching a recent episode, featuring an ex-Chinese military officer. He fields the questions on  the Chinese balloons and the Ukraine war very adeptly; that is, until he is asked about Xi’s ‘neutrality’ wrt the war crimes perpetrated by Russia?…The interviewee was cornered. He tried to find an answer, but there was none, save for the obvious…there was no opportunity to spin doctor, as he did very ably when discussing the balloons…p.s. the comments to this video are really good…

Speaking of ‘spin-doctoring’: CANADA BE WARNED…yes, the balloons are a major concern, but we can pop them and be done with it!

BUT, withal, we cannot let those who specialize in ‘spin-doctoring’, in through the front door to run our nation; to shape our society, and to set out the quality of life we enjoy (or not) as citizens of Canada. I refer to the US movement conservatives, imported by Canada into the Western Alliance which then spread itself eastward, absorbing the PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party, amoeba-like, into itself. These bozos have chosen a new poster boy, Pierre Poilievre, who, à la the young master in Thick As a Brick, has ‘…formed a plan, to change the man he seems…’

I still remember the new Con leader in QP under Harper and then opposite PM Trudeau. I remember him because of how he behaved, not  because of anything he accomplished. I DO NOT EXPECT HIM TO BE CAPABLE TO CHANGE THE MAN HE SEEMS,  ENOUGH TO FOOL ENOUGH CANADIANS TO ELECT HIM AND THAT COVEN OF CONS to lead our nation; but if he does, GOD HELP US.

Personally, I have been disappointed by a few things at the federal level, but I remain convinced that the Trudeau group is better than the alternative. I also know we need to do somethings differently…as much as I trust Biden with power over the World to act on behalf of the World, I trust Trudeau et al. to use the power they have over us to act on our behalf.


It’s Sunday. I am sitting in a nice warm room with my puppy, while homeless folks weather the cold in downtown Toronto and Ukrainians weather the cold of Winter and Putin’s malice.

It is difficult to accept that anyone can do such evil to anyone or anything else. Look around. Look what we have done, as a species.

For the sake of our children, and to honour the fallen of the Great War, Acts I and II (and to prevent the curtain from being raised upon Act III), let us now turn to our creator, face the Light of the Sun, and away from the darkness of our own thinking

We are come to an inflection point. Of the Anthropocene. There is only one way for us to choose to go from here. Neoliberal democracy/corporate personhood and the power it contrives over the citizens of democracy/rule by board…these will trend toward reconciliation with what the regimes of China and Russia stand for.

We must go THE OTHER WAY…and break trail, lay the path for humankind’s navigation up Maslow’s hierarchy to the top level. This is the objective. This is the creator’s intent. We have been equipped with the free will to make it so. Though Wealth and its institutions have been eroding our spirit, to the point where we hand over our free will…a gift is not something one  gives away…NOT EVER…we need to take our free will back.

The rule of gold is what brought Canada and the World to such a state as where we are today. Now, we must be strong. The Golden Rule.


It’s Superbowl Sunday. I have to make a prediction, of course. I like Andy Reid (who doesn’t like and admire that man?) and Patrick Mahomes, who plays the game with so much of the child’s enthusiasm that whenever he tosses a ‘Hail Mary’, I bet even the Holy Mother is there in the end zone cheering…having said all that, Hurz seems to operate at a maturity level two decades beyond Brady’s…this could very well come down to a Hollywood ending…

Kansas City 20 Philadelphia 17 (the actual score was 38-35. I picked the winner and the spread but I was so off on the score that I think I won’t try again!)

10 February 2023

The intrepid Zelenskyy has just concluded his tour in Brussels and returns to his homeland with renewed and revitalized support for Ukraine’s defense. Ukraine, meanwhile, is likely losing many of their own young soldiers. THEY NEED THE JETS AND THE CAPABILITY TO STRIKE DEEP WITHIN RUSSIA AND THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES.

What I recommend is escalatory; but it is also necessary:

  1. When one is victimized by ongoing rape and the only recourse one is given is to ‘try and cross your legs’, why, eventually the victim WILL GIVE UP…and then succumb. Who among us would recommend this to the victim?
  2. To those who would, after Bucha, suggest that Ukraine give up territory to Russia: Would you recommend to a victim of rape that, ‘in order to prevent further RAPES, give the rapist what they want, of your own free will, SO THAT IT IS NO LONGER RAPE. Everyone wins? hello? Jesus. H. Murphy!
  3. TO THOSE WHO FEAR RETALIATION FROM RUSSIA FOR PROVIDING THE MEANS TO UKRAINIANS TO DEFEND AGAINST RUSSIA’S HOME INVASION: I understand your fear, but do you understand that by saying this, you are communicating to Ukraine (and the World) that you feel it’s okay for someone to be raped, so long as it isn’t YOU. IMO, that is dead-wrong as it is cowardly. You have to be aware that, the rapist is never contented. It will seek another victim…and then another…and then another…and it will find YOU.
  4. TWO, THREE…FOUR rapists working together can only culminate in their targeting one another, when they run out of new victims…

…and the process repeats, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

This has been so, since we left the Garden. The Garden is becoming a virtual sewer, ironically, as our wealth classes create virtual reality for us to live in while they barter away the Garden to Satan in exchange for a few more trips to sunny Barbados…and to live in mammoth dwellings…while their fellows wallow next door in abject poverty, watching their kids grow up without opportunity, save for to sell themselves to Wealth and escape their dystopia for a while…

Not all wealthy-folks are like this; but the ones at the very pinnacle would have to be, one would think. I firmly believe in small business, family businesses…in fact, the best job I ever had was working for a family-owned business.


The war in Ukraine will get worse before it gets better. The next month is the ‘darkest hour’. If Ukraine weathers the storm, Russia will be forced to capitulate or escalate and then crumble in the dust of nuclear war. There will be no more Russia and this is greatly saddening, not because of the loss of Russia’s military BUT BECAUSE OF THE LOSS OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE AND CULTURE AND ART/LITERATURE/PHILOSOPHERS…

We must stand against Russia’s aggression and with the creator for Peace. We must stand and let things go the way they will go and hope the creator turns us away from nuclear war.


Satan wants nuclear war, because his war is with the creator and he wants the creator dead and will help anyone who intends offense to the creator…Putin is willing to sell nukes to anyone who says they hate the West…hmmm…whom do the Russian citizens think Putin is working for? Same guy his buddy, Trump, is working for ( I even heard-tell that 10,000,000 Americans have applied to Russia’s Wagner group for ’employment’…dunno if that’s true, but the very existence of privatized armies is an egregious blot upon human mores…)

Wealth is in service to Satan. We need Wealth to Steward. As stewards, the wealthy will no longer impose the rule of gold upon their citizens; and Satan will no longer be capable to impose his rule upon nations and have them continue to make war upon one another; wars, which, after how many millennia, have accomplished nothing but DESTRUCTION AND DEATH/GUARANTEE MORE DESTRUCTION AND DEATH…war is an attack upon human innocence…Putin/Trump…look at the special interest they have in children…kidnapping Ukrainian kids and taking them to Russia? how about isolating migrant kids from their parents? There is a commonality among these bozos that is alarming and their supporters need to read between the lines…

before it is too late.

We need to think with our grey matter, not react.

The Golden Rule is the means to overturn and reverse gold’s rule…let this be the legacy this World’s generation leaves to those which will come,

else, the Anthropocene ends here, with ours.

War is itself a crime. Wealth’s putting the Environment up on Satan’s altar is a crime. POVERTY IS A CRIME. We are the only species which compromises its own so that the ‘alphas’ can have more and more and more…NO OTHER SPECIES IS CAPABLE TO DO THIS.

Because it is un-NATURAL.

There is nothing natural about today’s world because it is structured to run under wealth’s hegemony, not the creator’s.

8 February 2023

A note before the rant:

Headline: Extraordinary letters on Love, Life, Death, Courage, and Moral Purpose Without Religion – I entertain no doubt that the woman of the article is everything the headline claims; however, what struck me was the addition of ‘moral purpose WITHOUT religion’…AS IF. As if religion and not ego is the problem of the world. It is the face we put upon the creator this is in reaction to. We do that to god. God does not do that to us. Now, our media mouthpieces of wealth-folks are become so bold as to imply that the ‘religion of man’ aka humanism is ready for PRIME TIME. hello? Does anyone not see what our wonderfully-socialized wealthy folks are up to? THEY WANT US TO WORSHIP THEM, like we once worshiped god, so that, just as Joshua was able to convince the newly-liberated Hebrews to do foul murder IN THE NAME OF GOD (which they did because they trusted god, thanks to Moses, and so it did not occur to them that Joshua would lie to them about god’s will), our greedy wealthy parasites will be able to convince us to do foul murder in the name of ‘the State’. THIS IS WHAT PUTIN/STALIN/XI et al. have already constructed in their own societies…LOOK TO UKRAINE to see the results. DO YOU WANT THIS FOR YOUR CHILDREN? Wealth must come down from their Mount Olympian perch and see themselves for the rapacious, self-serving, happy-to-smell-their-own-shit-and-expecting-us-to-admire-the-smell sobs they actually are…or rather, the way they choose with their free will to behave as… VERY ANTI-SOCIAL. And they have the NERVE TO BLAME GOD? They are facilitating the murder of god-consciousness en masse…this exceeds even the killing power of the Belgorod, for crying out loud…we need to, now, more than ever before, turn ourselves around and face god head-on, ask for direction/guidance. We are already guaranteed god’s love, as we are our own mother and father’s…IMO, god wants us to help each other and stop the murder of innocents, of people, of the environment…OF GOD. We can’t kill god, but we can destroy what god created for us in good faith, in the hopes we would be as ‘fractals’ and extend god’s love and creative impetus across time and Space, as the Light we are born of and bourne in, extends outward from the latest iteration of the Big Bang, vanquishing the Darkness…LET US SERVE OUR CREATOR, and not the wayward Big Brother.

One other thing: I’m watching now President Zelenskyy’s speech to the British Parliament on the Telegraph’s YouTube channel (I encourage you to take in his whole speech). I teared-up at his first words and that kept-up throughout the speech. Tears came full-bore at the moment when he presented the helmets of a Ukrainian Air force  ‘aces’ to the two men seated on the stage alongside him. “We have freedom. Give us wings to protect it,” the handwritten inscription on the helmets reads.

IMO, god’s angels’ wings have already ‘landed’, in Ukraine, UPON THE BACKS OF EVERY SINGLE UKRAINIAN and their President, and, IMO, the Brits, the Americans and their leaders already…but folks like those leading Hungary and Israel, IMO, need to bow to creation a little more, else the wings the creator wants to give them will just slide off the ego onto the ground, the very same place their egos are having them lead their nations too…AT SUCH A TIME LIKE THE ONE WE ARE VERGING ON…the ‘times that try men’s souls’. Thomas Paine qualified the American Revolution as such a time.

Pray that the World vanquishes the tyranny with which it is now threatened by Russia/China. It is Germany/Italy all over again. Germany and Italy became friends with the West. It would be nice if Russia and China would too; but we will have to fight them first, it looks like. Too bad. We will lose a lot of citizens…but, after the nuclear dust settles, we will still stand…’the rockets red glare…but our flag was still there…’ kind of thing. It is not my national anthem, but hello? should it not be the battle cry the world-over, against the oppressors of nations and within nations? let us not give up or give in. The world’s problems have been festering for millennia. Empires have come and gone. God’s world still stands. Time for us to help god to take it back from Satan and from the abyss which lay only one misstep beyond the Lemmings’ Cliff.

The Golden Rule is our guide back to the Garden.

Now, for the rant of the day:

Biden’s state of the union address reassures Ukraine of America’s support. GREAT NEWS. Biden praises America for leading the way to greater unity in NATO wrt Russian aggression. ALSO GREAT. Given the escalating support from NATO and Russia’s having ‘crossed the Rubicon’ in Bucha, THERE IS NO LONGER MUCH DOUBT LEFT: we’re heading into WW III. The Final Conflict.

The third installment of the Omen series also bears the title, ‘The Final Conflict.’

How much doubt can remain that our wealth classes are responsible for the state of the union OF THE WORLD?

Topping the Reuters headlines, Investors Reactions to Biden’s state of the union speechAS IF that even matters to anyone but investors, given the context of President Biden’s speech, with the Russian invasion threatening to globalize…I won’t read another example of how wealth, via the media it owns, manipulates opinion, in this case, as if the ultimate god-truth is with the investor. [If Russian/Chinese/Iranian aggression is THE CANCER THREATENING THE WORLD, each nation’s ruling class is become THE CANCER THREATENING THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD. The ROOT of the World’s difficulties, the problem of the world, is the EGO of the INVESTOR.]

The investor is about profit. FOR THEMSELVES. This is No. 1. They do not steward with the wealth god has given them TO STEWARD WITH. This is the ‘systemic problem’ we may apply the ‘woke’ qualifier to…p.s. I have always experienced great difficulty with the term. Thanks to Merriam-Webster, I think that now I get it:

“Woke is now defined in this dictionary as “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice),” and identified as U.S. slang. It originated in African American English and gained more widespread use beginning in 2014 as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. By the end of that same decade it was also being applied by some as a general pejorative for anyone who is or appears to be politically left-leaning.“[excerpted from the Merriam-Webster website]

alright, now I understand what the Republican critic means and I need not give it (nor the Arkansas governor’s assessment) any more of my time.

All of this goes to say, the rule of gold /corporate-investor rule, is the existential problem the World faces. It is not overt. These folks operate behind the facade of the ‘person-corporation’, an entity that does not actually exist, but is rather an illegal construct, rendered ‘legal’ by sleight of hand; a cover to facilitate the progress of wealth’s hegemony over society. Given that the wealthier one is, the more one can afford to invest and become even wealthier, it boils down to the masters and the serfs/slaves. WE WHO BELIEVE WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY, are being plunged deeper and deeper into ‘VIRTUAL DEMOCRACY’, to wit: neoliberal democracy -> rule by investors.

No one will stand up to the investors of the world because they will simply pull the plug on their investments in response and hand it over to someone else who is also desperate for funds to keep ‘the people’ ‘happy’. Any government who would stand up against the status quo will get voted out. Russia and China’s imperialism could be in part rationalized by their regimes by citing the obvious corruption in the West.

WE CANNOT GIVE THE LIKES OF PUTIN AND XI AND UN AND THE AYATOLLAHS AND THE ISRAELI ULTRA-RIGHT/NETANYAHU any excuses for the crimes against humanity they are all responsible for.

our creator, who made humanity along with everything else, sees all of this. KNOWS ALL OF THIS. GAVE US FREE WILL to effect a change to all of this.

WILL WE? Will we change? Will we make one last ‘business deal’, one last trade? Will we hand back to the greed class folks the virtual world wealth is constructing, receptacles for us to waste away our lives in (to be brought outside only for as long as some are of value TO WEALTH to keep THEIR BALLS ROLLING all over the citizens of nations and the World and our children’s future prospects)?


The rule of gold v. the Golden Rule.


7 February 2023

As I watched the horror coming out of Turkey, I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture on Ukraine’s part to send some help to Turkey?’

…this morning, I awake to the news that Ukraine is going to send some help to Turkey.

THERE IS NOTHING MORE DEMONSTRATIVE OF UKRAINE’S QUALIFICATION TO JOIN THE EU/NATO. Even in their direst hour, on the eve of yet another murderous all-in/all-out Putinesque assault on Ukraine, Ukrainians are dedicated to come to the assistance of their neighbour. THIS IS NOT SELF-INTEREST! This is the Golden Rule in action.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all did what Ukraine is doing today?

Self-interest is the problem of the World. Ego is the problem of the World. The Golden Rule represents the doorway between ego’s blindness and the Light’s clarity…

…between captivity and liberty, enslavement and free will.

god gave humankind free will.

whom do you suppose wants to take god’s gift away?

The enemies of god mean to bereave humankind of free will. Governments in service to all citizens act in reconciliation with the creator;

whom do you suppose governments act in lockstep with, if they serve only the wealth class?

When I see how the wealthy in my own community behave toward the poorer in my community, that is, if they see them at all, I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME BELIEVE, despite all of the blather, that THEY HAVE A CARE FOR ME , OR FOR MY CHILDREN, OR FOR MY NEIGHBOURS…they care only if we get in their way.

They would, like Canadian Tire and Tim’s, make a big production of the wee bit of their profits, made on the backs of their workers/families, that they ‘share’ with poor families…while their investors party it up on sandy beaches in the Caribbean, juxtaposed with even deeper poverty than we see here…

Our model is corrupt. Ukraine emerges from its corruption, phoenix-like, out of its desperation to survive…

…Ukraine’s example is for the World.

My prayers for Ukraine. For the World. For the world we leave to our children.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know, before you die, that you did everything you could to provide your children the best starting position in humanity’s race against time and Satan, to populate the Stars before destroying ourselves and the Garden our creator gifted us with?

On the other side of the door out of ego/hell is the Garden.

This side of hell, one is only aware of what one is lacking; never grateful for what one has.

This is why I conflate ego with hell. The culmination of ego is NOTHINGNESS. Ego is driven to acquire and consume UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO ACQUIRE AND CONSUME. This means that, as the Commons is consumed/gated, all over the world, nations are forced to steal from one another to support their own needs…wars ramp up and then all bets are off.

I realize I am only repeating myself at this stage. I’ve said everything I have to say and thank you to anyone who actually finds the time to drop in every now and then. I pray for peace and for democracy’s return. I pray for the end of hell on Earth/the rule of gold.

I pray for heaven on Earth, and for humans to embrace the Golden Rule, wholly, as it applies to all other species and worlds created by god.

There is no way to Peace. Peace is the way.

To be self-conscious is to be ignorant; to know, one must be consciousness itself.


since writing this, I learned that Russia has also sent help to Turkey, in that nation’s time of urgent need.

Russia needs to disband its military and sue for peace after it has withdrawn completely from Ukraine. Citizens of the annexed areas must be given the choice to leave for Russia if they want to be Russian citizens; no referenda. A demilitarized Russia would then begin its own process of EU/NATO integration, or not…that is up to the Russians. Of course, Russia would need to pay reparations to Ukraine.

There is still China to worry over. If China moves on Taiwan, the US will move on China.

In all seriousness, nothing will ever be accomplished, with any permanence, by war. Nothing ever has. Where are all the winners? Why, they’re right where all the losers ended-up, in the annals of history. Same place. Where will the U.S., Russia, China, Israel be? Same place.

The only difference is how much killing these societies are responsible for, as they make their own, inexorable way into the annals.

There are those who respect strength. They do not respect anything else, not even themselves. Examples are: Xi, Putin, Un, Netanyahu, the Ayatollahs…

To keep these sordid types at bay, we need only build and maintain unity.

The only way they could take us down is to nuke us. This could take us down, but it will certainly take them down and it is the only scenario involving war that would lead to anything of permanence…

…Lifelessness. Silence. Darkness…the sort of ‘garden’ Satan might appreciate…

that is not the Garden we walked away from. That Garden is easy to find. It is on the other side of human ego…

6 February 2023

Before delving into the rant of the day, I want to encourage everyone to have a listen to what a former Belgian PM had to say to the EU parliament. RIGHT. ON.

NEXT, a return trip to the world-vision of Nelson Mandela:

Wherever we are in the country, wherever we are in the world, let us reaffirm his [Nelson Mandela’s] vision of a society … in which none is exploited, oppressed or dispossessed by another. [from Biography.com] – IMO, this pretty much sums it up…


So much happening, in such a compressed time frame:

the Chinese balloons and talk of Putin’s imminent, ‘for-all-the-marbles’ reprise of February, 2022’s ‘special operation’ of Russia’s thugs in Ukraine.

Ukraine is the World’s Alamo.

Ukraine is also a microcosm of the World: heroic in its defense, noble in its conduct of the war…but also at the same time, dealing with pervasive and systemic corruption.

I say this because it is Ukraine’s oligarchs and folks in high places (to wit: Ukraine’s ruling class/wealth class) at the centre of the corruption.

I say ‘at the centre’ because, ultimately, they ‘rule’ from a perspective of  ‘self-interest’. The trouble is, it is as critical to wealth’s rule to steward with its wealth; as critical as it is to breathe in-and-out. If one uses one’s wealth to increase one’s wealth and hegemony over those one rules over, why, it is tantamount to holding one’s breath…and the situation inevitably becomes unsustainable. [Aside: Isn’t it ironic? South Africa produced the likes of Nelson Mandela, whom I once heard call out leaders who believe the people exist to serve the leader, when in fact, it is the leader who must serve the people. Mandela ‘s truth notwithstanding, SA nevertheless chooses to cozy-up with China/Russia . SO. TERRIBLY SAD TO HONOUR MANDELA IN THIS WAY.]

So…Ukraine must struggle with Russia in order to survive AND with itself in order to survive.

Ukraine’s challenges are the World’s challenges.

Too few people with too much money is the culprit. It will, in time take the World down, for good, and end the Anthropocene…unless we change this, within our communities, our nations, our World, the one we leave to our children.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, China and Russia  both mean to change the developing status quo and cut out their sphere of influence in the World. This is not a formula for Peace. It will only ensure continuing competition and eventually war/annihilation.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS EITHER, the waywardness of the wealthy around the World, their penchant for supporting two law-canons (one for wealth/corporations/investors, the other for everyone else), their willingness to forge trade agreements that could hog-tie domestic governments’ capability to act on behalf of their own citizens…these too are ingredients in the recipe for existential-level disaster. We cannot have two species of human. We cannot have two distinct ‘democracies’ within the same democratic nation or world (neoLiberal democracy is not democracy). WE CANNOT HAVE TWO SETS OF LAWS: one for the rich to live by and another for everybody else. The laws of neoliberal democracy always ‘evolve’, in lockstep with the changing ‘business’-requirements of the wealthy.

Sadly, both existential threats could easily be fixed. They have the same root problem. EGO.


See how Ukrainians are looking after one another right now, faced with a common peril. Look how the Baltic nations are stepping-up and standing alongside Ukraine, BECAUSE OF A COMMON PERIL.

It doesn’t take much imagination to take this ONE STEP FURTHER:

THE WORLD NEEDS TO UNITE AGAINST A COMMON PERIL. If war breaks out between any two nuclear power militaries, IT’S GAME OVER for everyone.

The World’s common peril is the alliance of two anachronistic regimes; Russian and Chinese imperialism. UNITE 100% AGAINST CHINA/RUSSIA and there will very likely be NO WAR.

 But, in our unity, we must be careful. If  a nation’s democracy is vulnerable, if it can be usurped by greedy wealthy folks who talk nice as they walk all over citizens, THEN OUR GLOBAL DEMOCRACY IS VULNERABLE TO THE WEALTHY AS WELL.

Like Ukraine, we must fight for Peace with our neighbours and we must fight self-interest…or rather, the accumulation of wealth and power by self-interested folks to the detriment of the nation/society that made them wealthy in the first place.

Ukraine’s challenges are the World’s challenges. What the World does today will inform the future; to be more precise, whether or not we will leave a future, a positive future to our children as our legacy.

Prayers and gratitude to Ukraine and Ukrainians.

I want to say also that I saw an infographic recently that showed Canada, under the Trudeau-Liberals, ranks 5th in the $$$ value of its support to Ukraine. I feel very proud, as a Canadian, to hear this. Canada was among the first to pony-up for Britain in the Great Wars, ACTS I AND II, and this fine tradition of coming to the aid of others in the fight for right is not lost among today’s Liberals and their leader, Justin Trudeau. [Aside, I saw Global TV News interview Pierre Poilievre to get his thoughts on an international issue, I think the Chinese Balloon, instead of the PM…who gives a flying f about what ‘Peter Pepperlips’ thinks about it? IS IT MORE IMPORTANT TO GLOBAL TV’S OWNERS TO HAVE PP IN THE NEWS THAN TO REPORT ON THE NEWS PER SE?

ay yi yi! I was singing Vassy’s praises not long ago as Canada’s Walter Cronkite (possibly a saint among 5th Estate journalists)…then she went over to a private broadcaster, albeit not Global…I pray the good newscaster’s new employer, CTV News, takes on a responsible role in Canadian politics, rather than a manipulative role to effect a changing of the guard in the next federal election. PLEASE CTV NEWS: DO THE RIGHT THING AND NOT WHAT THE ‘RIGHT’ DOES…in today’s world, it is exactly THE WRONG THING. Today’s ‘right’ is ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

No society has ever lasted, that has been led by ‘the nostrils’. 

The Social Contract. The Golden Rule. The Return to the Garden…as we explore and are the creator’s ambassadors to the Stars…

…the continuing arc of the Light of the Big Bang, bending ever-so-slightly because of the attraction of the dark matter/dark energy of ego, that it eventually comes round to the very point from which it emerged.

We are Light.

The Darkness cannot touch us without being scathed. The Darkness is full of malevolence toward the Light. We need only keep to the Path, the trajectory of the arc, and we will find the Garden under our very feet.

UKRAINE IS ON THIS PATH ALREADY. Let the World, for its own sake, rally to them and we can turn things around.


Anyone who believes ceding Crimea to Russia is the way to peace IS FULL OF BALONEY. ANYONE WHO ADVOCATES FOR A REFERENDUM IN CRIMEA is equally filled: remember Bucha? If the fact that Ukraine owned Crimea before 2014 is not sufficient to convince, the fact that Putin chose to inflict such murder and mayhem upon Ukraine should seal it. This kind of ‘diplomacy’ cannot EVER BE REWARDED. hello?

For those who do not think so, please pray to your god/your creator, and ask for guidance in this…



p.s. A new addition to the Random Thoughts page (a Bonus for the Bots!):

On Consciousness: To know, to know anything at all,  one must always be conscious of what is happening inside and around them. The nature of consciousness, is such that, no one can be conscious both ways at exactly the same moment. One is either in self-conscious/subjective-mode OR all-conscious/objective-mode. When one is self-conscious, one is conscious only of what one lacks/how one feels. When one is self-conscious one is REACTING, not LEARNING/NOT KNOWING. 

TO KNOW, TO LEARN, ONE CANNOT BE SELF-CONSCIOUS; one must be consciousness ITSELF. To quote a great French thinker, ‘I think, therefore I AM’.

To quote another great French philosopher, ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’

Understand that Satan wants to kill god and the way to do that is to control the ‘information.’ In self-conscious mode, you cannot see what is speaking to your mind from the darkness within your skull. You are flying blind and Satan is counting on this so that he can pretend he is being your friend…he will fill your world with all kinds of bs…is that where our wealthy folks get the idea of creating and having us live in a virtual world while the reality is dystopic for everyone except the rich, as the rich become fewer and fewer? That appears to be Satan’s plan…hmmm…

4 February 2023

I recall,  a way back when, quipping that, in a back-handed sort of way, Donald Trump was doing the best thing for America and the World by picking a fight with China’s Xi.

As much as a Donald Trump presidency concerned me, I had to admit that the PLA concerned me more. Plainly, the massive buildup in its capability and reach is to project power into the the Indo-Pacific; regions America had been guiding/facilitating toward democracy, supply-chain integration, and the rule of law.

I wondered if Trump had not reasoned it was better to take on China now, BEFORE IT GOT ANY STRONGER AND ANY MORE CAPABLE, rather than continue to bark at the door of Peace; the door Xi will not open, because he’s too busy sneaking into the back door of other nations…offering them perks to get in, then inserting the PLA’s RNA, virus-like, and then taking them over.

The fallacy of Trump was that he recognized the peril China’s Xi presents to the World, without seeing the very same thing in Putin. It is likely more accurate to say that Trump did not want to see this in Putin, because Putin was his friend?

Either way, it is ego we are dealing with, and there is no way to reason with the ego. Ego must be coerced if it will not choose, of its own volition, to do the right thing.

I have also said, over and over, that WE CANNOT BE THE FIRST TO SHOOT. In other words, a preemptive conventional or nuclear strike against Russia and China’s nuclear attack and defense infrastructure is not on the table either.

BUT I WOULD RECOMMEND THAT WE KEEP OUR FINGER ON THE BUTTON…at the first indication of a launch from Russia/China, we must respond -with overwhelming force.

If Putin tries a one-off on Ukraine, to get Ukraine to capitulate, America et al. may still properly respond with overwhelming conventional force…IF IT IS MORE THAN A ‘ONE-OFF’, then our response must be in-kind, and, very sadly, I doubt if many of us will remain after the nuclear ‘dust settles’…

Given our history, perhaps it is just as well. The trouble is, all the other species of the World and the World’s human children are innocent…BUT THEY WILL ALSO SUFFER AND DIE -not because they did anything wrong in god’s eyes, BUT BECAUSE OF THE SINFULNESS OF THE ADULT WORLD they had the bad luck of being born into.

I have said it over and over; but IMO our creator would not purposely leave us to such a sorry end, even if we bring it upon ourselves. My mom and dad rescued me from myself time and time again over the years…I am certain beyond any doubt that our creator is as much in our corner as my mom and dad were in mine…

Ukraine, believe. You, by your actions, have brought the World to believe in Ukraine’s Ukrainians.

America, believe in where your president, Joe Biden, is leading. Biden-America, do not ever think to pull the plug on your support for Ukraine. We all knew this point would come with NATO’s ongoing evolution/progress to become a global-alliance, under the direction of the U.N. 

We have to pass this inflection point in human history – from the self-interest of imperialism and economic competition and class war to one of unity, supply-chain and class collaboration.

Many of the World’s regimes resist this watershed because they retain illusions of grandeur and aspirations of power over others. That is ego’s world. Satan’s world; an anachronistic world. It cannot exist anymore.

We are moving beyond that world.

China and Russia stand in the way. Prayers their citizens take over their governments before those mindless idiots destroy themselves and the World along with them.

Prayers that we make our stand WITH UKRAINE.

If we let Ukraine go, now, or in the future, then we don’t deserve to be around anymore, either. 

make no mistake:

THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS BOUND TO THE FATE OF UKRAINE. We must stand together and facedown the Russia peril. Russia must forever be evicted from Ukraine. That’s job #1.

NEXT, CHINA/TAIWAN. Taiwanese democracy must spread to the mainland. It is time for the Chinese of Taiwan to take back their nation from a misplaced tradition of dictators that displaced them to Taiwan in the first place. I can only marvel at the future the World could enjoy with all of China in partnership with all the World.

Of course, ISRAEL-PALESTINE must decouple into the State of Israel and its good neighbour, the State of Palestine. Friends4ever. [Note: Netanyahu agreed at long last to hand over Israel’s Iron Dome to Ukraine; but his rational could still be very selfish; not representative of a reversal in attitude. Israel can see, by Iron Dome’s effectiveness in Ukraine, what enhancements are required to defend itself against the drone attacks originating from Iran (and the improvements in Iranian drone strike technology/capacity). Netanyahu’s regime is, at the same time, progressing the illegal colonization of Palestinian lands…America, you need to STOP THIS…enough talk…pull the plug on Israel’s support if they will not settle a two-state solution…NOW IS THE TIME TO DO THIS. DO NOT WAIT, PLEASE. Israelis and Palestinians will be better off as friends. They can watch one another’s back]. Washington Post’s Ishaan Tharoor has written a wonderful piece on this in the context of US Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to Israel.

Last, we must remove the class structures responsible for wars and environmental degradation and poverty. There can be no more wealth class. A tax regime must be globalized and structured in such a way as to ensure the equal distribution and unimpeded flow of $$$ from where it collects to where it is needed. $$$ are the blood supply of human society.

With gold’s rule, its possessors possess the power over others. It is enslavement of the human race.

conversely, with the Golden Rule, is actors possess the power to serve others. The power of free will. Not the power to take free will away from others.

Now, if you happen to be one of the ‘others’, who would you prefer to work with?

the goal is give and take. not my way or no way.

America is showing itself to be ‘give and take’ under Biden. As for Putin in Ukraine…well, know the difference, because either Putin or Biden’s way will emerge from this.

There is no more opportunity to be wishy-washy or to appear to have it both ways. We must all choose now, the World we would leave to our children.

If we want to leave them the World we inherited from our war generations, then


and not be moved…look to Ukraine. They are showing the World the way forward. They are paying the price of liberty.

If anyone refuses to stand with Ukraine now, they stand with the darkness. Finland and Sweden see this already. The former Soviet states also know. Germany and France are powerful economies; they need to mimic America and build consensus rather than seek to bilaterally ‘shape Europe’, because that is not only wrong, but counter-productive…we need to learn to work together as equals, despite our relative size-differences, because people shrink/people grow and nothing stays the same that way…we need to achieve a ‘higher level of abstraction’ when it comes to the material world’s ways, else those ways will persist…

FOR EXAMPLE, over population. Consumption is wealth’s way of getting richer, quicker, despite what this is doing to humankind’s resource-stockpile. Nature’s way is for a given species to populate itself to its own detriment and to the misery of many of its individuals as the cycle negotiates a point of inflection, taking a downward turn. The predator-prey cycle/cycle of abundance-scarcity…achieving the ‘higher level of abstraction’ would imply population regulation, so that the global population never exceeds 1 billion human souls, say. In that way, the mechanisms and operatives of global environmental degradation, lack of food…the causes of war…all would disappear…with very little effort on our part.

Then we could focus on our outreach to the Stars…to do this, we need only ditch our murderous ways and befriend one another AND BE THE STEWARDS OF CREATION WHICH OUR CREATOR HAD HOPED WE WOULD BE…

isn’t that a lovely dream? a wonderful legacy to leave to the world’s children?

rather than allow wealth to create virtual reality to cover the dystopia their lifestyles leaves us to live in,

LET US IMPLEMENT THE ABSTRACTION LAYER, get a leg-up on our own egoic tendencies…

and save ourselves, from ourselves.

3 February 2023

News today that Canada and the U.S. are meeting today to discuss a ‘generational opportunity’, as Canada’s Industry Minister puts it, to further integrate ‘North American interests’, in the context of decoupling from China. This is indeed good news for Canada and for working-people; what is missing is the acknowledgement that it was our ruling class which thought it meet in the first place to ship our jobs and production capacity over to China…now, China might return our investments over the years, back to us, in the form of bullets and hypersonic missiles…WAY-TO-GO and a THUMBS-UP! to our ruling class folks, who show yet again, the fallacy of the blind leading the blinded, or, more precisely, the wealthy becoming wealthier as they pulverize the life out of the land and out of society with their particular brand of ‘leadership’, bs-ing us into following along…These are not ‘leaders’. These are pirates. Wait and see in another generation, what is left of Canada to be enjoyed and experienced by the ‘other’ Canadians, ALL CANADIANS, and not those who call themselves ‘Canadian’ but live separate from Canadians, in walled communities…high up on ‘Mount Olympus’…whose lifestyles and mores condemn millions of their FELLOW CANADIANS to a life of poverty, exclusion, and isolation.

Next up, there is ongoing talk about some Ontario Liberals trying to get the Green Party leader to run for the provincial Liberal Party leadership. The Green Party responded by inviting the liberals to join them instead…I dunno, but I regard this as a slap in the face for any of the Liberals contemplating a leadership run. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith would be my choice. Mike Schreiner would not, even if he were to run under the Liberal banner. 

The Ontario Liberals tacked in the wrong direction under McGinty and Wynne…toward PPPs, privatization…and were simply too long in power for their own good. Right now, they appear to be on an existential spiraling-downward, à la the post-Mulroney Progressive Conservatives…RIPE TO BE PLUCKED AND SWALLOWED UP BY the movement conservatives that had infiltrated the Western Alliance and through that group, spread across Canada and bought the Progressive Conservative brand, then dropped the ‘Progressive’ qualifier…now we have the American Republicans in Ottawa…

…were the Liberals to bottom-out, as they now reveal they are VERY CLOSE TO DOING by thinking to invite Mike Schreiner (god bless him, but NO), Ontarians would lose the middle-left ground (the natural place for modern political parties to position themselves along the political spectrum) to the Greens. As leftward as they are, I question just how THEY WOULD GET THERE WITHOUT SERIOUSLY COMPROMISING THE LIBERTY OF CITIZENS. If the Liberals, provincial or federal ilk, are true to themselves, they are in being so, the natural governing party. They would be in the middle-left region, to the degree sufficient to acknowledge understanding that ‘business’ exists to serve the society AND THAT society IS NOT a labour pool for business folks/wealth class. [um, this would mean governments would have to take on corporations too, hello?]

THE REASON VANILLA DOUG FORD WINS, IMO, IS PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THIS EROSION OF LIBERAL VALUES. THE LIBERAL POSITION ON THE SPECTRUM continues to shift, inexorably, to the right…it has been so, ever since McGinty took over the leadership in 2003. It happened in parallel, in Ottawa, when Martin took over the reins, also in 2003. The last great Premier of Ontario was Bill Davis, a progressive conservative. The advent of the liberal era notwithstanding, the province has continued to tack right, evolving many passive-aggressive means by which to push the privatization envelope further, on behalf of the wealth class.

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, IMO, might move to reverse this ominous trend. It is a drop in the bucket, geopolitically-speaking, because the whole world is moving in the wrong direction toward neoliberal democracy. ‘Neoliberal democracy’ is simply government of nations by boardroom and trade-tribunals. For ‘Nate’, it is a huge task, but a worthy task, were he to take it on.

On the global front, there is much talk about war becoming globalized, that it is only a matter of time. Once again, wealth is guilty as charged. Our oligarchs and their oligarchs cannot play nice with one another and so they will send us off to our deaths to press their side…while they watch from a safe distance.

There is opportunity herein, for the World to rediscover its mojo, its soul, its saving-grace, its god-given responsibilities…we must stand against Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea…and anyone who is in league with Satan (or his cronies on Earth). We must realize that Satan wants to kill god and is using us to do it. If we can be convinced to do or to let murder happen to innocent people JUST BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE within our societies or neighbouring countries WANT MORE POWER FOR THEMSELVES, then Satan is winning.

this is why I like Biden’s America: he is staying the course against Russia/China…he is doing his soberly-best to not corner Putin WITHOUT SACRIFICING UKRAINE…he continues to give Putin the opportunity to back out as NATO gets all of its ducks in a row…UKRAINE IS THE WORLD’S ALAMO AND IS BUYING TIME FOR BIDEN ET AL TO convince Putin to back off in Ukraine.

but, unfortunately, IMO, Putin will not back off. He has already cornered himself. Biden’s prudent approach and Ukraine’s legendary heroism (the 300 Spartans might be a little jealous?) appear to be all that stands now between peace and WW III. WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE JOE BIDEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE (and also) POPE FRANCIS IN THE VATICAN. Because of this, I am encouraged.

Recall Thermopylae…Ukraine is to the modern world, what Thermopylae was to the ancient world. The Persian Empire rears its head once more and is coming from 3 sides. The Battle of Salamis may be renewed at the Kerch Strait and the world’s new Spartans will reprise their heroic victory. Many generations from now, the children will be fascinated by the tales they read about, as I was, as a child, reading about the ancient Greeks.

Greece survived to give the world the gift of democracy, philosophy,…so many gifts…if we are to be remembered it will only be because we, like the ancient Greeks, leave something of ineffable value behind for the future to work with…

Putin/Xi/the Ayatollahs, if they have their way, will leave a pile of ashes to the future. WE CANNOT LET THEM HAVE THEIR WAY. duh!

We must make our stand now. Rally to Biden-America, against the spread of the  Fantasia-like darkness within and among nations…the oligarchs/Xi/Putin/yada yada…ELSE, WE WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE, only darkness all around, on all sides.

Are you ready? As my daughter is fond of saying, ‘Buckle-up!’

The Golden Rule is contrary to the rule of gold. The Golden Rule purchases life, eternal life, material life…life in all its renditions.

what has the rule of gold bought us?

so far, over the millennia, only death and misery for almost everyone, save for a relative few.


as the days go by, more and more nations are coming out of the closet and siding with Ukraine against Russia. As more nations do, the wall put up by Western Unity, the wall Putin and Xi et al. are staring at and trying to figure how to knock it down, grows higher and higher, thicker and thicker…this is how to get Putin and Xi to turn around and go home.

The Israeli regime is stepping-up with its Iron Dome and doing attacks on Iranian drone and missile production capacity. IF ISRAEL WOULD SETTLE WITH THE PALESTINIANS, they could do so much good. GIVEN THAT ISRAEL WOULD NOT EXIST TODAY AS A NATION WERE IT NOT FOR THE WESTERN WORLD’S SUPPORT, it is completely proper that they do so. It is only greed, like Putin’s, that prevents the two-state solution. Like Russia, Israel would risk dragging the whole world into war over their murderous greed. Like Putin, Netanyahu or whomever they elect over there is guilty of genocide. It is the egregiously false treatment of the Palestinians, not the existence of the Palestinians,  which is the cancer. If allowed to fester, it will consume Israel and Palestine both…Give a little (back of what you stole), Netanyahu, to gain life for Israel, FOREVER.


Headline: Chinese spy balloon flies over the United States: Pentagon – the article states that the balloon has ‘limited additive value from a intelligence collection perspective.’

MY FEAR,  is that Russia and China’s regimes are not able to defeat ‘the West’ by conventional military means, by cyber-aggression, or even by economic competition, AND THEY KNOW IT. They also know, if they don’t get on the same page as the West, they will be isolated and forced to exist in a world the size of China/Russia. unacceptable for them…THEY WANT WHAT THE WEST HAS TOO. IF THESE REGIMES WOULD MAKE WAR UPON THE WEST, they would have to begin with a preemptive strike, one that would incapacitate our capability to respond.

WHEN THEY FIGURE THEY HAVE THAT ADVANTAGE, THEY WILL HIT THE BUTTON.[Putin, out of desperation, could nuke Kyyv, and soon, IMO.]

China and Russia acting together, out of desperation, could move to a preemptive nuclear strike upon America. Their cozying up together against the West has worked to their detriment: their desperation will increase as the West unites and rallies against them, in reaction to their corrupt and murderous belligerence).

If America falls, or its military is incapacitated, all bets are off for the West. The rest of the West will fall like dominoes after the best of the West has fallen. For as long as Biden is leading America, they will act on behalf of the West, making that nation the best of the West, just as Ukraine shows itself right now to be the stuff of legend, thanks to Russia, fast becoming, thanks to Putin, the ‘least in the East.’

Way to go, Putin. You should really go home instead. And stay home, for crying out loud. Same to Xi. BOTH OF YOU, WILL, ONE DAY, BE DEMONIZED BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE over what you conspire to do today. You will be revered by the odd looney-tune, though, like Hitler is. Some company to keep that is…

…and then, there will be someone eagerly awaiting Xi/Putin’s arrival, as he did Hitler’s…

in Hell.

….while heaven becomes the new Earth, after Xi, Putin, and all like-minded and like-corrupted human beings have been kicked from positions of authority/hegemony to the curb faster than neoliberalism can kick another soul into poverty…wait and see.

2 February 2023

President Biden is heading for Europe later this month. There will be another meeting at Ramstein on Valentine’s Day (isn’t that ironic?). Putin appears to be gearing up for another major offensive…

In these unsettled times, everyone feels the uncertainty and in reaction, an unwillingness to act, just to avoid making things worse.

But life teaches us that things will get worse, if we do not act.

Apparently, in an op-ed to the Washington Post, Condoleeza Rice urges action. Elsewhere in the news, Boris Johnson is asking, ‘What the hell are we waiting for?’

I heard on Rock Rachon’s outstanding news program (TVP World YouTube channel – or was it on the Washington Post’s Live Channel?) one expert characterize the situation with Ukraine as, walking across a stream, stepping on slippery rocks…each step uncertain…

THIS IS WHAT JOE BIDEN IS HAVING TO DEAL WITH. For America’s and the World’s sake. Russia and China both recognize America as the World’s ‘engine’ driving a unary, rules-based international order. China and Russia want a chunk of the World for their very own (for now;  but in time, they will go for it all). America/the West is in their way.

For there to be peace in the world, either America/the West will have to disappear OR Xi/Putin/the Ayatollahs/Un will have to (or change their spots).

The World is already too small to harbour both views.

Democracy, self-determination, LIBERTY…these are human values of the highest order. They are, when push comes to shove, worth dying for, in order to preserve them for our children.

President Biden is maintaining a deliberate approach as he leads the World across the stream.

On this side of the stream is the war in Ukraine which is really the World’s Alamo…Ukraine is buying time for the World with its blood.

On the other side of the stream is a world of peace, prosperity, and equality, among and within nations/democratic societies (we must take control back from the rich/corporations/oligarch-investor class also…)

Joe Biden is stepping carefully. It is prudent to follow his lead. At the same time, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, the U.K., AND NOW ISRAEL with its Iron Dome system, are upping the ante on behalf of Ukraine.

THIS IS GREAT. The only way for the World to avoid WW III is to UNITE against the possibility.

IF PUTIN/XI/UN/AYATOLLAHS perceive THE ENTIRE WORLD TO BE STACKED AGAINST THEM, they would have to be idiots to go any further with their anachronistic pursuit of empire.

As children, we were told that if we were ‘bad’, Santa was going to fill our Christmas stockings with charcoal and potatoes…charcoal is what the leadership of Xi/Putin/Un/Ayatollahs/et al. will reduce their great nation/societies to, and very soon…ALL BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO PLAY NICE IN THE PLAYGROUND AND INSTEAD CHOOSE TO BULLY OTHERS WITH THEIR MILITARIES.

I dunno, but I think regular Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Korean folks simply want to make their livings, raise their kids, and to get ‘high’ once in a while…I doubt that ANY OF THEM goes about their day thinking on how to kill ANY OF US. hello? It is simply not natural to do that.

IT IS THE RULING CLASSES/OLIGARCHS…those who would materially benefit from making war on others that ORDER THEM TO THE SLAUGHTER.

That is why we must all rally to Ukraine and follow the lead of Biden-America. Biden does not lead to the Lemmings’ Cliff.

Putin does. The black hole in his soul is able to draw Xi et al., eventually the World, into its event horizon.


if the World unites against Putin et al., why the tables will naturally reverse:

  1. Ukraine will dictate the terms of peace to Russia, part of which will be donating Russia’s Black Sea Fleet to Ukraine as part of its relinquishment of illegally occupied Crimean territory.
  2. Taiwan will become the capital of China as the two sides reconcile into ONE DEMOCRACY and from there, re-integration with the ‘West’.
  3. ‘East’ and ‘West’ will disappear into a unary, democratic world order; no oligarchs/no wealth class/no corporate ‘personhood’ il-legal construct.
  4. gee whizz…after accomplishing #1 to #3, who is left for us to fight with? Whatever will we do with ourselves?

well, humanity has inflicted war upon one another, we have raped and degraded the Earth Mother to the point where she can no longer sustain our presence, and we continue to expand our numbers and our footprint nevertheless…PERHAPS NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND THE WINDOW IS FOREVER CLOSED, we can act…not react…PRO-act:

REDUCE OUR NUMBERS to below 1 billion, by attrition, rather than wait for war and starvation and environmental catastrophe to do it (**our numbers are too much and we are this way because wealth relies on consumption. the more we consume the faster they get richer. wealth wants us to earn with one hand and hand it back to them with the other…at each transaction,  wealth benefits directly: the employer pays the employee less in value than the work the employee does creates value (otherwise the employer would lose money) THEN the employee hands it over to another rich person who owns/invest in, say Canadian Tire, Tim’s, or your grocery store: the employee buys at a price higher than the product is actually worth(the markup), so that the retailer makes money. VERY EFFICIENT from the perspective of the rich, but if you are a salary-earner you lose on both ends as Wealth gains on BOTH ENDS…THE EXISTENCE OF WEALTH AS AN INSTITUTION IS THE EXISTENTIAL PROBLEM THE WORLD FACES)

to remedy this:

control the distribution of personal wealth such that no one possesses or earns beyond 2 sigma of the national mean for their region/nation…see Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century…read my take on Piketty’s theory here.

Wishing everyone a good day and prayers for Ukraine and for a miracle to happen before it is too late for us. THE MIRACLE WOULD BE FOR HUMANS TO DITCH SELF-INTEREST IN ORDER TO SAVE THE WORLD FOR  ITS CHILDREN AND TO U.N.I.T.E. against self-interest in all of its forms, within national societies (the wealth class) and among national societies.

America and China and Russia et al are capable of doing great things technologically. So much of their talent has been usurped by the greed of Wealthy folks, whose greed serves Satan’s endgame, and that is to kill god. He can’t do that, but he can deliver the creator a kick in the b@lls by getting humans, the ‘apple of god’s eye’ (we like to think), to destroy themselves, THEIR OWN CHILDREN,  and the Earth Mother while they’re at it…

just think, if we didn’t worry so much about controlling and using one another for selfish purposes, we wouldn’t need such big honking militaries and police forces…WE’D NEVER BE AFRAID OF ONE ANOTHER, even strangers.

…ALL THOSE TRILLIONS could have been spent on figuring out how to live among the Stars. All kinds of material opportunity out there! Lots of planets to mine for resources because THEY ARE LIFELESS. No need for anyone to kill TO SURVIVE. No need for any nation to go to war over dwindling resources; ocean stocks, say…

Let us try this. Stop fighting, now. Make peace, now. Collaborate, now, to get to the Stars.

Let us apply the Golden Rule to god and god’s creation. Let us treat our mother they way we know our mother would want us to treat her.

The Golden Rule is god’s gift to humanity. It is our Guide. The rule of gold blinds humanity with its allure and we cannot see where it is leading us:

right to and over the Lemmings’ Cliff.

1 February 2023

I am reading the Washington Post newsletter written by Ishaan Tharoor et al. Today’s WorldView: The argument for why the West should change course on Ukraine – here he mentions a Rand corporation ‘study’ wherein the Washington ‘think tank’ concludes that the longer the ‘war’ goes on, the more likely NATO will be dragged into direct conflict with Russia, the more likely a nuclear escalation will occur…and that ‘instead of enabling the war to sprawl onward, Western powers should do more to push the warring parties toward talks…‘[excerpted from the Washington Post newsletter].

Now, I stopped reading at this point, to comment on the Rand report’s recommendation. Here we see clearly defined two kinds of human beings: those who know better and those who think they know better. Not one of the folks at Rand in Washington is living the hell Russia brings to Ukraine with the rising of the Sun every day. They don’t even have enough class to just keep their mouths shut. Instead they write and get paid to spout such egregiously self-serving bs.

The Ishaan newsletter article goes on to quote a few other ‘experts’. The entire article is a rationalization. It gives Russia too much credit. It ignores the fact that deals have been wrought with Russia before -Russia is in Ukraine, nevertheless. The article appears to express the idea that great and lasting gains can be accomplished if Ukraine gives some of itself to Russia, so that both sides can call it a day….

THIS IS BS TOO. Come on, man! Minsk? Alright, what about the Holodomor? hmmm….’Democracy Dies in Darkness’…???

how much light gets through if bullshit is piled a mile high?

Right now, I am disappointed in the writer because I read and so admire his work. His writing an article that recommends a ‘negotiated peace’ such as this (given his newspaper’s calling out MBS for the foul murder of Jamal Khashoggi,  the WP contributor, critical of the Saudi government), is completely off the rails: this is appeasement of Putin, call it what you like. Call the murder of Jamal Khashoggi ‘a disappearance’ while you are at it…but of course you didn’t and wouldn’t

…so how is it you can sanitize the FOULNESS of what Russia has done and is doing to Ukraine and Ukrainians and Ukrainian children as something that can be settled by NEGOTIATION?


How can anyone imply that Ukraine is asking for too much from us?

do you know, if the Alamo had just surrendered, America would be much smaller and less influential than it is today. In fact, America might not exist at all…who knows? But the courageous defenders of the Alamo stood their ground and bought America’s future with their lives. America arose from the ashes of war to become global leader. America wants to leave as its legacy to the world what it has learned along the way…it wants to leave in its wake a world of equality and opportunity, peace and prosperity…for all, created under god. We need to rally to Biden-America and Americans need to remember the Alamo.

Ukraine is the World’s Alamo. We cannot abide power blocks around the World. We need to eradicate the means and impetuses of war, going forward, or there will be no future for anyone.

What Rand corporation proposes is balderdash and will only lead to more conflict, not less. The difference between drawing a line in the sand NOW v. drawing it later is that THE WEAPONS WE HAVE TO KILL ONE ANOTHER WITH WILL BE EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER…

…the world will be plunged into the ‘darkness’ the Washington Post is so adamantly opposed to…


Ukraine gives me more confidence that everything is going to turn out alright than the Washington Post does, despite its ‘dedication’ to democracy…IMO, they refer to the neoliberal brand…and that isn’t democracy at all.

It’s all boardroom shit.

It is a mistake to not rally fully to Ukraine. All of us. The World over. NO MATTER THE COST.

If we listen to our corporate self-promoting/promoted Mount Olympians, we are lost. The price we pay for the neglect OF OUR DEMOCRACY and of our legacy to the future, is beyond measure.

We settled nothing, after two acts of the Great War. Here we are again. It is time to settle things, once and for all.

We must UNITE and LIVE and PROSPER (if we unite across nations, societies and within nations/societies).

Our rallying-point is Ukraine. They did not ask to be. It has been forced upon them and do not forget, NATO was wooing Ukraine into its fold in order to weaken Russia in the region and wrt NATO.

IF WE TURN OUR BACKS ON THEM, EVER, then we are a dishonourable species and we commit ourselves to walking off the Lemmings’ Cliff, or, perhaps more accurate to say, allow ourselves to be pushed over the edge by our Mount Olympian class…

It’s time to make our stand against evil, within our nations and that which comes from other nations.

God will see our way through this, IF OUR INTENTIONS ARE PURE.

Wealth’s intentions are not pure. They are greedy. We cannot tolerate the existence of a Wealth class any longer.

Putin and Xi’s intentions are not pure. They want more…more of everything…and they are prepared to kill ON A MASSIVE SCALE to acquire more. That’s all ego and that is why the ‘thrust’ of Ishaan Tharoor’s article is poppycock…EGO IS NEVER SATISFIED.

Giving into Putin and Xi will only keep them quiet FOR NOW…trust me, they will come knocking again, with their guns pointed straight at your head (either from the front or from behind, as in Bucha…these are the folks Rand et al. say Ukrainians should negotiate with? these are the folks Rand et al. say we should trust to honour their end of the agreement?

Come on, man!

Same goes for Israel. Smarten up and settle with the Palestinians.

My recommendation is for America to keep doing what it has been doing under Biden. If I were Biden, I would tell Israel’s regime in no uncertain terms to settle a two-state scenario with Palestine or tell Israel, ‘you are on your own.’ It can join Russia. America and Canada can donate an equal area of land to Palestinians to call their own for all time, if that’s what it takes. But this has gone on long enough and Israel will not bargain in good faith anymore than Russia will.

WRT Turkey and other nations working against NATO and Ukraine in some way, out of self-interest, I would SHOW THEM THE DOOR out of NATO. We don’t need them.


There is nothing like $$$ to reveal one’s true colours. There is nothing like the threat of annihilation to reveal a government’s true colours/nothing like the spectre of losing a tonne of money to reveal a ruling class’s true colours…

I dunno about you, but I would want to be remembered as a civilization, a species, that rose to the challenge and fought WITH GOD, AGAINST SATAN.

that is actually the only way anyone will be remembered because if we don’t get it together on the HONOUR AND SELF-RESPECT FRONT no one will be around anyways. Either we will blow each other to bits, next time around, or our rapacious wealth class will have succeeded in backing us into such a environmentally-catastrophic corner, that war would be preferable because it would offer a quick death…

America, Remember the Alamo…by not forgetting Ukraine.

World, Remember that America is right now, the only powerful military that is fighting on the World’s be-half and not for a-half of the world, such as China/Russia plan.

Understand the difference.

Rally to America/NATO now and there might not ever be war again. We need to be honourable. Our intent needs to be honourable.


Trust this.

31 January 2023

I hear tell America’s Blinken is in Israel. The headline on the YouTube DW channel news excerpt is ‘US foreign ministers pleas for two-state solution on Israel visit’ – as much as Blinken/Biden-America is the right people in the right job at the right time, if acting on behalf of THE ENTIRE HUMAN WORLD (just as Pope Francis is!), Israel’s Netanyahu has been among the worst. Now, he’s back. Prayers that this time, the creator’s creation will convince him that the World/Israel do not need more of the same ol’/same ol’. The Golden Rule trumps anything ANYONE SAYS IN SCRIPTURE. The Golden Rule is of god. Scripture is written by humans for other humans. Some wrote the GOD’S TRUTH. Others wrote WHAT THEY WANTED THE READER TO BELIEVE IS ‘GOD’S TRUTH’. We have killed in the name of god, ‘the Prince of Peace’ in every Faith, because of this. The ‘faithful’ number less and less BECAUSE OF THE DISCONNECT BETWEEN WHAT SCRIPTURES SAY/HOW THEY ARE INTERPRETED  TODAY v. what the human soul/spirit of the individual implies is THE GOD’S TRUTH. 


For example, the display of same-sex interactions in Prime time entertainment and business commercials. This is, of course, the social engineers’/ruling class’s move to popularize/promote general acceptance of same-sex relationships. IMO, the ‘God’s Truth’ wrt same-sex relationships is that the relationship exists between two human souls who love one another (assuming it isn’t just for gratification of the physical sort). This is between the two and their creator. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. Anymore than any hetero relationship does. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS PROPER TO SHOW ANY OF THIS PUBLICLY: Sex is of the ego and belongs ‘under the covers’ as it were…in the bedroom…the very spot one of Canada’s greatest PMs once qualified as being the place where governments ‘have no business’ being…

IMO, what everybody does naturally, need not be played around with by our social engineers. Does anyone not wonder why they felt a need to push the envelope beyond Pierre Trudeau’s assessment in the first place? Could it be just another Brave New World-thing, another dimension upon which to label and divide us, one from the other, to keep us from collaborating/organizing/taking back our democracies from the wealthy; ultimately to turn the tide on corporations/investors-neoLiberalism/movement conservatism/fascism? It is natural to humans to do sex. IMO, politicians should stay out of my bedroom. I don’t want them in there…whatever their reasons are for wanting to.

I also heard that Biden will not send F-16s to Ukraine. I have learned to trust Joe Biden, over the last couple of years. Despite what his political opponents want to make things into, he is orchestrating a fine balancing act; his objective is to save Ukraine from Russia, Taiwan from the PLA, the World FROM ANOTHER GLOBAL WAR, this time featuring NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Biden-America and its allies walk the balancing beam toward the future. The contrary winds of war blow from the East; those of a globalized totalitarian, wealth-hegemonized/homogenized world order, from the West.

What we need is a U.N. federated democratic (not autocratic/not neoliberal ‘democratic’) world order, one that finds its inspiration in the creator and looks to the world of humans in order to make it all possible (never to the oligarchs, for crying out loud): the Garden returned. The U.N. is the way forward. Biden-America et al. already know this and are moving in that direction.

The more the world’s nations join ‘the West’, the more likely we will come upon an era of universal peace and equanimity for our generation and FOR THE WORLD’S CHILDREN. The objective and outcome of god’s Golden Rule…the sooner this will happen.

Why would anyone want anything else for their children?

Right now, Ukraine fights for its life. Russia has waged a murderous and barbaric campaign upon folks who were only going about their daily lives, FOR NEARLY A YEAR. How is it that anyone would play a self-serving game of cards, using the Ukraine for a game table?

Anyone who does, IMO, will one day account for this to their creator.


To Biden/Blinken et al: THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH. Even if you fail, IMO, our creator will smile upon you both when you arrive before him/her.

The rule of gold leads to hell and death; the more we submit to wealth’s hegemony, the deeper into Hell we get and the higher the flames (of ego, individual and national) become.

The Golden Rule leads in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

It is easy…You can buy a ticket on Cat Stevens’ Peace Train.

30 January 2023

I listened to Denys Davydov today on his YouTube channel. He mentioned a ‘theory’ predicting that Russia will elect a new regime in 2024 that will promptly withdraw all of Russia’s troops from Ukraine and make peace. Would that this could happen, today!

I also heard yesterday an American general’s prediction that America and China will engage in direct military conflict within 2 years.

The general’s warning to his underlings has been poo-pooed but IMO this is exactly what is going to happen, unless, that is, China experiences a ‘change of heart’ to wit: a regime change, like the one needed in Russia to end the insanity in Ukraine.

War hasn’t officially broken out, but it appears that, with all of the announcements about military budgets, nations building and projecting new military power, together with the utterances of leaders of nations with very powerful militaries, we are listing heavily to that side of the human equation.

The curtain has not yet been raised on Act III of the Great War, and it may not be raised; but to keep the curtain lowered, we must first make it too heavy for anyone to try to raise it themselves, like Putin is trying to do. The way is UNITY. If the world’s nations are all pulling IN UNISON against anyone who tries to raise the curtain, that curtain cannot be raised.


So, right now, the situation is that the war in Ukraine must be ended and Russia’s military defeated, BEFORE, war breaks out between China and America/America’s Indo-Pacific allies.

If the World can accomplish this in time, THERE LIKELY WILL NOT BE A WAR BETWEEN CHINA AND AMERICA because China would have to take on an American team that IS NOT DISTRACTED by war in Europe.

Time, right now, is key. Ukraine must vanquish Russia; Iran’s Ayatollahs must be reined-in; Israel’s attacks on Palestine must end and a Palestinian State formalized; and Western allies must coordinate and build military capacity and technology (especially wrt knocking ballistic missiles out of the air or before they get a few feet away from the launch platform) to such a degree that China’s PLA will tell Xi it’s a no-go to take us on, after which we can welcome China back to the global community, disband WMDs, and formalize steps to ensure the World never nears the Lemmings’ Cliff again.

Leaving us with only one more battle to fight: to liberate humankind from the Wealthy oligarchs and the lesser lights in service to them.

Ultimately, it is the rule of oligarchs/wealth that has led us to the Lemmings’ Cliff. We follow them because they are leading, BUT, they are corrupted with ego/power and ‘know not what they do’. They don’t realize where their greed is taking them. They commit suicide and draw us along with them into the abyss.

Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century is a must-read. Also, take a look at The New Normal: Piketty’s Apple.

Ultimately, as Bob Dylan sings, ‘you gotta serve somebody…it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord…’

if there is any doubt in your mind that it is Satan behind Wealth’s transition from Steward to Social-predators, then you are as unconscious: anyone who chooses to turn a national society into a business ‘conserves’ only wealth and only for THEMSELVES. That’s why they are in politics and why they pump so much money into their election campaigns…for them, IT’S AN INVESTMENT.

Why do people ‘invest’? hello?

There are not very many Canadians who directly benefit from business policies. Oh yes, a few will get jobs, scraps from the Masters’ tables, but most, not even that…GIVEN HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD MATERIALLY BENEFIT FROM A GOVERNMENT TRUE TO LIBERAL VALUES (not neoLiberal democratic values), I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME SEE HOW A CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT WOULD EVER GET ELECTED IN CANADA. But they do, whenever we are overwhelmed with disaffection toward the Liberals. The Liberals have changed. They need to get back to giving us a REAL CHOICE wt the Cons.

They can start by reining-in the wealthy and corporations/investors. Read Piketty.

29 January 2023

One way, or the other, the World is going to change. For better or for worse, as the saying goes. Against the backdrop of time’s procession, the human era is only the blink of an eye. In the grand scheme of the Universe, of the creator, our footprint might be less invasive than a mosquito-bite, BUT TO THE HUMAN WORLD, what we do is very significant.

What we are doing now is insane.

When one stops to think about it, what could anyone accomplish with war over that which can be accomplished BY SIMPLY BEING GOOD NEIGHBOURS?

Canada is shoulder-to-shoulder with the US. Canada and the US are intimate trading partners as a result. They have had their ups and downs over the years. They work things out and keep on the same page. Because of our proximity, we have many shared values; a commonality of challenges and purpose. It is relatively easy to come to agreement or, where agreement is illusive, to understand where the other side is coming from. Most importantly, there is  TRUST BETWEEN America and Canada.  THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER AT ANY TIME WHENEVER THAT AMERICANS WOULD COME TO CANADA’S AID WERE CANADA INVADED AND CANADA WOULD COME TO AMERICA’S DEFENSE WERE AMERICA EVER INVADED.

On this, there can be no doubt.


  • Russia need not invade and murder Ukrainians. Leave Ukrainians alone. Treat them as the neighbour they are and how you would like Ukraine to treat Russia (not invade and bomb the hell of them, for i.e.)…no war, just trade, family visits, maybe a regular annual arm wrestling competition between the leaders of the two nations? who knows? But, both sides, in time, after those who did murder and those who suffered have all passed away, will have only the good neighbour next door…no murder, no destruction, no children crying, no air-raid sirens…
  • Likewise China v. Taiwan – no one need go to war over whether China ‘owns’ Taiwan or Taiwan ‘owns’ China? If neither side is living in fear of being invaded by the other side, if both sides think nothing at all of the other except for the fact that they are a good neighbour, why then, in time, the people on both sides of the strait will think nothing of their relationship at all…they will just have a good one…like they say about referees, the best refereeing is when you don’t even notice them during the game!…How is that not better than invading and blowing the defenders to bits (along with yourselves)?
  • Likewise Israel-Palestine. Hasn’t the World had enough of that ‘scriptural’ bullshit, written by men with ancient political agendas? Beginning with Joshua (not Moses-Moses WAS A TRUE LEADER and not given to solving geopolitical differences with murder and proclaiming, as the Crusaders later would, and like Putin is now, in Ukraine, that ‘God wills it!’?  IF PALESTINE IS NOT LEFT ALONE BY ISRAEL TO BE PALESTINE, BECAUSE, AS IS CLAIMED, GOD PROMISED THE LAND TO ISRAEL, AND ISRAEL IS ONLY NOW TAKING BACK WHAT WAS TAKEN FROM THEM (ignoring for the moment that Israel took it by force from its rightful occupants in the first place, after crossing the Jordan), then the Europeans better get the bejeezus out of North America, South America, and everywhere else they’ve been…then the Jews from all over the World can return ‘home’, if they will all fit, that is…but, seriously, just as Migration in modern times has brought the talents and gifts of the cultures of the World to nearly everyone’s front door, the diaspora brought the resourcefulness, brilliant erudition, and culture of the Jews to the World. It was traumatic for the Jews but it resulted in the gift of the Jewish people to the World. THIS IS ALL THREATENED BY ISRAEL’S REGIME. If Netanyahu is successful, Israel will not survive the war that its government invites upon Israel with its ravenous(wrt Palestine) policies…how does a little bit more land become so valuable that you would have your own people die in war to acquire it? Netanyahu’s group is behaving as Joshua, not as Moses; NOT AS A GOOD NEIGHBOUR. They act as Satan’s hand, not às god’s hand in Israel; ‘Joshua Netanyahu’ will only create more misery for the Jewish people and peace will continue to elude them. They really need a new Moses, a new Abraham to step up and remove those people and their murderous intent from power. Jewish Voices For Peace are among those Jews at the heart of Israel’s move toward an enduring peace; one with Palestine watching Israel’s back and Israel watching Palestine’s back. [p.s. if you go to the JVP site right now, a video about JVP’s plan to convince the US to stop its support for Israel’s regime is featured…]
  • [Aside: Zelenskyy is a Jew. If anyone qualifies today to be their new ‘Moses’, it is this man. Perhaps when he is done serving Ukraine as its President, he could go on to serve the World as U.N. General Secretary? History brings out the extraordinary in ‘ordinary’ people…I’ll bet the Ukrainian President even surprises himself!…and if any people of modern times were comparable to the ‘Israelites’, it would be the Ukrainians. Only, they defend their ‘Promised Land’ from Russia; they do not intend to take land from Russians, their neighbour, nor do they harbour murderous intent toward Russians. THEY ASPIRE TO BE GOOD NEIGHBOURS WITH RUSSIA AFTER THE INVASION IS ENDED AND UKRAINE RESTORED…
  • Likewise Iran-Israel, Iran-Saudi Arabia, yada-yada – war has been the norm forever in the Middle East. What has anyone accomplished with war, over, say, the last two thousand years? the last 5 thousand? hmmm…if I were the creator, after having inspired so much ‘scripture’, still seeing the chaos of Satan as the rule in the world I created, and NOT the Golden Rule that I gave humankind, I would likely find myself quoting from a Paul Newman film, in a Texan southern drawl: ‘What we have here, is a failure to communicate.
  • Likewise for Turkey and the Kurds.
  • Likewise for all the World’s nations. There is nothing whatsoever that war can accomplish, which is of lasting value to humankind. War is only capable of propagating ITSELF. 

Luckily, goodness, kindness, ALL THE STUFF OF BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOUR, why, that is also capable to propagate itself. [the Golden Rule]

Why don’t we all just try it?

Let us see war for the insanity that it is.

Before it is too late.

The weapons of destruction today are sufficient to wipe us off of the creator’s timeline. We do not want to take our children’s futures away from them. We have free will. We can choose to turn ourselves away from the Lemmings’ Cliff BEFORE WE GO OVER THE EDGE.

If we do not take advantage of the opportunity we have, the human world will end and god’s world, the one humanity walked away from, the Garden, will make a comeback WITHOUT US.

Humanity will be the loser. Of its own volition. WHO WOULD CHOOSE THAT FOR AN OUTCOME?

Only someone who, by any standard except Satan’s, IS CERTIFIABLE!

Given the state of the World today,  can anyone not conclude that the oligarchs, after rejecting their god-mandated role to service the creator as stewards (not plunderers) of their little piece of creation, have turned to the service of Satan (who is trying to kill god)? Where does that leave us, when our leadership is so corrupted with power that it is no longer leadership, but rather predatory?

Look around. Look at the state of the environment. Look at cities. Look at how much poverty there is and how much degradation the lifestyles and mores of wealth perpetrate upon the Commons AND UPON ANYONE’S CHANCES OF EVER ESCAPING POVERTY AND REJOINING THE HUMAN RACE? And our wealthy ‘fathers and mothers’ do nothing but talk as we twist in the wind. Ah, but, the government provides mental health treatment…Jesus. H. Murphy…they are the ones who need it!

There is something wrong in the World and the corporations/investor model is its facilitator.

Biden-America appears to be working with the creator and not against. Zelenskyy-Ukraine appears to be at the centre of what is about to come; they are the world’s heroes, the world’s children’s hopes. Ukrainians die today for the World’s children and for their own.

We must stand together; one nation with the other AS GOOD NEIGHBOURS, one community with another AS GOOD NEIGHBOURS, one economic demographic with the other, most especially along the dimension of steward and citizen. The Canadian-Indigenous often referred to the King of England as the great father…parent, steward…they perceived greatness in the Europeans because of the great things they were able to do…THEY DID NOT SEE UNTIL LATER WHAT THE EUROPEANS AND THE GREAT WHITE FATHER WERE CAPABLE OF DOING TO THEIR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PARENTS (when they took the children away to ‘educate’ them), SAY…in other words, they saw the light in Europe but not the darkness, which was hidden from them by the Europeans.

This need not be our reality. We need only turn around and face the light. We will no longer be in a closed-loop wherein we create and react to our own illusions, most especially the narratives of the ruling classes around the world. We will emerge from the mess we created in the room the creator gave us to live in. We will see the mess for what it is: the reflection of our own egos.

And once this happens, the misery of the World, and not the dreams of the World’s children, will all go up in smoke.

27 January 2023

It’s Friday! If this means something to you, it is because you have worked hard/studied hard and now you can take some time away from all of that and recover.

My prayers for Ukrainians and gratitude to all those who stand up, allied with Ukraine, to Putin’s aggression.

I am afraid as Putin is backed further into a corner, as the writing on the wall becomes plain, that he will escalate beyond the ‘point of no return’. I can’t let go of the madness of a nuclear strike on Kyiv; that Putin’s calculus of desperation might include a one-off, both to convince Kyiv to give up the fight and to try to draw America into the conflict. [the idea being, if America confronts Russia directly then its distraction with Russia may provide opportunity for China to move on Taiwan and America will be fighting two major armies on two fronts].

Whether or not this actually happens? Well, IMO, if China is really interested in having a future, then it should resolve to work with the West and not against it. It should tell Taiwan, ‘go your own way…let’s just be friends.’

Dividing the World of humans into spheres of influence presided over by nations with powerful militaries is typical of how oligarchs run things. It parallels the neoliberal democratic/fascist model where policing is becoming more pervasive, invasive, and violent…where the poor person’s first point of contact is the police or the emergency room. The societies cultivated by the oligarchy only guarantee ongoing misery for the World’s children.

Corporations are the institutions spreading the oligarchic venom to every corner of the planet.

There isn’t much more to say about it.

The rule of gold has created for us all an existential mess. Right now, banks and military equipment manufacturers are situated high-up on top of the money pile, while the majority of the World’s folks live in poverty and bombs.

Have a look at Ukraine right now.

Imagine how it might look today, were humans to govern themselves according to the Golden Rule, rather than let greedy rich people call the shots?

If we embrace the Golden Rule today, IF WE ACT WITH HONOUR, if we stand against folks who portray themselves as ‘stewards’, while they plunder our nations’ wealth and destroy our families, our creator will see us through to the happy place we turned our backs to, many millennia ago.

Wait and see.


France/Germany are talking about a military alliance, weaning Europe from America’s military protections, reshaping Europe. I wonder, had this been accomplished already, if the World could have coordinated against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine so quickly and with such impact? Would it have happened at all? Or would it have remained with the Brussels Parliamentarians mimicking a bunch of clapping seals, leaving Ukraine to twist in the wind, leaving it to America to fix?

Here is the argument in favour of NOT DIVIDING THE WORLD INTO THREE SPHERES OF INFLUENCE, à la Orwell’s Oceania/Eurasia/Eastasia. A U.N.-arbited, unary, rules-based international order, fair, equitable, and inclusive, protecting the Commons…THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.

The World really is one. Humans really are one; not only with themselves, but with all living things created by god.

We need to accept this, from East to West, top to bottom, steward to citizen…

the creator is waiting…

26 January 2023

Pop Quiz: If you could have whatever you want, which one of your children would you sacrifice to have it?


If you were to answer anything else, why, you would find yourself among ‘special’ company, in the way Putin would use the word ‘special’ = murder on a massive scale.

Is there anything the world could offer you in exchange for even one of your children that would give you pause to consider? Again, if your answer is ‘yes’, why, then, plain and simple, THAT IS MONSTROUS and you, by your fruits, are recognized for the monster you are.

The Point: If what you want involves killing innocent children, then don’t even think about it. Moreover, if what you want involves killing at all, then don’t even think about it….UNLESS, it is in self-defense, and that there is no other way to stop the aggressor.

Can you imagine such a world? One where we see only the beauty of China, of Russia, of Iran, of Israel, of Turkey playing out around the world, and none of the ego of these regimes? China is a nation of resourceful and capable people. America is a nation of resourceful and capable people. Russia is a nation of resourceful and capable people. Acting together, we enrich the World. When we make war upon one another, WE CANCEL-OUT ONE ANOTHER’S GIFTS TO THE WORLD…and double the misery. EVERYONE LOSES. hello? Let’s all march to the beat of the tom-toms of peace rather than the drums of war. Worrying about geopolitical influence is a thing of the past…we need to move past that as a World (toward a truly democratic world order), to see ourselves in one another…to understand that, what we do to our neighbour, we inflict upon ourselves; if not right away, then down the road…we are one world.

alright, now for the rant of the day:

I took in the CNN installment from yesterday featuring Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Ret. American General Wesley Clarke. The General’s explanation of NATO’s approach to the Russian aggression in Ukraine makes sense to me. Much of my reaction to NATO/EU since Russia’s sortée into its neighbour’s backyard is driven by the thought of innocent people/children being bombed by the Russians EVERY DAY, who, just before the invasion nearly a year ago, were simply going about their daily lives…NOT THREATENING ANYONE.

The General says NATO’s steady, incremental increase in military support is better than an abrupt uptick that could jolt Russia into an escalation, which could draw the entire world in.

IN OTHER WORDS, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Alright, I had forgotten the point of the story our Grade One teacher, Miss Purser, read to us about the Tortoise and the Hare…

But this approach cannot succeed without the capacity of Ukrainians to endure the hell Putin’s military is creating for them to live in. 

Ukraine’s existential moment is the World’s existential moment. Ukrainians fight and die, not only for themselves, BUT FOR ALL OF US, including the Russian citizens who will bear the guilt and the cost of reparations, on Putin’s behalf, FOR SOMETHING THEY DIDN’T ASK HIM TO DO, for generations to come.

Ukraine is the Alamo. Remember the Alamo. The Alamo permitted a young nation to grow to become the most powerful among the World’s ‘enlightened’ nations. I say ‘enlightened’ to describe those nations who have powerful economies and militaries but choose COLLABORATION AND CONSENSUS over coercion and the majority-will to get things done geopolitically.

Ukraine will likewise grow into a bastion of democracy and democratic virtue in Eastern Europe…a good neighbour…a great friend to the world in times of tribulation.

Germany is onboard with the tanks. IMO, their greatest concern was what might happen if Russia decides to come after NATO direct? Germany is not that far away, and, when push comes to shove, it would want to be capable to defend itself, natürlich. They did not want to paint a target on themselves for Putin, and so they wanted America to agree to send tanks too, despite the issues with keeping the Abrams tanks operating in the field (having said that, if it is so difficult, why did the Americans opt for the turbine-engines in the first place? did they forget about the Tortoise and the Hare?)

It is complicated, but ‘all’s well, that ends well’ and Germany’s Olaf has chosen well. I hope he can forgive me and anyone who took to beating him up over his reluctance in the matter of the tanks. Olaf should know that he and Germany were never alone. America and U.K. and Canada et al. came to liberate Germany/France/Europe from the Nazi peril a few generations ago and will not EVER leave Germany to twist in the wind against dictatorship/against the loss of German liberty, Germany’s right to exist, Germany’s right to determine its own character, all in the context of being a good neighbour.

Having said that, I want to bring up the point of human rights in the geopolitical context. For anyone to get along with anyone else, tolerance is key. Because we are all different. BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE EGOS.

Everything which takes on form (and that is ‘everything’) has ego. Things of the ego need to be left to the ‘individual’. Ego is what divides one individual from another. Ego is not provisional by nature of the stuff which promotes collaboration…socialization. It isn’t the stuff to base societies upon. hello?

A society of individuals gets on best if the individuals learn to respect one another’s differences (tolerance) while at the same time always endeavouring to keep their own egos to themselves. You don’t say everything you are thinking when what you happen to be thinking is negative, you don’t cut in front of people in line, and you certainly don’t ‘let one rip’ in the grocery store or while sitting in the doctor’s office awaiting your turn…unless you cannot possibly help but let one rip, and that is where ‘tolerance’ comes into it

For nations in a UNARY, RULES-BASED (by consensus), EQUITABLE, DEMOCRATIC (not ‘neoliberal democratic’), world order, it is necessary at the supernational level, to have each member nation adopt the following principles:

  1. Democracy – elections are the best way for people to effect a ‘REGIME CHANGE’. Far better for Russians to elect a new government than to wait for NATO to vanquish their current government, da?
  2. Climate Change / renewable energy – what your neighbour does, affects you too.
  3. Population control – we are too many. We don’t need to be so many. If we were under 1B globally, we would not be tripping over one another in competition for dwindling resources and opportunity to grow GDP. The ONLY VALUE TO HAVING SO MANY PEOPLE ON EARTH AT ONE TIME IS GREATER CONSUMPTION. GREATER CONSUMPTION IMPLIES GREATER BUSINESS ACTIVITY AND GREATER PROFITS for investors. The rule of gold is a spiraling downward to dystopia and destruction. ITS ONLY VALUE IS TO THE WEALTHY and that only for a short time before the foundation upon which wealth is made crumbles…
  4. Human Rights – we all have different values. some western values are anathema to folks of Eastern traditions and vice versa. Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong. Democracy will permit nations to evolve and progress toward a fair and equitable world, in time.

UNLESS YOU CAN TELL ME THAT THE HOMELESS PERSON IN TORONTO IS PROUD OF HIS GREAT CITY OR THAT THE UNBORN BABY WAS HAPPY TO BE ABORTED OR THAT THE POOR AMONG WESTERN NATIONS ARE HAPPY TO WORK SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE THAT DESPITE HAVING NOTHING LEFT IN THE TANK AFTER THEIR SHIFT, THEY ARE HAPPY TO GO CAP IN HAND BACK TO THEIR EMPLOYERS TO BEG FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE $$$ SO THAT THEIR CHILD CAN PLAY SPORTS, OR THAT OUR POOR ARE HAPPY TO BE $$$-LESS AND EXCLUDED FROM VIRTUALLY EVERY ASPECT OF MODERN LIFE BECAUSE TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL COSTS MONEY NOWADAYS, then WE SHOULD NOT PRESS OTHER NATIONS to adopt our values, because it would backfire over resistance to our many societal malfeasances. Those nations may seriously not want to be JUST. LIKE. US.  We also need to progress…to become better than we are now…and, à la the NATO strategy, slow and steady is best. We should black-box each nation’s human right records for now, demand, for now, only that each nation takes on democracy and regular free elections; allow democracy to do its work, to cultivate, inexorably, like waves reshape the shore, like Ukraine’s stand will reshape Europe(and in which Germany and France participate as valued partners and not a power block), a universal, self-actualizing (for national societies and individuals alike) universally acceptable constellation of human rights. I believe I just described, in a general sense, the U.N. mission?

We need not go to war. Not with anyone. We need only get along and ditch the imperialist bs and also the business bs. But to get to that place, WE MUST STAND NOW AGAINST PUTIN AND ANYONE ELSE THINKING LIKE PUTIN. We cannot lose the World god gave us, to ego…anyone’s ego…because ultimately, that is playing into the HANDS OF SATAN’S EGO. Satan wants to kill god. To do that, he has to get the people of the light out of the way; he uses the people living in the darkness of ego, such as Putin, to help him to get his way…it does not matter one lick to Satan how many Ukrainians and Russians die along the way…not one lick…

Countries are not businesses and the World is not a mine for the Wealthy to plunder in order to have a bigger house and a faster car and more trips to the island. If we do not ensure equal opportunity to navigate Maslow’s Pyramid as a society, then we are not a national society, we are a business labour-pool.

the corruption in the West is clearly expressed in what earns the highest salaries there: kids who can hit a ball a mile or run faster than a cheetah, why, that is extraordinary, BUT HOW IN THE BEJEEZUS CAN THAT EARN THE KID A 20 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT when so many work Dollarama jobs? Piketty will explain how revealing this is of a society on the verge of war and self-annihilation. IF THE OLIGARCHS ON THE OTHER SIDE DON’T GET US, WE WILL IMPLODE FROM THE INSIDE, the statue with feet of clay will crumble under the weight the wealthy put upon it from above.

Unless we ditch the rule of gold and embrace the Golden Rule.


I just read in the Kyiv Independent’s newsletter that Israel refused America’s request that it send the old Hawk anti-aircraft missiles it keeps in storage to Ukraine. ISRAEL REFUSED. Israel, the same nation that relies for ITS VERY EXISTENCE upon the military support America has provided and America’s commitment to COME TO ITS DEFENSE IF IT IS INVADED, by Iran, say. Now, when America needs Israel to step-up for Ukraine AND FOR THE WORLD, Israel says, ‘f-u’….what to do? what to do? Jesus. H. Murphy. AS A JEW, I WOULD BE PROUD OF MY HERITAGE, MY CULTURE, MY HISTORY, my indomitable nature, my resourcefulness…BUT, as an Israeli, I would feel greatly ashamed at what my government is up to, willing to sacrifice young Israeli lives to acquire…and that is, more power for Israel’s wealthy.

25 January 2023

Great news coming today from Germany and the US. Both nations appear to have come to terms wrt the furnishing of heavy tanks to Ukraine.

I have been pretty hard on Olaf and Emmanuel and I am exquisitely happy to eat crow and to say I’m sorry. In my own defense, it is difficult to remain quiet when folks are talking politics over the graves of young children…

wrt Germany’s anxieties over the symbolism of German tanks once again facing off against Russian tanks in Ukraine, I can only say this:

The Germans living today are not among the Germans who aligned with the Nazis back in the 1930s. Jesus H. Murphy, that was nearly one hundred years ago! There can be no one living today who was Nazi back then! To Germans: You are not responsible for yesterday; you are, like the rest of us, responsible to yourselves today and to the world’s children of today and tomorrow. Be German forever. Bring Germany’s special gifts to the table. God’s world needs them.

WRT my concerns that Germany-France conspire together to set the future, autonomous (not having to respect the wishes of the Americans/Brits) direction of the EU and the NATO alliance, I maintain this is only going to make things worse for subsequent generations, that war and annihilation will continue to dog them, because it adds another dimension of division to the geopolitical sphere.

WE NEED TO ACT AS ONE. This means the horse-trades, the compromises, the OPEN AND STRAIGHTFORWARD DEBATE among legislators is accomplished BEFORE ANYONE DOES ANYTHING. to wit: government by C.O.N.S.E.N.S.U.S.

As it is, China wants to ‘guide’ consensus in the East; Germany and France in Europe. This leaves America, the U.K. and their allies to define ‘the West’.  That this configuration will culminate in war between the three ‘uber-states’ is inevitable. While conditions for global war ripen, regional wars will continue to fester and breakout along the margins between the three super states.

We cannot permit such a geopolitical configuration to happen. It is the easiest way forward, but it leads to the Lemmings’ Cliff, albeit over a more circuitous route than if we were to make our stand now.

Whether or not we trust in god, as America once did, BEFORE THE LIKES OF THE MOVEMENT CONSERVATIVES AND DONALD TRUMP USURPED THE MESSAGING COMING OF AMERICA’S INSTITUTIONS OF FAITH for their own insidiously self-serving purposes, god’s belief in us is forever and she/he will help see this through


e pluribus unum…’out of many, ONE’. Something the founders of America thought it important to mention…we of the world need to make this our mantra. I believe our American brothers and sisters would be VERY HAPPY TO HAVE IT SO, and to selflessly make it so.

‘These are the times which try men’s souls’. Some other great American’s observation in the face of an existential threat.

Indeed, Mr. Paine, we are there yet again. Going forward, we need your good sense and clarity of vision to bring the human world away from the precipice between light and darkness, toward the light of democracy and to hold, across the board, that all folks are created (by god) equal (and none to be enslaved/en-serfed to others), and to universally esteem this as being, ‘self-evident’…

For when the creator’s intent becomes ‘self-evident’ to humans, why, that means we’re on the same page with the creator, and by extension, WITH ONE ANOTHER.

Go figure! We all live on the same planet…how in the bejeezus can we manage TO NOT BE ON THE SAME PAGE? (hello?)

Once more, my gratitude to the Germans and Americans for getting it together wrt the MBTs.

We’ll see what happens next, but I fear there will be one more major hurtle to get past:

the closer Russia is to defeat in Ukraine, if Putin is still in power, THE MORE LIKELY HE IS TO TRY A ONE-TIMER NUKE ON KYIV?

HE WILL SIMULTANEOUSLY BE PREPARED (and so will China) TO LAUNCH AGAINST AMERICA, if America were to launch in reaction to Kyiv.

That is my worry. Putin has brought America into a game of chicken. Putin is not behaving in Ukraine as if he has anything left to lose, and he will not back down. He can’t let go; the World, IN ALL GOOD CONSCIENCE, can’t let him go, either, not after all he has done.

If America goes after Putin, directly, he will let all hell break loose, OR, if America restrains itself, Putin will regard that as a victory and continue, like an amoeba, to absorb more and more of the surrounding territory into his personal demesne. Xi will be encouraged to move on Taiwan.

Putin will not go away on his own and neither will the peril which now threatens to end the Anthropocene.

Biden is correct in his geopolitical aspirations. IMO, a unary, rules-based, world order based on RESPECT FOR THE CREATOR’S INTENT for humankind and HIS/HER GARDEN;

AND NOT ONE DEFINED BY the rapacious greed of wealthy folks…that’s a world worth standing up for.

the creator intends for us to create, as he/she did; to nurture creation, as he/she does…to grow and prosper and to know JOY, as EVERY parent (among which, our creator is numbered!) hopes is the lot for their children.

The Golden Rule. That is a rule to stand up with.

The rule of gold is a spiraling galaxy with a black hole at its centre. It draws everything in, including the Light and lets nothing escape. It only grows, drawing everything in, until there is nothing left, at which juncture, it stops growing.

Like cancer, it dies when there is nothing left TO CONSUME.

That is the endgame of Putin, of Wealth as an institution of rule, OF SATAN. [it is the outcome of inexorable GDP growth].

What the creator has wrought and trusted to his/her creation by the provision of free will, SATAN and everyone dancing to the demon’s tune wants to destroy. THAT IS ALL THEY ARE CAPABLE OF.


Only in the light is creation possible. Only in the light is joy to be found. THE JOY IN CREATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF ENERGY.

Why? Because nothing is created except that which is created out of LOVE. No one would bother to create anything they wouldn’t like, would they? Let’s give god a little credit!

Putin attacks Ukraine, but his fight is with god, the creator. Ukraine’s fight to exist is not only Ukraine’s fight, IT IS EUROPE’S FIGHT, THE FREE WORLD’S FIGHT…the fight for the human soul.

Ah, now we’re coming to the point…

24 January 2023

I deleted the last five days here.

I deleted them because they contained some irreverent comments about the governments in Germany and France. [I couldn’t help it!]

The French President is so arrogant as to presume that the other EU nations WANT HIM AND OLAF to determine FOR THEM how they should live their lives. TO SCHOLZ AND MACRON, on behalf of Europe, ‘THANKS, BUT NO-THANKS. The last thing Europeans need is another round of Germany and/or France running things, moreover, telling them what to do. Olaf and Emmanuel’s arrogance is over the top the stuff of ridicule.

Prior to this, both Olaf and Emmanuel had gone it alone to ‘talk’ to Putin. Olaf even went to visit Xi. I am watching Rock Rachon of TVP right now. The interviewee is saying ‘…you can trust the German people, but not this government.’ Exactly so. You can watch the entire episode here. It is very informative. What the military expert says about Germany and the tanks and its relationship with Russia and Ukraine, going forward, is of particular interest.

Meanwhile, former Soviet nations, the U.K., the Americans, the Dutch, the Swedes, the Fins, the Norwegians, the Canadians…they are all standing TALL, in honour…in defense of liberty. Once again, we are poised to come to the aid of those who are made to suffer miserably under the yoke of powerful neighbours.

At the going down of the Sun, and in the morning, we shall remember them…

WHAT IS CLEAR, is that the regimes of Germany and France are beginning to tap their foot  to the rhythm of the same tune which led to the Great Wars, Acts I and II. It is hard to ‘let go’ of anything, OF POWER (or power’s Faustian bargain) most of all, oui/ja?

I urge these two leaders to reconsider just how welcome they really are in the lives of others. But for to do that, THEY MUST ASK THE OTHERS.  I am afraid they won’t even ask the mirror [even the evil queen got a better response than these two ever would].  But I suppose what is governing their souls is the blackness of ego and with them it is verging out of control, and they know it. Once the darkness within takes you over, you are lost;  IF YOU HAPPEN TO GOVERN A NATION, A PEOPLE, where does this leave THEM?

AND I THOUGHT OPPORTUNISM ENDED WITH ERDOGAN. hello? Now it all makes sense to me…Germany and France, traditionally/historically at enmity with one another, now conspire together, opportunistically, as in days of old, against the modern pax romana held together by America/the U.K. et al.

Germany and France are playing at the same dubious game as Russia and China now play at.

Germany and France perceive OPPORTUNITY FOR THEMSELVES in setting the terms of the EU block. They want to replace America as the might of Europe, THAT THESE TWO BOZOS CAN ASSERT CONTROL OVER THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF ALL EUROPEANS.

I dunno, but I’ll bet the Poles, the Estonians, the Slovenians, the Czechs, the Swedes, the Fins…all of them…will have other ideas…MORE DEMOCRATIC/less neoliberal-democratic ideas.

And so here we are at long last: Orwell’s 1984.


Orwell’s Animal Farm

we are fast becoming Huxley’s Brave New World.

Orwell imagined a tripartite geopolitical arrangement wherein Oceania (America and region), Eurasia (Europe, the M.E., Russia, the subcontinent?), and Eastasia (China and the Pacific countries) divide the world between them, with wars ongoing, all the time, along the margins.

Where History is constantly rewritten to support the current geopolitical and domestic configurations.

ALL PROVIDED TO HUMANITY BY WEALTH, in order to preserve the wealth of the wealthy. THAT’S IT. GREED. $$$. THE POWER THAT $$$ BUYS.

This is the reason for Germany and France to talk about ‘reshaping Europe’. Just like China and Russia drool over ‘reshaping the East’. THIS MINDSET IS WAY, WAY BEHIND THE TIMES.

The third block would be those of the world today who realize that UNITY, not dividing the world into spheres of influence, is what is going to sustain humankind into the future and to the stars. NOT ELON. NOT PUTIN. NOT A WORLD GOVERNED BY $$$.

Rather, a world governed by REASON/RATIONALITY in the spirit of being GOOD NEIGHBOURS.

Foreign Policy has provided an article on the direction Europe should take, going forward, AND IT IS NOT INCLUDING GERMANY AND FRANCE.

Let Germany and France be a power block unto themselves. Let China and Russia be a power  block unto themselves.


Eventually, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel, India, Russia, China…they will join humanity and make the substantive contributions TO THE CAUSE OF HUMANKIND, GOD, AND THE WORLD that they have it within themselves to make…

THAT IS, IF CONTRIBUTING TO THE CAUSE OF HUMANKIND AND GOD AND THE WORLD IS THEIR INTENT; rather than to assert control over their neighbours, humankind, god, and the world JUST TO SUIT THEMSELVES.

Ego is the anachronism these leaders/nations are steeped in. They will drown in the smell of their own offal because of this.


These nations all sprang from the imperialism which now threatens to bring the curtain down upon the Age of the Anthropocene.

These nations know better. America could wreak havoc upon the world and upon Russia and China RIGHT NOW but they know that this will be the end of the Anthropocene.

Rather they use their young to enforce the peace until WE SMARTEN UP and see that PEACE IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.

Nothing that comes of war lasts. The most powerful nation in the world right now is America. America knows it can’t be that way FOREVER, and so, RATHER THAN KEEP CREATING THE CONDITIONS THAT INEVITABLY LEAD TO WAR, they bite their lip wrt Germany, France, Israel…you name them…they take the moral high ground, RATHER THAN CONTINUE TO PURSUE THE SELF-SERVING low ground…in the hopes that the others will come around.

I would die in defense of a country gifted with an attitude like that. BEFORE WE LOSE OURSELVES, we need to acknowledge that the cancer afflicting Germany and France and Turkey and Israel is the same affliction that Russia, China, et al. are experiencing…the rule of $$$

too bad…because we have had the cure ever since Jesus showed up…Jesus got it from the Hindus? I dunno…but he, channeling the Christ, the Logos, the Word of the creator, passed it along to Mohamed (PBUH) through an angel, to Gandhi the Mahatma, to Mother Teresa, to so, so, many souls…

THE GOLDEN RULE. It is all we need, plus the courage to follow it.

The rule of $$$ is what compels the likes of Scholz and Macron and Erdogan and Netanyahu and Xi and Putin, etc. etc. to kill and to allow killing. THIS WILL NEVER, EVER CHANGE IF WE THE WORLD (remember that these oafs are NOT THE WORLD, anymore than corporations are real persons) ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE TO HAVE THEIR WAY OVER US AND LET THEM BULLSHIT US INTO COMPLIANCE WITH THEIR EVIL, UNPEACEFUL, GROSSLY SELF-SERVING AGENDAS…the agenda of Wealth.

Our hope is with the Americans under Biden. Our hope is the hope of the world’s children.

Biden is an old man who lost his son. Biden knows tragedy more than most people because THERE IS NO GREATER SORROW THAN TO BURY YOUR OFFSPRING…the greatest accomplishment, the greatest love of your life is gone from you, UNTIL YOU MEET THEM AGAIN ON GOD’S GOLDEN SHORE. Biden is the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth AND, IT SEEMS, THE ONLY NATION WITH A GLOBALIZED KICK-BUTT MILITARY THAT WOULD CHOOSE PEACE OVER WAR, LIFE OVER $$$.

I’m betting on Biden. I’m betting on Biden-America and its allies. I am praying for the citizens of Russia, China, Germany, France, Turkey and Israel, that their governments FINALLY ACT RESPONSIBLY for their citizens, and the ONLY WAY TO DO THAT

i.s. t.h.e. w.a.y. o.f.


But the road to peace lay on the other side of Ukraine.

  2. Today, the World must rally to Biden-America AND NOT TO OLAF-GERMANY OR MACRON-FRANCE or any other right-wing / all-wrong bozo.
  3. today, the world of humans must get right with the creator’s intent…embrace the Golden Rule and ditch the rule of gold, once and for all.
  4. Sadly, Germany and France have not changed their spots. Generational memory can be so short…but Canada and America have not succumbed to this: we now experience the pain and the shame of the Residential Schools and what our nations permitted to be done to Innocence AND WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THE BLOODSHED OF THE GREAT WARS. To both remember and honour our Fallen,

WE STAND WITH UKRAINE and not with those who stand with the likes of Olaf-Germany or Macron-France, Erdogan-Turkey, Netanyahyu-Israel…not to mention Putin-Russia and Xi-China.

We stand with the people of Germany, France, Turkey, Israel, Russia, China…and all those who want to raise their children in peace and love AND OPPORTUNITY to progress god’s envelope toward the RETURN to the Garden.

[09:35] Just saw Germany’s latest announcement on DW News. Apparently Pistorius says that Germany still has not decided on sending Leopards to Ukraine, that it has received Poland’s ‘request’ to be allowed to send Poland’s German-made Leopards to Ukraine, AND THAT IT IS TELLING ANYONE IN EUROPE WHO HAS THE LEOPARDS THAT THEY ‘MAY’ BEGIN TRAINING UKRAINIANS ON HOW TO USE THE LEOPARDS.

Now, this is great news. EXCEPT for the fact that it is a cover for something else, something UN-savoury.

Germany wants everyone to know that you don’t tell Germany what to do (even when their government is behaving like a bunch of SELFISH assholes);

Germany tells YOU what to do.

Strange bedfellows: Germany needs France, its traditional nemesis, in order to control the others (France being too big for Germany to control and Germany being too big for France to control). This mimics the rapprochement between Russia and China, also traditional enemies, now ‘friends’ over their mutual hatred of America (actually it is more like jealousy, but the end is the same: they want America gone like Russia wants Ukraine gone…just so they can be EVERYONE’S BIG BROTHER.

IMO, France and Germany want to use America to counter the East, and Russia to counter America. Why????

Because Germany and France want their own corner of the World. AGAIN. JUST LIKE THE GOLD OLD DAYS OF COLONIALISM, IMPERIALISM…THE DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY…those good ol’ days.

The days which led to millions upon millions of deaths in war.

Again, I say, if that is how Germany and France want to roll, then they must roll WITHOUT EUROPE…this kind of attitude was killed after WW II. If it is resurrected today, it will lead to WW III.

Winston might have exited this life ‘loving Big Brother’ but, hello? that was a warning, not a prophecy…but to get to the good place, we must make sure we haven’t replaced the world’s ruling classes with Orwell’s pigs. They look like pigs, they talk like pigs, but guess what, they ‘think’ and are spirited the same way as the greedy folks who brought us TO THE PRECIPICE of the Lemmings’ Cliff.

NATO should say goodbye to Turkey, to France, to Germany…

…and hello to Finland, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Finland and Sweden saw the writing on the wall when Russia invaded the Ukraine last year. Finland, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, and Czech Republic, saw the need to make a choice. They chose the light and liberty for Europe. Germany, France, and Turkey saw opportunity FOR THEMSELVES, at the expense of Europe in the long term…UKRAINIAN LIVES, even the lives of little children RIGHT NOW. Choosing self-interest is tantamount to choosing the Darkness. Democracy Dies in Darkness, says the Washington Post. Yep, says I.

Germany’s Pistorius seems to gloat upon his Germany’s resolve to not be pushed around by the Americans and Brits (not to mention everyone else with a brain in their heads and their hands kept in their own pockets) over their tanks, while in the background, Ukrainian children get bombed out of their sandboxes by the Russians…it is as if he thinks WE THINK: ‘Oh! Minister Pistorius! You are so brave! so resolute! we all want to follow you now…straight through the gates of Hell…’

As I say,  it is time to move forward. Muslim extremism hasn’t gotten over the Crusades and France and Germany haven’t gotten over the Roman Empire…they tried to style themselves as the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ but that didn’t last…now, they try to form a 5th column of influence within the EU. No wonder the Brits decided not to have anything to do with that shit.

But I’ll bet the Brits and the Americans et al. would welcome all European nations into a trans-Atlantic block which one day will be the only block because the American Dream, where one could stake out a place of your own, to contribute to the nation, to raise your family in peace and love…WHY THIS IS BECOMING THE WORLD DREAM. Biden-America would want it so.

Germany, China, France, Russia…THEY DO NOT WANT IT SO.

They would put their young through war again just so their wealthy can live better, high off the hog…even better than Orwell’s pigs.

But Germany, China, France, Russia…their citizens need not share in the shame their leaders bring upon their nations BY CHOOSING self-interest over young lives or the right of a nation to exist…nor need they die just to keep their wealthy living high up on Mount Olympus.

god’s world has only one rule. THE GOLDEN RULE. Only one ruler and that ruler gave everyone free will. Rulers who steward are rulers in god’s scheme. Rulers who enrich themselves are not rulers, they are ‘business people’ and ‘investors’.

We not only have to choose, we can choose…we do not have to submit to Olaf/Emmanuel or to Vladimir/Jinping or to Donald.

Lets join ourselves to those who today join with Ukraine, for better or worse, for as long as it takes, AND LEAVE THE OUTCOME TO THE CREATOR and not to the likes of Macron and Scholz.

Those two lead Germans and French to the Lemmings’ Cliff. I am praying Germans and French folks put the brakes to that and come along with us.

We want to explore the Heavens. What sort of impression do you suppose we would make, if it were Putin or Columbus (or Trump) fulfilling our side of ‘First Contact?’

Jesus. H. Murphy.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I read just now in the Kyiv Independent’s newsletter, that Estonia has committed to sending ALL OF ITS HOWITZERS to Ukraine. All of them, so that, as the Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine says, “We want to create a precedent so that other countries will not have any excuses why they cannot provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons to win the war.” Amen to that.

What was I just saying about EU leadership? Obviously, it’s Germany and France who are starving for leadership; THAT IS WHY OLAF AND EMMANUEL BELIEVE THEY’RE THE ONES TO LEAD EUROPE.

From where I sit, Poland, Estonia, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden…all of them ARE LEADING, from behind, in the EU, because Germany and France have more $$$ and like the power $$$ buys.

Let France and Germany lead themselves if they cannot collaborate, if they have to be the big kids in the park. America and Britain outgrew that attitude a long time ago, I think after experiencing WW II and hoping that they never have to send their young people into the maw of war again. NOT EVER.

They have not forgotten themselves. But Germany and France seem to have forgotten. I am sick at heart. I am so in love with a world of peace and opportunity for everyone living in it.

But we have a class of people leading the nations of the world who regard the world as their demesne, and everyone below them as serfs/slaves…tools.

18 January 2023

I am reading a Reuters explanation article wrt the hesitancy of Western allies sending battle tanks to Ukraine.

One reason is supply. Several NATO countries (including Turkey, Finland, and Sweden) have the German-made Leopard II’s. The Leopard IIs are considered the best fit for Ukraine, all things considered. BUT WE HAVE TURKEY’S ERDOGAN ALWAYS PLAYING HIS OWN GAMES, to the point where I must question which side he is operating on? That’s always been the trouble with self-interest: the goalposts move continuously, in keeping with the EGO. Ego is NOT a feature of LEADERSHIP, in fact, it is the VERY THING WHICH COMPROMISES EVERY SINGLE LEADER’S ABILITY TO LEAD EFFECTIVELY. Erdogan is being led by his ego and condemns his nation to war and misery for its citizens. He is no different than every other Turkish leader before him; those responsible for millions of Turkish dead over the years.

So much for Turkey.

But supply is an issue for these nations nevertheless. I WOULD REMIND ANYONE WHO HAS LEOPARDS THAT UKRAINE IS FIGHTING EUROPE’S WAR, NORTH AMERICA’S WAR, AFRICA’S WAR, ASIA’S WAR. That includes Canada. The geopolitical situation is become in or out. You are either against Russia AND the oligarchs OR you are with Russia AND the oligarchs. The world is become so polarized nowadays, economically within countries and geopolitically among countries. THERE IS NO LONGER A FENCE TO SIT ON. Decide, now.

With respect to (wrt) the potential for Western technology to end up in Russian and Chinese hands, again, I WOULD REMIND NATO THAT UKRAINIANS ARE DYING IN DROVES ****TODAY**** IN DEFENSE OF THEIR COUNTRY, WHICH, LIKE ISRAEL, IS LOCATED IN A SPOT  OF INVALUABLE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE TO NATIONS THAT POSSESS HUGE ARMIES, A NUCLEAR ARSENAL, AND ALWAYS CAST A RAVENOUS EYE UPON IT. Rather than to succumb to fear, keep working on technical progress, so that the Russians and Chinese and their dubious allies never catch up. [This is what we have been doing all along, hasn’t it? How else would you explain our continued business relationships with China while China was violating every principle of trade, human rights…and then there’s this thing about not fessing up over COVID (at the very least, Xi should have warned the World, our world, the moment he knew about COVID…whether that was a Gain-of-Function ‘experiment’ gone awry, why, we don’t know that either].

We are already past the post of war. It is only a matter of time before we are all drawn into it. The best we can hope for is that Russia will be defeated and militarily neutralized…permanently…before China decides to roll the dice on Taiwan. Xi knows he will be taking on the Americans. NO ONE wants to do that. Xi just may be as stupid as Putin is, and so, there is no guarantee he won’t try.

The way to defeat Russia and allow Russians to craft their own future as a nation IS FOR ERDOGAN, NETANYAHU, MODI, and anyone else who thinks like these guys (including corporate CEOs) to go away, to retire, and to allow their young people to determine THEIR OWN FUTURES, rather than let these bozos send them to the meat grinder of their PERSONAL WARS OF CONQUEST AND LEGACY.

The world, in Ukraine, already sees the legacy Putin is leaving.

We must make our stand. NOW.

THANK GOD FOR UKRAINE AND UKRAINIANS. They light the path of the Light for all to see.

The Golden Rule v. the rule of gold. Be like Ukraine. Stand up for the truth and for our creator, whose heart is breaking under the strain of so much misery being perpetrated upon the souls of the World he/she created for us to thrive in.

17 January 2023

I see that Ontario’s premier is moving on the privatization of healthcare among the headlines today. Yes, this is acting in the peoples’ interest. IT IS ACTING IN THE INTEREST OF PEOPLE WITH $$$.

If you have $$$, you can earn money for YOURSELF by investing in the PROVISION OF HEALTH CARE to those who NEED IT.

If you have $$$, you can see a doctor and be healed.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE $$$, why, you get kicked to the curb.

Plainly, our con government represents THE PEOPLE WITH $$$. (duh!)

But, what about our PM’s lame response to Doug Ford’s newest neoliberal-democratic offering to the insatiable god of profit?

He’s fence-sitting. Perhaps the Liberals are formulating something in the way of a response?


What I do know is that under our Liberals in Ottawa, corporate power over us is growing. We are reminded everywhere at every moment of the ubiquitous corporate presence in our lives. Even our young people are being taught that investing and career are the highest human attainments…somehow, I don’t believe this is what the Jewish mystics, the great prophets of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. had in mind for the individual human’s highest spiritual achievement, nor did Maslow when he modeled the ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ as a pyramid, with ‘self-actualization’ being the HIGHEST SPIRITUAL ACHIEVEMENT.

With our current leadership, the best the citizen can accomplish is along only TWO DIMENSIONS: you can acquire MORE WEALTH and/or you can consume MORE of EVERYTHING.

This is the social model our governments have been pursuing BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENTS SERVE WEALTH. More precisely, the gods of wealth to wit: investors.


Self-interest is promoted by governments  because it keeps the citizenry divided and incapable of organizing. Everyone is ‘in it’ for themselves.

But, corporations, have the power of one and the $$$ of many. The corporation is A GOLIATH wrt ANY citizen because it brings to bear the $$$ OF MANY, amounting to THE POWER OF MANY over any ONE who feels wronged. 

MAKE NO MISTAKE, as everything in society becomes MONETIZED, those with $$$ will increasingly have their way over those WHO DO NOT HAVE $$$. 

This will become more evident to Ontarians as Doug Ford (or whomever we elect to run Ontario) as MORE PUBLIC SERVICES ARE PRIVATIZED. There will be LONGER WAIT TIMES AT HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOMS and more people dying while waiting for triage or medical procedures.


which is, every  citizen for themselves, except for those who contribute to GDP. Those folks can expect to get help during the ‘hard times’ (like corporations did FROM OUR LIBERALS during COVID), whereas, THE MOST VULNERABLE CITIZENS AT THE TIME: the homeless and the already-unemployed before CERB, got nothing…


This process is playing out among nations also. The existential problem with the West IS THE SAME as for the East: it is the oligarchs, the folks behind the curtain who are pulling society’s levers. Governments on both sides serve the oligarchs. That is how CORPORATIONS ARE PERMITTED THE SAME RIGHTS AS INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS (which they are not, they are a collection of investors whose only connection is to make a profit).

Nowadays, corporations have minds of their own, as all individuals do. Only, the mind of the corporations is to MAKE MONEY AT ALL COSTS TO HUMAN LIFE, QUALITY OF LIFE, AND THE ENVIRONMENT, but not to the cost of the ‘bottom line’.

We can change this. PRESIDENT BIDEN PLEASE REIN-IN THE REAL PROBLEM. TAX THE OLIGARCHS INTO GLOBAL COMPLIANCE. We need corporations to behave themselves and to be one of the pillars upon which THE GOALS OF SOCIETY, DOMESTIC AND GLOBAL, are progressed.

Even if Western oligarchs were to defeat Eastern oligarchs, this would be tantamount to lung cancer defeating prostate cancer in the body: the lung cancer must kill the body in order to kill the prostate cancer, AND NO ONE WINS. No one, that is, except Satan. Even those who serve Satan, to wit: those of the institution of Wealth, of wealth for its own sake, and not to steward with.

We can see the fissures of self-interest everywhere. As the song says, ‘nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong’. Germany could be waffling over sending its tanks to Ukraine not only because it fears war with Russia BUT BECAUSE IT KNOWS HOW CORRUPT AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN POLITICS IS BECOME, because they are ruled  by OLIGARCHS, just like Germany is.

Alright. That’s all for today, folks! Prayers for Ukraine.

Prayers for the World and the world’s children.

Russia is preparing a new offensive. There doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of Ukraine left standing. The media has been saying Russia is running out of missiles and bombs and bullets, but the carnage continues nevertheless.

It is time for the World to act against Russia. I know I vacillate, but it is hard to sit back and watch what is happening to Ukrainians.

Putin and his oligarchs are monsters. IF WE DO NOT STAND AGAINST THEM NOW, then we are monsters too.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing. [paraphrasing]

this is what Putin, the oligarchs both East and West, and neoliberal governments everywhere are counting on…that the citizens do nothing, except for to answer the call and march STRAIGHT INTO HELL, the way the Elohim marched into the maw of the mine of the Morlocks whenever the siren blew.

India, the modern example of the oligarchs’ operative to  ‘play both ends of the middle’ when it comes to geopolitics (and to honour), gifted the World with the Great Soul, the mahatma, whose gift to the World was satyagraha.

When the right of the people to determine their quality of life is stolen by their wealthy, when their governments turn away from god’s truth and the citizen, to serve Wealth, then the people must gain their authority back from those who stole it.


why then, SATYAGRAHA is all the people have left.

And it will be enough. If we are STRONG AND RIGHTEOUS.

If we esteem H.O.N.O.U.R. as the highest human condition.


Columbus offered valueless glass beads in exchange for the land the Natives possessed and drew their sustenance from. Nowadays, ‘the Left’ offers the poor a few dollars to help us against INFLATION, which is the ruling class’s way to gain back the benefits the government pays to us (because changes in government benefits tend to lag behind the realities) and to recoup profits they lost.

Don’t forget who it is the government BORROWS FROM. The interest rate increases act to reduce inflationary pressures, but the loss to the coffers of Wealth is offset by the rate increases which provide better returns on the money they invest as loans to nations.

Don’t forget how much $$$ is hidden from national governments (but somehow they know it is there). The oligarchs deliberately withhold $$$ FROM THE VERY NATIONS THEY USED TO GAIN $$$, from the children who are starving, the parents who are struggling, and don’t forget, they dither over how much military aid to provide Ukraine WHILE THEY WATCH THE CARNAGE.

Such a world, IMO, is not worth saving. That is the world run by Oligarchs.

We deserve BETTER. Our creator, IMO, wants better for us AND FROM US.


In the meantime, 

***Keep on rockin’ in the free world***

16 January 2023

Watching a video on YouTube right now that summarizes Russia’s murderous intent in Ukraine. You can plainly see for yourself what Russians are doing in Ukraine. If I were Russian, I would choose death for myself over participating in something like what they are doing in Ukraine.

The video has a direct message to those who call for peace with Russia. It is the same message I have been sending to anyone who will listen:

Russia has already crossed the line, just over what it did in Bucha. Chevauchée. Total Destruction. 

THE ONLY THING MORE CRIMINAL THAN WHAT RUSSIA IS DOING IN UKRAINE is for the other nations of the world to stand by and let it happen. There is no honour left in a world which can permit what Russia is doing right now in Ukraine.

ANY NATION, REGIME, OR INDIVIDUAL rationalization of what is done to Ukraine is a hypocrisy of the highest (or rather ‘lowest’) order.

It is an insanity tantamount to Satan-worship: how is it that anyone can come to consider it a good idea to worship an entity that exists just to screw you over?

India. China. Iran. Israel. Russia. These nations exist to progress their own interests, even if it means murder, death, destruction, to innocent people who only want to be left to live and raise their families IN PEACE. These nations must be called to account. NOW.

WRT to the ruling classes of ‘liberal’ democracies: these folks must be taxed back into the citizenry, in order to neutralize the unnatural hegemony wealth imposes upon society.

Every single person who dies in the war to come, the living will have to account for, if we do nothing.


If WW III declenches, it will be the poor, the young, who are first to die. The wealthy will run for cover. They will not look to the poor.

Stewards would.

Business people cut their losses and wait for THEIR NEXT OPPORTUNITY.

Our wealth classes exist BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT STEWARDS. They are business people. They profit from society FOR THEMSELVES. Right now, they are busy creating for us a virtual world to live in (via our televisions…very 1984-ish) to sugarcoat the dystopic conditions they are creating in the REAL WORLD, the one they preside over, from high above, in their neo-Mount Olympus.

There is no mistaking who Wealth serves. The egos of wealthy folks have them believe they serve themselves and that everything is going to plan,  but in truth they are duped by Satan; just as corporations/investors profit on the backs of employees, Satan uses wealthy folks to screw over god’s creation, rather than to steward god’s creation. Their Faustian deal with the devil will bite them in the nether region!

No one is interested in TRUTH. The truth is, everyone is self-interested.

That means Satan has won the soul of humankind and he has done this by turning the ruling class toward him, to worship him, TO PROFIT THEMSELVES, rather than to steward the creator’s creation.

It is all going to end soon, if we don’t change our direction.

At the highest level, Satan and god are engaged in  a cold war that has been fought for millennia and is about to go ‘hot.’ Whose side will you be on?

The lines are being drawn. It is the war of wars, the war between two spirits: the rule of gold v. the Golden Rule.

None of the misery in the World, our world, was never necessary…the more, the pity.

Prayers for Ukraine and for the World we will leave to our children. Jesus, or his stand-in, is going to come soon, IMO. I don’t know if, this time, it will be a man, woman, or child…male or female, what colour or culture or gender or sexual orientation or gender-mix…but whytf does any of that even matter?…it is only relevant to the Brave New World wealth is engineering to replace democratic society with government by board (accelerated apace by the internet and now 5G)…the modern penchant for classification AND LABELLING OF EVERYONE serves only to keep people cloistered within their label (boxed-in), divided, and therefore, W.E.A.K. AND INCONSEQUENTIAL.

It is a spiritual Armageddon which humanity now faces. Putin is only the catalyst.

Pop Quiz!

Question: What is the purpose of government?

Answer: To organize and manage the nation on behalf of the citizens.

My question: How is government been doing on behalf of the poor and the homeless? How would Gandhi, who said, ‘The quality of the nation is revealed in how it treats its most vulnerable'[paraphrasing], esteem the nations of the world today? How would he esteem India today? Gandhi died for the likes of those who preside over the misery in India today…hmmm….?

We need only implement a guaranteed annual income (GAI), outlaw foreign and corporate ownership of rental establishments, and of course, end the sale of Canadian real estate to foreigners. This does not mean I am a bigot, if I call out the wealthy on these things? They would rather serve up a plethora of NGOs, NPOs….whatever! Even the Food Bank is organized to the national level nowadays…meaning, poverty is now institutionalized in our (neo) liberal democracies…oh…we would also need to ‘de-personalize’ corporations and put the brakes to public-private partnerships, WHICH ARE SIMPLY A HALF-WAY STEP TO TOTAL PRIVATIZATION OF EVERYTHING, by the folks our Minister of Everything worships and the Executive is in service of.

It is clear that our ruling classes are corrupted by their wealth and will not do the right thing. CANNOT DO THE RIGHT THING.

I want to be wrong about this, but I see no sign of things changing for the better. I see every indication that, over time, what my children will be living in, the opportunities they will have, will be no better than what Putin offers Ukrainians and Russians today.

We can change all of this, in an instant, by embracing the Golden Rule. But we won’t, on the national/governmental/geopolitical levels BECAUSE AT THOSE LEVELS, the revolution to Western Democracy has been hijacked by rich people, the very ones liberal democracy imposes checks and balances on, SO THAT THEY DO NOT OBTAIN HEGEMONY OVER DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY and turn national Executive bodies into CORPORATE BOARDS.

14 January 2023

I am watching Denys Davydov’s latest coverage of events in Solidar, Ukraine. According to Denys, the intrepid Ukrainian defenders wrought maximal losses upon the Russian attackers before deciding to leave. As President Zelenskyy said, ‘They bought us time.’ [paraphrasing]

Of note is the ‘competition’ between the regular Russian army and the for-hire Wagner forces. They apparently do not like each other and there is much cyber-chatter about Prigozhin spearheading a coup to replace Putin, that the ‘competition’ is a demonstration of the effectiveness of paramilitary forces, which, btw, are illegal in Russia.


Spiritual corruption runs rampant in modern human society. The ‘scraps from our masters’ table’ are the attitudes and mores of the upper class that support and progress a dystopic existence for everyone else but themselves.

Our ruling classes already situate AI between them and everyone else, as a line of defense wrt the social narrative they are downloading into our psyches. It is already nigh-impossible to talk to a human in an organization, when you have a C/S problem, say; one day it will be impossible, and people will die in droves waiting for Triage BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER REASON WITH A COMPUTER PROGRAM. If you thought your dad was unreasonable when you were a teenager, wait until you have to argue your case WITH A COMPUTER PROGRAM (but they will sound so human!)

My bank’s AI is very friendly-sounding, like your favourite auntie who is always happy to hear from you and willing to help; contrast ‘her’ with my CC company’s AI – ‘she’ always sounds pissed-off having to answer the phone…IMO, it’s because the bank WANTS YOUR MONEY/YOUR LOAN (therefore the nice, welcoming tone of voice); the CC company already has your loan and doesn’t want to have to deal with any bs associated with the loan, say…). ALL JUST LIKE REAL PEOPLE MIGHT. But, they are not real people. They will never, EVER, deviate from their programming.

Corruption is very deep in the human spirit. This is the culmination of the rule of gold. IF WE CANNOT FREE OURSELVES FROM UNDER WEALTH’S HEGEMONY, we are all in for it…wealthy folks included. They believe AI will replace the mundane services we ‘the people’ provide them with and so apart from service folks (who will be next to be ‘AI-ed’ out of existence) they will not have to pay people to do work for them (or to die for them in wars among the oligarchs)…

at the highest level of abstraction GENOCIDE IS OCCURRING, NOW: it is being perpetrated by wealth among the poor. THERE IS NO GREATER SOCIAL-EXCLUSION PRINCIPLE THAN POVERTY. 

The Social Contract is a two-way thing. ALWAYS.  When it is not two-way, when it appears that the government is giving you something for nothing…WATCH OUT…while the ruling classes run the World, those folks never give anything away, anymore than Canadian Tire or Tim’s would be giving anything to children’s programs IF IT WAS NOT AN INVESTMENT PERCEIVED TO PRODUCE A PROFIT.

Wealth offers only a Faustian bargain. Faustus will always rue making any kind of deal with the devil. How can the rest of us be that stupid? Does no one see that ‘democracy’ is made a dark joke?

Faustus was a literary creation; unable to THINK for himself inside Goethe’s masterpiece. He could not help but to think in the way Goethe wanted him to think.

We are REAL PEOPLE living inside a narrative manufactured for us BY WEALTHY FOLKS. But we set our TRUE NATURE’S aside, that we might better get along in the narrative someone else is writing. WE ARE ‘CHARACTERS’ EQUIPPED WITH REAL INTELLIGENCE (NOT AI) WHO GIVE OUR FREE WILL OVER TO WEALTHY FOLKS FOR A FEW (and rapidly diminishing) SCRAPS FROM THE MASTERS’ TABLE, of the kind we can eat…hello?

Prayers for Ukraine and for all nations of the World to rally to the Light; to turn their backs on the darkness of intra and inter-national anti-democratic forces that would plunge god’s creation into a miserable and violent dystopia. [p.s. the latest proof is Pierre Poilievre. Just look at him speak to a bunch of wealthy bozos at some wealthy-bozo-think-tank yesterday. HE SEEMS TO HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE THE MAN HE SEEMS (stealing a line from Thick as a Brick)…now, he is trying to SEEM prime ministerial. My trouble is, I cannot get the images of him behaving so bozo-like in QP, from the Opposition side of the House.]

We know the way out: it is the Golden Rule. It is in direct opposition to THE RULE OF GOLD.

p.s. the group Poilievre was speaking to is associated with efforts to downplay the horrors of the Residential Schools.

13 Friday 2023

It is Friday the thirteenth. No where in the World are people unluckier than in Ukraine. I say this because one of the great nations of the EU dithers over tanks while Ukrainians clamour for tanks among mounting piles of DEAD MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN.

I’m sorry. The German chancellor and the bs rationalizations  I am hearing on DW News are really getting to be too much (for me, for the DW anchors, for the Ukrainians). Germany is supposed to be a leader…right now they are a dead weight around the necks of Ukrainians who are DYING as OLAF DITHERS. (THANK GOD FOR POLAND, THE U.K. AND THE OTHER NATIONS WHO STAND TALL WITH UKRAINE AGAINST THE MURDEROUS PUTIN AND HIS SILENT PARTNERS).

Germany is a great nation. Germany EXISTS TODAY because it took up arms against the West, lost to the West, and then was assisted BY THE WEST to rebuild and to become a pillar upon which the strength and resolve and future of the World is founded. That is how the West rolls.

Chancellor Olaf, contrast this with how Russia and China roll…that is, if you can get yourself to ignore the barbarism in Bucha.



are there any questions, Olaf? Be a leader. Do the right thing. god help me, after all this time and all the death and destruction, how is it that Germany, of all nations, can dither while Ukrainians are dying in droves?

Thank god for Zelenskyy and also for Joe Biden. Zelenskyy’s tireless leadership is already become the stuff of legend. Biden’s support is proactive (not reactive like Olaf’s) in its recognition that Ukraine’s defense is also Europe’s defense. Don’t worry, if Olaf has a brain cell left in operation AND IS SPIRITED BY HONOUR AND OBJECTIVITY RATHER THAN FEAR AND SELF-INTEREST, he’ll get to this realization eventually.

IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO A WORLD WITHOUT WAR, we need UNITY. To be united, we need honour. We all need to want to do the right thing.

BIDEN WANTS TO DO THE RIGHT THING. He has a choice. America has a choice. America has chosen the Light over the darkness Putin offers.

For the World to survive, the world must embrace the light. For Germany to survive, Germany must embrace the Light.

Ukraine has been given no choice by Putin but to fight for its life. Ukraine is become, through no act of its own, the beacon of Light for the World. The souls of the victims of Stalin’s Holomodor are standing with Ukraine’s soldiers today…they watch as their children defend god in the World of humans against Satan’s latest ‘iteration’ (to wit: Vladimir Putin).

If any leader today can choose to ignore what Putin’s military has already done in Ukraine, that leader is hellbound, IMO.

Zelenskyy’s reprising the role of David v. Goliath has already earned him sainthood, IMO. Extraordinary times bring out either the best or the worst in human nature.

In Zelenskyy and Ukrainians, we see the best in us; in Putin, the Ayatollahs, Xi et al. we see the very, very worst.

On which side of the Styx will Olaf’s Germany land?

Make no mistake: we verge on an existential change. The Darkness wants to control the new world order. Even if we vanquish Putin, there will be another to come and take his place IF WE DO NOT REINVENT HUMAN SOCIETY TO ENSURE NO ONE IS LEFT OUT OR BEHIND wrt OPPORTUNITY, to wit: the hegemony of the ruling class must, after all of these millennia, DEFER TO LIBERALISM AND DEMOCRACY.

We need to act. We need to proact. We must stand against boardroom governance and government.

Or we can do nothing and allow ourselves to be swallowed up by the darkness of others…

we will all end up dead, which is a good thing because no one living will thank our generation for doing NOTHING WHILE UKRAINE IS BEING RAPED IN PLAIN SIGHT.

that is our generation…the one which got a chance at life because of the sacrifice of those of the war generations.

Now, the victims of the Holomodor are calling out to us to stand with their Ukraine and their children.

It is right and proper to MAKE OUR STAND.

The Golden Rule is our salvation from the rule of gold.

We need to unite. We need to make our stand.




god knows, Ukraine has already given us enough of an example in the last year.

10 January 2023

Prayers for Ukraine and for the World and for America and for Canada and the EU and the Middle East and for Asia.

I have just discovered the Eurasia Group. They are a geopolitical think tank with the goal of providing political insight to corporations, investors, and governments. This sounds rather misleading, however, since, based on what I have read so far of their Top Risks for 2023, they clearly identify what is wrong with the world and that this year, 2023, is a watershed year for humankind.

The article mentions how the U.S. has changed and that technology is become the sword of neoliberal democracy…our eyes wide-shut, with each passing day we inch closer to becoming the very demons we oppose right now in Russia and China. This is one existential threat, coming from the inside.

The other existential threat is, of course, Russia and China.

Make no mistake. If we continue to indulge our self-interest, we will not emerge from 2023 in very good shape. Anyone who would opportunistically use WW III to garner territorial advantage by ‘the sword’ will meet the same terrible end as the Hebrews brought on themselves by following Joshua (and not Moses) many years ago, to commit wholesale murder of the people (men, women, and children) in order to keep the land for themselves. No one seemed to question why it was necessary for Moses to wander for ’40 years’…whereas Joshua ‘crossed the Jordan’ as soon as Moses ‘died’ and Joshua became the new leader of the Israelites…IMO, Joshua was the analog of a Putin, a Xi, a Netanyahu…not an Arafat, a Rabin, a Moses…

Putin is only the latest ‘Joshua’. He leads his own people toward death and destruction by visiting these evils upon Ukrainians. He does murder for territorial advantage.

For power.

Just like Xi. 

BUT WAITING IN THE WINGS, STAGE ‘LEFT’, are our corporations, the neoliberal front for investors, the wealthiest of which are taking over the world.

Read the Eurasia Group article.

We need to provide our unqualified support for Ukraine’s existential stand. Their war is our war. Their suffering is not our suffering yet, BUT IT WILL BE SOON, IF

we do not ditch the rule of self-interest, the rule of gold.

We have identified the culprits. We know it is wealth. We know that wealth is institutionalizing as it is globalizing. This is the culmination of movement conservatism, begun in the U.S. in reaction to Roosevelt’s New Deal.  

We need to see action from our governments. In the Westminster democratic system, this means we need to ditch the Whip and allow Parliaments to vote freely; no longer at the direction of the Executive. Rather, the Executive, without the Whip, becomes accountable to Parliament…hello? isn’t that the way D.E.M.O.C.R.A.C.Y. is supposed to work?

Well…in Joshua’s day, the god who made the World and all of its inhabitants OUT OF LOVE, is also said to have ordered certain souls ‘he’ made to annihilate other souls ‘he’ made…in ‘his’ great wisdom, how is it he bothered to make the denizens of the ‘Promised Land’ in the first place? Why would he have his Israelites do murder to children? Children never hurt anyone…to hurt a child is tantamount to blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which, IMO, is LOVE personified. If anyone is able to do either, they are ALREADY LOST.

Moses was of god. Joshua was of the other side, IMO.

Today’s ‘Moses’ is not in power in Israel. It is ‘Joshua’. His leadership will only invite more misery upon the great Jewish people, as Joshua’s has. It is time for Israel to reverse Joshua’s legacy and embrace the Palestinians as good neighbours rather than ‘occupiers’ in their own lands (doesn’t that sound a lot like Putin’s rationalization for his barbarous campaign in Ukraine?). 

 Conversely, Ukraine’s leader is  a hero who, above all-else, would do THE RIGHT THING.

In the ‘times that try men’s souls’, HONOUR is the right thing. Moses and Zelenskyy and Biden et al. are HONOURABLE LEADERS. Their leadership will involve us paying a high price BUT our legacy to our children WILL BE A SAFE, CLEAN, EQUITABLE, AND UNIVERSALLY-PROSPEROUS FUTURE FOR ALL THE GENERATIONS TO COME. I can, with all my heart, guarantee this outcome.

CONTRAST THIS WITH THE LEGACY PUTIN, XI, AND OUR ULTRA-WEALTHY/INVESTOR-CORPORATIONS ARE PREPARING FOR OUR CHILDREN as Putin/Xi leave this World. [the fact that Putin has already threatened nuclear consequences has earned FOR HIM the fast track to the Netherworld.]

We have some very good people in ‘high-places’ but they are in the minority. These people see themselves as stewards in society, not overlords. Like Phil Jackson advised Kobi Bryant, ‘the greatest players are the ones who bring out the best in the players around them, not the ones who can ‘do it all’ themselves. [paraphrasing]. Biden et al. seek to bring out the best in citizens, that the citizens may profit; Putin et al. seek to draw the best out of their citizens, that Putin et al. may profit…

Each and every soul put here by god has a say. The trouble is, many are voiceless in the human sense. But it doesn’t end there: most humans are rendered ‘voiceless’ in today’s world by a cacophony of voices, many of them the AI kind, all repeating the same messaging to keep us anxious, afraid, hiding behind a mask, divided wrt one another, and wholly reliant on the ‘hand-that-feeds-us’ the scraps from ‘the masters’ tables’. That is where ‘corporate America’ is leading today’s wandering ‘Hebrews’…straight to, and over, the Lemmings’ Cliff.

god has given humankind the Golden Rule. god gave us Free Will.

We have time yet to turn away from the Lemmings’ Cliff and move toward the Light. To do this, we must dismantle the structures movement conservative has put in the way, as speed bumps along the road to democracy. They want to force us into turning around and heading in the direction THEY CHOOSE.

We cannot follow their social roadmap. It will lead to dystopia for everyone but the wealthy, and eventually, death for everyone, including the wealthy.

We need only to decide; to form the righteous intent.

our creator WILL DO THE REST.

trust in this and NOT IN OUR MOUNT OLYMPIANS who see us only as stepping-stones to greater wealth and power for them.

Please do not allow THIS TO BE OUR LEGACY to our children.

Our children trust us.


our governments insist that it’s all about GDP. all about $$$.


could it be because we are being bamboozled by a bunch of greedy people? could it be THAT SIMPLE?

Read the Eurasia Group article. 


watch the DW News interview with Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer.

9 January 2023

I am watching an interview on CTV News with Cardinal Tom Collins of St. Michael’s in Toronto. To listen to the good cardinal, whether it be via sermon or in conversation, one feels a warmth arising within oneself.

Not many folks have such a gift as the good cardinal. HE HAS MY RECOMMENDATION TO BE OUR NEXT POPE.

He will surely advance the progress made by Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI.


I am also a little behind on the news: I’ve only just found out that Vassy Kapelos left CBC for CTV. I am watching yesterday’s installment of CTV’s Question Period. Vassy is doing her first QP segment with former Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

I am watching now. Mr. Morneau is still very much the politician, in my estimation. You could take what he says ‘to the bank’, that is, if you have any money at all left to you, after he’s done.

He talks about a difference of opinion with PM Trudeau wrt the COVID support packages; that the PM was more focused on assuring Canadians NOW, rather than following the Minister’s roadmap to the best fiscal outcome for ‘Canada’.

For Canada? What does Morneau mean by that? He’s a ‘bean-counter’. If you have worked in any larger organization, you will have had to deal with the ‘bean-counter’. No one in operations or maintenance or engineering LIKES THE BEAN-COUNTER. You people know why.

I didn’t care for him as the Minister of Finance and I don’t care for him now. I likely won’t be buying his book (I bought Justin’s tho ).

Whenever ANYONE in government chooses ‘fiscal responsibility’ over the fortunes of someone struggling to feed/shelter/clothe their children or themselves, THAT BY DEFINITION, IS NOT DEMOCRACY ‘GOVERNMENT OF AND BY THE PEOPLE‘ (but it is a feature of neoliberal ‘democracy’).

How could it be? Who among the people would vote for a government system that would leave them ‘high and dry’, just so the government can keep up with its payments to the wealthy who loan the government money who got wealthy in the first place on the basis of the policies governments enact?

Listening to Morneau’s specious reasoning obliges me to walk back my criticisms of the PM and his Minister of Everything. I still have issues with both but I find myself more forgiving now than I was.

Maybe he’ll reemerge in the politics of Poilievre…if not him, why, there’s a whole class of people screwing the world and Canada who think just like him.

IMO, in view of what the former minister says in the interview with Kapelos, I would not have received any more support from him during COVID (but the corporations and their investors still would have) than I got from Minister Freeland (or anymore of an explanation as to why not, from my local MP, which was no answer at all).

BUT, JUST NOW I RECEIVED A ONE-OFF RENT SUPPORT BENEFIT from the Liberal government. This so-helped my financial position at Christmas, that the frustration with the Liberals which I had been carrying around ever since the pandemic over the absence of support for longer-term unemployed folks, has softened. Were Bill still the FM, given how he is talking in the interview, I doubt it would have been offered and for several months I would be struggling to catch up.

As it was, that little kindness went a long, long way. 


Prayers for Ukraine and for Biden-America and for all of the nations of the World to unite against Putin, Xi…all who threaten humankind’s future, including theirs, over their self-interest.

How can annihilation be construed as acting in one’s self-interest? A feature of ego is stupidity that comes of shortsightedness. All of these bozos are capable to do the very best for their nations, act in the best-interest of their nations, JUST BY BEING FRIENDLY. A little sugar can stretch miles; whereas one must keep punching and kicking to keep the other guy down if you put them down in the first place…


Israel’s Netanyahu, are you listening? Make peace with Palestine. Let go of their territory. Let Israel and Palestine be nations who watch one another’s backs.

If we, as a world, present a common and unified front to Putin and Xi, we may yet escape HELL.

EGO’s hell.

Putin is a cornered animal. He will attempt nukes to get his way. He knows America will come knocking on the Kremlin’s front door if he does nuke. If he is actually serious to nuke Ukraine (and not doing the brinkmanship thing), he very likely has factored in America’s response to this and has a finger on that ‘button’ as well. America may very well have to perform a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia’s military/nuclear capability BEFORE RUSSIA AND CHINA DO upon America.

To help defend America, Canada should also purchase Patriot missile defense systems and position them all along our Arctic frontier.

To help defend the world against the insanity of Putin and Xi’s egos, we need to develop laser missile defense technology because nothing, but nothing, in the material world, is able to travel faster than light, especially when it is carrying a 500 KT warhead (duh).

Praying for a miracle. The miracle that leads the world of humans to an enduring peace; the miracle that will predispose ruling classes everywhere to stewardship. This miracle will turn the tide and lead us back to the Garden we left

and from there, we will venture out to the Stars as ambassadors and not plunderers.

The Golden Rule is our creator’s guide away from the misery and death of gold’s rule.

[12:44] A note wrt Pierre Poilievre: I have seen Poilievre in QP. I have seen how unprofessional he was, along with the others on the Opposition’s side of the aisle. I have also seen a major shift in his ‘character’ since he announced his intention to seek the con-leadership.

Jethro Tull: ‘The innocent young master, his thoughts moving even faster, has formed the plan, to change the man he seems…’ [from Thick as a Brick].

Any more questions about Poilievre?

Trudeau-Canada. Biden-America. What do these two versions offer when compared to Harper/Poilievre-Canada and Trump/movement conservative Republicans-America?

Why the answer is quite simple:

The sanity of objectivity (seeing the ‘what-is’ FOR WHAT IT IS and then formulating policy) rather than the subjectivity of calling the ‘what-is’ precisely what it is not and then telling everyone it is what it is not and then ‘formulating’ policy to advantage their wealthy donors.

Objectivity ALWAYS leads to responsible and responsive government. WE ARE ALMOST THERE WITH JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S LIBERALS. We need only ditch the Whip and return power to Parliament and the people.

The World needs to back Trudeau, Biden, and like-minded leaders the world over. If it does, we will have a future.



I see Canada is buying 88 F-35s. This is great news. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO SEE CANADA BUY A COUPLE OF AMERICAN ATTACK NUCLEAR SUBMARINES, 4 OF THEM, to protect our Northern, Eastern and Western coastlines and to assist our American friends and the U.N. whenever we are needed as peacekeepers. The nextgen attack subs, SSN(X), will be expensive, but, hey, if we have such deep pockets for corporations, maybe our wealthy won’t mind to pony-up for the nation that provided them with opportunity to become wealthy?

8 January 2023

God bless Ukraine and those who support Ukraine’s RIGHT TO EXIST. Prayers for those who continue to approach unity from a position of self-interest. (hello?)

Prayers for the protesters in Israel and China for standing tall, to their own peril, IN ORDER TO RIGHT THE EGREGIOUS WRONGS PERPETRATED UPON THEM (and upon their neighbours) BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT/RULING CLASS. The protesters are spirited like Ukrainians, who are spirited like our war generations, who gave their lives over to humanity’s future, to the children of their day..to wit: us. These heroes light the path forward to THE LIGHT.

We have their example to follow. WE WILL FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE.

The only question now is, will any of us pursue our self-interest wrt Ukraine, or to our own?

The rule of gold stems ultimately from Satan’s rule. I know this sounds corny, but I can no longer sit back and deny what is in plain sight.

The world of business lacks all human honour.

In the world of business, profit is honour; $$$-success is value, no matter the cost to the individual employee / consumer. Biden asked OPEC to hold off on a price increase, under the circumstances of Russia’s war in Ukraine; MBS said ‘no’. Whereas Biden is behaving sensibly (thank god!); MBS sees only gold in front of him and he is blinded to everything else, à la Donald Trump, Putin, Xi…Erdogan(?), Netanyahu…

We need ‘business’ to support our society’s goals. The trouble nowadays is, business has become ‘society’ and anyone providing no value to the business-process, either as investor, employee, or consumer, is left to twist in the wind in these societies…

…plus, as time goes forward, societies regress, go backwards, toward fascism (neoliberal ‘democracy’)…to wit: government by Board.


The ‘right’ is become bolder and bolder. They are the movement conservative element and these tumours are cropping up all over the body of the Earth Mother. The wealthy of all nations, ‘democratic’ and ‘autocratic’, are eyeballing the success of the western neoliberals/movement conservatives and mimicking their strategies. All of this, by the way, was identified in the movie, Early Warning…it is not a high-budget Hollywood calibre film, but the writer sure nails the ‘message’…

We, the World, need to prepare. We of the World need to look after our own in our communities and to help the local authorities to keep up and keep things together. We need to be like Ukraine…they have been chosen by our creator to lead the way forward along with Biden-America, Trudeau-Canada, Germany, France, the former soviet states, the U.K., and all like-minded, more proactive/less reactive regimes, to an enduring, prosperity for all of humankind and for all the other species of life which god has created.

Humankind appears to be the only species susceptible to Satan’s bs and that is because of greed. Greed is a feature of ego.

Abject blindness is also a feature of ego.

The Golden Rule is wisdom. Anyone who practices it, is wisdom incarnate, because that person, in the practicing, is expressing the creator and the creator’s INTENT.

The rule of gold is ignorance. At its culmination (very, very soon to happen if we do not turn things around, spiritually), wealthy and poor will share the same fate: the end of the Anthropocene.

We can no longer insist that we do not need god. Even teenagers outgrow their rebellion against the ‘status quo’ and end up relying on the lessons they learned from their parents to guide them when they themselves become parents…

HUMANITY HAS COMPLETED ITS TEENAGE YEARS. We know that without our parents love and knowledge and experience, we are blind going forward.

Let us embrace our creator. How we worship our creator is our choice. No one in material form can tell us what to do. It is between us and god, and god is great enough to encompass anything and everything imaginable…plus what is not, because god transcends all knowledge save for that which arises from the spirit.

Knowing that your god is my god, I know that our ‘differences’ are nothing in comparison to the knowledge of god’s existence.

We cannot see the forest for the trees. God is in us and all around us because WE ARE ALL IN GOD. The Universe is the body of god. Nothing exists outside of it.

We can be blind to god but in that case we are bound by illusion (of ego, Satan’s ‘window’ into our psyches),


we can be spared Satan’s constant chatter, coming from within our heads and from the outside, by stymieing passive ‘thought’, by taking over our minds from Satan, that it no longer uses us (I was going to link to the Eckhart Tolle video Practicing the Power of Now but again it has been culled from YouTube because of copyright issues….and wasn’t I just complaining about the monetization of everything? Even god and spirituality is available in OUR WORLD only at a price and ONLY TO THOSE WHO CAN PAY…this is not the creator we can be worshiping…that is SATAN’S WAY).

We must use the mind god gives us for its intended purpose, intended by god.

You gotta serve somebody, says Bob.

7 January 2023

It is Christmas Day in Ukraine and in Russia. The fighting continues.

There are folks in the West dancing to Putin’s tune; likely the same ilk who are inclined to polka with Trump on the steps of the American Capital, or on illegally occupied lands in the West Bank or in Eastern Ukraine/Southern Ukraine.

These folks value their  balance sheets over the innocent blood Putin’s military has spilled in Ukraine.


Both features of E.G.O.

EVERYONE WHO RECOMMENDS ‘PEACE’ WITH RUSSIA  appears to not mind the barbarous treatment Russia’s military has accorded Ukrainians. Have these yo-yos forgotten Bucha already?

Alright. If anyone does not see the blatant fallacy of gold’s rule, why, it is only because they can no longer see past the flames of their ego. They are rendered weak and stupid; too inured by the comforts of wealth to realize they are already in Hell, but they soon will, once Satan is done with them.

This is not the case for Ukrainians. They are a people fighting for their existence. They are all fighting. T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.

$$$ appears to have no influence because when you are living in a hell brought on by your neighbour, when you are faced with the choice to fight or die to everything you know and love, when you see your family, friends, neighbours laying dead in the street or among the rubble which was, only a moment before, their home,

why, suddenly $$$ no longer matters.


Isn’t it from the bottom of the human condition that we are now being led INTO THE FUTURE?

Wealth is corrupting influence. Corporations are the hand of the wealthy. WE ARE ON A SPIRAL DOWNWARD TO A VICIOUSLY VIOLENT DENOUEMENT because corporations and national government are converging to the point where one is indiscernible from the other…


Biden-America and Zelenskyy-Ukraine appear to be what stands between life and death for humans, to wit: the continuance, or the end, of the Anthropocene.

Here is my take on Ukraine-Russia, and the World, going forward:

  • ANY cessation of 1991 Ukrainian territory to Russia is acknowledging one nation’s right to do barbarous murder to garner territory from another nation. This plants the seed for further conflict. There can be no peace in the world or in Ukraine, as a result. CHINA WILL TAKE THIS AS AN INVITATION TO MOVE ON TAIWAN. The World, our world, must stand with Ukraine today and not falter in its resolve, ELSE TOMORROW WILL BE FORFEIT BY US, AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHANCE TO LIVE THE FUTURE THEY DESERVE (and which every loving parent would want to leave as their legacy) WILL BE FOREVER LOST.
  • OUR OLIGARCHS WILL NOT WANT TO PONY-UP FOR THE WAR IN UKRAINE. Our oligarchs also know that their citizens will not tolerate a radical erosion of their quality of life in order to finance Western support; they know they will have to pay and their fortunes will reduce. THAT IS WHY WE ARE HEARING CALLS FOR UKRAINE TO ‘SETTLE’ WITH RUSSIA. What our rich folks want is tantamount to the store owner coming out of his/her shop to investigate a rape which is occurring on the storefront sidewalk, and then suggesting to the victim that she offer to the rapist to finish the rape in the comfort of her bedroom…BECAUSE RAPE IN FRONT OF HIS/HER SHOP IS BAD FOR BUSINESS. hello? This is the sorry condition that gold’s rule has brought humanity down to. Does anyone, ANYONE, want to think and feel and behave like a Donald Trump? Netanyahu? MBS? Un? Putin? Xi? Bill? Jeff? Elon? As it is, inflation has been allowed to run rampant so that the rich can at least recoup some of what was lost to COVID, this from the poor; the ones who most need a break on prices. [it is greatly appreciated that the Liberals in Ottawa recently provided a one-time rent relief payment AND VERY UNLIKELY POILIEVRE’S CONS WOULD HAVE DONE THIS]. We and the world must rally to Biden-America and Zelenskyy-Ukraine AND NOT TO THE WEALTH CLASSES AROUND THE WORLD. The wealth classes are all made stupid by their wealth. EGO.
  • As for Putin/Russia:
    • The closer Putin comes to defeat, the more like a cornered-animal he will become. IT IS UKRAINE (for now) OR HIS LIFE. He will not give himself up. He is mounting one last desperate attempt at regime-change by attacking Kyiv. When the writing is on the wall, HE WILL RESORT TO NUKE if the expected invasion from Belarus bogs down like last time, UNLESS SOMEONE IN RUSSIA REMOVES HIM and HE IS NOT REPLACED BY ANOTHER MURDEROUS, BLOOD-THIRSTY, COWARDLY B*ST*RD who also lacks honour.
    • SHOULD HE TRY A ONE-OFF NUKE ON KYIV, one American General expressed the consequence: Biden-America’s troops will come knocking on the Kremlin’s door. [when that happens, WW III will likely declench itself, because Xi will see this as his chance for glory by moving on Taiwan. [both Putin and Xi want ‘their half of the World’, but that is an anachronism. Technology has moved the World past the era wherein a binary world order can remain relevant, as surely as our numbers will cause the Earth’s capability to sustain our presence upon it to crash].
    • AS PRESIDENT BIDEN SAYS: THE WORLD’S HOPE, OUR CHILDREN’S HOPES, ARE ACHIEVABLE, IF ONLY WE UNITE. We can avoid nuclear war, WW III, and dystopia for ‘the masses’ if ALL NATIONS unite:
      • against WAR, WMDs, the rule of might (EGO)
      • against WEALTH (but not wealthy people) by taxing everything, everything beyond 2sigma of the national mean wealth and income, at 100%. All investment income is kept below GDP growth [this will keep the individual ego from taking on the proportions of national pathology and causing the society/nation/World to crash…and so it is also good for ‘wealthy’ people].

We are one world. Ukraine’s fight for life is the world’s fight. The world is sick. We must heal the pathology.

The current disease is Russia. A cancerous tumour is lurking to the East, threatening to kill the body (itself included).

The root pathology is gold’s rule and it is this way because of human ego. We must embrace the Light en masse. We must turn away from ego so that we can hear our creator’s message.

The wealthy do not love the people. They use the people.

Our creator loves the people because we are his/her children. As badly behaved as we are, our creator cannot ever stop loving us and hoping…

let us resolve to do our creator proud.

Zelenskyy and Biden and like-minded leaders already are.

Prayers and thanks for Ukraine. Wishing them today a Christmas Miracle; for all the newly mobilized young Russians who will die on Putin’s altar to Satan, my prayers you will not have to, that Putin will go away and leave you and Ukraine alone.


Great EndTimes movie on YouTube, ‘Early Warning’. You don’t have to be Christian to appreciate it. Simply substitute your own religious tradition. What they describe in the movie is happening to everyone, everywhere, all the time. God is for everyone (duh!). It is only people who think otherwise.

god only creates and loves.

5 January 2023

United we stand. Divided we fall. There is division within and among nations and societies, everywhere.

Indeed, it often seems that the threat of division and societal dissolution is as great as the threat autocratic/oligarchic/boardroom rule presents to Canada, the U.S., Germany, the U.K…arising from their own wealthy citizens, now organizing with the wealthy of nations, worldwide.

The force which is gathering is taking on tsunami proportions; when enough of us recognize a reversal in direction is needed, it may be too late to stop the momentum wealth has engineered, and we will ALL, poor and wealthy alike, be pushed over the edge of the ‘Lemmings’ Cliff’.

But there remains a way forward, the looming precipice notwithstanding. We can exchange ‘self-interest’, the rule of gold, for ‘the greater/greatest good’. Whenever one seeks the ‘greater good’, one has stepped over the ego and into the realm of the objective, where the light always shines, bringing clarity and truth.

Were we to en masse seek the ‘greater good’, we would find ourselves in the world imagined by the great liberal thinkers of a past age of France, the U.K., the U.S. and the spiritually conscious world of the great Faiths/Ideologies of Buddhism, Falun Dafa (Truth, Compassion, Forbearance), Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity…and so many others.

Right now, the greater good is to curtail Russia’s aggression and stand with Ukraine. Right now, we must unite; rally to Biden-America and Zelenskyy-Ukraine, that these heroic nations may succeed in their intrepid undertaking against WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THE WORLD.

Make no mistake. If our world does not rid itself of the rule of gold, all the sacrifice by Ukraine and support from America will be for naught. The world will simply continue its spiraling downward. The black hole of a new war front will emerge, threatening to draw the entire world into it.

We are at a point of inflection in the Age of Humans, the Anthropocene. The Hand of Satan prepares for yet another onslaught in Ukraine. After almost a year, Satan’s grip on Ukraine is shaky at best, and will soon be loosed forever.

The question is, will Satan’s grip on Russia continue to tighten, to inflict murder upon the Russian people?

I will pray, going into Ukrainian Christmas on January 7, for the hand of the creator to perform a magnificent opus in Ukraine and Russia, and from there, shine brightly upon the whole World, our world.

The miracle of peace. The opportunity for each and every citizen of the World, the one we bequeath to the children of the world, to be all that they can be, in the way Maslow conceived.

‘As you can be, so you must be,’ a wheelchair bound Toastmaster world champion said to his listeners…this is Maslow’s self-actualization, the top of his hierarchy of needs.

This toastmaster was once a CEO, if memory serves correct, who lost the use of his legs in a car accident. Satan tried to take everything away from him, but encountered a spirit like the one which stymies the Hand of Satan, Putin, in Ukraine.

Putin has made a terrible mistake. One that has cost more than 100,000 Russian lives; one more barbarous than I could have ever imagined. The death toll on the Ukrainian side is uncertain.

The ‘way out’ for Putin is not what some may think it is. Handing off a chunk of Ukraine will not satisfy anybody.

THE TRUTH is the only way out. Putin must go before the Russian people, tell them he was convinced ‘MAke Russia Great Again’ (MARGA) was the right thing to do for Russians, but that the times have changed and he now believes ‘war’ and ‘oligarchy’, not ‘Ukraine’ (or any other former Soviet state) ARE THE REAL ENEMIES OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE.

He must tell the Russian people that, through HIS fault, Russians must make reparations to Ukraine, and give all of their lands back.

He must get on his knees, before the Russian people, and ask for their forgiveness.

Lastly, he must go to Ukraine, present himself before Zelenskyy, and beg for mercy…the mercy his soldiers did not accord Ukrainian civilians.

I know this will not be easy for Ukraine. I don’t know the horror they are living, not by watching it on the television.

I only know revenge has never led to peace; that peace is the only way.

Ukraine’s fight is the World’s fight. We can move onto the greatest of all goods if we ditch the rule of gold in favour of the Golden Rule, our creator’s ‘rule’ – we will discover the door to the Garden and escape the hell which self-interest creates.

The door is  behind us. We need only turn around, away from the precipice, and we will find it. WE CANNOT MISS IT.

The ‘window’ to the Garden is Ukraine. See what they have accomplished. Death and destruction, cold and darkness…this is what Ukrainians live everyday…but they continue fighting, for their lives, together, as one.

Ukraine leads to the Garden the human world left a very long time ago.

Truth. Compassion. Forbearance. These virtues are the way of Falun Gong, and the way of Ukrainians, as they battle for their national identity and for their homes. 

Via Ukraine is the way forward. Biden-America has the perspicuity to know it.

If the nations of the world rally to Biden-America rather than to the ‘God of self-interest’ (known by other, less-flattering names), and if Biden-America rediscovers Thomas Paine et al., why, we are in for a great ride (the greater good realized) and, we provide for our children, the best starting position we can muster; for them to take over the reins of stewardship of humanity and the world, on OUR CREATOR’S BEHALF, and with our creator’s help.

…the GREATEST GOOD OF ALL is become manifest.

China, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, N. Korea, Israel and so many other nations could be an integral part of this…as much these nations threaten the misery of war and the anachronism of a ‘binary world order’, the synergism of cooperation among all nations would produce such miracles of technology and human collaboration that we will never look to war again to resolve our problems, not ever again.

We would only resort to violence in self-defense, as Ukraine does now. And there would be NO WMDs in existence.

Prayers for Ukraine.

Prayers for Putin. His best chance is with god. He must let go and let god determine what is needed of him in the way of atonement, and, in this world, his fate should be left for Zelenskyy and Ukraine to determine.

As for Russia (and China, Iran, Israel, et al.), these nations have contributed so much that is good for people, all people. The world cannot afford to lose the value the peoples of these nations bring to the table. No human would choose to lose a hand or a foot or an eye when there is another option, one that would result in opportunity, happiness/joy, and peaceful coexistence with all other humans and all non-human species.

Putin has declared a truce along the Ukrainian front for the Orthodox Christmas. Ukraine may see this as a ploy to buy time for setting up Russia’s next try to wipe Ukraine off of the map. Putin has already proved himself to not be impeccable in his word. Putin has already proved himself devious and opportunistic. HE CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO BE ANYTHING BUT PUTIN.

IMO, if I were Ukraine, and I perceived opportunity to advance Ukraine’s existential stand, I WOULD TAKE IT IN AN INSTANT, whether it be Christmas or not.

The Christmas Putin is offering to Ukrainian children…it is better for them that the parents continue fighting, so that next Christmas, war and violence are in the past…

…and isn’t that what Christmas is ultimately about? The salvation of the human world?

Beginning with this year, I plan to celebrate two Christmases from now on…the Roman Christmas and the Orthodox Christmas…

…I vow to hold Ukraine, its president (Biden too), and the Ukrainians in the highest esteem.

Strength and honour to Ukraine.

1 January 2023


There will be no gap between them, no buffer humanity can utilize to avoid MAKING A DECISION.

We are come to THE POINT OF INFLECTION IN THE CALCULUS OF THE HUMAN EQUATION. Each and every human soul will have to choose between the RULE OF GOLD and THE GOLDEN RULE.

There is no other choice: up or down. In or out.


We can persist in self-interest TO OUR DETRIMENT because in a world of self-interest, ONLY THE WEALTHY WILL DO WELL.

The rest of us, along with our children, will be left to squirm in the muck of a dystopic existence. That is the choice the wealth class makes FOR US.

god also gave us a choice. We have forfeit that choice to the purveyors of un-democratic democracy…the neoliberals/aka wealth. THEY CLOTHE THEMSELVES IN THE VESTMENTS OF LIBERALISM. They appear to be spirited like Voltaire, Rousseau, Paine; but that is for ‘entertainment purposes only’…they are spirited to see the citizen only as a means to an end…when they are done with you, why, they don’t see you at all.

Case in point: look with how little compunction Putin sends Russian young people to the slaughter…IF YOU THINK THE OLIGARCHS OF THE WEST THINK ANY MORE OF YOU THEN YOU ARE MISTAKEN. They didn’t get that rich thinking about the citizen, but rather about profit margins, profit opportunities overseas, offshore accounts, and how they can increase their profits as a corporation/returns as investors by putting a small portion of profits into kids programs (rather than pay their workers enough so that the ‘kids’ programs’ are not required, and leave parents with self-esteem to boot because they would not have to go, cap-in-hand, to anyone so that their child gets a chance to play).

Citizens in democracies need to reengage in the politics/social progress of their nations. Citizens can no longer sleepwalk through life, trusting their political leaders/social-activists are doing everything for the benefit of the citizen and of the nation. They could; but only IF THE RULING CLASS WERE SPIRITED TO STEWARDSHIP.

They are not spirited to stewardship. THEY ARE SPIRITED TO PROFIT THEMSELVES.

Society appears to be structured to favour the concentration of wealth and, consequently, the CREATION OF POVERTY.. This is why we have poor people. This is why we have no guaranteed income program. It is why homelessness, crime, war, and overpopulation  increase apace. It is why our environment is degraded apace…notwithstanding all of this, wealth believes it is their ‘god-given’ right to profit and increase their fortunes…

We need to have the perspective of all Canadians in parliament, say, and Parliament accountable to the people WHICH MEANS THE GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE BODY MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE TO PARLIAMENT and that is possible if Parliament ditches the Whip.

IN 2023, Canadians need to reflect and to reengage in their politics and  communities.

Let’s do it. Let us also throw in our unqualified support for Ukraine. Their war is the world’s war. It is all about honour and self-respect…NOT SELF-INTEREST, as the ruling class of today would have us believe.

We still have a choice. Our creator gave us free will. The ruling class cannot take away WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN.

They can kill, but that is not the end of us, only our current form. The ruling class cannot possess what god has not given them.

We need only trust our creator and act in a way based on that trust.

God has given us everything we need to live a happy life. Much of this has already been stolen by greedy wealthy folks who do not have a care for the affect their lifestyles have upon others IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES.

We can peacefully change this with just a little effort; a wee shift in focus, a wee donation of our time to our nation and community. Gandhi showed us the way of peaceful protest: satyagraha. We must revitalize ourselves and our democracy.

IMO, this is what our creator wants for us and from us.

Let us make our creator proud.

p.s. I had news recently of some shakiness in the resolve of certain countries wrt Ukraine. I see among the news briefs that the U.K. and France vow their full support for Ukraine against Russia. THIS IS GREAT NEWS.

Biden-America is the greatest light shining in the World today. Will it shine brightly and resolutely enough to thwart the darkness of China and Russia and Iran and Israel? China and Russia will be easy…they have no moral backing and the creator will not allow them victory, IMO. America has the will and the wherewithal to take both regimes down and free the people of those nations from abject tyranny.

Iran is more ‘complicated.’

Israel is not. Israel’s regime has NO MORAL AUTHORITY; neither ‘divine’ or geopolitical. Iran and Israel could make peace and there is the possibility to use the prospect of ‘institutionalizing’ Iran’s respect for Israel’s right to exist IF ISRAEL RECOGNIZES PALESTINE’S RIGHT TO EXIST. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If Israel’s regime will not recognize Palestine’s right to exist, and they do  not, how in the bejeezus can they or anyone expect Iran to stop threatening Israel?

I want Israelis to live in peace and joy. I want Palestinians to live in peace and joy. I want Iran to give up its nuclear enrichment aspirations: no one should have nukes/WMDs…it is only deepening the existential hole humans must climb out of, if yet another nation acquires nuclear weapons capability…HOW IS THIS ‘UNFAIR?’


2023 – not predictions, but what I would like to see happen:

1 – Putin’s bloody regime is ended forevermore. Ukraine joins NATO and the EU. Russia makes full reparation to Ukraine and Europe and expresses intent to partner with the ‘West’, rather than compete against it.

2 – Ditto for Iranians, only, they extend the olive branch to Israel IF Israel settles up with Palestine and a new Palestinian nation is created (this should have been done after WWII). Both nations have the right to exist; not one more than the other. Iran and Israel and Palestine will peacefully coexist forevermore.

3 – China’s expansionism is ended voluntarily and China too becomes a partner with the West. THERE IS NO ROOM or need FOR A BINARY WORLD ORDER. Think about it, if everyone is playing on the same side, then, everyone can focus on what they are good at/what they want to do and their quality of life is based upon how much effort they wish to put into work as opposed to other things; cultural interests, say – things that may or may not pay as well ‘on the market’.

4 – Nuclear arms, WMDs of all kinds, ARE IMMEDIATELY AND FOREVER MOTHBALLED.  Find another means of deterrence, one that does not have a ‘double edge’; one that could also be used to make war, rather than just deter war. IN A UNIFIED WORLD WITH A FULLY INTEGRATED SUPPLY CHAIN, the kind of sanctioning the West imposed upon Russia over Ukraine could replace military intervention with great effect.

5 – That all leaders/ruling classes of nations responsible for murder and misery of their own people and/or of others are rendered fully accountable for their sins.

6 – Poverty and homelessness is ended. Guaranteed Annual Income begins for all Canadians and citizens of the world.

7 – Population reduction by attrition is begun in earnest, so that war doesn’t have to do it for us. This one global initiative would restore balance to the world in only a few generations. We wouldn’t need to rely on the likes of Bill and Elon to pull a rabbit out of their hats to make things a little ‘better’ for a little while, while they keep making money hand-over-fist by taking advantage of consumerism.

8 – That Canadians work together. If everyone under the same roof insists on having their own way, why, no one is paying attention to the house; the house will fall into disrepair and all living under that roof will end up ‘homeless’. We have a wonderful nation with a tattered history but one originally of welcome and sharing, as this was how our Indigenous treated the Europeans when they first came. WE WILL NEED TO KEEP THE SPIRIT OF SHARING GOING IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE THE TRIBULATION/challenges TO COME.

god bless us everyone, says Tiny Tim.

ditto from Canadanua….and a very happy new year to all of us.