Random Thoughts


Dear visitor:

This page is a receptacle for musings I esteem worthy of recording; but not necessarily enough fodder to blog or post about. God bless and have a great day!

  • All living things exist to extend the creative impulse that was inaugurated in the Big Bang.
  • It is not the product of creation, but rather the act of creation, that is the primary concern of the living. To focus upon an outcome before or after the manifestation, is detrimental to the act of creation. Focus on form distracts from purpose and derails intent. It is only when engaged in the act of creation that we are in a truly free state – to wit: our minds are truly free, unlimited. That state is the Now.
  • If you are killing yourself to make a living, you might want to consider another career choice. No matter how much you are paid, it cannot possibly be worth it to you. Think well upon it.
  • wrt the ‘Big Bang’: what happens when a black hole at the centre of a galaxy reaches the end of its time? When a given BL can accrete no more of the surrounding material? Does it collapse upon itself and explode, à la the Big Bang? If that is true, then our Universe (the body of our creator) might not be ‘all that exists’. Our Universe might have been the result of a pre-existing galaxy black hole’s death and explosion. And the one that gave birth to ours was in turn birthed by another even further back in time…and so on…and so on…our creator, to wit: the one directly responsible for creating our Universe and us might him/herself have been the offspring of a parent creator…and so on and so forth for all time…think of ‘Creation’ as fractals. Same pattern, repeating over and over and over, extending Creation in marvelous, unanticipated, wonderful ways…forever and ever. This is ‘news’ Satan would not want to get out to the public…he is trying to convince us that there is no such thing as a god/Creator, when really, like a teenager, he is simply rebelling against being told what to do by his parents…but don’t worry, he’ll come around one day…we all did. If any of this is true, then, like the Gnostics aver, the creator of our Universe is not perfect, but is learning, as we might infer by the change between the ‘God’ of the Old Testament and the ‘God’ of the New Testament.
  • On Consciousness: To know, to know anything at all,  one must always be conscious of what is happening inside and around them. The nature of consciousness, is such that, no one can be conscious both ways at exactly the same moment. One is either in self-conscious/subjective-mode OR all-conscious/objective-mode. When one is self-conscious, one is conscious only of what one lacks/how one feels. When one is self-conscious one is REACTING, not LEARNING/NOT KNOWING.

TO KNOW, TO LEARN, ONE CANNOT BE SELF-CONSCIOUS; one must be consciousness ITSELF. To quote a great French thinker, ‘I think, therefore I AM’.