Random Thoughts


Dear visitor:

This page is a receptacle for musings I esteem worthy of recording; but not necessarily enough fodder to blog or post about. God bless and have a great day!

  • All living things exist to extend the creative impulse that was inaugurated in the Big Bang.
  • It is not the product of creation, but rather the act of creation, that is the primary concern of the living. To focus upon an outcome before or after the manifestation, is detrimental to the act of creation. Focus on form distracts from purpose and derails intent. It is only when engaged in the act of creation that we are in a truly free state – to wit: our minds are truly free, unlimited. That state is the Now.
  • If you are killing yourself to make a living, you might want to consider another career choice. No matter how much you are paid, it cannot possibly be worth it to you. Think well upon it.